when does leader not really look like leader

About Zim
  • He’s an eager beaver
  • His favorite foods are sandwiches and Irken fundip
  • His favorite color is purple
  • He vents to strangers like he’s known them for years
  • He has the power to hypnotize people with his acne
  • The first thing he did after being born was hug a robot arm
  • His first three words were, “I love you”
  • He promised the moon to Gir
  • He finds technology and quirky gadgets “neat”
  • He likes moose (meese… moosen?)
  • Prisoner 777 made him a small, purple, moose, death machine knowing he’d like it.
  • He can easily become emotionally attached to objects, especially if they show some form of sentience (Ex: Robot arm, Gir, Minimoose, Squidgyblit).
  • There are times when he just wants someone to talk to. While he treats Gir like a companion, he can’t exactly have any real conversations with him.
  • He does NOT like to be ignored. Do not ignore the ZIM!
  • He looks great in hats
  • He’s actually a really good speaker and is great at motivating (manipulating) people to do what he wants (now Voting of the Doomed makes sense… he is a good politician!)
  • While small, he still has a demanding enough presence to immediately assert himself as leader among a group if he has to work with others. In a way, he does have what it takes to be a leader, but his obvious flaws impede him from being successful at most things.
  • His tenacity is derived from his need to constantly prove how great he really is, both to everyone (especially the Tallest), and himself.
  • His speech pattern is rather sophisticated most of the time, and the dramatic use of his lexicon is fairly impressive *sips tea*. He acts formal in front of the Tallests, but he’s more relaxed when hanging out with Gir.
  • He’s really patient with Gir and would do what it takes to keep him from getting upset, even if it means eating soapy waffles. This, however, is dependent on his level of frustration.
  • He’s a really nervous, loud, impulsive, proud, clever, small, tenacious space bug that yearns for positive feedback and attention from a world that could care less about him unless he poses a threat
  • Speaking of which, it is also evident that he craves affection, preferably from the Tallest (which is why he thinks they actually care about him). He wants all of Irk to love and praise him, and he seeks this attention by being the best at destroying stuff.

Hi everyone. It’s good to be back. Today I want to discuss something very interesting and important about a character I love, Lorna Dane. The discussion will focus on Lorna Dane from Deadpool and The Mercs for Money (I only picked this book up for Polaris) therefore, I’m only going to include panels about her. First I want to thank Bunn and Coello who did an excellent job in executing Lorna’s characterization and her beauty. Polaris was really well done both in terms of writing and pencils. I did enjoy it very much :)

Wow. Lorna left many of us speechless because something surprising and crazy happened. Here Marvel once again, made Lorna a badass, menacing and intelligent leader. I like how Lorna and Domino interacted. The debate between them was so perfect that even Lorna uses words precisely like her father. Polaris has vowed to carry on her late father Magneto’s work. Also, I am very pleased with Polaris’ new costume and this is her what……50’s costume? Can’t keep track that’s how many costumes she has. Marvel not only gave her so many costumes, but made her a fierce leader a number of times.

Artwork of the beautiful, strong, confident, badass, and brave Polaris. The depiction tells it all. I really LOVE the Magneto inspiration the artist utilized to create it, from the helmet/tiara, to the overall composition of it, really LOVE IT a lot. @whatadouche-bag  was right about her tiara. It does have a vibe of a warrior helm. Now, let’s take a look on few other panels.

And when the Inhumans showed up, Polaris was the first in battle. She took the first stand on everything just like a true leader. What a ferocious warrior type, I LOVE IT. Those deep shadows on her face remind me so much of her father and no one in this world can deny who is the Queen of Mutants :)

One thing I would like to clarify about this panel here is that the girl with the green Mohawk is not Storm. There were people confusing her with Storm because of her Mohawk, eyes and attitude. Even though I wouldn’t blame them because ironically, in the cover of this issue, it showed her with white hair and not green. I assume this was why they were thinking it was Storm. But what a surprised seeing a green Mohawk when we were expecting to be like the cover depicted. I wonder if Marvel did this on purpose lol. I wonder what Marvel is trying to say about a new girl named Sheath (who might show up sometime soon in the future) with green Mohawk. My only thought would be Marvel’s mocking Storm. “A girl with Storm hair’s style and Polaris’s hair color” Can this be an indication to show how Polaris might look like with a green Mohawk? A Sheath is cover for the blade of a knife or sword (pretty much that’s what she was wearing). She doesn’t show any abilities and/or never shows in description what her ability is. Only that she’s more of a combat/agility who fights with knives and nothing more.

Anyway, the next panel is even more amazing.

Every single one of them were matching their perfect combat. Polaris went to the powerhouse guy called, Lash. I guess she knew he was the hard one but Look at Lorna with her magnificent beauty and very Magneta. Reasons to believe Lash is the strongest (aside from karnak) was because of this

There was nothing negative that I can point out. Of course, some might find something trivial as usual but here you can’t deny the awesomeness of Lorna Dane. Nothing minor in either both issues #7 and #8 of Deadpool. The story is pretty solid, which is what I’ve come to expect from Cullen Bunn on anything he writes. I like the fact that Marvel’s Splash Page is proudly introducing the powered Lorna Dane in both issues :) Marvel left Bunn to depict Lorna as her father’s image to let everyone knows that whether we like it or not, she’s Magneto’s daughter. Also so new readers get to know the Powerful mutants that’s about to become something much bigger in the future. It’s one of the reason why Lorna was dragged in to one of the most popular comics. Marvel is giving us a hint of what a future Polaris might look like. Who took the opportunity to stand up for mutant rights.

