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Back Home - Steve Rogers (smut)

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Paring: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 1069

Rating; 18+ (unprotected sex)

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Y/N is standing in the kitchen, baking a cake for Steve. She always makes him a cake when he comes home for a mission.

It makes him happy to come home to a house smelling good and having something amazing to eat, so Y/N bakes him a cake every time.

The door opens and with a loud bang it closes behind Steve.

Y/N turns around and looks at the man standing in their shared home. Steve looks rough and pissed off.

‘Hi’ she says softly stepping closer to the blonde man. He looks out of place in the tiny apartment with his large body.

He signs and with two large steps he is right in front of her, wrapping his arms around her. He picks her up and spins her around.

His rough lips meet hers for a quick kiss and when he puts her down he turns around and walks to their shared bedroom without saying a word.

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EXO Reaction to them trying to help their s/o out of their comfort zone but it gets complicated

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“Please… don’t run away from me… I won’t push but please… don’t push me away. I care… I want you to be okay… to feel safe, with me. Let me be the light… let me be there for you when it’s all dark. Please…”


*He’d always be careful to not cross the lines* “Listen… I’m always going to be here… and I’m going to wait… I’ll support you baobei, no matter how hard it gets. So please don’t be afraid, because there’s no way I’m leaving”


*He’d be strong for you even if it’s hard for him to see you like this, specially when he knows it’s not that easy to let him in* “I understand why you won’t open to me so easily and I won’t fight it but I’m not leaving either Y/N, I want to be that shoulder you lean on when you need it”


“The only thing that hurts me is that you think I won’t be here, that I won’t wait for you to be ready. But Y/N, I love you and I’ll wait, I’ll be there for you when you need it. Even if you say you can do it alone, I’ll still be there. You are my princess”


“One step a time Y/N, we don’t need to run. As much as I would like you to feel comfortable, to feel safe with me, I also understand it’s not that easy. But I want to earn that trust and I will… you’ve given me your heart and I’m going to heal it, I promise”


“When you see me, I want you to see your home, I want you to feel safe. I know it’s hard to ask but I do want to be closer. I want you to rely on me just like I rely on you Y/N. I’m not saying it has to be now, but one day.. I won’t let you down okay? I’m always going to take care of you”


“Your pain is my pain jagi… I want to help you because I can’t stand seeing my girl like this. I don’t want to sit and do nothing because I love you and I know you need me and I want you to see you are not alone”


*He knows that time is what you need and even if it takes years, he’d be there to listen whenever you want to talk, to open yourself a little. And he’d be there to support you and love you, and make sure you feel safe with him*


“Listen if you are not ready, I won’t push. But babe, you can’t let your demons haunt you forever. Whenever you are ready, I’ll be there for you and I won’t judge or be hard on you. No… I’ll give you my love, that’s all I want”


“You know… it’s hard for me too… I can’t say I’ve been through the same because it’s different for everyone but I’ve been through something similar… and I know trusting others is the last thing you want to do but we can’t do everything alone, sometimes we need to rely on others. I’m not perfect and I’m probably as broken as you are but… maybe our love can make it all better”


“Did you think I would run away the moment you opened your heart to me baobei? I would never…. I love you and I don’t want you to be alone ever again. This might be hard, and this is probably your fight but I want to be there for you, I want to be by your side”


*Although he doesn’t say it, it hurts him when you close yourself to everything, when you start pushing everyone away but it’s not because you are pushing him, it’s just that it scares him just to think that you go through so much alone and he can’t do much. But he won’t give up, he’s still going to try, to one day make his arms your home*

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Liz Levin recounts one of the many times Stephen was late. He could really use a pants-to-pants wallet transfer device, or perhaps train-to-pants.

Requested by @stphntyrnclbrt

Stephen: Am I often late?
Liz: Alm- absolutely every single time.
Stephen: Have I - like for airplanes and trains and stuff like that?
Liz: Every single flight we’ve ever taken, every train we’ve ever..
Stephen: But we made it, we’ve always made it.
Liz: No, no we have not always made it.
Stephen: When did we not make it? When did we not make it to a train?

