when doesn't she take care of him

  • People: Wow April Ludgate is so mean, she's just cunning and evil, wow, 100% Slytherin, just so mean
  • April: *comes back to work late at night twice to get Ron to the hospital cause he has a hernia*
  • April: *gets the guy she likes to tell her his dream Christmas present and gives it to him*
  • April: *becomes Ron's assistant and does exactly what he wants her to*
  • April: *helps Andy find an apartment within his means*
  • April: *sits Ann's house for her*
  • April: *helps Leslie hide the possum*
  • April: *clearly doesn't care about Andy's lack of money*
  • April: *gets $180 in tips and decides to give it all back because it wasn't earned honestly*
  • April: *hurts Andy's feelings and does everything she can to get him to be happy again*
  • April: *even asks Ann for help, and Mouse Rat*
  • April: *finds Andy a new job when he feels like his life isn't progressing*
  • April: *finds Andy's bucket list and helps him achieve every item they can possibly do, even go to the Grand Canyon*
  • April: *comforts Leslie after she fought with Ben and ruined model UN*
  • April: *helps Ann organize Leslie's City Council campaign*
  • April: *adopts an adult disabled dog*
  • April: *offers to take Chris to the movies with her and Andy when he's depressed*
  • April: *observes Ann all night and sets her up with a guy who she seemed to actually enjoy being around*
  • April: *helps Ron hide his identity as Duke Silver, which she never told anyone about in the first place despite knowing about it from the beginning*
  • April: *tries to hook up Chris and Andy's teacher, and when Ron hooks up with her instead, gets him to tell Chris about it*
  • April: *sets up a pet adoption for all the pets of the shelters in Pawnee*
  • April: *reaches out to Chris when she notices he's depressed and reminds him he has friends and support*
  • April: *gets so nervous when she deletes Parks & Rec files by mistake that she has a breakdown and hides under the table and considers leaving the country*
  • April: *offers Ben a road trip to surprise Leslie with a visit when they're far away in Washington*
  • April: *gets Champion to cheer up Chris when he's feeling happy-sad during Ben and Leslie's engagement party*
  • April: *helps a little kid find his way back to his mommy when he's lost in City Hall*
  • April: *makes Andy understand that he's better at being a cop than his made-up persona*
  • April: *enthusiastically helps Leslie to collect garbage*
  • April: *gives Andy a creepy lucky charm to wish him luck*
  • April: *does her very best to cheer him up and support him unconditionally when he's failed the police exam*
  • April: *sings with Ann to take her mind off her anxiety about Chris not giving her a clear answer about donating his sperm*
  • April: *gives her a baby naming book and say she hopes it works out, with Chris or someone else*
  • April: *gets Burly to accept Andy back into the band because she doesn't want Andy to be sad, even though she doesn't really like Mouse Rat*
  • April: *constantly sends out applications for awards and prizes for everyone around her*
  • April: *notices Leslie is feeling really down about her lack of recognition and reads her a personalized emotional letter to lift her up*
  • April: *sets up Tom and Nadia because she wants him to be happy*
  • April: *comforts and supports Andy when he's feeling down about his job in London*
  • April: *spends a whole day trying to figure out Donna's spirit dog because she knows she hurts her feelings and she wants to make it up*
  • April: *helps Ron sell his cabin in the woods, and when that doesn't work, buys it from him and promises to take good care of it*
  • April: *spends all day helping Tom find a new business idea*
  • April: *gets Andy a new career as a kids performer*
  • April: *tells Ann she loves her, because though she's held a grudge for years, she does, and she wishes her everything good*
  • April: *supports and comforts Leslie when her idea to bring down the wall between Eagleton and Pawnee doesn't work, and helps the committee coming up with the Unity Concert idea*
  • April: *gives Leslie a teddy bear with a recording of Ann's voice because she knows Leslie has been missing her*
  • April: *votes for Andy a thousand times so he becomes Prom King*
  • April: *immediately offers to babysit for Leslie's kids as soon as she learns they're having babies*
  • April: *helps a Parks & Rec intern get out of the Department because she senses Jen has no passion for it and she doesn't want her to make the same mistake she did*
  • April: *comes up with an idea to save JJ's and get the National Park Leslie wanted*
  • April: *arranges everything for Donna's wedding*
  • April: *is so anxious about hurting Leslie's feelings when she tells her that she quits her job that she puts it off, and then when she does open up for real, thanks her for everything she's done for her ever since they started working together*
  • April: *insists that Ben becomes mayor of Pawnee because she wants him to accept his past and get over it*
  • April: *helps Donna set up Teach Yo Self*
  • April: *is a beautiful cinnamon roll, too perfect for this world, too pure*
  • People: Wow April Ludgate is so mean, she's just cunning and evil, wow, 100% Slytherin, just so mean
headcanons: the champions meet trico
  • Zelda: is utterly fascinated by the physiology (?) of such a strange creature and the implications of his existence and lore, if they know anything of it.
  • Mipha: immediately lies down facefirst on whatever part of Trico is softest, probably his face or back. passes out within minutes. Let Her Rest. (is also the one who frets over him after battles/takes out spears/heals him)
  • Urbosa: loves the fact that he can summon lightning just like her, but finds it sad that he can't seem to control it himself. Maybe she rigs up a way so he can.
  • Daruk: plays fetch with him by throwing uprooted trees. trico fucking loves it.
  • Revali: Teases him the way people tease their cat. Trico doesn't care; he just sneezes right in his face and covers the irritating bird in trico snot. When Trico regains his ability to fly, however, Revali is ecstatic and helps him learn again.
  • Link: Rides a fucking Trico into battle. Ganondorf doesn't stand a chance.
At the grocery store