Even though Negasonic went back and made sure the fight in the sewers, which would prove lethal to Deadpool (is that even possible), never happened, this issue still gives us a glimpse into a possible future for Lorna. Strong, confident, taking up her father’s mantle. She will pick up where her father left off, continue his wishes, and more than likely come into her own as a leader. Even though she has already led on several occasions.

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Fic Prompt/Request: SSS Family Time

Anonymous asked:

Okay, so this last semester sucked. University has definitely taken a toll on me. Thankfully it’s almost over. Still, I still have to go trough my exams to call it off completely. Please tell me you have something cute of Sarada ou SasuSaku romantic/funny moment planned out for this week.

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cause-their-not-coming-back  asked:

What are the 104th's best traits according to the o t h e r cadets? Like Eren thinks Mikasa's best trait is that she's string willed or somethin like that??

Please, please, please forgive me for taking ages to answer this! Until now, this has been the oldest request in the inbox. I really wanted to make this one good, and it’s taken me a few months to give it the proper attention it deserves. I do apologize for the length, but this is what it is. I’ll be adding a “Keep Reading” after Eren, so I apologize if it doesn’t all show up on mobile; I’m still working on testing new links. Without further ado, I sincerely hope that it’s been worth the wait!


Mikasa: His passion and his loyalty to his friends/loved ones. Especially to her and Armin. He never gives up on them, or anything for that matter.
Reiner: His devotion and dedication to his passions. Eren’s unending desire to take back his hometown and to see the ocean, and his persistence in achieving that, are inspiring to Reiner.
Bertholdt: His confidence and his ability to smile even after experiencing tragedy. Eren’s been through a lot, and the fact that he’s still going without stopping is really, really inspiring to Bert.
Annie: His undying spirit and passion to always improve. He never gives up, and she loves that about him.
Jean: His neverending stamina and passion. While he finds it irritating sometimes, Jean actually is really inspired by Eren’s constant willingness to try and get better and never give up. He wishes his convictions were that strong.
Marco: His passion and dedication to being the very best he can in all that he does, even when it takes a lot of work. Marco really admires hard work, and Eren’s a textbook example of working hard to achieve your dreams.
Connie: His persistence and perseverance, and his work ethic. Connie really admires Eren’s penchant for never giving up, never giving in, no matter how hard it gets. He often found Eren’s energy infectious during training, pushing on during hard exercises because his friend refused to give up.
Sasha: His charismatic spirit. Eren’s always ready to go, ready to fight, ready to lift someone up when they need an extra push. And Sasha really commends him for that.
Historia: His persistence to go after the things he wants in life. Eren’s not afraid to fight, and knows exactly who he is through it all, never wavering in his convictions. Historia envies that a bit.
Ymir: His persistence in achieving his goals, even when they seem like fools’ dreams, and his devotion to those he cares about. Eren’s willing to fight no matter the circumstances. Ymir often feels the same, but really admires how Eren has no desire to be sneaky about his goals. He just goes for it.
Armin: His willingness to stand up for what he believes in. Armin’s never forgotten how Eren stood up for him, and admires how he always stands up for the weak and for justice in general. There’s a reason he’s proud to call him his best friend.

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tayredgrave  asked:

casually slips in an ask again to say that it's kinda increasingly obvious that Keith really, really wants to make friends and he tries but is so hard for him. It makes me so sad. :(

it’s true it really is so true like…. the scene that sprung to mind immediate is the “leave the math to pidge” scene. it was so clear!!!!! like……. i ranted about this on twitter the week S3 came out but i never put it here so okay 8)

at the start “must really be bothering you if you’re coming to me” - that implies that honestly this isn’t something that happens a lot if ever. he’s not used to visits to his room in downtime or people visiting him outside of ‘work’ and in private. the team interact with him mostly in a group and that also shows when he’s so startled by Coran entering his room too: 

bc he also doesn’t really seem to expect that. the thought of anyone coming by his room is uncommon. 


HE’S READY. HE IS READY!!! he’s smiling he’s so happy oh m ygod. he really thinks that lance is here bc maybe they’re friends. the fact he’s teasing a little with his words too. he’s honestly really glad lance is coming to him with a problem and maybe they can bond and grow closer.

but then:

you’re the leader now, right? lance distinguishes the cause for why he’s here, which is to talk to the leader about a problem he has. and that’s where it all changes. his smile instantly is ripped straight off. 

the realisation, the little dip of his head and the ‘i guess’. he has to recollect himself and after this point his behaviour and mannerisms shift. 

his body languages is a bit more rigid and his tone of voice completely changes too. since lance voices this, keith holds back and tries to be more like how he thinks a leader should be in a talk with a teammate rather than a friend. 

it’s really interesting bc in that whole scene his eyebrows really show that…. he’s not too sure how to approach this. he wants to help Lance out but it’s just interesting that his head remains titled down and his facial expressions don’t look as full of his usual conviction (we spoke about this earlier actually here….it’s something i’ve noticed in S3 a lot). 

