when did she get so pretty


What did you do with your Emmy? Where is it living now? Did you get it on a shelf or something like that? Hum, no. My parents came to visit me recently and they kind of like, fix my life when they come over and so they got all these plants, and the Emmy was in a box, and my mom didn’t know that was the Emmy, and so she has a plant beautifully presented on top of the Emmy, with the box. Yeah, it gives a nice blue box. Yeah, exactly. It’s like, supporting life, so it’s pretty… It’s like a worthy thing to do, the right thing. That’s nice. You ever gonna take it out and put it up? No? You’re not gonna put it up? I don’t know. Why? 

heather fuckin chandler

lemme tell u something about heather chandler

heather was rude and bitchy and a total bully with inexcusable actions but tbh????? she deserves so much more than life gave her

heather chandler had one real friend

veronica hated her and heather duke hated her

heather mcnamara however is the only one that even remotely liked her as far as we can tell

she called heather chandler her best friend, and after giving martha that note, she went back over to the heathers and actually hugged onto heather chandler’s arm (which was insanely cute btw i love it)

everyone else in the school thought she was hot but none of them liked her

and the sad part about it??? i’m pretty sure heather at least somewhat cared for her friends

she had pictures of her and veronica in a photobooth in her locker along with other pictures of her and her friends

i mean, she really did like veronica too

she brought veronica to a college party instead of her other friends, she gets pissed off when veronica talks to other people (ESPECIALLY jd oh god she gets so mad), and according to veronica, heather calls her late at night just to babble and talk about literally whatever

she confides in veronica, she likes her, and chansaw is rEAL just very one sided and repressed

and do u think i’m done bc i’m NOT

tw mentions of rape and sexual abuse below

i noticed something v upsetting while watching the movie about heather at the party

there was a short scene of heather making out with one of the college guys at the party but she pulls away and says she just wants to get back to the party, which he responds with that they will, but she just looks so hot tonight and he can’t help himself

and here’s where it hit me in the feels HARD

heather’s expression after he says those words

she seems uncomfortable, a bit nervous, and it becomes clear that she doesn’t want to

and the fact that it’s not something she wants to do really stands out when the college guy’s hand moves to her upper back and he actually has to move her downwards

shortly afterwards, there’s a very short clip where she stares at herself in the mirror, drinking a glass of water, and then she suddenly spits out all the water over her reflection with this look of disgust, looking at herself the entire time

now i think this scene is overlooked for a specific reason, and that reason is the other girls in the movie

when ram is kissing heather mcnamara, she is very clearly struggling and pushing at him and fighting

when jd kisses veronica when she tries to leave him, she fights him and pushes and escapes

but heather chandler doesn’t fight

she doesn’t say a word, she doesn’t try to leave, she doesn’t fight him at all

here’s the thing about that

heather chandler is a very sensible person who can tell when something isn’t right

we see this when she claims jd should be put in prison for bringing a gun to school because he’s clearly dangerous, while her friends don’t think it’s a big deal

when jd hands her the cup, she immediately assumes that because of what happened last night, veronica did something to the cup to prank her and at first refuses to drink it

she’s smart, she’s clever, and she knows what’s going on

and because she knows these things, i think she’d also know that there are some men who don’t take kindly to a girl saying no

think carefully

they were alone in a room, and if she happened to refuse and he got violent and hurt her, nobody would see or hear it happen

she knows this and knows that for her own safety, it’s better to go along with it, get it over with, and go back to the party

this is all entirely speculation and i’m just going off of little details here but quite honestly, it makes sense to me 

tldr: she was a bitch, but heather chandler honestly needs a protection squad and deserved so much better and i just have a lot of emotions about her

I am probably going to regret saying this…

but in light of all the nastiness against those “making it about Larry,” I would like to respectfully point out that when a long time partner’s parent dies, you are intimately, intricately involved. you are their support system. you are their sounding board. you are the person who holds them when they cry. you are the person who tries to take care of everything so that your partner can spend time grieving with their family. and if you knew your partner’s parent well, you are also grieving for them too.

commenting about Harry looking sad, isn’t making this about Larry. it’s acknowledging that hey, it’s probably pretty shitty for Harry too. he’s devastated for Jay’s loss, and for Louis’ loss, and is doing everything he can to be a support to the family and to his partner. that isn’t “making it about Larry” that is acknowledging the emotional burden that a partner willingly takes on when something horrible like this happens.

