when finally all the pieces are here and they fit

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Finally finished the Sailor Moon R piece. I really like this season and I remember quite a bit of it when I was younger but it’s been so long. This season is full to the brim with villains! So, so many villains. I didn’t even fit in Rubeus in this mess of villains. Or Black Lady. but I think the big baddies are all here and I adore the four sisters.

And then all of a sudden you find that all your broken pieces start coming back together. This fits here and that goes there, and little by little you start to build back up. You can breathe again, and remember when that felt like it’ll be the last thing you ever do? Look at you now. And even if it only took one person to be the reason for the storm in your eyes, you finally realize that another could be the reason why you never give up…

I guess it really all does happen for a reason, the good and the bad.

—  c.f. // “I told you better was coming”

Just as long as you stand, stand by me.

I really love Florence + the Machine’s cover of this song, but I remember playing the beginning of the game and feeling like it seemed so out of place with the scene and tone of the game so far. 60+ hours later at the end of the game I’m pretty sure I started sobbing when it started playing over the same opening scene in the credits and nothing felt more fitting.

This sort of accompanies this piece, I might make a third one for the other song in the set….. : )

A/N: Kind of Peter appearance at the end. Again not purely concentrated on Peter until the next part

Part 1

Part 3

Part 4

Since the curriculum at Midtown was more challenging than what you were used to, you weren’t able to help Tony with his inventions like you did during the summer. Sometimes he’d whine about you taking a break, which would work for about half an hour. Tony was proud of how you were handling the work from school.

You were given a choice, since you could get to Midtown from your mother’s apartment or Tony’s. You absolutely loved the atmosphere and tinkering with Tony, but you didn’t want to hurt your mother’s feelings. Fortunately, you were not required to make the difficult decision because, as your grandparents got older, your mother felt guilty that they are living by themselves. She is staying in the suburb they live in, making it almost impossible to get to school on time.

During his run in with Captain America, Bruce Banner, Thor, Clint, and Natasha, Tony assumed the worst when he saw your number pop up on the Caller ID. “What’s wrong, kid?” he asked while the other people in the room looked at him incredulously. They were previously talking to him.

“Nothing,” you answered casually, “Just wanted to talk to my dad while he’s on a dangerous mission.”

“Okay, let me rephrase the question,” Tony continued, “What did you break?”

Ignoring his question, you immediately asked, “Is it true Steve Rogers is on a mission with you? Captain America?” You were slightly blushing on the other end, but Tony obviously couldn’t see that.

“Yeah, but he’s not as impressive as I thought he would be,” Tony answered in a straight forward tone. 

“After the mission, will I be able to meet him?” you ask, trying not to sound excited, but Tony picked up on it.

He responded, “I don’t like that tone. Stop it.” The thought of his daughter developing a crush on Captain America was beyond weird in his head. Of course, he knew that it was one of those celebrity crushes, since you were a teenager. That doesn’t mean he has to tolerate it.

“I’m merely suggesting that it would be interesting to meet the famous Captain America.”

You didn’t hear any words for a little, only reluctant groaning from Tony. “Fine,” he agreed, “He’ll come over one time. Then, once you see the real him, this will all be over.” You repeatedly thanked him before telling him to stay safe and hanging up. 

While Tony continued the mission, he didn’t hear much from you. Only a few texts about the tutor your teacher forced you to get. You were furious over it, since you were convinced that you didn’t need a tutor in Computer Science, but your teacher wanted you to learn something specific only the tutor could teach you.

Some of the Avengers with Tony were getting aggravated, but he simply responded to their protestations with, “You have a kid and then talk to me.” Most typically shut up after that.

After Loki was defeated, Stark Tower was being converted into a building for the Avengers. Since Tony was planning on spending most of his time there, you had your own room there. It was then when you finally met the famous Captain America, or Steve Rogers. He was moving into the building and Tony was showing him around when he saw you in the kitchen doing work. “Alright, here we go,” he muttered to himself, which confused Steve.

Wanting to get this over with quickly, Tony swiftly went through the room, hastily saying, “Steve, Y/N. Y/N, Steve. Nice that you two are acquainted. Now let’s go, Capsicle.”