just look at his expression god:

there’s only one place where he looks more firm and with his usual unwavering conviction, even then his head is still titled a little down compared to at the start of this scene:

and that cap above literally lasts for like a second. then it’s back to this:

things will work themselves out. this line feels really important to me. makes me feel keith is talking not to just to lance but to himself here. i mean look at that face:

that ,,,, does not look like a face that really 100% believes in what he’s saying but won’t admit it not to his team he’s the leader he needs to keep going. it’s really wrecking me up bc when keith speaks usually he believes the words 100% and really affirms what he’s saying and you can hear it. he is all in with everything he does. here there is something a little off in his inflections. he really is trying hard to get this right and he knows this is an important moment as a leader to comfort Lance and be a person who can help ease his worries. 

but you can hear a heaviness to his words. it does feel at times as there is a bit of a pause you can hear some interesting upward inflections in so much of his speech like he’s unsure and some of the words stretch out a bit longer than usual (thank you steven…. thank you so much). like he really has to search for the words to make them happen, which isn’t the norm for keith and makes me feel things. 

then at the end he tries to end on a little joke but it still feels a little stilted and more like how he interacts with hunk in the weblum:

IT GETS ME THIS SCENE BC. HE JUST WANTED TO TALK AS FRIENDS HONESLTY AHODSUHADOAHASUOS . BUT HE DOESN’T REALLY KNOW HOW AND HE’S ALSO REALLY TROUBLED BY WHAT HE THINKS THE TEAM THINK OF HIM AND WHETHER HE SHOULD EVEN BOTHER BC IF HE’S RIGHT AND THEY THINK LIKE THIS (the things they say or do really does stick he’ll pick up on it maybe not in the way they intended but he will, they may not realise sometimes but every word he doesn’t forget it) THEN THERE’S NO POINT. 

“Instead of accepting people into my life i push them away before they reject me.” 

anonymous asked:

Have you read riordans twitter posts about reyna's sexuality? What do you think about them?

Anon’s talking about this. I knew I’d get asked this during pjo/hoo femslash week, but I had to draw my Reychel au, I love them. I don’t normally answer anything that I fear may lead to misunderstanding or discourse, even if it’s ‘hey did you love This Book, I love it so much’, and my only answer is ‘no sorry, I did not’, then I just don’t answer out of respect for that person’s love.

So I want to parrot Riordan and say I love and respect everyone’s interpretation of Reyna, and whatever Riordan does with her future, I am cool with, I understand he doesn’t want to be any more cliche’ then he has in the past, now here is my own headcanon for her:

Reyna is first and foremost a daughter of Bellona, and praetor of Camp Jupiter. And she rocks at being both, everything else isn’t as important as being the leader that she is, so she doesn’t really think to much on her sexuality. 

When I read SoN and she approaches Percy, it felt more like a leader strategizing like; A + B=C. We are both praetors + praetors in Roman history used to sleep with each other etc to create military unity = If we are in a relationship it will make our bond look strong, and give New Rome a confidence boost. I assume it was the same with Jason, only her and Jason were friends for years, and she just met Percy. Everything she does she does for the good of New Rome.

Now I flipped this in my head. What if Annabeth was the one in Percy’s place in SoN, and she washed up with no memories, and started helping, organizing, and eventually became praetor? I can still see Reyna offering the same A + B =C relationship to strengthen New Rome. 

I don’t believe Reyna cares about labels, but if you want to say bisexual then yes, that’s how I see her.

Now if anyone actually cares why I ship Rachel and Reyna:

I was so cool with shipping Reyna as bi and without a love interested until the end of BoO hit me. Rachel lost her oracle powers, and was going to New Rome with Reyna and her crew to figure out why it happened. That just hit me with a lot of scenarios. Reyna helping Rachel settle into NR life, helping her find a new artist studio, showing her around. It’s a friendship to slow burn courting type thing. I like their personality types. Rachel being the chill artist to Reyna’s uptight military type of brain.

Although, I also love bi aromatic Reyna. 

In the end I want both Rs to be happy, and no they don’t need a love interest to be happy. Take me, I’m ace/aro and my friends and family are all I need to be happy. Bisexual Reyna is just how I interpret Reyna.

MARGINAL#4 Index 1st Stage ~REVOLUTION!~ Chapter 7 - Revolutionary★Stars (Translation)

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8

                 \Happy 4th debut anniversary to MARGINAL#4!!!!/

The contents of this chapter were performed as Reader’s Theater by the seiyuu cast of MARGINAL#4 at Rejet Fes. 2013, the event Universe FES is based on.

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Kenta interview excerpt with tenasia

(t/n: sorry about the awkward wording)

10. Despite [lack of screentime], there were many national producers who found out about you. In the end, you got to 24th, almost 20th.

Kenta: I think that was really all thanks to the fans. I’m rea~lly thankful to them. (laughs) I was actually a Kpop fan. So I know how the fans felt. When I got 24th, I was filled with emotion that I couldn’t express using words. The most regretful thing is, [the fans] got me to such a high ranking but I couldn’t show myself a lot on the broadcast, so I feel the most regret for that.

10. Then, what are your charms that you showed to the national producers? 

Kenta: My charms? (laughs) Even though the other trainees also worked hard, I worked as hard as I possibly could. ‘Even though I’m a foreigner I can also do it’ - I wanted to show this, and I think I succeeded.

10. Personally, I think that the side of you that performs well on stage also came through.

Kenta: Since the performance is something that is on the broadcast regardless! (laughs) Since I could directly show the audience when we had on-site evaluations, whenever we went on stage I feel like I really worked 130% harder. I at least had to show myself on the stage, this I really wanted to do.

10. The national producers have gathered different ‘performance masters’ from ‘Produce 101 Season 2′ and created a group. KenCallTaeGyun and JBJ, do you know about this?

