when everyone was who's these guys

Thank you, each and every one.

Guys, today on this day. A day i thought would be trully the end of me, happened something so beautifull. So magical, that i simply had too make an answer. Too each and every one of you, that have came up and spoke out, sended an ask, drawing, a little word of support. I thank you all.

But i think i cant cut it just here with a simple thank you. So too make you understand what happened.

My mom went through a painfull operation of her knee today. She was unable too walk, and as such i am on a permanent 24/7 carry/bring/help/clean duty + taking care of the house and all of our problems with living (but is cool, its just a small apartment ! xD). This situation would be okay, if there werent a few highlights of this day that made me nearly loose my mind.

My mother fell unconscious three times today, and while doing that, she hurt her knee really badly, which spiked the pain too a high level. Carrying her two stocks isnt that much of a problem, but making sure not too hurt her even more and keeping her conscious was a challenge.

When finally i managed too take care of this little problem, we found out that the painkiller drops that my mom got from the doctor got lost. Three hours was i running around the city (not many doctors or pharmacies work here on saturday) too get her the medications she se desperately needed, for the current medications were straining her body and a wrong type of meds would only hurt her even more. It went so far, i had too literally charge my way through too the parts of the hospital that were signed as urgent. There i found a kind doctor who heard me out and trusted me enough too prescribe some medications that would work.

Not minding the madness on the road and nearly having a crash two times (only nearly, puberty and cars dont mix - sadly peeps dont understan it oftenly), and getting the meds, i returned back too take care of my mother. Icing, carrying too the toilet, keeping check of her meds and temperature…it was a interesting day.

Two times i got into a really bad nervous strike, but whenever i had a moment i came too tumblr, too check on everything and just…i just saw something that made all the stress go away.

I saw you guys. I read each ask. I read what you wrote too me messages. I saw your drawings.

Now i know i cant possibly message each and everyone one of you. But i can say something else.

Guys, each one of you, is a hero of itself. For me you guys are. Milei, my love, the person of my heart, Keru, the awesome bro that always looks out for me, Thane, Azy, Neofox (i missed you so much monna mi !), all of you guys.

All of you. You are my heroes. And you were my heroes when i needed it the most. Thank you all. Today, on this day, each of you made an action that made one guy, who was depressed, sad and tired, happy enough too give it his all.

And i adore what you were able too do for me. Thank you all. But also dont forget too thank yourselves, for without you, this would have been a much darker day. Thank you guys, for creating my sun.

Creek Headcanon #5

Craig is only romantic in private, but he doesn’t mind holding hands in public or a quick kiss before class. He still tries to keep up his “apathetic guy” image, which is hard when you have a boyfriend who constantly showers you with affection at any given moment.

Tweek on the other hand isn’t obnoxious with his PDA, but he isn’t afraid to show everyone his love for Craig. Like he won’t start making out with Craig in public, but he will use cutesy pet names or tell people how great Craig is.

One more chapter and then the reader is home free. I really hope you guys like the new OC. Any of you who’ve played Dragon Age will know the character he is based upon as Zevran Arainai; dashing, charming, and oh-so-lovely. Enjoy, everyone!

Prompt[s]:  Aaaahhhhh I can’t wait to find out what Loki will do when she doesn’t come home, and who the person in the next cell is

Shit it would be me that tried to be nice but gets arrested instead. My dumb ass 😂😂

Yay! New friends!!

‘The Tower’ (Part 24)

All Chapters // Part 23

Conversation quickly picked up between yourself and the faceless voice in the darkness. Not only was the man amusing and quick-witted, he also was compassionate and attentive, offering condolences for your mother’s passing.

You’d ascertained that his name was Fenrien.

