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100 Dialogue Prompts
  1. “Where the hell did that baby come from, Marissa?!" 
  2. “Did you destroy the world AGAIN?”
  3. "What do you mean you’re a serial killer?”    
  4. “Listen, you can’t just keep shoving people off the sides of cliffs.”
  5. “Oh my god. I thought you were dead.”
  6. “That wasn’t there before”
  7. “So what now?” “I have no idea, I thought that would kill us”
  8. “I can’t believe you’re married to death, again!”
  9. “Assassination would seem to be a better career, with your skillset.”
  10. “It’s not my fault that the snails committed mutiny!”
  11. “It’s situations like this that make me question why I follow you anywhere.”
  12. “Where did this dog come from?”
  13. “Did you remember to take the skin off?”
  14. “I was going to ask what you’re doing, but at this point, I don’t think I want to know.”
  15. “Why is there a corpse in the bathtub?”
  16. “What in tarnation”
  17. “I love you, I’ll make you love me too”
  18. “This would be a lot easier if you sat still.”
  19. “You see, it all began when it spoke back.”
  20. “This is the pit where we keep the cube that screams.”
  21. “Why did you steal my door?”
  22. “Why didn’t you just listen to me…”
  23. “Hey, you finally made it!”
  24. “Wait, there were only three of them. Why are there now four?”
  25. “How do you ‘accidentally’ hit someone hard enough to rip a hole through time and space?”
  26. “Why is there bloodstains on the floor, honey?”
  27. “… Why are you… eating tacos at 3 AM?” “Why not?”
  28. “Why would you train your gerbil army to take over the world and enslave humanity?!”
  29. “Are toasters supposed to float?”
  30. “Honey, did you eat the dog”
  31. “Hey bro, where’s our sister?” “Um… we don’t have a sister.”
  32. “Wanna help me steal a giraffe?”
  33. “I told you that you would regret it, now we’ve ended up like this.”
  34. “Why are your clothes all wet? Why are you covered in glitter? Why does your sister have wings? Ah- get off the carpet! It’s getting all wet!”
  35. “You’re not actually sure, are you?”
  36. “What do you expect me to do? I’m a magician, not a wizard!”
  37. “Dad? What are you doing here? This is a spaceship.”
  38. “Mom says I can’t burn the city hall with you. She said that we’re going to my aunt that day.”
  39. “You….you just don’t understand..”
  40. “Okay, so. No more caffeine for you, that’s apparent.”
  41. “Where were you last night?”
  42. “Okay but have you seen what my hair does?! I kills people!”
  43. “I don’t think you understand the term 'dead or alive’, because I don’t know if this thing IS dead or alive”
  44. “What do you mean, ‘there wasn’t a murder weapon’?”
  45. “Time flies, but I can fly faster.”
  46. “You just crashed with MY podship into that wall and all you say is »It’s just a scratch«?”
  47. “Now sweetie, don’t get scared when you hear the gunshots, okay? Just don’t come to the house.”
  48. “and… why do you have a gorilla in your room again?”
  49. “Okay, last question: why is there an owl in the fridge?”
  50. “Well shit, you’re hotter than i was expecting.”
  51. “It turns out, space isn’t actually the final frontier”
  52. “If I had hands right now I would choke you.”
  53. “…why did you think it would be a good idea to set that on fire?”
  54. “Close your eyes, sweetie. They can’t get you then.”
  55. “That tiger, that tiger eats humans”
  56. “I swear, if ONE more person comes at me with their hot dog buns–”
  57. “If you would have just kissed them, we wouldn’t be in this mess! Now we’re tied up on traintracks about to be smushed like bugs!”
  58. “Do I want to know why your'e in my apartment wearing only sport shorts which are quite tight?”
  59. “What do you mean that woman wasn’t you?”
  60. “Why is there a dog on the couch?!”
  61. “Stop dude stop, you scared the dogs.”
  62. “What on earth made you think the banana was a good idea?
  63. "Do I want to know whats in the box”
  64. “Wait, no! Please don’t leave me here, it’s getting dark. Have you not heard the stories of the things in these woods?”
  65. “Those were shoes yesterday”
  66. “Can I at least put on my socks first?”
  67. “Why is the Devil in your living room?” “It’s Saturday, Tom. Date night.”
  68. “John, get your damn death ray off of my cat’s bed. You’ve given poor Fluffy radiation poisoning!”
  69. “I get it, you think I don’t care about you. You think I want nothing to do with you… And you’re right.”
  70. “No. Not after last time.”
  71. “What made you think you could survive this?”
  72. “No! I never said you could reenact General Sherman’s Total War tactic from the Civil War! We’re gonna get arrested!”
  73. “Why does our 8 y/o daughter think that THAT werewolf is her pet dog?! He’s been terrorizing our entire town!!”
  74. “Have you even bothered to consider your options before deciding to bungee jump into the Pacific?”
  75. “That is NOT how you bury a dead body, Jared!”
  76. “Do you know where the cat is? I haven’t seen it in two weeks…”
  77. “You did what?!” “It’s not that big of a deal” “You killed a man!”
  78. “But you love me, don’t you? So you’ll forgive me.”
  79. “I don’t care.”
  80. “You’re a fucking asshole, you know that, right?”
  81. “You’d be surprised how flexible a sloth can be.”
  82. “Oh great, the world exploded…. again”
  83. “I dressed up for THIS?”
  84. “Why? And how?”
  85. “Would it hurt you to tell me exactly where we’re going?”
  86. “You can’t take back those words anymore. Or everything else you did.”
  87. “he didn’t do anything I fucking told him to do!”
  88. “When they came, why didn’t you fight?”
  89. “What are you doing here?” “I was about to ask you the same thing…” “Well, it’s called the hanging tree for a reason.”
  90. “__, please come down from the tree, i’ll treat you to pizza.”
  91. “You can… seriously? Oh my gosh, teach me teach me teach me!!”
  92. “I wasn’t aware that 'monster’ was a term of endearment.”
  93. “Yes, I’m sure your flower pot really is trying to kill you, Debra.”
  94. “Why is our child on the roof?”
  95. “Do you want a hug? Will that help?”
  96. “How could you sign us up for this without reading the fine print?! It says right there that we have to give up everything!!!”
  97. “And it’s been stuck in there how long now?”
  98. “I learned I can’t trust you when the world was "fine”, now tell me one reason not to place a bullet between your eyes and listen to you.“
  99. “Why the hell are you naked in my room?”
  100. "Having criminals line up against their will and you killing them is not community service!”

100 prompts. Amazing. Thank you for sharing your ideas and contributing to our community.

Let’s make a new list right now! Leave a reply and don’t forget the double quotes “”! I will use the first 100 prompts for the next list. One prompt per amigo please!

stilesbansheequeen  asked:

dunno if you still want these, but 3 + sterek would be cute if you do :) either way, awesome list!!

3. “Do you even own a shirt?!”
Shirts Are For Quitters
Also on ao3

Stiles liked college a lot so far, it was freeing in a way that high school had never been and he had scheduled all of his classes to start after 10 so he got to sleep in. His only issue with college was Derek Hale’s allergy to shirts.

