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Dating Seulgi would include...

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  • Smiling all the time because she’s literally an angel
  • so you guys totally met while you were dancing
  • seulgi went with some friends to see a dance competition and you were there performing with your crew
  • she was blown away by how great you were
  • sure you had a few errors here and there and needed to work on your form but you had so much charisma no one cared
  • she wanted to go up and talk to you then but she was too nervous
  • her friends egged her on to go talk to you but she couldn’t
  • so she left that day thinking about you 
  • to her surprise she saw you again the next day at a cafe
  • seulgi had gone with irene and yeri
  • you were working there as a barista
  • seulgi almost wanted to leave and go somewhere else
  • irene asked why and seulgi told her you were the cutie from the dance competition
  • yeri was now determined to get a coffee and she dragged seulgi inside
  • yeri made seulgi order when it was their turn
  • seulgi blushed and tried not to look you in the eye
  • but then you recognized her
  • (y/n): “Hey weren’t you at the dance competition yesterday?”
  • seulgi was shocked you remembered her there were tons of people there
  • you winked at her, “I always remember a face as pretty as yours.”
  • Yeri and Irene were dying from how cute you two were
  • Yeri was totally shipping it 
  • Seulgi blushed even harder and barely could order the coffees
  • Once they paid Seulgi immediately walked away from you
  • Yeri and Irene went after her.
  • Y: “You have to ask them out they were totally flirting!”
  • S: “I can’t, I don’t even know them.”
  • I: “Well that’s how you get to know someone, on a date.”
  • They managed to convince Seulgi into asking you out, and they weren’t going to let her chicken out
  • So when you called out their order number and handed her the coffees they waited for her to ask you out
  • but she couldn’t
  • she wanted to
  • and almost did but then she just kinda froze when you handed her her coffee with your name and number on the side
  • (y/n): “Call me.”
  • Seulgi smiled and gave you a little nod
  • When they got back to the dorms everyone was freaking out. 
  • Seulgi was nervous about texting you 
  • She started and deleted about a hundred different messages before saying fuck it and settling for a simple, “Hey”
  • You guys ended up texting the whole night, talking about dancing but also about movies and music
  • Your first date was super chill and this time Seulgi was less nervous
  • So you got to see a little more of her charms
  • and this time the one blushing was you
  • Seulgi couldn’t stop smiling seeing you blush like that
  • she thought it was the cutest
  • you guys definitely hung out at the dance studio together
  • when she got a little more comfortable seulgi would gently correct your form and point out mistakes 
  • you appreciated it because she only made you a better dancer
  • you loved seeing her dance
  • and then when you heard her sing…….you couldn’t believe how lucky you were to be with her
  • not a ton of skinship in public, she was shy about that
  • just hand holding and the occasional nuzzling against your neck
  • in private she was a lot more affectionate but only when her groupmates weren’t around
  • she was still shy with you around them
  • they loved to tease her about how cute you guys looked
  • the first time you and seulgi got intimate she was a little nervous at first but…..boy when she got into it she took you to a whole new world
  • you were so tired when you finished and you just stared at her in awe
  • she blushed, “why are you staring at me like that?”
  • (y/n): “I didn’t think you could get any more amazing but boy was I wrong. I love you so much.” 

Imsosrry but when I watch the PS4 Trailer, the first thing pop out into my head is that Trizania is talking about Vasco.

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Who do you think is THE main character of Baccano?

Ooh, I love this question! And I love thinking about it.

The thing about main characters is that they depend on the central issue of the story. In a story with multiple plot threads, which one ties it all together? And which character is central to that? Which character most contributes to the expression of the central theme? And sometimes the answer to those questions is not always clear. Sometimes there is no answer at all.

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fight me the only character development that chicken shit has had is wOW I SHOULDNT DO SHIT THAT FUCKS UP WITH TIME


Okay but in all seriousness, get ready for me to explain why Marty IS in fact a flawed and developed character, because I will defend his character to the grave son.