Word vomit prompt for the @txf-fic-write-in. I left it as is and please remember that a) English is still not my native language (in my next life, maybe) and b) it’s late. Any errors are mine. 

Mulder is lost.

He’s holding the piece of paper Scully handed him earlier; a shopping list. Rather, he’s clinging to it. Her neat handwriting is coming off in places where his sweat smears the words.

He needs to get a grip on things.

All right, he tells himself, straightens his back. Something plops in, or out, and he is reminded how old he is. So old yet he’s acting like a baby. Baby. That’s why he’s here. All by himself, too. Scully is home with the baby and they need things. Like food. Not for the baby. No, William, the lucky little guy, has his food supplier in Scully.

And Scully needs food. If Mulder is good, and gets all the items she put on the list, she might even share some of it with him.

He crams the shopping list into his pocket – he has an eidetic memory, clearly he can manage to remember it all. Mulder puts both hands on the shopping cart. Here he goes. It’s early which means many, many people. Old people. A not so old man passes by him, his cart full of goods. Mulder glances inside; fruits and vegetables. They need those, Mulder knows. He itches to take out the list again. There was that one thing that - his thoughts are interrupted when his cell phone buzzes. He stops moving right there and then and another old man – how many are there? – almost crashes into him, mumbling something. Mulder takes out his phone: Scully. Who else?

“Mulder! You’re not done yet, are you?” Done yet? He hasn’t even started.

“Uhm, no. I’m just in the middle of things.”

“I forgot the yoghurts.”

“Yoghurts.” Mulder stares straight ahead. All these people! Why did Scully send him to this superstore? Clearly he could have gotten everything at a smaller market.

“Yes, you know the probiotic ones.” The one he likes to make fun of, she doesn’t say, but he hears it anyway and nods. A couple stares at him, quickly moves on.

“I know the ones, yeah.”

“That’s all. You have the list with you, right?” Her tone is accusing, just a little bit. He feels the piece of paper burn a hole into his pants.

“Yeah. Got the list.”

“Well, then. Have fun.” She hangs up and Mulder puts the phone back into his pocket. Showtime.

30 minutes later and he’s lost again.

They don’t have Scully’s yoghurts. He’s checked every aisle. Asked a clerk, a young, mean woman who waved him into a direction. But no yoghurts. Not the ones Scully eats anyway. Sweat breaks out on his forehead. He searches his pocket for the shopping list. If he’s showing up without the yoghurts, he needs to make sure he has everything else. Everything on the list, Mulder.

But the list is gone.

Mulder checks every pocket. It’s not there. More sweat. A mother who drags her child away; he must look deranged and weird. Spooky Mulder, nice to meet you. He’s lost the shopping list Scully gave him. He’s lost. So very lost.