“You shouldn’t feel guilty for their deaths,” Fenrien said warmly. “If anybody else had been in your predicament, they’d have shot those thieves a second time for good measure and left their corpses to hang, with half the tarnish on their conscience.”
“I took a life, Fenrien. Worse still, I took two.” You sighed, realising suddenly how much you’d lamented to a stranger. “I cannot ever be proud of that or feel good about it. I just can’t.”
“A noble attitude, but that was not what I meant. You shouldn’t try to feel good about such things. You should aim only for peace. You protected your mother’s funeral from defamation, and that’s all that matters. Make your peace with it.”

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oreasa  asked:

Lot & DW, go.

(Ray makes mandatory DW nights on the ship for everyone to watch)

Rip dresses as Rory Williams. The resemblance is eerie.

Ray dresses up as Eleven because they’re both happy puppies.

Sara dresses as the immortal bisexual badass that is Clara Oswald.

Martin goes as Wilf.

Jax goes as Mickey Smith when Mickey gets super badass.

Amaya dresses as Martha Jones.

Mick and Len don’t care and they both go as Nine.

Nate dresses as that guy Tom who was Martha’s fiance for a few episodes.

Also Malcolm shows up dressed as Captain Jack.

stopped watching van helsing lmao got too annoying

like none of the characters make any thoughtful decisions its so???? HRRNNNNNGH 

like why does everyone think the vampire who was cured and turned back into a human is totally guilty of all of his murders?? surely given the way the vampires act, most would it consider it either a disease or literal possession since everyone acts TOTALLY different than their human selves and maybe, i dont know, NOT blame the guy for the things he did when he was a vampire??

AND WHY is no one totally excited by the fact that the main character’s blood TURNS VAMPIRES BACK INTO HUMANS?!?!? isnt that the best news they could hope for?! does no one have a loved one who was turned and is missing???

instead everyone is angry and distrustful all the goddamn time and never views seemingly good events as good and its so AAAAAA

even the main character who seems like she’s supposed to be compassionate is only compassionate sometimes and angry/distrustful the other time in a very, frankly, inconsistent way. it makes her not very likable cuz its like… why are u nice when it inconvenient to the plot/goal lol and when there’s downtime to be nice u seem to not care…..

ANYWAYS not watching anymore it was too frustrating lol

anonymous asked:

Uuuugghh. I hate going to school bc Im not out so everyone misgenders me and also there are some gross people there who are gross transphobes yuck. And some of the girls who seem nice and cool are also like “I hate boys so much lol!! Men should go die!!” and sometimes when I do/talk about boy-ish things this one guy goes like “wow its so cool to see a GIRL that likes this cool stuff! I never see GIRLS like this!” and I want to be like “thats because Im not one you frick” but I cant ugh.

Ugh I’m so sorry. But I have faith in you, you can get through being there 💙 -Matt

I hate Raven

Hey so I’m a bit intoxicated at the time of making this post, so I might not be thinking right, but honstly fuck Raven. Like she’s here and peopel are like “Ooh step on me mistress” and I’m partial to being stepped on myself but like Raven is a shitty person? or Am i the only one who thinks this? 

Shes there being a merry old bandit and the fate of the world is at stake or something. Y’know back in Vol.4 WHEN SHE WAS TALKING TO qROW AND SAID “tO WHICH WE ARE YOU REFERING TO?” Everyone, dumbass. Everyone.

Andshe abandoned Yang. Now I know you  guys can say “Oh she wasnt ready to be a mammy or taiYangs a binch” and I can understand that to an extent, I really can. But she ran off to be a criminal who has caused the destruction of whole towns. Remember when Team RNJR came across that town and the injured guy said they were attacked by bandits that then left them defenseless against the Grimm? Yeah your Mommy has slaughtered many many people.

And y’all like “Ah yes step on me” but the bihct is stepping on WEISS? Who has been through all that shit she’s been through only to be kicked in the head by this stupid, one-note, cruel, greedy asshole. Fuck Raven.

and dont Even make Me think about Alan or whatever.