reasons why life is good

  • alex “lol i dont need back up i just need my cute cop gf” danvers
  • alex’s little gay smile when she called maggie™
  • alex and maggie literally doing everything together
  • everything
  • they met an episode ago and now they call each other whenever anything happens
  • kara’s wait-did-my-sister-get-a-gf face
  • “wear something nice”
  • alex “i can’t flirt but im trying to describe how pretty you look” danvers
  • alex “so is this actually buisness or were you just asking me on a date” danvers
  • fake date fake date fake date
  • handholding
  • with intertwined fingers
  • “you’re a great cop” aka alex danvers for “i like you”
  • alex like legit asking maggie on a date 
  • like come on yall she was definitely asking her on a date
  • jealous!alex
  • alex’s oh-shit-im-gay-fuck-fuck-fuck face™
  • alex danvers and maggie sawyer are in love 
  • thank you that is all have a good night
RFA reacts to MC’s phone breaking and she can’t get on the chat.




  • Yoosung doesn’t worry about it too much at first. 
  • He just gets absorbed into LOLOL again so that’s all he’s thinking about. 
  • Until hOURS LATER.
  • Starts to seriously get worried. 
  • Rapid fire spams her phone with messages, pretty much close to tears.
  • Did he do something wrong?? Is MC okay??
  • Can’t go to class, he’s so worried Not that he would’ve gone anyways.
  • So relieved when she finally messages him back, although he feels a little silly for overreacting.
  • Never tells her just how bad his overreaction got.


  • He was so proud of the selfie he sent her. He looked gooood  ͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ – ✧
  • Wasn’t too worried about her not replying immediately. She was probably just so blown away that she was speechless. 
  • After awhile, though, he starts to feel a little bit hurt. 
  • He didn’t think she was annoyed by his selfies…but maybe she was?
  • Starts to feel bad about all the selfies he’s swamped her with. He should’ve toned it down…
  • Can’t focus on his acting practice. Can’t remember his lines and starts to get annoyed with how much he has to look at himself. 
  • MC probably thought his picture was annoying so now it’s annoying him too. 
  • Finally, a couple days later, MC sends him a selfie of herself and her new phone, explaining everything. 
  • Sends her another one of him totallynotfreakingoutatall
  • Hewaschillthewholetimewhatareyoutalkingabout.


  • Can barely reply to messages herself thanks to how much work she has Thanks Jumin
  • So when MC sees her message and doesn’t reply, she’s not too worried about it. 
  • She’s probs busy and Jaehee 100% understands. 
  • But after a couple of days, she’s worried MC’s hurt, not busy. 
  • Starts asking around the RFA to see if anyone else has heard from her, no dice. 
  • Keeps working so she doesn’t worry, but can’t work as proficiently as usual because she can’t shake off the worrying. 
  • Remain calm Jaehee. She’s probably okay. Don’t freak out. 
  • But what if she’s not?? She wants to help her but she doesn’t want to overreact…
  • Right as she’s about to call the police or the hospital, MC messages her on her new phone and apologizes for worrying her. 
  • Won’t admit she might’ve overreacted a little, but sets aside time away from work so they can go for an extra long coffee break. 
  • So relieved her bae’s okay ♥


  • Immediate possessive-panic mode. 
  • She read it and just…left?? What even?? Did he just lose her??
  • Not even a day later, he’s convinced she’s dead. Or seriously injured. 
  • CRUSHED that he couldn’t convince her to stay by his side where it was safe. 
  • No work that day. Nope. Gotta worry about MC Sorry Jaehee…
  • 1000% ready to start a nation-wide search like he did for Elizabeth the 3rd. Ads on all the websites. Commercials on television. Calling everyone he could. He didn’t care, he just wanted his MC. 
  • Jaehee only convinces him against it when she gets MC’s address (Other than Rika’s apartment) from 707 so he can go visit her himself. 
  • Doesn’t even feel silly when MC explains what happened, just INCREDIBLY relieved. MC’s pretty embarrassed, tho. 
  • Buys her the nicest phone possible and the most protective case he can find so it doesn’t break again. 
  • Treats her to a nice dinner that night, glad to see she was okay.
  • MC turns off the read receipts, though (´・_・`)


  • Sent MC another reeeally lame joke. Maybe even a pun. He wasn’t surprised that she didn’t respond. 
  • Tries to lighten the mood with another joke. But now she’s not reading that one??
  • Was his first joke really do bad to start ignoring him? Probably but still.
  • Finally hacks into the CCTV, just to check on her. Sees the broken phone and understands everything. 
  • Sends her a new one, along with a kitty cat case (◕ ワ ◕✿)
  • But the phone wasn’t without a few…alterations 
  • He makes sure it’s got a lot of storage and even some good graphics if she wants to play some mobile games Like Mystic Messenger, but that’s not all. 
  • ALWAYS autocorrects 707 to “707, DEFENDER OF JUSTICE!!!” no matter what. Although MC starts just calling him 7 to get around this. 
  • Changes all her contacts to “It’s a mystery~ (・o・)
  • But the most important thing is that he basically gives it NOKIA level sturdiness. Just to make sure it doesn’t break again  ♥