He pushes the cart forward. No yoghurts. What else did she say they need? He has the diapers – those he figures are the most important item anyway. He’s got the milk. He’s not going to be the husband that, not that he is the husband, or even officially anything. Except William’s father. That’s the only official thing he is these days. Anyway, he’s not the guy who forgets to buy the milk.

But he feels like he is forgetting something.

He glances into his cart. It looks good. Fruits, vegetables, frozen goods, meat, bread and cheese. When was the last time he’s gone grocery shopping like this? Has he ever? He wishes Scully were with him right now. A nice family outing. The Mulders. He pushes the cart forward, his mind reeling, trying to figure out what he’s missing.

The Mulders. That’s what his brain concentrates on. That’s not who they are, of course. William has his last name, though Mulder has wondered if Scully would have preferred her own last name for their child. But Scully is Scully. He’s seen the way her mother looks at him. She doesn’t say the words, but she really doesn’t have to. Her look is enough. Always.

When are you going to make an honest woman out of my daughter?

Good question. He can’t even do the grocery shopping. Scully would be better off if she left him and found someone else. Someone who doesn’t lose the shopping list.

“Excuse me, sir? Is this yours?” A small child tugs at his hand. Mulder looks down at the boy who can’t be older than five or six years old. He’s holding a piece of paper. His shopping list.

“Yes! Thank you.” He’d kiss the list, or the boy, if the scrap of paper wasn’t so dirty. Or the boy a complete stranger.

“Saw you lose it,” the boy says and grins. He’s missing a few teeth already. Mulder wonders what William will look like at that age. The thought makes him feel warm, makes his whole body tingle. “My mom said to leave it. But you looked lost.”

“Yeah, my…” His what? Wife? Baby mama? Love of his life? He doesn’t get to answer, because the child’s mother calls out for him and he runs off. Mulder stares at the list – or rather at what’s left of it. It’s torn off at the left corner. He squints. No, not missing any words. He is almost sure of it. Mulder nods to himself and goes off to pay.

Scully greets Mulder with a soft kiss and a warm, yet exhausted smile. She looks into his bags, and he sees her check off the list mentally. He watches her carefully, waits, chews on his lip, and then there’s the sigh. Just one.

He’s about to tell her that they didn’t have her yoghurt when she lifts her head, stares at him.

“Eggs, Mulder. You forgot the eggs.”

Without another words, he takes his car keys and his wallet. Eggs and yoghurt, he doesn’t need a list for that.

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Have you ever thought about Trini turning out to be a lowkey mom-friend? She notices that Zack often doesn't eat lunch and starts to bring some for him? And reminding the Rangers to bring water and having some for them when they forget (for some reason, Kim always forgets). The others don't notice it at first, because Trini is kind of grumpy-shy about it (and maybe she doesn't even realize it herself - it might be a habit from helping care for her brothers). And I'm out of space. Love your stuff

Totally!! They all joke about Jason being the mom friend since he’s the one who organizes when they meet for training and stuff, but they individually realize on their own that Trini takes amazingly good care of them.

It definitely comes from helping out with her brothers.She helps them with their homework whenever they struggle with it. She always wakes up early on the days her parents have work to make them breakfast and make sure they’re ready for school. The rangers start joining them on Sundays, and help her make pancakes and Zack tells her brothers exaggerated stories about the power rangers

With Zack, she’s more aware that she’s doing it. 

  • She starts to make a lunch for him in the mornings, knowing that he’ll show up without one 
  • They also start to have mini-tutoring sessions to make sure he understands the context in class and makes sure he does his homework (sometimes Kimberly joins them)
  • Every Friday she goes up to Zack’s house to make sure he has the food him and his mother need to get through the week, and if they don’t, she grabs him by the ear and drives to king soopers
  • She also makes sure that he has all the clothes he needs. It leads to them arguing and Trini telling him that he can’t show up to school with a giant hole in the front of his shirt and pants that had shrunk and don’t even reach his ankles. 

She’s not as aware that she’s doing it with the other rangers.