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Hide first and regroup your shit and try to get over the panic of being caught. Deny everything that isn’t already clearly proven. When everyone knows you are a perp, start to downplay how bad your shit actually was. Try to find friends who will vouch for what a great guy you are or make some appearances with people that everyone likes. When you feel like the issue is sanitized enough or you can’t deny it anymore because the proof is clear, finally admit to the thing but say you are a human being and you make mistakes. Make them feel bad for even mentioning that you did something wrong. This is all a minor concession to make for the bigger thing you are hiding that hasn’t come to the surface yet.

The Winners!

Hello guys! The contest is over for now, the winners are:

thievesanddevils.tumblr.com will get one full colour commission

thelazygeek,tumblr.com will get one greyscale digital commission. 

The winners have 2 days to contact me back, or contact me if I do not hear from them another name will be pulled.

Thank you everyone who entered! I appreciate all the reblogs and shares! Keep your eyes peeled as I will potentially run another closer to the holidays or when I reach 400 watchers whichever comes first!

Hey y'all… it’s 3AM and my boyfriend is trying to sleep cause he’s going to a Solange concert tomorrow but like… I been looking through my old posts and I remembered how my blog used to be like a diary and how people interacted with me when I felt super lonely and depressed…

If any of you who read this has stuck with me that long… thank you so much because you guys thought I was funny and nice and decent looking when I didn’t believe it myself

Truly I wouldn’t the person I am today if it weren’t for Tumblr and everyone who has reached out to me on here

I had a wonderful spoopy night ! 😍💜

The scream factory was amazing, they even did the part where the executioners put the bag over your head. I was screaming and my throat is so sore today but I loved every moment. The actors in masks/makeup with deadly looking weaponry was almost too much. People go there to get scared but as my friend put it, “Lani goes there for her kicks!”.

My favourite part were the evil hillbilly guys, one of them grabbed me and said, “ THIS ONES STAYIN ERE WITH ME!!” 😂😂

Also we were put with the best group, everyone was so into it and even gave a shit when me and my friend got lost and turned up again. During the brief period my friend and i were left alone with the zombies running away we bumped into a clown guy who chased us down a room where the floor wasn’t level, I fucking fell into the mud and clown guy just dgaf. Kept torturing me anyway 😂

At the end these guys dressed in plague doctor outfits chased us with a chainsaw. You’re obviously not allowed to use phones so I’ve no pics. What a shame though, I just know damn well my fellow kinkers would’ve had a field day seeing them 😍💜

