when chloe's not being a shit friend

Rant about Amperprice

I have to speak my mind about Rachel and Chloe.

I absolutely adore Rachel so far. She is mysterious, beautiful, funny and sexy. It looks like you can trust her. It looks like you could spend hours and hours with her without getting bored.

I know she will be a good friend to Chloe. She will help Chloe to get over the shit she’s going through. She will be THE FRIEND that Max wasn’t.

We all know what will happen to Rachel. It’s sad and it’s not fair because she’s young and she had an amazing future waiting for her.

Chloe and Rachel together are just perfect. They look like they were made to each other. It’s just easy for them. Being together. It’s easy for us to ship them. Those dialogues are seriously killing me.

However, a lot of thoughts come to my mind when I’m not playing.

When we play LiS 1, there are a lot of references about Rachel being a slut, being a not trustworthy person. No one really seemed to know Rachel Amber. She had mystery and we thought that maybe Chloe was the only one who really knew her. But then we enter in Frank’s RV and we find out that Rachel was banging him, she planned to leave Arcadia Bay with him and leave Chloe behind. She lied to Chloe and she was gonna betray her. Who can blame Chloe for her reaction?

Now, playing Before the Storm, I understand Chloe more than ever. (And I understood her a lot in LiS 1).

Chloe and Max weren’t an easy thing. Chloe is pissed off in LiS 1 and Max has to take all of that. And there she is. Max takes all the fury from Chloe because she know she has to do it, she has to redeem herself for all those years she wasn’t there for Chloe.

Yes, Max left Chloe and ignored her during 5 years. Can we blame Max? She was a child and a child doesn’t know what is the right thing to do.

Rachel appears when Chloe needs a friend.

Max appears when Chloe needs a hero. Max saving Chloe’s life is all that makes sense to me. I really think it’s their destiny to be together.

Then… there’s the storm. I think Rachel has powers. She can change the weather as we could see in that fire party at the end of the episode. Maybe Max didn’t provoke the storm. Maybe Rachel did (being dead). Chloe said at the beach in ep. 5: “Maybe this is Rachel’s revenge. Our revenge.”

Maybe Rachel didn’t want Chloe to be with Max. Maybe Rachel wanted Chloe to be dead and be with her… that would explain why she provoked the storm and let Max think that she was the one who was changing the weather with her rewinding time.

After all, Max has the vision of the tornado even before she starts using her powers. First: tornado’s vision. Second: saving Chloe’s life in the bathroom.

That would explain why there is no tornado if Max chooses to sacrifice Chloe. Rachel is happy with that choice so there is no tornado.

Also there’s that shit going on with the spirit animals. I’m sure Chloe’s is the butterfly. I didn’t know if the deer was Max’s or Rachel’s. Now I know it’s Max’s because Rachel’s spirit animal is the raven. Have you read the totem at the park when playing BtS? It says: “The raven stands for transformation. Its grinning face betrays its trickster spirit. (…) The raven is to be respected, never trusted.”

I don’t know why but I think Rachel manipulates people. Maybe she is manipulating us, as players. We have to choose between saving Chloe or saving a thousands of people from the storm she provoked? Maybe she is the one who’s sacrificing Arcadia Bay, not us.

You know what? Rachel is beautiful and badass and sexy and funny……….. but I don’t trust her.

Max is pure and honest. Yes, she made mistakes. Who hasn’t?

Chloe deserves to live and deserves to be with Max.

Bae > Bay

Caulfield > Amber

Dating Chloe Price would include

-She always come to your house to avoid her step dad

-You guys rant to each other a lot

-Then you start complimenting each other because you dont deserve all the shit life throws at you

-Sometimes when you start complimenting her she gets flustered and tongue tied

-Then later you make out

-Blaring music in the background

-Being ecstatic when you meet Max and find out that the best friends are hanging out again

-You go on concert dates or bars that play music

-Sometimes just driving around town late at night

-You find a nice spot to watch the stars for a few hours

-Smoking joints together then cuddling

-Giggling while watching each other doing ridiculous things when high

-She likes to touch you, anywhere and everywhere

-She’s not used to people sticking around so she stays as close as possible

-Ditching class together

-Occasionally she pulls you into a deep kiss in the middle of the school hallway just becase she knows it’ll fluster you

-And disgust assholes

-Supporting each other in everything

-Being a sort of peacemaker to avoid fights

-Helping each other die your hair

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people complain about rachel being toxic & manipulative when I see ?? none of that ?? she’s standing up for chloe’s defense whenever she gets the chance to, literally dragging chloe on stage after the play so chloe gets some praise as well, making it clear she’s not going anywhere until chloe’s ready to leave as well, rachel’s constantly supporting her ??? not sugarcoating anything ?? which is what you’d expect a real friend to do ?? rachel taking every chance to compliment the shit out of chloe ?? rachel has never once forced anything on chloe, she simply tried to charm chloe with batting eyelashes like we all did when we were kids & wanted our parents to buy us candy & shit, leaving an impression on her, but she never said anything manipulative. you guys clearly have never been in a toxic or manipulative relationship if you count this as being toxic.

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Number 4 for the Cool Asks for Fic Writers. (Also, congratulations on graduating. I remember you mentioning that you went to an Ivy League, and that's just? I really hope you can look back on these years in the future and feel proud for not giving up)

(yup, it was an ivy league! it was super tough, but yeah im really proud of myself. definitely an accomplishment i’m going to be looking back on fondly for a very long time. thanks so much!!!!)

4. Are there any other fic writers you admire? If so, who and why?

oh boy this is gonna get long

  • @chassecroise : a sweetheart, beautiful person, amazing writer, and is gonna get published one day bc she’s that incredible. 
  • @miraculousstorytelling : a literal beam of sunshine who writes SO much for the ML fandom and shows so much love to rare pairs and is such a sweet person????
  • @megatraven : on top of being a talented writer (her alyanette/chlonette stuff is darling) she’s also such a supportive, warm person who loves building up other people in fandom which i appreciate
  • @agrestenoir : she’s a little shit that i love with all my heart and is so ridiculously talented and funny. she’s also a smart cookie who’s doing great things and is gonna be super successful one day, i can feel it
  • @flusteredkeith : such a beautiful writer oh my word, her writing makes me cry. she’s half the reason i ship so much in the voltron fandom bc her words work magic and make you consider things you never thought you would. and she’s also a beautiful person :)
  • @sadrien : she’s a fucking writing machine, like she writes so much in such a short amount of time and it’s all absolutely amazing, and i wish i had as much stamina as her. she’s another one that’s gonna be published one day. 
  • @ladriened : i just really adore her writing and her personality to be honest. i found her ladrien fics before i even know her, and i know she’s gonna insist that they’re not good, but i love then and re-read them often bc they put a smile on my face
  • @ladyserendipitous : the idea bouncing queen! she comes up with the best ideas, she’s so creative. plus she gives so much love to poly ships in the ML fandom that I admire that so much
  • @reyxa : another writer who’s super supportive of other writers, and i fell in absolute love with her fic bare necessities. 
  • @zoenightstars : i only just recently started talking to her but she’s such a passionate, intelligent, wonderful person and her fic post-it notes is one of my biggest obsessions. such a wonderful person. 
  • basically everyone else from mlfanfiction i’ll be here all day if i list all of them but they’re all such beautiful writers and such great friends who all welcomed me into this fandom when i was still starting out and trying to find my footing
  • @chloe-bourgeois-cesaire : fucking love them. their chlolya fics are so ridiculously amazing and they’re such a talented writer and a beautiful friend
  • @bullysquadess : fucking smut goals if im being completely honest. and just an all around cool chick who takes no shit and looks good doing it
  • @siderealsandman : im like kind of in awe by how chill and approachable he is while also being an incredible writer and a really cool person to talk to :) 
  • @baneismydragon : ahhhhh i love their fics so so so much!!! they’re another person who does so much writing and i wish i had half that endurance. 
  • @marinette-buginette : she has so many good fics oh my god. their marichat may series is so cute (i have to catch up to it lol) and i remember reading a bunch of her fics on ao3 before realizing who she was. she’s written some of my most favorite fics :)

im forgetting so many people and i absolutely suck, but there are so many writers in this fandom that inspire me and make me want to be a better writer and i just want to send a big thanks to all of them bc wow this fandom is chock full of them

[cool asks for fic writers]

Plus-one (3)

Hello lovely followers and friends. As promised (I’m big at keeping promises), here’s the third chapter of Plus-one. As I said before, this is a cross-over between the MMFD universe and The Wedding Date. Although the plot mostly follows the movie - I’ve added my own twists. 

I rather like this chapter and I hope you all do too. Let me know! 

