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It's like Jimin knows exactly what his hand on Kook's neck does to him, because Kookie just goes pliant. I'm still..? I don't even know, I'm speechless. This moment says so many things, oh God.

《● I am not saying this is becoming my favourite Jikook moment , but this is becoming my favourite Jikook moment (Before it was properly the one where Jungkook closed his eyes when he back hugged Jimin). Did you see how Jimin slowly rub his hand across his neck forward then back Jimin’s fingers applying pressure on Jungkook’s neck ?! It was near his vein I think. I lost it at that point ! And then he ajdbdhbfjg , I can’t get enough of Jikook!

● Im so.. the way jimin slides his hand slowly across jk’s neck and kinda digs his fingers in is just wow.. i can’t blame jk when he reacted instantly like that and closed his eyes… and it looked so natural for them and jin kinda freaked out omg.. makes me wonder what are the actual boundaries those two have crossed.. they always have some sort of vibe between them that makes me feel some type of way. there’s definitely something going on between them whether they told one another or not. Shit 》
Is his reaction due to the fact that it was Jimin touching him or is his neck one of his sensitive points or both.. the way Jimin lightly slided his hand and then the pressure he put, i guess he would know about it. Gonna stop talking about that hand on neck thing cause it was…yeah.
The whole thing seemed natural though and its not the first time jimin leans on him like that faces really close (he actually did it in the middle of a concert) so I guess it’s normal for them whatever it means (it’s probably how he greets him in the morning go figure). Jimin kinda wandered to the side a bit like “did i just do that in public” when the fans screamed but Jungkook definitely doesn’t have any boundaries when he is the one initiating skinship with Jimin.
Jungkook’s face though…. I could talk about it for hours. As soon as he felt jimin’s hand on his ear the boy was gone. Did he have to close his eyes and smile like that, that utter enjoyment on his face sends me.

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Can you please explain wtf happened in the last episode after Mike's mom hugged him when he was in an ambulance. Because everything after that didn't get into my mind

Oh wow okay so I haven’t rewatched in a while so this might not all be exactly in order.

So it zooms in on them in the hospital right because that’s where Will is and obviously everyone’s like shit gotta go see my homie will cause we didn’t spend countless hours to not go fckin see him yknow. So at first it’s just Joyce and Jonathan in the hospital room and will wakes up and their like, wow he woke up!!!! N they cry and stuff and Jonathan is like yo u were almost dead forever but here’s a bomb ass mixtape I made and will is like wow thanks. Then all the other kids rush into the room and they’re hugging will and shit and Joyce is like pls be careful when u hug him Bc he was like dead three hours ago and u could cause him injury n stuff but they don’t listen they just keep hugging him n crap. Then they explain what happened and they’re like yeah lmao we found a girl with supernatural powers to replace u while u were missing and she saved our asses by flipping a van with her mind and will is like wow and then he coughs which is like a foretelling of those nasty ass slugs at are gonna come out of his mouth but we’ll get into that later. So then it flashes to one month forward and the boys are playing that dungeons N dragons game. Will wins and everyone’s yelling and then Jonathan comes down stairs and he’s like Will let’s go and will is like okay lol and then Lucas sings a song about Dustin farting (a truly amazing song) and they go upstairs and Mrs wheelers kitchen looks like one of those fucking cooking magazines Shes got so much food out and she’s like Boys tell ur mom I say hi and Jonathan is like okay (but he doesn’t actually end up saying hi for her smh) and then Nancy runs downstairs and she’s like yo wait up I got u a present WAIT up and Jonathan is like okay lol this is really awkward cause i didn’t get u anything and I really wanna leave now but I’m gonna awkwardly stand here and then Nancy kisses his cheek. Then she goes back upstairs and Steve is there and he’s like did u give him my present (which he got him anyways steves character development is amazing) and she’s like yeha and then they cuddle and ted is snoring on the couch. Will and Jonathan get in the car and will is like I know this is UR present but Ima open it and Jonathan says sure whatevs so he opens it and it’s a camera to replace the one that Steve broke when he called Jonathan a perv. Will is like wow what a cool present!! Then it cuts to the Byers home and Joyce has made some gross mashed potatoes and will is jiggling presents and Jonathan is using his new camera n stuff and they’re all happy. Then they all sit at the table and will is like wait gotta go wash my hands n stuff but really he goes to the bathroom and pukes up some gross ass slugs but doesn’t actually wash his hands afterward which is gross he’s probably gonna get slug stuff on his food smh. Then it cuts to hopper with some creepy ass version of carol of the bells playing in the background and he’s fucking around with the government and he gives this food he got from his work to some weird box in the middle of the woods (it’s eggos) which is probably for eleven but SORRY hop homegirl isn’t going to forgive you for selling her out just because you gave her some eggos. Then it cuts back to the Byers and closes out on them smiling and eating while that creepy carol of the bells version plays