Marty has a very complex sense of pride. He lets people provoke him into fighting easily, but has little confidence to go through with it when it comes time to actually fight. Most people just shrug this off seeing that’s played for laughs because of how short mjf is, but it could be that he’s actually a pretty insecure person. He even talks in the beginning of the first film about how afraid he is of being rejected. This fear of rejection or appearing weak controls many parts of his life (obviously) when he’s called “chicken”, or when people make a statement about him being afraid of things, etc. it is shown to affect his future very negatively. He gets into the car crash, gets fired, and ends up in an unhappy marriage because of this fear. We see this in Part II as Jennifer doesn’t come home for “hours” (possibly implying that she’s having an affair??) and when Lorraine claims “I think the only reason your mother married Marty was because she felt sorry for him.” when talking to Marlene (assuming she’s referring to the accident).  

Another interesting thing about this is that Marty was actually bullied when he was younger (as is stated in the official comics), so this actually adds more to why Marty would feel the need to fight everyone to “prove he isn’t chicken”. I know a lot of people are very annoyed by the whole “chicken” thing, and like to ignore it for the most part, but honestly it says a lot about Marty. 

BONUS POINT: When Marty’s great-great (?) grandfather is talking about who Marty was named after (the original Martin Mcfly) he states that the original Martin McFly met a deadly fate for the same fear. There’s also a LOT of other factors (the blank tombstone, the coffin-fitting, etc) in Part III which implies that Marty could have met a similar fate had he not been careful or taken Doc’s advice into consideration. Hell, it even did end up with him getting into a car accident, he just got lucky and suffered minor injuries.

Another notable flaw is his uh..greediness (??) okay, I admit that’s not the best word for it, but he is a bit obsessed with money. Some prime examples include him wanting to use the sports almanac to make money placing bets for personal gain, and him saying to Doc in Part II, “I know I make it big, but what do I become like a rich rock star?” (that’s not to say he’s not still passionate about his music, but yes the whole ‘rich rock star’ thing implies he’s pretty concerned with being wealthy as well). This included with well..the entire ENDING of Part I contribute to how highly he places money and material possessions. He even thinks higher of his parents/family members for being more rich and successful then their original 1985 timeline counterparts. A part of the happy ending in Part I even consists of him getting the expensive truck he wanted at the beginning of the film. There are other little things in the trilogy that contribute to this (finding out he lives in Hilldale, all the fancy shit in his future house, etc.) He clearly does not take it as far as Biff does in the 1985A timeline, and he’s definitely not going to let anyone else suffer for his own desire to be rich (hence him burning the sports almanac at the end of Part II, which could also be considered part of his character development).

And as for your point about his character development only consisting of understanding the consequences of time travel, I think this general “don’t mess with the space time continuum” moral has less to do with Marty and more to do with an overall theme of the movie. If anything, Doc is much more concerned about the consequences of time travel. BUT WE’RE HERE TO TALK ABOUT MARTY. 

Marty, by the end of the third movie, actually refuses to fight Biff’s great great grandfather (??) and claims “I don’t care what Tannen thinks, and I don’t care what anybody else thinks either!”, maybe you didn’t see this as that big of a statement, but this was probably a big breakthrough for him, as he has not said no to a fight any other time in the entire trilogy (and possibly not for years before the events of the trilogy). 

I see all of this as GREAT, but still subtle character development. Maybe it isn’t as huge as some other larger character-developments, but I do think Marty’s character is really-well written. Just because his flaws aren’t huge and dramatic, and don’t take up a huge portion of the story, doesn’t mean they’re not there. 

Anyways sorry for rambling, I do see your point and I get why at first glance it seems like Marty doesn’t learn anything, but he in fact DOES, it’s just pushed to the side in order to compensate for the story.  I also tend to relate to his character flaws so maybe it’s just easier for me to see them personally, whereas many people probably don’t see it because they think he has unrealistic tendencies, and don’t personally relate to him. But I rest my case, Marty is a developed character who learns lessons, and has flaws. You just need to look a little closer.

Bellarke AU: Climbing Mount Everest

Bellamy and Clarke fall through a sheet of ice into a cave, where they have to find a way out since where they were drowned out their distress signals for help. Without the right equipment,  little food, and temperatures below freezing it was inevitable they would die fairly quick. They need to work together to survive before the mountain takes them like it has the others before them.

@feyniteshate-crush had to be drawn :>

So maybe Uthvir gets a real kick out of baiting Thenuvin? It’s like the UST version of chicken, especially when Thenuvin calls them out on it, and Uthvir would be all, hunters never back down COME AT ME BRO. And then disappointing sex would be had. 

I guess they’re just not that compatible? XD

Inspiration thanks also go to @fadedforfailure for their cat-eyed Uthvir!