Thank you to everyone that commented, liked and reblogged the previous chapters. It means the world to me. (Also, special thanks to the anons that have sent asks.) xx

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Dance Partners AU of the Enemies AU

  • so basically the enemies au created by @miraculer and @caprette ….(?)(someone tell me if I’m mistaken)
  • Gabe gives Adrien the Chat Noir Miraculous so that he can help fight against Ladybug and they can bring Mommy Agreste back
  • because he gets to run around as Chat, Gabe doesn’t let him go to public school
  • he does however let Adrien join a dance troupe that Chloe introduces him too so that way he can stop whining and also stay in shape for all his modeling and super villain endeavors
  •  one night while Ladybug and Chat are fighting she traps him after he attempts to use cataclysm on her, she leaves and then spies on him as his transformation gives out so she knows his identify but he doesn’t know that she knows
  • instead of going after him she decides to find out more about him hoping it’ll lead to Hawkmoth’s identity as well
  • she begins stalking him and researching him as Marinette and when Ayla sees all this shit on her computer and taped around her room, Marinette plays it off on just having a really huge celebrity crush on him
  • Marinette and Alya overhear Chloe talking about being in the dance troupe with Adrien so they join to get closer to him
  • Marinette acts super nice to him so he will trust her and won’t suspect she’s Ladybug so he acts really nice back and it throws her off
  • they end up being really good friends and Adrien falls for her and she’s definitely only in it to find out who Hawkmoth is yup that’s it no feelings here
  • the more she gets to know him the more she realizes he’s not an asshole after all, Chat is just another one of Hawkmoth’s pawns, and she catches feelings
(wow there wasn’t even much dancing in this at all oops)

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If you don't mind, can I ask why you ship Chlonette? I mean Chloe is her bully right? Isn't shipping people with their abuser bad like people ship the Joker and Harley Quinn. Or is it different because Chloe is capable of changing into a good person.

so i made a little post here where someone asked a similar question, so i recommend reading that just so you can get a sense of my thoughts on why i ship them, but i also want to make something clear first:

there’s a HUGE difference between The Joker and Chloe

The Joker is a physically abusive character. he’s also emotionally manipulative and shows affection to Harley Quinn in order to bring her back onto his side before he uses her for his own personal gain. his relationship with harley is canonically abusive bc the joker is a certifiably fucked up person that treats harley like absolute shit

chloe’s a middle school bully, and a child. she’s not trying to emotionally manipulate her classmates to get them to do what she wants. she’s not trying to physically abuse them to enact some superiority over them. she’s a bratty kid who thinks she’s better than everyone else because she’s been given everything she wanted in life and has no concept of what it means to not get the things you want and not be the center of attention. her brand of abuse is on a whole different universe than the joker’s. 

one of those people is mentally deranged. one of those people is a kid who’s the product of their environment, but also needs to grow the fuck up bc that’s not an excuse for being a jerk. 

when i ship chlonette, the intention is not to ship marinette with a person that i think is going to be harming her and finding that cute or romantic. my shipping chlonette has everything to do with the fact that personally i think that chloe and marinette can grow to be really good friends and can actually grow to like each other if chloe gets over her shit. chloe has the capability of realizing that she unfairly treats marinette like garbage because she’s only 14 and has room for growth and has room to realize her mistakes. 

she’s a little girl that has room to develop and learn, and if she can do that, i think she’d be an absolutely beautiful match for marinette :)


  • I saw a canon reminder headcanon a while ago about how chloe is Gay© and hangs on adrien to hide it, which is why he doesn’t mind her being so close
  • So one day
  • This new kid comes to town
  • And is gay
  • And everyone expects chloe to hound them
  • But?
  • No?

  • They become gay buddies

  • But noone knows why (except adrien and sabrina and alya but they dont tell nobody)
  • Because
  • Chloe is a bully right?
  • She insults people when they are who they are
  • Or insults something they worked hard on
  • Not become best friends with what everyone expects her to bully
  • Nooo
  • She gotta have another motive
  • So they investigate
  • And since this person ( lets call them Queer) loves the park, and chloe totally hates it but loves her friend enough to come with them (she secretly likes it) they follow them
  • So Queer says something like “…. so why does everybody tell me to not trust you or give me weird looks when I’m talking to you?”
  • And chloe has a strange look across her face for a split second
  • But only for a second, and then she has a thoughtful expression on her face
  • She says something like “Maybe they think I’m going to try to change you, but that doesn’t mean anything, because I’m not. Or maybe it’s because they think that I’m bulllying you but in secret, or maybe they just don’t believe that I’m really your friend, or maybe they just do kno-”
  • (u kno, stuff like that)
  • But Queer interrupts her
  • “Shh, don’t worry about it. It’s fine.”
  • She starts sobbing and then Queer moves all their stuff and they go into the general direction of the hotel
  • And everyone is ShOOK©
  • Because?
  • Chloe? Motherfucking? Bourgeois? Had a panic attack? About them?
  • And then they reevaluate their perspective on her character

god i love amberpr*ce but i ADORE the concept of ex lovers chloe and rachel being close as fuck friends, and rachel constantly wingmans for chloe. and when max comes back to town, rachel helps chloe flirt with her and its an entire debacle and max doesnt know whats going on but likes chloe flirting with her and it would be the whole trope of one character getting advice from another through an earbud or some shit

so uh look

i know ya’ll are like

idk, but we got some of chloe’s backstory

okay yeah

but, uh, just a friendly reminder that doesn’t excuse her actions

she’s genuinely a terrible human being, and her doing all that stuff just so she could make adrien promise to always be best friends with her, and then to immediately back to bullying her classmates is, uh, kinda fucking disgusting

not to mention the fact that adrien condones her by saying smth along the lines of “that’s chloe for you”

like wtf??? earlier in the ep you were criticizing her for getting all your classmates in trouble

and suddenly she starts insulting her classmates’ hardwork and it’s all “lol lol lol that’s just chloe”???

like aside from the fact that that goes against everything that just happened that made this whole party happen in the first place

it’s just confirms the fact that’s always been a trash human being???

so uh, psa:

what she’s doing is bullying. which is gross and should not be taught to kids okay

calling the fire department just to get marinette in trouble is illegal. if not illegal in france, then certainly still terrible bc he could be saving other ppl’s lives, who actually need help

and calling the fire department to cancel tom’s baking lesson and get marinette in trouble is racist

and look, yeah, i’ve been over this before, but i realized something from my time away from ml,,,

just bc her character is ignorant doesn’t mean she can’t be racist. she deliberately attacks marinette’s uncle based on his race–stereotyping him as only being able to make sushi (which isn’t even chinese??? wow) and then when he speaks french to her to be polite in her own fucking country bc he actually knows how to respect ppl (the bar is so low here wow) she pretends she can’t understand him and says she can’t speak “japanese.” again, distinctly not chinese.

and unless you’re also chinese, you can’t tell me what is and isn’t racist toward chinese (and by some extension, east asian) ppl thank you

and the cherry on top: the fact that she doesn’t know her butler’s name is just further proof she’s a trash human being.

bc having so much disrespect for someone who works what is considered a lowly job in today’s society is fucking disgusting. have more fucking respect for the ppl who take and do the jobs that no one else wants to do. bc without them, society wouldn’t be able to fucking function. in chloe’s case, she wouldn’t be able to function she’d have to do everything *gasp* herself. the horror


Okay, first of all, yeah, it is sad. I never said I hated the character. I hate the overrelation to the character that attempts to exonerate him whenever his attitude, circumstance, and actions are called into question. Being mentally and emotionally ill has never done me any favors or even gained me any sympathy. But then again, I never fucking kidnapped white girls and drugged them so…

Second, when you say that then say Chloe bullied him, you lose me because Chloe did not bully him. Chloe confronted him after he attempted to drug her and kidnap her. She then tried to coerce him which backfired because Nathan pulled a gun on her. Chloe did not bully him. I don’t think she was ever his friend outside of drugs. This is the little shit that pisses me off about Nathan. The little instances of people’s biases painting a completely different narrative because “aww he is soooo sad.” Nathan was not untreated. Nathan did get help. You can find a therapists note in the Dark Room saying that Nathan’s multiple therapy sessions aren’t working and he should be taken out of school. You also find a shit ton of prescribed drugs in his gym locker. So he got help. The help was just either insufficient or ignored in favor of his what his father wanted or what his father did to secure that Nathan got what he wanted(there is an email from his dad pointing out that it was Nathan that wanted to go to Blackwell). 

“He was bullied by his friends.” They were never his friends. Drew North is the ONLY person that bullies him and he has cause too(unfair yes, but he still has justified resentment). Victoria sticks up for his behavior and defends him along with the rest of the Vortex Club. The principal bends over backwards to appease him to the point of outright denying the accusation that Nathan had a gun or making you feel bad for telling him so. And the people who don’t like him stay the fuck away from him. Stop painting this narrative that Nathan was this helpless victim because he wasn’t. You want to know who sticks up for Drew? His brother who lives in his dorm in a fucking sleeping bag. And he doesn’t shame you for calling out his brother like Nathan’s little fangirl(sidenote: I did stick up for Nathan against Drew, I am just saying).

So yes, his family pushed him or just his father. Mark Jefferson may have manipulated him. He had a insufficiently treated disorder. But he was not innocent. And none of what he did should be denied or exonerated. Because he did those things willfully. He is not a victim

lis:bts is fun but like its so surreal. it really takes me into my own head and life memories. reliving a lot of my past by seeing chloe doing similar shit in the game? like how she kindly talks to friends parents but they tell her to her face they worry about her being a bad influence on their kid. walking around friends houses and thinking about how it must be to have money, or be in a home that isnt broken. all her internal thoughts and awkward anxious dialogue, like making unfunny jokes whenever she can to fill space in a convo. being shutdown by people [adults] regardless even when she tries to fix things in earnest. her confused displaced anger. becoming too attached to new people too easily. all her creative escapist thoughts. its weird and really personal. ack

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hc grahamscott doing it in the back of warren's car ans all i can imagine is being able to see it shake from the outside lmao

Oh god.
Nathan would love doing it in public. Whether it be with like… Actually being outside, or in their car.
So. It’s the night. The night of the Drive-In.
Warren and Nathan are sitting in the car, watching the movie and talking quietly. When… It happens.
Nathan leans over and kissing Warren’s neck.
Warren, having a thing for neck kisses, immediately blushes. “What are you doing, we… We need to watch-”
“We don’t need to watch shit, Warren.”