Derek lived two rooms down from him, always had his door open, and never wore a shirt. Ever. Stiles was convinced that Derek went to class without a shirt on, though he had no proof of that because they didn’t have any classes together.

They were a part of a pretty tight group on their floor, they all hung out in the common room after class, went to meals together, and went out together on weekends. In their nearly 8 months of friendship Stiles had seen him wearing a proper shirt twice. Derek even wore tight, white tank tops to pretty much ever meal which hardly counted as a shirt at all.

Stiles was walking home from class one sunny Friday in April when he finally snapped. He had spent the entire year so far suppressing boners when Derek was around, but this was just excessive.  

He couldn’t take his eyes off of Derek’s sweaty chest, with his stupid muscles and his stupid chest hair. “Heads up Stilinski!” Derek yelled as the football that Derek and Isaac had been throwing around got passed Derek and almost hit Stiles.

“Do you even own a shirt?!” Stiles said, his voice higher than usual and his cheeks flushed.

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the shot you wanted (zimbits, 6k)

This fic started out as a drabble in response to @iwantakokokringle’s request for a “zimbits zoo meetcute”. 6000 words later and here we are…

“He’s late,” Bitty grumbled as he bounced up and down on his toes, trying to spot the photographer in the swarm of students around them. His search was a little hindered in that he wasn’t sure who he was looking for exactly. He had only corresponded with the Daily’s photographer Brian over email and Brian’s student ID picture left a lot to be desired in identification purposes.

Next to him, Trina shrugged as she leaned over the card table they had set up to be their ticket booth for the weekend. The poster board that they had decorated to proclaim loudly “SAMWELL DANCE PRESENTS THE PETTING ZOO! ADMISSION 3 TICKETS” flapped in the wind as she taped it a little more securely to the table.

Just then, he spotted a tall dark-haired guy with a camera slung around his neck through the crowd. The guy was taller than Bitty would have guessed based on his student ID picture and a lot better looking, but the heavy-duty camera and the slightly lost look on his face as he scanned the crowd seemed like pretty good indicators. This was Brian at last. Bitty waited another minute as Brian looked around the crowd and with a roll of his eyes, he plunged into the crowd to retrieve the photographer. He had things to do this afternoon that did not include waiting around for the Daily’s errant photographer after all.

“For God’s sake,” Bitty said to himself as he dodged a gaggle of girls to land himself in front of the photographer. He still hadn’t managed to catch Brian’s attention until he reached out and grabbed his arm. Brian looked down at him, clearly startled, and frowned. Bitty immediately took his hand back and cleared his throat. “You’re looking for the petting zoo, right?” he asked.

Read on AO3 or below the cut!

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Coffee Confessions - Chris Evans Imagine

This is the cheesiest title but whatever XD 

Summary: An ideal fourth date in February? Simple. A cup of coffee and maybe a confession or two that Chris has been keeping from you for long enough. He couldn’t wait another moment to tell you that he saw as the stars aligning for him; the moment he met you. 

Requests? Open - (ask here!)

Here are my two prompt lists if you want to request one from there: Prompt One / Prompt Two  - My Masterlist -  Chris Evans / Steve Rogers Masterlist

Warnings? Fluffy!AF  / CutiePieChris / 

People: Chris / You

“Now, remind me again why we are doing this?”

“Because! Come on, what’s the worst that could happen?”

“I give you something that you’re allergic to and you die on my account and your fans stampede to my house and then they kill me too.”

“You’re quite creative…”

You shrugged and looked down at your dirty boots, “Some would call me cynical.” Chris smiled and just shook his head laughing quietly to himself. “Well, cynically creative it is then.” 

A small smile on your face. He just grins down at you then looks up at the menu.“Okay, well I’m only allergic to two things; Shrimp, and Cats. So if you find a shrimp cocktail on the Starbucks menu, I suggest you divert to another food.”  A giggle flew out of your mouth, making the two dimples on the apples of your cheeks strike Chris’s eye. He looked in your direction as you stared up at the menu above the Barista when he saw the beauty next to him chuckling at his allergies. Chris looked at you, with a spark in his eyes, “What!”

“Shrimp? Really? Interesting…”

“Oh, well Ms. Perfect, what allergies do you have?”

“I’m allergic to men who wear t0o much Axe body spray.” Chris bellowed out a laugh and didn’t receive a wink of attention from anyone inside the cramped Starbucks.

It was a busy Monday morning in Manhattan, people didn’t have time to glare at the happy couple on a weird ‘eight in the morning on Monday’ date.

Slinging his arm over your shoulder, Chris brought you closer as soon as you two finally reached the register. Suddenly it felt a hundred degrees hotter in here than it did a second ago.

When you ordered for Chris you decided to get him an Americano iced, with milk and one sugar. Adding a cake pop to your order, much to Chris’s amusement. He knew that you’d steal it from him later.

“I’ll have a Venti, Iced Caramel Macchiato with skim milk, and one slice of lemon bread to go, please.”

Your mouth must’ve hit the dirty Starbuck’s floor once he finished his order. You looked at Chris and saw he was amused by your expression when he glanced down at you, out of the corner of his eye.

“How the hell did you know that was what I liked?”

“Babe, we’ve gone on three dates and I’ve known you for what, a year now? If it’s mid-spring, and you aren’t wearing a jacket it’s an Iced Caramel Macchiato with skim milk, but you hate the thickness of regular milk, and lemon bread because it’s fucking awesome. No matter how much hate lemon bread gets, you’d defend it to your last dying breath.”

“I just don’t understand why this generation has no respect for lemon bread. It’s disgraceful!” Smiling down at you, he rests his head on top of yours as you two wait for your orders to be filled in the sea of busy Bostonian’s.

“So, what does your daily horoscope say today…” He peaked over and smiled, leaning back so people couldn’t get a good look at his face. He didn’t want to be recognized on your date, he wanted it to be just you two.

“What does it say?”

“Well, Miss. Aquarius, you are having a five-star day- and hey! So am I, the Gentle and Genuinely Handsome Gemini, if I may add.” Rolling your eyes, you put your hand on your hip, rolling your hand forward for him to continue. “It says; Wait for opportunities to come your way. You are waiting for a sign but you will not receive one unless you shoot for your goals. You are going to cross paths with…” He pauses for a second and smiles, leaning back as he looks at you. “What? I’m gonna cross paths with what?”

“The love of your life.” He says quietly.

You stopped for a second, and don’t even care when your name is rung out, “Order for Steve and order for James.”

Your eyes are wide, even while Chris moves to grab both your orders, “It says that?” Chris nodded, bringing you the lemon bread and iced drink.


“Well, what does your’s say?”

Chris sighed in content, pulling the door to the streets of Pant Suits and Cabbie’s yelling at one another. As the harsh winter air hit your faces, the breeze takes your hair back. Brushing the curly strands off of your shoulders that we’re covered in a simple black peacoat. “It said, ‘Gemini, you have already met your one and only. Don’t let them walk away without telling them how you feel or it will haunt you. You’ll regret it the moment they turn away into another lover’s arms.’”

Smiling down at you while you two start the short walk back to his apartment, Chris couldn’t help but a breath escapes him at the side of your perfect, pinched pink cheeks and puckered lips from being chapped from the vicious blowing winds.   “Well do you think your horoscope is true?”