Colin rubbed his chin, where his beard traced the edges of his jaw, nodded.

“If she doesn’t agree to giving away either of the two, and you really should play hardball on that, you can offer Clockblocker.  He graduates this summer, anyways, and I’d say he’s got enough friends and contacts here that he might apply to come back to Brockton Bay to join our Protectorate when he turns eighteen.  Best case scenario for us, and it’s not like Boston or New York need more capes.”

Makes sense.

Colin sighed, “You’re better at this than I ever was.”

Hannah wasn’t sure how to respond.  Colin had his strengths, but he was right.


He went on, “Congratulations.”  He picked up the second folder and held it out to her.

“What?”  She took it, opened it.

…he did say restructuring in both the Protectorate and the Wards. Is the restructuring in the Protectorate that Miss Militia is now the leader?

“There’s a change to our team, too, according to Piggot and the rest of the oversight.  You’ve been promoted.  Within the next two weeks, this building and this team will be transferred to your command.”

Nice. She may have threatened Alec, but I’m still more sympathetic to Miss Militia than I am to Armsmaster. As far as I know, she was just doing her job and obeying her superior. I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Honestly, though, I’m not sure it’s so much Miss Militia being promoted as it is Armsmaster getting demoted, for some of his failures and controversies over the last month or two.

She stood there, paging through the folder of paperwork, stunned.  “Where are you going?”


Oh… Well, then. I wonder what Taylor will think of that when she hears about it.

Hannah broke into a smile, “Chicago!  That’s fantastic!  A bigger city, a bigger team!  Where’s Myrddin being moved?”

Hm… I wouldn’t be so sure he’ll actually be in charge of that team.

Also, Myrddin I believe I’ve heard of before. I know the name is the Welsh name for Merlin, and I seem to recall mentioning that before - Gregor’s interlude, maybe? Hang on, time to blog search.

Yep. Gregor and Newter fought Myrddin and Chevalier in Philadelphia once and “didn’t lose!”

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"AWALYS LOVE YOU" and "I LOVE YOU THE MOST". ji, bb, can you say love again... i think one more time is necessary. <3 honestly, i never see someone so openly in love like ji. His whole being changes when he is with ks. Ks can pretend better, but i bet he is crazy for ji as much as ji is for him, thou i dont see ks ever making any love statement like ji did now and before. i hope their love last for life.

I agree. Ji is very expressive. He is a dancer and he expresses himself through movements very well too. He might be used to it. Probably ks expressed his love to ji publicly differently. He mentioned ji’s name when no one was asking. and said ji was handsome like idk 5 times?? ‘ji is a great dancer that i would fall for him’. Never fails to show his adoration for ji’s performance even tho every1 knows ji is an amazing dancer. Like? Ik ks. You love him. hahaha.

Their dynamics never fail to amaze me. It’s sad to see that majority tries to normalize the gay (hahaha) and ‘other mmbrs do it too’. Altho i dont see when and where? But then, whatever they said to eo is not for us to read, see and hear. It’s actually for the other person. Regardless of how and what every1 interpreted their messages or words, it honestly doesn’t concern both of them. As long as the message is being delivered. 

‘Always love you, hyung. You know that I love you the most, right?’ What we think of this message doesn’t bother both of ji and ks. What matters to ji is ks got the message, hyung, i love you the most.

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Does one of your rec lists have a category that is about the boys breaking up, then getting back together? or what other categories would it be under? I feel like reading something like this but I don't know what tags would be best to find it under. Thank you for any help.

Hello!! I haven’t personally made a list like this (and I doubt I ever will because I tend to avoid heavy angst), but here’s a good one from @yetanotherdrarrylist

I would try searching the tags “making up” or “getting back together” or possibly “reconciliation” :)

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Howdy!! I meant to send this ask to you ages ago but I just have to say that the entire exchange between witch Mercy and Gabriel in chapter seven of Of Blades and Broomsticks was so fuckign great! I rarely ever read lines of fanfics that make me go "O SHIT! HOLY SHIT!" like I did when mercy said "Hell is a place on Earth and men make it for themselves". And even then your fics are filled with amazing lines like that anyways I'm just here to say I love your writing and I hope you have a great day

Thank you! I owe a lot of thanks for that line to a Rabbi who came to my catholic high school like, 7 years ago. We were talking about Jewish mysticism and the Sefirot and being the morbid 18 year old I was I asked about Jewish concepts of hell and he talked about Gehenna and eventually he came to the line “Hell is a place on earth” because Gehenna was initially an actual physical place, a valley where children were sacrificed by fire to Baal and Tanit. There’s also some Bukowski reference in there (because I am fucking pretentious like that) in the “Brick by brick” line.