So aside from the hanky panky inside the car, literally all of Nathan and Warrens friends went to the drive in. Chloe and Max. Brooke, Kate, and Victoria. Dana and Juliet. The list goes on- literally all of their friends had went.
So while Nathan’s car was parked pretty out of sight, you could… You could definitely notice that the car was shaking. Chloe was the first one to notice.
Warren didn’t talk to people much that week.

You're Alright You. Part Eight

• What if … on the day of her release from the mental hospital Rae doesn’t see Chloe and the gang on the bikes… 

Part One- HERE

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Part Six-HERE

Part Seven-HERE


Part Eight

She was frozen. What is wrong with you?

Finn pulled back a bit and looked at her with wide eyes. God he is so gorgeous.

“You don’t have to kiss me because you feel sorry about what happened to me earlier, at the park” she blurted out.

He smiled “I’m not kissing you because I feel sorry for you” he reached a hand and held in on the side of her face “I’m kissing you because I want to kiss you”

“Oh” he wants to kiss you. Oh my god.

He moved his face closer to hers once again and began kissing her.

This time she didn’t freeze.

She actually kissed him back.

This can not be real life.

Things like this don’t happen to girls like me.

Jesus fucking christ his lips are heaven
Oh my god, his tongue is in my mouth.

Sparks where shooting through her lips and tongue as they moved against his, she could feel her entire body flushing. From head to fucking toe.

Their kisses were becoming so insistent that neither of them heard a car pull up in the drive way, the front door opening or even someone coming up the stairs.

They did however pull apart quicker than should of been possible when Finn’s Dad burst in through his door “I’m back…oh shit, sorry“ and closed the door behind him just as quick.

"Oh my god” Rae was sure she was turning the colour of Finns punching bag in the corner. Fucking pillar box red.

Finn laughed “So, that was me Dad” they heard his footsteps fading as he went back downstairs.

“I would never of guessed” she sarcastically replied, which of course made him laugh more.

“I better go down and talk to him” How embarrassing.


Thank god they hadn’t gone back to hers.

Imagine Karim or her Mum walking in on that?

Her Mum would of made her sit through a safe sex speech, moan about being too young for her baby to start having babies and then finally the speech would happen.

The same one she was always on the receiving end of when she had done something wrong.

‘When you live under my roof, you live by my rules Rachel Earl’

“Put some music on and I’ll make us another brew, last went cold” he picked up the abandoned mugs from the bedside table.

“Ok, yeah” she was still laid down on his bed when he left the room, to face his Dad alone.

She had never been so embarrassed in her entire life as she was right now.

But,Finn had kissed her. Fucking yes.

He told her he wanted to kiss her. Double fucking yes.

And then his Dad had only gone and bloody walked in on them when she was in an almost mount gushington situation. Holy shit.

I can not believe that he kissed me.

Chloe is going to shit a brick.

Tixie is going to shit a brick.

I might bloody shit a brick too. Fucking hell.


They were sat around the same table as they had done previously in the pub, surrounded by cigarette smoke and the sound of The Long Pigs coming from the juke box in the corner.

Chop was going on about orgasms and sneezing.

Archie was explaining some fact about a column in London to Izzy. Who by the way looks bored as fuck.

Finn was winding Chop up and trying to get him to snort pepper to prove whatever bullshit he was banging on about and me, well I was still in a daze from the kiss that almost killed me.

I am pretty sure that if Finn’s Dad had not interrupted the two of us earlier I would of had a mini heart attack. His mouth was going to be the end of me.

Once Finn had come back upstairs they had just gone back to their usual banter about music.

No more kisses were had. Boooo.

“Oi, Raemondo, where the fuck is Chloe?” How would she know?

"Dunno” I shrugged my shoulders “Haven’t seen her since yesterday”

“She was on a date this afternoon” Izzy cut Archie off, from what ever he was saying.

“What?” Well this is the first she had heard of it, Chloe hadn’t mention a date yesterday!

“Yeah, I saw her with her Mum at the supermarket this morning she told me” Izzy smiled “Said she would probably be here a little late if she does come”


It was over an hour before her best friend finally turned up.

Dressed up like those girls you see in the movies who try to get into clubs when they are two years too young.

Chloe banged both her hands down on the table, making all of the drinks wobble. “Girls, bathroom, now“ she looked at Rae first and then Izzy ”Now

“Oh Hi Chlo, nice to see yah too” Archie shouted as the three girls walked away.

As soon as the door was closed Chloe whispered “I just had sex” Just now?

“Who with” Hadn’t she just gone on a date with him today? That was fast.

“Oh, I’m sorry girls, can’t tell you his name, we wanna keep it on the down low for a bit”

“You just lost your virginity with a guy and you can’t tell anyone his name?” Something is not adding up here.

“Not right now babe” Bullshit “And I hadn’t planned on doing it with him, it just kind of happened

“How long have you known him?”

“A little while” she smiled “It was incredible”

“How long is a little while? and why didn’t you say anything yesterday?”

“I told you, we don’t want everyone to know, just yet” some best friend “He just got out of a long relationship and he doesn’t want her to know right now”

“Where’d it happen?” Izzy clapped her hands excitedly.

“His house, he’s got one of those barn conversions, it was dead romantic”

“Awwwh I’m so happy for you” Rae faked a smile as Izzy spoke. Yeah well I kissed Finn, actually he kissed me, so up yours Chloe!

“Thanks girls, It’s so exciting!”

“Did it hurt?”

“A little, but oh god it was so worth it!”

Just then Chop burst through the door, with blood pouring out of his nose.

“This is the girls bathroom, you moron!” Chloe shouted, while Izzy mumbled “I never want an orgasm if it looks like that”

“Fine, I’ll just bleed more then shall I?” he stumbled back out of the bathroom as quickly as he had come in.

“Boy’s” Izzy shook her head.

“Anyway, I had an idea this morning” Now what? “I was thinking that seen as Rae missed the pool party we had last week for your birthday Iz, we should have a girls sleepover, no boys allowed, tomorrow” oh, do we have too? “At my place, My parents are away for the night”


“Cool” Rae mustered as much fake enthusiasm as she could.

It was the last thing she wanted to do, sit in a room as Chloe bangs on about, well her banging all freaking night.


Why was she spending her Saturday, at a girly girly sleepover at Chloe’s when the lads were all at the pub?

This is not fair.

I just wanna see Finn.

Is that too much to really ask?

“Rae!” Izzy appeared behind her as she waited for Chloe to open the front door. “I’m so excited!”

“Me too” Liar.

”’ bout time you two got here!” Chloe answered the door “And you both brought clothes, excellent


After a couple of hours of having to listen to bullshit FM music she was about ready to die.

Ok, so maybe that was a bit dramatic but my ears were so close to bleeding from this music.

“What’s going on with you and Finn?” Chloe asked as she poured a glass of Tia Maria for each of them from a bottle she had pinched from her parents cabinet down stairs earlier “You two seem to be dead close!”

“You two are so adorable!” Izzy smiled.

“Were mates” who kissed!!!!!!!!!

“Come one Rae, he has had you over his house”

“Twice” I nodded.

“You went again?” Chloe’s mouth was actually in a perfect ‘o’ shape.

"Yeah, yesterday before the pub!” Its kind of a big deal.

“Oh my god!” Izzy squealed “Did anything happen?”

When she didn’t answer for a minute Chloe screamed, the way only girly girls can “Oh my god Rae, spill!”

“We may of kissed” and it was fucking epic!

“WHAT?” both girls shouted at the same time.

“This is huge Rae” Chloe told her.

“It was just a kiss” Two actually.

“What happened after?” Izzy asked.

“Oh my god, it was so embarrassing, we were on his bed kissing”

“What? On his bed?”

“And his Dad walked in”

“Oh my god”

“Then what?”

“Then we just listened to Oasis and stuff before Archie picked us up to go to the pub”

“This is so exciting” Izzy beamed at her.

“Yeah, all we need to do is get you and Chop out of the friendzone”

“Chlo’ ” Izzy sighed “I don’t think there is anyway out of the friendzone”

“You two are so annoying” I told her.

"Maybe we should lock you two in a room until you finally get together” Chloe laughed “I can see it now ‘You better bloody let us out Chlo’ ” We all laughed, more at Chloe’s terrible impression of Chop, but it was still pretty funny.


Some how Chloe and Izzy had convinced Rae that she needed to look a little more girlier for when she met Finn tomorrow. Nothing to much like Chloe though. She hadn’t said that though, just not too girly.

Well all of the gang were going to be there technically.

Chloe had a hockey game.

On a bloody Sunday morning, and it was at their old school.