  • She doesn’t notice that she brings an extra water bottle until Kimberly asks her how she always ends up having extra water for her. 
  • Jason thanking her one day for getting all the Rangers together for training because he forgot to remind them 
  • Billy asking her how she knows what calms him down when he gets nervous, and she can’t answer him, because she had subconsciously picked up what Candace does to help him
  • She also goes to Kimberly’s house whenever Kim’s parents are out of town, because
    • “Kimberly, you can’t eat pizza for five nights.” 
    • “Watch me.” 
    • “You’re not doing it. I won’t allow it.” 
    • Trini invites Kimberly over for dinner, which surprises Kimberly, knowing that Trini and her parents have their differences, but Trini’s able to put them aside for one night to make sure that Kimberly isn’t lonely 
  • Billy really like those fruit gummy packs, so Trini always has a few in her pockets to get him through detention 
  • She goes to the gym with Jason during the summer and weekends, and figures out which workouts are comfortable for him and won’t risk him hurting his leg again 
    • they end up getting into a contest to see who can bench more, and Trini wins
    • Trini also working with Billy to find a leg brace that’s more comfortable for Jason 
    • There’s also some home remedies that she uses, and Jason is forever grateful that Trini’s part of their team.
  • For a while, Trini thinks nothing of it until her brothers are upset and saying that she always spends so much time on her friends now, so she starts to include them whenever she can without revealing that she’s a Ranger
Friendly Reminder That...
  • Percy: Percy is actually not dumb, he just doesn't do well in some school subjects. People need to stop treating him like this, adorable comedy-relief idiot who needs Annabeth's help to do simple math, he's actually really smart. I mean, practically all the monster's he's defeated were because he outsmarted them.
  • Annabeth: She is REALLY not a girly girl. Do you know how many Girly!Annabeth AU's there are? You can't fight monsters in a dress. I actually imagine the only day that Annabeth would wear a dress is on her wedding.
  • Jason: People always talk about him being very protective of Nico, but I don't see this as happening. I actually think Jason doesn't have enough time to be taking care of Nico, and when he does have time, he's prob hanging out with Piper or Percy or the Seven.
  • Piper: Piper is not mean. Period. She's actually one of the nicest, excluding Hazel. Piper being a bitch because she's an Aphrodite kid is really dumb, because that's the exact stereotype that she's trying not to play into.
  • Leo: Leo -get ready for this- actually gets angry sometimes. *Gasp* I mean, sure, he's a jokey character, but half of the time he's not joking, he's pretty angry. The book says, "People called him a freak and an arsonist, because when he got angry, stuff burned."
  • Frank: Frank is a Roman Praetor. The Seven saw him as a better fit for praetor-ship than both Percy and Jason. Just saying, Frank isn't this awkward little nugget of Canadian. Not anymore.
  • Hazel: Hazel's really powerful. Not only does she have her Pluto powers, but she also controls the mist. That's two gods powers in one girl. She's not some fragile little girl, because she's 13 flipping years old in body, ninety-something in spirit. I'm pretty sure that 13-year-old's make up half the fandom. (Including me)
  • Nico: He's not...social, because he's afraid that people won't accept him. I wouldn't be surprised if he only opened up around the Seven, Reyna, and Will Solace.
  • Reyna: Reyna exists. She had just as much to do with stopping the Second Civil War as Nico, and just because she's not part of the Seven and isn't your cute little gay Italian doesn't mean she's not important.
  • Just a little reminder.

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(Imagine a happy ending scenario): I like to think that Krul was distrustful of Yuuichirou when they first met, she would keep an eye on him all the time and Mika would be like "Mom! Stop stalking my boyfriend!", and Krul would say "I'm only taking care of you, Mika Dear! Don't you trust mama?" "DON'T YOU TRUST MY CHOICES???"... I'm sorry I just- I just love MikaKrul so much, Mika is a 100% percent her son and Yuu too. That is, if he doesn't destroy de fucking world.

I love this

Give me all the mama Krul headcanons

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I wonder what Sasuke's reaction would be when Sakura's parents die. Either by natural causes, maybe just comforting her and trying to take care of everything or if they died on a mission or something him trying to make sure she doesn't let any darkness in...?