Kenta: At first, it was just ‘KenCallTaeGyun’. From that point on I knew about it. (laughs) Just making this combination, and the love I’ve received is something that I’m very thankful for. It was fascinating to me too. Because the fans made this group, I think that we’ve become even closer friends.

10. If JBJ does debut as a team, what position do you want? Kim Sanggyun said in a previous interview that he would want ‘Visual’ and ‘Leader’. (laughs)

Kenta: Ha ha. Sanggyun as leader? The leader should be Noh Taehyun…(everyone laughs) (10. Besides Kim Sanggyun, we heard that Noh Taehyun is pushing for a sexy concept for JBJ) Really? (thinking) For me, sexy…or cute concept seems fine (laughs) Looking at ‘Open Up’ I realized that the fans like it when I do sexy concept. If I do debut through JBJ I think I’ll be able to show a sexier side than I did in ‘Open Up’.

10. You’re communicating with fans through SNS. Do you remember any comments that stood out?

Kenta: There are a lot. (thinks for a long time) When I look at my SNS there were many comments saying, “He’s like a Korean person”. [They mentioned] my [lack of an] accent, and my face too. (laughs) Ah, and during my ‘Produce 101 Season 2′ PR video I said this phrase, “one by one”, and the fans also commented “please show us [your skills], one by one.” (laughs)

10. What is the hardest Korean word for you?

Kenta: Ah, I learned a saying yesterday! As you press it you eat mochi? (10. as you lie down eating mochi?*) That’s right! As you lie down eating mochi! (everyone laughs) I learned if yesterday from the manager. I’m planning to study lots of proverbs in the future. I want to use hard words. I’ll show that I’m not stupid! (everyone laughs)

10. Your friend Insoo posted on SNS a video of him teaching you how to correctly pronounce ‘단팥빵’. Can you do it well now? (laughs)

Kenta: Ha…what do I do, you found out? (laughs) 단팥, 단팥빵…(he kept repeating 단팥빵, and scrunched up his eyes whenever he said it) Insoo was with me in C class and we became friendly. From then he kept teaching me how to pronounce ‘단팥빵’, but I couldn’t do it. I’ve been practicing, but it’s become frustrating so I planned on stopping now (sighs)

10. Then, do you have a saying that gives you strength?

Kenta: I have words that I’ve kept in mind from the beginning of my activity in Japan. Shine. I still have this in my mind. I will forever, always live with this mindset, even if I don’t become a singer.

10. You’re saying that you want to shine?

Kenta: Yes. I want to always shine.

10. You said that your goal when you were in your twenties was to shine brightly. 

Kenta: Right now that goes for my performances, and because I’m making my dreams come true one by one I’m shining. Besides seeing myself shine, I want to show this side to many people.

10. You said that you have something to say to the fans who sent you love.

Kenta: They were interested in me, sent me love, and also worried about me [during pd101]. The resumption of each one was so big and I’m thankful for all of it. Suddenly receiving so much love, I honestly don’t know how to relay my thoughts to the fans. I’ll relay my thoughts to them by shining impressively on stage in the future and directly through my Korean. Even though I can’t perfectly relay my thankfulness, in the future I’ll definitely repay you guys. I would like it if you kept cheering me on and kept waiting for me.

*The words for press and lay down sound similar

cr: kentalent

History Rant: Shinsengumi/Bakumatsu

Okay, it’s been a while since I asked about what you guys wanna know about Japanese history, and I haven’t forgotten you. I guess I’ve got a few thoughts bouncing around in my head so I’m just going to rant about the shinsengumi and the surrounding time period for a bit cause I feel like it. Uhh if you need sources and want to read more, I could probably find some for you, but this is all from my brain lmao. I repeat: this is definitely not even remotely everything I could say on the subject nor is it researched or sourced okay please read this post lightly and not as a scholarly article!!! That being said, DO feel free to use the information below as a springboard for your own interest and research. 

This is my absolute favorite time period in Japanese history. When I was about 14 (in the ancient year 2000), I discovered the shinsengumi via Rurouni Kenshin. Sure they were the enemies, but I wanted to know who these people were and at the time there was little to no information on them. Then I just started learning a lot about Japanese history and taking Japanese classes, lol it was a gateway drug. Contrary to what everyone might think, I could not chose anyone in the Shinsengumi as my favorite historical figure, but I love them like something out of a really cool story. I think history is supremely interesting; often more interesting than novels. I hope you’ll enjoy learning a bit about them too. 

First of all, a brief history. You have to know that the Shinsengumi (which just means the new group/squad/whatever) came around in a time of civil war. After ~200 years of isolation, the Tokugawa shogunate and its system of keeping the warlords under its control had turned the balance in economy and social structure upside down so that the people on top (the samurai) were the poorest. The shogunate itself also became weak and ineffective, and by the 1850s when Perry showed up to force Western trade on Japan there was legit NOTHING to be done except accept his offer or face utter defeat in the face of a West that had advanced while Japan hid in its own borders with minimal outside contact. 

Two major factions came out of this: one for opening to the west, and one for expelling the foreigners (most notably headed by the Choshu, Satsuma, and Tosa clans, who were not among those in favor of the shogunate). The second one later came to support getting rid of the shogunate and reestablishing the emperor and became known as “sonno joi” which is easier to type than all of that. 

So where do the shinsengumi come into this?  They were formed from a bunch of ronin to protect the xenophobic wimpy emperor in Kyoto (aka hold him captive) and uphold the laws of the also wimpy shogunate. Originally they were stationed outside of Kyoto, but were eventually given permission to police the city. 