That shit should be illegal!

Its the bloody summer holidays!

“Here try these on!” Chloe passed Rae some jeans from her bag of clothes that she requested the girls bring with them.

If she was being honest she would of told her best friend that she hadn’t actually looked at anything she had packed after Chloe had rung her and told her to bring clothes so they could make each other over. Hell

Literally just grabbed handfuls of things from her wardrobe and stuffed them into the bag, two minutes before she left her house. 

This kind of stuff was just not her.

“What about” Izzy was sat on Chloe’s bed “We try it with the leggings instead”

“Come back out Rae”

She wasn’t thinking clearly.

Obviously the two Tia Maria’s that Chloe had given her had gone to her head, because she walked from behind the partition to grab the leggings that Izzy was holding, with her legs bare.

Her scars where visible for everyone to see. Oh shit.

“What happened to your legs Rae?” Izzy asked with a frown.

No no no no no no no no no

“I…errrrr” she cleared her throat “I was in an accident when I was in France”

“Oh my god Rae” Izzy jumped up and wrapped her arms around her “What happened?”

“Just a car accident, do they look that bad?” she turned to Chloe who was watching her closely.

“No, they don’t look bad Rae” she began to get up of the floor “Izzy could you go and have a look in the kitchen and see if we have anymore lemonade?”

“Ok” she nodded “Yeah”

Chloe came closer to Rae and as soon as Izzy had left she asked “What really happened Rae?”


“You can tell me” she smiled “We’re best friends, aren’t we Such best friends that you can’t tell me the name of the guy who you had sex with yesterday?

"I told you, it was a car accident, all the windows smashed and..” she looked down at the scars.

The ones that would never a hundred percent fade.

They would always be there.

Little reminders of what she had done.

“Rae” Chloe sighed. Please just believe me.


But before Rae could decide what she could or was going to say Izzy came back into the room, holding two bottles of lemonade.

“Got some”

Chloe hugged her tightly before whispering into her ear “I Love you Rae” and then placed a kiss on her cheek.

She felt guilty.

Guilty for lying about her scars.

Guilty about not telling Chloe the truth when she had the chance.

Guilty about the bloody France Bullshit.

A loud bang came from the front of the house, followed by the flood light coming on.

“What was that?” Izzy whisper shouted while Chloe marched forwards to look out of her bedroom window.

“Well, well, well” she turned with a huge grin on her face “Looks like we have company girls”

“Who?” Izzy asked before she moved to look herself.

“Oh my god”

Wanting to see for myself, I moved to the window to have a look and was surprised to find three, slightly drunk lads holding some cans standing by the front door.

“You gunna let us in or what?” Chop shouted.  Making them all laugh, maybe Chloe’s impression of him hadn’t been so bad after all.

“Right you” Chloe pointed at Izzy as she linked her arm through Rae’s “It’s time to get you out of the friendzone!”

Oh bloody hell.


Miraculous Holders Described With Onion Headlines

Marinette: Beautiful Cinnamon Roll Too Good For This World, Too Pure.
Ladybug: Work Friend Accidentally Becomes Real Friend

Adrien: Conversations Pretty Limited When Friend Not In Midst Of Crisis
Chat Noir: Area Teen Has Better Things To Do Than Kick Your Ass

Alya: Area Woman Always Has Something Quirky To Do
Volpina(Alya): Kids Grow The Fuck Up So Fast These Days

Chloe: Come On, Lighten Up, I’m Just Being An Asshole
Queen Bee: This Shit Again

Gabriel: Cool Dad A Terrible Father
Hawkmoth: All Kidding Aside, Area Man Really Needs Counselling

Master Fu: Area Man A Walking Encyclopedia Of Everything Except Leading A Normal Life

She is my Heaven.

This was a prompt from the lovely lady Bethany - @learningacceptanceme - for an AU where Finn is going out with Chloe initially, then things change :)

Enjoy guys! If you ever want to prompt me, just ask.


So it had been 2 weeks and 3 days since Finn started going out with Chloe. Finn supposed it was going ok. They had been on a couple of ‘proper’ dates but being in the same gang of friends meant they spent a lot of time together. If I’m being honest it was too much time. She just didn’t stop talking and majority of the time it was bitching about other people. For example, right now they were sat at the pub and Chloe starts chuntering on about some friend from school that had recently come back from France and she was going to be coming to the pub. “… and she is really nice guys just shy, so be nice ok. I’m going to wait outside for her so she doesn’t  walk in on her own ok? I’ll be five minutes.” Chloe stood and kissed Finn on cheek. God I hate it when she does that, it’s just awkward. As she walked away Finn wiped at his cheek feeling the sticky lip gloss she had left behind.

It just gets worse. Ok now I’m being a complete knob! I need to stop being like this with Chloe. She really is an ok person and she is really fit! That helps. When we kiss it feels good, she has nice lips, soft but maybe a little small.

“Guys, this is Rae!”  Everyone turned to see Chloe’s friend. She was a tall girl, slightly bigger than most girls but who really gives a shit about that? She was wearing leggings, a band shirt and a leather jacket. It was her dark brown eyes and long flowing locks that caught his attention. They really were something. She had a shy smile playing on her lips and this really didn’t help the strange fluttering going on in Finn’s stomach. She was… well… beautiful.

That’s new.

Finn looked away because he was pretty sure he was staring quite openly at her. Everyone introduced themselves and Finn decided he would roll a cigarette and keep his eyes down because he knew if he lifted his eyes to her again, he wouldn’t be able to turn away.

During the night Chloe’s friend Rae soon got in to the swing of things with the gang and it was obvious that she was going to be a permanent part of their group.

Great now I’ve got to be around her all the time.

This was not something Finn was looking forward to. Each time he looked at her he got this strange feeling in his stomach. He couldn’t explain it but it wasn’t something he wanted delve into. Finn was determined to bury it deep and pretend it wasn’t there. A few times Rae had glanced at him, it was like he could feel her stare. Only once did their eyes meet. He couldn’t look away. It was as if her eyes had captured his and was staring deep in to them unable to break the spell. She was first to break it, Chloe had grabbed her attention. It was a relief for Finn to look away. It was as if she had grabbed his heart in her hands and began to squeeze, tighter and tighter until she finally let go.

It was around 10:30pm and Finn couldn’t handle it any more. He stood, said a fleeting goodbye to everyone, told Chloe he would ring her tomorrow and shot out of the pub as quickly as he could. He smoked on his walk home trying to calm his nerves.

Just one look and I was done. This enigma of a girl had stolen my heart and apparently I was never going to get it back.


Over the next few days Finn refused to leave the house. He couldn’t be around her and function like a normal human being. On day three of avoidance, he heard a pounding knock at his front door. Finn checked out of his dad’s window to see who it was and before he even looked he knew who it would be. Chloe.

She is not the person I wanted to see right now.

Ever since that night Finn couldn’t stop thinking about Rae, pushing Chloe to the back of his mind, well if he was being honest, out of my mind. He hadn’t thought about her really and only when he did he would somehow link it with Rae. He went down stairs and answered the door to a very pissed off Chloe. “Oh so you are alive! Where the hell have you been? And why have you been ignoring my calls and giving your dad bullshit excuses about why you can’t come to the phone?!” Finn stood at his door wait for the tirade to finish. “You done?” Finn was definitely not in the mood for bitchy Chloe.  He turned and walked up to his room leaving the door open knowing Chloe would follow.

“For god sake Finn will you just stop and tell me what they hell is going on? I get that you’re grumpy but at least you never ignored us before. What’s your problem?” he couldn’t exactly turn around and tell his now, sort of, girlfriend that he couldn’t stop thinking about her best friend, about her hair, her smile, her eyes. “Nothing is up Chlo, I’ve just not been feeling well ok?” He was really hoping she would drop it because he didn’t want to have that conversation with her.

“Finn… is this about Rae?” Finn felt his heart in his mouth. How did she know? She couldn’t know, could she?

Plead ignorance Finn.

“Chloe, what the hell are going on about?”

“Finn is obvious you don’t like Rae and I don’t know why. Is it because she is bigger? Cause that is just horrible Finn…” How dare she? Does she really think that little of me? “Fuck off Chloe! Seriously? No it isn’t because she is bigger. I don’t have a problem with Rae.” Which in one way was true and in another it wasn’t. His problem with Rae was the way she made him feel. He wasn’t meant to feel it for her. That flutter and heart wrenching feeling he had when looking at Rae should be for the girl he is going out with. “Then why have you been avoiding us since she started hanging around with us. The first night she was in the pub with us you had a right sour face and didn’t talk to anyone from the second she walked in. Please Finn, she’s my best mate, just try to get along with her… For me?” Chloe was now stood in front of Finn, hand grazing his arm staring in to his eyes.

She really was a pretty girl and she really deserved someone who actually had feelings for her rather than a grumpy twat who thinks he has really strong feelings for her best friend. She placed a soft kiss on to Finns lips, Finn not returning any pressure so she didn’t deepen the kiss. “Look I’ll see you at the pub tonight ok? I’m not feeling great and I’m just going to sleep it off, and I promise I’ll try with Rae and talk to her.” Chloe left the room and Finn waited until he heard the front door shut before letting out a breath and collapsing on to his bed.