“Hell yeah…” Chris answered you coolly, although a wave of anxiety hit him when he paused for a second before shooting a glance at you and quietly repeating you back your question, “Do you?”

You don’t need to look up from your lemon bread to know he’s watching you, you could just feel the love of his eyes bearing deep into your heart, making it pump blood faster every time those blue eyes were looking in your direction. With a small sip of your drink to let the bread go down easily, you reply confidently to Chris, not even skipping a step. “Fuck yeah.”

Smiling at you no longer feels like enough for him, so letting all fucks fly into the wind, he stood in front of you and bent down to land an impassioned kiss on your stinging lips that now just felt numb. Numb with a bee’s sting of love.

Chris was kissing you at the traffic light, not bothering to worry whether the world was watching or not. When the walkers started across the street, your lips parted from each other and Chris guided you along, letting you lean on him as a bit of support. Still in shock of the electricity that now coursed through your veins bled straight into your heart. Your brain was a haze by the moment you two just shared with a thousand other people on the corner of Village Street.

Together, you walk silently now, no longer feeling the need to fill the silence. The sky was blue and the sun had risen high above you two. Feeling his hand reach yours, you hooked your fingers with his and felt them grasp stronger, intertwining his fingers with yours. Chris was clutching onto you as if he was gonna lose you in the bustling crowd. Suddenly it felt like your safety came before his own on the bustling streets.

After a while, when you finally reached his apartment, you two sat down and relax for a second with Dodger begging to play fetch with his favorite toy, a rubber turtle that didn’t bounce that bad but let Dodger get in a bit of a good exercise until you’d take him down to Berrington Park.

Chris suddenly gives you the look of the joker, with a wide grin that could almost appear as sinister.  He was too cute to be sinister, though.  You took a bite of the lemon bread that was barely left. You had one, maybe two bites before it’d be done. Scarfing it down in what you knew would be very unflattering paparazzi photos soon.

“You made those horoscopes up, didn’t you?” Smirking, Chris nods, taking an unauthorized sip of your macchiato. Not that you cared or anything.

“What did yours really say, Chris?”

“It said…I’d  fall in love with a lemon head.” Smacking him on the arm, you giggle before surprising him and bringing him forward with your hand on the back of his head.

“Your such a clown sometimes, Christopher.”

“Some call it more sarcastic or dry.”

A soft smile fell onto your lips as you press them barely to Chris’s. He felt like a feather now laid on his lips. Setting the two drinks on the coffee table, you just barely mumbled into his kiss as those large, beautiful, slightly chapped  lips brought you in, “The Sarcastically Dry Comedian it is then.”


Dean Ambrose/OC- Reader skeptically asked Dean a question. He took it very serious.

Warnings- Overstimulation(like alot), Spanking, a slight daddy kink, praise kink.

Hey anon hope you like this because I do.

Tags: @vebner37 @the-geekgoddes @llowkeys @sierrarukia

Today I woke later than I normally do. The window in the bedroom was open so a cool breeze could roll in. The warm sun on my skin made me even hotter as I was blushing thinking about all the things Dean and I did last night. When we have sex its usually rushed and a lot of faint “I love yous” are said. But last night was different, Dean made love to me. He went slow and roamed every part of my body. It was a completely different feel but today I want something different.

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anonymous asked:

Hey, hi! I have a prompt for a fanfic :) Top!Trini shares a super-lovely night with bottom!Kim who isn't a virgin any more, but for her it's the first time to have sex with a girl.

Also posted on AO3

She wasn’t panicking. She totally was not panicking.

Okay maybe she was panicking. Because things between her and Trini were getting hotter and heavier tonight than they ever had and, fuck, she was so inexperienced when it came to this. Actually, it wasn’t the sex part that she was clueless about, it was the sex with a girl part.

Okay, yeah, the mechanics of it weren’t too hard to figure out (she wasn’t that stupid), but what if she did something wrong? What if Trini didn’t like anything she did? Or what if she couldn’t live up to any expectations that Trini might have? God, what if—

“Hey,” Trini said, bringing a hand to cup her face. “Where’d you go?”

Kim swallowed and shook her head. “Uh, nowhere. I’m right here.”

Trini gave her a look, one that said ‘We’ve been dating for almost three months and I can tell when you’re lying.’ She swung a leg back over Kim’s hip and moved back to sitting crisscross on bed next to her. “You know, if you weren’t enjoying what we were doing, you can always tell—”

“Nononono,” Kim bolted up, quick to reassure her girlfriend that she wasn’t the reason that she’d spaced out. “I loved what we were doing; I always love what we do. It’s not that.”

“Then what’s up?” Sensing Kim’s hesitation, Trini took her hand and said, “Talk to me, Kim. You know you can tell me anything.”

“It’s just,” she started, “I’m new to this.”

Trini frowned. “New to what? Making out?”

Kim rolled her eyes playfully. “No, you dummy. Sex…with a girl.”

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Ok let me say again how much I am LOVING Dua Lipa. Not only did she flat out deny that she and Harry are anything more than friends (she didn’t try to play coy and be annoying like many other girls do) she also made sure to say that she is in a happy relationship. Which just shuts down the entire discussion altogether. Suck it Dan Wootton, you piece of shit. 

anonymous asked:

I think we're all up for smutty book recs :)

Because you asked so nicely…

Disclaimer: Smutty books are usually LOADED with problematic content. So don’t get your panties in a twist if you open one up and a character/author does something shitty and be like “Hannah said this was a good book!” People have weird kinks, and part of the nature of the smutty book is to feed into that kink—no matter how problematic it may be to the rest of us.

That being said, I have read some smutty books that I would NEVER EVER EVER recommend. They’re so problematic and horrible and not even the smut is good enough for me to recommend them. BUT, some people have weird kinks. Who am I to judge?

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All I Want to do Right now

Paring: Marcus Flint x Oliver Wood

Word: 24927

Summary: Marcus had told himself this so many times, he wasn’t gay. He just couldn’t be gay. But Oliver Wood had his attention and as much as he hated it, he did feel a way about him he shouldn’t. 

Marcus had tried telling himself that the tugging feeling in his stomach he got whenever he saw Wood wasn’t attraction, it wasn’t interest, and it certainly wasn’t anything gay.

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Officially, Satisfied.