And that is everything that happens after mike hugs his mom after the ambulance scene unless you’re talking about the other ambulance scene after they find wills body but I hope this is what you were talking about Bc I just wrote a flipping essay

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Can I have a hug from someone? I'm not doing very well right now and this blog always makes me smile :>

I had also gotten a similar message from @vanillabite13 but I accidentally deleted it…

The point here is: Things will get better. You might not believe it, but it’s true. You’re gonna have “no good” days and that’s normal. Everyone goes through it. But the way you look through those hardships is how things get better. 

The saying “at the end of every storm is a rainbow” is true. Good things will happen when you work through all the tough times. Just keep working through it and stay positive!

Speaking of, I’m glad this blog makes you happy. It warms my heart to know someone like you is enjoying this little section of Tumblr I’ve created!

Keep being awesome! 

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Can you write a headcanon about boys being jealous?

Yep! Here they are! I hope you enjoy them!


  • Valkyon doesn’t really get jealous.
  • He’s quite confident in his relationship and trusts you explicitly.

  • When he does get jealous, it’s usually about something petty, like you cuddling with your familiar.

  • He doesn’t like these bouts of jealousy and tries to brush it offbut ends up being a bit clingy.

  •  He’s not dramatically so though, and will just hug and cuddle you a little more than usual.


  • Nevra gets jealous easily.
  • Like, really easily.
  • He knows you’re a great catch and doesn’t want someone trying to steal you from him.
  • When he’s jealous, he pouts a lot and sulks quietly beside you.
  • He recognises you have the right to do what you want and won’t act on his jealousy.
  • Unless he’s seriously pissed off, then he won’t hesitate to drag you away.
  • He always apologises afterwards though, and tries to make it up to you with kisses and cuddles.


  • Ezarel doesn’t like feeling jealous at all.
  • Regardless of how often or not it happens, Ez despises the feeling of insecurity it brings and always leaves the room whenever he feels it.
  •  He’s always bad-tempered and sulky when he’s jealous and can remain that way hours after the initial jealousy has faded.
  • Because he doesn’t want to subject to his mood, he’ll avoid you for a while until he’s cheered up a bit.
  • Then he’ll hunt you down and drag you somewhere quiet so he can spend some much-needed time alone with you.

i don’t really like being casually touched. my brain processes touching as like. really loud sensory input. and sometimes i like that, but i gotta get ready for it. ANYWAY what i really love is when someone wants to be physically affectionate with me, but they’re really careful to be considerate of the fact that it’s a lot for me. like rebs asking if xe could put xer arm around me. that was lovely. i did fancy a cuddle at the moment, and rebs asking first was like. enthusiastic consent icing on the friendly physical intimacy cake. 

also sometimes i’ll ask a friend if i can hug or kiss them, and they show outwardly that they understand that’s a big deal for me. like. i love that. i love hugging and kissing, but the context has to be right, and i have to like prepare myself for it mentally. i love it when the people i already love and want to be close to show me that they understand that these moments are significant to me. it just makes me feel that much closer to them. 


She knows I know she’s playing, talking on the phone.
There’s a chest cut open getting sewn shut, but there’s not a heart beating without feeding it some drugs, give her a hug.
Tug on the thug’s balaclava, love like lava, sorry I had to be a bother.
Pretty glimmering shivers with shimmering eyes, there’s a brain that’s behind all those lies.
Try to put it on me, but you can see I won’t fall for it so easily.

A black soul, skin getting cold, holding a lighter to the pipe he sold.
Try to stay bold, but you know your color fades when you’re getting old.
Mold on the sole of your boots, words coming to put you in a bad mood.
Just relax because that’s no reason to be rude.

Sitting alone with your thoughts to moan, mourn the thought of the one that got lost.
Toss your dress onto the floor, go out continue to be a whore.
Buy cheap liquor from the store, try to forget that you’re such a bore.
Sure, being nice is a chore but you could drink your mind away and lose your soul.

A black soul, skin getting cold, holding a lighter to the pipe they sold.
Try to stay bold, but you know your color fades when you’re getting old.
Mold on the sole of your boots, words coming to put you in a bad mood.
Just relax because that’s no reason to be rude.

