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Hey, so today I was supposed to write about how I felt when I learned that Wander Over Yonder had been cancelled, and I haven’t yet because I can’t find a gif of Dominator plunging her ship’s volcanic excavator through the heart-shaped planet and cracking it straight down the middle. Trust me, though, I’m feeling it.

Gravity Falls had just ended its run—no sooner than its creator wanted to wrap it up, but still a lot sooner than most of us thought it was going to go. Prior to that October, I would have said that we were due for one more season at least. Before the show had even ended I was searching for something just as funny, just as heartfelt and just as imaginative to fill the gap. I found that cartoon in Wander, a hidden gem by Craig McCracken.

I’d been watching it casually on the recommendation of a friend, but right around the episode “The Nice Guy” (which I watched in January while stricken with insomnia), it hit me that I had found a pretty special show. This feeling only increased when I got to Season 2 and watched the vile Lord Dominator shake up the established foundations of the show’s universe, testing the characters in hilarious and unexpected ways. Bonds were broken, new allegiances were formed, and Wander’s galaxy went from a cartoonish free-for-all to a complex and comical universe with dozens of strange dimensions. I couldn’t wait to see where it would go next, and, heartbreaking to say (there’s that gif again), I thought I had forever ahead of me. The show had just enough plot to keep me guessing and just enough open-ended silliness to assure me of endless possibilities for future episodes. To see the creators of this clever and colorful world turned out of their sandbox when they had so much exploration left to accomplish was saddening, particularly when it was so much admired by animation lovers and when its fanbase was expanding with every fresh episode (“My Fair Hatey” was a game-changer).

A year after the end, my thirst for the rest of the story remains unquenched. The world needs much more of the authenticity and energy this cartoon has to offer, and it’s never too late to give it another shot.


Reyes Appreciation Week: Fanfiction Prompts

Day 2: Business or Pleasure?

(both is good)


Kralla’s Song wasn’t obviously the only bar on Kadara, but somehow most of the criminal population of the planet gravitated towards it anyway. The seediness of the joint and Umi’s bullshit-free attitude gave it a unique local flavor, but most importantly people here minded their own goddamn business. The patrons drank alone or talked shop openly, and no one gave a shit.

Just like Velanius liked it. Nothing better than to drink your turian-friendly alcoholic poison in peace.

“Is this place taken?” The most annoying voice this side of Andromeda sounded right in his ear.

It seemed his peace just flew out of the window.

“Piss off, Vidal,” he barked, not deigning the smuggler with a look.

The human chuckled, not at all deterred by the cold reception.

“Tsk, so rude. There’s no need for that,” he replied, parking himself at the chair opposite the turian and gestured to Umi to bring him whiskey. The asari rolled her eyes as was her custom, but started working on the order anyway.

Velanius seethed with barely contained rage, watching as Umi unhurriedly brought Vidal a glass full of amber liquid. The human thanked her with a wink. She groaned, just seconds away from flipping him off, and returned to the counter.

“Seriously, Vidal, fuck off. I’m not in the mood,” said the turian, glaring at him. “Go bother someone else.”

“You don’t even want to hear me out?” The smuggler took a sip and licked his lips, smiling as if he drank an exquisite beverage and not some cheap, suspicious moonshine.

“I’m not interested in anything you have to say.”

“Even if I’m speaking on behalf of the Charlatan?” Vidal’s tone of voice remained perfectly cordial, but the glint in his eyes, cold like a blade of a knife, heralded the shift in the conversation.

“The Charlatan?” Velanius swallowed hard, but then narrowed his eyes. “Bullshit. Why would they send you? You’re not even a member of the Collective.”

“I owe them a favor. And the Charlatan is not exactly someone you can refuse.”

That much was true.

“What do they want from me?”

“A little bird told them that you and your gang had a bit of a scuffle with the Pathfinder and his team near the Varren’s Scalp.”

“So?” Velanius shrugged his shoulders. “Worried about your boyfriend?” He smirked, or at least made a grimace that passed for a smirk among his species. Everyone and their mother knew that Vidal was banging that pretty boy Ryder. How that even happened was anyone’s guess. The kid must have the shittiest taste in men.

“Worried? No. I know that he takes out trash like you without even breaking a sweat.” Vidal wasn’t smiling anymore. All pretense of friendliness was abandoned. “But the Pathfinder is a trusted associate of the Charlatan, their special guest on Kadara, you may say. And the Charlatan doesn’t want anyone to bother him. Garbage included.”

Velanius’s mandibles twitched, betraying anger that exploded in his chest.

“Fuck you. The Charlatan doesn’t own the whole planet. Outside Kadara Port it’s every man for himself. Tell them that.”