Request-can you do malia x girl reader where the reader is horny and frusturated and malia is teasing her, being all agressive and it ends up in hardcore sex?
Malia and I have been officially unofficial for about four months now. We act like we are dating, we do things couples do, everyone thinks we are dating but no such words have ever been exchanged. When I first met Malia, I thought she was straight seeing as she was dating Stiles at the time, but in later conversations with her I found out that she thinks of it, not by gender but by personality first. To her, a person is a person, a soul is a soul and love is love. I love Malia, and I’m pretty sure she loves me and if not saying we are in a relationship is what she needs, its fine with me. I don’t need a label for what we are, would it be nice? Sure. As I looked over at Malia who was sitting across the room from me, my mind couldn’t help but wonder. Her tan legs from summer vacation, still tan as ever. Her freshly cut hair, fitting her personality more than her long hair ever did. The way her forehead crinkled when she was thinking too hard. Before I knew where my mind was going, I was thinking about how Malia could make me moan her name from under her, and how much I loved to kiss in-between her breasts as she breathed heavily in anticipation. I bit my lip at the thought, I could feel myself becoming more and more turned on by each passing moment, my thoughts dancing around every sexual memory that I had of us. Malia clearing her throat, pulled me from my thoughts.
“Are you okay?” She asked, looking down at my hands, without realizing it, I was gripping the sheets on the bed and sitting on the edge. I just nodded, knowing that Malia needed to study and not have sex. We both have been unbelievably busy with senior year and pack stuff the past few weeks and the most we have done in that time has been make out for a few seconds before Scott interrupted us by blowing up our phones with text messages. I was beyond sexually frustrated and I had no idea how Malia wasn’t.
“You look…well, you look horny.” She said causing me to chuckle and shake my head slightly. I was a terrible liar and Malia knew the things I did when I was turned on and I was doing every single one of them, even if my mind was telling my body not to. Malia smirked and rolled over to me on the rolling chair that I had at my desk where she was sitting.
“Truth be told, you look a little frustrated, maybe a little unsatisfied.” She whispered, while moving on top of me, sitting on my lap, one leg on each side of me, her hands on my shoulders while my hands sat on her lower back.
“Come to think of it, I can’t remember the last time that we had sex.” She said, while grinding down on me slightly, causing my breathing to hitch. I have never felt like this about anyone, other than Malia, so completely engrossed in her. She smiled as my hands gripped at her shirt, not just lying there, holding her to me. She looked at me, her eyes meeting mine, hers gloing blue for a second before returning to her normal brown, her dead I’ve away that she was now turned on.
“Don’t tease me, Malia.” I whispered as one of her hands played with the hem of my shirt and pulled it up, just enough to get her hand up my shirt and play with the lace on my bra. She grinned before her other hand played with my bottom lip.
“You don’t have to tell me twice.” She said, cupping my cheek with the hand that was playing with my lip and pulling me into a deep and passionate kiss. It was aggressive but god, was it sexy. I pulled away from the kiss with a moan as Malia kissed down my neck and started to tug my shirt off. I pushed her away just enough to take my shirt off before I took off her.
“I’m controlling this, not you, (Y/N)” She said, pushing me down on the bed and running her hands down my breasts, stomach and sliding into my jeans, causing me to arch my back and moan.
“I’ve barely touched you and you are already writhing. God, baby, you really are frustrated.” She said as she played with the lips of my entrance, rubbing my clit in circles with her thumb, causing my breathing to become harder and her smile to grow wider. She stuck one finger inside of me before leaning over me to kiss me, everything she did was aggressive, sexy, she had complete control and I had no problem letting her have it. Her hand was doing wonders and I could feel myself getting close to orgasm and I’m guessing Malia did too because she took her hand out of my pants, making me groan at the lack of contact.
“Hush. I need you pants off to do more than just that.” She said causing me to nod and grip the sheets like I was before. Malia wasn’t always this demanding but she usually was the one who started the sex and it was always hot but right now, I couldn’t think of anything hotter. Malia knew me better than I knew myself when it came to what I liked sexually. She knew what got me going, what I liked most and when I liked to do certain things so it was no surprise that once she got my jeans and underwear off, hers were next, leaving us just in our bras.. I loved fingering each other, any time, any day, it was a huge part of our foreplay. I really liked oral when we were sleepy because the more time that we had, the better. Especially when we first wake up so it’s the first thing we are thinking about, we were just focused on each other and pleasing one another. Anything that would pleasure the both of us at the same time, I left that all to Malia, she was good at finding new and excited things to bring into our sex lives.  She climbed on top of me with a smile and began moving us, so we would fit the way that she wanted.  She turned on me so one of my legs was behind her and the other in front of her, leg one of my legs us and let it rest on her shoulder, one of her favorite positions. She looked down at me before she lowered herself down so we were touching. We both loud out a gasp, touching for the first time in weeks. She began to move her hips, sending waves of pleasure, shooting through me, her eyes shutting and head leaning back. Her movements, were fast, hard and aggressive, typical Malia but it was more desperate, both of us begging to reach our highs.
“Malia” I whined out causing her to nod and look down at me, sweat lightly covering both of our foreheads from our acts of passion. We kept our eyes locked, wanting to climax together. Malia has so much energy, her animal coming out during sex, only making it better for the both of us.
“God, (Y/N).” She moaned out, sending both of us over the edge, her collapsing on top of me. We were both smiling widely, panting and more than satisfied.
“I think that was our best one yet.” I said as I pulled my top sheet over the both of us. I knew we would both fall asleep soon, completely drained from what we had just accomplished. Malia, rolled over, not on me anymore but on her side to face me. She looked at me, with soft eyes, different from before, making me look at her with a worried expression.
“I love you, I know this might go without saying. I also wanted to say that you are a girlfriend to me. I don’t want anyone else and I sure don’t want you to want anyone else.” She said making me chuckle and cup her face in my hands, this is where I was more of the dominant one, with the fluffy and personal stuff.
“I love you too Malia, and I don’t want anyone else, not even for a second.” I said causing her to sleepily smile and peck my lips sloppily. I was happy I finally knew what we were but I was more happy at the fact that I just had breathtaking sex with the most amazing girl in the universe.

leiiaas  asked:

Claire/Owen is not a morning person. How would the other struggle to wake them up say if they have somewhere to be while the other groans "just another five minutes" :)

I could probably write a novel about this ^^

There were many words that Owen could use to describe Claire. When he first met her, determined and opinionated were the first that came to mind. He added stubborn as hell to the list along the way, as well as loyal to a fault. A workaholic and a perfectionist were there from the start, and hotter than he could handle didn’t even need to be mentioned it was so obvious. A pain in the ass came up quite a few times, but so did funny and gorgeous and compassionate.

However, impossible to get out of the bed in the AM was certainly not something he ever thought he’d use to describe her. Claire Dearing was many things, but a morning person she was definitely not.

Owen crouched in front of the bed, a small smile widening at the sight of her messy hair and a delicate bow of slightly parted lips, the flush on her cheeks and the way she tucked her hand under her pillow as she slept. He brushed her bangs from her forehead and leaned closer to press a kiss to her temple, calling her name softly – the last time he started her, she practically punched him in the face, so this was about caring as well as a precaution.

Claire grumbled something under her breath without waking up and buried her face in her pillow, not willing to part with the sleet slumber yet. “Just five more minutes,” Owen heard her mutter in a croaky, muffled voice.

He’d always imagined her jumping from under the covers at the crack of dawn, downing her second cup of coffee before even the birds were up, making the best of every minute of her waking hours that were undoubtedly packed with so much stuff they were making the very fabric of time stretch out to fit her hectic life. And quite frankly, he doubted that anyone who ever met Claire could possibly have a different impression. Instead, he ended with a woman who, if given a choice, would gladly sleep until noon on the weekend and not change of her pajamas unless she had too. How she ever managed to make it to her meetings on time when it took her forever and a half to even open her eyes before 8 am he had no idea – and the teasing on his part never ceased.