Could drown yourself going downtown where you lost your crown they found you washed up with no makeup sitting up sipping on a teacup.
But there are no clues to be seen, you’re the crime scene

A black soul, skin getting cold, holding a lighter to the pipe they sold.
Try to stay bold, but you know your color fades when you’re getting old.
Mold on the sole of your boots, words coming to put you in a bad mood.
Just relax because that’s no reason to be rude.



It’s so hard to get used to different culture and make friends 😪 I can’t help but ask myself: “What is wrong with me?”, “Why am I like this?”, “Am I that weird?”

We always say “Be different” and “Stay weird” but in reality it sucks to be different from others and not fitting in. I really hope things will get better because I’m tired of feeling weird and left out ;_; Can we all just be a little nicer to each other? 

I’m writing this at 4am as I’m listening to my spotify playlist for when I feel hopeless and planning instead of writing essay on how I am different :’(

I really didn’t want to have negativity in my feed but this is how I really feel. Pleeaase send me your warm words and virtual hugs because I really need them right now

  • Akutagawa: How does one turn off their emotions?
  • Atsushi: Okay, first go to settings.
  • Atsushi: Wait! I’m an idiot! I thought you said emojis..
  • Akutagawa: No, I’m still willing to try this, go ahead, I’m at settings what do I do next?

can we talk about this moment for a minute?

i almost teared up when i saw it. you can hear how wrecked yuuri’s voice is when he called victor’s name. he was worried that his coach was disappointed in his routine, but seeing victor’s arms open for him at the end must’ve been the most fulfilling feeling in the world. he noticeably gets watery-eyed and scrambles to start skating to him. just look at how fast he’s going, sprinting with all he has just for a hug from his coach. he did his best, and victor rewards him for it.

i am so happy to see such a healthy relationship full of admiration, encouragement, support, and mutual reliance.

okay but for real sebastian stan though
when someone asked him if he could hug them really tight he said “of course, that’s what i’m made for!”, he gets bashful and hides his face when he gets complimented and can’t stop the grin that ends up on his face, he made a life long friend on a plane by talking about existentialism to distract from his fear of flying, he calls his mama every single week at least once to check in and see how she is, he tells his friends he loves them publicly which like, might not seem like a big deal but i know men with masculinity so fragile they won’t even use emoji’s bc they think it’s “gay”, let alone tell their other male friends they love them, he calls his fans his friends on the regular like…
he’s just such a good guy??? like genuinely so good and kind hearted and soft??? and the world is so much better with him in it????

Dialogue Prompts

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Dialogue Prompts

1.   “I’m sorry. It’s just everytime you open your mouth, you seem to get even more annoying. Does it take effort to do that?”

2.   “Where did you learn to fight like that?” “Have you ever been to a concert before?”

3.   “Remember that time when I asked for your option?” “No” “ Yeah neither do I”

4.   “Wereyou born this stupid, or were you just dropped on your head one to many times as a child?”

5.   “Please tell me he isn’t doing his victory dance behind me”

6.   “We’re Americans, we have a tendency of going overboard and starting a revolution”

7.   “Can’t we just hug this out?”

8.   “Do you love me?” “Depends on how much food you brought me”

9.   “If your laptop and I were trapped in a housefire and you only had enough time to save one, who would you save?……..Are you seriously having to think about this!?”

10.   “No one likes your jokes” “What are you talking about, the old lady at the store said I was funny!”

11.   “It’s a good plan!…..Okay it’s half of an okay plan…..So it’s actually like a hopeful idea”

12.   “Shouldn’t you be at work?” “Shouldn’t you be out telling little kids that Santa Clause isn’t real”

13.   “Why can’t the world just chill for one second”

14.   “Let’s say, hypthetically of course, that I needed help hiding a body-” “Hold up let me get a shovel”

15.   “Is he always this rude?” “Only when he watches Gossip Girls”

16.   “How can you look so attrative while crying?”

17.   “Wow we are screwed” “Really, what could possibly make you say that?”

18.   “Please don’t leave me. I love you”

19.   “I trusted you”

20.   “You’re just going to turn your back on everyone, again” “It was a defensive habit, I didn’t mean to.”

21.   “I almost died!” “Death by a hamster, I would pay to see that”

22.   “Newt Scamander, wouldn’t treat me like this!” “Well Newt is a fictional character” “How dare you!”

23.   “Did you even sleep last night?” “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”

24.   “Pretty sure none of this was suppose to happen”

25.   “Don’t you dare die on me….We’re suppose to grow old together”

26.   “You are my sunshine….my only sunshine…I never told you….How much I love you.”