You didn’t seem to protest, but Steve, still ignorant of the whole situation, insisted to properly introduce himself. The forties manners always followed him. “It’s nice to meet you, Y/N,” he introduced himself while extending his hand, “I’m Steve.”

To Tony’s surprise, your response was very casual as if you didn’t care that Captain America, the same person you were almost obsessed with meeting almost a month ago, was in the kitchen. “Hey, Steve. Nice to meet you.” With that, you quickly glanced at your phone.

Tony excused you and him so he could get to the bottom of this. The two of you were in the hallway when Tony asked, “You did want to see Capsicle, right?”

“Oh, I guess I did.”

At that point, his mind was running like wild. What had managed to cause this sudden change of mind? He saw you look at your phone again and the pieces fit together all at once. “No,” Tony said distantly.

“What?” You were lost at what he was referring to.


“I have no idea what is wrong here.”

Tony said with disbelief, “No!”

You slowly waved your hand in front of Tony’s face. “Are you broken? Do I need a new Tony?”

Crossing his arms, Tony finally responded with something else, “Who is he? The new boy?” He looked at you knowingly. How could you even think for a second Tony wouldn’t notice.

“What?” You scoffed, “There’s no one.” As soon as you finished the sentence, your phone rang and you jumped to pick it up. “Hello? Oh, hi, Peter.” Tony was staring at you incredulously. “My house,” you echoed, while looking around at the place you called home before suggesting, “How about the library?”

Origins of the Friendly Ghost

I guess that’s how I got my name. My parents are cartoon buffs, so when their baby popped out off-color and half-dead, there was only one thing to do. If you haven’t guessed it yet, my name is ******-Ghost. I’m Ghost.

I have anemia, caused by a severe iron deficiency. But that not the only thing I’m referring to when I say my heart wasn’t quite right. It’s three sizes too big, or I like to say so. It’s normal sized in reality, but it sure seems like too many people can fit inside at once. It makes it kind of hard to breathe sometimes. Too much weight in my chest. You can’t really blame me for having bad posture, can you? With a chest full of people, you’d probably do the same.

My heart was an okay size when I was very young, but it grew at a much faster rate than I did. My body grew in a linear way, and my heart exponential. I always cared a bit too much, even when my heart was the right size, though. I grew attached to anyone who stuck around long enough to let me. We moved often when I was younger, because my dad was involved in the military.

Eventually, we settled down in good old Elkader, Iowa, a town where everyone knows your name. I was in middle school by now, and my heart was heavy from all the people I had left behind.

So one day in eighth grade, I ran as far as my feet could carry me- which ended up being about 35 miles, until I had to stop because I was going into shock- and I emptied everyone out on the side of the road. I held onto two people, my parents. I sat there for who knows how long, until the sun set, and my mom had finally gotten our junky old minivan to drive out far enough to find me.

Soon enough, I was in high school, with my heart two sizes too big and a reputation two sizes too small. I was known as Ghost, mostly, or sometimes Spooky, or Jeepers. I was the kid who ran from Madison Middle School, from Elkader, from myself- although no one knew that part. People mostly left me alone when they weren’t poking fun at me. The two things balanced each other out in sort of a funny way, I suppose.

And then there was her.

She transferred to Elkader High (our school chant was ‘Goooo Elks!’ -very original) in my sophomore year. She was new, she was pretty, she was my light in the dim town that was Elkader.

It wasn’t dark there, because my heart glows for a couple yards around it. Not red, not pink, but grey. A heart that glows grey is a funny sort of concept, I guess, but you’d know if you saw it. My photos of other people always show their hearts. Hidden behind collars and scarves and jackets and hands, sometimes you can’t even see them glow. But they all do. Every single one.

Hers was golden, mixed with red sometimes when her emotions leaked into it. I could have seen it from a satellite.

She decided she liked the kid with the too big heart and the too small reputation. Maybe it was because I was the only one who had run from this place. Every other kid had lived in Elkader their whole life. They didn’t know what it was like to leave the place. I knew that Elkader’s generator could only make enough light for a dim glow in each heart. I had to get out of there, fast. And so did she. I could see her light fading by the days.

So we stuck together, us kids with slowly fading hearts. And eventually, we fell in love.

