when bracelets sit on wrists like that

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THE RED STRING (Bellamy Blake x Reader) 


Summary: According to the myth of the Red String, the gods tie an invisible red cord around the ankles of those that are destined to meet one another. 
On the ground, everything is different and the rules are non existent. In the midst of a war, this is how Bellamy Blake discovered that red string.

Song: Blame - Bastille

“So, smart mouth,” Murphy announces, grabbing your attention as his lips turn up in a smirk, “you never told us why you were locked up.” He turns to you in his seat. You don’t face him. You just look down at the drop ship ground and furrow your eyebrows. Locked up. You’re considered a criminal here. You never thought you’d be in this situation.

 Life has never been hard for you, breezing through school with your mother’s handwritten notes in her old books. She was a caring soul - always kind and never hurtful. Everyone would talk about how beautiful she was and how much you resembled her when you were younger. 

The only thing different was your (Y/E/C) eyes. Hers were the opposite colour of yours. She became even more popular after your father was floated. Nobody would leave you alone. It was always “I am so sorry about your losses.” Or “Y/N, help your mother around the house!” Nobody knew that at that point you were the one running the house, cleaning up and cooking for your mother as soon as you got home from your classes. 

Soon after your father’s death, she lost her job along with her will to get out of bed in the morning. You guessed you weren’t enough for her. Even though you both hadn’t talked to these strangers in months, your mother appreciated every visit and kind words they brought with them. She never grew unkind or uncaring and her friendly soul never faulted. You still remember sitting on her bed with your hand in hers just talking about your day and she would always listen and never interrupt until you were finished. Then she would smile with her warm eyes and squeeze your hand gently. 

 Over time, you learnt to cope with your father being dead and it got easier to not sugar coat it. You had friends who loved you with all their hearts and who you loved back like siblings. Though your mother never really got over it, you don’t think anybody could blame her. Murphy’s words float through your mind and your throat tightens as guilt travels through the pit of your stomach, making you extremely anxious. The memories of what had happened to get you imprisoned in the first place are deathly fresh inside your mind. You swallow hard, showing no emotion as you speak.

“I killed Bellamy Blake.”

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Request: Can I request a soulmate AU with Steve and a dark skinned black woman with box braids? Where your soulmates name is on your wrist. And Steve didn’t have a name on his wrist until he came out of the ice.

Steven Grant Rogers was a pretty normal sounding name  it didn’t have to be the super soldier in the history books. People used to tease you about it  when you were young. Captain America was dead, they’d say you were going to fall in love with a corpse. Steven Grant Rogers is a normal name and anyone could have it, you would assure yourself. It didn’t have to be a dead man.

The day they found Captain America in the ice you were out getting groceries. You assured yourself it didn’t have to mean anything. So he was alive, that didn’t mean he had to be your Steven Grant Rogers. No need to get your hopes up. As fate would have it you ran into a lot of Stevens and Steves, but none of them were yours, so you gave up looking. You started wearing a bracelet around your wrist to cover up the name of the  man who was supposed to be your other half. Sometimes people never met their soul mate; the world was cruel like that. There were sites where you could search for your soul mate but you figured if it was meant to be it would be.

You were working as a waitress when you met him for the first time. He was sitting with his teammates silently listening to them talk. He was at one of your tables. You took a deep breath and strode forward greeting the table that held a billionaire, two assassins and Captain America.

“Hello, my name is Y/N and I’ll be your server today. Can I start you guys off with drinks?” you spoke. Everyone shifted to look at you with wide eyes. You looked back at them confusedly.

“I can come back if you’re not ready yet,” you stammered taking a preliminary step back.

“What’s your full name?” the Black Widow asked and you stammered out your full name.

“Well I’ll be damned,” Tony Stark murmured, “Looks like there’s a reason your mark was a little delayed Cap.”

You looked over to Captain America with a confused stare. Something deep inside you knew what they were talking about, but your mind refused to believe. You refused to believe that all this time everyone had been right. Unconsciously you touched the bracelet covering the name.

“Would you write your name for us?” the Black Widow addressed you again and you did what she said mechanically, grabbing your pen from your apron and scrawling your name on your notepad before showing it to them.

“Steve, it’s her,” the man beside Steve mumbled.  Steve nodded slowly still looking at him.

“Can I see your mark?” Steve finally spoke. You stuck out your wrist without thinking about the thick bracelet covering your wrist. He removed it and beheld his name in his own handwriting etched  into the dark brown skin of your wrist. He looked back up at you and showed you  his mark. It was your name and in your handwriting. He was  your Steven Grant Rogers.

“What now?” you all but whispered. You felt a braid fall out of the otherwise neatly wrapped bun on top of your head and didn’t even care to try and put it back up. This was life changing. There were so many books about what to do when you met your soul mate but none of that mattered now. This was real and he was here.

“When do you get off work?” Steve asked.

“In 2 hours.”

“Do you like coffee?” he smirked. You smiled back at him and nodded. You were nearly useless for the two hours until your shift ended. You had to get someone else to cover their table so that you could quietly hyperventilate in the back. After years of teasing, and heartbreak he was there and he was hot! You sent a silent thank you to God for delivering you Captain America.

As your shift was over you took off your apron and pulled your braid out of the tight bun. They fell heavily  just as you noticed Steve at the bar seemingly waiting for you. He stared at you with a look so awestruck you felt like blushing. You walked over to him with a bashful smile.