It was odd to be the first one out of bed more often than not, the role he didn’t quite anticipate to step into. He loved it, though. Loved how soft she seemed around the edges. Loved discovering the sides of her that no one else knew about. Loved knowing that she needed at least a gallon of coffee to stop growling at him (which in his very humble opinion was the most adorable thing about Claire, and the most surprising and unexpected one he’d learned since they got together, too.)

Right now, though, he was on a mission to wake her up before they missed their flight because if they did, Karen was going to bury them alive, he suspected. Claire’s sister was awesome in every possible sense of the word, but he was more than a little terrified of her nonetheless.

There was a pot of coffee waiting for Claire in the kitchen, and a toast, and all he had to do was actually get her in the shower, and they’d be good.

“Baby, we have to go,” he tried again although truth be told, if it wasn’t for the tickets waiting for them on the table in the hallway, he’d be just as happy to crawl under the blanket with her.

She rolled onto her side, blinking sleepily at him. Rubbed her eyes and stifled a yawn, her lips curling into a smile when her gaze focused on him. “Hi.”

Owen laced his fingers through hers and brushed a kiss to her knuckles. “C’mon, it’s time to go.”

Naive Part 1

Malia noticed what was happening but somehow she still didn’t see it coming.
Should she blame it on how naive she used to be or just the fact that she was and is so in lo-
You can’t think that anymore , she reprimanded herself, he isn’t yours to love.
Malia knew this but the coyote in her brazened. The animaliatic side of her her true side demanded to be felt. And it felt possessive and angry and hurt and betray-
Stop. She had to keep a better control of her self, be her own anchor but all the progress she had made seemed to unravel seeing Stiles.

Thinking of him unleashed a wave of memories that crashed on Malia which she welcomed yet unbidden. Stiles who had helped her when she had come into this new world, confusing and -though she wouldn’t admit it- scary. Too many rules and constrictions and a resentful father who wished it were her mother and sister (and so did she), and guilt and nightmares which kept her up at night. And the cold. He made her warm. When all she could do was shiver and long for her fur he made her warmer -no hotter- than she had ever been, each kiss and touch leaving a trail of heat behind, his fingers igniting a fire inside her. But better was when she saw Stiles, she felt like her heart was bursting with something, at the time,she couldn’t place but it calmed her mind. The look he gave her made her feel like she could get through this, the pride and happiness spurring her on but more was the emotion she had come to accosiate with him.
He was the first to show her that, how to love someone and how it would feel to be loved in return. When she had learnt to process her emotions of guilt or anger he had always been there, supporting her and comforting her as she had comforted him. All those nights he would scream Allison’s name or mutter incoherent apologies to others, it almost seemed like the nogitsune was always haunting him. She was there holding his shaking body as he slowly came to and she had never felt as helpless as she did in that moment hearing his sobs and screams. In that moment she made a vow to him and herself,promising to protect him from others and himself. Stiles taught her to be selfless, she could see it in how he cared for her and Scott and the pack who were like a family to her and him. Malia knew that she would gladly give her life for them as he would do without a second thought. That was what made it hard for her right now, wondering how she could forget Stiles, her anchor, someone she would die for. But Malia remembered how he told her to concentrate on one thing and one thought kept her sane through this.
With Stiles, she would kill to have him safe and happy.

Malia kept that thought in her mind, the increasingly impatient coyote in her restless but in her control, as she pushed open the doors to Beacon Hills Highschool.
She heard the chatter of students and the bashing of lockers, the thumping heartbeats and the rhythmic breathing of each individual.
And like a switch, all the noises hitting her sensitive ears drowned out.
Malia heard a voice she knew so well, better than her own,
She stood higher to look.
Stiles and Lydia.
Stiles and Lydia holding hands.
Stiles and Lydia looking at each other with the same look he used to give her not so long ago.

She took a breath.

She exhaled.

Malia felt her eyes stinging but blinked back the tears, swallowing the lump in her throat and restraining herself from shaking.
She wondered how naive she could have been to think she could ever prepare herself to see this.
Malia wiped her eyes quickly with her sleeve, clearing her throat as she weaved through the masses of students. The noise almost deafened her as it returned distracting for only a moment - if only it was longer- as she stalked towards the two, planting a smile on her face.
Malia finally made it towards them and she felt her heart begin to thump with each step. Their conversation stopped as they noticed her approach, Lydia giving her a small smile, her eyes guarded as she tightened her grip on Stiles. Who was staring at her and for a moment it was as if nothing had changed and he was still hers, but he glanced at Lydia and she saw the look he gave her of adoration and maybe something more.
She felt as if she had been punched in the gut.
Stiles turned his attention to Malia again, a grin on his face encouraging her to do something other than stare. She looked into the golden eyes of the boy she lo-
She couldn’t think that anymore.
Heart hammering in her chest she opened her mouth to speak, remembering to focus on her relief of him in front of her alive, safe and happy.
“You’re back.”
But how could she have been so naive?

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Ladrien, watching anime together, power outage.

I had to figure out how they’d be watching anything during a power outage. You kids and your newfangled technology. ((Reminder that requests are closed and I’m just fulfilling the ones I got!))


Little known fact about Ladybug: She did not like thunderstorms. Apparently almost getting struck by lightning during the Stormy Weather incident had left her with a bit of a phobia. Adrien couldn’t blame her for that; having been standing right next to her during that incident, he had also decided he’d rather not be struck by heat six times hotter than the sun.

So when the storm had rolled in during Ladybug’s usual patrol time, he’d cracked open a window—just enough to keep the floor from getting drenched—and waited. She appeared five minutes before the storm knocked out the power.

“Oh my God.” Ladybug pressed into Adrien’s side as she toweled her hair dry. They sat on his couch, huddled together over his laptop. “Is Winry falling in love with Ed? Please tell me she’s falling in love with Ed.”

“What do you think?” Adrien asked her, admiring her hopeful expression awash in the glow of his laptop screen.

“I think I’m going to lose it if she is,” Ladybug said.

Lightning flashed. Ladybug scooted even closer to him. Thunder rumbled several seconds later, signaling that the storm was on its way out of the area. Adrien paused the episode. “Guess we’ll have to call it a night soon,” he said.

Ladybug tucked a damp strand of hair behind her ear. “Oh, I’m not doing anything important tonight, so we can keep watching…”

Adrien blushed. “You want to?”

“It’s not like I’m watching the show without you in my spare time.”

“You’re not?”

She frowned at him. “Of course not. This is our thing.”

Our thing. The words struck him in the chest like a perfectly aimed arrow. Adrien turned back to the screen, heart racing. “All right then, we’ll keep going,” he said. 

The episode resumed. Ladybug rested her head on his shoulder. He thought about putting his arm around her, but his courage failed him, so he settled for inching his hand over until his pinkie finger touched hers. She surprised him by sliding her her hand under his and threading their fingers together. Adrien, too distracted by the warmth of her palm against his palm, lost track of the episode entirely.



“I’m glad we have a thing.”

She giggled. “Me too.”

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Hi!! Can you write where the boys are on a trip together and one gets sun poisoning really badly (preferably Max or Ira)? Thank you!!!

It had been a hot day – hotter than the boys expected, to be fair. Ira had wanted to go to the beach for so long, he was glad when his friends decided they agreed. The drive had been restless, and Ira was desperate to get to the beach. It was the twins’ birthday, after all!