RAPMON : I married this man because he was so into me and he was pretty smart (talking some sh*t I didn’t get) so I thought my life will be easy … Little did I know I married a destruction weapon. I mean I don’t mind him being that way at night *wink* but he is like a moving curse. One day our pregnant neighbor took the elevator with him … Not only the 7th elevator got broken, She gave birth 2 months earlier when he hoped for the health of the baby. I was the neighborhood’s princess. Now I’m Medusa monstur’s wife.  

SUGA : He is the uncle of the kids. he calls himself a genius producer. I call him the couch keeper. He sleeps and eats and poops. Oh and nags too he is like my mother in law … just worse !

JHOPE : My oldest kid, we moved 8 times because of him and went to the police station 11 and to court 3. each time our neighbors will sue us for breach of the peace due to his screaming … I swear I thought he will grow up … I was hoping. There is no hope left though.

JIMIN : Does he look cute? The last time he told me he found a part time job he was recruited to be a gigolo … older women my age keep coming. Lately even old men … They call him Chimchim ? I started going to therapy after this.

V : I am still looking for a doctor for this one. I was happy when he turned as handsome as me… but … he is 21 years old and he still wants to be a 
ladybug … 

JUNGKOOK : Annnd I need an exorcist too*points at JK* He is shook again. Doesn’t he look possessed to you?!  He … scares me. He is a tyrant fetus that will detroy all of us (he is his dad’s son for a reason). And guess what ? He even managed to get an ARMY now ?! 


You know what I love in rewatching when Percy gives Vex her title - watching exactly when the cast reacts.

Matt obviously never breaks fucking character.

Marisha knew from the previous episode so she’s got this sort of smug smile the whole time like ‘yeah that’s right - he ‘bout to do That’

Travis kinda waits to the end like ‘oh shit he did That’

Sam gets A Look the second Percy says “it’s Lady Vex’ahlia” because, like much of the shippers, I’m pretty sure his mind went straight it ‘are we about to do a fake married trope???’ 

But Liam and Laura I love most, because Liam and Laura don’t react really (I mean Laura reacts a little to “it’s Lady Vex’ahlia” like ‘yes you have my attention’), but they don’t really really react until Percy says “Whitestone”.

Liam’s eyebrows shoot up and that, that is where Laura’s jaw just drops

And that’s just… thinking of those reactions in terms of characters it works so well. Like I think both Vex and Vax were aware that Percy was being a Pretentious Dick on purpose to fuck with their asshole dad, and they were cool with it. And I think both of them wouldn’t have been THAT surprised if Percy had gone ‘fake married’ trope, or just pulled a convincing-sounding title out of his ass for the conversation. 

But Percy gives her a part of Whitestone. Whitestone, which means everything to him. And it’s no wonder that Vex tells him (well, tells his dead body) that THAT is why it meant so much to her, THAT is what made her fall in love with him. He didn’t just give her a title, he gave her a part of him. 

RFA + V + Saeran react to child!Mc


  • O M G
  • He couldnt help but blush and coo over her, gushing over how cute and little she is in her oversized sweater and innocent eyes
  • She was so little he just wanted to pick her up and squeeze her so tight! 
  • So precious
  • He wanted to take so many pictures of her, and put cute ribbons in her hair
  • omg piggy back rides, he will act like a space ship travelling the universe with her! 
  • que him running around with child mc on his shoulders, her giggling like crazy.
  • he pretty much acts like a child sometimes anyway so him and mc would have a ball
  • want to play dress up with her! Que him getting all of his outfits out and trying them on her, she looks so cute with kitty ears!!
  • When little Mc tilts her head and meows innocently, he is done! Ded, K.O 


  • Holy shit
  • holy shit how did this happen
  • falls in love the minute he sees her cuteness, her cuteness rivals his good looks when it comes to attention but he doesn’t mind that at all but is even more boastful about her cuteness
  • gushes over her like she’s a sweet little princess
  • so many selfies with her
  • protective zen mode activated
  • wants to take her to get the fish shaped bread and gets all maternal as heck! 
  • loves acting out one of his scenes when he plays with her, she giggles whenever he says his famous lines.
  • so happy he’s just so happy at that, it’s all cuteness


