when doesn't she though


Spent today drawing Pacificas… I just want her to hang w/ the Pines family so much :)


marvin at the psychiatrist, a three-part mini opera

don’t despise what you feel,
love the friend, not the heel.


she’s superhuman laura do you really think she couldn’t hear (x)


Okay seriously…how fucking gorgeous are Olara and Varl? X_X


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The pleasantness of true submission response may increase continuously from its inception to its consummation. Even when the submission is not compounded with inducement to form any aspect of love emotion, but appears as a unit response by itself, increase of pleasantness seems to accompany increase of alliance between subject and stimulus. That is to say, pleasantness increases with successful accomplishment of the submissive task undertaken at the command of the person to whom the subject chooses to submit. 

Emotions of Normal People by William Moulton Marston, Creator of Wonder Woman

Peridot is anything but common

If they hadn’t introduced Castiel in Season 4 as they did, and instead had made him a character from Season 1, how do you think they would have introduced him and what would the long-term consequences of this change be?


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Minkowski, end of ep53: There’ve been all these times when somebody has put me in a situation where I was “in charge” but I wasn’t in control. I can’t think of a decision in my life that wasn’t already determined by someone else. But…there was always a choice. I always made it. Even when I didn’t realize I was making it. So now, I think it’s time I started making choices for myself. By myself. … I’ve never been in command. So I can’t take it again. But, if you’ll allow me, sir, I would be honored to relieve you of your duties and finally take command of the USS Hephaestus.

Minkowski, end of ep54: *is almost certainly being mind-controlled somehow*


No. Not to you.

@crayonmod , who asked #20 for Cerise: Do they like musicals? Music in general? What do they do when their favourite song comes? 

Cerise LOVES musicals!  She also loves music in general. She’s trained in dancing and singing, and loves her old record player. As for what she does when her fave song comes on, one of her fave times is getting down and silly with Lilyfeather and of course dear Frankie. 


Fandom: Moana
Words: 2,400
Category: Gen
Relationship: Moana & Maui

Summary: As the mortal who restored Te Fiti, Moana’s fairly accustomed to receiving gifts - anywhere from bowing and scraping to feasts thrown in her honor. She’s even come face-to-face with gods intent on displaying their gratitude. But this offer? This one’s new.

Shoutout to @paperjam-bipper and @procrastinatingbookworm for inspiring this idea! Look, I have to write fluff sometime, and this idea was just too good to pass up.

So, with no further ado, Godmarked.


“Anything in this realm,” says the godly figure in front of her, kneeling atop the waves. He’s got little whalefins flapping along his ankles that help a lot for holding off the revelation that Moana is talking to a major god. “I’m afraid I cannot offer you anything from the other realms. Pulotu, for example, is outside my domain.” He eyes Moana with a hint of amusement curling up his cheeks. “Though knowing what I do of you, mortal Chief, I daresay that a beast of Pulotu would interest you little.”

“Yeah,” Moana agrees, nodding her head. “No scaly beasts for me. So just to clarify, this includes, like…magic powers and all that.”

“That is within my ability, yes.”

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anonymous asked:

Oh! In that Fushimi has three daddies AU how did the three of them deal with Lil Fushimi getting sick all the time? Also what would their reactions be to him getting a bit sicker than usual, you can chose to what extent of sickness I'm just really curious!

Aw, imagine the Homra trio worrying over tiny sick Fushimi. Like imagine he gets sick shortly after they save him from Niki, like maybe it was winter when they found tiny Fushimi sleeping outside the bar and then when Niki tried to kidnap him back he dragged Fushimi around in the cold and the wet without a coat or anything. So then a couple weeks after Fushimi’s unofficial adoption he doesn’t come down to the bar for breakfast like usual in the morning so Totsuka goes to check in on him. He finds Fushimi still in bed, curled up in blankets and coughing quietly. Totsuka’s immediately by his side, checking his forehead as he asks if Fushimi’s sick. Fushimi opens one eye to look at him, a bit confused because after all in his house whenever he’s sick no one even looks in on him once. Totsuka tells him to rest for a bit and he’ll be right back, he has to consult with Mom on this one okay,. Totsuka immediately heads down to the bar to get Kusanagi, telling him that he thinks Fushimi’s sick. Kusanagi heads up the stairs to check on Fushimi with Mikoto trailing behind, not even saying anything just following with his hands in his pockets and then Totsuka bringing up the rear. Fushimi still sick in bed proceeds to get extra confused as Kusanagi tells Totsuka to get a thermometer to check Fushimi’s temperature and then he starts asking how Fushimi feels and does he feel up to a little soup and telling Mikoto to be useful and grab Fushimi a glass of water and Fushimi just stares at them all wide-eyed because this has never happened to him before.

