when did i start shipping this seriously

Kwon Hyunbin's ‘preys’ throughout Produce 101 (part 1)

😂seriously tho.

started with 1) Minhyun (certified ship by ↓ themselves)

2) Seonho (if F grade should do couplings, these two 😂)

3) Jonghyun (the ultimate father-son material)

4) Jisung (momma bear and his giant baby)

5) Sungwoon (the ‘diD HE JUST KISS SUNGWOON??’ also dem holding hands)

6) Jaehwan (the hyung who facepalm but also cried the hardest when he got eliminated)

7) Haknyeon (”if i can be born again… i want to be hyunbinnie-hyung”)

8) Taehyun (cutest height differences in flashes)

9) Donghan (visual bros united)

10) Taedong (LOOK IT’S CAMERA! *SMOOCH*)

11) Sunghyuk (koala and his tree)

12) Donghyun (baby and his baby)

(will continue on part 2, there are too many of them 😂😅)

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When did you start shipping jonsa and why? And what would you like to see regarding their relationship in season 7?

Oh man… 

Truthfully, I honestly never even considered them till Season 6. For me, shipping on Game of Thrones was a futile activity, considering everything goes to shit almost every episode. Look at what they did to Gendrya :’( like seriously, Gendry, where the hell did you paddle to? 

But anyway, Jonsa wasn’t even in my peripheral in terms of shipping, then the reunion episode happened. Like everyone else, I was so over the moon that we finally got a Stark reunion and I was focusing on that, but there was this surprising tension between them that felt so charged and so not familial. Look, I’m the first person to say ewww to incest shipping, and I really, really fought against myself. But I couldn’t stop seeing it. The lingering glances, the zoomed shot on the hand-holding, Sansa nuzzling his face when they hugged, to even the way they argued, all heaving chests and candlelit atmosphere. It was impossible to deny that there was something distinctly un-sibling about the way Jon and Sansa were around each other. 

Then the big reveal happened at the end with R+L=J and it all suddenly made sense. Cousin marriages were a normal occurrence in this world (and even back in our real world history around the time period GoT would be based on), so those Jon and Sansa moments weren’t just all in my head. It had to mean something. 

So I did what any self-respecting fan with an addictive personality would do, I came to tumblr ;) I joined the fandom and devoured every Ao3 fanfic I could find. The more I jumped into this beautiful hole, the more I started to see why Jon was perfect for Sansa and why she was perfect for him. Jon’s the heart and Sansa’s the head. Together, they just make sense. And I can see how easily it would be for them to fall in love with each other. Sansa’s always wanted to fall in love with an honourable and chivalrous knight, but that hope has been tainted over and over again. She doesn’t believe that that exists anymore, but here’s Jon, who we know is that person. I don’t think Sansa needs Jon to heal, but what is life if you don’t have someone you can trust who is supportive of you? That’s Jon for Sansa. And after all she’s been through, she more than deserves that kind of person in her life, no matter what capacity they come in (romantic or otherwise). As for Jon, Sansa represents hope. After dying, you could see just how distraught he was to be back, how he no longer trusted people or himself, and how he couldn’t see anymore what there was left in this world living for, and then Sansa came back. And suddenly, he has a purpose again. That’s what she gives him. She gives him meaning and hope, but more than that, she gives him a person he can trust to always challenge him. She’s an equal partner. 

Basically, that’s my long-winded explanation on how I came about shipping them and why I do lmao. Sorry. 

What I would like for Season 7 is for them to just fall in love and have babies and forget everyone else, but that’s not gonna happen xD 

Since we all know Jon is going to be leaving Winterfell, I want mutual pining. I want them to spend their time apart thinking about each other, worrying about each other, missing each other, and being oh-so-conflicted about their not-so-familial feelings. I want Jon to make decisions while taking into consideration what he thinks Sansa would do, and I want Sansa to do the same. If they must be apart, I want them to still be connected. 

And good god, I want the most heartfelt goodbye and heartfelt reunion ever to exist on this show between those two. Please.  

P.S. Thanks for sending something in. You guys know how much I love/adore your asks! And you all in general! <3 

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Same. Personally playing me: a made me incredibly nostalgic for Garrus. Jaal has to be one of the healthiest relationships in bioware history insomuch that it teaches how important communication is (for one). But ... man do I miss the cocky, dorky, Right Hand Man, Garrus "no Shepard without Vakarian" Vakarian

I cannot express to you how much I love Garrus Vakarian. Seriously. 

Garrus will always hold a very special place in my heart because the relationship that developed between him and my Talia Shepard took me completely by surprise and yet it felt incredibly natural. Like that is how her story was always meant to play out.

When I finished ME1, I remember thinking it was weird that there were players who wanted to romance Garrus. I had zero interest in that. Talia was closer to Garrus than anyone else on the Normandy (except Liara) - but he was like a brother to her. That would be strange on so many levels…. not to mention that I couldn’t quite wrap my head around how physical intimacy would even work with a human and a turian. Just… no. I didn’t want to hit that. 