  • Uh oh
  • this man is in trouble
  • Your cuteness is his weakness, his cold demeanor is melting away
  • You have him wrapped under your thumb he is done
  • zen may be protective but que over protective Jumin mode
  • calls that the security guards guard you 24/7 again, and gets rid of any threat, even anything you could trip on
  • you’re his precious bby and he’s your protector
  • seriously if you even get a paper cut this man will get a doctor out of no where and just dote on you with tea and attention
  • like seriously dude its just a paper cut
  • whenever you say his name with that cute voice of your he just melts
  • his puddy in your hands
  • almost afraid to hug you because you’re so smol and delicate, delicate little flower
  • but when he does hug you he now never wants to let you go, seriously he will keep on hugging you and keep you close to you at all times, you’re his precious little angel whom he must protect from the world
  • He will go to work and meetings just holding you, like the employee will be like “Oh sir, whose the little girl?” “She’s my precious angel, any way, please proceed.” goes on with the meeting casually while you sit in his lap, with him petting your hair


  • Oh dear
  • She doesn’t know how to deal with kids

  • but when she sees Mc she just, goes into full on mother mode

  • Mc needs a woman to look after her since the rest of the guys are… well, she’ll feel better looking after her

  • loves playing tea party with her

  • Mc tries to do her hair and ties it up with cute ribbons, Jaehae just smiles as mc does this, cute girl bonding time
  • Makes sure you’re well fed and you’re comfortable 
  • If anyone dare touch child Mc, pray to God seven someone save your soul because she will KICK YOUR ASS
  • oh my god
  • panics
  • how will he look after a child? He is a child
  • But, omg, mc is so… cute??
  • kind of kneels down so he is at her height and nervously says hi to her
  • he’s so sweet to her
  • Mc gets attached like straight on
  • She tries wearing one of his hoodies and plays with his blonde hair
  • Mc shows curiousity toward LOLOL and he’s happy to have her watch him play and show her how to play it herself
  • But monitors that she doesn’t get addicted like him or plays too much, he’s a lost cause
  • plus he doesn’t want her getting dark circles under her eyes like him
  • You know how some little girls have this phase where they look after a baby doll? Yes, that’s him, he’s the baby
  • has to endure little mc’s mothering while trying to feed him food and put him to bed
  • Seven laughs forever 


  • Breaks into the apartment to get mc
  • looks around since the apartment seems empty

  • sees a little lump under the blanket, little mc peers out and looks at him

  • he blinks in confusion

  • wtf a child, why is there a child here

  • feels super awkward now, losses his bad ass composure

  • uh…

  • he also kneels down so he is around her height and gestures her to come towards him

  • little mc is curious so she walks over to him

  • “It’s alright princess, come here.” his wearing his mask so it makes his voice sound weird

  • Mc pauses and starts giggling at that

  • unknown is just like wut

  • “Your voice sounds funny” Mc giggles at him, he looks confused, him?? funny?? No he was bad ass.

  • Little mc’s giggles causes him to soften a little

  • Tries to coax her over telling her how fun paradise will be

  • Nope, little mc decides to play hide and seek, she’s littler so she can find places to hide

  • Omg why unknown was not prepared


  • Can’t fucking see
  • a little lump bumps into him

  • what was that

  • “Oh? Who is this?” looks at the direction of said lump, okay he can see out of his left eye

  • a little girl? Why is there a little girl here? 

  • Sweet as heck to the little mc asking where her mom is

  • so confused when he realizes who she is

  • No this precious angel is on her own

  • Feels guilty of course

  • makes sure to hold her hand all the time and just is so sweet and caring with her

  • gives her some treats and gives her some food

  • seriously he goes into doting dad mode

  • Probably will still take some pictures of little mc and shows her the camera 

  • treasures the pictures little mc took after he gave her a little lesson on how to use the camera

  • oh wow he’s happy for once 

LOL i don’t know guys i tried, some of them might seem OOC but oh well

like okay. i remember back in 2008 being a fifth grader. and like i was at my friend’s house and she was like, “i watched this guy called amazingphil on youtube, and he reminds me a lot of you so i think you should watch him” so i did and i went “wow yeah he’s pretty funny”

i didn’t watch youtube often till about 2011 when i got really into PewDiePie; of course i still watched phil from time to time but i watched Pewds every day

then one day in 2012 i finally decided to watch danisnotonfire and branched out from there

now here we are in the end of 2016 and i am sitting here thinking of that autumn day back in 2008 when my friend booted up her family’s old computer and i saw a phil video for the first time i can’t even remember which video it was

i remember when the superamazingproject happened

i remember the big move-in with dan

i remember them moving apartments

i remember laughing my ass off when they pretended to be a guinea pig on a dating website

i remember dan uploading the psycho french teacher video

shit i remember when they met irl

and now they completed a world tour and wrote two books and produced their own song and i cannot believe all that has happened

i remember so much from over the years and i’m so happy i found a goofy british guy online while watching youtube for the first time.