I wish I could tell you it was the pretty kind, where I knew from the moment I laid eyes on her, and I only fell further. Or maybe that it happened all at once, and never went away. None of that is true. It just kind of, happened. And I didn’t know what to do, because her soul was too big for even my heart.

But she tried anyway. She fit, just barely, squeezing out everyone else, and left the door to my heart wide open for her feet to stick out.

She never knew about how weak its walls were, I suppose. They were thin stained glass, made thinner by my anemia and my heart being stretched too big. She wanted a promise. In our little town, there were no rings that I could give her. Nothing was big enough for her Saturn-like soul. Maybe I was just too late to keep her heart from dimming too far.


The only thing I remember after that is blood. Maybe I just fell too hard and too fast for her. Maybe my walls finally broke. Maybe that was my promise. To die for her.

And I almost did. Would have been more fitting, I guess. When I woke up, she had left my heart in shards, my body bruised, and my plug pulled. My heart doesn’t glow anymore. I’m still trying to piece it back together.

So here I am. A crazy university called Elsewhere. The only place I’ve ever felt I belong. A boy with a shattered heart that doesn’t glow like it used to, and a name just big enough to fit all the pieces of myself behind, running from the only person who ever got close enough to break me.

Because if no one knows your weak spots, no one can hit them. So I hide behind the false front of a proud, brave, stupid kid, naïve enough to never have had his heart broken. And if you look close enough, you’ll see the real me behind it. Plug in hand, welding my heart back together, ready to start again.

P.S. You can find me @ghostinthejukebox if you promise not to hurt me.

Leather Jackets (Chapter 10)

Jimin stares at himself in the mirror.

He looks at his face to see if there are any visible signs that he has aged but there isn’t. He looks just like he did yesterday.

Jimin turns on the tap and the sound of water echoes through the bathroom as Jimin washes his face before patting it dry.

Jimin brushes his teeth and then heads to shower where he spends a long time.

When he leaves the bathroom all dressed the house feels too silent, Jimin goes to the bedroom to check on Jungkook when he feels a pair of hands covering his eyes.

“Happy Birthday baby,” Jimin hears Jungkook’s voice.

“Thanks,” Jimin says with a grin. “Would you let me see now?”

“Nope, I have a surprise for you,” Jungkook says. “Come on”

They start walking before stopping.

Jungkook removes his hands from Jimin’s eyes and Jimin sees a small cake on the table the words ‘Happy Birthday Jimin’ scrawled on it.

“Thank you so much Jungkook,” Jimin says hugging Jungkook tightly.

Jungkook smiles before pecking Jimin’s lips.

“Can you miss University today?” Jungkook asks.

“I already told you,” Jimin sighs. “I have a presentation”

“Fine, but you aren’t going to the diner right?” Jungkook asks.


“Well then I am picking you up from Uni,” Jungkook says. “We have a great surprise planned for you”

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Written as a part of an event - stereksecretsanta

for lovely @whatthehellisahoechlin

Title: I Hate You!

[Read on AO3 here]

Tags - Highschool AU, Teen!Derek, Growing up together, Friends to Lovers, Truth or Dare, First Kiss.


“You know you love me…I know you care…

A sudden strangled noise beside him made Derek snap his eyes open. He huffed out an angry breath, pursing his lips, irritated at the interruption.

It was Stiles. Stiles with bulging eyes, a red face and a hand clamped on his mouth. He was struggling to keep back his loud snort. Derek shot him a piercing glare, trying and failing to find his rhythm again.

“Just shout whenever…”  Derek grated out, hissing at Stiles. “…and I’ll be there…WHAT?

“Bieber? Really Derek-” Stiles choked, laughing as if he had lost his mind.

“You got a problem with that?”

Stiles jerked away from a snarling Derek, huffing out – Whoa, raising both hands in surrender. Not even a beat later, he shot a shit-eating grin at Derek.

Derek hated him.

