when did i stop tagging seriously can you tell

We DO NOT ship abusive relationships!

Guys the reason most tauradonna shippers ship tauradonna is because of what Adam and Blake USED to have. When they were careless, had the same dreams, young, wild, and free. I’m not big on shipping them as of right now, but their past relationship shall always be my OTP. And don’t tell me Adam was abusive when Blake was part of the White Fang! Blake never said anything about Adam being abusive! Besides they are fictional characters, and we don’t know much about their past together! I mean in season 4 if they have a episode based off Blake and Adams past together like they did Cinder I would be more than happy! But seriously stop posting hate shit and tagging it tauradonna so people can see how much you hate this ship! Also why is Adam getting so much hate? He’s not even the main villian! Cinder is and she’s like 2x worse! So cut the shippers and Adam some slack! No I don’t ship abusive relationships, thats why I ship younger Blake and Adam. Besides the season’s not over yet and it could take a unexpected turn! Besides if you don’t like how the ship is then don’t ship it! Even I prefer writing AU versions of their relationship!

I am entitled to my own opinion!