27.   “I’m not strong or brave, but I will fight for you”

28.   “This can’t be real”

29.   “How did you two become friends?” “I punched him in the face and he gave me a highfive” 

30.   “This is not what I envisioned when you said: wanna play a game.”

                   I’ll be here waiting for requests

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(please send your requests through the inbox)

My dear asexual children, 

Here’s a big hug for all of you who fulfil any of the stereotypes. 

Here’s a hug for those of you who hate sex, are afraid of sex or grossed out by sex.

Here’s a hug for those of you who don’t understand sex, who don’t get sexual humor or never notice when people flirt with them. 

Here’s a hug for those of you who “can’t get laid”, who “didn’t get enough physical affection as a child”, who are “innocent and childish”, who are “like a robot” or whatever else people deemed a “typical virgin”. 

It feels weird to find a description of (parts of) yourself in the “What asexuality not means” or “How not to write asexual characters” posts. You may feel like your whole existence perpetuates harmful stereotypes, almost as if your whole existence is offensive and problematic for the ace community as a whole. 

I assure you, you are not. You are wonderful just the way you are and your asexuality are as natural and normal as that of a person who is the opposite of the stereotype. 

You don’t need to change anything about yourself. You deserve to express how you feel without getting silenced by “That’s not what asexuality is!” 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

Take a minute

Dear everyone who’s extremely stressed with whatever work you may have right now,
I love you and I feel you. You are strong and you can do this and when you do it will feel so amazing. You have a beautiful brain and the things you can do are absolutely astonishing. I know you can do this, keep going and you’ll get there. I love you so much

Someone like you

My fave crewt isnt just them being cute and holding hands and sharing scarves while giggling but also these two antisocial dingus’ being seen as Those Weirdos Over There wherever they go because it’s the noodly ginger who keeps staring at the ground and mumbling what you highly suspect are insults while his suitcase growls ominously and his boyfriend/bodyguard, Credence “Resting Murderface” Barebones, isn’t saying shit but is staring at people in a way to make everyone highly suspect he may in fact, be a serial killer

Of the two, the one with the serial-killer stare is the more socially adept. Because at least he isn’t prone to suddenly climbing over people/buildings because a neat looking bird went by

“autistic people have a hard time communicating”
i can communicate to you just fine, but not the way you want me to

I squeak and make soft high pitched noises when i find something cute

i flap my hands when im excited

i shake my legs and bite at my fingers when im anxious

i will rock back and forth and hug myself if im getting overwhelmed

i will talk in a soft baby voice when im tired

i know exactly how to communicate how im feeling, you just refuse to understand

Chubby body appreciation post tho???

Soft bodies are so?? GOOD??
Big tummies are good pillows and good kissing surfaces.
Tummies with stretch marks?? GOSH, YES??? It’s like nature itself is putting down a trail of lightning that says “KISS HERE PLEASE”

And chubby/fat arms though? Can we JUST? Thighs and stomachs get a lot of love (and rightfully deserved) but can we talk about ARMS??
That cute arm chub that I just want to be wrapped up in a hug and a snuggle in? SO PRECIOUS?? 
People with such soft, cuddly arms that there’s lil bumps and stretches from cellulite?? CUTE??

And soft necks? Necks with some squish on them? Very extra kissable?? And squishy cheeks GODDD I WANNA SMOOSH YOUR CUTE CHEEKS KISS ALL OVER YOUR FACE!!! And when people have chubby cheeks and lil dimples?? Or when they have high cheekbones so when their cheeks are chubby they’re VERY prominently chubby?? THIS IS GOOD AND FANTASTIC??

And THIGHS. My god. Thick thighs are never praised enough no matter how hard one tries. Big, soft laps are so perfect for laying your head on! And stretch marks on big thighs? Cute lightning patterns to trail your fingers over or gently kiss when you’re already laying in their lap?? YES!!
Cellulite on thighs is also so so good and cute!! Dimples in cheeks are wonderful and so are dimples in thighs and butts?? CUTE!!!

Hips with squish over them?? GAH!! I CANNOT HANDLE!!! Please be more confident with your hips (if you feel comfortable) because when you are you give me LIFE!!!

Back rolls?? CUTE and very fun to trace hands over and hold onto during snuggles!! Looks very cute all the time! 

Chubby/fat bodies in crop tops and short shorts?? YES!!! CUTE!!!