“I hope you don’t mind the uniform,” you laughed, realizing you were still in your white button up and black slacks, however the clothes fit you well and part of the restaurant’s waitress requirement was to look at least a little attractive.

“You look beautiful,” he assured. You smiled and looked down at your feet.

“How about that coffee? I could use it.”

“Hope you don’t mind motorcycles.”

The two of you sat in a little café with nice music, and better coffee and you talked well into the night. Countless romance authors tried to write what it felt like to be with your other half but they weren’t even close to describing the feeling of pure joy in your heart. It was like talking to someone who already knew you.  It was talking to exactly the right person for every subject. You were the same where it mattered the most and different in the ways you absolutely needed. In a rare break in conversation you noticed Steve just looking at you.

“What?” you laughed a little.

“Sorry, I just… this feels like a dream. I remember being a kid in the 40’s thinking he was gonna die alone and I wish I could go back and tell him his mark was just late, and the girl meant for him was gonna be greater than anyone he could possibly deserve,” his gaze looked glassy as he continued to stare at you like you were the whole world and the moon and the sun it revolved around.

“I wish I could go back and tell the kids who teased me about my soul mark to eat a dick. I won the game of fate,” you spoke solely for the purpose of making the little bit of sadness in his expression go away. It worked and his laughter felt like tangible love on your skin.

The two of you didn’t leave until the early hours of the morning when you were half delirious from sleep deprivation. He took you back to your apartment and walked you all the way to your door. You kissed his cheek.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” you assured.

“I’ll be here at 2,” he promised.

“At 2.” you didn’t want him to ever leave, but you’d never go to sleep if he stuck around so you closed the door and went straight to bed, excited for tomorrow and for forever with your soul mate.

Weakness - Part 4

Summary: You’re an old acquaintance of Barry Allen and The Flash’s enemy, but when you’re together you’re way more than that. You’re struggling with your evilness and Barry wants to help. Will you let him?

Pairings: Barry Allen x reader

Word count: 1635

A/N: Yay, here’s the next part! I hope you’re enjoying the progression of the story so far :) I had fun writing this one, I hope you like it too! As always, opinions and suggestions are welcome x

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 5


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cereal in a bag: part two (peter parker x reader)

hi, a few of you wanted a part two to cereal in a bag so here you go, it’s a little rough but oh well lol, I’m working on other requests and they’ll be out soon <3

spoiler: this contains no cereal in bags. i’m sorry

contains: fluff

word count: 2k

summary: after months of after-school meet ups at the park by your house, you and Peter find yourselves confessing your feelings to one another.


‘hey so I don’t know if u are taking requests but I just read cereal in a bag and now I’m craving for more IT’S SO FUCKING CUTE I CANT DEAL WITH IT and if you could do a part 2 in which the reader has developed feeling for peter and then they’re hanging out and something more happens (you know what I mean? like fluffy making out) I’d really appreciate! and if you write it please tag me thankss (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵) btw I’m Brazilian so I really don’t know if I wrote everything right, sorry if I didn’t!’ - @eutimica

‘More cereal in bag that was fluffing amazing’ -anon

‘Part 2 of cereal in a bag please!! 😊’ -anon

‘More cereal in the bag where the reader and Peter confess their feelings? Thanks.’ -anon


Months after that first day at the park with Peter, you began meeting up with him there once or twice a week after school. Sometimes you caught the bus together, other times, you’d walk and talk about outer space, or your favourite films and conspiracy theories. Some weeks, he couldn’t make it because of his Stark internship, and you’d go to the park by yourself and bury your head in a book for an hour or two, though you secretly wished Peter was in the swing beside you, pointing at clouds that looked like faces or animals. You didn’t talk all that much in school, although he started sitting by you in English and chatting to you in Gym. But you were glad, because it gave you more to talk about when you finally got time alone together.

Today, the sun was mellow and made the clouds glow in the sky. You were waiting for Peter by the school gates, fiddling with the bracelet around your wrist. When you finally spotted him, your face broke out into a wide smile. His hair was in messy curls and he had on a sweater that was at least two sizes too big for him, almost coming down to hid mid-thigh. His eyes scanned the crowd, his face lighting up when he saw you and he sped his walk to an almost-run.

“There you are!” He beamed, pulling you into a tight hug with both arms. His hair was slightly wet and you giggled, pulling away and running your fingers through it playfully.

“Why is your hair all wet?” You asked, finding it hard to keep the grin off your face.

He crossed his arms and pouted, scrunching his nose up. “Flash sprayed his water bottle at me after Gym and ruined it, that’s why I’m wearing this dumb sweater, my shirt is ruined.”

“Well, I think you look cute,” you giggled, linking arms with him and breaking out into a skip on the spot. He grinned with pink cheeks, looking at the ground and squeezing your arm.

You began skipping out the gates, pulling him behind you and a laugh erupted from his lips, giggles tumbling from your own. The sunlight set his stray hairs alight, going from brown to an almost red colour, even though it was wet. The two of you made your way out of the school and set off toward the park. You walked together quietly, simply enjoying the company of each other, arms still linked loosely.

