when did it become 2

  • Brain: u have nothing to live for
  • Me: excuse you, when did brandon flowers become NOTHING? oh is everything on this blog NOTHING, he's breathing and alive, when did he become nothing to u?? Is his girly-ass giggle NOTHING 2 u, what the FUCK?? U went out of your way to describe a bag of hair 2 your friends for NOTHING??? I can't fuck with a hoe who thinks Brandon Flowers is NOTHING.

FUTURE TRIALOGUES DISCOURSE when I magically become better at illustration and turn the trio into the graphic novel they are meant to be in:

  • How is it “gross & racist” if I project my sexy negro fantasies onto Travis in my trialogues fanfic??? its?? just fiction??? IDC if he’s an ace black boy if I want him to dick down this white self-insert oc then he’ll dick down this white self-insert oc???
  • Subverting black vs white imagery for Amethysts light manipulation superpower is racist against white people
  • Heated debates on Amethysts sexuality after very clear very canon explanation that she is, in fact, a lesbian, Harold.
  • Fic writers don’t bother paying attention to the fact that Ashe is Brazillian. Theres random Spanish sprinkled in this fic. Where…did it come from?
  • Fandom whittling down Ashe’s sexuality to something with a bunch of latin in it when he’s just a Poor Not-So-Repressed-Bisexual who don’t know how to act around men and not like…a…demi….het..eromantic pan..sexual.
  • Constant debates (with sources) on who the main character is. One theory suggests that because Ashe, Travis and Amethyst form the Id, Superego and Ego respectively, Ashe and Travis are actually figments of a shape shifting Amethyst’s imagination. Sprinkle in the ableism & let it simmer.
  • Fics never acknowledge that Amethyst is black & mixed ever. She is eternally “the brown girl” in all descriptions. Lots of “cocoa skin”
  • Amethyst is always a Mary Sue for some kinda reason bc nobody can let female characters live. This week, Amethyst is a Mary Sue because… [spins wheel] fighting skills and matter ingestion superpowers.
  • Ashe is unrealistic. Bipolar people muse be in Constant Agony.
  • Travis? Neither black enough nor neurodivergent enough. 
  • Fandom turning Amethyst’s entire characterization and her aesthetic edits into that “Perfect Hair, Leather & Lace, Kill Him With Your Sharped Winged Eyeliner Stiletto Heel Lipstick” shit instead of letting her be the clumsy mismatched, eat a burger off the ground mess she is.
  • Outside of fandom, Trialogues is seen as part of the Special Snowflake Agenda because none of the characters are cishet white men
  • More I can’t think of rn

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"Those damn aces trying to force themselves into the lgbt community!! Don't they know ANYTHING about our history?? Haha-wait what the FUCK is that a Q get that NASTY SHIT OUT OR IM ENDING YOUR BLOODLINE" - gilllianderterf, having a wild ass time reading that shit also I'm love u

For like 2 seconds I though you were quoting aristoshit and I’m like 1. She changed urls 2. When did she become aphobic (which she probably is since she supports drop the t) but ily2 ❤💛💚💙💜 keep shit posting in the terf tags pls lmao

“i didn’t know i needed that au” prompts

1. “i’m an unlikely wrestling fan and since when did my childhood friend become a pro wrestler”

2. “who are you, what the hell are you doing in my theatre program, and why are you so damn hot”

3. “we got into a really heated wii tennis match at the rec center and now i wanna bang you”

4. “you sat next to me at the movie theatre and i really hated your movie but i didn’t realize you were in it”

5. “you’re sitting by me on the airplane and i promise i’m only holding your hand because i hate flying”

6. “since when do you take judo?!”

7. “you are literally the last person i expected to see at disneyland but hey, wanna ride space mountain?”

8. “you think you make a better potato salad than me? bring it, loser”

9. “i can’t remember why i thought storm chasing with you was a good idea”


11. "I work for the alethic department and you’re a male cheerleader and I find that really hot"

12. “oh shoot, i texted the wrong number, but can we keep talking?”

13. “We’re both in competitive show jumping and you’re an arrogant ass but I really love your horse”

14. “i keep running into you on this cruise and i don’t know if i hate you or just want to have sex with you”

15. “i’m interviewing you for the newspaper so will you stop flirting and we can get coffee after?”

