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a/n: hey guys, here is another Savitar imagine that is dedicated to one of my writing friends on here well least I think of her as a friend anyway. I’m pretty sure many of you know her if you read a lot of flash stuff, this one is for you @staringatademigod as I promised. Now I was watching Batman cartoons again when I had the idea when it turned to Harley’s backstory before she became the infamous Harley Quinn that was with Joker. So, I got inspired by that with you being similar to old Harleen and Savitar being on the Joker side of things, however I don’t think Savitar would be nearly as abusive as Joker is. This is from an earth where you’re a doctor and everyone has different roles such as Barry goes by Savitar and Joe works as a guard for prisoners for example. YN/N is your nickname and AH/N is your antihero name. Ships are open for the time being and as always requests are open unless stated otherwise by me!

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            Relationship(s): Savitar/Reader (eventually established)

You glance at the clipboard in front of you while you pushed up your F/C framed glasses that matched the dress blouse that was under your lab coat, you were Dr. Y/N L/N. In fact, you were a very talented psychological doctor that worked with many of the criminals in Iron Heights Prison in Keystone that impressed the warden very much so and thought he could get more out of the inmates if they talked to you. You always liked your job since it kept you busy since you didn’t have very many friends in the first place as you walked to the person on your clipboard. Your heels clicked through the hard floor as you waved at Julian and Cisco, your fellow coworkers whom were quite nice to you even though you were shy. You took a breath as you looked at the picture attached by a clip, one of the most feared people of them all.

The picture was a man that held a coy grin on his face like he did nothing wrong of any sorts while holding the frame that had his name and number. He wasn’t bad looking per say besides the face that the left side of his face was burnt which resulted in one of his eyes to milky white and had tussled light brown hair while he wore his trench coat at the time when the photo was taken. That man was named Bartholomew Allen but he refused to listen when called that, he much preferred Barry or his new name. He proclaimed that he was the god of speed and such that he decided to give the name of Savitar and said that he will rule while everyone bowed down to his feet. What caused all of this madness from him? Well that’s what you were supposed to find out after Savitar gave the warden very little to go off so the warden asked you to see if you could be of any help.

You smiled at Joe when you approached Savitar’s cell which rendered his speed powers useless, “Hello Joe, it’s nice to see you as always. I need to talk to Mr. Allen, warden’s orders.” You say as the older man nodded before looking at the prisoner and explained he better not do any funny business before walking away to give you two space as you appeared in his view of vison.

An almost similar grin from his picture appeared on his face as you sat on the seat to cross your legs from wearing your black pencil skirt. “Oh, my my. Doctor is gorgeous, I might enjoy myself now. What’s your name doll?” Savitar asks you as he came closer, well as close as he could to you as he grips the bars that held him in his cell.

You jumped at the sound of his voice as you pushed up your glasses, “M-my name is Dr. Y-Y/N L/N but my friends call me YN/N and I’m nowhere near gorgeous but uh, thank you Mr. Allen.” Your S/C toned cheeks turn to a dusty pink from the compliment as the light brown haired male chuckles at your formality. “But I have some questions for you and I want you to answer honestly for me.”

He rolls his eyes, “Please skip the formalities and call me Savitar. What is there to know about me? I want to know about you Miss YN/N, tell me do you really have any friends? And you are gorgeous not to mention brilliant, I mean you are a doctor. Surely your parents must be proud.” He adds as he looks at you with that smile never leaving his face as your face dropped from the mention of friends and parents.

You decided to be honest, maybe that could help him be honest with his answers as well. “My parents died while I was in college and well, I don’t have many friends sadly. I keep myself busy with work here.” You say as Savitar frowns at your answer that you had given him as he moved one hand over his heart.

“You have nobody too? That’s such a pity Miss YN/N, you see me and you are alike in a way. My parents died when I was nine and never felt like I belonged no matter how many foster homes I went through. I was so sad being alone Miss YN/N. I never had much friends because I loved science so much as everyone else mocked me. But you seem like a nice enough person despite we haven’t known each for very long, maybe you can be my friend?” He asks softly which surprised you as you couldn’t help but agree before you talk about things that you two had in common. Savitar was actually really sweet towards you and always showered in compliments, noticing one day when you did something different with your hair.  