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anonymous asked:

Bucky's gf used to work with Howard stark in the 40's cuz she was really smart and a scientist so she really likes to work with tony?

aw this is so cute

  • bucky’s gf really is so so smart
  • a genius if u will
  • and when she finally meets tony it’s like meeting an old friend
  • tony is star struck bc his dad used to tell him all of these stories about his lab mate 
  • and how great she was, like a sister or best friend
  • and now here she is! in the flesh!
  • they’re a dynamic duo in the lab and they love working together
  • they’re like two pieces of a puzzle that fit so perfectly well together
  • bucky’s gf is always telling tony stories ab his dad
  • ‘one time he literally slipped on a banana peel and i don’t even know how’


Request: Hey your blog is realy cool! Could you maybe write one where reader is a huge nerd ? And dean really likes that? Including a lil smut?🤘🏻 – @dauntlessbookgeek

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: swearing, smut

Word Count: 3304

ARGH. I’m sorry I haven’t posted, please blame my exams. But here, alas, I finished one! It’s fluffy, and smutty, and nerdy. 

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

It was around 6 when you woke up. It was quite early and Sam must be out on his morning run already and Dean, Dean’s obviously still asleep. You trotted to the kitchen and grabbed a fruit and some yogurt and went back to your room to eat peacefully as you placed a book in front of you. You engulfed yourself in the little bubble until soft knocks were heard a little over an hour after.

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Masters Of Confidence

Part 5

BTS - You

Word Count: 1310

Summary: Be careful who you trust the devil was once an angel

                      and these angels wanted to be remembered…

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 -  Part 7

Ambiguous, eternally bored, dishonest, great at manipulating, emotionless.

What does one think of when they hear these words? A pathological liar? A narcissist or maybe a sociopath.

Well yes. Psychopaths have these characteristics, but so does the world we live in.

It favors the strong to the point where the rest vanishes without achieving anything. It looks for something new, something challenging and something more destructive than ever.

It already saw a lot, thus likes to be surprised. It lies, talking about a better, honest future, for us to feel the burden and still plays the victim.

So why does everyone tell us to be honest from the moment we are born and to the time we are buried under several layers?

Only truth that exists is the fact that people lie.

In various ways.


And art is only a form of it. It shows the people the way they really are by manipulating the world we look at. We look, but don’t see.

Therefore, by Pablo Picassos’ words, art is a lie that tells the truth.

“Society was broken since the beginning.” He said, not separating his eyes from the screen “Why should we be the ones to stay true.”

“That doesn’t answer my question.” I replied.

Yoongi was sitting on the desk, eyes glued on the computer in front of him, his fingers typing something quickly. I sat beside him and put the papers he wanted next to the empty plates that they used a night before.

“I asked why you started doing this. Not why you are doing it now. I am not accusing you of doing something wrong.”

It was a week after our last encounter. They were very polite, considering the situation, only calling me when the sun went down and I was back from one of my many jobs. I was mostly used as a bell boy, bringing this and that, and never spent more than a few minutes with them, until tonight.

“Would you believe me if I told you it was for money?” he asked, smiling slightly.

For the past two weeks, he was the only one to talk to me other than Hoseok, the two being the ones who called when they needed something. They were short calls, starting without an introduction. Others never seemed to stay indoors, as whenever I visited, they would be gone.

“For someone like you, money can only be an outcome, not the reason.” I answered “Why you guys need it to the point you dragged me into this is beyond my understanding.”

He looked upset for a moment just before my name left his lips with a sigh, sounding bothered.

Making him angry was one of the last things I wanted to do. Unlike others, he was unpredictable, and I didn’t know his boundaries. Passing it could result in a lot of things, and none of them seemed friendly.

The crow that didn’t fly, even though it could, was a dangerous one.

He observed and waited for the moment he could catch an opening.

“However,” I started, trying to change the topic “if you sold half of the stuff you have here, you wouldn’t be broke anymore.”

He laughed sheepishly as he met my eyes, finally stopping writing and turned his gaze towards the furniture that rested on the eerie black floor.

“Joon wouldn’t let us.” He replied “This is all we have, and what we call home.”

When I was little, I had a small tree house. You could only fit two people in it and it was at the backyard of the four story building we used to live in. It consisted of a metal piece that was used as the roof; wooden floor that looked like it could break any moment and cloth walls that were ruined whenever it rained. Still it was my secret world.

That’s why I thought their place was something similar. A hiding place, a safe house or even an office…

It never occurred to me that it was their house.

“Yoongi!” a voice shouted from upstairs, cutting the silence between us.

The door busted open a few seconds later, revealing the rest of the group. They looked panicked and angry, other than Taehyung, who looked oddly high.