You continued your slow stroll before Peter stopped in his tracks, causing you to only just avoid tripping over your own feet. He dropped your arm, crouching down and plucking a wild daisy from the side of the path. You felt a warmth in your chest as he stood back up, a proud look on his face. He stepped toward you and gently moved your hair over your shoulder, tucking the flower behind your ear and rolling his lip between his teeth in concentration as he made sure it was secure. He stepped back and examined it with a tilted head, nodding and his smile grew wider.

“Pretty,” Is all he said, but his tone was gentle and sincere. The sun peeked out from its place behind a cloud, warming your skin and turning Peter’s brown eyes to a soft gold. Both your gazes lingered for a moment, before you began walking slowly once again. He matched your pace, walking close beside you with his shoulder brushing yours.

Instead of heading straight for the swings as you usually would when you finally reached the park, Peter ran over to the merry-go-round, smiling excitedly at you.  

“I’ll spin you!” He beamed, grabbing hold of one of the bars.

“What if I break it?” You laughed, seeing the way the yellow paint was chipped how the metal would squeak when you leaned on it.

“You won’t, just get on!” He exclaimed. He looked overly excited, shifting from foot to foot with a wide grin and you gave in, sitting down and hugging the pole in front of you. Peter laughed and immediately started walking around it, slowly building up speed before breaking into a run and spinning it quickly. He jumped on after it had gotten so fast that you had to tighten your grip on the bar, laughing loudly, the wind running through his hair.

“Wooo!” He laughed, throwing his head back with his eyes shut, smiling so hard that you could hardly remember what he looked like frowning. The daisy flew from the place behind your ear and you gasped, giggling,

“Noo! The flower!” You cried, the small, creaky merry-go-round gradually losing speed.

“Aww!” He shouted over the wind that was whirring past your ears. He let go with one hand and stuck it up in the air, letting it stream through his fingers.

Once the spinning slowed to a halt, Peter opened his eyes and looked over at you, his hair in a wild, curly mess. His face was bright and he looked like he was going to burst with joy, a small laugh coming from his lips as he stood up and grabbed your hand, pulling you over to the other side of the playground where a dulled yellow pipe stood, coming up to just below your knee. After your many visits to the little park, you never actually knew what it did. There was an identical pipe coming out of the tan park a few feet away, the paint flaking off from past years.

“Put your ear to this,” He told you, crouching down and pointing at it. You frowned at him, tilting your head to the side. “Just trust me.” He said, smiling and letting go of your hand. As you pressed your ear to the pipe, he ran over to the other one and crouched behind it, cupping his hands around the opening and whispering into it.

“Hey,” He said, his voice in your ear despite the distance between you. Your lips curled into a smile and you looked at him over your pipe, giggling.

“Hello,” You replied, speaking in a gentle whisper just as he had.

“How are you going?” He asked, smile prominent in his voice.

“I was good, but I lost my flower,” You told him, pouting.

He took a moment to reply, chuckling quietly, “Well that’s a shame, isn’t it? I’ll get you a new one. What’s your favourite?”

“Favourite what, flower?” You asked.


You thought about it for a moment, “Red roses?”

He laughed, not because it was funny, but because you seemed to consider it a very serious question, which he adored, “Generic,” He teased.

“I think you mean romantic.” You argued gently, smiling.

Heat rose to his face, though you didn’t notice. “More like cliché”

“Well, I’m sorry my favourite flower isn’t interesting enough for you, Parker.” You whispered, cheeks hurting from how much you were smiling.

He laughed gently into the pipe, the sound carrying over to yours and filling your chest with a soft glow of warmth. The two of you stayed quiet for a short while, simply smiling to yourselves with pink on your cheeks.

“Here, I have a question,” You whispered, picking at the flaky paint on the pipe.  


“What makes you happy?” You peered over at him as you asked, and he smiled at you gently.

“Well, a lot of things make me happy.” He replied.

“Such as?”

“Movies make me happy, and finishing making something really cool out of Lego with Ned, and seeing cats on my way home from school, and… and this one girl, she makes me happy. Like, super happy.”

“Yeah?” You asked, stomach doing a flip when you heard the last one.

“Yeah. She’s… She’s amazing. She’s really smart, and funny, and kind, and caring, and… And she’s beautiful, too. Really beautiful. She makes me feel really weird, but nice. Like it’s always warm, even when it’s not, y’know? And like everything’s alright even when it really isn’t.” He trailed off, sounding the happiest you’ve ever heard him as he went on and on. Your fingertips tingled with anticipation as you leaned closer to the pipe as to reply, your heart beating quickly in your chest.

“Well, it sounds like she’s very special to you,” You practically breathed your words out, pulling your lip between your teeth nervously.

“She is. For sure.” He whispered back. “But I don’t know if I should tell her how I feel, because I don’t want to ruin what we have, as stupid as it sounds…”

“I’m sure it wouldn’t ruin anything,” You told him softly, “She might even feel the same way about you.”

He held his breath, his own heartbeat quickening, “You think so?”

“I do. Any girl would be lucky to have you, Peter.”

“Well…” He started, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath. He paused for a long moment, and you could hear his gentle breathing through the pipe as you awaited his response, each second feeling like it lasted forever.

“I… I-I like you a lot, Y/N, and I… I understand if you don’t feel the same, but you’re amazing, and I just- I hope you know that you make me really happy, and…” He wiped his palms on his sweatpants, his face flushed red.