You realized you began falling in love with the proclaimed god of speed after receiving a rose that was in a lovely shade of red. You never felt so in love with someone before and it made you feel wonderful before you decided to break out him out so you two could be together. You dressed in a new outfit with black leather clad pants on the right side with F/C on the left side of your pant leg that was tucked in black boots. Your F/C top was different from what you would usually wear as it showed more skin than what was normal of you. No glasses framed your eyes so your E/C eyes shinned brighter. You managed to sneak the keys to Savitar’s cell as you watch Joe walk away to deal with some other criminal in a cell as you ran as quick as you could to get the proclaimed god out.

His head whipped up to see you in your new outfit as you opened the door with a grin on your face, soon his face mirrored yours. “Well, well doctor. I like the new look, it suits you. But what are we going to call you now my goddess?” Savitar says as he tugs you away from being seen by Joe whom would later find out that the god of speed of escaped.

“I was thinking AH/N, you like it? You ask him as he pushed you close to give you a proper kiss, you almost melted in his grasp.

He gave you an eskimo kiss when you both away, “I think it’s perfect. Savitar the god and AH/N as his goddess. Now let’s go have some fun.”


Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 5,253

Warnings: Some swearing, discussion of homesickness

Summary: Steve and the reader take a trip to Philadelphia to see her cousin, and things go awry.

Author’s note: This took me forever to write and turned out to be ten times longer than I originally intended. It’s very, very loosely inspired by Before We Go (I finally watched it a couple weeks ago and it made me cry) but very much based on my many experiences with Philly’s god-awful public transit. Enjoy!

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“Do you know where you’re going?”

“Even if I didn’t, that’s what my phone is for.”

“Why don’t you just bring a map?”

“I grew up on technology, Steve. I have no idea how to read a map,” you replied, trying to mask your annoyance, while exiting off the turnpike and checking your phone for when your next turn would be.

You sat in an uncomfortable silence, before trying to fiddle with the radio again.

“I got it,” Steve said, gently pushing your hand back to the wheel. “This is pretty similar to what we had in our cars back in the day.” He turned the dial back and forth until the needle settled on a station playing classic rock and leaned back in his seat.

           “Remind me again why you insisted on driving when this car is older than you are?” He smirked, causing you to roll your eyes.

           “Because I went to Philly all the time growing up and I’m a better driver.”

            “I beg to differ.”

           “You wanted to drive that dinosaur of a Beetle here when it wouldn’t have made it past Newark!”

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Hello there! So when I asked what I should do when I reached 500 followers, the most popular idea seemed to be a follow forever, so…here I am! Somehow I managed to reach 500, which, I know for many people, isn’t much. But for me, having had this blog for just over half a year, is a huuuuuge amount! So thank you, very, very, very much to everyone who follows me- it means a lot to me that you’re all so nice and kind and supportive <3 also I should probably explain why faves and friends are both italics: so basically I’m too nervous to call anyone a friend in case they don’t regard me as a friend and I know that wouldn’t happen bc you’re all so lovely but I don’t like the idea that it might happen and it makes me nervous so yeah. If your names is italicised then it’s probably because we’re friends- if you have to wonder which one you are then you’re most definitely a friend! I’m sorry to be so awkward but I’m just really…awkward I guess! If I’ve made a mistake- i.e. bolded/unbolded you wrongly, left you out, forgotten to italicize- please let me know!

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sanjamac  asked:

I know shippers are a little bruised and sad today, so I thought it would be a great time to send some love out and try and balance things out. Fandoms can be a dark place sometimes but I think everyone has at least one thing or one person that makes them happy they joined it in the first place. Can you share yours? Collective sunshine can have a great influence on everyones FEELS 😉 Love XOXO Sanja

Oh my lovely Sanja *hugs you*

I would be more than happy to do this. I do love sunshine after all. And I have been through this stuff before so I will do my best :)

The thing about this fandom and that I’ve found about shipping in general is that it sort of takes a hardy that can handle the waves and occasional hurricanes that come about as well (like recently) but the reason I doing it and loving it so much in spite of not so great experiences previous to this is because of the great people and bonds I have formed as a result. We really become a family, with all sorts of personalities and talents that bring us together. We share the sorrow and the joy, the love and the anger that comes with this. Don’t always get along perfectly but at the end of the day we share something special and come right back together.

