when fans attack

Oh by the way. To any followers who aren’t into SnK..... I’m really sorry. You’re going to have to suffer every Saturday until it’s over. My condolences.

Friendly reminder than Connie made it into the top 10.

Friendly reminder that Connie felt betrayed when he found how Reiner and Bert were the titans that destroyed the wall.

Friendly reminder that Bert and Reiner were Connie’s best friends.

Friendly reminder that Connie lost his whole village and his mom.

Friendly reminder that Connie immediately defended Armin when Ymir called him useless.

Friendly reminder that Connie isn’t just comic relief. 


A random fan grabs Raven by his hair and pulls him out of the ring in the middle of a promo for his upcoming match with DDP for the US Title. The attack barely phases Raven and he climbs back in the ring and finishes the segment. Just awesome. Raven is one of the greatest. A true master of the promo, imo.

every time katie cassidy goes to a con, i just wind up thinking “damn, i hope the security is good.” i mean, every single time she’s announced for a con, the dangerously unstable olicity fans come out in droves to not only spread their delusional lies and cyber bullying but their threats to physically attack her. seems like it’s only a matter of time before they attempt follow through.

i honestly think she’d be safer at a spn con. those cons may have a shit ton of issues but at least their security situation seems to be pretty good. they take the, um, intensity of the fans very seriously. when she went to her one spn con back in 2008, she and lauren cohan were both given two bodyguards each because of threats. i hope the arrow cons are taking safety seriously.

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omg listen fam i’ve been lowkey embracing ota//yuri since the episode 10 aired but i never posted about it because i was afraid of getting killed on tumblr dot com but now i just like…don’t care haha

I have a few things to say

People who form an opinion about something without researching every aspect of the matter first, really get on my nerves.

So when some fans attack others for shipping Ereri without even a valid point is very annoying.  Most of the time, their arguments are basically like this ;

“Oh no why would you ship a 15 year old with a 34 year old that’s plain disgusting, that’s called pedophilia”

-I am going to remind you of certain things that you either aren’t aware of or simply choose to ignore because you don’t want to acknowledge the fact that you may be wrong.

It’s an anime. This means that these characters don’t actually exist. I can assure you that the majority of ereri shippers out there does not support pedophilia in any way.


Levi and Eren did not get together right after they met. That is just stupid. No relationship works like that in the first place. Even more so, when Levi is tasked with the job to kill Eren if he looses control. Their relationship is far too complicated. Also do you really think that Levi is the type of character to open up and start a relationship with a random guy he just met? Yeah, I don’t freaking think so. Instead, their relationship gets the chance to develop slowly, normally, as they advance from strangers to acquaintances. And with time, both characters gradually get more and more comfortable with each other to the point where they can be considered as mutuals. In canon Eren holds great respect for Levi and is willing to do almost anything to please him. That says a lot. Levi even tries to make him feel better by telling a joke to lighten the mood right after the female titan killed his squad. Even though it isn’t very noticeable, both Eren and Levi care for each other’s well-being. So my point is, to put it bluntly, they didn’t just meet, then the next day slept together. Their relationship is way deeper and more complex than that.

  • Even though it is unluckily that Eren and Levi will end up together in canon, people yet still ship it for numerous reasons. Their relationship is something unique and can be labelled as ‘different from the ordinary’. There is a certain beauty to the way they understand and treat each other. They both have tragic pasts, having lost their mothers at a very young age and getting ripped of their childhood far too soon. They have big responsibilities towards the world as people put their faith on them as ‘Humanity’s strongest’ and 'Humanity’s last hope’. They are able to understand each other the best, as they have experienced the same things, as they’re carrying the same burdens. Eren can relate to Levi and vice versa. In other words they can help each other overcome their fears and insecurities as they know what the other has gone through. I’m sad to say that Ereri will probably never be canon, but at the same time it makes me happy because there is nothing to tie us down from wondering about how will they develop both as individuals and as a pairing.

So let me tell you something. Next time you go and shame other people for just shipping their favourite characters together, try to remember what I just said before you open your stupid mouth and start saying nonsense.

Thank you.  

