when everything is lonely

Music Asks!
  • 1: Favorite band?
  • 2: Favorite song?
  • 3: What's a band/artist you loved as a child but can barely listen to now?
  • 4: Did you ever see a band/artist live?
  • 5: Are you going to any gigs soon?
  • 6: Ever been to a festival?
  • 8: A song with a number in the title?
  • 9: A song that gets you through shit?
  • 10: A good song for long bus rides?
  • 11: A song you'd have sex to?
  • 12: A song to shut everything out?
  • 13: A song for when you're lonely?
  • 14: A song that's become a joke between you and your friends?
  • 15: A song to jam out to at 4AM?
  • 16: An album you could listen to for days on end?
  • 17: A song that punches you in the gut every single time?
  • 18: A song for when you're crazy angry?
  • 19: If you had to pick one song to represent what you're feeling right now, what would it be?
  • 20: A song that calms you down?
  • 21: A song that makes you feel alive?
  • 22: A band with an insane fandom?
  • 23: What are some lyrics you love to pieces?
  • 24: Would you ever get any song lyrics tattooed? If so which ones?
  • 25: What's a band/artist you'd addict your children to from an early age?
  • 26: A vocalist you love?
  • 27: Has a band/artist ever inspired you to do something?
  • 28: A band/artist you love but no longer exists?
  • 29: What was your favorite band/artist when you were 12?
  • 30: A band/artist you can't stand?
  • 31: What's your favorite genre?
  • 32: Can you play any instruments?
  • 33: Do you sing?
  • 34: If you could be a member of any band for one show, who would it be?
  • 35: Do you have a favorite piece of merch?
  • 36: What's the first album you ever bought with your own money?
  • 37: Do you prefer buying physical copies of albums or do you download them on the internet?
  • 38: CDs or vinyls?
  • 39: Do you play your music out loud or with headphones?
  • 40: A band/artist a friend showed you?
  • 41: A song that gives you the chills?
  • 42: A song to play at your funeral?
  • 43: A band/artist with amazing an instrumental but really bad lyrics?
  • 44: A love song?
  • 45: A song you love to sing to yourself?
  • 46: What do you listen to when you go for a run?
  • 47: A song that represents a deserted city at night?
  • 48: A wild song?
  • 49: An upbeat song with grim lyrics?
  • 50: What are some song titles you love?
  • 51: If your life ended today, what song would you chose to represent it?
  • 52: Can you give me a 5 song playlist on ___?
  • 53: Do you listen to instrumental music?
  • 54: Weirdest band/artist you know of?
  • 55: A song about drugs?
  • 56: A heart-wrenching song?
  • 57: A band/artist you're proud of?
  • 58: A band/artist who's music could bring you back from the dead?
  • 59: A band/artist with a sick aesthetic?
  • 60: A song that has a lot of meaning to you?
In bright white snow, when everything sleeps.  And hope has left you lonely.  When all you ever remember about summer is how it ended.  I send hope back to you, wherever you are.  I hope you remember all the people you still have time to be.  I hope the little things in your life inspire you to do big things with it.  I hope you remember that summer comes every year and that the sun, is still sweet.  I hope you learn to hope again.
—  I Wrote This For You (Ian Thomas)
Sometimes I feel so– I don’t know– lonely. The kind of helpless feeling when everything you’re used to has been ripped away. Like there’s no more gravity, and I’m left to drift in outer space with no idea where I’m going’
Like a little lost Sputnik?’
I guess so.
—  Sputnik Sweetheart, Haruki Murakami

Queen was the star attraction for 470.000 fans at the rock festival Rock in Rio, Brazil.

“It was awe-inspiring and mind-boggling to be up there with all those people in the palm of your hand.” says Freddie. “But the other side of the coin is that. though was surrounded by masses of people who love me, I must have been the loneliest person there. Can you imagine how terrible it is when you’ve got everything and you’re still desperately lonely? That is awful beyond words.

"I don’t want people to think, poor old Freddie, because I can deal with it. But I’m so powerful on stage that I seem to have created a monster. When I’m performing, I’m an extrovert yet inside I’m a completely different man.

