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Things That Would Kill: Oh Sehun
  • The way you slightly smile and crinkle the corners of your eyes when you see something funny on your dash,
  • but when you see something freakin’ hilarious you laugh so loud it makes him jump a little.
  • Sassing Kyungsoo until all Kyungsoo can do is be sodone.jpg
  • Catching him smiling while staring at you,
  • and you teasing him about it since the moment you turn to him he pretends to be staring at something else.
  • Yawning in the passenger seat after he makes you go get super early breakfast with him before his schedule.
  • Yawning while watching him eat a super late dinner because you wanted to stay up and welcome him home.
  • When you’re not afraid to ‘ignore him’ when he’s being ‘too annoying’ because he’s surprised you can last so long without looking at his gorgeous face-
  • -and he gets to be the one to give in and shower you in kisses until you stop ignoring him.
  • Your mad face when you get passionate about a topic because it scrunches up and it makes him so happy that you care so much about things.
  • How you fake-pout whenever he makes fun of your rapping voice for being ‘too damn cute jagi, you have to use a lower pitch’.
  • The days you feel suuuuper super on point and you just know you’re gorgeous because your skin radiates and you’re just so happy and in a good mood-
  • - but on the days where you don’t feel so hot he loves the way you hug him whenever he reassures you because he 10000% always thinks you’re the bomb.com.
  • How loud you are whenever you’re trying to sass him back.
  • The sight of your back to him when he wakes up in the morning.
  • YOUR. THIGHS. He’s a thirsty hoe.
  • Lastly, the way you bring him to all sorts of places he’s never been before whenever you’re bored and want to ‘stretch your legs’.

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Karina :D
{I’ve been on a suuuper long hiatus but hopefully with this series I’ll upload more! Askbox is open~}


Ok firstly we really need to talk some time cuz wtf youre one of my coolest mutuals and like??? Why arent we Friends™? So anyway i love your “im a hoe for beautiful boys and i love it” attitude and how passionate you are about EVERYTHING about your ships lmao. My dash is always so funny when you get in a fight, it gives me life when you inform people that what you said is Correct and everyone else can Choke xD and ahh yes i also love your selfies because theyre always #mood and yeah a brofist for all of them

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I follow you because you're just too good to be true. You're such a kind adoring person who deserves the sun and moon. Not only that but you're super talented and I always get happy when I see you in my dash. You're super funny and cute and I just want the best for you :)

alksjdlfakj aw omgomgomgomgomg this is too much thank you so much this is so nice i adore this and i adore you so so so so so much you deserve the world and the stars across the night sky leT ME LOVE YOU FOREVER 

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> tell me why you follow me on anon (or not!)