Always on My Mind~Seth Rollins  Imagine

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“ Get you’re ass out already Charlotte! I need to change!” She has been in the bathroom for so long. It was almost time for you to shoot a promo. You were back. 

“ Relax, jeez women. The queen has to look good” Rolling your eyes at her. She always did this sort of thing. Always took her time in the bathroom getting pretty. Charlotte was a friend of yours but when she took her time in the bathroom taking forever. It annoyed you and she knew it. 

“ You must understand us women need to look good out there” 

Closing the bathroom door, you faced the mirror. It was good to be back to wrestling, to the ring, to your friends. To your home. Wrestling was your home. There was nothing in the world better than wrestling. 

Slipping into your ring gear, applying light make up as you headed out taking much less than Charlotte did. “ Shut up” she muttered seeing you were going to tell her it took you less than 20 mins to get ready. 

Giggling, you playfully shoved her to the side with your hip as you head out the door. 

Finding the other girls sitting at catering. 

“ What are we talking about?” you glanced between Foxy, Nia, Dana, Bayley and Sasha as they were chatting. 

“ I was just telling about my trip with Charlotte. She’s so funny. That girl loves to sing her lungs out” Nia said, chuckling shaking her head. 

“ You got to love Charlotte” 

“ So, are you happy you’re back? “ 

“ Of course, wrestling is my home” you smiled looking around before looking at Bayley who was smirking.

“ Someone else wants to be your home, I heard” Raising your eyebrow at her. Who could she be talking about? Was it Seth? The two of you have been getting closer. 

“ I wonder who could it be…” Sasha made a “hmm” sound, a smile on her face. You were getting butterflies in your stomach just thinking about him. He was somewhere around these halls. 

“ Don’t deny that you don’t think he’s cute” Dana nudged you, wiggling her eyebrows. A giggle escaping her lips. 

“ Mhmm” you felt your face starting to get warm just the thought of him. 

“ Awe! She’s blushing. She totally digs him” Foxy squealed putting her hands over her mouth. She told you that you and Seth would look so cute together and have cute babies. The girls awed seeing you acting all shy because of Seth. Well the mention of him.

“ Is he a nice guy like everyone says he is?” you nodded. “ Yeah, he’s fun to be around. He’s funny, even his cackle gets me laughing. He’s an amazing man”

The subject soon changed as Raw was getting closer to starting. You were glad the attention was off of you and talking about Seth. You did like him, he was cute and handsome. But you were just you. There was nothing special about you or anything that brought out that would catch his attention. 

“ It’s almost time” Bayley reached over squeezing your wrist gently, she was so happy that you were back. When she came onto the roster, you beamed seeing her running down the halls giving hugs to people. But the first hug she gave was to you. The friendship between the two of you was very close, she was more of like a sister to you. 

“ I am so excited and nervous” 

“ Awe, you’ll be fine” 

“ How about a group hug for Y/N?”  you chuckled getting up with the girls as they surrounded you hugging you. They were great friends but you couldn’t wait to see Seth. 

It was time. Starting of Raw and you were first to go out to your music. A mic was given to you, you gripped it taking a deep breath. Glancing down seeing the grip on the mic tightened. Picking your head up, you heard the start of your music. The crowd hearing your music, were cheering and screaming. 

Bouncing on your feet, you walked from behind the curtain. Giving a little skip going to one side blowing a kiss to the crowd before going to the other side pointing to them, nodding your head. Glancing around, the fans were cheering for you and singing to your theme song. It brought a smile to your face knowing how much people loved you. 

But you were out here for your return and you knew before even speaking, Seth would come out. You could not wait to see him. Side ways skipping down the ring then turning around doing the same on the other side before slipping into the ring.  Throwing your hands up in the air, the crowd cheered. 

When your music was down, you rose the mic to your lips starting to say something when you were cut off with Seth’s music. Of course, he walked from behind the curtain out to the ring with a mic in his, smirk on his face opening his arms.

“ Will you look at that, the princess that brings hell is back!” he laughed slipping into the ring facing you. His brown eyes taking what you were wearing, he walks around you. 

