when elena saw me she screamed and said 'nope' and left


I had to do it.  I had to write at least one Carenzo story before he was killed off and all chances of it happening were ended.  So here it is… a little Carenzo fic, in which he is enchanted and she’s over accented psychos. Even if they are cute.


She was utterly enchanting.

                Enzo had arrived at the Salvatore boarding house planning on tempting Damon out for a night of bloodshed and violence in Mystic Falls, but instead he got the beautiful blonde.  And what a trade that was.

                “Damon isn’t here,” she had said when she had opened the door to allow him in.

                “Ah… and when he will be returning?” Enzo replied, stepping past the lovely blonde into the house.

                “As long as you’re here?” she replied with a raised brow.  “Oh, sometime around never.  Damon is an ass on his best day.  With you around?  He’s completely intolerable.  So Stefan took him off for brotherly bonding or whatever it is you do with homicidal brothers. “ She sauntered into the den, grabbing a bottle of scotch on her way past the fire place, and lounged on the love seat.  “Let me tell you, if I ever wanted a brother, Damon makes me happy it never happened. “

                “So the brothers Salvatore took off and left you to house sit?” Enzo asked, and he was pretty sure he should feel insulted by the cavalier way the blonde was acting, as if he were one of these de-fanged Mystic Falls vampires and not a half crazy Augustine who had freedom in the first time Enzo can recall.  He should be teaching this child-vampire her place… but he can’t.

                Because she was utterly enchanting.

                Enzo was pretty sure he had never met anyone quite like this blonde who was watching him through large blue-green eyes over top of the snifter of scotch she was sipping.  The gaze was weary but free of deceit, and after years in the company of men like Wes Maxfield, that was a breath of fresh air Enzo never expected to experience. 

                “The brothers Salvatore took off without telling anyone,” the blonde corrected.  “The only reason I’m here is because I was looking for Stefan” – she bent forward, reaching for a piece of paper on the coffee table in front of her, and Enzo enjoyed a brief, delightful glimpse down her shirt before she sat up again.  He really did love the way women’s fashion had evolved since those long lost days of his freedom – “but I found this instead.  You’d think he could have just texted me, but Stefan can be weirdly old fashioned for someone who dragged me to stand in line for three hours to get the new iphone release.”

                “You’re the brother’s friend then,” Enzo said.  “Or… perhaps you’re his girlfriend?  I was under the impression they were both rather wrapped up in that brunette… what was her name?  Eleanor? Eliza?  I’m sure it started with an e…”

                “It’s Elena, and yeah, there’s a weird love triangle thing there.  I’m just the best friend. And you’re the psychotic blast from the past.”

                “It’s Enzo,” he said, putting on his most charming smile. The blonde looked at him and leaned back, crossing her arms with an expression that screamed unimpressed, but Enzo wasn’t put off.  He had been locked up for decades, had forced himself to learn to bide his time, to wait for the right moment to react.  Enzo was nothing if not patient.  “Does the best friend have a name?”

                “It’s Caroline, and you can stop smiling at me.  I’ve sworn off cute accented guys with homicidal tendencies.  They’re not good for my state of mind.  Or my friendships.”

                Enzo couldn’t help but chuckle at the blonde – Caroline’s, and didn’t that name suit her perfectly? – emphatic statement.  He grabbed the scotch off the table and poured himself a glass before falling into the chair across form her.

                “Have you had much experience with cute accented guys with homicidal tendencies, then?” he asked with raised brows.  “You don’t seem the type.”

                “You’d be surprised,” Caroline muttered, taking a deep drink from her glass, a shadow passing across her face.  Enzo leaned forward, suddenly wanting to know more.  Who had put that shadow in her eyes, and what kind of a fool was he that he wasn’t here with this lovely creature, showing her all the reasons she should give the type a chance.

                “Tell me more, Caroline,” he said, enjoying the way the syllables of her name rolled off his tongue.  He poured more scotch into her drink when she set it down and Caroline looked at him with pursed lips and narrowed eyes.

                “Are you trying to get me drunk?” she demanded, crossing her arms.  The movement pushed her chest up, and with her low cut blouse it gave Enzo another lovely view.  When she saw his eyes dart down and lock, she glanced down herself and immediately uncrossed her arms and pulled her neckline up gently, cursing under her breath.