“What is she doing here?” Jin asked when his eyes immediately landed on me.

“I needed a helping hand.” He answered simply.

“Are you aware of the date?” Hoseok said, holding the bridge of his nose and closing his eyes.

Jimin settled on one of the couches with Jungkook, who was biting his nails nervously.

“I saw them leave their place a few minutes ago.” Namjoon explained as he brought out a box from the bookcase “They will be here any second.”

Yoongi leaned towards me and whispered “Remember when you asked me why we needed money?” he said “You are about to get your answer.”

Someone pounded on the gate upstairs after a few minutes that felt like a decade. Jin went to answer it, after telling me to keep my mouth shut.

A group of people came down, making a huge noise and shaking the house, as they followed a middle aged man. He was wearing a black suit and a white shirt. His eyes were so close to each other to the point they looked like they were on the top of his nose.

He saw me and looked up and down, trying to understand the new member. His attention was short lived however, as he turned to look at the youngest and smirked.

“Hello boys.” He said with a husky voice “Is the package ready?”

Namjoon stepped between the man and Jungkook, and emptied the box on the coffee table.

“Ten thousand.” He replied showing the money “Just like you said.”

The man nodded, satisfied but bored, and turned his head towards the person standing next to him. “Jinyoung get the bag and follow us.” He said before turning around and leaving the room with the rest of his men.

That’s when my gaze lingered on the man who now stood alone in the middle of the room, looking directly at me. I was paying attention to no one but the middle aged man that I didn’t even realize him at first.

But as he stood in front of me, and as I held my breath for a second as the realization hit like a thunder and resurfaced memories that I tried so hard to hide.

“I didn’t think you could get any lower.” He said “You are working with a bunch of underdogs I see.”

He was taller, more muscular and was dressed in a suit that looked brand new and a black shirt that he left the first two buttons open. His face was the same, soft features and boyish looks, aside from the scar under his right eye.

“Better than working for a cyclops gangster.”

I faintly heard Taehyung snorting at the back, but I was too distracted to even comment on it.

“Watch your words.” He replied, hurrying of to take the money. He gave one last dirty look before disappearing on the stairs.

Seven curious eyes turned to me, looking startled.

“You two know each other?” Jimin asked, looking confused.

I debated whether to tell them the answer or not. But I was tired, and after I witnessed what they tried so hard to hide, that they were weak against those men, I felt like sharing my secret as well.

“Remember when I accidently admitted I was behind the bars before?” I replied finally standing up and facing them.

Once I had a tree house. It had a metal roof and wooden floor. But it was enough because I shared it with someone I cared about. A best friend and a partner in crime…


“He was the one to put me there.”

So a lot of you wanted me to use a member of Got7 as the second character so here you go…

Please know that English is not my first language so if you see a mistake you can message me privately.

I would LOVE to hear feedback from you guys!

The story is mine. Do not copy without my permission.

Anyway thank you for reading. Have a nice day!


Quilting or whatever the heck it’s called

Anon asks:  thank you so much for explaining the quilting, i hate to be a bother, but my googling is not turning up anything similar to what you mentioned. If you have the time at some point could you possibly explain how you did the actual quilting stitching? I don’t need specific stitch types or anything too complicated, I’m just wondering how the actual quilting part of the process works. Thank you again for the examples!

Quilting is just what I call it. It’s the process of sewing in a shape into a hole or something. This is what I mean step by step. Sorry for the poor quality on the photos but you’ll get the idea.

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OKAY, rant time every body! Pull out a chair and listen to mama Mayu as she tells you a little something to keep in mind about ROLEPLAYING!



It is unhealthy for your RP partners (and even you!) to have someone else ruin their fun because of shitty ass reasons!

RP is something that’s supposed to be FUN. If you’re not having fun, if it’s affecting you emotionally, or if you think you can just make people feel bad about their OWN RPs, YOU NEED TO STOP, CLOSE THE RP MEDIUM, GO OUTSIDE, AND THINK ABOUT YOUR CHOICES, BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT MAKING VERY WISE ONES. 

Now, to help you guys see what I mean, I made you all a simple list!