Your chest swelled, happiness engulfing your entire body to the point you thought it would smother you. Heat rose to your cheeks and left a blush on your entire face as you leaned forward to respond,

“Peter…” You started, and he quickly cut you off, sounding almost panicked,

“No, it’s okay, I understand, I just- “

You giggled gently and he stopped, looking confused as you peered over the yellow pipe.

“No, Peter, I was going to say that I… I feel the same way about you, and I…I think you’re really great, and you make me incredibly happy, and I- God, I sound so stupid, I’m trying, okay?” You laughed, tucking a piece of your hair behind your ear. Peter’s eyes widened, his lips hanging agape as he listened to your words, a grin breaking out on his face,

“No way, really? Are you serious? I never thought-,” He cut himself off, too excited to finish his own sentence and he ran is fingertips through his now-dry hair. You raised to your feet and ran over to where he was sat on the ground, bending down and wrapping your arms around him. Giggles tumbled wildly from your lips and you fell beside him, pulling him down onto his back with you. He laughed and pulled you closer to his side, burying his face in the crook of your neck with an expression of pure glee on his face. The two of you lied there with your arms tangled together, letting the sunshine warm your skin, nothing but the sound of your gentle breaths breaking the comfortable silence between you.

After a while, Peter raised his head, his face only a few inches from yours and you studied each other’s every feature, from barely visible freckles to a stray eyelash on his cheek. His eyes eventually rested on your lips, and you could feel his heartbeat speeding up in his chest. He inched forward very slowly, stopping when he was so close that your breaths became one instead of two. You closed your eyes and leaned forward, closing the gap gently and his hand came up to rest on your cheek. His lips were soft and warm, moving softly and almost timidly with yours. The kiss was sweet and tender, laced with a shy innocence. Peter ran his fingertips through your hair slowly, his thumb behind your ear and he couldn’t help but smile against your lips, his heart swelling.

When you gently pulled away, he took a moment to open his eyes. When he did, he grinned, letting out a breath as if he had forgotten to breathe. He kept his hand where it was, fingers laced in your hair and you sighed contently, closing your eyes and resting your forehead against his.

“Pretty.” He breathed,

and you couldn’t help but smile.

8) “This creep on a train keeps flirting with me and seriously this is really scary would you please play along and pretend my boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife”

Will hated the bus. It was always filled with sweaty people who talked too loud or smelled funny. But his car was in the shop and he had no other choice if he wanted to get to his classes on time. As they stopped near a café, a group of people waiting on the bus piled in. Will had been lucky enough to get a seat to himself when he got on but now he knew someone would have to sit by him.

On one side an old woman sat down, messing with her smart phone which will noted had the text at the largest it could. She smelled like chicken soup. On his other side sat a boy about his age, with earphones on, completely enveloped by his phone screen. He at least smelled like Hollister.

He was the kind of boy Will preferred to stay away from- the dangerous looking, impulsive one. He had everything from the dark torn jeans to the leather jacket and the black bracelets around his wrists.

Will sighed and tilted his head back to rest against the window. He just wanted his car back.

He sighed as the bus continued on its path. At the next stop, even more people piled on, most of them standing in the aisle and holding on to the metal poles to stay balanced. Will winced and pressed himself against the seat some more. Meanwhile, beside him, the darkly dressed boy seemed to stretch his long legs further so as to keep the crowd away.

Still, that did nothing for him. If anything, it made the passengers crowd him more. He glanced around and saw someone staring at him. He furrowed his eyebrows as the man, about twenty years older smiled at him. He had a thick moustache and a cleanly trimmed beard.

Will looked away, feeling his heartbeat increase and his palms grow sweaty in anxiety. He glanced back to see the man scooting slowly closer. Will snapped his gaze back. He’d been watching several documentaries in the last few days and many of them include horrific scenarios that seemed to be eerily similar to this one.

When he glanced over again the man’s eyes were still on him, that creepy smile still on his face. He panicked and looked at the oblivious woman next to him then at the oblivious boy beside him. Without really thinking it through, Will reached over and grabbed the boy’s large slender hand.

“What the fuck?” he snapped pulling his earphone out. “What the fuck are you doing?”

Will turned toward the man who looked slightly confused. He turned back to the guy beside him. “There’s this guy over there that keeps staring at me and it’s freaking me out.”

“So you think grabbing my hand makes it better?” he snapped.

“No,” he said. “But people stay away from- oh just pretend to be a very overprotective boyfriend so he can back off and I can go to school, get my car after, and you’ll never see me again.”

The boy’s midnight eyes looked over his shoulder. “Beard guy?” Will nodded. “Yeah he’s glaring at me.” He looked back at Will and sighed. “That’s what you get for being cute, pal. What’s your stop?”

Will blinked a few times to get over the shock of the compliment. “Uh, the university near the park.”

“Alright. I’m Nico.”


“Alright. So relax, Will. That creep won’t try anything.” He put an arm around his shoulders and pulled him in. Will relaxed against him. He was warm. And comfortable. And he smelled nice. He risked a glance over his shoulder and saw the man fidgeting in his place. Two stops later, spent silently and comfortably under his arm, Nico nudged him. “This is your stop.”

“Oh. Right. Uh, thanks.”

“Yeah,” he said. Will got off the bus and took a breath of fresh air.

