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Using “but I’m also ace/aro!” as a gotcha card when 1) I literally did not ask, 2) it only becomes relevant for discourse’s sake, and 3) it’s used to erase and belittle the shit other aces go through just because they don’t experience any hardships for being ace.

Every time I log in, tumblr -for some peculiar reason- has to promote to me a confession blog post or another confession blog post. And quite frankly I’m tired of blocking them.

Three things over the latest confession in long line of the same ridiculous confessions that tumblr forced on me prompted this post.

1. I don’t understand how  Johnny Depp went from the hottest man in HW to “ehhhh he’s so ugly” in one year. It’s tightly connected to 2. But how much of a crime is it to not be beautiful? Seriously (even if I don’t agree with it) when did it become a crime to grow old and look your age?

2. The abuse accusations that were never proved, never went to court, he was never charged, police found no evidence of this so called abuse. I know it’s trendy to make someone the face of whatever is evil, but in this case it doesn’t commute because of the lies from Heard’s side. Just look a little closer and you’ll be surprised by all her lies. It’s actually scary that anyone still believes her unquestionably.

3. Johnny Depp is one of the best actors working. Just because he’s too old for you, or you feel too ashamed to masturbate thinking of him doesn’t make him a bad actor. I feel as if we’ve reached an age in which everyone parrots the same things again and again, and they think if they repeat them long enough they will become truth. Lies are lies. Opinions are opinions. And just because you don’t like Johnny Depp any longer doesn’t mean your current favourite “boy toy” (because that’s how social media treat their favourites) is a better actor.

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I think season 2 Master of None shows Aziz taking criticism pretty well. in it, we have one episode where he wilingly takes a back seat with his character and focuses on three other characters, a deaf black woman, a Rwandan taxi driver, and a Latinx doorman. Also he's added more WOC--his charming love interest in ep1 is a black woman. Not to mention that a black wlw cowrote a whole episode about her relationship with her mom & sexuality changing over time. so I think s2 is worth it


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How would you write a friends to enemies to friends to lovers type thing?

Well you should probably start by defining each stage in their relationships. 

1. How and Why did they become friends in the first place? How long where they friends? What were they typically like when they were? 

2. Why did they become enemies? How? What happened to break them apart? How long were they enemies? How did they act towards eachother this way? 

3. Why did they go back to being friends? What lead to the decision to reunite? Has the past been forgiven? 

4. When did they become lovers? Why and how? How long have have they had romantic feelings for eachother? Since the begining? Only recently? What affect did their love have on their previous stages? 

Once you’ve broken down all the stages of their relationships, keep that informtaiton in mind as you write them. No matter what stage the story currently takes place in, all you have to do keep in mind what they have been through together. That information will seep into your story. 

Also keep in mind that all the reasons should be major. Their relationship wont seem very realist if the reason why they seperated in the first place isnt beliveable, and it their relationship will be even more unrealistic if you dont give them an even better reason for making up and letting go of the past. Make sure to treat each stage fairly, spend an equal amount of time devolping each one. They have to be balanced in order to read correctly and believable.

I hope I was able to help you, and if you have any more questions, or something wasnt clear, feel free to contact me! 

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(1/2) When exactly did age discourse become a thing? I was around fandom about six years ago when I was 13, and there was nothing like this (or at least it wasn't everywhere). Now, I see people claiming ships with even a one year age gap are a great sin that will raze our cities to the ground and salt and burn the earth. I have even seen people saying that characters who were canonically frozen in time are mentally 70 and shouldn't date people their own physical age. When? Did? This? Happen?

(2/2) It’s quite jarring actually. It’s only been six years, and I’ve never really been “out” of fandom. I’ve always been around on some site or other. This is something I’ve only really seen since I joined Tumblr. Attitudes seemed to have changed too. Like, when I was 13, if I saw a (now old) fandom term I didn’t understand, I clicked on the thing, and noped the hell out of there when I saw something that freaked me out. Lesson learned. Avoid that term. It’s the same generation. What happened?


I honestly don’t know when it all went wrong I would happily go back to the superwholock days of tumblr if it meant all this dumb shit would stop I’m sick of it I miss when people weren’t so fucking entitled

i’m so fucked up about that scene in 2x02 where the flashback of thomas talking to james about “strange pairs” literally transitions into current time james staring at silver like………… he’s literally subconsciously comparing his relationship with thomas to his relationship with silver and honestly…………. flint totally has a Crush yall

AU where instead of slashing him in half, Kanda just bitchslapped Alma out of his murderous rampage and they both live. Them meeting other exorcists and adjusting to the fact that family includes more than just the two of them in their tiny world now. Kanda gains a sense of humor and Alma becomes a little more cautious of his emotions and they sort out their past and stay platonic besties. They become exorcists ironically and kill things with a fuck-da-popo vibe. Kanda smiling being a regular thing. Alma becoming a flirt. Alma alive. Wow.