After that it becomes almost routine, like they all figure out pretty quick that Fushimi gets sick a lot (I imagine Kusanagi just shaking his head with this kind of fond exasperation, wondering how that kid manages to catch every fever there is every time before going to make some of Fushimi’s favorite soup). They pretty much have a routine going, like the three of them will rotate who watches Fushimi, Kusanagi will watch him in the morning and check his temperature and get him an ice pack, then Totsuka shows up in the afternoon with a bunch of books to read to him and then when Fushimi gets sleepy Mikoto comes in and just sits in the chair beside Fushimi telling him it’s fine if he wants to sleep, Mikoto’s here if he needs anything. Also imagine maybe once or twice Fushimi has a nightmare about Niki coming to take him away or about all those times he got sick in that big house and no one cared and he wakes up shaking and sweating but then there’s Mikoto’s hand uncharacteristically gentle on his head, not saying anything, and Fushimi finds himself feeling calmer just knowing Mikoto’s there to scare away anything that might try to harm him.

If he got really sick I think they’d all be really concerned, Totsuka and Mikoto probably look to Kusanagi as to what to do next but Kusanagi’s a little at the end of his rope himself. Like say Fushimi’s been sick for days and his breathing is labored and his fever growing worse to the point that intellectually Kusanagi knows the kid needs a doctor but he’s not sure how to get him one. Like they can’t really take Fushimi to a doctor or a hospital because that will lead to questions as to how are you three gentlemen related to the child and most people won’t take ‘we adopted him away from parents who didn’t deserve him’ as an answer. Totsuka spends a lot of time by Fushimi’s side, holding his hand and talking to him quietly, trying to be optimistic that everything will work out while Mikoto quietly asks Kusanagi if he’s got any idea what to do. Eventually I imagine Kusanagi trying to use some of his connections or even Mikoto just going out and intimidating someone so that they can get a doctor to look at Fushimi and get him some medicine. Even after that though everyone’s on edge for days until the fever breaks, taking turns every hour to check on him and Mikoto sleeps every night in a chair in Fushimi’s room without even needing to be asked, making a new ice pack every time the old one melts. When the fever finally does break all three of them are visibly relieved, Totsuka hugs him a little and Kusanagi puts a hand to his head like you scared us a little you know and even Mikoto smiles a bit seeing Fushimi’s color looking better at last.


fangirl challenge - [3/15 pairings] - Uzumaki Kushina & Namikaze Minato

Don’t look so sad, Minato. I’m happy. Happy that you loved me. Happy that it’s our son’s birthday. Like… if I try to imagine surviving and the three of us living together, I can’t think of anything beyond ‘I’d be so happy’. If I had any regrets, it would be that I won’t see Naruto grow up.

reasons my dog is whining
  • she begged to go outside but when she went outside it was raining
  • i am in the bathroom
  • there are two other dogs playing and she’s too socially awkward to join
  • i am petting another dog
  • she is staying at someone else’s place and the other dog is eating from her bowl
  • her water has been in her bowl for a whole hour so it’s bad now and she can’t drink it
  • there is a deer outside our car window
  • i stopped rubbing her belly because she was too excited and kept kicking me
  • the rabbit ran through a shrub and out the other side and she is looking for the rabbit in the shrub and can’t find it
  • the squirrel went up a tree
  • i went out to get the mail and she can see me out the window
  • she wants to get a drink of water but the water bowl is in a different room and she wants me to go with her
  • i put my plate in the sink without letting her lick it
  • there is a cat outside our window (i don’t like it either)
  • i want her to go inside but she is not done eating mulberries
  • there are kids and the kids are moving around and no one is herding them, why is no one herding them, my dog knows all about herding
  • she wants to play tug-of-war with a tennis ball and for some reason i don’t