But then ME2 comes along and I am so damn happy to see Garrus again and get him back on my ship and I’m feeling all the “just like old times” vibes and then he starts talking about reach and flexibility and I’m all kinds of confused because do I seriously want to flirt with Garrus now?! When the hell did that happen? And the more I did, the more I was completely won over - not only by his sense of humor and the fact that he is equal parts suave and awkward, but because his romance felt like a completely natural extension of their friendship. They bonded as fellow soldiers, fighting the same fight. They decided to “blow off steam” together as kind of a stepping stone to a less platonic relationship - dipping their toes into a romance they both wanted to explore without either one of them tying the other down. And then, in the very end, there’s no question that they love each other. There don’t need to be grand gestures or proclamations. They both probably knew it long before either one of them said anything. 

And then that god damn ending broke me.

Fucking bar.

Contributor’s spotlight: Anna (hanni-bunny-lecter)




How did you become a Fannibal?

The details are a little vague, to be completely honest. I don’t remember exactly when I started casually watching the show (it was somewhere during or right after the first season) and I began seriously shipping Hannigram only after Mizumono. When s3 aired, I was becoming very bored with my favorite show of that time - Supernatural - and since Hannibal had the atmosphere and quality I always searched for, I became more and more interested. And so, when the Red Dragon arc started, I was completely hooked and decided to reach out to the fandom. Soon after the finale I started posting Hannibal fanart and actually meeting new people online. And I guess this is how it started. Not a very interesting story XD

What do you love about the Hannibal fandom?

That people are so welcoming and friendly! I’ve never been in a fandom full of such positivity and such creativity - even though the show has been interrupted, Fannibals are still here, still active and fighting for our show to come back. It’s incredible. And of course this is the place when I can finally satisfy my love for gory horror themes without feeling like a freak.

How would you like to spend a day with Will Graham? 

I think taking him fishing would be a good way to spend time together. Neither of us are very social creatures, so wading in silence in the stream seems the only option :D

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001: jake and Amy! :)

  • When I started shipping it if I did: in season 1, because when I first started watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine, I would go to IMDb and specifically watch the episodes that might have something w/ them in it before I’d watch the rest. I think I started seriously shipping it after “The Bet”
  • My thoughts: they are 110/100 perfect need more content
  • What makes me happy about them: they just vibe so well with each other. they have issues sometimes but they talk about them and solve them. they recognize the little things about each other that they cannot find in themselves (like Amy’s binders and Jake re: Die Hard) but they express interest in those subjects anyway because they love the person who loves those things so why ridicule them for it? nah, go along with it because seeing the other happy makes themselves feel so happy. the math is so easy?? and they do it constantly like dang. hit me with dat ish constantly please
  • What makes me sad about them: that sometimes Jake feels a little insecure :(
  • Things done in fanfic that annoys me: whenever people write Amy as some sort of killjoy and Jake as a manchild
  • Things I look for in fanfic: AUs and Jake meeting Amy’s family. I’m a huge sucker for those
  • Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: look man,
  • My happily ever after for them: they get married and have kids and Amy becomes Captain and Jake is the immensely proud husband who has a little bit more time to spend with the kids but knows them well enough to see whenever they need to be with their mother- and they communicate well enough that he can pass this on to Amy, who immediately figures out how to go about that because work is important to her but family even more so
  • Who is the big spoon/little spoon: they both like to be the little spoon so they switch it around frequently but Amy is Good and she knows how much it means to him (and thinks to herself that maybe he needs it just a little bit more than she does) so she often offers to be the big spoon before he even needs to say anything to her. she can read the response in his face, meaning that it completely lights up knowing that he can spend the night lying in the arms of the person he loves most
  • What is their favorite non-sexual activity: spooning

Seriously, there’s:

-Mixen (Amaya x Mick)

-Coldwave (Leonard x Mick)

-Flashwave (Barry x Mick)

-Atomwave (Ray x Mick)

-Superwave (Kara x Mick)

-Overwave (Felicity x Mick)

-I don’t know what it’s called, but George Washington x Mick

-Arrowwave (Idk if that’s what it’s called, but Oliver x Mick)

There’s probably more, but I think the only other characters I ship with so many people (Flarrowverse) are Barry and Kara. 

OVER 1000 FOLLOWERS! YOOOO in just little over 4 months…..I’m speechless. 

I’m glad there are a lot of LuNa fans who enjoy my analysis and content and I appreciate each and every one of you who decided to follow me. 

I initially joined because I wanted the LuNa fandom to get more vocal and to celebrate more of our awesome pairing, especially with the abundance of moments and hints that we got last year! 

Since then, I noticed a shift in behavior and I’m glad it’s become what it is today. So many awesome analysis and reviewers along with the unison of the community :D

Since this is a big checkpoint for me, I wanted to take this opportunity and describe when and why I started shipping LuNa:

Like many of you, it was during the climax of the Arlong Park arc. There’s something special about the way it was executed and handled and it still stands as one of the most iconic arcs in all of OP. It is a testament that it has not been replicated or been compared to anything else, because there’s none like it. Oda made this arc all about Nami and her character. While at the same time Luffy is the one who ironically skips all the background info about Nami and still decides to recklessly crash a feared fishmen’s territory. All for the sake of making his navigator cry. Never, in all of OP, has Luffy done anything remotely similar for anyone else. He had no background info on her or the situation, blind faith in her character and actions, and complete anger while putting his life on the line for her without a legitimate reason. What sealed the deal for me was when Luffy takes the fight to Nami’s old room.

