when confusion attacks

I love how Lucius acts as if being given a bloody lip is nbd, like being pulled into random brawls is completely normal and a regular occurrence for him. Why do people write this guy as a stereotypical squishy wizard who gets confused when people attack him physically instead of magically? He’s obviously not.

I like to think that he picked this up from Severus. Maybe Lucius taught him how to drop his accent in exchange for fighting lessons. Because the idea of tiny 11-13 year old Severus wrestling teenage!prefect!Lucius to the ground is hilarious. So basically the plot of My Fair Lady but much more violent.

that did not take as long as i thought it would

but jesus christ, looking at scratch’s logs now is like reading one of hal’s logs in white. i cannot believe the original theory didn’t take off more. doc scratch is ar with less bro puns and more omniscience. the repetition and insistence on their good qualities, the over explanations of mundane things, the arrogance and self-assurance, the obvious delight in psychologically messing with people, the whole ‘i’m doing this for everyone’s sake, i’m not evil’, FUCK

it’s hard to pick out specific things, the above are all just general comparisons of their personalities and manner of speaking. did find a couple things in his conversation with rose though

almost had an arquius/equius moment

the sentence structure is referencing something rose said earlier, but that particular insult came out of absolutely nowhere and is incredibly ‘strider’

and of course

OR: How Cross almost didn´t survive a heart attack.

Since part 1 was quite successful, I made a prequel - Allen decided not to use the boobs since Cross almost fainted when he saw him. 

when the Order can make artificial apostoles why not artificial breasts


Am I the only one who thought it was really important that the reaction here was “Zuko’s gone crazy” rather than “Zuko’s turned on us”? I think it really showed the development of their relationship with Zuko. They trusted him so much that they were genuinely confused when he attacked Aang. It would’ve been understandable to assume the worst but they knew there must’ve been something wrong.

Also it’s funny.

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i know having people comment on anything you've made is kinda stressful and awful, but can i just say: i love your book. it's made me so happy. it's one of my most tresured things. i'm so glad you exist.

😭  This is…..so nice. Thank you so much.

alien + devil = cthulhu

This bbu was only known as an ancient legend

It is said that her shape is only a sickness and that makes us crazy when it is seen in actual appearance.
The present reality is in an eternal sleep.
There is a theory that his dream is the world itself.

It gives confusion when attacking enemies directly, but mainly uses magic skills.
Skill that disturbs the enemy and is skillful in the metropolitan area, but most of the skill which receives the damage of friend.

‘Do not wake him up in the sleep of eternity, for the moment that he awakens, this world will be a vision.’