                “Ah… if I were attempting to get you drunk, would it get the story out of you?” Enzo asked, trying to draw her attention back to the previous topic.  At first he didn’t think it would work, that she would leave, possibly after throwing her scotch in his face, but after a moment she sighed and picked up the glass once more.

                “It’s not my brightest moment,” she said.  “Evil Hybrid who wreaked havoc on us all, but kind of became infatuated with me, caught me in a moment of weakness. Weakness equals sex, and now my ex won’t talk to me. “

                Enzo thought he could emphasize with this unnamed Hybrid.  He could see it being very, very easy, to forget all his anger and epic plans of revenge in favor of an infatuation with Caroline.  He wondered how pathetic it made him, that even the way she wrinkled her nose as she spoke of her indiscretion enchanted him.

                “Well now, I think your ex just needs to learn to live a little.  We all have to have sex with a homicidal hybrid at least once in our lives, otherwise it’s simply incomplete.”  Enzo held up his glass in cheers, and was rewarded with a quick but incandescent grin in reply.

                “You’re full of crap,” Caroline informed him.  “And we both know that in any sex-situation you’d be the homicidal one.”

                “Well now, maybe I just haven’t met the right girl yet,” Enzo retorted, grabbing at his heart in mock hurt.  “Maybe I just need a pretty blonde… cheerleader?” At Caroline’s raised brow, he assumed he’d hit the nail on the head with his assumption, and continued – “to saunter into my life and show me that revenge isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  What do you say, Caroline?  Want to redeem me?”

                “Nope,” Caroline replied, popping the ‘p’ brightly.  “Like I said, I’ve sworn off the homicidal type.  Try as we pretty blonde cheerleaders might to change you, it doesn’t work like that.  I’m no one’s redemption.  I’ve decided that if a guy wants me, he’ll have to redeem himself first.”

                “Well now, that’s not fair,” Enzo argued good-naturedly as Caroline stood up, setting her half-filled glass on the table and prepared to leave.  “A man needs a little incentive.”

                “Please,” Caroline scoffed over her shoulder.  She waved a hand along the length of her body.  “If this isn’t incentive enough, then redemption is out of said homicidal maniac’s grasp.”

                “Now that’s rather cocky,” Enzo pointed out, following her into the foyer as she pulled on her coat. 

                “No one ever accused me of being humble,” Caroline shot back, and Enzo found himself flashing in front of her before she could leave, not wanting to let her leave just yet.  He was enjoying her far too much.

                “Don’t you want to save my soul? Lessen my pain a little?” Enzo asked, with a quick smirk, but rather than drawing out another one of those quick but brilliant smiles, his words brought another shadow to Caroline’s eyes.

                “We all have pain.  Using it as an excuse to do horrible things doesn’t make someone tortured or in need of saving.  It just makes them weak.”  Caroline tossed her head with something close to anger.  “I’m really sick of being the strong one in all my relationships.  No, the next time I fall for a pretty face, there will be substance there too.  Not just dimples and a nice accent.  Now, I have to get going.  College waits for no woman.”

                Caroline pushed past him, and acting on pure, foolish impulse, Enzo grabbed her wrist as she brushed by, spinning her around to press his lips to hers.  He wasn’t sure what madness drove him to the action, he just knew that if he didn’t find out at least once what her lips tasted like, that he would regret it for the rest of his undead days.

                Enzo already had too many regrets.

                It only lasted for a brief, blissful second before Caroline pulled away, slapping him across the face.

                “Yeah, definitely Damon’s friend,” she muttered, straightening her hair and trying to maintain her dignity.  “This has been a blast, but I think it’ll be a one-time thing.  Don’t bother calling.”

                Then she was gone, and Enzo stared after her, nursing a bruised cheek.  The girl new how to slap like a champ, and Enzo had to admit to being a little impressed.  And a bit bowled over.

                And enchanted.

                Enzo felt a smirk work its way onto his face.  He had too many regrets, all of them linked to Augustine, and here was a girl who tasted like scotch and candy.

                Perhaps… perhaps he had his incentive to turn over a new leaf.