He gets a small glimpse of what her life must’ve been like and he absolutely loses it. Arlong couldn’t even move his damn sword an inch while Luffy was holding onto it with his mere fingers. Arlong should be grateful Luffy didn’t hear a word about what Arlong did to her step-mother otherwise he may have been the first villain to be actually killed (jk btw lol but he seriously would’ve lost much early on). Not only did Luffy become enraged of how Arlong treated Nami, he took it upon himself to make sure that room doesn’t exist! And he even says he will destroy any place she doesn’t want to be in! The world gov’t should be more afraid of Nami than Dragon because the second she starts to hate the world, it’s game over lol.

Anyways, that pretty much sums up when I started shipping this awesome pairing, and I hope we get many more moments to come. Ship on!!


i think this episode was absolutely amazing. yes, there were things that i didn’t like or annoyed me. and some things were rushed. but in general, it was definitely a great episode

before i start writing anything, i need to mention one thing. PLEASE GIVE ALL AWARDS TO HARRY SHUM JR AND ALAN VAN SPRANG. they did an incredible job when playin each other’s characters. just by looking at them you could tell it wasn’t magnus or it wasn’t valentine. the look on their faces, the way they moved, the way they talked… everything was carefully thought of and chosen. i have so much respect and admiration for those amazing actors
i also need to mention will tudor’s acting. because at first i didn’t know what to think when he got chosen to play sebastian who is a piece of shit and will looks like the sweetest man. but he proved how scary he can be in this episode, i’m very impressed

- magnus being tortured broke my heart into a million pieces. this man has been through so much in his life, he’s always willing to help everyone and yet this is what happens to him. he doesn’t deserve this. that shouldn’t have happened, especially not to him 

- magnus telling alec details about their relationship and alec not believing him left me in so many tears. even if alec had doubts, it still wasn’t enough. the look on magnus’ face… when the love of your life still doesn’t believe your words, i can’t even imagine how he felt

- magnus’ torture scene was so hard to watch. his cry for his mama… i couldn’t breathe because it was so painful. the memories he tried so hard to bury deep inside of him, coming back to him in the worst possible way. magnus did not deserve this

- magnus almost got killed… just because the inquisitor hated valentine so much, she didn’t even try to listen. and the fact that alec needed visual confirmation from jace that valentine and magnus had switched…
when alec finally says that it wasn’t valentine… the relief on his face… just stab me in the heart, it’ll hurt less

- alec hating on sebastian from the start gives me life bless him 

- i’m kind of done with izzy always accusing alec of something not true. first it was that he didn’t notice that something was wrong with her (and he DID) and now that he doesn’t like sebastian just because he helped her and alec couldn’t? yes, that’s so true ugh…

- a. lightwood still looks unrealistic

- can we talk about the fact that alec was so worried about magnus that he immediately went to his loft to check if he’s okay? he’s such a caring and loving boyfriend

- alec cupping magnus’ cheek and it wasn’t even real magnus. that hurt… a lot

- ALEC. FREAKING. LIGHTWOOD. killing a great demon while he’s being tossed. the best shadowhunter ever don’t even fight me on this

- there was so much pain on magnus’ face when he and alec talked. i wish we got to see a proper conversation between them because that’s what they deserve. not barely 30 seconds…
i hope they will have that conversation at some point because this isn’t going anywhere. magnus has been through something so traumatic and he probably wants to just put his guards up. but he doesn’t have to now, he has someone that is there to support him, someone that loves him

- jace couldn’t care less about sebastian until alec shook his hand and so he did the same. i love how jace follows alec’s steps in such ordinary situations 

- jace is so extra with his jumps lmao like… i don’t not really know what’s the point of them but they are also very jace

- i love how they changed jace’s story from the books. that imogen is actually happy to have her grandson. jace deserves to be happy and he was almost in tears when she gave him that ring

- i’m very mad that climon got their ‘morning after’ scene, even though this ship will die very soon. and malec aka endgame ship did not.
the way they treat their het ships in comparison to their (so far) only lgbtq+ couple… i’m seriously angry about this whole thing

- simon was ready to fight raphael wearing only his boxers and slippers and with a paddle in his hand, this is so him lmao

- rosa started shipping sizzy as soon as she looked at them bless her

- simon agreeing to threaten raphael was extremely ooc and i still can’t believe that actually happened. i’m not really surprised when it comes to izzy’s behaviour since she often doesn’t get downworlders or maybe doesn’t even care, plus her situation with raphael… but simon? this is so not him

- i’m not even surprised raphael got so angry. he had every right to be angry.
this is not how you make things right with him, you do not come after people he cares about. especially not his only family member who means everything to him

- we really got only 2 seconds of luke in this whole episode? i mean, yes without him simon would probably be dead but luke deserves better than this 

- so clary just casually forgets that luke is basically her real father because he’s the one who raised her, she lies to simon about jace so he finds out from izzy… cool cool cool cool cool you’re such a great person wow

- sometimes it’s really hard when you despise sebastian but will looks like a ray of sunshine

- but he got so freaking scary in a matter of seconds. i really hope he’ll turn out to be a great villain that i’ll love to hate
but him asking out clary? seriously? gross 