Best Comedic Moments of IT (2017)
  • “Best feeling ever!” “Really? Try tickling your pickle for the first time”
  • New kid on the block Ben listening to New Kids on the Block (And making references to their songs and hanging up a poster that he tries to hide)
  • Bill trying to come up with a lie to Eddie’s mom about where they’re going and he goes “I got a new uhhhhh” and then Richie jumps in “A new croquet set!" 
  • Eddie going to kiss his mom goodbye and Richie going "Do you want one from me too Mrs. K?” as Eddie pushes him out the door
  • Pennywise calling Ben “Egg boy”
  • When they found Betty Ripson’s shoe in the sewers and Richie goes “How do you think Betty feels? Running around these tunnels with only one freaking shoe” while hopping up and down with one foot in the air 
  • “It’s in my second fanny pack” “Why do you have two fanny packs?!" 
  • When Eddie is dressing Ben’s cuts from Henry and Richie goes "You have to suck the wound before you apply the bandage, this is 101!” and Eddie just flat out replies “You don’t know what you’re talking about”
  • “The list is longer than my wang!” “That’s not saying much” Stan freaking roasting Richie 
  • The beautiful aesthetic shot of Bev jumping off the cliff with this soft pretty music playing in the background as Richie screams “WHAT THE FUCK”
  • Ben asking if they want to see more of his research about the missing kids and the history of Derry and Eddie violently shaking his head 
  • “Derry started as a beaver trapping camp” “Still is AM I RIGHT BOYS?” Richie going for a high five and getting REJECTED 
  • When Richie is put on lookout outside Bev’s apartment and asks “What if her dad comes back?” and Stan is just DONE and goes “Do what you always do: Start talking!" 
  • "Trash the trashmouth!" 
  • "The sink went all Eddie’s mom’s vagina”
  • When they’re all talking about their experiences with IT and Richie goes “Wait can only virgins see this stuff? Is that why I’m not seeing this shit?" 
  • When the losers saw Mike’s bike and all ran to help immediately and Stan took the extra three seconds to kick his bike stand down 
  • Richie yelling "ROCK WAR” and immediately getting hit in the face 
  • Richie trying to steal and play the horn from the marching band guy in the background during a serious scene 
  • “I saw a leper…… It was like a walking infection”
  • When Stan brings up the woman that IT transformed into for him and Richie just goes “Is she hot?”
  • When Bill asked who wants to stay out of Neibolt House to keep watch and everyone raised their hands (“Fuck” -Richie) 
  • “Can’t believe I pulled the short straw. You guys are lucky we’re not measuring dicks" 
  • Pennywise saying "Beep beep Richie” immediately before attacking him 
  • 3 doors labeled “Very scary” “Scary” and “Not scary at all” with Bill and Richie looking directly at each other before running to “Not scary at all”
  • After Eddie broke his arm and Richie went “I’m gonna snap it back into place!” and Eddie just yelled “Do not fucking touch me!”
  • “Who invited Molly Ringwald?”
  • When Richie yelled that Ben was leaking Hamburger Helper
  • “See that guy I’m hitting? I’m pretending it’s you” Richie while playing the arcade game when Bill came to talk to him after their fight 
  • When Eddie went to confront his mom about his meds being placebos “THEY’RE GAZEBOS! THEY’RE BULLSHIT!”
  • Richie trying to break the bottle against the railing so he has a weapon but then the entire thing just shattered
  • Pennywise’s weirdass dance 
  • “And now I’m gonna have to kill this fucking clown!” END MY LIFE BEST MOMENT OF THE MOVIE
  • “I know what I’m doing for my summer experience essay” Richie right after the final confrontation with IT
Accurate first impressions of Kpop groups
  • <p> <b>Super Junior:</b> "so many members??? so many sub-groups/units??? suju is literally every other kpop groups' dads. been in the game for so long and still run kpop. Trendsetters. Legendary. all of them are MCs. Why aren't they running SM by themselves???"<p/><b>BigBang:</b> "badass!! cars!!! sad?? emo??? party!!!! every group looks up to them and admires them.....your fave's faves. weird dancing(?) but they're always lit. it's always a bigbang concert whenever they perform. why is that one guy so tall? that one guy is popular in Japan!!! the difference between Jiyong & G-dragon is scary."<p/><b>SHINee:</b> "it feels like everyone has solo projects and they probably get together only for Christmas or to get turnt up. are they Japanese?? i think those 2 short guys are dating idk. wtf why is he called tofu....why is he called bling bling.......WTF IS A DIBIDIBIDIBI-"<p/><b>Infinite:</b> "wow they dance so in sync w/ each other. probably heard their catchy af songs before really diving into the fandom. created the scorpion dance, how epic. they just seem so real?? like they're brothers??? is that one a girl or a boy??<p/><b>VIXX:</b> "so tall. so violent. so shippable w/ everyone. pretty sure they have a confirmed gay sub-unit?? their maknae likes to bully them. jellyfish doesn't deserve them. so.....they're vampires, voodoo dolls, 8 year old kids, video game characters, Greek gods....what can't this group do????"<p/><b>BTOB:</b> "everyone knows about their reputation, they're wild af. hella tiny compared to normal human beings. i was blinded when looking @ that guy's smile he's an angel sent from heaven. their songs either make you wanna cry into your pillow or join a high school musical is2g."<p/><b>EXO:</b> "they seem kinda scary/intimidating bc SM won't let them fangirl. everyone's an exo fangirl and fanboy on the inside. iM crEEPin iN Ur HeARt BAbE. they literally glow on stage??? are they still wolves???? do they still have superpowers??? who is Chinese and who is Korean??? i thought there were 12....."<p/><b>B.A.P:</b> "so are they best absolute perfect or are they called rice? weird aliens/rabbits is a concept i never knew i needed. they sued their company together but there's always one guy who kills them all? why??? everyone who talks about b.a.p wants to skydive i'm so confused. so is that hot guy w/ the deep ass voice actually their grandfather??"<p/><b>Got7:</b> "so many different races in 1 group i'm living. bruh their dorms must be so wild, how are they raising a dog??? rapline is kinda weak........they could still get it tho. all of them have such vibrant personalities MUST. RESIST. STANNING. their second name is dab7? i don't know them."<p/><b>Seventeen:</b> "ok joke's on us, we all thought we couldn't remember exo's names but shitballs, seventeen exists. wow they seem so fun to be around, i want to be their friend. their leader must have approximately 8.9 breakdowns everyday. how are they always so happy??? they're legit stranded on an island ffs. dino is 100% their real baby."<p/><b>Monsta X:</b> "so THAT'S the member that everyone loves bc he's such a meme. do they always remix their songs when performing??? they're so lit???? i'm still confused as to why this group doesn't have a first win. came to check them out bc of got7 and wasn't disappointed."<p/><b>Day6:</b> "lmao that famous guy from twitter is in a kpop group???? why does it feel like JYP is just letting them run around the company and do whatever they want at this point....does JYP even know they exist?? their songs make you wanna hit up your nonexistent ex *jams sadly*. who's bob???"<p/><b>iKon:</b> "they shouldn't be the next bigbang or the next anything, they're low-key doing amazing already. bad first impressions always turn into good ones when yall take the time to know them. they literally have their own anthem??? what's a visual i only know ikon."<p/><b>NCT:</b> "there SM goes again, tempting us w/ new groups but depriving us of comebacks. how is taeyong supposed to hold the fort down when he has 40 kids he hasn't even met yet?? they're exo's biggest fanboys, everyone needs to stan them asap. if they didn't look and sound so good, i'd sue SM for dressing them like they're homeless. the dreamies are so spoiled by the hyungs and their company. MY CHILDREN????"<p/></p>
i dont know what a gluten is and at this point im afraid to ask