Finn let his mind wonder to the possibility of tonight. He had to speak with Rae. He did act like a complete dickhead to Rae and he did need to make it right. Maybe he was thinking way too much in to this. He found her attractive and she has gorgeous open eyes and beautiful hear and cute pursed lips that he so… Ok Finn calm down. She is you sort of girlfriends best mate now stop this! You are overreacting.

Finns mind kept swimming around the idea of Rae and what his relationship with Chloe was and all the feelings he was having about the whole situation. It soon reached 7:30 and it was time to face the music. He put on his jacket, shoes, grabbed his fag tin and made his way to the pub.


Finn walked in and went straight to the bar. He was definitely going to need some Dutch courage to get through tonight. He hadn’t even looked up to see if his friends were here, just head down and straight to the bar. He soon felt a hand on his lower back and turned to see Chloe, leaning in for a kiss. Finn offering Chloe his cheek because… Well, he just didn’t feel like it. “So are you going to speak to Rae tonight?”

Chloe was determined for me to speak to her.

“Yes Chlo I’m going to speak to her, I’m getting my pint then I will be over, what does Rae drink? I’ll get her one ok?” Chloe told Finn that Rae loved a snakebite so he ordered one and when both drinks arrived he took them over to their table and sat next to Rae. “Rae? Here y’ go.” Finn pushed the drink towards Rae and on hearing his voice she turned to face him. Again Finn was hit with the power of Rae’s eyes. That is not fair.

“Oh. Thanks.” Rae was apparently quite nervous with Finn and he understood why. He was a dick to her. He needed to say sorry, just couldn’t quite do it yet.

To Finns absolute disgust someone had decided to put Backstreet Boys on the jukebox. Great so not only do I feel massively awkward right now but I also have to listen so some poppy shit! This was not going to be a fun night. Then there was a loud thump on the table bringing everyone out of their conversations and turning to the culprit of the thud. Rae.

“WHO THE FUCK PUT THIS SHIT ON! No way in hell am I sitting here listening to this shit!” Rae then proceeded to stomp over to the jukebox, put in her money and chose a new song. This is where Finns heart began pumping so strong that he thought he was on the verge of a heart attack. Beastie Boys – Sabotage. Well… that’s just not fair is it? It was over. She had captured his heart and he was never getting it back, he didn’t want it back. Rae walked back over to a chorus of praise and cheers from the rest of the gang bar Chloe. She was complaining about the song change, saying she loved that song.

“Nice one Rae, thank god you changed it! I really hate that shit!” Finn finally found his way in to talking with Rae. He had a link and he was going to grab it tight. “Oh god I can’t handle it. How is that shit even remotely classed as music?” Rae came alive when she talked about music. She was so animated and passionate, she shone.

During the night Finn and Rae continued to talk about music. This was the thing that bonded them. But with each passing minute and with every word she uttered his heart grew a little bigger. His own smile brightened during their conversations and he himself felt alive.

At one stage Chloe tried to get involved in the conversation, attempting to try to talk to them about her music preferences, which consisted of, Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys and UB40. Rae again gave Chloe her opinion. “Chloe they aren’t even proper bands. I would rather repeatedly punch myself in the tit than have to even grace their names with the word ‘music’ or ‘band’.” Finn found himself howling at this and soon Rae joined him. Finn was happy. Happiest he had been in a long time.


Over the next few weeks Finn and Rae became great friends. Finn still harboured his feelings for her, but out of courtesy of Chloe he kept them buried and hidden. But on days where Rae was in a great mood, cracking out jokes and making everyone laugh, it was hard to keep them hidden. His smile was never bigger than when he was with Rae.

And as more time went on, Finn spent less and less of it with Chloe. If he did spend time with her it was always with the gang and never on their own. No more nights of being at Finns, no more dates. No more of anything. Everything Finn thought of or did was always revolved around Rae. She didn’t even cross his mind, he was too engrossed with Rae. His Rae. She was and forever will be his Rae. What started as just a tiny part of Finns heart which had Rae’s name stamped on it, has grew bigger and bigger with time.

Friday night of the third week they had known Rae, Archie was stealing all her attention. Finn did not like it. He wanted Rae to himself and he really didn’t like sharing. Never did really even as a kid. So right now Finn was on the verge of a full scale toddler tantrum if Rae didn’t start talking to him soon. If I could just get her attention. Then an idea struck him. He had to have some kind of communication with her so he would write her a message.  Finn lifted his index finger, lay in on to Rae’s thigh and wrote, Y-A-W-N. Finn noticed Rae’s body tense and she gradually turned her head to Finn with a questioning look. Finn couldn’t help but grin at her reaction. He raised his eyebrows in question asking for a reply. She turned back to Archie to continue listening. Finn thought she decided to ignore him and he was about to write another message on her leg when he saw her raise her own hand, place her finger on his leg and write, H-E-L-P. Finn stifled a laugh. He knew better than anyone how dull Archie’s history talks can be. “Rae, come help me with the drinks, my shout everyone! What do you want?” the orders came thick and fast and both Finn and Rae stood to collect the drinks.

What Finn didn’t realise was that the past few weeks Chloe had been watching. Testing the waters as she put it. She fancied Finn, he was gorgeous and quite sweet but she didn’t feel anything deep for him. She knew he didn’t feel it with her either. They hadn’t even slept together yet and they have been ‘going out’ for nearly 5 weeks. She hadn’t even kissed Finn in the past week, not properly. On the other hand she noticed Finn and Rae getting closer and closer. She saw the laughs, sly looks and cute smiles shared between them. Chloe’s feelings towards Finn and Rae being together were getting stronger. Not anger, but disappointment that they weren’t beginning their lives together. She knew that both would never do anything about their feelings for each other because of her and this is what made them amazing people. Her best friend deserved someone like Finn. Size didn’t matter to his, he wasn’t a shallow person. He liked people for who they were not what size clothing they had to wear. He found the person inside beautiful and that is what Rae needed. She had noticed tonight that they were communicating without even looking at each other. This solidified it in Chloe’s mind. She would talk to them both, together, and make them realise how much they were made to be together, that she didn’t have any bad feelings toward either of them and wanted them to be happy. But she was going to have a little fun first. So as they stood to get the drinks, Chloe left it for a moment then followed.

Finn was stood at the bar with Rae talking about plans for them to listen to some new records Finn had gotten at his place. “Finn, I don’t think that would be the best idea do you?” Finn couldn’t understand why she decided it wouldn’t be a good idea.  Apparently his confusion showed on his face as she answered his unsaid question, “Seriously Finn? You have a girlfriend, Chloe! Who by the way happens to be my best friend, so having another girl in your room, ALONE… Well I’d understand if she got very angry.” This is one thing Finn adored about Rae. She always thought of others before herself. “Well, I don’t think she would mind. Me and you are just friends… Right?” Finn left the question hanging in the air, hoping that Rae would catch his double meaning.

If she just let me know I had the slightest chance with her, well id never let her go. Please Rae, just give me a hint that we could be more.

Rae’s eyes connected with Finn’s. He felt the severe heat that sailed between them, both unconsciously leaning towards each other, never breaking eye contact. This is it, she is going to let me kiss her. Then they heard a slight cough behind them. They broke contact and separated. Chloe.

Oh god, Chloe. She’s your girlfriend Finn. Remember?

Rae looked ashamed, but Finn knew that what was going to happen before would have been amazing. But Rae is right, it would have been wrong, he was still technically dating Chloe. Finn turned to her, layered a smile on to his face and kissed Chloe’s cheek. Boyfriend stuff. Keep the façade.  “Hiya Chlo.” Rae had turned to greet her best friend. Her best friend. Finn internally sighed knowing that no matter how he felt about Rae, until he had the bollocks to end it with Chloe, it was going to go nowhere fast. “Rae, Finn. Can I have a word with both of you, outside?” Chloe turned and left to go out to the beer garden.

Oh Shit! What did we do? Has she seen me flirting with Rae?

Well of course she has you dickhead, you don’t exactly hide it!

Oh piss off, she doesn’t know! No one knows, it just looks like we are really good mates!

Yeah course it does Finn, to a fucking blind man!

Finn and Rae turned and followed Chloe outside. She was sat on a bench waiting patiently for them  both. Rae refused to look at Finn and only concentrated on her best friend. When they reached Chloe they both stood awkwardly.

God I feel like I’m about to be told off by me mum.

“Finn, Rae. Take a seat for me.” They both sat down, both staring at Chloe, waiting for what was going to be a rather bad conversation to begin. Finn decided her would try and smooth things over. “Look Chlo, whatever…”

“Finn, stop. I know what has been going on between you two. You’ve gotten very close over the past few weeks and now I’m finally calling you up on it.” Both Finn and Rae were staring at Chloe with horrified faces. Chloe couldn’t handle it anymore, she burst out laughing, tears springing into her eyes. “ AHHHH, the looks on your faces! It’s priceless! Where’s Izzie and her camera when you need her?!” Chloe continued to laugh and Finn and Rae shared confused glances.

“Chlo, are you alright?” Rae asked her. She definitely looked worried for her best friend’s state of mind. Rae turned to Finn with a worried look, “Oh god, I think we broke her.”