- valentine using dot’s help for his own gain… i hate him so much

- i mentioned it in the previous episode but the actor playing azazel did such an amazing job. everything he did was so effortless, almost like he was bored and that only made him look more scary
when he started choking valentine in magnus’ body, i couldn’t handle it 


like honestly,  you guys are incredible ?? i owe you all so much for making me feel so welcomed & loved in such a short span of time ! i’ve only been up for a few months & i’m already loving you guys so much. i have made some really close friends already, who deserve a lil’ special THANK YOU of their own. so without further ado, here is a huge thank you to these cocoNUTS

@facadesmiled / ace

ace, man, where do i even begin ?? we’ve been through it all…the thick, the thin & basically everything in - between. it’s just been the two of us together for literal YEARS now - it’s nuts but in a wonderful way. you never cease to make me smile & feel giddy & happy, you are honestly the brightest & sweetest ray of sunshine & incredibly talented in everything you do. & i will never thank you enough for all you’ve done for me : when i needed a shoulder to cry on, when i needed someone to rant with, when i have bizarre rarepair ships that border on the edge of crack & seriousness, & when i simply want to relax. i’m keeping this short for the sake of things, but honestly i cannot express how much you have meant to me & will always mean to me through words alone, & i’m proud to call you my girlfriend  ♥ ♥ ♥

@moanaialiki / monie !

MONIE MONIE MONIE !! i am so glad that i approached you on anon that one day shyly introducing myself as “a new maui” bc honestly? that started the budding of a beautiful friendship between us & i’m always glad that i did befriend you, because you’ve ended up meaning a hell of a lot to me. your mo.a.na is amazing & you bring your own beautiful take on her to the table, but you are equally amazing as your own memey self. i’m so glad i was able to find you & click with you, because you really DO mean a lot to me & i’ll never take you for granted !!

@seetheirsoul / @servesthegods / blue !

BL U E !! you’re an amazing person to talk to & your portrayals are always so flawless ?? thank you for bringing to life kubo & allowing me to cry about these two demigod brothers with you ! i’m so glad i’ve been able to form a friendship with you & given ma.ui such a meaningful relationship. i hope to continue to get to know you better & breaking our hearts with these lovely boys !!

& now onto the rest of my mutuals & beloved followers, who i am eternally grateful for, below the cut. pardon if i missed anyone ! in no particular order  )

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I love those little moments in Hamilton when you realize just how talented the cast is

- “together we can turn the tide”
- Lafayette’s 6.3 words per second rap with a French accent while presumably doing choreography in Guns and Ships
- “this man will not make an orphan of my daughter” then “look him in the eye, aim no higher, summon all the courage you require, then count” how does someone show so many emotions in four lines with only their voice?
- the start of Your Obedient Servant when you can FEEL Burr’s rage
- “Alexander, did you know?”
- “I am the one thing in life I can control”
- Angelica’s “Eliza” in Take a Break, like it’s one word but seriously woah
- “just give him what he wants and you can have me” and “if you pay you can stay”
- “how they perceive you, you, you, you”
- the difference between every time Hamilton says “I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory”

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For your "Send Me a Character" could you do Tenzo if no one has asked yet? I hate that you are sick! I hope you feel better soon, Captain. I'd make you chicken noodle soup and tell you sweet MadaKaka stories if you weren't so far away.

Aww thank you berry!  You know just what a girl needs to feel better lol!  Also, I keep switching between Yamato and Tenzou, because I can never decide on what to call him.  He wants to be called Yamato, but I personally like Tenzou better, but I want to respect this fictional character’s wishes, so I call him Yamato, but then the ask framed him as Tenzou so idk here i am, floating along.

Originally posted by rasenpiss

  • First impression
    • No. No no nonono.  I want Kakashi.  I don’t want this whoever he is, bring back Kakashi.  So what, he can make a box and has a scary face, who would honestly be scared by that it’s dumb. He’s dumb.  Where’s Kakashi?  Why is Kakashi gone? I don’t care I want Kakashi bring him back bringhimbackbringhimbaaaaaack
  • Impression now
    • My wonderous tree child, love of my life, apple of my eye, poor, precious baby who has been abadoned by his creator and forced to become a joke while he follows around the source of his trauma, you deserved better.  This world was not good enough for you.  Sweet angel, I want only soft and lovely things for you.  Also, boy is cut.  Have you seen those arms?  Did you watch the filler episode where he’s soaking in an undergound hotspring shirtless (during the arc where they’re shipping him out with Naruto to the Turtle Island in Lightening)?  DID YOU SEE THAT?  Because that was when I started thinking ol’cat eyes was attractive.
  • Favorite moment
  • Idea for a story
    • Tenzou and Tobirama meet.  They bond over having the same face-plate, and being practical ninja who take safety seriously.  Alright, alright, a serious one.  Tenzou was born Senju Nawaki.  Dazou (being an utter bastard) totally fucking kidnapped him for experimentation, and switched him with another baby (who becomes the canon Nawaki.  I’m going to say Orochin wasn’t a total ass at this point and wouldn’t have experimented on Nawaki for Tsunade’s sake, so Dazou never told him the truth of the child’s lineage). That is why Tenzou has the Wood Release.  Not because Orochimaru’s experiments were successful, but because Tenzou had the ability (or latent ability) in the first place.  The experiments would have killed anyone else, but the Uzumaki longevity kept him alive.  The child who replaced him and is canonically known as Nawaki died because he was not an Uzumaki (like Tsunade is, by Mito).  It made canon Nawaki unable to withstand the same levels of trauma, which led to his death at a young age.  This gets uncovered after ROOT is brought to pieces, after the war, and Tsunade and Tenzou develop the sibling relationship they should have had from the start.  It’s about mutual healing, and while Tenzou isn’t a replacement for the boy Tsunade loved like a brother, he is a chance at having a family again.  He becomes Senju Yamato, and Tsunade is always teasing him to give her nieces and nephews.  Yamato blushes redder than a tomato every time, of course. “N-n-ne-nee-sama!  D-don’t say things like that!”  "Stop it with the ‘sama,’ otouto!  Call me neechan “bu-but Hokage-i mean-nee-sama, I can’t!  You’re the hokage!” and then Tsunade gives the hat over to Kakashi because she just wants to live a peaceful life with her new brother and also so Yamato will stop having excuses to address her as her ‘sama,’ but it’s a constant struggle.
  • Unpopular opinion
    • I don’t know how unpopular this is, but it’s the one I’ve got;  Yamato being forced to follow Orochimaru around isn’t funny.  Let me say that again for those of you in the back;  