  2. DO NOT FUCKING GUILT TRIP ANYONE INTO RPING WITH YOU. I can’t fucking believe I have to write this down for anyone even. You’re being TOXIC TO PEOPLE. You’re being a bad person if you think you can just write posts about saaad you are about it. You’re only making people want to avoid you even more because, NO ONE wants to feel like shit by someone over the internet. 
  3. DO NOT GO AROUND TELLING PEOPLE THEY DON’T WANNA RP WITH YOU ONLY BECAUSE YOUR CHARACTER IS AN OC/GIRL/WHATEVER. No, seriously, just because your character is girl or an OC DOES NOT mean that THATS why people don’t wanna RP with you. If you’re not putting any effort on putting a character NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT, AKA, AN OC, out there, don’t expect everyone to instantly fall in love with you character and want to RP with them instantly. If you have an OC, no one will know about them, and have any reason to be interested in them, UNLESS YOU PUT THEM OUT THERE. MAKE STARTERS, SEND ASKS, MAKE PEOPLE INTERESTED! Don’t give people shit for them not instantly wanting to RP with a character they know NOTHING about! Reply to open posts, greet your followers, make starters, MAKE PEOPLE INTERESTED WITHOUT MAKING EVERYONE FEEL LIKE SHIT ABOUT ANYTHING.
  4. DON'T THREATEN TO DELETE YOUR BLOG JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE ISN’T RPING WITH YOU, OR IS RPING WITH SOMEONE ELSE. Again, put your big boy/girl panties and accept that everyone can RP with whoever the hell they want as long as they’re not causing any harm. You hear that? Because that’s important. You threatening to delete because of these reasons is HARMFUL AND NEEDS TO STOP.  
  5. DO NOT BLAME OTHERS IF THEY DECIDE TO PRIORITIZE A THREAD OVER YOURS, ESPECIALLY IF YOU DON’T KNOW THAT’S WHAT THEY INTENDED.  Aka: Do not rush RPers by telling them they’re choosing other things over you. Some RPers (like myself) are VERY slow at RPing, and it takes us a while to connect to our muses. Sometimes, we feel we want to use a certain muse, but cannot find it in us to momentary reply to older threads. This does NOT equal to them choosing a RP over yours! MAYBE THEY LOST THE THREAD? LOST MUSE? Instead of being a big weenie about it and throwing a tantrum over this shit, TRY ASKING /NICELY/ WHY THEY HAVEN’T REPLIED. AMAZING, I KNOW. You could solve so many things by simply asking politely. So many fucking wonders. ALSO KEEP IN MIND THAT NO ONE IS OBLIGATED TO RP WITH ANYONE. If they decide to drop a thread, that’s it. Unless that RP was important to you plot wise or in any other important way, DO NOT force people to keep RPing with you. They can drop a thread if they feel the need to, and you have no right to be a dick to them about it, dang. Does this sound repetitive of rule 1? WELL IT SHOULD BECAUSE THIS IS DANG IMPORTANT.
  6. DON’T BLOW OFF PEOPLE WHO ARE TRYING TO BE NICE TO YOU ONLY SO YOU CAN USE THAT AS GUILT FUEL. I seen it around a lot. Posting huge things about how “im just a piece of shit rper and no one cares about me :’((” but when people tell you otherwise, you jump right back at NO IM NOT, IM SHIT. why? Because you’re literally just asking for people to kiss your ass now. You’re using this as fuel for people to RP with you and give you shit, which makes you controlling, toxic, and you’re down right taking advantage of all who like you. There are people out here with real issues of anxiety, depression, and lack of self-worth who need REAL reassurance, and struggle with it every day. It’s not okay in any sort of way for you to pretend to be one of those people only to get people to kiss your feet, when people actually NEED those little words of encouragement here and there, but do not get them because people who do this shit are hogging them all up like wall street richie richs of the RP world. 





And a final thing: If you’re having a hard time knowing if this could be fitting for you, do this: Go into your blog. Did you post big texts about how no one wants to RP with you, and just out right telling everyone stuff that you KNOW will make them feel bad? YEAH, YOU’RE BEING A SHIT. 

Do not do anything that will make others feel guilty/bad about when they RP. Let people have fun. YOU have fun. 

Now, if you’re actually struggling with depression, and did not intend to make others feel this way, I will drop the act and give you real advice under the read more. They are important things to keep in mind to improve everyone’s RP experience. 