A Silent Hell.

It’s been three years since the end of the world.

I don’t remember the last time I really talked to another person… It gets lonely out here sometimes.

When everything first started, it was just my sister Ava and me barely scraping by. It’s funny how quickly humans make bad situations worse. We learned early on to avoid other people. Sometimes they are like you. Just trying to stay alive in this hell, but it’s not worth the few times we were almost killed for our food or simply for Ava.

Despite the circumstances, life was good with Ava. We understood each other on a level that required almost no communication. Food, water, shelter. Never stay in one place. These were the only things that mattered anymore, so talking lost its usefulness.

I still don’t know what happened to her.

I remember falling out a two story window and hitting my head, while trying to escape a house we got cornered in. But when I woke up, she was gone.

I’ve tried to pretend she isn’t dead, but it’s a lie I can’t keep up with.

Since then I’ve met a few groups here and there, but nobody I’ve stuck with for very long. I guess it was long enough into the apocalypse that the murderers and rapist had all killed each other, because I haven’t seen any since Ava left.

The group I’m in now is just like the rest, not too big, but always changing. People come and go. Faces change. It doesn’t really matter… I don’t even know any of their names. We all know it’s pointless to connect. We’ve all lost Avas…

Today my group found a locked up farmhouse we managed to break into. We all split up without so much as a look to see if we could find any unspoiled food. I took upstairs, wondering if I maybe just fell out of a window again, I could end this Hell once and for all. I walked around to the master bedroom which had the biggest window. I could feel the light summer breeze on my face as I looked out over the old farm. The air felt so nice, as if telling me it was okay to jump; to finally rest.

That’s when I realized I wasn’t alone.

With the voice of someone who hadn’t spoke in years I heard my name:

“Jer… Jeremy?”

I whipped around, still recognizing the rusty voice of my sister.

She was holding a baseball bat defensively, in the corner of the room. Her eyes began to swell with tears as she let her weapon fall to the ground.

“Jeremy… I’m so sorry…”

I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“…I wish things had happened differently…”

I felt like sobbing.

“We should’ve been more careful…”

I just wanted to die.

“I’m too tired… I just want to rest…”

I watched her eyes close.

“I love you Jeremy…”

My mind shattered as I sunk my rotting teeth into her delicious flesh.


Requested: Can I request when wake them up in the night because you are having a panic attack? I have been getting the frequently. DX


A/N: First of all I know it’s not finished in a way that it’s only Tae but meanwhile making these texts I went through a very rough time and now I’m just unable to continue them. I am sorry.

On the other hand, please go to an adult with your panic attacks, or literally anyone you trust, you can even come to me I’ll be so glad to help you because they are not good.

And I’d like to get the chance to tell me followers that ANY OF YOU can come to me whenever you need someone. I’ve been there when everything just seems dark and you feel lonely and I swear it gets better if you have someone by your side. My ask box is open 24/7 you can even stay anonymous if you don’t feel brave enough to tell me who you are. You can also message me. I will answer you as fast as i can.

All of you, stay safe.

he just!!!! wants to be with john!!! all the time!!! romantically but also like just to hang out!! he wants to talk to him about everything!! hes lonely when john’s not around! he wants to hold him and touch their faces and hands together and see his smile

Sometimes I feel so - I don’t know - lonely. The kind of helpless feeling when everything you’re used to has been ripped away. Like there’s no more gravity, and I’m left to drift in outer space. With no idea where I’m headed.
—  Sumire, “Sputnik Sweetheart” [Haruki Murakami]

Also: if u ever think I’m an over-reacting crybaby bitch who gets rlly upset over nothing and has a thin skin:

U are right, pal, 100%.

“Massive crybaby” was a part of my personality before dysphoria and depression basically turned me into a robot at 11 or so, and now that dysphoria and depression are lessening, I am once again a massive crybaby.

I literally had to fight not to cry when a lady in my art class told me she didn’t want my opinion on smthing after she explicitly asked for it. I feel bad when I see stuffed animals that look “lonely”. Everything frustrates me.

Soft-hearted, emotional special-snowflake crew represent.