He glanced down the street and steeled himself for the walk among strangers. It was longer without his car and he wondered if he’d have to find another fake boyfriend halfway down the street. As he walked, someone came up behind him and tapped him on the shoulder.

He turned and was surprised to see Nico out of breath with a flushed face. “Did… were you running?”

“Yep,” he panted. “Uh… well, I didn’t know if you needed or wanted someone to walk you the campus…. And you’re really cute so I figured what the hell?” He chuckled nervously and shrugged. Will stared at him, dumfounded. “So…?”

“Um, okay,” Will said, an embarrassed smile spreading across his face. “Sure, why not?” Nico smiled and fell into step with him.

Nct Dream and what they'd get you for Christmas

Request: idk if you do reactions but can i have one where it’s like what nct dream would get you for christmas ? thanks so much !

A/N: this is my first time writing a scenario/reaction like that so i apologise if it’s bad and also , thanks for requesting !! if you want other reactions like these feel free to ask



This sweetheart would get you anything you’ve been eyeing for months . And he’d use the hard earned money he saved for weeks just to surprise you , be it a pair of shoes or a simple piece of clothing , absolutely fully capable mark would get it for you without any hesitation

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He’d probably arrive at your house early in the morning with a big box in his arms , with an innocent and excited smile . And when you open the box , inside it is a big moomin plush toy . Then he tells you that he has the exact same one he hugs to sleep every night so now both of you have couple plush toys .

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This ball of sunshine would give you a box of chocolate and probably shower you with hugs and kisses the whole day . And when you joke about wanting that dress you saw while on your Christmas date , he’d secretly buy it and surprise you at night just before Christmas ends .

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Okay but why do i feel that he’d just appear infront of your house with a ribbon tied around his body , exclaiming loudly to you “ Here’s the greatest gift you will ever get in your lifetime ” and he attacks you with a big hug . And you’d be too shocked for words because it’s so adorable yet funny at the same . The rest of the day he’d cuddle with you and y'all would probably binge watch every christmas movie there is together

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I feel like he’d probably send you a video at 12am sharp to wish you merry christmas . Also , he’d text you right after sending the video ,

“ Open your door ”

And when you open to check he’s standing there with his arms wide open , ready for you to hug and beside him are a few bags of sweets and food that you like

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Since he was so excited , during Christmas Eve he would have already been dropping hints to you about your gift like ,

“ Your phone screen has so many cracks , isn’t it time for you to get a new one ? ” and “ Y/N what do you think of the new iphone 7 ? ”

And just as you expected he got you a new phone and he’d be sitting beside you clapping excitedly to see your reaction . Such a smol child seriously

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This baby would be so shy and would pass you a small gift box with a card that he wrote and drew on himself . When you open the box it’s actually a bracelet , then he shows you his wrist and he has that same bracelet . He’s too shy to face you so when you hug him to thank him he’d be flustered at first but returns the hug lovingly

