when fans attack

I’d like to add, in light of recent conversations going around Tumblr, that is it perfectly all right to blog about what you don’t like. If you don’t understand a ship, or a character, or a show, and you want to post about it, feel free. Because in the end, it’s your blog and you can post whatever you want. 


Don’t tag it. Don’t tag your anti-ship stuff with the ship name. Don’t tag your character hate with the character name. Tag it anti ~ship~ or ~character~ hate. Let people who like the thing like it. 

And people who like something–as long as those who don’t aren’t being mean about it, leave them alone. This goes for morally grey characters, too. If you’re fascinated by their complexity, that’s cool. But if other fans of the show or movie or book find them less redeemable than you do… that doesn’t mean they don’t understand the character, or that they need to read the books again. It means they view the character differently than you do, and that needs to be okay. 

Rubeus Hagrid, Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts, 1944 (After his expulsion from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry)

A young Hagrid for an art trade with bloodyhellharry. Here’s Hagrid in his apprentice groundskeeper years stumbling upon a dying acromantula in the forbidden forest and hoping like hell it’s not Aragog. 

Friendly reminder than Connie made it into the top 10.

Friendly reminder that Connie felt betrayed when he found how Reiner and Bert were the titans that destroyed the wall.

Friendly reminder that Bert and Reiner were Connie’s best friends.

Friendly reminder that Connie lost his whole village and his mom.

Friendly reminder that Connie immediately defended Armin when Ymir called him useless.

Friendly reminder that Connie isn’t just comic relief. 

how the fuck can you actually defend zayn? after all the shit he put perrie through, all the cheating, never defending her when his fans attacked her on social media, never promoting her successes or properly appreciating her when she literally stuck by him through everything she was there when he cheated multiple times she was there when he left the fucking band in the middle of a tour and a cheating scandal she was there for him every fucking step of the way and he ended it without notice through a fucking text message when she was on a press tour for her own accomplishments and then was petty about it on social media 

but he’s the victim because she wrote a song about it? saying how she’s better? and over it? he spent the majority of the start of his relationship with gigi throwing it in the media’s face and she couldn’t get a headline about her own success without the mention of said new relationship being put first

yall are the ones talking about how being mentally ill doesn’t give you a free pass to treat others like shit and yet yall are the ones that are going straight up zayn’s ass petting him from the inside saying it’s wrong that perrie’s band came out with a new song about getting over a shitty breakup 


A random fan grabs Raven by his hair and pulls him out of the ring in the middle of a promo for his upcoming match with DDP for the US Title. The attack barely phases Raven and he climbs back in the ring and finishes the segment. Just awesome. Raven is one of the greatest. A true master of the promo, imo.

The Chilling Effect: Upon Criticism for Disney's Frozen

OK, followers, I am sick and tired of people whining and complaining about others ‘obsessing’ over the flaws in Frozen and telling them to just 'shut up and enjoy the movie.’


No, why don’t you shut the fuck up?

  1. You cannot 'make’ somebody enjoy anything. It is somebody’s right to not like something, even for the most trivial bullshit reason imaginable. You are not wiser, smarter, or better than them for somehow being able to dismiss something that other people don’t like. Fuck off and let them not like something. Do you want a medal for the amazing talent of literally not thinking too hard about something? Because people who are critical and do think about it don’t get medals either.
  2. Chances are, the people who are irritated actually enjoyed the movie.But seeing flaws in anything that we enjoy takes away from the experience and may stand out to us, disappoint us, break our suspension of disbelief. People always have a right to criticize something that stood out as lazy or sloppy to them, or a social issue that won’t let them personally enjoy the movie as much as you did.

Because these two things are true, we then have to ask why there are people who are freaking out and crying and making passive-aggressive shitty posts that some people on the internet dared to not have the same experience watching a movie they personally enjoyed.

It’s because when you like something, and somebody else didn’t, that other person is seen as a threat to your enjoyment even when they’re not.

We want to never feel guilty for liking the things we like, we don’t want to hear the things we like be called bad or worse than other things, because it reflects on us personally- do we have bad taste? Are we wrong for liking something? Are we stupid and just aren’t able to see problems that they did?

The answer to all of these things is no, of course! But these are things that almost nobody is really saying to us, these are things we project upon people who never actually expressed these things at all because we personally may be insecure.

We are tilting at windmills.

This bullshit backlash against legitimate criticism, framing it as 'just losers who can’t enjoy things’ when that’s clearly not true, when that’s clearly a projection upon others, a straw-man that doesn’t exist, hurts our ability to think critically.

It discourages others from expressing their opinions, creates a chilling effect that pro-actively encourages those with ideas that aren’t 'I unflinchingly enjoy things in their entirety’ that they are bad and stupid and shouldn’t have opinions.

We are tilting at windmills and mowing down real people in the way.

Just eat your Disney and be happy, I am sick of your preemptive assault on people who aren’t even trying to jeopardize your enjoyment anyway.

Not ALL Sherlock fans are fucking nuts.

I’ve been seeing a lot of reports tonight on tumblr and I have to say I am not happy.  Because of a combination of Mary Morstan hate and something that was said on Twitter, there have been death threats and hate mail directed at Martin Freeman’s partner, Amanda Abbington.

Death threats?

To which I say…

What the fuck is wrong with you?

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‘Breaking Bad’ Fans Crashed Aaron Paul’s Wedding

Lauren Parsekian and Aaron Paul (Photo: Getty Images)

As an artist, it is, no doubt, a wonderful feeling to have people connect with your craft in the way that fans did with Breaking Bad. There is, however, a dark side to that devotion, one which Aaron Paul became all too familiar with on the day of his wedding.

Paul married Lauren Parsekian on May 26, 2013, during the break between parts one and two of Breaking Bad’s final season. The couple had a Parisian carnival-themed wedding in Malibu. There were mimes, stilt walkers, and several total strangers who, in the French tradition, were there to do more than eat cake.

“We had three people crash our wedding; we didn’t know it happened until we started looking through photos of our wedding and we saw these three strangers,” Paul revealed during a stop by The Late Late Show With James Corden on Monday night. “We had a 1920s Parisian carnival wedding and these people were just in basic wedding attire, and they just stood out like a sore thumb.”

Said strangers weren’t wearing Breaking Bad’s trademark hazmat suits either, so there’s really no way to know for sure that they were because of their love for Breaking Bad. Perhaps they were really big fans of Big Love. But we can assume.

“This one girl almost caught Lauren’s bouquet,” Paul said. “She dove for it — violently dove. You could tell on her face that she was going to get it. But she didn’t get it, she was close.”

Paul added that he still doesn’t know who the wedding crashers were, and that they’ve never reached out to him. But girls, if you’re reading this, keep it that way lest you’d like to be served with a restraining order.


=> Ignore the asshole who left that comment and the three people who “liked” it, and watch the hilarious new ShibSibs vlog here: (x)

: Hilarious new short skit featuring Yuzuru Hanyu, Takahiko Kozuka, Narumi Takahashi, and Ryuchi Kihara. Also, Vlog with very brief cameos of some of the cast members of SOI Japan, including the adorable Nobunari Oda, Mao Asada, and Javier Fernandez!

ETA: The comment has been removed. :)

I'm inclined to be believe that 90% of the people who comment on Adelina's instagram pictures nowadays are complete idiots.

doesn’t matter what you think of her skating—you all need to go on a nice trip out somewhere, take a hike and go find yourselves.

if I wanted to read an essay with a 500-character limit, I’d proofread some personal statements. At least those would be far more interesting.