Ira had been drinking a considerable amount – something he rarely did outside of a party.

But it was his birthday, he kept saying to his friends.

That was his excuse for downing drinks and flailing around in the waves.  

The other boys were in and out of the water, but Ira had been steadily playing, kicking the soccer ball with Liam, surfing on a body board, and laying out.  

Around late afternoon, however, Eno walked back from the restroom and saw the tipsy boy had fallen asleep on the beach chair. He had a t-shirt draped over his eyes. He’d been asleep for some time.

“Ira, party too hard?” Liam asked, putting a hand on the boy’s shoulder.

Ira didn’t move at first, and Liam tried again. Ira stirred, and pulled the shirt from his face, sitting up with a groan. His face looked funny.

“You alright there?” Liam asked, an eyebrow raised.

Ira nodded.

“Just tired.”

Liam dropped it, although Ira looked unwell.

The boys spent the next several minutes picking up and planned to order a pizza once they got back to the condo.

Once back at the condo, Ira immediately laid on the bed. He was exhausted.

The other boys let him sleep while they decided on the pizzas and a movie for the night. Liam blew up an air mattress and sat on the bed by Ira.

When the pizza arrived, Liam shook Ira to wake him up. Ira blinked, looking dazed.

“Seriously, Ira, are you okay?” Liam asked.

Ira furrowed his brow. He wasn’t okay. He felt terrible. His head hurt and he was dizzy – something he wrote off to the alcohol in his system.

“I think I just need to eat something and go to sleep,” Ira said, “I need something to soak up the alcohol.”

Liam nodded. That made sense. He grabbed a slice of pizza and handed it to Ira.  

“You good, Ira?” Eno asked from the other bed.

Ira nodded, looking dead tired.

He bit into the pizza, lacking an appetite. He cringed as he swallowed it, but forced it down and drank a bit of soda. He rolled back over on top of the covers, not even removing his swim trunks or showering.

A couple hours later, Eno was ready for bed and the boys had finished their movie. Eno looked at Ira on top of the covers of the bed they were supposed to share. He rolled his eyes.

“Come on, Ira, move so I can pull the covers back…” Eno said, placing a hand on Ira’s back when he didn’t move. He pulled his hand back quickly, realizing something was wrong. Ira was burning hot through his shirt, but he wasn’t sweating at all.

“Ira. Ira, wake up,” he said urgently. The others looked over.

“What’s going on?” Liam asked, and Porter bit his thumbnail.

“Ira, wake up man,” Eno said again, rolling the boy on his back. He was limp, which made Eno’s heart sink. But then Ira’s eyes opened slowly. He blinked at his brother’s face.

“Ira, are you okay? You’re burning up,” Eno said.

Ira let out a breath, and then swallowed.

“I’m gonna throw up,” he said with a trembling voice.

Eno helped Ira as he tried to sit up, and before he could do much other than that, Ira had thrown up all down himself. He continued to belch up sick in his lap, cringing. The others jumped up in alarm.

Porter thrust a trashcan at Eno, who then held it under Ira’s lip. Ira threw up once more, coughing.

“Ira, oh, man what’s wrong?” Liam asked.

Ira shook his head over the trashcan, unable to speak. He pinched the bridge of his nose trying to qualm his aching and spinning head.

“Okay, man, you just drank too much… it’s okay,” Eno said. Ira nodded, belching again. He felt disgusting. He was covered in sick.

“Come on, lets get you cleaned up,” Eno said, a bit flustered. He grabbed Ira’s arm to help him up and to the restroom. Ira was shaky, he paused over the toilet while Eno ran the shower. He stepped in with his swim trunks on, needning to clean them anyways.

As soon as the water hit his skin, he was in agony.

“It burns…” He winced as the water hit his back.

Eno turned the water cooler and Ira relaxed a bit.

He kept his eyes closed, leaning against the shower wall.  

“Uh…” He groaned, in pain.

Eno was starting to think this was a lot more than just being too drunk.

Ira tried to rinse the sick off his shorts. He turned around to face the water when a belch rolled up his chest and out, and with it, another wave of sick fell on the floor and washed away before his eyes.

He squeezed his eyes shut. Everything hurt. His stomach was uneasy, and his head was killing him.  

Soon, Eno helped Ira out of the shower and Ira got dressed in a pair of boxers. One look at him said that he’d been sunburned. His skin was red all over, and burning. He’d tried putting shorts and a t shirt on, and they simply tortured him.

Ira went back to the bedroom the other boys had thankfully cleaned up. He climbed in the bed, wincing as he laid down. His body ached and stung.

Soon, the boys realized the full extent of Ira’s condition. He was trembling and shivering. His teeth chattered and he was in a ball, trying to be warm but at the same time burning up.

“Ira, you have to drink water, bud,” Liam said. Ira groaned, not wanting to throw up again.

“You have to… it’ll help,” he said, holding a big glass out.

Ira let out a breath, wanting nothing less than some water.

He took the cup under the boys’ watchful eyes.

He drank a few large gulps, and then, feeling like he couldn’t manage anymore, he sat it down. He belched at the end queasily, as if to prove a point to the others.

He laid down, his eyes burning. He felt so bad.

“Is there a first aid kit in the bathroom?” Eno asked, and Porter went to check. Coming back with a tiny white box, he held out the thermometer.  

Eno turned it on and held it towards Ira, who glared at him. He just wanted to be left alone.

He opened his mouth, hoping they’d stop bothering him if he did.

Soon the thermometer beeped and the answer was revealed.

Ira shivered intensely, breathing in and out shakily.

“Jesus, Christ,” Eno said, shaking his head as he pulled the thermometer away.

“Whatissit?” Ira slurred.

“103,” Eno said, turning to Porter with a concerned look. Porter bit the inside of his cheek.

“Ira, can you take some tylenol? We have to get your fever down. You also need more water…”

“Please, leave me ‘lone,” Ira said, throwing an arm over his eyes. He rested his other hand on his belly.

He felt really unwell, but the boys were rightfully scared of leaving him alone.

Still, Ira knew that he really needed something. This was how people died. He’d seen enough tourists on the island get hauled away by medics to know better. When he’d been a lifeguard, he’d even helped several people with sun poisoning. He knew what it looked like – and what it could do.

Finally with a bit of coaxing, Eno got Ira to drink an entire glass – under the promise he’d stop badgering him. He took two tylenol and waited, hoping he’d keep it down.

Ira was restless throughout the night, although he slept. He woke up feeling not at all refreshed.

His sunburn was very visible and he felt sore all over. Every time he moved he made a pained face.

But Ira’s fever had gone down, thankfully. He wasn’t in the danger zone anymore.

Ira sat up against the headboard, trying to wake up. The other boys packed up to head home.

“You feeling better?” Liam asked, sitting on the edge of the bed, and Ira shrugged.

“Worst birthday ever.”


That The Ranch AU Nobody Asked For: The morning after the first official date.

Colt can’t believe Rooster got the girl. When she showed at the bar, he and Berto were sure that wasn’t happening any time soon. She’s so not his brother’s type. Hotter than him, but still not his type. So when he finds himself on his dad’s kitchen with Becky on his brother’s underwear and a happy Rooster, he can’t help but wonder what did he do to get such woman.