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Royven au

Based on a convo I had with @bloodyalphonse

So ok, you know that hawk riza au I’ve been doing stuff for where riza is just a hawk but no one realizes this? Well what about an au where Roy is actually just a Raven Berthold taught how to make fire. Like, not even fire alchemy, just straight up light a match.
And the thing is, he’s still just a bird, so he flies around like a maniac setting things on fire, including himself. After Berthold dies Riza is kinda forced to take care of his pet and to make sure he doesn’t kill anyone or himself on accident. She and like three other people are the only ones that realize he’s just a fucking bird and not a person.
The others being pinako, maes, and Olivier, who is still extremely confused and furious as to how a bird is her rival for furher. Seriously. He’s not even trying to become furher. He’s a bird.
Just picture it:
–He doesn’t even apply for the military. They just show up to riza’s door one day and are just like, “We want your bird.”
–Riza responds, “WHY?!?!?!?!”
–she ends up going with him because he’s still her bird and she doesn’t want people to kill him
–Maes steals the kishe from riza this time
–roy steals his glasses and hides them as a result because corvids hold nasty grudges
–still ends up liking hughes after enough treats
–He’s still made a state alchemist even though all he can do is light matches
–some how still becomes the hero of ishval despite accidentally setting himself on fire ten times while there
–”how the hell is my bird a higher rank than me”
–Still is sent with riza to go recruit the elric brothers
–When riza shows up and finds out what happened, she just wants to leave quietly and not report them.
– the Roy decides to fly around the room with “his” pocket watch, smack into something, and sit in Ed’s lap and caw at him for a few minutes before Riza can grab him and leave
–this somehow inspires ed to become a state alchemist and a year later he comes to take the test claiming that Roy told him to become one
–”HOW????” Is Riza’s response.
–pretty much everyone is able to understand what he’s saying except her it seems
–he rides around on Riza’s shoulder
–and black hayate
–keeps trying to bring her food when she’s sick
–Ravens can learn how to speak a little, so he learns how to say everyone’s names
–he calls ed pipsqueak
–Likes nuzzeling Riza
–Imagine sad Roy at Maes’ funeral just sitting on the head stone.
–He suddenly says “it’s raining” Riza never taught him to say that. He insists that it’s raining despite her saying otherwise.
–When framing maria ross Riza has to be very careful with roy
–”Roy this is very important” she tells him, holding his face to look directly at her, “You cannot set maria on fire. Only the dummy, got it?” “CAW” “*sobs* why did I think this was good idea”
–He ends up playing with the bracelet around the fake maria’s wrist at the crime scene
–Bird Roy managing to kill lust completely on accident
–also healing havoc completely on accident
–Riza is in complete denial that day even happened
–imagine the scene with bradley cornering Roy and separating him from his subordinates
–Roy isn’t listening to his back story at all, he’s flying around the room, playing with shiny objects, and trying to drink the fuhrer’s tea
–”Mustang you are being very childish about this” is all he has to say.
–Riza begs to stay by his side. Mostly because she is 100% certain he will burn down central completely on accident.
–Bradley gives him a new handler instead
–Roy does not like this handler and proceeds to steal one of his fingers
–Ed applauds him for this
–Ravens can learn how to pick locks and use tools
–he sometimes takes riza’s money and buys random things with it
–one time he bought a whole flower cart
Roy: Caw! *starts placing each individual flower on her shoulder
Riza: *sighs in exasperation* what am I going to do with you
–The homunculi still plan to use him as one of their sacrifices
–Riza tries to explain to them multiple times that he’s a bird and can’t actually do alchemy
–they do not believe him and force him to open the gate anyway
–On his door is just a match stick
–when he comes out of the gate, he is blind like before, but now he can actually transmute and speak in full sentences
–This freaks riza out when he asks if she’s ok
–”The fuck did they do to my bird?!”
–Riza is pissed and kills father herself as a result
–no one fucks with her pets and gets away with it
–Roy somehow manages to become fuhrer one day
–Riza is not sure how this happened as she nor he never announced his candidacy, and she actively told people not to put him in office
–Olivier is ready to murder someone over this
–He he still some how has a fruitful reign as fuhrer, establishing peace between nations and helping to get the ishvalan people back to their now rebuilt home land
–Riza is still pretty sure this is all one big joke on her and everyone was in on it all along
–once, someone glued a fake mustache to his face
–he liked it. Alot. Riza, not so much.
–it was three weeks before it fell off on its own
–One day riza gets him a duckling to let him take care of
–he names it maes
–He takes good care of it, but freaks out when he tries to swim because baby ravens can’t swim
–Riza has to help him chill by petting him and such whenever he sees the little guy swimming around
–He tries to teach maes how to speak. that does not work.
–he successfully teaches him how to light things on fire though.
–At the ripe old age of 58, Royven passes away the way of Alex the parrot, his last words being “you be good. see you tomorrow. I love you.”
–Riza never gets another bird after that.
–Even though Olivier hated him, She respected Riza. After he’s gone she admits to her “he was good bird.”

And there you go. I made it sad. Hoped you liked this au!

i feel safe when you're holding me near

892 words

Amberle Elessedil/Eretria

amberle and eretria talk, end up sharing a bed again, and everyone is nice enough not to mention eretria’s enormous and very obvious crush on amberle.

a/n: yes, this is another amberle/eretria bed sharing fic -no one is surprised & i’m not sorry. set between time stamps four & five in what remains once the war is won

title from ‘hearts don’t break around here’ by ed sheeran


Eretria rests her chin on her hand, feigning interest in whatever Nikolas is saying about dividing up the land, but her eyes keep darting over to where Amberle sits opposite her.  She’s fiddling with the bracelet around her wrist, twisting the beads around and around with a distant look in her eyes.

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What if Niall planted trees at The Barns for Declan, Ronan, and Matthew each when they where born?

Like sure, Ronan has his blue flowers and blue petals and they all have the dreamt food trees, but what if Niall planted dream trees for each of them? As connected to Celtic traditions and mythologies as he was, it wouldn’t be too far of a stretch.

For Declan, a hawthorn tree. The first tree Niall dreams, very traditional. Aurora would often use the leaves for treating scrapes and cuts, but when she cut the flowering branches in spring, it would weep a deep red sap.

For Ronan, a blackthorn. A warrior’s wood. Blue flowers would bloom all spring summer long, but fade through fall to reveal nasty thorns. However, like the bush, the winter berries would be sweetest after the hardest frost. The fireflies especially like to swarm in Ronan’s tree at night.

For Matthew, perhaps a pine. Light in nature, extremely flexible, and handsome all year round. When the wind blows through the branches, it sounds like laughter.

For Aurora, instead of a tree there are bushes and bushes of roses, all unique and strange and beautiful.

As Ronan rebuilds the Barns and dreams a new Cabeswater, eventually he plants new things for all the people he loves best.

First, a willow tree for Noah full of lights that rain gold glitter when the branches sway in the wind. And then a garden of new roses and flowers for Aurora. Opal gets to decide where each bush or plant goes and chatters away to Ronan about what each one does as they’re planting. She excitedly watches them throughout the year, showing Ronan each new dream feature, just as he might have done once. 

Then, a tree for Gansey. A cypress for the king. It grows strong and tall, crowning above all the others. It gives off a feeling of old magic and possibility, and smells like mint and old books and earth.

Blue will always have her beech tree, but he plants a maple tree for her right next to Gansey’s. Like Blue, the tree goes through a growth spurt with each new visited place, the leaves changing into brilliant shades like galaxies. At the darkest point of the night, small star-lights twinkle in the branches. 

Eventually there’s an alder tree for Henry. As time goes by it’s obvious that the grove was incomplete without it. It fills out the space in a way that makes all the trees even more verdant and lovely, and to not have it there would be inconceivable. The best tree for happy moments and contemplation.