I don’t believe Sakura would ever let any darkness in, so this wouldn’t be anything Sasuke would have to worry about imo. But I’m sure that when they died, he did his utmost to be there for her—even if he never knew what to say. Cause he knew best out of anyone that nothing eases the pain of losing family; nothing he could say would make her feel better. So I’d like to think he comforted her a lot in terms of physical affection. Holding her, stroking her hair when she cried against him, taking her hand in his. Just being at her side in silence and taking care of her. And as it turned out Sakura preferred her husband’s mute company more than everyone else who tried to offer comforting words—because he made her feel safe, loved, and well-cared for… made her feel like it was ok to heal at her own pace. If she didn’t want to talk about her parents, she didn’t have to. 

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I have some touken pregnancy hc's, if you don't mind: touka begins to feel more insecure about initiating sex when her belly starts to grow and thinking that she was no longer attractive but kaneki calls her beautiful again when she's in the middle of getting changed, kaneki always gives her a nice massage anytime of the day no matter what (turns out he's great at back massages), kaneki always wakes up to help touka with her morning sickness even when she tells him that he doesn't have to (1/2)

(2/2) kaneki often falls asleep listening to touka’s stomach, he tells people to try and be careful with touka but naki takes this all too seriously when he’s constantly acting like some bouncer around touka and shouting out ‘MAKE WAY FOR THE QUEEN’ when she walks out her bedroom,   touka always teases kaneki about how big her boobs are getting like 'ken, I think they’ve grown again, could you have a look?’ Showing her cleavage to a flustered kaneki            

Mod K:

I’m actually dying, these are beautiful!

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You (or Mama, can't remember) said that Mikasa and Levi's fears are losing control. Maybe that's one of the reasons why Levi particularly finds it so difficult to fall in love with someone. Because then he'd end up giving them control over him. It's not so obvious with Mikasa other than when she says she "doesn't have room in [her] heart to care". Maybe then she's hinting that she only let Eren in because she knows he won't take control from her? Since he gave it back to her when she was little?

I like your thought. It’s very possible that something like that is going on in Mikasas and Levis minds. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us

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Ok so I'm the anon from earlier that messed up😅 Alrighty let's see if I can get this across right. McCree goes off on a mission while the reader has to stay home sick. McCree gets hurt on the mission and then when he gets back doesn't tell anyone but then the sick reader finds out and tries to take care of him even tho she's too sick to be walking around. Because I'm trash for McCree.

McCree limped towards the shared bedroom, having gotten patched up and given the instruction to rest for a few day. He opened the door and was greeted by a hacking cough, you pale and shivering under a blanket.

“Puddin’?” he asked and you looked at him, eyes flickering to his bandaged leg.

“You’re hurt,” you rasped, getting up, “Lay down I can get you something to drink.”

He grabbed your arm, feeling heat radiate off of it and he got a little concerned, “You’ve got a high fever, I’ll get you something to drink.”

“No,” you shook your head, moving to the kitchen, “you lay down.”

You stumbled slightly and he caught you, nearly falling himself. The two of you caught each other, you shivering with your fever, McCree’s hand on your elbow.

“How about we both lay down,” he said and your head dropped a little, feeling really light all of a sudden.

“Okay,” you said and he gently brought you back to the bed, curling up next to you.

In a modern au I feel like Marya and Pierre totally would watch movies together when they have no one else around and maybe when Pierre is having an especially bad week

AU that I want someone to write:
Lucy grows up as Rittenhouse royalty and is sent to take care of Garcia Flynn who has been causing them problems. When they meet, he makes her realize the horrors of Rittenhouse and she teaches him how to destroy it without destroying history.

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Okay so I feel like JD never gets sick, but when he does he gets horrifically sick. Like he's shaking and too weak to stand up and he gets really high fevers that leave him shaking. And he refuses to get help because he doesn't think he needs it, and he hates hospitals and like he'll just lay there, unconscious and shaking and Veronica will find him and immediately freak out.