And they were AWFUL. Straight-up, the worst. They were given a lot of nicknames, most famous of which is the Wolves of Mibu. They hunted down and slaughtered the emperor’s supporters.

They had very strict rules, which on the surface seem almost honorable - following bushido (which is just a bunch of bs made up by the ailing upper class btw), no personal fights, no personal income, can’t leave the shinsengumi - but they resulted in a lot of members having to commit suicide or having to die in battle. And they did mercilessly enforce their code. An example that comes to mind is Yamanami Keisuke, who was a vice commander of the shinsengumi like HIjikata, and had to commit seppuku when he tried to leave. 

The Ikedaya incident aka map 6 is what really got them famous and made people want to join them. They crushed a group of sonno joi supporters and probably?? prevented them from setting fire to Kyoto. 

The shinsengumi are really famous and romanticised today, as you well know. Like most of Japanese history, the bad parts are glossed over! But I do love them, so I can’t say anything. 

Returning to the general view of historical events, what I think is really interesting about this time period is how things ended up. Sonno Joi did win in the end. The shogunate gave up power, and they reestablished the emperor, but—! The emperor’s supporters moved the imperial hq and set him up as a puppet ruler, making themselves the actual ruling council (aka just like the shogunate) and then began a very seriously intense westernizing of Japan! Expel the foreigners indeed, haha. 

UM, I want to post something more in-depth about the swords and their characters and stuff but I’m still thinking about it >__> so you get this shitty nonsense instead. About 50% history, 50% my thoughts and JUST Hijikata and Okita for right now bc they are kind of like the BIG 4 popular sword group (sorry Nagasone) and also (my) faves. Although I feel like I wanna add Kondo he’s just kinda boring and then I also wanna write about Sakamoto Ryoma (who Kondo was executed for killing lol IF HE DID???) but I haven’t even mentioned him thus far and tbh he deserves his own post. 

Hijikata Toshizo, Vice Commander, devil creature?, hot guy

Here he is, wow look at this handsome fella. Yes that’s right this is my icon. I have read that Kane’s personality is based on him (in the same way that Yam emulates Okita) but I don’t think so at all. Mostly because Kane is a stupid muffin and actual Hijikata was known to be a serious samurai guy. Just a farmer guy (and kind of .. pharmacist?) being the best he can be. He was mostly in charge of keeping things in order in the shinsengumi, and also did a lot of interrogation… and may have done some very, very gruesome things. But also, he wrote shitty haiku, which is p charming. Apparently he was incredibly handsome and people fell in love with him like all the time and I know that’s true bc I’m also in love with him. 

After everything, he kept on being the best and led what was left of the shinsengumi after Kondo was executed, trying to fight the new government. But he was gunned down in the battle of Hakodate (lmfao the Kane/Hori scene in map 1-1 which tells you the order of these…. is none). 

I’m pretty sure that Kane’s design and personality are LARGELY influenced by the more romanticised versions of Hijikata in things such as Hakuouki (which I haaaate, no offense). But I like to think that a lot of it comes from him being a sword from a proper name, just without an real antiquity or heritage. Like Hijikata is a farmer-born ronin following bushido and upholding the samurai lifestyle, Kane is kind of a weird excited kid who is a fancy sword…? Well, maybe it’s a stretch. Just aiming really high and being super hot.

Horikawa is kind of a mystery though. I think his outfit at least stems from the more modernized Hijikata you can see above, but I can’t really get the rest. Like I said I didn’t like.. do research for this post, so I’d be interested in hearing other opinions or ideas! 

Okita Souji, 1st squad leader, child prodigy, eventual cat-hater

OTHER THAN artists’ renders?? this is the best photo I’ve ever been able to find and I’m not sure if they ever confirmed that it’s Okita. 

What does he look like, who knows.  Regardless…  he was not beautiful like Hijikata, but we can keep pretending. This bitch was so good at swords when he was a kid he had mastered like all the things by the time he was 18 and became an instructor himself. He was the leader of the 1st uh, troop of the Shinsengumi and famous for being really fucking good at stabbing dudes in the fucking neck and also being a generally funny happy guy. I’ve read he liked to play with kids too, which is p cute (or creepy). He’s like always paired with Hijikata (in EVERYTHING) but idek if they were friends. He had tuberculosis as everyone knows, and it’s said to have been discovered when he collapsed during the Ikedaya incident, but the cause of his collapse is debatable.  Still, as a result he had a very very short life, and so died outside of the fighting in a hospital at about about 25ish? He tried to murder a cat he kept seeing in the garden and he couldn’t, and that really pissed him off. 

What can I say about okitagumi?? It’s already well-known that Kashuu looks fancy because the sword broke and couldn’t be repaired. I don’t need to address that or really anything about him. Except that I love him. Both he and Yams look p young because Okita was very young himself, so I like to imagine they both reflect his age despite their own age/origins/etc bc they have such a deep connection with him. I also hope that every time they’re pictured with cats, it’s bc of the above reason. 

But YAMS??? Now I have at least one thought about his design. Of course he was made to reflect Okita bc he looks up to him so much. But…????