And finally, a tree for Adam. A special English oak. The most intuitive tree, it often reflects the seasons of Cabeswater 2.0 despite being far away. It offers the most to discover, producing acorns that they later discover are a whole new species of tree. Ronan’s dream creatures flock to the branches and can often be found nesting in the branches or sleeping at the base. Opal likes to sit under this tree in particular and pretend to chat to Adam about all the new things she’s learned. She swears he can hear her, and when they all talk on the phone later, Ronan finds Adam subconsciously knows exactly what to ask her about. When Ronan misses Adam the most, he’ll sit at the base of the tree. Often the roots will shift to hold him just so as if Adam were there. The three of them have leather bracelets with wooden charms carved from the branches. Anytime they think of one another, the wood warms to the touch, like a kiss to the wrist or a calming pulse. 

Once it’s complete, the grove becomes a spot for special moments between all of them. It’s where Gansey and Blue and Henry share their best road trip stories, where Declan and Matthew and Ronan remember their parents and each other, where Adam and Ronan talk about what’s beyond Henrietta and Singer’s Falls. It becomes a space for truth and possibility and happiness and being whole, wholly loved.

TC UPDATE #6 (9/6/17)

today was such a good day omg !! i have m for 4th & 5th block, so i just eat lunch in his room with other friends of mine. after lunch today, during class change, i was sitting at my desk and talking to m about different stuff when i notice that he has this dark brown leather bracelet on that’s braided. i told him that i really liked it and he freaking takes it off his wrist, slides it on mine and says, “here, Bo, you can have it. i wore it the day you won your __(club band, i’m not giving it out or anything)__. it might be like your good luck charm. FRICK you gUYS! i haven’t taken it off since 💓

also, i have practice for another one of m’s competitions that i’m doing, so my next update will be then! and i really love your guys’ messages! they’re all so supportive and kind. i love y'all 😗


And to finish this series as he always does is the second half of the Busan line, our dear golden maknae, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie aka can we talk about his arms for a second I need to talk about his arms bc when did this happen like ik he’s always been in great shape but lately he’s been getting more and more muscular and I’m truly not ready like chill child you’re 4 idk why are your arms are doing the thing who’s allowing this haha

  • For the full backstory that explains things a lil bit, you can read Jin’s part but I’ll give you a quick summary for the people who haven’t read the other parts
  • Bts runs the town, they keep everyone safe
  • They keep other groups out of their town, as well as make sure no major crimes are committed
  • But if a company is willing to pay a lil fee, they’ll add a bit more protection to that said company
  • Sometimes those companies decide to fuck around and be like nah we’re not gonna pay anymore but you can still keep that protection up
  • But bts doesn’t really accept that shit so they have a couple of tiers of people to send in to talk to the CEOs to see if they can change their minds
  • Jin does the assessing, he normally can get them to agree to pay purely by using his naturally charming personality but sometimes they’re stubborn as fuck
  • That’s when he sends Yoongi in, yoon is all intimidation and it’s h ighl y unlikely for a CEO to be able to say no when they’ve got Yoongi glaring them down
  • But if even Yoongi can’t do it, they send Hobi in
  • Hobi goes straight for the boss and befriends them and makes them realize that it isn’t such a bad idea to pay
  • Namjoon does everything behind the scenes aka bts and handles all of the contracts, the phone calls etc.
  • Jimin and Tae are both fighters (although tae leans more towards being a talker)
  • But onto kookie
  • Okay so one of my favorite, if not the ultimate favorite, hair styles on kook was that dark blondeish color he had for 0.6 seconds bc it looked so good so mafia!kook is gonna have that color
  • Plus the blonde plus all black would just be w ow
  • Like you know those boots kook wears a lot that would happen, also some black skinny jeans bc legs for days and probably a loose shirt like this isn’t head canon shit tbh this is just Jungkook and I love it
  • His tattoo is in Korean
  • Okay but just picture how nice it would look on him like just following the curve of his collarbone
  • He’d wear it with pride honestly
  • Like all of the boys are proud as can be but their shirts normally cover their tattoos
  • But not kook oh no he wears shirts that show off the tattoo bc he’s v v proud of his group but also no one’s complaining bc kook’s collarbones are like 10/10
  • He is a fighter
  • He’s one of the best on their team, if not the best
  • He’s got both strength and speed in his corner so he’s pretty unbeatable
  • We’ve all seen how fast he is I mean in one of those idol races, he literally slowed down at the end bc the gap between him and the others was so wide and the cameras can barely keep up with him like what is this kid honestly what do they feed him
  • So that fact alone is enough to make me think he’d be more about speed with his fighting tactics
  • But oh wait this kid is also strong as fuck
  • I will forever bring this up bc it’s just !!! but at the age of 1 5 he was lifting Jimin up like he was a fucking pillow like don’t mind me I’m actually a child but I’m just gonna casually lift this other kid up why is this not talked about
  • So I think he’d be like 50/50 with the speed and strength
  • He’d know when to use his speed to his advantage and when to use his strength
  • But fights are v v rare so he thankfully doesn't have to worry much  
  • Normally Tae can talk his way out of fights so the others don’t even have to worry but there are times when kook has to defend himself
  • You are from a rival group
  • Your group comes into Busan, looking for a new place to stay
  • You actually meet him in class one day, you end up sitting in his usual seat accidentally but he ends up letting you keep it bc he’s too shy to actually manage more than a couple of sentences
  • You think it’s actually really cute how shy he gets like he can barely make eye contact with you, he’s playing with the bracelet on his wrist, he keeps shifting his weight from foot to foot
  • You tell him to sit next to you instead of sitting all the way in the back
  • After a couple of weeks of sitting with each other, he ends up building enough confidence to actually talk to you
  • You ask him out, much to his surprise but also to his delight bc he had been so nervous about asking you out like what if you say no?? what if you only think of him as a friend?? do you even think he’s a friend is he just the guy you sit with??
  • But lol no you’re crushing on him just as much as he’s crushing on you
  • You have no idea that he’s from the same group your group has been arguing with for the past month
  • His group isn’t too welcoming even though your group is only searching for a new place to call home
  • But their skepticism isn’t invalidated since your leader could easily be lying (even though she isn’t but they don’t have any way to confirm that)
  • He’s heard of the new mafia group in town, Namjoon had told him they seemed stubborn that it may come down to a fight to defend their town
  • He was ready to go except the night both of your groups meet up to try to discuss it before resorting to a fight, he sees you
  • You both just O.O
  • “You’re part of the mafia?!?!?!”
  • “Why did I not know this?? We’ve been dating for like 4 months”
  • “I mean to be fair, I do have the name tattooed onto my chest so ??”
  • “I thought it was a band”
  • You can just hear the collective “shit” that echoes from literally everybody but you two
  • Bc “of all the boys in Busan, you have to choose the one in the group trying to run us out of the city”
  • You and Jungkook step aside to discuss it while your leaders try to make a deal
  • You two come up with a plan of your own while the leaders’ voices are getting louder and louder from the frustration bc now they have to think about their maknaes being in love
  • “Okay but wait Namjoon if I can vouch for them, can we let them stay?? If they do anything to break the rules, we can throw them out but I really think they don’t mean any harm”
  • It takes a bit of convincing on both sides but joon can see the look in kook’s eyes that tell him he truly does believe your group is safe
  • He finally agrees to let them stay if they follow the previously set rules
  • Mafia!Jungkook is like a secret weapon bc he’s basically unstoppable but he’s also the main reason bts lets your group stay in Busan bc they can all see how much he loves you and how much you love him
Trading Spaces- Part 2 (Final Part)