Vidal reached for his glass and drank the whisky up with tardiness that seemed deliberate. Velanius wanted to punch him in the throat, but there was something about the smuggler’s confidence that halted his arm. The turian’s skin crawled. Somehow he couldn’t shake the feeling that there was more to the story. He waited.

The human put the empty glass away and then, not breaking eye contact, reached to the satchel on his hip, slow enough not to make anyone think that he wanted to grab a gun. Vidal brought his clenched fist back to the table and did nothing more. For dramatic effect most likely. Fucker. After a few moments of extreme tension, the smuggler opened his hand and let a necklace made of small, red beads fall onto the plastic surface.

Velanius sucked in a lungful of air, reclining in his chair.

“What did you do to her?” he asked, his voice sounding weaker than he wanted it to be.

“Nothing. I’m a perfect gentleman,” Vidal replied casually. “We had a lovely chat and drank some tea.”

“Come near her again and I swear–“

“Come near the Pathfinder again,” Vidal cut him off brutally, his golden eyes flaring with murderous rage, “and I swear next time you’ll find here her head.” The smuggler stood up. The conversation was over. As if putting on a mask, Vidal was smiling again, his usual charming self. “Nice talking to you, Velanius. Don’t be a stranger.” He patted his shoulder and started walking towards the door.

“Hey, you’ve gotta pay!” Umi shouted after him.

“My friend’s good for it.” Reyes winked, indicating the turian, and sauntered off without a care in the world.

Velanius stared at the necklace in silence, his expression blank.

* * *

Scott spotted Reyes in the crowd even before he left the trap of his ship properly. Grinning like a fool, pep in his walk, Scott hurried towards his boyfriend barely noticing the people around him. But they did notice him.

“Shit!” He heard a frightened exclamation at his side. “It’s the Pathfinder!”

Confused, Scott looked in that direction only to see a few mercenaries staring at him as if they at least saw a ghost. They backed away slowly, remnants of their pride probably preventing them from running away screaming.

The sight baffled Scott so much that he stopped in his tracks. This time it was Reyes who had to approach him.

“What was that about?” Scott asked when they disappeared. “Did I forget to shower or something?”

“Don’t worry about them.” Reyes greeted him with a tight hug, his eyes warm and loving. They had softness and kindness about them that Scott simply adored. And a hint of playfulness too. “Remember that ice cream I promised you?”

Scott blinked in disbelief.

“Shit, no way. You really found caramel ice cream somewhere?”

“For you, everything,” Reyes said, bowing before him gallantly.  

Scott laughed, bubbly and excited like a child right before Christmas.

“You are the most amazing man I’ve ever met, you know that?”  

“Yes. And likewise.”

Giggling stupidly, they kissed in the middle of the port, not a care in the world.

presidentnerd  asked:

Oh wait I do have an actual question. You've been done with the anime for a while now so I'm wondering if you're ever going to listen to the anime's character songs (you know, besides FLAME SNIPER). They're interesting insights into the girl's point of views I think and I think you'd have some fun with them.



No really though, when I finish the manga (which I’ll have totally done before Doc gets back from Europe!) and before PGSM, I’m going back to Stars to rewatch it for two beautiful reasons.

REASON ONE: To make it all MAKE FUCKING SENSE (ala my WTF SuperS post)

REASON TWO: I still have a whole lot of BtLs to write, my friends, and it’s timeto do them.

Or, well, will be time. Then. Later. When the manga’s done. ANY DAY NOW.

Title: You do the Honors
Pairing: Null ARC Cpt. N-11 - Ordo / RC-8015 - Fi
Fandom: Star Wars: Republic Commando
Rating: PG
Word Count: 770~
Prompt: #25 - do it right the first time
Summary: Everyone needs a place to catch their breath.
Expect: Fluff. Mostly fluff. Lots of introspection. 

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Everything currently in the inbox (around 20 asks at the moment) will still be answered, but it’ll be nice to get some fresh ideas. The box will stay open until we lag behind again. It got to 60+ last time, which is awesome! But they started piling up faster than we could finish them ^^;

Ok but the best part of The Freshman book 4 was definitely Becca

i genuinely don’t think i have the motivation to finish this but here it is i guess

also don’t reupload this unless u want to get ur balls cut off

Hello yes my heart is ready to be taken


last episode in the anime made me think about todoroki’s past,,, this is the corniest thing ive  drawn in a while


modern disney aesthetic
↳ aladdin


*I was going to do jeuin aswell but my mom took my tablet ;^; ill add her when i get time next week (wont be very active because of finals but ill still answer asks )*

Finaly more actor au 🙈 took a while but i like the way it turned out❤❤