i don’t understand why a lot of fans write jungkook and yoongi as bad boys when they’re actually huge fluffballs

I know many of you may be upset about not getting invited to a SS, especially if you live around the area Taylor is doing it at. I genuinely feel your pain because I’ve been there too! I’ve watched my friends meet Taylor countless amounts of times and as much as I wanted to be happy for them I was still jealous obviously (just never turned my jealousy into hatred) but…. I waited my turn. I was patient and I told myself that my time will come and if I spread happiness and kindness in the world it will come back to me. And guess what? I got a message from Taylor Nation during Taylor’s 1989 tour asking if I wanted to meet Taylor! 

So a reminder that it is okay to be upset, I totally understand. But Taylor is doing the best she can to meet you. And if I dare read one of your posts saying “Taylor doesn’t want to meet me” OF COURSE SHE DOES! You’re a fan of hers and she appreciates you so much. She even told me when she met me she tries her hardest to find everyone, despite how busy she is. (come on she watches our livestreams when she’s in meetings!!!!) 

Please don’t give up hope, this post was made to remind you to be patient and keep up your hope because Taylor will meet you one day and she’ll tell you how much she loves you and how much you love her, and good things come to those who wait. 

How to Make Your Villain Domestic but Still Evil

It’s the oxymoron that attracts us. Billowing black cape, terrifying worldviews, a willingness to make the streets run red with blood – and you know what would be hilarious? Them trying and failing to make morning pancakes. You know what would really hit us in the feels? Watching them show tenderness around a special someone.

