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Meanwhile your fav was thinking about Naruto’s big hands right after her cousin died, didn’t care about the slavery in her clan which severely impacted said cousin, wanted her teammate to lose so her crush could win and didn’t give a fuck about her sister losing her eyes (she cared about a raggedy scarf more). Two can play at this game. lol

For the longest time I’ve wanted to post a drawing on here! I’ve just never thought, “oh yeah! people will love seeing this on their dash” when it comes to my drawings. it’s kinda funny, because I was supposed to share all kinds of pieces I’d make on here, but I don’t draw fanart that much. I usually draw my own characters, and people aren’t very interested in those.

But today I did make a chibi Pony Tsunotori from class 1-B and I thought I should share it! she’s my favorite class 1-B kid! definitely! also shared this on my twitter. it was a sample art for the weekly challenge on BNHA amino! I’m the leader there! …. psssst!… you should totally come join!….

For White Folks, And Non Black POC's

I’m not here to make you laugh
To be your adventure
To be your first black anything
I’m not here for you to be “Cool”
Or Edgy
Or “Urban”

I’m not here so that I can be your side kick for your average looks to be suddenly Beautiful next to mine

I’m not here to give you the approval to steal from black culture

And no you can’t say Nigga
And I’m not your token anything
Or your reason for wearing cornrows

“Dude…you wanna wear some dreads?”
You better not next to me 😒

Just because I state an opinion or assert myself doesn’t mean I’m the angry black girl
Or the buzzkill
Or the downer
I’m not obsessed with race
I’ll stop bringing it up when you stop policing my blackness

Be honest, you wanted me to be your friend, so you could have your own personal Tastie, with a dash of Poussey

Only it ain’t so funny anymore when you flex your privilege and I get all Crazy Eyes on yo ass
You mad?
I don’t have to care
You don’t own me
My personality
My body
My emotions
My time
My hard work
And We
The Black Community
Don’t Owe You Anything.

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Yo! U worked on that Penny Blue game? That's so cool! It's funny 'cause when I saw it on my dash I thought, "that has Jaywings' aesthetic all over it"

I did, yes! :D At the beginning I helped a lot with the story and dialogue, and in production I did animation and some prop modeling

The art style was highly inspired by Don’t Starve so, yes :D

Things That Would Kill: Oh Sehun
  • The way you slightly smile and crinkle the corners of your eyes when you see something funny on your dash,
  • but when you see something freakin’ hilarious you laugh so loud it makes him jump a little.
  • Sassing Kyungsoo until all Kyungsoo can do is be sodone.jpg
  • Catching him smiling while staring at you,
  • and you teasing him about it since the moment you turn to him he pretends to be staring at something else.
  • Yawning in the passenger seat after he makes you go get super early breakfast with him before his schedule.
  • Yawning while watching him eat a super late dinner because you wanted to stay up and welcome him home.
  • When you’re not afraid to ‘ignore him’ when he’s being ‘too annoying’ because he’s surprised you can last so long without looking at his gorgeous face-
  • -and he gets to be the one to give in and shower you in kisses until you stop ignoring him.
  • Your mad face when you get passionate about a topic because it scrunches up and it makes him so happy that you care so much about things.
  • How you fake-pout whenever he makes fun of your rapping voice for being ‘too damn cute jagi, you have to use a lower pitch’.
  • The days you feel suuuuper super on point and you just know you’re gorgeous because your skin radiates and you’re just so happy and in a good mood-
  • - but on the days where you don’t feel so hot he loves the way you hug him whenever he reassures you because he 10000% always thinks you’re the bomb.com.
  • How loud you are whenever you’re trying to sass him back.
  • The sight of your back to him when he wakes up in the morning.
  • YOUR. THIGHS. He’s a thirsty hoe.
  • Lastly, the way you bring him to all sorts of places he’s never been before whenever you’re bored and want to ‘stretch your legs’.

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Karina :D
{I’ve been on a suuuper long hiatus but hopefully with this series I’ll upload more! Askbox is open~}

Hey! Here are some of my secondaries

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@ndrv3snapstory - Lastly of the ones I care about, this is gonna be a reaction/joke account to NDRV3 when it comes out in America in September.

If you are remotely interested in any of ‘em, I’d check them out (especially the top 2 because those get the most love)

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