Chubby/fat bodies in sweat pants and a tshirt? EXTRA SOFTNESS TO THE SOFT CUTIE!!!

Chubby/fat bodies in swimsuits?? VERY CUTE?? Swim trunks and soft belly is very very good!!
One pieces that cling tight to your stomach or ride up your thighs are still cute no matter what anyone says!!
Two pieces? GOOD!!! You look so cute! Don’t feel obligated to cover that adorableness if you don’t wanna!! 

Chubby/fat bodies in lingerie?? SO IMPORTANT TO ME!!! When stomach is tucked into cute underwear it is very very adorable and when there’s chub over low rise underwear it’s also very very cute and endearing!! THIGH HIGHS?? UGH, MY HEART. I KNOW THAT THEY PROBABLY ARE FALLING DOWN CONSTANTLY BUT THANK YOU FOR WEARING THEM YOU’RE DOING US ALL AN AMAZING SERVICE.

In conclusion:
Softness is good
I will kiss you all over
Holding you and feeling handfuls of squish is amazing
I love you

tfc characters as things my roommate has done/said
  • dan: listen - i'm trying to be encouraging and kick ass here but halfway through my speech i realized that i also have important and kick ass things to do so i have to leave but i love you and support you
  • matt: -comes into my room with four things of doughnuts and places them on the desk and kisses me on the top of my head- when you want to cry just eat a doughnut and come get a hug from me
  • allison: i bought four loofahs so i can use four different types of body wash with them
  • renee: sometimes i lay in my bed and think 'i'm soft but deadly' y'know?
  • kevin: no YOU LISTEN - stop it LISTEN - cmon i'm trying to talk. i can talk? ok what i was trying to say is you annoy me
  • nicky: -literally comes busting through the door unannounced- I JUST ATE THREE HOT POCKETS IN A ROW AND I'M FAILING TWO CLASSES BUT GUESS WHO'S SMASHING TONIGHT??
  • aaron: by the way i'm putting an alarm system on my door so when you try to come in without knocking you get kicked in the nuts -says this right after coming into my room... without knocking-
  • andrew: -purposefully leaves the shower curtain open even after being reminded several times to keep it closed and also uses up all of the body wash in spite-
  • neil: honestly, i'm kinda hurting really bad. where? oh, everywhere but i'm ok i think, i just can't really move that much so do you think you can drag me to my bed

-always being his partner in class.

-“go away stiles” replied with “you love me Y/N.

-matching his sarcastic comments with equally sarcastic comments.

-"have you eaten today Y/N?”.

-stealing his flannels and him secretly loving it.

-“I just wanna hug stiles…please?”.

-him sending you mugshots of himself.

-“kiss me…*you kiss*… Again”.

-him leaving you funny voice messages when your ignoring him.

-“Loooooooove youuuuuu Y/N”.

-lots of PDA and everyone finding it cute.

-“Zip it stiles”.

-him treating you like his queen.

-“stop playing tricks on meeeeeeee”.

-him winking at you when he knows your secretly looking at him.

-“can you get me some ….uh…. Lady stuff” replied with “ohhhhhhh that’s why your cranky *laughing* of course princess”.

-always going on exciting trips to places where he thinks you’ll like.

-“stop videoing me!!!!” Replied with “but your too cute Y/N”.

-reading his favourite books and having inside jokes about them.

-“bring some spare clothes to school with you…your sleeping over”.

-treating each other to random things that each other talked about ages ago and forgot.

-“no Y/N you can’t just steal all my clothes like that”.

-him yelling your name across the hall and waving when he sees you.

-“Mmmmm you look hot today Y/N”.

-he always tucks you under the covers and pinning you down when your grumpy.

-“marry me?” Replied with “no stiles were too young….wait a few years”.

-doing impressions of each other to make the pack laugh.

-“you make me so happy”.

-him opening up to you and only you.

-“I can’t sleep” replied with “it’s okay I’m coming over right now”.

-he’ll print if any photos that you take together because you make each other so happy.

-“stop making me laugh!!!”.

-constantly being asked to go over his house.

-“thank you mr.stillinski,see you tomorrow”.

-sleeping over each others house because your parents love him and mr.stillinski loves you .

-“does this look okay?” Replied with"I think you’d look better with no clothes on at all" replied with “shut up stiles!”.

-doing movie marathons and him making you watch Star Wars even though you secretly hate it.

-“1…2…3… I swear to god if you don’t come give me a kiss by 5 your gonna get it”.

-fighting over stupid little things but then ending up with stiles fussing over you making sure your okay.