when did you last let your heart decide

Things Said While Playing Scary Games sentence starters

Since it’s a holiday I decided to give you something a little more light-hearted, just for the heck of it. Enjoy.

“Five foot zero and born to be a hero.”
“I’m a creepy little man.”
“Well, being alive was nice while it lasted.”
“Dasvidaniya, bitch.”
“Tell me, [character’s name], now when did you last let your heart decide?”
“Shining, shimmering, OH SHIT!”
“I’m creepin’ on the down low, leave me alone.”
“Butts and butts and more butts!”
“I eat monsters like you for brunch.”
“I don’t have a glass house, I have a glass castle. A glastle.”
“I’m punny as hell and you love me.”
“It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.”
“I’m ready to FIGHT.”
“The monster just wants a hug.”
“Where did all of these naked men come from?”
“Ohhh I’m a huuuge douchebag, meh meh meh.”
“If this is a water level I’m going to eat my computer.”
“Water can suck a fuck.”
“I can’t see a god damn diddly darn thing.”
“Hey assholes, the party has arrived!”
“Come and get me, nerds!”
“This is how I die.”
“I’m dead I’m dead I’m dead I’m dead.”
“Nevermind, I’m alive.”
“I don’t think that’s how you pronounce that word, [character’s name].”
“Come on, will something useful into existence.”
“This place offends all of my senses.”
“All I wanted was to sit and enjoy a nice relaxing evening, and then all HELL breaks loose.”

Rhys holding Feyre in his arms, flying over Velaris
  • Rhys: I can show you the world..
  • Feyre: oh no..
  • Rhys: Shining, shimmering, splllleeeendid.
  • Feyre: please, stop
  • Rhys: tell me, princess, now when did you last let your heart decide?
  • Feyre: put me down
  • Rhys (getting louder): I can open your eyes, take you wonder by wonder
  • Feyre: please, not again
  • Rhys: Over, sideways and under
  • Feyre: ok, now you're talking
  • Feyre: do you have to ruin it?
  • Feyre: *shakes head* you're lucky I love you.
  • Rhys: can we do the duet?
  • Feyre: no.
  • Shiro: I can show you the galaxy
  • Shining, shimmering splendid
  • Tell me, Keith, now when did
  • You last let your heart decide!
  • I can open your eyes
  • Take you planet by planet
  • Over sideways and under
  • On a magic lion ride
  • Keith: ........ Shiro oh my god..

This is my favorite part of the credits. Ford just doesn’t see it coming when Stan grabs him and- woop! Up they go!

Stan: “I can show you the world!”

Ford: “Stanley, why are you sing-”

Stan: “Shining, shimmering, splendid! Tell me, brother, when did you last let your heart decide… A WHOLE NEW WORLD!!!”

Ford: “Stanley, we’re sitting on a tree branch!” 

a fairy-tale inspired meme

  • “it’s midnight - i have to go.”
  • “it’s only midnight, where are you going?”
  • “i’ve been searching for you for years.”
  • “let’s run away together.”
  • “may i have this dance?”
  • “you were my dream.”
  • “you’re the one i’ve been looking for.”
  • “i love you but you’re not mine.”
  • “when did you last let your heart decide?”
  • “stop kissing frogs, when i’m standing right here.”
  • “when was the last time you did something for yourself?”
  • “you’re a prince/princess and i’m nearly invisible.”
  • “i don’t care about your status you make me feel normal.”

title: when did you last let your heart decide?

rating: teen

for: @rebelcaptainprompts prompt 6 “Temptation” 

a/n: When Cassian runs into Jyn Erso in the marketplace on Jedha, the rebellion can’t resist the opportunity to convert the daughter of an Imperial weapons scientist into an asset. But after years of recruiting, of coaxing others to give in to their own impulses, Cassian hesitates. Can he bring himself to persuade the first person he’s loved in years to risk her life? [Aladdin AU]

Temptation strings Cassian through life.

When the Empire kills his family, rebels hand him a grenade and promise the thrill of revenge. He is only eight years old, has been throwing rocks at Imperials for two years, and his heart aches. He believes them.

When he assassinates a high-ranking Imperial official, Davits Draven praises his skills and promises him a ride off of Fest and the glory of saving the whole galaxy. He is thirteen years old, and Fest feels like sorrow. He doesn’t look back.

When he races across the galaxy to the Ring of Kafrene, Tivik says the name Erso and promises the answer to the deadliest lead he’s ever encountered. He is twenty-three, and the desperation to know pulls his strings. He is the reason Tivik has to die.

For every temptation that drives him, he casts his own out into the universe. He’s a spy. He lures, dangles his own promises, coaxes others to give in to their own impulses. Whatever needs to be done, for the rebellion. Whatever the cost, it’s worth dying for.


