when chloe's not being a shit friend

Miraculous Holders Described With Onion Headlines

Marinette: Beautiful Cinnamon Roll Too Good For This World, Too Pure.
Ladybug: Work Friend Accidentally Becomes Real Friend

Adrien: Conversations Pretty Limited When Friend Not In Midst Of Crisis
Chat Noir: Area Teen Has Better Things To Do Than Kick Your Ass

Alya: Area Woman Always Has Something Quirky To Do
Volpina(Alya): Kids Grow The Fuck Up So Fast These Days

Chloe: Come On, Lighten Up, I’m Just Being An Asshole
Queen Bee: This Shit Again

Gabriel: Cool Dad A Terrible Father
Hawkmoth: All Kidding Aside, Area Man Really Needs Counselling

Master Fu: Area Man A Walking Encyclopedia Of Everything Except Leading A Normal Life