“Oh shut up Rae, I’m fine. It’s just your face were hilarious! Right so yes, I have been watching you pair and I just want you to know, I’m not angry, or upset. You guys are kind of meant for each other and I know for a fact that looking at you both, you really like each other, like a lot. So stop being dickheads and get it together already! Finn, it’s been nice but let’s face it we both know we don’t really feel anything for each other. We are definitely better off as friends.”

Rae and Finn turned to each other, both of their cheeks flaring a nice tinge of pink. Finn raised his eyebrows again in question to Rae. She smiled bright and nodded to Finn. He reached over his hand to Rae and she placed hers in his. Finn couldn’t believe what had just happened. I have her. I have Rae. My Rae. The bashful smile on Finns face was bright and wide and Rae’s matched his.

Chloe stood, stepped round to Rae and Finn, placed her arms round both and said, “By the way, seen as in I worked my matchmaking magic on you pair, I expect a gift of some kind. Money, jewellery, something pink maybe, I like pink.” With this Chloe kissed both Rae and Finns cheeks then sauntered off in to the pub, very happy with herself.

Finn was definitely buying Chloe some form of present. He turned back to Rae, her hand still in his and looked at her. He really couldn’t believe it. She was his, or was she? He hadn’t actually asked her yet. Oh shit, what if she didn’t actually want this.

“Erm, Rae. What she said… do you? I mean, would you?…” Finn didn’t know how to ask her. Rae do you secretly love me as much as I love you? Because let’s face it, this is what this is, love. Do you Rae?

Rae looked Finn dead in the eyes, leaned slightly forward and whispered, “yes” Finn didn’t even think twice. He gently placed his lips on hers and felt heat searing through his body.

Heaven. She is my heaven.

They continued to kiss for god knows how long. Both lost in oblivion, unaware of time or anyone. Even their closest friends. Apparently Chloe had shared her victory with everyone else and wanted to see the result. They all made their way outside to see Rae and Finn locked in a rather heated embrace. The gang all shared a look of happiness. They all knew that Rae and Finn were meant to be together, all knew how they felt about each other, but it was left to Chloe, Rae and Finn to finally make it happen.

Cat calls and whistling and happy shouting ensued and Rae and Finn finally broke apart and turned to face their friends, all looking very happy with the revelation. Well so were Rae and Finn.

Very happy indeed.

The truth shall set you free: What you need to stop thinking about Dance Moms
  1. That Chloe is an extremely talented ballerina. Chloe has a wonderful body for ballet, however she has been very poorly trained. Much of what we see demonstrated from her is very “fake” ballet technique. The Joffrey auditions were not just looking at ballet, so you can stop falling back on that two-year-old audition as proof that she’s an amazing ballet dancer. Chloe has many technical issues such as sickled feet, poorly controlled arms, weak supporting legs and piking her tilts, which show more as she grows and have gotten worse since she stopped attending regular classes.
  2. That Chloe’s turns are amazing. Chloe was, at one time, a very good natural turner. However, her form has not improved over the years and she usually turns with crooked hips, poor arms and wobbly ankles. She also travels very far on fouettes and sometimes doesn’t connect her retirée. Additionally, she presses her hands into one another on her turns, a very irritating habit.
  3. That Maddie’s technique is flawless. Her technique is the best of the group, but she has some things to work on which I worry that Abby doesn’t correct. She always leaps with her hips open instead of square, showing that her ballet privates haven’t really been paying off much. She also throws her arms up/back too much and has a heck of a swayback. Her flaws aren’t the end of the world but the bigger concern is that she’s still making mistakes she was making three years ago. Abby’s idea of “improving” is learning new moves, but it really means doing the moves you used to do but better.
  4. That Mackenzie is improving significantly. While she’s learned new tricks, she still has next to no performance quality and very little maturity. She does not sustain movements or commit to things like arm movements or emotions at all. It’s not as visible in her solos, because all Abby gives her is one-dimensional sassy pieces,  but if you look in group numbers she is basically a limp noodle. She drags down the group pieces.
  5. That Brooke and Paige will ever come back. They are happier gone. And if you think they should come back to endure what Abby put them through just for the sake of your entertainment, then you are selfish.
  6. That Brooke and Paige need to continue dancing in order to be happy. Kids fall out of love with hobbies all the time. And sometimes they fall back in love with dance, and sometimes they don’t. If Brooke and Paige don’t want to dance anymore, stop moping around about how they’re wasting their “god-given talent” (there are plenty of kids more talented) and start being happy for them that they are living happy, healthy lives, making friends and actually caring for themselves again instead of having their crap dragged out on TV for everyone to CONSTANTLY see.
  7. That Christi has a point 90% of the time. She is doing Chloe no favours the way she constantly convinces Chloe that she is the poor, hapless victim. A few weeks ago when Christi started a fight with Abby simply because she THOUGHT Abby was going to say something about Chloe accidentally running into Maddie during rehearsal, Christi caused more shit than anyone else. And “SHE ALWAYS SAYS SHE’S SORRY!” is just another example of how Christi (and the producers) try to paint Chloe as a meek little puppy. Christi also shit-stirs with the new moms way too much. The episode where Chloe was moved to the select ensemble, literally all of the drama that episode was caused by Christi.
  8. That Cathy just woke up one day and decided to be evil. If you still sincerely believe that Cathy just decides to stir shit and be a total villain and no one wants her around, why are there camera crews in her studio?
  9. That “select ensembles,” mid-season replacements and last-minute competition changes happen in the real world. Most dance competitions won’t allow day-of entries. A lot don’t even let you enter a number with the title “TBA” (i.e. “I have a number I just don’t know what it is yet”). No real dance competition would let you enter two dancers doing the exact same routine (and funny how Abby thought that the three girls doing the same solo would look ridiculous this season, but not last season when she did that with M&C). And dance teams are not like the NFL — people do not fly across the country to join a new team. You go with what’s in your district.
  10. That any of Abby’s kids’ accomplishments (besides the Sia video) are a big deal. Being a national champion isn’t really a big deal (like, it’s a big accomplishment, but there are a lot of kids who are national champions). Getting a featured part in a music video that was designed for your TV show is not a big deal. Going to auditions isn’t a big deal. Getting a scholarship to study at a dance school in the summer isn’t a big deal. I say these not because the girls shouldn’t be proud of these accomplishments (they should, very much)! I’m saying this because we need to stop kidding ourselves into thinking they are special and are doing things that other dancers don’t do every single day.
  11. That Nia ever really did all that badly at competitions. Nia has won overalls before — just not on TV. She even placed as top junior soloist for DEA Pittsburgh shortly around the time Season One began filming. While it’s true that Nia may not have the most natural dance body of everyone and is a different kind of dancer, it’s not like she barely made the competition team and started from the bottom (OMG, Nia is Drake)! The narrative that they’ve built for Nia is nice, and she does face a lot of obstacles being the only black girl on the team (it’s hard to be black in dance), but it’s also disingenuous. She was never a bottom-feeder.
  12. That these kids will (and should) all want to be professional dancers by the time they’re 17. The vast majority of children in North America who dance competitively have no interest — especially in their teenage years — of becoming professional dancers. It’s normal to not want to be a professional dancer even if dance is your life and you don’t ever see yourself quitting. I was like that. These kids are now getting to the age where they have to start thinking about other things, but because of the show they will likely still be pushed down the dance path. It’s a good thing to have a back-up, because even if you are as technically amazing as Maddie, even if you are as driven as Nia, even if you are as beautiful as Kendall, as charismatic as Chloe and as good at gymnastics as Mackenzie, all of those things put together. Even if you are (somehow) a quantitatively perfect dancer, your chances are still slim. I know professional dancers who go back to college at 30. I know So You Think You Can Dance Canada alumni whom I’ve had to buy lunch after ballet class because it was either eat or take the bus home. Even dancers with jobs usually work multiple jobs, crazy hours, have a very deprived lifestyle and still end up scrounging. And Abby has nixed any chance the kids have of getting jobs with ballet or modern companies because their training in those genres is too poor, so the only chances they have are dancing in music videos their whole lives or doing musical theatre productions. It’s okay for kids to love dance with all their hearts and not want to go through that kind of life when they’re older. It doesn’t make you love dance any less. It doesn’t make you less amazing.
Healing together

In a week, Max Caulfield has:

- Discovered that she can reverse time and seen the consequences of that
- Seen Chloe die five times
- Been pulled into some kind of conspiracy turned assumed murder turned psycho-photographer-drugging-girls-and-killing-some
- Had to deal with helping Kate down the roof or live with the fact that Kate died because she didn’t do enough
- Found a dead girl’s body
- Been threatened over and over and OVER
- Visited an alternate reality where she put Chloe into a wheelchair and saw her suffer because of that
- Needed to talk to a drug dealer, break into his RV, handle his protective dog
- Been kidnapped, tied up and drugged by the same psycho that did the most horrifying shit to the other missing girls

All of this under the pressure of a giant fucking supernatural tornado that will happen on Friday, and not knowing whether or not she can prevent Arcadia Bay from being wiped from the surface of the earth.