Extracurricular Activities: Homework

Request: Can u do a Damon smut where you come back from school and he is really heated and wants to fuck u 😂 – Anon

Pairings: Damon x Reader

Warnings: smut, swearing

Word Count: 1032

This is some sort of series about Damon and the reader while she is in school or anything that has to do with school and they have little smutty time together.

Extracurricular Activities: Class Work, Keep Quiet, Please, Cheer Practice

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

You placed your notebook in your bag and tossed it on your shoulder. You walked out of the classroom and straight to your car. “Freaking high school, so stressful.” You muttered as you entered your car. Why do you need to have homework anyway? It’s stupid and useless and the freaking teacher is not ever checking it good! You were more than exasperated.

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*gif not mine*

You didn’t want to admit it but things were getting out of control, you liked him Jealous, you enjoyed seeing him angry. The more he got angry, the more you got turned on. It was like a fire ignited inside you that the heat got hotter and you wanted more.

You were in the kitchen, starting on preparing dinner for the rest of the group when Daryl walked in carrying a bunch of cooking ingredients he’d just brought in from the truck that had pulled up outside. He looked better than what he did 3 months ago. You were allowed to speak now but nothing else, you were Negan’s and that was that. But you couldn’t stop the feelings for Daryl being brought up again, you were kind of a thing back at Alexandria but you didn’t do nothing about it. There were feelings there and you both knew it but you were involved with Negan as well and you kind of enjoyed it.

“ Y/n ” you heard his voice behind you, shivers going up your spine. A smile crept onto your lips knowing he hated you spending time with Daryl, especially him.

“ I’m kind of busy here ” you aggressively said carrying on with cutting up the food.

“ watch your tongue lady and how you’re looking at me, you don’t want me to punish you like the other night ” his cocky voice got deeper tilting his head to the side.

You nodded and thought you’d play a little game, putting down the knife you walked slowly around to where Daryl was standing, moving your hand to his arm moving up slowly. Daryl didn’t dare do anything, he knew that’d be the last thing he did. You knew it pissed Negan off but did you care, you loved it. The rage built up in his eyes and with the expression on his face you carried on with what you were doing.

“ y/n, here now ” Negan shouted, moving closer to you pulling you by your arm and dragging you to his room, This is what you wanted exactly. His reaction was such a turn on.

He slammed the door to his room behind him, nearly throwing you to his bed, stopping just in front on you just so your bodies were nearly touching.

“ what did I just fucking warn you, or have you gone fucking deaf in them ears of yours ” he towered over you with anger & jealousy in his eyes.

“ what, if I’m right I was doing nothing wrong, just a little harmless interaction ” looking into his eyes trying not to smile. You wanted him bad and this was the ideal opportunity.

“ you’re mine, only mine. No other man gets to touch or kiss that sexy ass body but me ” grabbing you by the waist and pulling you in kissing your neck.

You moved your head and moved in closer so both of your lips touched, starting off slowly and then swiftly to aggressive. Removing your clothes so you were just in your bra and panties.

“ damn, I forgot what a fucking amazing body you have ” Negan said with lust in his voice, he proceeded to remove his shirt tossing it to the floor.

Negan picked you up so your legs could wrap around his waist. Moans escaped both of your lips, with every kiss.

“ you know you’re only mine, no one gets to kiss or touch you either, now get to fucking punishing me ” kissing him roughly whilst he crawled on top of you attacking your body with aggressive kisses.

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kunkunek, can i request a Yandere! Kuroko? i know ur requests are closed but pleaseeeee ;'D xoxo ur kouhai <3

Thank you for the request kouhai~! I hope you will enjoy it!

You were getting paranoid and possibly crazy, but even at night, in your warm and comfy bed,  you were hearing that sounds. Someone’s breath, someone’s steps. Always behind you. 

 You knew you were being watched day by day, you felt it in your bones. That person’s eyes scanned your body, every small inch of it carefully as not to miss anything. It terrified you. You stopped feeling save, no matter where you were. 

Home, which was your safe place, started being something you didn’t want to be in. 

 School, which you loved so dearly, where you met all your friends and got good marks, was your personal hell. 

 Shops, malls, cafeteries, restaurants, parks made you anxious and frightened for your own life. What if it is someone who escaped from asylum or worse, from prison? Even though you were so scared you couldn’t eat, sleep and function like any normal being, no one seemed to believe you. Your parents brushed it off. Your classmates laughed at your stupidness calling you too sensitive and touchy. 

Even you started to question your sanity. What if you imagined it? What is this person never existed? But something didn’t feel right, this footsteps were getting impatient, they sounded angrier, louder than before. And closer. That person’s breath was ever hotter than you imagined, and your heart pounded much harder than it ever did. But when you turned around to see your persecutor, no one stood there, hovewer, you still felt their presence… 

You were crying, sobbing even, desperatly begging someone to help you, to save you from this madness, but your voice never left your throat. Insted you stood next to your bed, panting heavily after another nightmare. 

 In shock you run out of your house, not waking up your parents. You decided to walk aroung the neighbourhood, not caring about the late hour anym. The weather was terrible, it didn’t rain, but it was freezing cold and annoying fog definitely shorten you vision posibillities. 

You didn’t know how long it took for you to finally be aware of the fact that you were lost. Completely lost in the place you have never seen before. Only some flowers, destroyed cottage and forest, with huge trees, which seemed to have no ending at all. 

Feeling nothing at all anymore, you only hoped that the silence around you would last forever, and your imaginery stalker would leave your shattered mind. 

How foolish of you. 

You laughed out loud, hugging you body closer when you heard these footsteps. The same as always. In the end you said nothing, giving up and waiting for the final moment, when you were going to meet them. 

The world stopped, your body was heavy and cold hand on your back didn’t help at all. Then you felt it, hot air which left their mouth, right behind you. Slim arms sneaked around your figure, holding you gently, when their mouth trailed soft kisses down your neck. Was this person real? 

‘My name is Kuroko Tesuya, please take care of me.‘ 

Or was it not?

You didn’t know anymore nor did you care… 

TV Screens (MATURE)

“Choose something; choose anything.” He said into my ear while his chin rested comfortably on my shoulder. His hand currently rested inside of my underwear, teasing me with his fingers. “You’ve got the whole Internet full of porn, all you’ve gotta do is tell me what you wanna see and I’ll make it happen.” He had a smile on his face, a beautiful smile. It made it seem as though his words were more sincere while he beamed up at me.

“I-I don’t know,” My nostrils flared; I struggled to maintain concentration with the feeling of Justin’s warm fingers against my clit, drawing random shapes I had no interest in tracing in my mind as I felt a shock of pleasure.

“You know what I like?” He asked, although he didn’t give me time to answer. “Watching a girl tongue fuck another girl.” He grinned while my stomach felt light for a split second before dropping immediately afterwards. “What do you think?” His eyes burned down into the side of my face.

“Justin,” I let out a sharp breath, my body jolted and my back arched when I felt him dig his long fingers against my clit, exceptionally hard.