Jedha is considered a war zone, so when a top Imperial scientist and a Lieutenant Commander arrive to visit the kyber mine, the Empire doubles down on security. Stormtroopers mingle with beggars and pilgrims in the moseying river of people.

Cassian knows how to melt into the crowd, but with the Imperial presence, his paranoia shifts into overdrive. Only years of training allow him to keep an eye out without drawing attention; he knows how to watch from the corner of his eyes, doesn’t need to look over his shoulder.

Only when he reaches the agreed upon rendezvous does he allow himself to relax. Just a little. His contact hasn’t arrived, so he settles on a stoop and watches the marketplace.

Two hours later, his contact is a no-show. He’s thinking about leaving when a woman catches his eye. Not a local, not a beggar, not even a pilgrim. Her distracted gaze as she passes each merchant, wide-eyed and curious, reveals: tourist. Cassian’s own gaze lingers; she’s obviously put some attempt in at blending in, with a scarf wrapped around her head, pooling around her neck. But it does little to conceal her. Even from here, the other end of the street, he can see the green of her eyes.

She pauses next to two Guardians of the Whills, fingering a crystal around her neck. They tease a smile, a laugh out of her, before she moves on to the next stall and nearly trips over a child. He’s eyeing the fruit, grubby hands clutching the edge of the table but not touching anything.

Without hesitation, she picks one up and hands one to the boy. Immediately, the merchant yells, waving over two weary stormtroopers. For her part, the woman doesn’t back down. The wonder in her eyes burns into anger. It’s not until he hears her yelling something about going to the Imperial compound that he realizes he’s crossed the street, his traitorous feet working of their own accord.

“There you are,” he hears himself say. Confusion swirls in with her anger, and for a man who only ever wears one expression, the range of emotions that flit across her face is dizzying.

He grabs her shoulders, leans in. “Play along,” he whispers.

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Disney princes and their quotes
  • Flynn rider: You were my new dream.
  • Eric: I lost her once. Im not going to lose her again!
  • Naveen: Because Tiana... she is my Evangeline.
  • Hercules: Meg, I would never, ever hurt you.
  • Beast: At least I got to see you one last time
  • Aladdin: Tell me princess, now when did you last let your heart decide?
  • John Smith: I'd rather die tomorrow than live a hundred years without knowing you

I’ve been a bit obsessed with writing my own fic lately, so I’m still catching up on some of my reading. But in the meanwhile, here are some new recommendations, which will also be added to the master list and the master list divided by categories.

when did you last let your heart decide by Callioope // 5.8k (one shot) – Cassian is tasked with trying to turn the daughter of an Imperial scientist. But after years of recruiting, can he bring himself to persuade the first person he’s loved in years to risk her life?

oh what’s a heaven for by tielan // 1.1k (one shot) – Jyn has learned not to reach for anything, because it won’t be there for long.

a rest a while for many by spacenarwhal // 4.6k (one shot) – A look into a future of peace; the Rogue One crew gather together again for a long-delayed wedding.

poetry readings and coffee meetings by machellex // 1.3k (one shot) – Jyn needs to pass Latin American literature in order to graduate, and she can get some much-needed extra credit by attending a poetry reading by a Mexican author.

stealing thunder by caramelle // 3k (one shot) – It’s not that Cassian and Jyn forgot to get married.It’s just that they… kind of forgot to get married.

to help keep you warm by jeeno2 // 981 (one shot) – Jyn is having trouble keeping warm on Hoth. Cassian is determined to fix that.

how a weather builds in the silence by goingmywaydoll // 2.4k (one shot) – In which two questions are asked, six years apart, and the answer is yes both times.

Too Close (Not Close Enough) by rosaxx50 // 600 (one shot) – In which they kissed for the sake of the mission, and Jyn can’t stop thinking about it.


Listening to Disney songs at midnight while reading Ereri fanfiction lead me to writing this.
……It just happened ……

anonymous asked:

Dan singing to NB flying on a unicorn in the sky. "I will show you the world" "DANNY WE'RE CURRENTLY FLYING OFF THE GROUND ON A MAGICAL HORSE WITHOUT ANY SAFETY HARNESS WE MIGHT FALL" "Shining, shimmering, splendid" "DO YOU NOT KNOW HOW DANGEROUS THIS IS?" "Tell me, Brian, now when did you last let your heart decide?" "OH GOD WE'RE GONNA FALL OFF LOOK OUT FOR THE TREE"

the best part about this is that i hc NB as mute, so all I’m seeing is NB holding onto Danny’s waist and pressing into his back for DEAR LIFE while giving him death glares and unsuccessfully trying to sign to him to shut the fuck up and get them down (although he does love hearing danny sing so it’s not all too bad <3)