The aforementioned (prettier movie/ova version of) Rurouni Kension version Okita Souji is always the one I imagine bc just….!?? Whenever I look at Yams this is legit all I see. If you have not seen this movie, then please watch him in action here in this clip of the Ikedaya incident, just the first minute or so. I’m right, right? You know I’m right. Except for the clear gap in design details, Yams looks like he’s copying him 100%. Also his bubbly/kind personality that gets a little bit creepy/idgaf in battle is soo the stereotypical Okita personality, it’s so good.

Anyway, PLEASE feel free to send me your thoughts/theories or requests or anything like that. I’d love to hear what you think! 

Suggested reading:

So if you’ve made it this far, congratulations on reading this… masterpiece. I wouldn’t consider it a really good reference or anything (PLEASE), and I honestly just wrote it bc I felt like it. Future history info will be more informative with actual research and references/sources, and I’ll probably do another, more educational post on the Shinsengumi and the time period in the future. HOWEVER for now, if you are very interested in the Shinsengumi and want some actual intellectual and organized information, I URGE you to please read this book: 

Shinsengumi: The Shoguns Last Samurai Corps by Romulus Hillsborough

It is THE English book on the Shinsengumi. I recently bought it again for my kindle (I left my hardback copy in america lol) and it is just as great as I remember. Seriously worth the read. 

Ok but, one rival crew getting very very lucky and getting on of their little rats up into the FAHC penthouse to trash Gavin’s shit, becuase days before Gavin fucked up everything, their bank accounts, sent inflammatory emails to their allies, leaked their more illicit dealings to people they might have owed who definitely didn’t need to see it, just generally screw them the hell over, so yeah they go up, eye for an eye right? wrong. 

Gavin catches the guy sneaking out of the apartment and Gavin lets the guy go because he’s more focused on “what the hell happened to my shit.” and Gavin’s rage is a thing to behold. like, there’s two ways to get Gavin angry, one is to mess with the crew, two is to mess with his computer.

cut to a day or so later, the crews ambushed in the penthouse, they’re all tied up, the leader is standing there making threat and the modem murderer is standing behind him with a group of the other lackies, looking nervous as fuck. and wouldn’t you know it, Gavin spots him, doesn’t know exactly if he’s the one who did the dirty, smeggy, deed but it’s a matter of time.

MM (modem murderer) notices Gavin glaring at him. MM looks away awkwardly, because that boy can glare when that boy wants to glare and oh buddy was he glaring right now. But leader guy is like “and it was all thanks to MM over here, come on MM, come up and tell them what you did.” and MM is like “ha….h..a…, you really don’t have to do this.” but Leader Guy is like “Get up here gdi.”

MM does, and if the glaring was awkward before it’s downright spooky now haha, and Gavin’s little jaw drops “it was YOU!” and MM flinches, and Gavin shoots up. Jaws drop. the ropes are on the floor, a switchblade is in his hands, where the fuck did he get that- “YOU BROKE MY BLOODY COMPUTER!” He screeches, while literally everyone else is still stuck on “why is gavin fucking not tied to this bullshit chair like the rest of us what.” and MM now knows he’s made a big fucking mistake.

and Gavin, with a primal, english screech, charges after him. and MM, that poor motherfucker, screams, turns heel and bolts. It’s one of those cliche cartoon chases around the penthouse. MM is fucking screaming in fear, apologies tumbling from his mouth while Gavin tears ass after him. “RUNNING WONT HELP YOU MATE, IT’LL ONLY MAKE YOU DIE SLOWER.” and MM is abjectly terrified, sobbing like a baby that poor motherfucker. Leader Guy does not know what the actual fuck is happening right now, when did he lose control of this situation this hard what the fuck. One bodyguard tries to body check Gavin and gets body fucked, nah he gets the gun he did have taken and shoved in his mouth, BLAM, byebye now, Gavin continues the chase having paused for maybe ten seconds to dispatch fuckboi guard #1, and systematically kills five outta six guards with the switchblade before anyone knows what the fuck is happening, MM is in tears, he just wants to go home, he regrets so much.

Leader Guy is still baffled. Fuckboi guards 1-6, how did that scrawny piece of shit kill you, so quickly too you’re like five times his size and eight times his weight what on earth- when MM rushes back into the living room and trips. on what? air probably. Gavin comes in, MM accepts his fate with a shit load of tears and whimpering but Gavin looks up real slow like a serial killer in every movie ever like “you ordered him to do this didn’t you.” it’s not a question, Leader Guy doesn’t know he’s being spoken to for a second, but now the “fuck yeah you bitch.,” doesn’t come to his mouth so quick, uh, Gavin looks absolute batshit, the one remaining guard is backing away like he’s the fucking antichrist ‘come on you fucking pussies, what the fuck do i pay you for’ and Leader Guy is reassessing his situation looking at all the bodyguard corpses at his feet here, um…

“Yeah it was him! it was all him!” MM rats his boss out to save his skin. Under Gavin’s ire, it’s a smart move MM. Good on ya. Gavin turns his full death-seeking attention on Leader Guy, who’s cursing MM’s bitch ass with every utility god what has he done, why does he actually look so deranged jesus christ, i am dripping in sweat now what the fuck- “um-“

Gavin actually leaps on Leader guy and just kills him, quick and bloody and screams of pain and terror yadda yadda yadda, and MM thinks he’s safe when Gavin stalks over and snaps his neck.

the one remaining henchman books it and Gav lets him go, free adverts and all that, the crew is less surprised and less shocked. They’ve seen this before. RIP in pieces Leader Guy’s 1-4 and now this one, #5. Thank god this crazy fucking limey bitch is on their side seriously what, Gav, we love you, you know that right.

and a week later, the new rival crew is there, the crew is back in their favorite hostages chairs, the ropes are back, Gavin’s tied down like karada like damn you could rope an entire warehouse of shit togther with the sheer amount of rope on Gav, but the new computer sitting pretty on Gav’s desk ain’t touched. not once. no one goes anywhere near it. and Gavin’s grinning like a shithead throughout the entire session. Even when Ryan has to hack him out of the rope and chair with a machete. Because the one guard wasn’t as dumb as he thought.

don’t touch his shit, it’s really not hard.