    • Look, I get it.  It’s a cartoon.  But the idea of having to trail the person who abused me by torturing me as a lab experiment so soon after I just finished being another madman’s lab experiment because of the shit the first guy did to me is so fucked up.  Can you imagine, having to face your abuser while recovering from another string of abuse?  I mean, he was a child, he was helpless.  Maybe becoming a ninja helped with that.  He got strong.  He can protect himself.  Never again will he be taken in by a psycho trying to use his DNA—OH WAIT HE FUCKING WAS!  He was hooked up to a crazy tree, had the life pretty much sucked out of him because of the fucking DNA Orochishitface put in him, was made to be helpless again, and now it’s cool for him to be spying on the single person responsible for everything bad that’s ever happened to him, and it’s supposed to be funny?  It’s cruel.  And yes, ok, he’s a fictional character.  I get it.  But you know what? It’s dumb storytelling.  You basically erased the character’s past for a gag.  There were a million other things Yamato could have been doing.  Have him working in the Hokage’s office protecting Kakashi.  Give him a Family and make him a Tree Dad (Shizune is single, there you go.  Let’s paste together a relationship for him.  He’s interacted with her more than Kiba has interacted with the chick they got to be his wife).  Fuck, maybe Yamato is too traumatised and so he opens an orphanage so that no children will have to go though what he did.  Maybe Yams goes on a journey to find himself, collecting street urchins as he goes.  Maybe he opens up a Flower Shop and is now Rivals with Ino because his flowers and plants are always better (she complains all the time over him ‘cheating’ and sends Sai out to sabotage him.  There are constant mini-wars between the Yamanakas and Tenzou.  He’s usually ahead, because any damage they cause to his store he can rebuild in a second, while they actually have to rebuild (or wait for Yamato to feel guilty enough to fix it for them—Sakura is always trying to convince him to leave it; anything to one up Ino).  Maybe Yams starts growing herbs and stuff for the hospital?  Maybe the story I mentioned in the last bit comes to pass.  I don’t know, but I just thought of those on the fly and they’re already better ideas than being forced into a “comedy” routine with fucking Oroshitfucker.
  • Favorite relationship
    • We don’t really get to see many of his relationships except with Kakashi, so that wins by default.  I do like that they both kind of saved each other—Kakashi saving Tenzou from ROOT was just as important as Tenzou saving Kakashi from himself.  Both of them were drowning, smothered by traumas and hurts and just shitty fucking lives, and then they rescued each other.  So it started off very balanced between the two of them, they were on even footing.  Of course, Tenzou—who had never really had a relationship up to that point—puts distance between them by giving Kakashi a position of power over him (even if it’s just by calling him senpai) and kind of ruins that.  You can’t really build a steady, healthy relationship when there’s an uneven power dynamic in place.  Kakashi is always trying to get Yamato to address him without the honourific, but poor Tenzou is just like but…but…you saved me senpai I love you *heart eyes* and Kakashi is just like why do I always attract the weird ones?  What’s kind of tragic, is that Tenzou’s gratefulness and admiration towards Kakashi is was makes him want to address Kakashi as his senpai, but it’s that show of adoration and respect that is keeping Kakashi at a distance.  In this way, Yamato is the obstacle keeping himself from what he wants.  Poor tree man :’(
  • Favorite headcanon
    • This is actually something @fineillsignup​ wrote (I’m pretty sure?  I hope so), but I love the idea of Yamato calling Kakashi ‘Hokage-senpai’ instead of ‘Hokage-sama.’  It’s cute and super Yamato and I love it.  It’s official, this is how Tenzou addresses Kakashi.  Fight me.

Here is the ask! Send in a character!  Up next is Gai, then Genma, Hidan and Adult!Obito!

Already done:  Madara, Kakashi, Shino

Monsta X | Their s/o Is Shipped With A Member Of BTS

Anonymous said:

monsta x reaction to their s/o being shipped with a member of bts?