…this is going to sound really fucked up considering it’s in a silly AU fanfic for but for me, writing that dialogue was really cathartic. It’s been really important for me to write Gabe as actually a very reasonable, professional person as a Witch Hunter in this AU, while still having him embody a lot of my fears and concerns and frustrations with the dogmatism of faith and the misogynistic history of religious institutions, because like… that’s what happens to you when you go to 13 years of catholic school. It would be boring and a discredit to him to just be all ‘burr huburrr Fire and brimstone’ because faith is held in people by a lot more than just fear.

 Admittedly the history is totally muddled because even though the church Gabriel serves is Catholic, I feel like a lot of his thinking is influenced by the Protestant Reformation–but since I didn’t want to get any more bogged down by historical research than I already was (I’m like “Come on Sarah, this is based on a video game with talking space gorilla you do not need to be researching John Freaking Calvin” at myself) I’m keeping things very vague in terms of what year it is. 

 Anyway I’m getting drawn out and pretentious again here, so I’ll just say thank you so much. I’m glad you enjoyed reading that dialogue as much as I enjoyed writing it. 

And also thank you Rabbi Shelley for the rawest line in any of my fanfics.

I know this was a present for Peepsqueak, but I want all of you to take a good look at this picture. Not only it symbolize Wander’s Hat, but it also symbolize hope.

Wander’s hat doesn’t give you what you want, it give us what we need. Right now, it’s giving us hope because I feel like we are getting closer to saving the show. I mean look how much process we did over the months: We have over 40,000 signatures (almost 50,000!), it been referenced and cameos in other shows, marathons every now and then, and most importantly give the crew and @crackmccraigen hope that the show can be save.

When ever you are feeling down or giving up, look at this picture and remember that it’s symbolize hope for everybody that needs it. Wander spread hope for us, we have to do the same for him and the crew.


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lil peep’s death has shaken me to my core tbh…&i know people are all “dont make his death a lesson in drug abuse” but like. that’s just what it is and anyone who paid attn to him knew he only ever wanted his fans (and people in general) to be happy and safe and to never do the shit he did .. drug culture is so fucked & evil & like, i get why people romanticize it, it’s a fucking miserable lifestyle but it’s so much fun when ur high – nobody wants to acknowledge the awful parts, nobody wants to have to cope properly with them, so u pretend ur having fun when really you’re rotting & you fucking know it. & like, it seems like drugs are becoming an absolute in life, something that fucking everyone does, i don’t have a single friend who hasn’t/doesn’t currently dabble in drugs (excluding weed bc whatever), nearly every fucking time ive hung out w my friends after high school our plans revolved around getting drunk or high, and like i guess it’s cool when ur not an addict and can manage to moderate urself, but its so, so easy to fall into the rabbit hole that is addiction. and its so fucking easy to die from this shit. i should ABSOLUTELY be dead by now, i should have been dead at the age of 14 with the way i ignorantly mixed the drugs i did, idk why the fuck i’m not but maybe that means there’s something more out there for me than getting fucked up 24/7. anyway moral of the story is don’t do drugs lol, or invest in a test kit so u kno exactly what ur ingesting and be safe w ur drugs in general. if u ever need help, resources, advice, whatever, in regards 2 drugs please feel free 2 message me, i will try to help any way that i can. idk.

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what do you think of self-harming

honestly,,, I never cut myself or ever thought about cutting but now I realized I did other forms of self harm when I wanted to die but its an outlet people go to often when its the worst thing that you can do to yourself. it only makes things worse :/


“So stop making that face at me…”

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If Terry prachett were there do you think the good omens Show would be any different?