I Have Some Things To Say

First and foremost i would like to state that i have never seen an episode of Supergirl and was never a fan of the queer baiting the CW seems to love to do. But that even though that i am not a fan when you attack an entire group of people for wanting to think that two characters should be together, then i have a major problem with that. So as we all know Comic Con this year had its ups and downs. The Ups being that WYNONNA EARP GOT A 3RD SEASON!!!!!! The downs are obviously the cast ( excluding Katie) making fun of their fans in a homophobic fucked up way. Honestly these people and their screwed up way of thinking, i watched the interview that’s been going around and these guys are assholes. How are you gonna sit there and interrupt one of your cast mates. First, Mecad telling her to shut up in italian, I believe the word was Zitta. He didn’t just say it once but continued to say it into the microphone so everyone could hear it. That’s beyond disrespectful. Then Chris felt the need to chime in with his homophobic bullshit that no one asked for. Surprisingly enough Melissa thought it was HILARIOUS, maybe she wasn’t on glee long enough to understand that it wasn’t funny but very offencive. Lastly the jackass Jeremy, who was incredibly rude and treated the Supercorp fans like they are stupid children. The only person that defended a majority of their fans in some way was Katie because she’s amazing and the only good thing on that show anymore. I am so over this whole “ there’s too much gay in the media”. Like no there is not enough representation out there in the media for any aspect of the LGBTQ+ community. Every single letter and beyond should have representation. Straight couples are “normal” and people don’t say anything about it, but when there is even 1-2  gay characters they treat it like it’s something only people who are in the community would like it. But here’s the thing there are shows with no lgbtq+ characters in them and I have enjoyed and liked the shows. I will admit that i relate more and have a better experience when i go see a character that i have some similar qualities with. But people are being babies and need to get over that things are changing and shows like Wynonna Earp are breaking the boundaries and putting out shows that do well and are well written. Emily writes with her fans/viewers in mind and that’s an amazing thing to have.

So to all those Supercorp fans who don’t want to be in that fandom anymore, come on over to the west. We have a nice warm seat for you on the couch every friday night at 10.

We don’t judge and we do not argue, we are just here for a good time, a great cast, and an amazing show.

So welcome!

P.s sorry if this doesn’t make sense in some parts i was very livid!

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LOL I don't get how you care about sebastian but ignore his well-being when a fan attack him, that's hypocritical don't you think?

Alright, anon, I assume you were talking about the fanpic one of our members posted a few hours ago. But before I answer, please know that;

1. This website is known to exaggerate things up, as well as twist a few stories in order to get attention

2. Please be aware that Sebastian Stan is a capable, mature individual at the ripe age of 34, almost 35 years old

3. Please hear the story of the fan before you jump into conclusion just because some people here post something out of context.

Now, to answer your question, we simply have nothing to worry about (especially his well-being) as we clearly read the fan’s story in whole. I suggest you do the same by clicking this link


Anyway in case you haven’t heard Trump banned trans people from serving in the military

Zen - Valentine’s Day Special

 After you chose the narcissist member, as if affected by a spell, you felt tired. Your body was heavy and your eyelids were closing instinctively. Just as if you hadn’t slept for days. You gave up quickly, without reading the messages.

  Someone was trying to wake you up after some hours. You woke up and looked at them, asking what they wanted. It was Zen, he said he was going out for a while and would be back until lunchtime. You didn’t recognize it was him and just slept more after he went out.

  When you woke up again, you finally noticed. Your bed was different and… well, that wasn’t your room. You tried to remember what happened before and were sure that what happened with Zen was just a dream.

  The first thing you found was a letter. You decided to read it since your phone was nowhere to be found. The sender was… Cheritz?!

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Get To Know BigBang!

New to BigBang? I’m here to help~


Kwon Jiyong (G-Dragon)

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Position in group: Leader of the group / Lead Rapper / Composer / Lyricist

Birthday: August 18th, 1988

Height: 5′9″ (177cm)

Weight: 127 pounds (58kg)

Social Media Accounts:

Get to know him:

  • In Korea he is a household name
  • He’s known for his fashion and style
  • He LOVES cats
  • he’s also said “I like girls who are like cats”
  • He knows how to play the piano and the guitar
  • He can beat box (believe it or not)
  • This man is dainty AF
  • He acts like a prince all the time kind of dainty
  • He gets embarrassed easily
  • He becomes cute when he’s around people he likes
  • He pouts and acts childish often (as a form of aegyo)
  • When he performs he does a 180
  • He always has swagger and tons of charm no matter the situation
  • always
  • He’s been friends with T.O.P since childhood, and friends with Taeyang since teenage years
  • Jiyong is a HUGE fan of Dramas
  • At first when Seungri joined the group, Jiyong wouldn’t talk to him because he didn’t put in as many trainee hours as the other members had, and he was angry that he climbed the ranks so quickly
  • Him and Seungri bonded over a TV drama and became really close afterwords
  • He cries easily
  • He has multiple tattoos
  • His dad is #1 on his speed dial

Choi Seunghyun (T.O.P):