“Answer me, princess.” His fingers glided up and down slowly. “What do you wanna see?” I felt his warmth beside me and it distracted me completely. I wanted to turn and look at him, I wanted to watch him as he got something out of my pleasure. I loved the loving look on his face.

I wasn’t sure what to say, I felt my heart stammering in my chest.

That was one thing I loved about being intimate with Justin; he was unpredictable. Was he going to stop and tease me? Was he going to turn rough and dominant? I could never tell and I felt excitement spark through my body.

“I’m getting impatient,” Justin said, still using his fingers for good against my sensitive spot. “Do you want to watch a girl getting fucked?” He rasped, putting emphasis on every word, I shivered as I nodded; taking the advantage that he’d asked so I could get away with not speaking.

Even as he turned to the TV to find something suitable, his fingers still worked me up perfectly. Even as he was distracted, he didn’t seem to slow down or break the tension that was building increasingly in my lower body.

“This one.” He stated over my low whimpers, he played it and turned his complete focus back to me. “Now, I don’t want you watching me, not once. I want you watching the TV at all times.”

I could tell that Justin was finding some sort of pleasure in this. He wore only his boxers and behind them stood his length, tall and proud. And also, the look of excitement in his eyes as he explained the rules was more than evident to me.

Justin began to pull my underwear down my legs, and I watched the screen, as he told me to, while the girl started to look at the camera seductively and roaming her hands over her body.

I felt my legs being spread roughly and something warm touched my clit. I glanced down quickly to see Justin’s face pressed up against me. The feeling of his tongue moving up and down made my squirm from under him. He ran a hand up my stomach and pressed down.

While the girl on screen continued touching herself, letting her hands move across her boobs and even further down, Justin was moaning against my clit and I moaned too, my voice almost echoing through the room.

“Mmm, baby. Moan for me.” His words were completely blocked out, and I found myself pushing my hips up to his face. I heard him grunt. “Watch her,” He rasped, letting his fingers carress the sides of my thighs before moving up to my ass.

I felt him squeeze his hands underneath me, they then rested firmly against my skin. If I managed to lean over, I’d be able to the muscles working in Justin’s arm while his veins popped out. I was raised off the couch as Justin held me up with his strength and moved his lips ravenously against my clit. I thought there was a chance he was enjoying it more than me.

The sultry music stopped playing and the scene cut almost immediately. The girl was now being bent over, very erotically, and a man came into view. A bit down on my lip as I watched him begin to penetrate her ever so slowly.

And just like that, not only the moans in the video, but my moans and even Justin’s, rang through the air.

“Oh my God. Justin.” I let out puffs of air as the intensity of the pleasurable feeling made its way through my lower body. “I’m so close.” I whimpered, basically unable to do anything but.

He stopped. I moved my eyes down to him to see him watching my lower body. “I wanna keep going so bad. I want to feel you getting wetter, I want to feel your cum in my mouth.” He mumbled, his thumb ran smoothly across my ass. “But I already have plans for you.” He grinned, taking himself away from my body and standing up.

His hard on stood tall now, still behind the curtain of his boxers. I watched as he sat down next to me, I noticed his eyes on the screen and his body shuddered softly before he turned to me.

His eyes searched my own while his left hand moved down to press against my left nipple, the friction caused me to hiss. He smirked. “I love seeing you like this,” He growled. “I get so much pleasure out of it, babygirl.” His lips were on my neck suddenly.

The screen showed the girl running her tongue along the man’s length, taking her time.

Out of pure confidence I took my hand and pressed it against the bulge in his boxers. He let out a choked moan onto my skin. “Baby, no.” His fingers wrapped tightly around my wrist, my heart stammered. “If you touch me any more I’ll have to fuck you,” He kissed my neck. “Hard. And rough. Without mercy.” He bit down. “But you like that, right?” I heard him chuckle under his breath.

“Justin, please.” I said, feeling the tightness in my stomach, urging my need for release.

“What? What do you want?” He asked. The girl was screaming rather loudly at that point and I could tell we were both effected by it. His body stiffened while I threw my hips up once more.

“Fuck me.” I let my hand move around his neck and I pulled him close to me; loving the feeling of his breath on me, making me shiver.

It was quiet between us, apart from the sound of the moans and groans on screen, and it was like I could hear Justin planning his next move. Even if I couldn’t hear him, I felt him as he took a chunk of my skin in between his teeth.

“Fuck it,” He whispered. I watched, and inwardly whimpered, when he pulled away and stood up, releasing himself from the enclosure that were his boxers.

As though at the speed of light, I was picked up and thrown on my front. I shrieked as his cold hands took my body in their grip.

“I’m gonna fuck you up so bad,” He must have leaned over because his lips were on my lower back. He kissed me a few times, as rough as he could, before straightening his back.

“Please,” I whispered, already arching my back for him. Since I was unable to see his face, the TV screen was the perfect place to set my eyes.

He took a hold of my hips in his cold hands and I felt him teasing my opening with his dick. He seemed to let out a large breath before pushing into me, I found myself moaning already.

“Oh, baby, baby, fuck.” He said, sliding into me. “You’re so tight.” I felt his hips jolt, as though he couldn’t control himself. “Remember. Keep watching the TV.” His hand came to my ass and squeezed it.

Craning my neck, I watched the girl, in the exact same position as I was, moaning and whimpering underneath the towering body of the man.

“You like that, huh? Watching a girl being railed while you’re in the exact same position?” I could sense the smirk in his voice. “God, you’re so hot.” It sounded as though his jaw was clenched. I pushed my ass up against him as a sign of love and appreciation.

“Again, babe.” He growled and moaned from behind me and I wished I could watch him as he showed so many signs of pleasure. I adored the way his eyebrows furrowed and his eyes squinted and his cheeks raised when he felt that specific spark of bliss.

The air was getting hotter and hotter. I felt his hands becoming warm now rather than cold and I felt a layer of sweat breaking out on my body as we gained speed.

I felt him thrusting in and out of me at an increasingly high speed and I did all I could to make the pleasure even more intense.

The sounds of the accompanied moans pushed me further to the edge; anytime a tiny whimper or echoing scream could be heard from the video, my body shook and I jolted my hips backwards.

“J-Justin, I’m gonna cum.” I said, already feeling the orgasm taking place. I was still mesmerised by the events taking place on the screen.

“I’m right behind you, baby. Hold up.” His breathing was heavy and his voice was rougher than ever. I felt his fingernails dig into my hips. As his thrusts became sloppy, I felt a shock seep through my ass and came to realise that Justin had slapped the surface of my skin. He did it again and again and it caused me to clench around him. I decided that was why he continued to do it.

“Fuck. Cum for me.” His voice was shaking and his thrusts were completely uncoordinated.

I felt him explode as I did the same. Loud moans and profanities were thrown carelessly into the hot air as he rode out our orgasms and I felt his hands roaming my back as he slowed down his hip movements. “Baby,” He whispered.

While we caught our breath, the TV was still playing rather loudly. Now the moment was over, I found myself cringing.

“Oh, God.” I heard Justin mutter as he proceeded to turn the TV off. Once he had, we were sat in silence apart from the sound of our heavy breathing.

I felt his hands come around my waist and he pulled me closer. His lips immediately found their way to my neck without hesitation.