16. “you were the bane of my existence in high school but now we’re going to college together”

17. “we’re enemies by day but league of legends allies by night”

18. “i bet you couldn’t make it all the way through this horror movie with me”

19. “i swear to god, if you tell anyone i take zumba you are dead”

20. “we live in adjacent apartments and i can’t stand you but your dinner literally smells so good can i try some?”

MCU Ladies Week | Day 2: Unsung Hero
              ↳ Maria Hill
When did you become an expert in thermonuclear astrophysics?

Maria Hill was Nick Fury’s second in command because she was very good at her job. She looked after the Avengers while working as the Deputy Director of the world’s greatest intelligence agency. She even saved Natasha, Steve and Sam when Hydra tried to take them out. She kept an eye on Coulson and his team. She worked at Stark Industries after she helped bring SHIELD down. Maria Hill is the reason half of our beloved superheroes are even alive. She doesn’t need superpowers to keep up with the Avengers.

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HI! You seem cool, also my favorite teacher was my college english professor. three questions, 1.) how and when did you first become interested in witchcraft? 2.) What's the most memorable experience you've had with a wild animal 3.) what's your favorite experience you've had with the paranormal, if any, otherwise, what's one of your favorite artists?

1: I wanted a boy to fall in love with me so I looked up love pelts yikes
2: ummmmmmMmmmMMmmmmmMMMM of zoos count I had a dolphin follow me around it’s exhibit once
3: mmmmmm that one time a ghost tried to convince me it was here to protect me but was actually hiding in my house because of the rain

When Gods Become Babysitters Pt 2

Rating: G
SCM guys x toddler MC
Note: The best way to read this is if you use the voice of Morgan Freedman.

Part 1| Part 3 | part 4 | part 5

Scorpio had had enough. Slamming his fist on the table as he stood abruptly, he was fuming. “That’s it! She’s soiled my presence for the last time! Get rid of that stray immediately!”

Taken by surprised, everyone was in shock and the silence held until Goldie’s slow cries broke the silence. This upset Teorus greatly. “Scorpy, how could you!” Picking up the crying babe, he tried to coo her into calming down. “It’s okay, Goldie,” he said with pouty lips. “The big scary meanie head won’t scare you anymore.”

“Oh really,” Scorpio growled as he clenched his hand into a fist.

But, before he could say anymore, Huedhaut placed a hand on his shoulder to hold him back. “Scorpio, nothing will come of this if you get angry over a child.”

Scorpio brushed the god’s hand away and walked off in a humph, his paperwork in tow. “I am not to be disturbed in my room no matter what,” he yelled back at the group and stomped off to his seclusion.

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20 burning questions we all have after watching Captain America: Civil War.

1. When did Elizabeth Olsen become the best part of The Avengers?

2. Is fake young Robert Downey Jr. the creepiest CGI trick or the best doppelgänger of all time?

3. Chris Evans’ trainer: How do we get a session with him?

4. Is a funeral a requirement for every single superhero movie? (See Batman v Superman, et al.)

5. When did Bucky get so freaking hot?

6. Where do we buy Peter Parker’s pizza T-Shirt?

7. Why hasn’t Chadwick Boseman been part of this franchise from the very beginning?

8. Addendum to question number seven: Hubba hubba.

9. How did the writers know that the line “You’re gonna have to go Mark Furman on my ass” would be so incredibly relevant by the time the movie came out?

10. How do we give those writers a raise for the next installment?

11. We’re going to get more of giant-Ant-Man, right?

12. Can every superhero movie be without a villain from now on?

13. Is Tom Holland (a.k.a. Spider-Man) actually a 13-year old in a 19-year-old’s body?

14. That being said, how amazing is the new Spider-Man going to be?

15. How has Hawkeye’s family not kicked him out yet? The guy cannot stay put at home.

16. How many times a day does Don Cheadle feel immensely superior to everyone in this movie?

17. Did anyone even notice that Hulk and Thor were missing?

18. Where does the Black Panther hide his costume? It’s not like he can just ball it up in his back pocket like Cap or Spidey.

19. Does Wanda even miss her brother at all?

20. Who else thinks Vision is in desperate need of a pet?

6 things that you just DON’T say to lesbians

1. Are you seriously lesbian? You dont look like one.

2. When did you become a lesbian?

3. Why didnt you told me that youre lesbian?

4. Who is the man in your relationship?

5. How does sex with two womans even work?

6. Did you ever thought about a threesome?