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INTJ Misconception

Stereotypical INTJ:
-Finishes all tasks when assigned
-Super focused
-Already did it
-Has all notes written and organised
-Gets all the ‘A’s

Real INTJ:
-Putting effort into the wrong tasks
-Ignoring responsibilities they consider frivolous or irrelevant
-Can’t find anything
-Stays up all night researching and theorising about their new obsession
-Can’t find the motivation


In case you were wondering what happened to Alex’s backbone in season eleven, 
apparently he left it somewhere in season ten.

Contrary to popular belief, posting reminders isn’t a competition. Some individuals become jealous and envious of the amount of notes another person’s post gets. When did we start to lose focus on why we’re sharing the benefit? Isn’t it supposed to be some knowledge that reaches you, that you acted upon and pondered over. That you studied and memorised, then wanted to share it with others who can do the same and benefit their akhirah?

Don’t seek fame or recognition for your posts, rectify your intentions and always aim to act upon the knowledge that you’re sharing with others. Even worse is when someone has a disagreement or argument with someone else and then uses quotes and posts to throw insult, or indirect in order to aggravate individuals. This is extremely dangerous, if it’s for evidences to guide and correct them, that’s fine, but don’t make it so that they feel insulted by the Hadith or embarrassed by it, which is what I’ve found has happened previously.

And yes, we aren’t perfect. We have flaws, all of us. But know that it becomes difficult for a person to accept the benefits you post when you, yourself are doing something contradictory to what you’ve advised. Posting about building love for the Qur'an, but then posting song lyrics? Don’t be so numb to your actions and remember to fear Allah, always.

Okay so I’m in the middle of my second true pacifist run in Undertale (trying to get everything I missed the first time) and I finished up the date with Alphys and headed on over to start the True Lab segment

And on a whim, I decided to check out the trash can by her computer, and

WOAH WOAH WOAH WAIT WHAT?? Why the heck haven’t I heard about this little detail before?! WHO WROTE THIS AND WHEN??

Not really related: wandered upstairs and discovered where Mettaton is inbetween his boss battle and the final one:

rosemillerlove  asked:

Did it hurt when you fell from heaven *flips note card* cause you *drops note cards* shit ugh let's see here *picks up note card* wait no that's upside down. Umm hold on *gets note cards* did it hurt when you fell from heaven. Cause you look like a smol angel

Lmao amazing, thank you ^^
(I wish i was taller and not so ‘smol’ tho lol)

does anyone else remember that phase of the 2012 tumblr era™ when people were just obsessed with throwing the worst pickup lines imaginable onto random people’s posts just so some other note hungry megalomaniac could swoop in and add “WHEN DID TUMBLR GET SO SMOOTH????” and it would get like a million notes like can we discuss that because what the fuck

Seventeen reaction when you kiss their neck In front of the boys

Jeonghan: he would let a small smile creep into his face but would have to push you off. He doesn’t want anything to happen.

Joshua: would get really flustered and have to push you away quickly. He would quietly apologize for having to shove you.

DK: he would smile a lot and really like it. So he would try and make it look like nothing is bothering him. Or he would scream like he did when he was trying to hit high notes.

Seungkwan: get flustered really easily. He might even let out a little moan. Then that is the time when he would shove you off of him and get really sassy.

Woozi: oh boy… As soon as your lips touched his neck he probably would have moaned. Not going to lie. Though he would kind of just step away. And try to his the Crimson color in his face and ears.

S.coups: he would get really cocky but still have a blush on his face. He wouldn’t try to move you but he would kind of tell you to stop.

Mingyu: gets really pleased and really confident. He likes it when you kiss his neck. But he would still kind of freak out over the fact that you were doing this I front of the guys.

Wonwoo: he just wanted to cuddle and watch a movie. But the other guys came out and watched the movie too. When you started kissing his neck, he got really really flustered and kind of freaked out.

Vernon: would stop and go wide eyed. His face would turn red and he would would jump away from you. He got really scared that the boys would tease him.

Dino: yet again, he would get flustered and would start to get really anxious and sweaty. He would be so nervous. It felt good, but he was in front of the guys.

The8: would have a blush on his face along with s small smile telling you “baby, can you please stop. The guys are here” with a small accomplished smile.

Jun: would smile and let you continue for a few seconds then he would have to push you away. Later you guys would have a make out session.

Hoshi: he would blush and get flustered and bouncy. He would be impatient kind of wanting you to continue but he would have to make you stop before it gets too much.

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