At the same time, we have Chloe Price who has:

- Lost her father to a car accident
- Lost her best friend when she moved away to Seattle
- Had to deal with her mom re-marrying someone who abused her verbally and physically
- Tried to run away from the day Max left
- Lost her new best friend and crush /up to interpretation girlfriend after hearing that she was seeing someone
- Been dealing with the consequences of owing people money from the time she tried to get away (with Rachel)
- Been drugged by Nathan and traumatized in his room (thx. punk-rock-science!)
- Been threatened with a gun and knife
- Found her best friend and crush /up to interpretation girlfriend buried in the place she called her “home away from hell”

What do Max and Chloe have in common, other than the obvious love for one another:

- The fact that they know each other since they were children
- The fact that both know each other’s story, problems, what they’re going through
- They both have experienced this week together, grown back together, learned from one another
- Nobody else has seen the shit they have seen, only they know the details to the story we’re seeing
- They trust one another, believe in one another, support one another to a point where nobody else can possibly do the same
- They feel safe around each other and are okay with calling each other out when they say things the other doesn’t like

Can you imagine what it would be like, if Max had to let Chloe die, or if Chloe saw Max die (Reversed-Monday or Regular-Friday)?

They wouldn’t be able to handle any more. The shit they’ve been through, the things they’ve seen - You don’t simply forget any of that. We can see how Chloe has been affected by the bad things in her life, as they took place before this week. Now we see how things affect Max, and I doubt this heroine can handle any more stress and sorrow in her life.

If either of them disappears, the other will wither away. Without one another, they won’t be able to get past this week’s (and past years’) events. But if they do have each other, they can heal, rebuild, grow new feathers where others have been painfully plucked away. Nobody can possibly help Max heal if she loses Chloe once again. 

Do you seriously think Warren or Dana or Kate could ever truly understand what she’s been through? Would Max even say anything? They’d just think she’s mad, making it up. Chloe knows better, because she’s been there, and if we reverse time, she still has the connection with Max none of her friends have. Chloe on the other hand - Nobody seems to trust what she says because of the shape of life she’s been given thanks to the past events. Max on the other hand, knows her better than that. She instantly understands things, without questioning what happened. They care for each other so much, and this is so painfully but at the same time beautifully written, it may count as my favorite story of all time.

No matter what happens, Max and Chloe have to stay alive and together at the end of my story. Together, they can heal and together, they will always have each other’s backs. Always.

Stood Up #5 - MMFD Fanfic

I think I’ve managed to tag everyone who has asked. If not, I am sorry. I hope you all like it. I did not proof read this, I needed to put it up because I won’t have any time tomorrow and I’m falling on my face tonight. Sorry for any errors.


You have got to be kidding, of course Stacy would show up right as he were about to kiss Rae. She always had the worse timing. Rae took a few steps back, a look of horror on her face. Finn was hoping the horror was due to Stacy showing up and not the fact that they had almost kissed.

“There is no way I am answering the door for her” Finn shook his head in protest hoping that Stacy would take the hint and leave. “She doesn’t know we’re here, so if we just ignore her she will go away.”

‘I know your in there Finn, I saw you walking up the stairs’ Stacy yelled as if she had heard his declaration.”

He started to panic. What if she had seen Rae too? The last thing he needed was a target on this girls back, especially when he was finally getting to know her. He knew how Stacy could be. Crazy with a capitol C.

“Okay, I’ll go make her leave and you just wait here. Is that okay?” he asked hoping she knew that he was just trying to protect here.

“Yeah that’s fine, it’s not like I can leave without her seeing me.” Rae shrugged, and he could tell how uncomfortable she was feeling.

Finn walked over to Rae and pecked her on the forehead. “I’ll be right back.” he said and walked out of the room.

'Finn answer the damn door please, I have to talk to you.’ jeez this girl would not give up.

Finn opened the door and started talking before Stacy could speak, “Stacy, there is nothing you can say that I have any interest in hearing.”

“But, I just wanted to apologize for not making it to the restaurant last night.” she began.

“There is no need. Believe me, it was the best thing you could have ever done for me.” he truthfully said loud enough so that hopefully Rae could hear.

“Come on Finn, don’t be like that.” She grabbed on to his shirt and tried to pull him closer to her, but he refused to budge and wiped her hand away. “You know you miss me.”

“Stacy, let me tell you this in a way that you will understand. We are done. Please do not talk to me anymore. I have nothing to say.” and with that he closed the door and leaned back against it taking a deep breath.

“Are you okay?” he looked up and found Rae sitting at the top of the stairs her arms around her knees and her head resting on the bannister.

She was a breath of fresh air. She was everything he didn’t realize he needed.

“I am now. I’m really sorry about that, I didn’t think she would come over here.”

She smiled as he began making his way up the stairs towards her.

“Did you mean what you said?” she questioned as he sat down next to her.

“Haven’t we already been through this girl? I wouldn’t have said it if I….”

And she kissed him, her lips as soft as he had imagined. His hands found her face and he cupped her cheek deepening the kiss for a moment and it was all too soon that she was pulling away.

“Finn, can we go down to the swan tonight?” she asked, but his head was still spinning and he was having trouble processing the request.

“I think that maybe I should have a chat with Chloe and well you asked if we could go, so I’m saying yes.”

“Um yeah, right yeah of course we can.”

“Great” she planted a kiss right on his cheek and stood up, heading back towards his room.

He got up to follow her, pausing at the door as she sat on his bed and pulled out her notebook.


“Hey stalker boy are you going to stand there and stare, or are you going to come and tell me what Stacy had to say?” usually when people were watching her, her skin would crawl, but she just felt giddy knowing his eyes were on her.

She can’t believe she kissed him. Her lips were still tingling and she couldn’t help the smile that was on her face. It had been perfect, better than she ever could have imagined her first kiss to be.

“What can I do to convince you to never call me that again?” he asked which caused her to roar with laughter as he crossed the room and sat next to her on the bed.

“I think it’s gonna stick” she teased bopping him on the nose with the end of her pen. It was insane how easy it was to talk to him, to tease him.

“Finn, can I ask you something?”

“You just did.” he teased bumping her with his shoulder “Go ahead girl.”

“Do you think I’m a freak for, ya know, having hurt myself?”

“Of course not,” he grabbed the notebook out of her hand and placed it on the floor. “Look, I can’t say that I understand why you did, but I want to. I want to know everything about you Rae.”

“What if I can’t give you that?” because she knew she was ready to open up about her past. At least not until she knew he wouldn’t go running for the hills once he knew how fucked up she really was.

“I’m a pretty patient guy Rae if you can’t already tell.” he was tracing the circle on her palm again and something about the motion calmed her fears. She didn’t want to ask him about it, for fear that he would stop.

They were silent for a minute and she watched as the circle slowly turned into letters that she could just barely make out.

’T R U S T   M E?’

“Yes” she replied in answer to his question and he kissed her until the sun went down.


He’d be lying to himself if he said he wasn’t worried about what bringing Rae to the pub would mean. It would be an open invite for his friends to comment on what their relationship was when he really wasn’t sure himself. He had driven Rae to the Swan on his scooter and she had laughed the entire time. He had enjoyed the feeling of her arms around his waist and her laughter in his ear.

He would have just drove around all night if she would have let him.

They had spent the entire afternoon in each others arms, laughing, kissing and talking about his life and his friends.

She had been pretty quiet when it came to her life, but he had learned that she and Chloe had been best friends since they were five.

The pub was his idea, but now that they had arrived, he was more nervous than he could have imagined. What if Stacy was there? Was he supposed to hold her hand? He wanted to, but he just didn’t know how she would react. How would he explain to them how they met?

He was starting to think this was a horrible idea, but before he could suggest that they go back, she leaned forward and kissed him on the mouth. It was meant to be a peck, but he grabbed her around the waist and put all of his emotion into it. He needed her to understand that this was real for him.

“Finn,” she pushed him away from her lips, but not more than an inch from her body. “What’s wrong?”

Nothing. Everything.

“Are you sure you are ready for this?” he asked knowing full well he was avoiding her question.

“We don’t have to go in if you don’t want.” she sounded like he had punched her in the gut.

“No, no I want to go in, I just don’t know how to answer the questions I’m sure we are going to get.”

“Finn, relax. I know almost everyone there. We will just say that we bumped in to each other.”

“But, what if I wan…”

“Finn, chances are Stacy is in there and the last thing we both need is to have her breathing down our necks. Let’s just get through tonight and we can figure everything else out later, okay?”

“Yeah, I guess if that’s what you want.”

He didn’t know which was worse. Having to pretend like he hadn’t spent all afternoon kissing this girl, or having to tell his friends how they had met.

“Come on Stalker Boy let’s go” and releasing his hand she crossed the street and entered the pub, him trailing behind.


“What are you doing here Rae?” Chloe asked standing up from her table and giving Rae a hug.

“I thought maybe we could hang and maybe have a bit of a talk.” she replied when Chloe released her.

“Um.. yea sure I tried calling, but there was no answer.”

She looked around at the rest of the table and was relieved to see that there were only familiar faces and no Stacy.

“Hey guys” she heard Finn say from right behind her and there was a chorus of 'hello’s’ from the table. When he walked past her, she felt his hand graze her back. His touch was like nothing she had ever felt before and she would give anything to have it right now.

“So, you know Chop, Archie and Finn from college yeah Rae?” Chloe said and Rae took the only open seat that was thankfully right next to Finn.

“Yeah, hiya everyone.” she said with a wave.