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2 to 4!

2. When did you become a ㄴㅇㅅㅌ?
I’m kind of late to the game but i became a fan right after the first episode of produce 101 (when jonghyun held his tears in due to kahi and their comments and everything ㅠㅠ) I knew of them since 2012, but never really took notice of them since at that time I was young and their concept didn’t appeal much to me :( BUT NOW I’M SOLD. I will support them regardless of anything and I truly love all of them!!!

3. Favourite era?
Love Paint!!!! Everyone looks so good (those chiffon/silk shirts damn) and BLONDE-ISH MINHYUN is my aesthetic HAHA and i love the songs from canvas really omg

4. Favourite song?
Hello is my jam for months already :’) overcome and love paint are close seconds haha AND DAYBREAK

Thanks for sending this in :))))

Team Deniss: Since there are no new instagram stories this morning (how quickly we are spoiled), and I’m bored at work, I thought it would be fun to get to know a little more about each other.

1. What was the first program of Deniss’ you saw?

2. When did you become a skating fan?

3. Who is another favorite skater?

4. What music would you love to see Deniss skate to?

For good measure

5. What is your favorite breakfast food?

11 questions

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1. How did you discover BTS?

okay SO… i’d just started playing mystic messenger and i followed a couple of blogs that posted about it. a few of them also posted some k-pop stuff, and i guess i just got curious (i remember googling “jungkook” bc that’s the name i saw the most) and .,,, now we’re here

2. When did you become a part of ARMY?

in early january of this year (but it feels much longer)

3. What was your first k-pop song from memory?

the first k-pop song i remember listening to was lotto by exo, but the first bts song i heard was blood sweat & tears bc it was first up on their spotify profile

4. Do you watch anime? If so, what’s your favourite anime?

i don’t watch anime but i keep meaning to, i think i just don’t know where to start (feel free to rec me some)

5. How many biases do you have, who are they (kpop in general)?

yoongi and namjoon are definitely my top 2, but jin and taehyung seriously give them a run for their money. i also rly like wonho, jackson wang, woozi, sehun, and yixing but i don’t know that much about them (i’m trying to branch out tho lmao)

6. What would you say to your BTS bias if you ever met him?

holy shit,,,… god idek. i guess i would just be like “oh my god,,, i love you and i love your music and you guys mean so much to me and i’m proud of you” or smth else #embarrassing like that (i would absolutely have to hug namjoon like holy shit imagine that)

7. Would you rather date or become best friends your bias?

i don’t rly know…………,, i would definitely love to date namjoon bc i feel like we have a lot in common and would get along rly well. and obviously i would at least try to date yoongi but i wouldn’t push it if we didn’t click romantically. i’d be cool with being his best friend :’)

8. What is your favourite song at the moment?

mmmMMm so there are several that i’ve been listening to almost nonstop this week:

HERO - Monsta X

Hey Mama! - EXO-CBX

(as always) 뱊새 Silver Spoon - BTS

Lucifer - SHINee

9. Do you know any K-pop choreography? If so, which choreography?

adfjgkjdhf NO i can’t dance in the slightest

10. Do a lot of people you know in real life also listen/enjoy k-pop?

nope :/ my younger sister likes it but i don’t really like to talk about it that much with her and i would never like ,,,. share my blog with her. i wish i had some irl friends who liked it but for some reason there’s still some sort of like ,, stigma attached to k-pop stuff? which idg but i wish i could talk about it more freely with my irl friends

11. What k-dramas would you recommend to everyone?

i’ve also never watched any k-dramas, but again, i keep meaning to!! feel free to rec me some of those as well ,, lmao


  1. What is your favorite BTS music video?
  2. Who was your first bias in BTS, and why did he catch your attention??
  3. Who is your BTS bias now? Any bias wreckers?
  4. Who are your OTPs?
  5. Who in BTS do you think has the best style?
  6. Name 5 of your fave BTS songs
  7. If you could be in a relationship with any k-pop idol, who would you pick, and why?
  8. Fave BTS era?
  9. Who in BTS do you think would be your best friend?
  10. What’s your fave hair color for each member of BTS?
  11. Pick 3 members of BTS to go on a vacation/road trip with

i’m not going to tag 11 people buT i tag @hoseokskitten, @gooddaybybts, @otpvmin, @chimiint, and @bbysucculents

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Can I get 1 2 and 11 for vernon thank you so muchh


I had a really fun time writing this :D

1. “Shut up and kiss me.”
2. “Is that my shirt?”
11. “When did you become such a fashionista?”

Genre: Fluffilly fluff fluff 

Word count: 1 039

Summary: When Vernon wants his shirt back….

I quietly hummed while stirring in the pancakebatter. It was currently eight o’clock in the morning and Vernon was still sound asleep in my bedroom. Last night he had knocked on my door at like 10 pm since my place was closer to his company than his dorm. Also I understand why he would rather spend the night here than in a crowded dorm full with overtired teenage boys. I mean, who wouldn’t. So, since he had looked so drained yesterday I thought that I would let him sleep in and wake him up with some breakfast.