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anonymous asked:

Could you maybe write a jealous!Oliver fic? Anything you want could set him off, I just really love fics when he gets all growly and tries not to be possessive or jealous but completely is. Could be at any point in the series, doesn't have to be the Fuckening

He never used to be jealous before.  Hell, if Laurel flirted with somebody, he would have just shrugged.  If the girl he was dancing with in a club started rubbing up on another guy, he’d find another girl–or two–and take them home with him.

But with Felicity, it’s different.  Not just because they’re in Nanda Parbat and neither of them feel very steady in this new life of theirs, a new life that they share both because they want to and because they have no one else they can drop their masks with.  

No, because … it’s Felicity.  The woman he spent nearly a year longing for, waiting for.  The woman he loves completely and utterly.  And he knows she loves him.  He believes her.  He trusts her.

Oliver, however, does not trust the world.  And if there’s anything his life has taught him, it’s that he’s right to distrust the world.

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anonymous asked:

I've searched through your tags and there's some information but I'm having a really hard time trying to figure out how to make loki's jotunheim outfit--especially the coat pattern. It's not on a deadline, but I feel pretty lousy... everyone seems to just be able to magically draft wicked difficult patterns for cosplay and then there's me. Any advice? (sorry if you got this twice, my internet went out.)

Yes I can definitely give you an idea of how I patterned mine, and hopefully that helps you out. I actually have started a pattern breakdown for this coat, complete with lots of pictures, so thank you for reminding me I need to finish that…

So the first thing you need is to gather as many reference photos as possible, from all angles. I like to print them so I have them handy at all times instead of having to work off the computer. The action figure (I think it’s called “Secret Strike Loki”) is also incredibly useful. It’s not perfect, but it does have a lot of detail and gives you a good idea of how things piece together, especially when used alongside the photos.

Next, I draw a design sketch. This is just a drawing of the costume with all seams and components marked. I write what overlaps where, what fabric to use, and make notes on specific construction methods I want to use. For this coat I actually made several sketches, showing all the different layers, with lots of notes. Write down stuff like “left overlaps right” or “sits just below waist” so you don’t have to go back to figure that stuff out while you’re working.  Write down which layers are actually sewn together, and which just sit on top of each other.

Next comes the pattern itself. I start with a very basic upper body pattern (you can make your own or use a commercial pattern for a fitted jacket) and draw all over it. Use your design sketches to draw approximately where you want all your seams and pieces to be. For this coat you’ll need several copies of the pattern to draw all the layers. This is the part that comes a little easier if you’re familiar with patterning: you’ll have a better idea of what works a what should sit where. But even if you’re just beginning, you can still draw out what you think you want and then make changes during the next step.

And that’s the mock up. This is where you make a trial version of your costume to make sure your pattern works. You can make this out of cheap fabric or, if you think you’ll need to make lots of adjustments, even heavy duty paper towel that you tape together. If you have dress form you can fit your mock up to that, or have someone help you fit it on your body. Pin seams where they need to be taken it. Move pieces into the right place or recut and replace them if they’re not the correct shape or not sitting well. Keep at this step (and it will take a while with a complicated coat like this) until you have a mock up that fits with all the right pieces in the right places.

Now, some of the components will have to be draped. This means you take a piece of fabric (or paper towel) and pin/cut it into shape right on your dress form. Pieces that need to be draped on this coat are the peplum and parts of the sleeves.

The final stage is to take apart your fitted mock up. This is now your pattern. REMEMBER: you may need to add seam allowances in some places, but not others, so you can either write all over your pattern with “add seam allowance here” or “includes seam allowance already” so you remember when you cut your fabric, or the safer method is to retrace all pattern pieces onto new paper and include the proper seam allowance at this point.  Then you’ll have everything 100% ready to go.

And that’s how it’s done.  For this coat especially there’s a lot of trial and error, simply because it has so many pieces that overlap and fit together in unconventional ways.  My coat has eight distinct layers (nine if you count the trim on layer eight), but not all of them overlap at the same time.  It laces, buckles, snaps, buttons, and velcros together, but all of that’s hidden on the inside so you only see is the one front buckle.  You’ll need to play around a lot to make everything work together, and it WILL take a long time.  Don’t let yourself get discouraged.