“Your smile is the reason that you were shipped with him?” he asked, confused by the fan’s reasoning for shipping you with V.

“Apparently my ‘square gummy smile’ makes me a perfect match for V,” you said with a shrug, “They’ve put side by side pictures of us…we don’t look good together what are they thinking…”

“I would hope you say that.”

“Why wouldn’t I?”

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“You were shipped with who?” Hoseok asked, when you mentioned that you had been shipped with Yoongi.

“Yeah…apparently the fans have been shipping me with Yoongi because of my ‘street style fashion’,” you said.

“I have street style fashion…” he said, “I have plenty of street style fashion.”

“I didn’t even know I was wearing ‘Street style fashion’….” 

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You were a fan of BTS and Minhyuk, being the best boyfriend in the world, introduced you to them. Sadly a fan who had backstage passes had snapped a picture of you and Jimin while you were talking. So instead of “Minhyuk and Y/N are so cute together” it was “Y/N and Jimin look so cute together” that was spreading like wildfire on social media.

“NO NO NOT OKAY!” he yelled when he saw the twitter posts! 

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He would be unamused that the fans were shipping you with Jin, but he wouldn’t really say much about it; the fans would stop after awhile so as long as no one brought it up it would be fine. 

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“Too hyperactive for me? That doesn’t even make sense? Is that why Y/N’s is being shipped with J-Hope…’Y/N is as much of a ball of sunshine as J-Hope, they would be perfect together #JHope&Y/N’….Well that’s not happening.” 

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“How did this even happen?” he questioned, after he saw the posts of you getting shipped with Jungkook, “They haven’t even met or been around each other….”

“What’s with the face?” you questioned, walking into the living room to see a very confused look on his face.

“You were shipped with Jungkook…how did you get shipped with Jungkook?” 

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“Why is…that not…” Changkyun was only slightly frustrated when fans started shipping you with BTS’s Namjoon, “I know I said Y/N was clumsy but they hadn’t had to go and do this.”

*Watches a video a fan took of you at your job* “Seriously, just because she dropped a tray of food does not make her the “Goddess of Destruction”. 

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So as someone who has just joined the Samurai Jack fandom last week (when I binge-watched season 5 to see what all the hype is about) and I’ve just discovered the very popular ship Johnny Bravo x Samurai Jack…

Now as someone who spent their whole childhood in the UK with only 5 channels (and therefore only started to discover CN shows on the internet from when I was about 14), I had to do some searching to try and figure out why this was a thing. They’re in completely separate shows! How did this happen? But basically to cut a long story short…

Did this seriously only exist because of a 1 minute long CN short about them doing laundry???

@ that anon who asked why i ship amamatsu

you asked pretty rudely so i’m just gonna put this under read more bc i’m gonna be explaining the stuff (note, anon asked it like they were sending ship hate so uhh yea you get the gist of how i will be talking) to the ppl who like sa///matsu please don’t take what i say too deeply aaa i’m just trying to analyze stuff with my poor skills, also v3 spoiler warning so beware

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i would love to read a fic like that, where zoro constantly gets cockblocked by life, like 5 times Zoro etc.

dlkfdm i had a whole convo with @onepiecequotes about this on twitter !!

including but not limited to:

  • the two of them almost getting it on when Franky suddenly spots a marine ship in a distance. Zoro ends up destroying an entire marine ship by himself in frustration
  • Zoro starts undressing Sanji but Sanji gets distracted by a stain on his shirt, seriously where did it come from, it might be hard to clean if they leave it too long, time to do the laundry
  • they’re making out at the crow’s nest and Sanji starts noticing how dusty the crow’s nest is, of course he’s not going to have sex on a dusty floor, what is he, an animal? Pass him the broom now, the sex can wait
  • Zoro promises to do the dishes for a month if he can just grope Sanji and just Sanji’s just [deadpan voice] if you have the energy to grope me just use that energy to clean the plates more thoroughly, marimo, you always miss a spot
  • Zoro starts kissing the back of his neck as Sanji is cooking and Sanji just goes “yeah Zoro I love you too but there’s this recipe I gotta try real quick.”

when they finally have the time to do it, Zoro can no longer get in the mood because he’s already expecting something to happen and Sanji goes all serious and says, “I feel like you’re never up for sex, did I do something wrong?” and Zoro just thinks of all the suffering he’s gone through in trying to get into his boyfriend’s pants and just [looks at the camera like in the office]

Miss Martian rant

This is Tumblr so I’m just gonna rant right here thank you.

Ok, So I’ve seen a lot of people saying that M’gann is a terrible character and people don’t just dislike they hate her. 

The majority say they don’t like her because she’s so stereotypically “girly”. And well…yeah. M’gann has a “girly” personality.  She’s very lively, up-beat and kind of ditzy.

But why is being “girly” a bad thing. If M’gann was like Artemis (A rough, serious, stone cold character) M’gann would lose her charm of being the cute nieve alien girl. 

Also In season 1 M’gann has only been on Earth for like what? 6 months? She’s still getting used to Earth. Also the only connection she’s had to Earth her whole life is through a 70s TV show, of course she’s going to have rather old-fashioned quirks to her personality.