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Position in group: Rapper / Lyricist 

Birthday: November 4th, 1987

Height: 5′11″ (181cm)

Weight: 143 pounds (65kg)

Social Media Accounts:

Instagram: choi_seung_hyun_tttop

Get to know him:

  • He loves chairs
  • I’m not kidding this boi really loves chairs
  • Like all his Instagram photos are of food and chairs practically
  • He’s an extremely artistic man
  • he’s legit an artistic genius
  • He has a scar on his hand from a traumatic accident
  • Jiyong has a smiley face tattoo on the same hand, in the same place as T.O.P’s scar
  • Him and Jiyong are extremely close and have been since childhood
  • Bingu T.O.P is the best T.O.P
  • Bingu T.O.P is T.O.P when he’s being weird and silly
  • He’s one of the most outspoken in Big Bang
  • He regularly stands up to anti-fans when they vocally attack his members on social media sites
  • He even goes as far as to take screen shots of their comments and posts them on Instagram with his sassy reply (but they usually get deleted minutes later)
  • He loves making people laugh
  • After his member Daesung was involved in a bad Moter Vehicle accident, T.O.P made it his mission to make Daesung smile whenever he could until he felt better
  • He doesn’t like showing his skin off
  • The only time he’s been seen with his shirt off was in one of his dramas
  • He usually wears multiple layers of clothing no matter the weather
  • He’s also an actor
  • He’s been in 5 Dramas
  • Commitment / Tazza: the hidden card / 71: Into the fire / 19-nineteen / and Iris: the movie are the names of the movies
  • He loves to dance
  • He’s not too good at it, but he always gets a good laugh so he does it proudly

Kang Daesung:

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Position in group: Lead Vocalist

Birthday: April 26th, 1989

Height: 5′10″ (178cm)

Weight: 138 pounds (63kg)

Social Media:

Instagram: xxd_litexx

Get to know him:

  • happiest man on earth
  • seriously so sunny
  • You will often see him with his eyes covered because of his small eyes
  • However, he’s said that his eyes and nose are the features that he’s the most proud of
  • He will do absolutely anything to make people laugh, no matter what it is
  • He will make himself look completely stupid if you’ll laugh
  • Happy virus
  • Incredible drummer
  • He works hard to stay in shape and to take care of himself for both himself and for his fans
  • He has a competitive side though and won’t loose easily
  • everyone needs to see this man on the TV show Running Man to see this side of him. Everyone.
  • He gets scared really easily
  • All you’d have to say is “boo” and he’d jump 10 feet
  • Hates roller coasters and haunted houses (he’s so cute on them though)
  • He loves mathematics and difficult word problems
  • He’s quick witted and very smart
  • One of his favorite things to do is to support his members and always says how grateful for them he is
  • He’s accident prone when cooking
  • Comedy king
  • Amazing at impersonations
  • Loves his fans more than anything else in the world
  • He had the main roll in a tv show called “What’s up”
  • He was in the Korean version of the musical ‘Cats’
  • He is a devout Christian

Dong Youngbae (Taeyang):

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Position in group: Vocalist / Dancer

Birthday: May 18th, 1988

Height: 5′8″ (174cm)

Weight: 123 pounds (56kg)

Social Media:

Instagram: __youngbae__

Get to know him:

  • He hand writes letters to his band mates when they’re apart for a long time
  • or whenever he feels that they need extra encouragement
  • He hadn’t kissed a girl until his ‘I need a girl’ Music video
  • He texted the members of bigbang afterwords saying “hyungs I died. I kissed a girl”
  • He’s the literal cutest human being ever
  • Extremely talented dancer
  • He tends to be quiet but extremely sassy when he speaks
  • “To those of you who said my hair looks like a mop, I hate you.”
  • ^^an actual quote from him
  • Plays the piano, guitar, and drums
  • He’s been dating the actress Min Hyo-Rin since 2013
  • He is also a devout Christian
  • He’s been good friends with Jiyong (G-Dragon) since middle school
  • Jiyong, T.O.P, and him decided to become a group of 3 in middle school when they realized how well they got along
  • He’s the motherly figure to the group members
  • He’s extremely kind and caring
  • He believes in eating right and exercise (and tries to get the other members to do the same)
  • He’s one of the only members of BigBang that can genuinely dance

Lee Seunghyun (Seungri):

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Position in group: Vocalist / Maknae

Birthday:   December 12th, 1990 (THE NEW ALBUM IS COMING OUT ON HIS BIRTHDAY OMFG)

Height: 5′9″ (176cm)

Weight: 132 pounds (60kg)