“Haven’t seen you in here in a while, Rae how’s it been?” Chop asked and she was relieved when everyone chimed in asking her how things were. They had always been friendly to her, as she was Chloe’s mate, but they had never really been friends. It was nice to see they seemed to care.

“Yeah, I’ve just been a bit busy at home and stuff, but my Mum’s out of town so I thought, why not come out. How are you lot doing?”

And just like that she felt like she belonged. They discussed music, tv, movies and they even talked about how much they all hated Stacy after Finn mentioned her stopping by his house. They had been drinking for about an hour when Rae felt a familiar burning on her leg. She quickly looked down to see that Finn was tracing circles onto her thigh.

She looked up, trying to not draw attention to the fact that she was surely bright red.

Thankfully before he face gave her away, Chloe asked her to go with her to the toilet.

“yeah, lets go” she said and she saw the disappointment on Finn’s face as he withdrew his hand.  

The second the bathroom door closed Chloe said, “I’m so sorry for how I reacted Rae, I feel like such a shit friend. You were right in being angry with me, I sat by and let Stacy treat you so poorly instead of acting like a real friend.”

“No, Chloe I’m sorry for how I didn’t think I could talk to you, when I knew I could. I just felt like you didn’t want me around any more and I kind of just got lost in my head.”

“Please forgive me” they both said at the same time which caused them both to laugh.

“I might have something else I need to tell you,” Rae said, knowing that not being honest with Chloe could possibly ruin their friendship for good.

“You haven’t hurt yourself again have you?” Chloe looked worried and Rae felt so bad that she hadn’t trusted her enough to let her in. The past few months were hell without Chloe.

“No, I haven’t hurt myself and I really don’t think I will ever again. I just, well I met someone and well, I kind of really like him and I want to tell you, but you have to promise not to say anything to anyone.”

“Oh my god! You met a boy! Oh I knew it Rae, you looked so happy tonight that I knew something great had to have happened to get you to come in here. You haven’t been back to the pub since what Stacy did. Please tell me who, I need to know. Oh my god have you kissed him yet?”

Rae smiled at how excited Chloe was and she only hoped she would still be as excited when she found out it was Finn.

“Just promise me Chloe, promise me it will stay between us.”

“Of course Rae, now just tell me, did you kiss him?”

“Yes we kissed.” she smiled remembering his mouth on her lips, her neck.

“Who is it, do I know him?”

“It’s Finn Nelson” she said and the smile on Chloe’s face dropped.


What was taking them so long? Rae had left for the toilets with Chloe almost ten minutes ago and they had not come back.

He was starting to worry that their talk hadn’t gone very well when he saw the bathroom door open and the girls came out. They were both smiling and Finn was happy to see that they had worked everything out.

Both Chloe and Rae came back to sit down as Chop continued to go on and on about his latest conquest. He tried his best not to draw attention to the fact that he had been waiting for her to come back, but the second she sat down he felt her hand on his leg.

She was tracing something and he tuned Chop out trying to pay attention to what she was saying.

'I told Chloe’

Holy shit, so she really did like him. She must if she told her best friend about them. He wished he knew what she had said, because he was still so unsure about what exactly they were.

'About us?’

He just needed to be sure that is what she was talking about. He was having trouble keeping track of her words and before he could stop himself he leaned towards her ear and whispered

“What did you tell her?”

He didn’t give a damn what anyone thought. He needed to know what she had said. He couldn’t go another minute without knowing how she felt.

He scooted himself a little bit closer so that she could easily whisper to him the answer, but when she didn’t he looked around and saw Chloe watching them. Rae’s eyes were on Chloe and the two friends were having a silent dialog.

He placed his hand on her leg and squeezed her thigh which caused her to look into his eyes. Her eyes widened and she finally leaned over and answered him “I told her that we kissed. I had to, she knew something was up.”

“And what did she say?” they were full blown having a secret conversation with each other and he didn’t even give a damn about whether or not the rest of the table noticed.

“She didn’t believe me.” Rae chuckled, but Finn could tell that it bothered her.

“I’m going to kiss you now” he whispered in her ear and before she could respond he grabbed her face and placed his lips on hers, deepening the kiss when she didn’t protest.

He vaguely heard Chop say “oh damn, look at those two lovebirds” but he kept kissing her, lost in the same spell they had been in all afternoon. When he was kissing her, the whole world disappeared.

They would have stayed there all night had it not been for a single voice that broke the spell.

“What the Fuck” Stacy said and Finn knew that tonight was not going to end well.

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Finn hears it from Chloe which sort of surprises him. Being Rae’s best friend, he thought those things were sacred. Like a, “secrets shared between friends should stay between friends” sort of thing. He understands, though. Chloe cares about both of them and doesn’t want to see either of them hurting like this; doesn’t want to see the gang split up because if that happens then who know’s what will take place in the future. Finn gets it.

So when she shows up at his house and tells him over a steaming cup of tea the reason Rae broke up with him, he stands up and hugs her. It’s a friendly embrace and Chloe buries her face into his neck, says, “Please just-” she takes a shaky breath and pulls away. “Do something? I can’t stand to see you guys like this. None of us can.”

Finn doesn’t know what to say so he nods, looking down at his hands. He knows where she’s coming from and he gets that too. These past few weeks have been bearing down on him, sitting on his chest until he couldn’t take it anymore. He hated not kissing Rae, not being able to wrap his arms around her when she got cold. But, above all else, he hated not being her friend and he knows that’s on him because it was his decision but at the time, he felt it was what he needed to do. There was no way he’d be able to sit there and talk to her without breaking down and turning into a mess. Whenever he doubted himself, he would back to a saying his dad always used to tell him. The one about nipping and something about buds. 

(He knows that phrase is utter shit and he only blames himself for it.)

Finn gives Chloe a little sigh. “Yeah, I know.”


He writes something. 

It’s two pages long, just him going on about Rae and how amazing she is, talking about her hair and the way the sun changes the color of her eyes or the way she’ll look at him when she thinks he’s not paying attention. Two pages of, almost two-hundred reasons to love Rae and there’s ink smudged at the top corner but when he’s finally finished, his heart feels clear and nice and mending. 

When the courtyard is full the next day, he takes the opportunity to make things right. It’s noisy at first, when he gets up on one of the tables but he clears his throat as if about to make this grand announcement and that’s pretty much what it is, he thinks. 

The crowd has gathered without him having to say anything, the looks of curiosity washing over him, causing his hands to shake and he’s gone a month without smoking a fag but as the crowd grows, so does his yearning for tobacco. 

“Alright, Finn?” a girl, first year maybe, says with a flirty smile playing on her lips. Finn swallows and closes his eyes. 

“There’s erm,” he clears his throat again and speaks louder. “I have to say something.”

Taking a deep breath, he pulls out the letter from his back pocket and starts reading. 

“There’s something to be said about a person who makes fun of other people. Maybe they’re insecure about something. Maybe they think that putting other people down will make everyone like them better and I know that’s true for most of you.

"But the real truth is, all it does is make you look like wankers and I’ve had it up to here with everyone’s bullshit.” he pauses, looks down at the paper and sighs, stuffing it back into his pocket. “Look, I don’t want to lecture anyone. I just wanted to say that-”

He holds his arms out and takes a big breath, filling his lungs until they almost burst. 

“I fucking love Rae Earl!” there’s an eruption of gasps echoing through the crowd and Finn feels his chest lighten because it’s out there now and everyone knows, just like how he wanted it to be. “She’s beautiful, wicked smart, funny as hell, and knows more about music than anyone I’ve ever known. She’s amazing and anyone who thinks she isn’t can either piss off or suck a thousand dicks because I love her and that’s all there is to it.”

Finn breathes out a sigh and smiles, relishing in the joy of having everyone know about his love for this girl. He doesn’t mind that she’s not there because either way, word will spread and eventually it’ll get to her. And even if she doesn’t want to get back together, at least she’ll know what she means to him.

A throat is being cleared behind him and he spins on his heel, his face going blank when he sees that it’s Rae.

She’s got a smile on her face and everything Finn has ever said about her is so absolutely true that it makes him proud to have ever gotten the pleasure of saying he knows her, let alone loves her. 

Finn hops down from the table, eyes up a few people passing by, and then finally looks at her straight on.

“Hiya,” he says, wringing his hands together. “I- I’m guessing you heard that, then?”

Rae nods, avoiding his eyes. 

“You didn’t have to say all that, you know. They’re still going to talk.”

Finn shakes his head, a laugh bubbling up to his lips. 

“Rae, how many times do I have to say it?”

“Say what?”

“I don’t care about them,” he grins at her. “I care about you.”

Rae looks at him then, her eyes soft. There’s a feeling in his chest and it’s swelling and causing him to step closer to her and he knows this is a shot in the dark but he risks it anyway because she’s standing right there, barely two feet away from him and he feels like he could do anything when she’s around.

“I know we’ve got to talk about things, yeah? Because I know the reason why you did it and I will do anything to stop it from happening again. I love you, Rae.” he holds out his pinky and breathes deeply when she links hers with his. “And I’m not saying it because I feel sorry for you, and I’m not saying just to say it.”

“Then why are you saying it?”

Finn smiles, broad and goofy. 

“Because I want you to know.”