Yes. Probably it would be a lot less faithful, because when Terry was alive and well, we were determined that someone was going to write the scripts and make it, and that someone definitely wasn’t us. I didn’t have the time to write six hour long scripts, then take 18 months to showrun and oversee it, and neither did Terry. And our agreement was that we did things together or not at all.

But his last request to me was to do it… “I know, Neil, that you’re very very busy, but no one else could ever do it with the passion that we share for the old girl,” he wrote. And so I’m doing it.

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why are you so sure keith is gay?

alright, i’ve said like all of this shit before but LET’S GO.

this is what happened when allura fell into his arms legit BRIDAL STYLE, he full on cradled her in his arms (and we know how important cradling LANCE in his arms was to him so heh). i mean, just look at his face:

this was lance’s reaction when she fell into his arms:

this was matt’s reaction when he saw her for the first time:

which goes on with a very ridiculous scene of him calling her beautiful and whatnot. even hunk has blushed because of her at one point, albeit it wasn’t because he thought she was beautiful or because he’s interested in her or anything (i mean, i’m sure he does think she’s beautiful because she is but the context of the scene had nothing to do with that) but keith has never, not once, blushed because of allura for any reason. he even held onto her in space and didn’t emote. i’m sure keith also thinks allura is beautiful but he’s gay, so he’s not attracted to her. you could argue that maybe keith just isn’t interested in /allura/ but still likes girls in general but i argue against that. i have a comparison to make, it was pointed out to me by @klanceys a little bit ago. zuko’s reaction to toph clinging to his arm VS. keith’s reaction to allura falling into his arms:

this is what klanceys said (paraphrased) when they pointed this out:

“even if he was interested in girls—not Allura herself, but girls—he’d get flustered a bit and we’d see some blushing… but we didn’t, not even a tiny reaction and i’d like to compare it to Zuko from ATLA. there’s an ep where Toph clings to his arm and he gets flustered, not because he’s romantically interested in her (he’s not) but it’s just that he’s not used to having a girl so close to him and clinging, even if it’s a close friend like Toph. Allura literally fell into Keith’s arms and he gave a total of 0 fucks lmao.”

it’s a damn good point. they’ve made it a point to show lance’s and matt’s reactions to allura so the fact that keith is so devoid of emotion in scenes where he’s literally holding her in his arms is very telling. they have NEVER made keith express any romantic interest in a female character, not once. not nyma, not allura, no girl whatsoever. they give lance and keith’s rivalry a big focus in s1 so something you’d expect them to do with that would make keith fight for allura’s or nyma’s affections when lance expressed interest in them, ya know because they’re rivals… but he doesn’t. EVER. he only starts getting jealous/upset by lance’s flirting AFTER they had their bonding moment together. i’ve already discussed the way keith starts acting after that moment in depth so i’m not going to do it again in this response but trust me, i know what i’m talking about here.

this was keith’s face when faced with an attractive, masculine alien:

they did not need to include this whatsoever, it’s honestly pretty pointless to the episode. but i mean, not really… because this shows us that keith is attracted to rolo, a GUY. i’m assuming you saw the photoset showing all the rainbows (and bi flag colors) from this same episode and like, that’s not a coincidence. i put this next image in that same photoset but the way keith is standing almost directly parallels with lance’s stance when he was with nyma prior in the episode:

we obviously know that lance was attracted/interested in nyma so what other damn conclusion am i supposed to come to when they show us keith doing the same thing with a guy? it’s so fucking funny because i literally have the same stance when i’m around someone i find attractive and i’m trying to look cool.

another reason i’m sure keith is gay? because i’m gay and i said so.


21 Chump Street x Klance

So I’m really into musicals right now and you should probably listen to/ watch 21 Chump Street first because otherwise this looks kind of really awkward lol

it’s wierd how I didn’t draw the scenes that I actually intended to draw and which made me make this crossover in the first place lol
well I imagined it as a story board in the first place so maybe I will make an animatic when I have time
(should I do it? and if I don’t should I make a continuation or at least draw the actual scenes I wanted to draw?? lol)