when did it become 2

ok but

hopper trying to teach eleven the difference between “they’re, there, and their” and eleven being so confused and upset that she has mini temper tantrums and makes the papers fly all over the room and hopper just sighing and looking at the mess like “when did i become a 1st grade teacher”

noah fence but any of y’all comparing harry to ouat hook are just plain wrong i mean he may wear eyeliner but the boy is way closer to 2003 hook like?? the coat? the flair for the fucking dramatic & violent? & most importantly their knack for hanging out in shadowy red-purple places?

idk if this is intrusive thoughts or what but I’m the person who’s like what is the reason I happen to see this person like is our encounter going to be significant in some way?

2½ minutes

“Since when did I become Kakashi-sensei’s delivery girl?” Sakura murmurs as she stares at the scroll in her lap. She had only dropped by this seaside town to pick up a special order of medicinal herbs but when Kakashi had heard of her trip out, he had unloaded some packages on her to deliver. 

Sakura sighs as she stares out at the glittering blue sea before her. Whoever was supposed to meet her there was already more than half an hour late. She hears a slight movement behind her as someone clears their throat. 

“You’re late,” Sakura states. “I’ve been waiting for—” her words cut off as she sees who it is. “S-sasuke-kun?”

“Sakura.” He winces slightly as he makes his way around the bench where she was sitting. 

“You’re injured!” Sakura exclaims as her eyes scan his body for the injury.

“I’m fine,” he insists as he tugs his cloak closer around his body but Sakura was not one to be fooled by his words. She ignores his protests as she lifts up the cloak and sees a bloodstain forming near his abdominal area. 

“Is this why you were late?”

He doesn’t respond but she takes his silence as a yes. Slowly, she reaches her hand out as a soft glowing light emits from her hand as she begins to heal up his wound. 

“What happened?” she asks, her voice soft but filled with worry. 

“I tripped on the ground,” he answers.

Sakura couldn’t help but crack a slight smile at his joke, however bad it may be. She pulls out the scroll from behind her. “Kakashi-sensei sent this for you.”

Sasuke nods as he takes the scroll and opens it up to look at the contents.

“What does it say?” Sakura asks.

Sasuke doesn’t reply as he rolls the scroll back up. “Can you pass a message along back to Kakashi?”

“What is it?”

“I do.”

Sakura looks up at him quizzically but nods. “Okay, I’ll tell him that.”

Sasuke looks down at his wound as he sees that it has now disappeared as if it was never there to begin with. “Thank you.”

“How long can you stay here?” she asks.

“I have to go now. It takes another half a day to get to the next place.”

Sakura nods as she watches Sasuke stand up to go. He turns around one last time to give her a soft gaze. “I’m glad I got to see you even for just a little bit.”

She smiles back at him. “Me too.” 

Then he was gone in a blink.

“Sensei, you knew and didn’t tell me?”

Kakashi turns around in his seat as he sees his former student staring down at him. He smiles. “Yo, you came back faster than expected.”

“Sasuke-kun couldn’t stay long.”

Kakashi shakes his head. “A pity.”

“He wanted to pass a message along to you. He said ‘I do’.”

Kakashi grins. “Thank you, Sakura.”

“That’s it? You’re not going to tell me more?” Sakura questions.

“It’s top secret,” Kakashi states as he says nothing more but the grin never leaves his face.

Sasuke leans back against a tree as he unrolls the scroll and looks at it again for a second time. 

Sasuke, here is the medicine you’ve requested. Hope you like it. 



jerm is SHOOKETH


Using “but I’m also ace/aro!” as a gotcha card when 1) I literally did not ask, 2) it only becomes relevant for discourse’s sake, and 3) it’s used to erase and belittle the shit other aces go through just because they don’t experience any hardships for being ace.

Every time I log in, tumblr -for some peculiar reason- has to promote to me a confession blog post or another confession blog post. And quite frankly I’m tired of blocking them.

Three things over the latest confession in long line of the same ridiculous confessions that tumblr forced on me prompted this post.

1. I don’t understand how  Johnny Depp went from the hottest man in HW to “ehhhh he’s so ugly” in one year. It’s tightly connected to 2. But how much of a crime is it to not be beautiful? Seriously (even if I don’t agree with it) when did it become a crime to grow old and look your age?

2. The abuse accusations that were never proved, never went to court, he was never charged, police found no evidence of this so called abuse. I know it’s trendy to make someone the face of whatever is evil, but in this case it doesn’t commute because of the lies from Heard’s side. Just look a little closer and you’ll be surprised by all her lies. It’s actually scary that anyone still believes her unquestionably.

3. Johnny Depp is one of the best actors working. Just because he’s too old for you, or you feel too ashamed to masturbate thinking of him doesn’t make him a bad actor. I feel as if we’ve reached an age in which everyone parrots the same things again and again, and they think if they repeat them long enough they will become truth. Lies are lies. Opinions are opinions. And just because you don’t like Johnny Depp any longer doesn’t mean your current favourite “boy toy” (because that’s how social media treat their favourites) is a better actor.

Today is day 2 of hubby working his regular job and then crappy second job right after. He leaves around 6-7am until 4:30pm and then gets to come home for an hour between 5:30-6:30pm and then goes to the second job until 11pm. This sucks. Monday - Friday we won’t get to see each other. I’m so sad, but we are in desperate need of the money. I hope he doesn’t have to do this for long. 😩

Contributor’s spotlight: Cat/Meduszoa

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How did you become a Fannibal?

When Season 2 was about to air in my country, there were lots of posters with Will Graham’s face with the mask on and that got my attention. I binge watched Season 1 to follow Season 2, but it wasn’t until the end of Season 3 that I got into the online fandom (mostly because I was so frustratred that NBC had cancelled the show).

What do you love about the Hannibal fandom?

Fannibals make you feel welcome, no matter how you decide to contribute to the fandom. This fandom got me really invested into doing digital art again, because all the other creators are so inspiring and I’ve always had so much support from everyone. Also, when fannibals get together, they make things happen! It’s so inspiring to see the exchanges between fannibals, show creators, and other networks online.

How would you like to spend a day with Will Graham?

I would love to spend a day with Will AND his dogs. I wouldn’t have much plans for the day other than enjoying Will’s silent company, I’m a quiet person and I believe we could share that silence comfortably.

anonymous asked:

How would you write a friends to enemies to friends to lovers type thing?

Well you should probably start by defining each stage in their relationships. 

1. How and Why did they become friends in the first place? How long where they friends? What were they typically like when they were? 

2. Why did they become enemies? How? What happened to break them apart? How long were they enemies? How did they act towards eachother this way? 

3. Why did they go back to being friends? What lead to the decision to reunite? Has the past been forgiven? 

4. When did they become lovers? Why and how? How long have have they had romantic feelings for eachother? Since the begining? Only recently? What affect did their love have on their previous stages? 

Once you’ve broken down all the stages of their relationships, keep that informtaiton in mind as you write them. No matter what stage the story currently takes place in, all you have to do keep in mind what they have been through together. That information will seep into your story. 

Also keep in mind that all the reasons should be major. Their relationship wont seem very realist if the reason why they seperated in the first place isnt beliveable, and it their relationship will be even more unrealistic if you dont give them an even better reason for making up and letting go of the past. Make sure to treat each stage fairly, spend an equal amount of time devolping each one. They have to be balanced in order to read correctly and believable.

I hope I was able to help you, and if you have any more questions, or something wasnt clear, feel free to contact me!