ALSO can we just go over the fact that she took the form of her favourite character from a TV show THAT’S FUCKING AMAZING if I came to Earth and I was a martian I know for a FACT that I’d take the form of Superman or Wonderwoman because I’m DC trash.

And it’s not like she’s the only energetic, lively character, seriously have you met Robin and Kid flash? 

My main point is because a character is “girly” doesn’t mean they can’t be a badass too. A female character doesn’t have to be a tomboy to beat up villains.

And PLEASE don’t tell me she’s not a badass. M’GANN IS A FUCKING BEAST

She’s one of the most powerful characters on the team, alongside Superboy and Aqualad. 

SPEAKING of Superboy, another thing people criticise her for is her relationship with Superboy (Connor). 

It was apparently forced and a “bad influence on young girls” that’s a quote by the way. 

THIS IS A SUPERHERO SHOW And yes, well developed relationships would be nice but trying to squeeze romance into the side.

So to some extent, yeah their relationship was kinda shoved in our faces…


(Don’t get me wrong though I love this ship)


like seriously they just start making out ??????


like what? when was this a thing? what? the fuck?

People said it annoyed them how she immediately fell for Superbly when she first met him…


I’m not even attracted to men but DAMN 

Any reasonable person thinks Superboy is extremely hot. Dude my Dad has a crush on Superboy. 

Also, may I remind you? Artemis ALSO had a thing for Superboy and she flirted with him on more than one occasion. so….????????

Superboy was the only guy who didn’t greet M’gann when she was first introduced. Wally (of course) was all over her and Robin and Aqualad had friendly greetings. Connor didn’t give a fuck about the hot alien girl that just walked in.

M’gann and him have a little falling out but then they become friends and then girlfriend and boyfriend.

The greatest thing about their relationship is when M’gann shows her true form

A white martian.

Dude she’s a white martian and other martins are so god damn racist to white martians. She even said growing up on Mars was sad and lonely for her, she fears the same abuse will happen again to her on earth.

Connor… doesn’t give a fuck. He loves M’gann no matter who or what she is.

He loves HER not for her sexy alien body, he loves HER.

“Your strong and I’m stubborn, Together.” - Connor

M’gann is a great character and I’m sad that others fail to see that. Yeah her catch phrase can get annoying but when it’s time to get serious she remains the optimistic yet mature member of the team.


I just spent an hour typing up a rant about a fictional alien girl…

I have a sad life. 

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(Anonymous, please) I used to associate with TJLC blogs a lot, I guess I still do so I'm not what they call an anti-- I'm one of them, if not very vocal or active. This welovethebeekeeper person had a really nasty fixation on AA, as does her friend 1895itsallfine. It was really off-putting to say the least when they let that venom out, which was too often. I used to think freebatch was fun but they take it so seriously it's pathetic. I'd feel sorry if they were teenagers but alas they're not.

I’ve never understood freebatch, real person shipping doesn’t sit well with me. Particularly when there are real life spouses of the alleged ‘couple’, but I did like TJLC until it got crazy and started to take itself too seriously. That’s when it stopped being fun for me. Then after S4 it went into Trumpster-like territory overnight which was terrifying.

I’m not surprised the crew were frightened, the abuse they took was shocking. Poor Arwel was bewildered on Twitter. I’m surprised more of them didn’t drop out of Sherlocked, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if that’s why Benedict, Martin, and Amanda didn’t go. They faced enough hostility over Freebatch and Benedict’s marriage, then add in the Norbury lot too.

The old welovethebeekeeper was one of the many who contributed to this fandom becoming a toxic waste dump. I hope now she’s stepped back and deleted she takes the time to consider her actions. She needs help, and I hope she gets some.

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kassali or sinju,, 001


001 | send me a ship and I will tell you:


  • when I started shipping it if I did:

i guess not long after kassim’s first appearance. childhood friends ships are my faves, and there’s so much angst in kassali i mean



I JUST CAN’T— these two are too much im so in love with this ship…

  • my thoughts:

they love each other so much! no matter how much kassim has tried to hate alibaba, he doesn’t truly hate him, he’s just envious of how much of a good person alibaba is. but he actually loves that about him. alibaba is like a sunray in the dark— it burns your eyes which are used to oscurity, but it’s still a light and if you give it a chance instead of shutting your eyes, eventually you’ll be able to see more clearly.

alibaba too always admired kassim, but they never knew this about each other and it led to lots of miscommunication.

i think they both have reasons to feel guilty towards the other. alibaba left to live with his father, the king, and never came back — leaving kassim and mariam in poverty all alone, which caused mariam to die of starvation. that’s also alibaba’s fault, because he didn’t think about them when he was filling his stomach with all the nice food of the royal palace.

kassim, on the other hand, tried to kill him and everyone he loves out of revenge (because his anger was justified at the beginning and so were his intentions — that is, starting a revolution — but then as he fell into depravity he started losing focus of that and making it all about hate and revenge).

but in the end they forgave each other and i think that’s what matters. i also like to think that kassim’s last words, which he couldn’t finish saying, were meant to be something along the lines of “We’re in love, aren’t we?”

