when crispy met sulley

i know you said it won’t happen but what would it be like if sulley and crispy were together in university? just a what if

“Are you drawing me again?" 

"Sull, I draw stuff I like okay." 

”…Is that a doodle of Johnny making out with Levi–“ 

"Look I can’t draw when people are watching, mind staring out into the distance please?" 

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Can Reggie and crispy be related? They both have front teeth problem.

“Ah, so you’re Crispy. I’ve heard, erm…SOME things about you." 

"Yup! Pleasure to meet you. Johnny Worthington the third, right? I’ve seen you around at events." 

"If there was a life of the party, it was probably me, yes. Now, don’t tell the old bruiser this, but you are a…lot more articulate than your cousin." 

"Yeah, but Reg got all the looks, so we’re even." 

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Crispy dealing with Sulley’s shedding? 

“I can’t wait until it gets COLD again and you’ll stop dropping your fur all over the damn place." 

"And then I’ll have to shed THAT winter coat." 


"Not to sound dismissive, but maybe you should just learn to live with it. It’s not something that’s going to change. …and maybe use the vacuum cleaner instead of the broom." 

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How would Sully react if suddenly Crispy was very lovey dovey/more snuggly towards him than usual?

“Don’t move, imma take a nap." 

"Yeah yeah, is it okay if I watch TV?" 

"Knock yourself out." 


Idk she treats him like a giant furry pillow most days in an unromantic sense, so that’d have to be some stupid crazy snuggling. To which his reaction would be "tone it back a bit, you’re going to give me a bald spot." 


Alright, alright i’ll stop, i’m done for the night. Serious painting tomorrow ahhh


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I’d looooove to see what Sully’s reaction would be if Crispy admitted to liking him or visa versa, since now, y'know, ship this c:

Okay I guess this is cheating because she doesn’t give him a chance to react, she explains herself away and interrupts him and lets all of the ‘what ifs’ sink in, but…uh…there ya go. 

Closest thing to actual shipping. THe end. 

blue-with-purple-polka-dots asked askcrispy:

What would be the first thing you’d do if you didn’t have to go out in a disguise in the Monster world?

Go to the Sandwitch and tell Alberto the owner that I love him and we should get married so he can make me sandwiches for free for the rest of my life

Actually, I probably would like…invite Sulley out to get a sandwich and eat it on the curbside while enjoying the sun (because monstropolis is hot right now >:I ) 

I dunno, nothing huge. Sorry for being boring haha

i really, really, really adore your blog and the way you draw. i’m kind of obsessed with ‘when crispy met sully’. it’s one of my OTPs, really! you’re awesome and i love you. uvu

Hahaha you’re a sweetie, have a drawing of them in formals

I have no idea what they’d be dressed in that for, since they can’t go anywhere. Maybe it’s someone’s birthday. 

also since i been getting so many crispy/sulley questions/comments lately, just a reminder that crispy has an ask blog, for both monster and human crispy. 

He’s always there to hold her ice cream and act as a pillow when she’s feeling particularly rotten. He knows how to make her feel better. 


i’m exhausted. and also there have been a lot of crispy and sulley questions in my inbox lately how very weird. now i want ice cream. 



What would happen if there was no way to change back and she’ll be like that forever? Plus, the strange phenomenon that change Crispy also altered the memories of everyone she interacted( except Sulley, Mike, Celcia and the kids since they saw her human) and they would act normaley about it?

No matter the circumstance it won’t be easy for any of the parties. 


who knows what happens next

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Why not!? Why can't monster crispy and Sulley be a couple!? Im pretty sure they would make a great couple. I mean look at Milo he was a nerd ,but him and Kida managed to work out. And look a Mike and Celia, Mike isn't even that tall let alone scary and Celia still finds him attractive.

Guys are you going to make me come up with a story trying to actually make this work

because Crisp is not as cool as Milo Thatch, and also didn’t save the life of a girl and her civilization. And Mike is charming and funny. 

Crisp is…um…

Crispy convinces Sulley to show her how he used to scare
“ you? Scary? You’re a teddy bear with purple polka dots.I’ve gotta see this.”

“ well I’m a little rusty but okay…”

Thirty seconds later…

“I’m really sorry–”

“i said gimme a few minutes to calm down!!!”

Crisp is actually super easily startled, and very easily scared

pregnant crispy?
she doesn’t get why everyone calls it her kid it is not her kid she is starting to think that maybe she was in a coma fora few months or something
Baby James was just a joke that suddenly became a thing people liked so much that i drew him often, people sometimes forgetting that the first picture of him was crispy asking where the ever loving heck this thing came from, and his nickname was “baby that will never happen.”

Poor crispy had gotten confused

Crispy and Sulley snack break

crisp hasn’t acclimated all that well to monster food, all worms and eyeballs and “what the heck is that? ” but she has learned to eat monster junk food mostly because when one is preoccupied with the plot of “all my tentacles” it is easy to just stuff whatever is in the plastic bag on your lap into your mouth

Okay so I’ve only been following you for like 2-3 days, but I find the whole wcms thing really really neat. And somehow ended up with a huge drawing inspiration rush after following you and am finally getting back into the habit of drawing everyday. So here, have a thing that I drew.