Social Media:

Instagram: seungriseyo

Get to know him:

  • He was so young when he joined BigBang that he didn’t know how to cook for himself
  • He made the other members cook for him until they made him learn himself
  • The other members still tease him about this to this day
  • He gets the most freaked out when the other members show too much affection to him
  • The other members show him the most affection just to screw with him
  • He’s a little shit (but we all love him anyway)
  • He sasses the members even though he’s the youngest
  • he calls his hyungs by their names like he’s an equal, even when they get mad at him for it
  • He’s sassy and blunt as hell
  • He gives a lot to charity though
  • like A LOT
  • also, he is the aegyo king
  • K I N G
  • He’s been in multiple dramas
  • Haru / Lights and shadows / Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo / A Message Send To You / and Angel eyes are the names of the dramas
  • He’s known for spontaneously breaking out into English songs while in concert and dancing to them (like Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ and Rihanna’s ‘Don’t stop the music’)
  • He’s extremely confident in himself as well as his hyungs
  • He is extremely close to his mother
  • literal sass king (his eye rolls doe)
  • he has said before that “even anti-fans are fans”
  • He loves his VIP’s with his entire soul, he loves us all so freaking much


  • Their fans are called VIP’s
  • They are one of the most widely successful kpop groups in the world
  • The members were each able to branch off into extremely successful solo pursuits
  • This included solo albums, musicals, TV’s, movies, etc.
  • They take a really long time to come out with new music because their schedules are so busy separately that it’s hard for them to get together
  • It’s so worth the wait though
  • They are all extremely close to one another
  • YG added Daesung and Seungri to BigBang before their debut because he felt that a 3 man group wasn’t enough

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A/N: @annyeongminyoongi I hope this helps you a little bit!! If you (or anyone) wants any more information on BigBang, just let me know!! I’m here for you~ Welcome to the VIP world!!

edit: Originally I thought that this post was a little long, but I added some more things to the list because I felt like I didn’t add enough information. There’s so much about them to tell! They’re truely amazing men

Different opinions, a.k.a. why (some) SC fans are out of line

Obviously, there are different fans in every fandom. We prefer different ships/charachters/storylines. In most of the tv shows, fandoms are pretty chill. There are different point of views, but we tell our opinion calmly, and the others listen or not and then continue to post about their ships (I’m gonna use ships as examples of different opinions to make it easier.)

But than, there are some tv shows, with fans, who have clearly chosen teams, and don’t try to be nice to the other team.

Our prime example is Supergirl. It has two bigger fandoms, Karamel and Supercorp shippers (and those who don’t care about either, obviously). Since I’m part of the Karamel fandom, I can see many tweets from both sides. One of the. praising Karamel and one of them praising Supercorp, and that’s fine. However, there’s a huge difference.

Many people will say what I write here is crap, cause I’m to close to the case. But what I’m about to say should be pretty clear to anyone: Karamel fandom (a.k.a. the club soda family, if I’m correct) is a much kinder fandom. While as I can see they (we) mostly post about them, or about the actors playing them, the SC fandom has something else they like to do: trashing Karamel, their fans and the actors.

I don’t like when they say bad thing about Karamel of course. As I see it, many of there reasons are forced and they also spread way more hate about are ship, than love about theirs. But anyway, I can deal with that. One thing way worse is when they attack the actors. Not being able to tell the difference between charachters and real people is something a 3 year old would do. I honestly can’t see how can someone possibly send hate to Chris because he plays someone they don’t like. I’m pretty sure they never see us trashing Lena or send hate to Katie. Mostly because we love Lena, and even if we wouldn’t we’d stay nice about it, but more importantly, because we know Katie is a real person with real feeling.

But there are one thing, that I think is the worst. When one fan personly attack an other because they have different opinion. In the past few days I have been told a monster, a homophobic, the devil himself. I get messages saying they hope I’m miserable, they despise me and they hate every single Karamel shippers. All I can say is seriously? Just because I have different thoughts I’m a monster? Would you say to rot in hell to a classmate of yours who ships Karamel? Can’t you realize you’re talking to a real person, who has feeling you’re deeply hurting because of a fictional tv show? How do you think I feel when you send me dead threats because I say they were cute in the last episode? Does is make you feel better? Powerful? Important? Does it actually worth it to hurt real people to prove your ship is better?

Of course, I know not every SC fans are like that, I’m sorry for generalizing. Also, I know there are people who hate Karamel but aren’t SC shippers. And what I said doesn’t apply to everybody.

I guess what I want to say is to chill for a second, a minute, an hours, a day and think about it: does it worth it?