when crispy met sulley

blue-with-purple-polka-dots asked askcrispy:

What would be the first thing you’d do if you didn’t have to go out in a disguise in the Monster world?

Go to the Sandwitch and tell Alberto the owner that I love him and we should get married so he can make me sandwiches for free for the rest of my life

Actually, I probably would like…invite Sulley out to get a sandwich and eat it on the curbside while enjoying the sun (because monstropolis is hot right now >:I ) 

I dunno, nothing huge. Sorry for being boring haha

ghost-chicky asked:

Monster crispy what was it like meeting Sully? was it scary?



Wait you want the long version? Okay, well…like I said, it was scary. I know that we monsters are supposed to be (or used to be) scary to humans, but when you’re four foot seven and there’s this 7 foot tall gorilla man coming at you when you’re tangled in some kid’s blanket-net, ya get scared. 

wow that probably made no sense to anybody. 

Well… okay, long story short, I maybe went through a closet I shouldn’t have during the christmas party and I guess this kid was trying to catch Santa, but I tripped his trap and he got me instead. THe kid called his family in, which is a slew of sisters, his dad, his mom, and his ‘unca sulley’ and i was sure i was going to get dissected. 

After prodding and poking awhile, they ushered the kids out, I think the dad (Mike) went to call animal control or somethin, and they had Sulley stay and keep watch over me. Because he’s massive. I got to know him and once you get to know him you realize he’s kind of squishy in the middle, literally and figuratively, but he can be intimidating if he wants to be. 

I managed to convince him to let me go though. If you talk he’ll listen, that’s something I’ll give him. But still one of the scariest experiences of my life