Body Horror

Prompt 24 for @huxloweenWarning, this is heavy.  Contains drugging, vivisection, blood, other bodily fluids, surgery without anesthetic or consent, implied brainwashing, and memory modification.

Interrogation training keeps Hux’s breathing steady when he wakes, nude and chilled.  The last thing he remembers is reporting to the General for a private meeting.  But that’s definitely not where he is now.  Have they been betrayed?  Is the General unsure of his loyalties?  It seems possible, for the cold metal at his back could be an interrogation chair.  If that’s the case, Hux is confident this won’t take long.  He’s nothing but loyal to the First Order.  But if they’ve been betrayed…well, he always knew their cause might demand his life.

The faint whirr of a fan has a renewed draft of cool air blowing across his skin.  Hux can feel the fine hairs standing on end, pimpling in the chill, a faint shiver racing through him.  There’s no other sounds in the room, no breath from a potential interrogator.  The air has a strong antiseptic smell, stinging his nostrils but not quite covering the metallic tinge of old blood.  Bright light from directly above his face has spots dancing behind his eyelids.  He’s disoriented from whatever drug he was given to get him here, not quite certain which way is up.

He’s got as much information as he can gather with his eyes closed.  Cautiously, Hux opens them just a slit, peering between pale lashes.  From what he can see, he’s alone.  Heart pounding, he dares a full survey of the room.  Perhaps he can escape before they return for him.

The room looks more like a morgue than an interrogation chamber.  Hux is bound down to an autopsy table, durasteel restraints at ankle, wrists, and neck keeping him motionless.  A faucet hangs over him ominously.  Glancing as far to the right as he can turn his head shows him a tray full of shining durasteel implements.  To the left, Hux strains his eyes against the shadows of the unlit portion of the room.  If he can just spot a control panel…

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Time for more Pokemon Sun/Moon talk! :’3 A lot of this is gonna be just rehashing stuff going around anyway but w/e.

So first off, I do agree that Lillie, Gladion, and Lusamine are all related.

I very much prefer the theory that Lusamine is the others’s mom, not their eldest sister, considering how much taller she is and that she’s proportioned more like typical adult than child characters in the series, but more importantly, like the first line of dialogue we got from her included the word “mother”. That said, I could go with the variant where she’s their significantly-older big sister but has raised the other two “like a mother”. As long as the maternal role is there.

I DO NOT believe that Lillie herself is UB-01, or that Ultra Beasts can take on human forms.

I do believe there is a strong connection. Think Tory in the Deoxys movie bonding with the disembodied essence of the Deoxys core, who he didn’t even recognize as a Pokemon but as just an entity of light. More on that in a minute.

Originally posted by castaform

Remember my theory that Team Skull was a scapegoat? Yyyeah, I’d still be okay with that being the case, and “I hope they’re the Snag’em to a Cipher-like team” had been some of my first thoughts upon their reveal.

But that was before Lockstin / Gnoggin made a really compelling analysis about the potential goal of Team Skull. If you want to watch the full video, it’s here, though be warned it’s 20 minutes long. (Well worth it imo.)

If you want the quick version for now, it talks about the alchemic skull, and how it denotes the result of nigredo– the first step in creating a philosopher’s stone, wherein something is taken and burned/destroyed to break down to its most basic components, charred beyond recognition, reduced to a blackened mass.

And it talks about how Team Skull(*) is clearly foreign, paler than the Alola natives, but not as pale as Lillie or the default player look. It suggests they’re meant to have Latino influences and specifically suggests a relation to Day of the Dead themes.

(* - Gladion wasn’t revealed yet, and this doesn’t include him, but that kind of goes hand in hand with him not wearing the Skull emblem, being the outsider even in the team of outsiders, etc.)

Long story short, it suggests that Team Skull’s motive is to merge the world of the living with the world of the dead, effectively beating/ending death itself and achieving immortality both for themselves and all the world. This makes a lot of sense in context and I love it.

Originally posted by lusamine

So what about Team Aether “the Aether Foundation”?

Well, here’s the thing. Team Skull may well be trying to achieve an ultimately kind of noble, if VERY extreme, goal. They also have strong family vibes/values and look to have sympathetic characters. …But that doesn’t change that their methods are openly and unapologetically harmful. They’re not “the good guys”.

Aether is in every way Skull’s foil. Skull represents death; Aether life. Skull promotes greed; Aether altruism. They’re literally black and white. In literal terms, a skull is part of the physical body left behind after death; aether is the essence of the intangible soul that lives on.

Skull is pretty shitty on the surface but seems to have some good intentions and redeeming moments under that. Aether seems Too Good To Be True on the surface, so…

That, and Aether is Very Science, and of course alchemy is an early sort of science. It stands entirely to reason that Aether would be the ones who created Type: Null, whether for selfish or noble reasons.

Whether Type: Null failed to approach the power of Arceus, was never completed as an experiment, or is far more powerful than we realize when its restraint is released; I’d like to think that Gladion was appalled when he learned of the research being done with/on Type: Null and stole it to “save” it.