Having a villain with a domestic side is lassoing a black hole, and it’s a tantalizing thing to watch. However, anyone who’s indulged in these daydreams with their own villains has probably encountered one very specific issue: it makes them less evil. They lose their edge.

For example, look at Crowley from CW’s Supernatural. This was a guy to be feared at one point; arriving out of nowhere at unexpected times, always playing both sides of the conflict, and you could be certain he would skin anyone necessary to get what he wanted – usually without getting a single drop of blood on his impeccable suit.

Flash forward to recent seasons, and we’ve seen Crowley cry and whimper more times than Dean has died –which is saying something. At first, it was fascinating to discover this powerful character actually had a tender side; and now, when Crowley makes a threat, we’re about as afraid as when any low-level demon makes one. This is because his evil was too compromised. He let himself go.

How can we avoid this mistake with our villains? The answer isn’t making them crush puppies and hate butterflies at every turn; it’s in balancing their core scariness with their softer side – giving them complexity, giving us a bit of “aww,” and making their eventual whiplash back into ‘terrifying’ all the more wonderful.

For this, we’re going to use Epic of Lilith by Ivars Ozols as an example. This book centers on arguably the original female villain – Lilith, the first woman of the Garden of Eden, who got on the “good guys’” bad side by refusing to submit to someone who was clearly her equal. There won’t be any spoilers below, but if you give the book a read (it’s an easy page turner), the points will be driven home stronger.

Plus it’s a book with a great female villain who isn’t objectified (don’t let the cover fool you, seriously) and prose that isn’t full of sexual over- or undertones. Talk about a win, eh?

Here we go.    

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Let me just make you an exhaustive list of why I love this video:

-it was spontaneous
-it’s one of my favorite classic rock songs
-robbie and his boys
-starts out with jensen teasing jared’s tendency to drop microphones
-speight being helpful with the microphone
-rob setting everything up carefully
-just rob and speight being awesome kings of con in general
-the audience’s support from the very beginning to the end
-jensen’s voice (better than most real versions of songs)
-rob’s voice (loved him since “eskimo”)
-robbie and jensen knowing how to sing together
-huddle of dude friends supporting jared’s first time playing
-jared’s legendary bravery
-just jared, in general
-jensen altering the “america” lyric for the audience of australians
-jensen’s rockstar-quality passion
-speight’s “everybody!” to get the audience involved
-the clapping, which jensen always encourages
-the audience singing and making it sound even better
-jared’s smile when jensen jumps up
-jensen adding “that’s where we killed ‘em” to the lyric about vampires (he might be confusing himself with his character…again)
-the a capella part
-jensen watching jared play
-someone yelling “yeah jared!” and making him smile
-jared’s “you know the words” to the audience
-all the guys hugging jared at the end
-jared kissing rob
-the fist bump
-jensen being an actual big brother and grinning proudly for jared
-the standing ovation, which big bro ackles also encouraged
-jared’s modest “i am surrounded by some talented people”
-jared’s forever blowing kisses at everyone who catches his eye in the audience
-jensen’s gracious farewell
-“wayward son” blasting at the end
-how it was basically just an enormous family singing a pretty song together
-bonus: jared’s jeans are really cool

Okay, but I can’t stop thinking about Eddie and Richie in university. 

So it’s a few years later after Pennywise and the Loser Club have carried on with their lives, real life doesn’t stop for anyone ya know, paranormal clown killers or not. And for real-life reasons, everyone goes to different universities in and out of the state. 

For this reason, of course, Eddie makes new friends, who are a little surprised at first when he reveals he’s taken as he’s flirted with at a party one night. It becomes a game among these friends to imagine what this guy significant other would be like. Obviously, she would be some girl with straight A’s and neatly parted hair who wears summer dresses and probably wears glasses - the stereotypical image of a good Christian girl. 