She probably climbs through his window and finds him like, passed out on the ground, so she loses her shit and she’s like “JD holy fuck I’m taking you to the ER” and of course jd is used to handling literally everything by himself so when Veronica tries to be there for him and help him he’s like “no I’m fine !!” And she’s like “haha bullshit” and forces him to let her take care of him

Reasons I Love The Girls of Dragon Age: Inquistion
  • Cassandra Pentaghast: Badass warrior. Came from a family of Dragon Hunters. Skillful with a weapon and shield. Didn't want to grow up like a princess, chose to join the Seekers instead. Reads trashy romance novels written by a dwarf she imprisoned and interrogated. 100% awkward creature. Wants to be wooed by flowers and poetry.
  • Sera: Straight to the point. Believes that "people on top" shouldn't step on "us little people on the bottom". Helps out the "little people" get back at the "bigger people". Doesn't want anyone to push their religion on others. Scared of magic and things she doesn't understand. Loves to play pranks. Lesbian elf with a thing for tall Qunari ladies.
  • Vivienne: Stone cold bitch but funny when she wants to be. Proper and lady-like. Will freeze you on the spot if you do something inappropriate in her court. Enjoys dressing people up in fancy clothes and taking them out for spa days. Loves her man very much and will do anything to save him.
  • Josephine Montilyet: Takes care of all the political shit for you. Practically a Mom figure to everyone, especially when dealing with Orlesian nobles. Bless her and her patience. Will beat you in every game of Wicked Grace. Unless you're her lover, then she'll let you win. Is the reason Cullen ends up naked. Thank the Maker for this lovely girl.
  • Leliana: Can kill you. May kill you. Will kill you. Unless you're friends, then your life is in very good hands. Master manipulator. Spy Queen. Has a pet nug named Schmooples. Her innocence and sweetness gave way to a woman who knows what to do and when to do it. Has stalker tendencies, but means well.
  • Scout Harding: Don't underestimate her. Replies with sarcasm if you use sarcasm. Knows how to get out of messy situations. Always clears your path for you. Cute little bundle of "I could hurt you". Slightly scared of Cassandra. She gives me life. "MAYHEM".
  • Bianca: Lies to you and Varric. Gets Varric riled up. Has a little lover's quarrel with Varric that's kinda cute to spectate. Threatens to stab your eye out if you let Varric get hurt. Isn't really in a relationship with Varric but everyone wishes she it. Has issues. Still badass.
  • Mother Giselle: Takes care of everyone in her little ways. Does what she thinks is best for everyone. Dorian almost always has something to say about her. She almost always has something to say about Dorian. The reason the Inquisition advisers weren't at each other's throats after Haven. THE DAWN WILL COME.
  • Grand Enchantress Fiona: She tries so hard. For the mages. For her son. For everything. Maker be good to this woman. She has so many regrets. I wanna hug her every time. She's just so tired sometimes. I love this woman.
  • Briala: Could probably beat Leliana with her spy network. Tough Love. Threw a knife at a guy's eye. THAT WAS COOL. Still loves her Empress.

It’s so easy to make Joe the bad guy. I mean… making him the villain takes the blame away, but in everything that’s happened with him, every single time… I deserve some of the blame, too. And it’s the same with you, you know? Things fell apart. And you did what you did, but a lot of it was my fault.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: why don't people appreciate declan lynch more? he was just a boy when his father died and was forced to take care of his two younger brothers, one of which acts like he hates him. but he still goes to church with him every sunday. when he was beat up by the gray man, ronan was the first person he called. what does this say about his personality?? don't you understand that declan tries his best all the time? the thing is, he doesn't know how to be a father because he never really had one. he can't do this alone, but he also can't make anyone he dates stay. if anything, declan is just as lonesome as adam parrish. he needs the love and support of everyone on this earth.

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before meeting gin again, katsura was a terrorist and lonely but when he meets gin, he comes a goofy person. why? because when they were younger, gin told him that whenever they are together, he doesn't have to be serious and just be 'zura.' i think that was a touching moment in the manga and it really showed how much zura & gin love each other. they have a great friendship and i cant wait for that moment to be animated.

Because Katsura spent his childhood looking after others and always put others before himself. His parents were dead, all he had was his grandmother, and when she died, he didn’t have anyone. Katsura never really had a chance to be himself because he was too busy being conditioned to feel like he has to take care of those around him and protect them, or they’ll leave him, too. It must have killed him to do everything he could and still have his grandmother pass away. 

So, he meets Gintoki and the natural perm sees right to the heart of Katsura. He tells him, “You be who you need to be for everyone else, but for me, just be yourself.” Gintoki doesn’t see himself as someone that needs looking after, so he doesn’t want Katsura to bend himself to please him. When people get lonely – particularly with kids – they’ll do things, they’ll go out of their way, for others in the hopes of someone wanting to keep them around. I think Katsura does this. I think he does it because he wants to and because he’s the type of person to do it, but I also think he does it because he almost desperately doesn’t want to be alone. Gintoki and Katsura’s relationship took hold really early on because Gintoki laid it all out for him: I’ll keep you around, but I want you, not some version of you that you think I might want.

