when doesn't she though

fun fact despite the plethora of hints i blindly trusted alphys the entire time and when mettaton was even like “she’s the one who did all this lol” i was like “no!! she’s my friend! you’re just trying to trick me!”
it wasn’t until i either like watched someone play it or i played it the second time that i noticed everything and was like “oh my god”


favourite rory & logan moments: 22/?


Okay seriously…how fucking gorgeous are Olara and Varl? X_X


she’s superhuman laura do you really think she couldn’t hear (x)


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Peridot is anything but common


Fandom: Moana
Words: 2,400
Category: Gen
Relationship: Moana & Maui

Summary: As the mortal who restored Te Fiti, Moana’s fairly accustomed to receiving gifts - anywhere from bowing and scraping to feasts thrown in her honor. She’s even come face-to-face with gods intent on displaying their gratitude. But this offer? This one’s new.

Shoutout to @paperjam-bipper and @procrastinatingbookworm for inspiring this idea! Look, I have to write fluff sometime, and this idea was just too good to pass up.

So, with no further ado, Godmarked.


“Anything in this realm,” says the godly figure in front of her, kneeling atop the waves. He’s got little whalefins flapping along his ankles that help a lot for holding off the revelation that Moana is talking to a major god. “I’m afraid I cannot offer you anything from the other realms. Pulotu, for example, is outside my domain.” He eyes Moana with a hint of amusement curling up his cheeks. “Though knowing what I do of you, mortal Chief, I daresay that a beast of Pulotu would interest you little.”

“Yeah,” Moana agrees, nodding her head. “No scaly beasts for me. So just to clarify, this includes, like…magic powers and all that.”

“That is within my ability, yes.”

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Bethyl + Terminator AU

A cyborg is sent from the future to assassinate a young woman whose unborn child will lead humanity in a war against the machines, while a soldier from that war is sent to protect her at all costs.

Ah yes,
The threat to be kicked out again.
When will I just fucking learn to get my ass up and do my chores.


SENSE8MEME: [1/8] sensates  Sun Bak

I take everything I’m feeling, everything that matters to me… I push all of it into my fist, and I fight for it.”