  • What makes me happy about them:

They’re childhood friends! And also, the fact that even though they’re so different and at the same time so similar, they care about each other a lot, to the point of crying during their final fight. They went through a lot, but they still trust each other, even though the trust they put in each other ends up betrayed by both parties (kassim hoped they’d be together forever, but alibaba left when they were kids; alibaba trusted kassim with his plans of revolution, but kassim betrayed his trust; kassim trusted alibaba to stay by his side until the end, but alibaba sided with aladdin and the others instead; etc).

  • What makes me sad about them:

tfw half of ur otp is dead,..

  • things done in fanfic that annoys me:

none so far? i’ve even seen some kassim→alibaba dubcon and it still doesn’t seem so ooc to me, honestly. it’s just one way to interpret kassim’s character, and the darkness that was flowing through him as he fell into depravity.

  • things I look for in fanfic:

slice of life stuff is more than enough for me! but also angst and introspection.

  • Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: 

i like alimor!

and idk about kassim… maybe with judal? that could be interesting. i can’t really imagine them them together romantically though… idk haha

  • My happily ever after for them:

KASSIM SURVIVE S and joins alibaba and the others! everyone glares at him at first, and kassim feels very unwelcomed, but eventually everyone starts believing that he’s changed and one day the two of them get married and kassim carries alibaba around bridal style while traditional music plays and everyone is laughing and clapping their hands aaahhhh ♥

i also headcanon kassim to be the type who would give alibaba cheesy nicknames and call him is “babe” or “boo” or even call him “alibabe” kdjsfjff

  • who is the big spoon/little spoon:

kassim is the big spoon most of the time, because he feels safer like that, being used to watch his back and feeling like in that position he can both respond more easily to an attack and protect alibaba with his body. even if they’re in a safe place. no place is 100% safe, kassim has learned.

  • what is their favorite non-sexual activity:

holding hands, sparring with each other, competing at literally anything, drinking together and having fun!


  • when I started shipping it if I did:

since the very first appearance of judal! i mean honestly they’re so obvious. judal is so ambiguous when he’s around sinbad, and he says all these ambiguous things

also the scene where judal pretends to cry??? and sinbad immediately reaches out for him even though he’s his enemy?

THE GENUINELY CONCERNED LOOK IN SINBAD’S EYES… like seriously, sinbad always looks ad judal is this way that is just so sad but never hateful. sinbad doesn’t hate judal, even though he probably should. and judal doesn’t hate sinbad either. he actually wants sinbad by his side, he wants to conquer the world together with sinbad. judal is an overgrown child, he’s capricious and he WANTS sinbad.

it’s like impossible not to ship them at least a little bit like please

  • my thoughts:

i think i said everything above lol

  • What makes me happy about them:

again i think i said everything above haha. but i really love just how much judal clearly wants sinbad by his side. and i love how sinbad (along with kougyoku) seems to be the only one who understands that judal is not okay, that judal is in pain. he can see through judal’s façade. they know each other much better than it might seem at first.

  • What makes me sad about them:

that they will never be 100% canon :-))))

  • things done in fanfic that annoys me:

i haven’t read many fics about them (there aren’t that many magi fics on ao3…) so i wouldn’t know ;;

  • things I look for in fanfic:

pls just. break down judal’s psychology. i want to see introspection, i want to see angst, i want to see all the aspects of this complicated relationship. i don’t necessarily need smut for these two (but that’s always appreciated) but i want good interactions, i want judal teasing sinbad and sinbad tensing up, knowing he can’t resist him forever. i want them to break down each other’s defenses, slowly.

  • Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: 

idk much about hakuju since i haven’t caught up with the recent chapters, but it sounds like an alright ship so why not? i’d say hakuryuu for judal.

and for sinbad, i also like sinja so yeah, i’d say ja’far.

  • My happily ever after for them:

This one is hard… it’s hard to imagine them after all the angst and teasing and not being able to quite reach into each other’s hearts. I honestly don’t know what to say here. Judal doesn’t look like the type who would just settle down or get married but maybe, who knows, he might even do it if it’s with sinbad. but marrying sinbad would mean that judal would become king too, and a whimsical one at that, causing lots of problems to the country. sinbad still doesn’t know if marrying him was a good idea after all.

  • who is the big spoon/little spoon:

big spoon sinbad of course! judal looooves to curl up against sinbad and feeling him breathe against his back~ judal loves feeling protected. he’s never had a mother or anyone like that to be that close with or feel that warmth that says “i’ll protect you no matter what”, so it’s incredibly good for him to have sinbad spooning him!

  • what is their favorite non-sexual activity:

flirting probably lol i feel like that’s one of the things they’re really good at. they flirt all the time. everyone wonders if they will ever get tired of doing that but NO

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30, 13, 18, 21 :) (30 is an even more poetic question than the good old "to be or not to be")

30) To SebaCiel or not to SebaCiel?

To Sebaciel <3

13) Who is the sexiest, Ciel or Sebastian? Why?

I think..Im gonna say Sebastian.Ciel is quite innocent compared to him. <3

18) Did you start shipping SebaCiel right when you got into the fandom or later?

I can say since I first saw them.I always know there will be something important between them. :)

21) Thinking seriously, would SebaCiel improve or ruin the plot if it became cannon?

I think Sebaciel has a very important effect on the progress of the manga.Especially when I was thinking of leaving this arc, it was my chance to stay in this fandom.

Thank you for taking the time to ask me these questions! <3