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The moment I really started believing that Dan and Phil might be an actual couple (and this is just my thoughts, don’t murder me lol) was when I started living with my best friend.
We’ve been living together for two years now, and he’s probably the most important person in my life at the moment. We spend a lot of our time together, we cook together and buy groceries together and say ‘we’ probably a lot more than necessary. Everyone is always laughing about how married we are and ask me “where is your other half?” when I’m without him and never invite just one of us to anything because it’s clear at this point that we are a package deal. We are probably the most coupley best friends that I have ever met.

And even with all that, we are still less coupley than Dan and Phil.

When I watch them I constantly find myself saying “this is not how I act with my best friend”. I am the last person to invalidate friendships and say they are less important than romantic relationships. In my personal life, friendships were always the most important and deep connections I had.
And still, at least for me, there are some things that are saved for romantic relationships (and sometimes not even for that).
I probably won’t plan my future house and dog and Christmas with my best friend, simply because between friends, it is understood that at some point we probably won’t be living together anymore. And even though we are super close, I probably won’t take his clothes and wear them so casually because it’s simply not my place to do that. And though I miss him when he’s away, I won’t go on vacations with his family, because despite them loving me very much, I am still not their family.  

(I don’t know where I’m going with this exactly lol, those are just some thoughts that I had on the subject.  Feel free to tell me yours as well!)

  • Nabiki: Kasumi, you married every gay couple in town.
  • Kasumi: What can I say? I love love
  • Akane: Well, all you can do now is wait for other guys to turn.
  • Kasumi: Hmm... wheres Ranma and Ryoga?
  • Nabiki: Don't you push them. They've got to work that out for themselves.

A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out, the first studio album by band Panic! At the Disco, was released September 27, 2005.

Ar lasa mala revas. You are free.