“ I’m ready to bring hell” 

“ You’re all talk the talk Y/N. I see nothing special about you. I bet people here paid admission just to see your face” 

“ My face is beautiful I know. You dream of it every night” you chuckled. 

“ I wouldn’t dream of you if you were the last person on earth Y/N. When I first met you, I found you attractive but then you opened your mouth. Let’s talk about your music Y/N, If I had to guess what Chewbacca having it with a dinosaur sounded like, your music would be pretty close” he cackled, the gap in his teeth showing. 

You shook your head, gripping the mic in your hand before raising it to your lips.

“ I’m not offended by what you say. I’m just glad that you’re stringing words into sentences now” the crowd cheered hearing you, Seth closed his eyes pursing his lips before you continued, “  Awe you didn’t like that? Well don’t let your mind wander…it’s far too small to wander on its own.”

“ Shut up! You’re nothing but a loud mouth. These people here are a bunch of idiots to even think of as someone to look up to. All I see is a big mouth and a tiny head” 

“ You want to talk about these people? Well these people are people that let us live our dreams day in and day out” 

“ They are pathetic as you are” boos were heard around the arena. He was so close to you breathing down your cheek. Turning your head a bit, looking him in his brown eyes that held something you never see there. Regret. 

“ Let me ask you something Seth, every day before my injury. You come out to the ring to pester me. To make my blood boil. Sometimes I want to rip your head off your shoulders. But sometimes, I am confused on why you do this to me? Why me? Why me out of every women back in the locker room? I thought I was a pathetic nobody” 

He ran a hand down his face, pacing the ring looking out the WWE Universe before facing you. It was now or never. 

“ I know, I’m a jerk to come out here and insult you the way I do. I can’t help it. Every time I open my mouth, I just want to be around you. But when I did, it slipped before I got a chance to fix it” 

“ What are you talking about Seth?” 

“ I don’t need anyone or the title to make me happy. The only person I need is… you.. I like you Y/N..” 

You’re jaws dropped at what you just heard. All through the years, he came out to insult you. It was part of the script but sometimes it hurts, he knew it. Outside the ring, you two were close but he never got to the part to talk to you about his feelings or have a heart to heart conversation with you. 

This was new to you. To him too. He looked to see the shocked look on your face,nodding his head. He was hiding the hurt in his eyes. 

“ I..I..-” he just dropped the mic exiting the ring. Did that just happen? 

Running around backstage trying to find Seth. Where did he go? You ran right after him after what he told you. Looking around for him backstage until you saw the back of his shirt, that hair was of his. 

“ Seth!” you called out to him. He continued to walk pretending not to hear you. You caught up to him catching him by his arm, stopping him in his tracks. 

“ What was that out there? I know we throw insults at each other but what was even that all about…” 

He turned his head, his brown eyes staring into your own. The way he was looking at you send shivers down your spine. 

“ I like you Y/N. A lot. I can’t help it” He looked down at the ground continuing, “  You’re so perfect in my eyes. The way it came out wasn’t the way I was planning on telling you. But it did” He looked so heart broken. It made your heart sink into your stomach. 

“ You’re a great wrestler but your also a great person and I felt so attracted to you. Not because of your looks, yeah you’re gorgeous but the way you care about others. The way you are around people, you make them happy. You make sure a smile never leaves a person’s face. You’re special in my eyes and you found a home in my heart. I know wrestling is your home but I want to be a part of your own home. I want you to be my home, my heart and my everything” 

Picking up his face with your fingers searching through his eyes to see if he was just playing around. He wasn’t. He was telling the truth.

“ You mean that?” He nodded, a smile itching on the side of his lips. 

“ Good” 

Hooking your arms around his neck bringing him down as you placed your lips on his kissing him. As you were kissing him, you heard squeals from behind you. Pulling away from Seth, turning your head there stood Foxy with her hand over her mouth squealing. Charlotte with a smirk on her face and hands on her hips. Bayley clapping her hands. Sasha with her arms across her chest smirking and Nai yelling yes girl over and over. From behind her stood Roman who was chuckling at the girls. 