Their relationship makes me so emotional oh my god I love them! Katsura knows he can be himself with Gintoki and he knows that that’s what Gintoki wants the most //shot

  • Bellamy: *considers letting Clarke die*
  • Bellamy: *makes people remove their bracelets*
  • Bellamy: *ties Atom in a tree because he touched his sister*
  • Bellamy: *throws the radio away*
  • Bellamy: *tortures Lincoln*
  • Bellamy: *hangs Murphy*
  • VS
  • Bellamy: *is 5 and helps his mom deliver Octavia*
  • Bellamy: *raise Octavia*
  • Bellamy: *helps Octavia no matter what*
  • Bellamy: *is an amazing big brother*
  • Bellamy: *shot Jaha so he can protect his sister*
  • Bellamy: *comforts Charlotte*
  • Bellamy: *isn't able to kill Atom*
  • Bellamy: *goes on Grounder territory to find his sister*
  • Bellamy: *tortures Lincoln so they can save Finn*
  • Bellamy: "You don't have to see this Clarke"
  • Bellamy: *cares about Clarke when she gets sick*
  • Bellamy: *takes Jasper's place when Murphy was angry*
  • Bellamy: *fight along the delinquents*
  • Bellamy: *inspires the delinquents*
  • Bellamy: *doesn't go into the drop ship so he could save someone*(was it Finn?)
  • Bellamy: *goes to find the missing delinquents*
  • Bellamy: *saves a girl who was hanging from a cliff*
  • Bellamy: *helps Finn even if he doesn't like him*
  • Bellamy: *tries to save Finn after he killed 18 people*
  • Bellamy: *comforts Raven after Finn's death*
  • Bellamy: *knocks Clarke's glass when he notices its poisoned*
  • Bellamy: *jumps in front of Clarke to protect her from the Grounders*
  • Bellamy: *endangered his life to save the 47*
  • Bellamy: *makes noises and kicks his cage so they take him instead of Echo*
  • Bellamy: *is tortured, kills a man in self-defense* "Are you okay?"
  • Bellamy: *saves Maya's dad*
  • Bellamy: *saves the 47 countless of times*
  • Bellamy: *pulls the lever so Clarke doesn't have to do it alone*
  • Bellamy: *comforts Clarke and tries to make her stay*
  • And yet some people think Bellamy Blake is selfish

anonymous asked:

i think kaz doesn't get sick often, but when he does its awful bc he hates feeling helpless & bc it reminds him of jordie. so i can see him hiding in his room & not having the desire/ability to look after himself but finally after a day or 2 of giving him space, inej starts to worry & climbs through his window to see him looking like death & shivering. & of course he's like "i'm fine" but then sets off into a coughing fit & inej says she's gonna take care of him whether he likes it or not (1)

but she soon realizes she has no idea what she got herself into. how can she take care of someone she can’t even touch? so she spends most of her time in the chair in his room just watching over him & making him drink water/eat/take medicine. until she starts to fret that his fever is rising so she has no choice but to check his temperature. her hand hovers over his forehead & she gently tells him she needs to check his fever & it’ll only take a second. he looks up at her & croaks “go on” (2/2)

this….is….perfect. kaz hiding because he’s sick is the realest thing i’ve ever heard. and the idea of inej taking care of him and him allowing her ahhh. it would be another one of those vulnerable instances for kaz to realize it’s inej that he could rely on, the person that helps him put his fragile pieces back together (like that time when he fainted.) 

and i’m living for the small touch of angst here. if being sick reminds him of jordie, imagine kaz feels guilty deep inside for surviving when jordie didn’t and that’s what makes him avoid taking care of himself when he’s sick, even if it’s a simple cold. he bears it, with a lowkey self destructive attitude toward it, the worse it gets the more he feels like he’s repaying some sort of debt. so having no desire to take care of himself but inej doing it anyway?? it correlates with the fact he doesn’t think he could/should be saved, but inej always looks for and exploits the ways he can be salvaged.