I poured the batter into the frying pan and let it get some colour before flipping it. Vernon always woke up quite easily so I did my absolute best to try and be quiet. However that didn’t work as I felt a pair of arms wrap themselves around my waist. The faint smell of yesterday’s cologne lingered in the air around us and gave my boyfriend away. I put the pancake on the plate beside the stove and turned around in his arms.

“Good morning.” I said and pecked him on the lips. He smiled slightly and hugged me to his chest. I instantly wrapped my arms around his shoulders and hugged him back. He buried his face into the crook of my neck, leaving pecks all over it.

“You just made it better.” He murmured. Then he pulled away from my neck and gave me an adoring look. “God I love you.” I didn’t have time to respond before he pressed his chapped lips against mine. It caught me off guard and it took me some time to actually register what was happening. He wasn’t the only one tired, let me tell you that. Finally I started moving my lips in sync with his but well, that didn’t last too long.

“No! The pancakes!” I quickly turned around causing Vernon to chuckle at me. I saved the pancake just in time. When I turned around once more to continue what we were doing he was standing a few feet away from me. His eyes were roaming my body and stuck to one part of it; the part that had his shirt on. It was the one with a dalmatian print on it. He had left it here by mistake two weeks ago and I have shamelessly been using it ever since. His eyes shifted to mine and he shook his head with a slight smirk on his lips.

“Is that my shirt?” He took a couple of steps towards me and pulled at the edge of the shirt. I looked down at it and then back up at him with a smirk covering my features. Then I leaned in and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before turning back to the stove. I heard him huff behind me and I laughed.

“Stop acting like you didn’t hear me or.” That made me laugh my head off, the giggled just kept running off my tongue and my stomach hurt to the point where I couldn’t breath. When I finally calmed down I turned back me and answered his question.

“Maybe.” I answered earning a slight glare from him. “If you leave your clothes here you’ll have to suit yourself.”

“Take it off.” He tried pulling it off my body while laughing. I screeched and ran to the other side of the kitchen. He stood where he was and just huffed while hanging his head low.

“Yah, I’m too tired for this jagi.” I giggled at him and just poked my tongue out. He sighed and rolled his eyes.

“That’s the only shirt that matches my red jeans, I need it.” He started walking calmly towards me, I just backed away, a mischievous smile my lips. “When did you become such a child.”

“When did you become such a fashionista?” I retorted.

“I am not a fashionista!” He exclaimed, shocked at my question. I just laughed at him.

“And I’m not a child.” He gave me an are-you-serious look then he started walking faster towards me making me squeal and try to run away, this time he was too fast for me though. He easily trapped me between the wall and himself. I knew I was acting like a child but come on, I was just having a bit of fun. Of course I’m gonna use his clothes if he keeps leaving them here.

He started tickling my sides while at the same time trying to get the shirt of my body. I started squirming around but he was too strong. After a while I had enough.

“Okay, okay! Stop, I can’t take it anymore!” He stopped but kept his hands on either side of my head. I was breathing heavily.

“Can I have it back now?” Before I answered a foul smell made it’s way into my nostrils. My eyes widened when I figured out what it was.

“THE PANCAKE!” I exclaimed and quickly escaped under his arm. Once I reached the stove again the pancake was completely black. I sighed and threw it in the trashcan under the sink. Then I turned back to Vernon who stood there with his arms crossed, a determined look on his face. He took his hand out, palm up.

“The shirt please.” I sighed and shook my head. He actually thought he was going to win this. He thought wrong.

“Firstly, you have a lot more shirts in your closet at the dorm. Secondly, I really want to have at least one piece of clothing of my boyfriend’s. Thirdly, it smells like you. Fourthly, I…”

“Just shut up and kiss me.” Again, I didn’t have time to react before he had gripped my wrist and pulled me into him, crashing his lips against mine for the second time this morning. The kiss was hard and when we pulled away from each other I was pressed against the counter and we were both trying to catch our breaths. He leaned his forehead against mine.

“…. Fourthly, you look better in it than I do, so keep it jagi.” A small smile appeared on my face and I kissed him once again, the breakfast long forgotten.


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I feel like I've never been this disappointed. I wouldn't ever imagine Julie doing this. I'm so incredibly mad that my happiness for the balloon squad and the boys is somewhere deep down in my brain, the only thing capturing my mind rn is the shitty ending. I get it. She likes willhelm. But here's a fun fact: this was supposed to be Sana's season. I don't understand Julie right now. Honestly. Wtf.

ME RIGHT NOW my angel

like i am so sad and mad and bitter and I have spent this entire season defending it but now? I don’t even know what Julie is doing anymore.

I had so much faith in her but she has done the thing.

Since when did this become Noora’s season 2.0? 

I’m sad and bitter