“ Why are you looking at us? Smooch him again Y/N!” Roman shouted. You chuckled turning your head seeing Seth looking down at you leaning down as he kissed you making the girls squeal once more. 

for those who weren’t at houston, i want to try and describe to you the energy in this tiny venue when taylor sat down at the piano and was like”…so…at my last show yall were chanting for this song over and over….”

everyone in this crowd who had been to that show or at least known about it started SCREAMING like i thought we might all simultaneously combust

but then there were also a lot of casual fans who just ended up at this concert idk how, and they’re all confused like “???? why is everyone so excited what is she talking about ???”

and then there’s people like me who are screaming and crying “YAS QUEEN” “FUCK ME UP” “IM DYING”

so when she started playing and at least 50% of the GA crowd started crying and collapsing, I’m pretty sure the other 50% was like “is this a slow ballad? why is everyone sobbing? what did i get myself into?”

but yeah i wanted to launch myself on top of that piano during all too well.


“I had done a lot photos for Hole and when it was time for their first album Courtney wanted something striking and unusual. I had been experimenting with color infrared film. It is a medical film used to make images of skin and eyes. The veins show from beneath the skin! So, it is possible to get very beautiful images and/or horrible strange visions. Exposure is the key, so Courtney and I did some tests. She loved them and we then shot the photos for the cover of Pretty on the Inside. The colors you see on that cover are just as they appeared on the film. The trees went all pink!”

- Vicki Berndt

Weak Spot

Title: Weak Spot

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Prompt: hi! i was wondering if i could get a bucky imagine? where he’s super mean to everyone but not the reader, like everyone’s so confused? but he’s madly in love with her?

Warnings: Swearing, it’s pretty fluffy man

Part 2 is right here

Originally posted by unlucky--bucky

           He barely ever spoke, but when he did, it was to her. She had always been there and he would never know why. Y/n was there when someone felt like insulting Bucky, or when the horrific flashbacks of murder and pain flickered into Bucky’s mind. She was always there.

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Just A Little Analysis Post

So I’ve been thinking heavily about the theory that Sokka is the father of one of Toph’s daughters. And while this was never confirmed, maybe some digging will give us a better perspective.

Now we all know Toph had two daughters. And everyone knows who Lin’s father is. But we never really knew who the other father was.

Now let’s go back to book 3 in Avatar: The Last Airbender. Toph had a pretty obvious crush on Sokka. And she  was sheltered for the first 12 years of her life. So I’m going to assume he is her first crush.

Usually your first crush sticks around for a while.

So Toph possibly has the feelings for him when they get older.

Now Sokka’s feelings are a lot more confusing. But the thing is, he saved Toph multiple times and allowed her to hang onto him when she was scared.

And not to mention when they got older, at Yakone’s trial, Sokka greatly complimented Toph. He never did that for any other Gaang member.

So Sokka Possibly has feelings for her.

So the romantic foundation is there.

Now let’s talk about the resemblance that has been pointed out in the tumblr post below:

You can tell that their chins eyes and hair match.

And notice how Lin doesn’t look an awful lot like her sister

So while we do not know if Sokka and Toph had a kid. I firmly believe the romantic foundation is there and it was quite possible that they had a kid together,

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The Notorious Pumpkin Pie

[ T | 7764 words | AU | OS ]

Ever since his little brother died years ago, Alec Lightwood pretty much hates Halloween. So all he wants to do on this day is to be alone and preferably get burrowed in work.
So when his sister Isabelle calls, telling him that she desperately needs his help, he changes his routine for once.

Little did he know that it ends up in him meeting the one man who might bring back his love for Halloween …

read it on Ao3 here

This fic was written for The Malec Network October challenge: “Halloween”.

Stage one of the Phandom: Gerard Butler was a pretty hot phantom

Stage two of the Phandom: Well I’ve seen the 2004 movie and a little of the 25th Anniversary, but I’m not really into it

Stage three of the Phandom: Yeah I read the book a while back, and listen to the soundtrack quite a bit. I’m seeing it live soon!

Stage four of the Phandom: I’ve seen Phantom live ten times, and honestly, the 25th Anniversary was pretty disappointing. In Think Of Me, Sierra just didn’t get the angle of the scarf right, so when she threw it, it landed in a heap, not a beautiful fan. Also, Ramin just didn’t act the Phantom as well as Michael Crawford did. However, I love the show all the same!

Stage five of the Phandom: How about a Phantom of the Opera AU but every song is Bathing Beauty and they all wear the dots outfit trololololol

My first gay OW experience

Okay so I have literally been waiting /ages/ for this and it’s perhaps a bit long but I’ll try to summarize because I am on mobile and also dunno how to put things under cuts but..

I enter a game as Mercy, and there is a Widowmaker in the spawn that said they needed healing so I went over. I said hi and they instantly did Widow’s kiss emote, so I activated Mercy’s giggle emote and the flirting continued. Widow won me over instantaneously of course so I pocketed them pretty much the whole game.