One afternoon Eddie had mentioned his ‘significant other’ was coming to visit and they all took this as the opportunity to finally see this put-together, pure, Puritan girl. 

So you can imagine their shock when a boy, with straggly black hair to his jaw, covered in freckles and moles, wearing a faded (only slightly stained) Nirvana shirt and ripped jeans clambers out of an old pickup truck with a shout of, “EDS MOTHERFUCKING KASPBRAK, HAVE I MISSED YOU!” 

Maybe this boy was just his friend? Maybe he was just dropping her off as well? Would Eddie Kaspbrak, the boy who starts his essay’s the night he gets them, goes to every morning lecture and who is never seen without brushed hair, trouser pleats and a pressed shirt be with the guy with the massive smudged glasses and broken converse?

But then Eddie doesn’t answer him, just kisses him so hard the boy is slammed back into the door of the truck, and his friends give up. 

Alternatively, at his university, Richie’s friends think similarly to Eddie’s. I mean. Richie Tozier, the boy who burnt down the dorm kitchen trying to make goddam pasta, got thrown out of Target for climbing on the checkout counter to dance to the Macarena, and has never been seen wearing a clean shirt in his life - would he be really interested in some preppy clean-cut girl?

Nah, his friends guessed she would be a punk girl with dyed red, no GREEN, hair and wore fishnets and had loads of piercings and got expelled from loads of schools. Yeah, that’s who Richie Tozier would like. 

Oh, how naive and wrong they were. 

Because one day Richie took a shower longer than 5 minutes, ran a brush through his hair, and was even spotted walking into a laundromat. So either he’d finally snapped, or his significant other was visiting. 

They came with him to the park where they expected to find the cyber-punk girl sat under a tree to escape the sun that would tan her perfect porcelain skin or that could melt the random plastic shit she had attached to her crazy clothes and in her hair. 

But then they see Richie walking towards a park bench next to a lake and they are gobsmacked. Sat there was the most conforming, suburban-looking boy they’d ever seen, wearing a dress shirt tucked into pleated trousers with a belt that matched his smart shoes which were the same shade of brown as his round eyes and impeccable hair, throwing handfuls of bread into the pond like a young elderly man. 

They watch how as soon as he approaches the boy stands up with a glare before starting to fix his collar from the nice polo shirt under his freshly clean Star Wars shirt and running his fingers gently through his hair he had attempted to tame, clicking his tongue beratingly and saying something they couldn’t hear. 

Maybe he was another friend trying to make him look good for the girlfriend on her way? 

Then Richie grabs the hand in his hair further into the thick mess and tugs him closer to kiss him deeply, wrapping his lanky arms around the doll-like shorter boy. It’s when the boy stretches onto his toes and flings his arm around Richie’s neck to hold him tighter against him that his friend’s stop trying to pretend they can predict who Richie Tozier is. 

"I'm helping!"

Context: So this was about 8-10 years ago, my DM let us capture horses and try to tame them. I had the best animal handling of the group (Paladin, level one, +6 handle animal).

We all caught at least one horse except for me. I helped bring them all back, being a big strong Paladin. The gnome rogue said that he felt bad for me and bought me a donkey when we got back.

We spent a week taming the horses and The DM told us to roll to see how we did when the week was done.

DM: who all is taming the horses?

All except me and the cleric: me!

Me: i can help out sometimes, but I’m really obsessed with anything my new sword.

DM: you’ll take a -4 to your roll to help taming

Me: I can handle that

Everyone gets 15-22, one nat 20

I roll a one.

DM: You sit on the fence literally screaming at the horses. All progress this week is lost.

Me: … Can I choose what I’m screaming at them?

DM nods.

Me: “I’m helping! Guys! Guys look over here! Guys, look, I’m helping! Do your SEE me?” Waves frantically. “Guys! I’m helping!”

Everyone laughed, but inside I was so worried that when I got my Paladin Mount it would hate me.