For reference, my pattern looks like this:

Which eventually translates into this:

So it’s not an easy task.  But it can be done.

Hope that helps, and let me know if you have any more questions. :)

To My Neil Armstrong

Your footprint still exists on the doormat, with letters of welcome,
the very first night I laid my eyes on you and you caught me
in the gravity of your space, and now I float with no helmet
so I can only gasp the molecules of your own air.

It’s unfair how I watched you from afar within the perimeters
where my feet is on my ground,
and it broke in accordance to your swaying ship
the moment it hit this foreign land.

I balanced what your words meant
in this chandelier of white mystery
that reveals itself when it’s dark and it wanes
with its phases in every drag of your breath
and your gravity pulls of death.
I am truly intrigued, by you,
of this task you had to do
to leave me hanging to discover on my own
why you had to come unannounced only to leave me alone
to figure if your darkness will somehow brighten
with the stars in random death patterns and births.
And this left me smitten, and frankly disturbed
for you seemed too out of this world.

With a slow plunge, you cast a flag as it waved
that it meant you strongly had me.
You were the very first one to see me up close,
from all the staggering numbers of men in history.
And I watched you mark your precious footprint,
on the fragile spot a heart can never erase.
For no air existed enough to counter your fingerprints
embossed on the surface of my body today
to be seen from other views of binoculars.
You were a piece of wobbly trouble.
A wandering man, with the curiosity to travel
of skipping on moons and planets yet discovered.
Trying to figure everything and conquer
my world that knows nothing but to surrender.

For it was the first.
And it left me breaking
out of my own thirst
to finally feel something
else than this stillness.
It was always night out here,
and when you came I finally knew
what a day feels.

And it oddly fits there.
How your footsteps show your story.
And it seems that I do not care
if you do it on all my surface.
Because it meant you were here,
and I'l keep it despite its meaning of invasion
to my heart that has never seen a man
step on it, leave a flag, and leave me broken.

So to you, my Neil Armstrong, my very first astronaut.
Can you still see the scar you left on me from Earth?


Can we just take a moment to appreciate this scene?

Thoughout the story, Oh keeps questioning humans and how weird and senseless their manners and customs are. He hasn’t felt attached to them yet. However, during that car trip he starts building a friendship with one, he gets used to Tip’s reactions and personality, he even finds it attractive.

I dare to say that this scene comes straight into my list of “most emotional animated moments” (If I ever find the time to make it). This scene is key in the movie because we see Oh actually behaving like a HUMAN for the first time.

He looks back at his new friend just to check how she’s doing. He covers her with the blanket, to make sure she stays warm and safe. This time he really cares for her, not for the car, his own safety, or his race anymore. He has become emotionally attached to her, something that’s utterly human from the Boov’s point of view.

That human “noise” is playing as well. Maybe he had it on because the Boov “music” would wake her up, but what does he do? He turns up the volume slightly. He wants to hear it better because he has found out that he actually LIKES it. He obviously starts dancing in his seat. It’s an involuntary physical response, isn’t it? But it doesn’t seem like it anymore either. He dances willingly, and he enjoys it even more when he finds that out. It clearly shows in that cute alien face of his X3

Also, he turns and decides to pet the cat. There’s really no reason to do it, but he does it anyway; look at his face, if that’s not joy, then I don’t know what it is.

He feels what Gratuity was trying to show him: the care, the “companion-ship”, the reason she was angry and sad all the time. He finds an important hint of love here. I would show you more of his facial expressions because they’re just precious, but I thought these would be enough for now.

But when you thought this load of cuteness was over, Oh looks up at the stars. They shine brighter than he had ever seen. He finds it similar to the painting he could have eaten before, that piece of “art”. He starts understanding and admiring human art.

Oh is becoming more human by the second, he feels that happening and he’s okay with it. He finally feels like he fits in, like his HOME is with Tip. He feels accepted and loved like he always craved.

All of this happens in a brief minute of movie, and look at all the information it’s transmitting the audience! Oh’s character development is so perfect, presented so beautifully that it almost brought me to tears… This is how the greatest movies are made. Without words, they fill your heart with feelings. The joy and sweetness I felt in this scene are just incomparable to anything I’ve seen before.