However many games later we finally get separated. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE. We were separated but still in the same match, which we both kinda found out when she regretfully had to snipe me since I was on the point with my team.

Widow was upset.
I told the spider wife not to worry,
We would elope.
They agreed. Nobody would stop us.

The game finished and we joined forces once again. THE GAY CONTINUED.

anonymous asked:

the Mauraders walking in on Lily and James in his Head Boy dorm, and Sirius getting hit in the face with Lil's bra by accident (pretty please)

I cracked up when I read this because it would so happen! Hope you like! 

Lily and James certainly didn’t mean for it to happen. They weren’t together so it’s not like the other Marauders expected to walk in on Lily and James half clothed.

It started with a argument. It always does.

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Someone requested trans!Nico headcanons so here ya go kids

-Nico showed signs of being trans pretty early on. his mom had to FIGHT to get him into dresses and it was always a big drama whenever he was forced to do anything girly. His mama didn’t really know what ‘trans’ was way back then but she figured out pretty quickly that her kid was different and did her best to be accommodating. She let him wear whatever he wanted mostly, boy clothes and ugly sweaters.

-Nico asked to change his name to that when he was 7. He heard it on the radio, a pilot with the name had helped a bunch of people and he decided he wanted to be like him. His mom agreed, and from then on he was Nico.

-Hades was unsurprised, as the fates had already told him that his second child by Maria Di Angelo would be a son.

-Bianca was confused for all of 2 seconds before she decided it was fine, as long as Nico would still sit with her for tea parties. He said THAT was fine, as long as he got to wear a bowtie.

-While struggling with his sexuality in the current day, Nico was also having an awful lot of trouble with his gender, the poor baby. He kept wondering if maybe things would be easier if he were just a girl that liked boys instead of “a girl pretending to be a boy and liking boys”. But when he looked in the mirror he knew he couldn’t see himself as a girl, no matter who he liked. He came to terms with his gender way sooner than he did with his sexuality, if only because it was something he’d been aware of for much longer.

-Nico started developing breasts at about 13 after the Titan War. Not huge, but noticeable to a point that made him uncomfortable. He started binding his chest with bandages he stole from the infirmary, but that gave him some pretty serious breathing trouble. Annabeth was the first to notice that and immediately knew something was up. She kept pestering him about it until finally he had to confess, and she nearly flipped her shit learning that he was binding so unsafely until she realized why he felt like he couldn’t tell anybody. They ordered him a binder online from Chiron’s computer and never talked about it after that. Annabeth swore on the Styx to never tell a soul.

-Hazel was the next to find out, then Reyna. Then all his most of his friends (Percy, Jason, Piper, Leo, and Will) after he took a pretty nasty blow to the chest during a fight with a manticore and needed first-aid. Nico passed out, and Jason removed his shirt to check the bleeding. They were all very surprised to see a binder underneath his clothes, but figured things out pretty quickly.

-It took a lot of convincing and re-assuring that being trans isn’t any kind of crime in this day and age, and that decent people are more accepting now to make Nico feel reasonably comfortable with everyone finding out. Reyna introduced him to Orange Is The New Black, and told him all about Laverne Cox and how people really loved her, and Nico was finally able to understand that it would be okay. He also became totally addicted to the show, but thats besides the point

ugh wow was a lot more writing than I had intended to do and it got a little wordy sorry but here ya go!!!

anonymous asked:

Can you tell me about the Downton Abbey tiara? It so pretty! Is it normal to wear a tiara like a headband like Lady Mary did in the show? Like if a princess was getting married could she wear a tiara like a headband? Love your blog btw!

There are no absolute rules about how someone has to wear a tiara but even though anyone can wear a tiara like a headband it doesn’t mean they should.  Most tiaras are very specifically designed so that when they are worn the front of the tiara is a the correct angle to best show off the design.  Think about if you were to lay a tiara flat on the table, the front of the tiara won’t be at a 90 degree angle with the table instead it will tilt forward.  If you were to lean the tiara back to wear it like a headband, people around you would be seeing the base of the tiara instead of the front of it.

That being said, there are always exceptions like the tiara worn by Lady Mary and Lady Edith on Downton Abbey.  It works so well worn like a head band because the tiara itself is removable from its frame.  Many tiaras are removable from their frame so that they can be worn in different ways or as a completely different type of jewellery like a necklace or a brooch.  When it was worn this way on Downton Abbey, It made it look like an older family heirloom was being used in a way suited to the 1920s when bandeau style tiaras were much more fashionable. 

I hope that made sense and I’ll get to work on some posts showing tiaras worn in unusual ways.