Alternatively, they may have some physical/mental connection, which could relate to Gladion’s shaking? Who knows.

At any rate, I feel like Gladion joined Team Skull specifically to oppose Aether, to expose them for what they really are, and to end their experimentation.

I absolutely do believe Aether is an “Evil Team”. 

I mean… Look at the “employees”. Since when does Pokemon go out of its way to say “hey, look at this male and female variation of this totally not suspicious in any way organization, there is totally a reason you need this info early.” …No. These are Grunts. These are the Grunt models.  Literally there is a leader, two admins, and grunts. (Also, we have been overdue for a female team leader forever, so thank Arceus for Lusamine.)

So I believe they’re an Evil Team, but not the Evil Team. 

 As I said, good intentions don’t excuse all Skull’s actions. In a similar vein, questionable ethics and horrible experiments wouldn’t change Aether’s genuine conservation efforts or any good they do unless the game plays it all as entirely a front, which would feel a bit boring to me. They could have them hoarding Pokemon just as research fodder, but I’d prefer to see an organization that is genuinely passionate about protection and just… also… haaaappens to be willing to cross the line in the name of progress now and then.

What I’m saying is I want both teams– the black team and the white team– to end up morally gray in the end. Because, as we’ve already explored, “It’s not always black and white.”

And, HELL. You want extra fun???

White is Reshiram. Reshiram is Truth. Truth is saying “this is the way things are” and acting accordingly. Truth is working within the boundaries of what is, accepting necessary sacrifices when there isn’t a realistic way around them. Truth would absolutely put on a pleasant front, knowing that connections and positive public image make success in life easier, while taking pragmatic and sometimes questionable routes when no one is watching.

Black is Zekrom. Zekrom is Ideals. Ideals are going “okay, I see how things are, but I refuse to accept it.” Ideals are raging against the system, fighting desperately to find and take the third option when presented with two unacceptable choices. Ideals accept that to change the rules they often have to break them. And what could be more idealistic than trying to change the greatest law of life: that death is inevitable?

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I may just also really really want some Black and White motifs in this game because I want so desperately to have a chance for N to show up again but ssshhh.


So onto Lillie!

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Lillie is a pacifist. Lillie hates battles. But Lillie is deeply invested in knowledge. She “devours” books. Given the connection of light and knowledge, I still wonder if she may have a connection to Solgaleo as well, “the beast who devours the sun” and all. Lillie having a connection to both UB-01 and Solgaleo while Gladion has one to both Type: Null and Lunala seems at least fairly plausible to me. But at any rate.

I’d like to suspect that Lillie somehow befriended UB-01, whether she’s ever had contact with it directly or not. Perhaps Aether was studying UB-01 and Lillie was the only one to see it more as a person than a project (becoming the Aguri to UB-01′s Koro-sensei, if you’ll pardon the reference), or perhaps Lillie was reaching out for some way to help combat both Skull and Aether, and UB-01 heard her prayers.

The possibilities are numerous, but whatever the case, I want Lillie to be a human who has a deep spiritual connection to this creature, who has taken a form reminiscent of her either as a symbol of their friendship or as a way of mentally bonding to her. Perhaps UB-01 can even speak through her? We’ll see.

And then something about Zygarde and Marshadow and Arceus and other dimensions and aliens and It All Comes Together. I don’t know. But I’m hella excited.

kevin-time  asked:

The Pearl and Garnet post got me thinking, why does she grab garnets arm, why does she always stay close to garnet,and why does Garnet almost never react? Its because Pearl did the same thing to Rose but when Rose died she started doing it to Garnet. As a natural response to hide behind the tall leader or when she didn't have anyone to hold onto Garnet offered. Either way still cute

ah, that’s my theory on it too! Like, I could just see Pearl hanging on Rose a lot, we know how close Pearl felt they were and she talks about pretty much always being by her side so I can’t help but think she hung on her the same way she does with Garnet now. And I tend to think Rose would always put a hand on her shoulder to calm her, just like Garnet does now.

I kind of think of it, like, with Rose gone they had no leader and technically Garnet isn’t their official leader she’s just filling that role (Pearl says they’re all a team in “Arcade Mania”, despite that fact that Pearl clearly always defers to Garnet which tells me that Garnet isn’t the leader in title even if everyone looks to her as one). I think Garnet struggles with being the leader a lot, like she doesn’t seem to know quite what to do, particularly in the ‘social’ aspect of being the leader. Like, in battle situations, she’s spot on, she does that really well but when it comes to interpersonal conflicts within the group she seems at a loss. This is evident in “Secret Team” (the fact that Amethyst and Pearl are mortally terrified of Garnet finding out they screwed up is a huge problem) as well as pretty much any episode Amethyst and Pearl argue in front of Garnet, since she almost always stays out of it (”Rose’s Scabbard” is a good example, imo) and often looks so uncomfortable and distressed. She tries but dealing with personal problems does not seem to come easy to her at all and I think that was something Rose excelled in, so Garnet may feel a lot of inadequacy at not being able to properly fill that role.

er, I digress. What I’m saying is that Garnet found herself having to fill the role as leader and was at a loss for how to help the others with the loss so she probably tried to emulate things she knew Rose did. Like putting a hand on Pearl’s shoulder, letting Pearl hang on her, and encouraging Amethyst to goof off. That’s kind of my headcanon on how these habits formed