Sort of like our lovely Daryl and Carol right? Yup

What I can do here is name several people that make me happy (although all the people that follow me and I follow) make me happy in various ways) Just to give an idea of why I do love coming here. Why I joined.

First of all I met one my best friends ever in a fandom, the Lost fandom, we were fellow shippers and went through all of it together. And 10 years later we are still friends. I am in fact going to visit her in Nashville to attend the WSC there. She is my @claytonsbass and she means the world to me. And ladies she ships Caryl and loves Daryl because well, great minds think alike :)

The first Caryl blog I followed was yours @sanjamac and your lovely posts about Carol/Caryl just always seem to come at the right time for everyone, especially when we are having doubts. And it always seems we I need it I get a lovely message from you. Your one of the reasons I’m happy to come here all the time just so you know.

The wonderful @onedayyoujustchange in which I have found a great friend who has listened to me when i’m upset and has made me feel so much better so many times just by being there. You have no idea how much I appreciate it love. It always amazes how in fandoms you can find wonderful people to talk to like you *hugs*

@nocturnallly and @lovesdaryl my fellow Dixon girls, both of which I found great friends in as well. We’ve had some lovely discussions and talks and I just adore you both so much.

@stuff-so-far @lapookie @passportcolor and @commander-carol with there beautiful artwork and dedication always makes my a beautiful place to be. As an artist I will always appreciate lovely artwork will always support artist in general. . Caryl is beautiful to watch they make it even more beautiful and I appreciate them all so much.

@oohhshiny and her lovely gifs, picking up little things we may not have noticed,  supplying us with visual reminders (and just being awesome with requests as well) is a another gift to the fandom as well @na-bruma-leve and her gorgeous Caryl vids that I will watch over and over again are a few others I look forward to on my dash every day.

There is also @psychoanthrowalker @queenohair187 @teamcarolbitch @flowers-and-crossbows @illusianation @ikkleosu @xxxxmishaxxxx @justyouanmee and oh so many others who in their own lovely way make my day just by appearing on my dash.

It’s a family, it really is. And we really go through it all together, pick each other up when we are down and celebrate when we have a beautiful moment (caryl hug anyone?) And in spite of a few bumps it really doesn’t make me happy most of the time to be here.

And really I do it because I love it, because all the crap you deal. All the times when it seems so hopeless, are in my experience, not only in the fandoms but in my life, following my sports teams (being a Boston sports fan was excruciating for a long time, shipping had nothing on that haha) etc all feel pretty worth when things finally go right. Everything you went through to get that moment makes sense and somehow cease to be as important as the result of all that work.

Because let me tell you when this happened…..

I was over the moon, not just for myself but for everyone else here as well, because I’ve never seen us happier. All that Carol and Daryl went through during their physical separation fell away for that moment they found each other. And once this emotional separation ends for them and they can get back to each other and feel right again, it will be even better.

It WILL happen people I can feel it.

And we will be here to share and squee and flail and just love on it to our hearts content. There may have a serious storm thrown at us but like our babies are pretty damn tough and have survived it.

To Caryers…

I love you all this much…

So hang in there in everyone and Caryl the fuck on  cause this ship is sailing just fine :)

(sorry it ran long but you know me ha)

You know, I’ve been on this site for a while now. I have almost 20k followers. I don’t seem to get as many deep questions anymore. But I have made some friends here, that I cherish very much. I’m glad that you have all joined me on this sort of mental projection of myself. Everyone of you has a meaning in life. Please, your time will come when everything will be worth it. You all are great, and are capable of so much more. Thank you for receiving my work, my thoughts, and me as a person even though it was just through this digital consciousness with open arms. I hope I can continue to spread positive vibes here, I know I have not been around as much. But I still try to get on occasionally. Again, I appreciate you all coming together to help me articulate a better sense of myself, and hopefully allowing a safe place to grow together. Have a good night everyone or day w/e.