Summary: Sam enlists the assistance of a witch to help you and Dean work through your issues. He’s not expecting that help to come in the form of a body swap sell.

Read Part 1

Word Count: 5600

Warning: body swap, consensual smut in the wrong bodies, smut

A/N: THIS IS PART 2 OF 2. Hope y’all enjoy this trope I’ve been wanting to write for a while! FEEDBACK APPRECIATED! XOXO

“Alright. Annoying habits is next on the list.” Dean stared at the pile of papers on the table, messy and crumpled, scribbled on, marked out and redone, spilling onto the floor.

The two of you had decided that a methodical, logical approach was best.

Well, you had decided. Dean had hemmed and hawed and shoved his hands (your hands) in his pockets and declared he didn’t have any issues he needed to work through. It had taken a few threats, and one loud scream of “I’m not staying in your body because you’re too fucking stubborn to talk to me”, to get him to admit that maybe the two of you should work together and figure this out.

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.:Imagine Luke coming back to you after his fight with Vader:.

Request for anon:

“Luke x reader before he goes to Vader… Reader gives him a bracelet or something as a tradition from their home planet to wish them to come back…”

GIFs aren’t mine

Let’s see how this one goes.

“Will you come back?” Y/N asks Luke, curiosity in their eyes. He takes their hand in his, giving them a small squeeze.

“I don’t know.” He gives them a small smile. Y/N nods then proceeds to take the leather bracelet ,wrapped around a small blue bead, off their wrist. “Please take this.” They place it into Luke’s gloves hand.

Luke raises his hand and observes the object. “But it’s yours. I can’t take something like this from you.”

Y/N closes his hand around it with theirs. “Well, how about when you come back, you can return it to me. It’s a tradition of my planet to give it to someone you hold dear to you. Please take it.”

Luke nods his head respectfully and places a kiss on Y/N’s forehead.

Luke spots Y/N sitting around the fire chatting with Han. Y/N looks up and sees Luke. They excuse themselves and walks over to Luke.

They embrace each other in a tight hug. “Tell me Y/N, how does someone from your planet ask someone out?”

Y/N smiles. “Well remember how I gave you the bracelet earlier? I was kind of asking you out first.”

They both laugh.

Bound (Unbind Me)

@raven-brings-light this one’s for you! <3

My parents adopted Loki when he was seventeen.

No one at the shelter really knew what happened to him because Loki wasn’t talking. The only thing we did find out a bit later was that his idiot of a dad killed himself when Loki was fifteen and that Loki, not having any relatives that useless police could track down, kept switching houses afterwards, living with one fucked up family and then with another for like two months or three and then being moved again, because all those families, they were shit. The things that go on in people’s houses, that’s something you never really want to know about. Some people are fucking sick and the things these kids see it’s worse than all those torture porn movies you catch on TV. And all those things you witness, they never really leave your mind; they kinda pile up and they turn into this crooked tower that’s casting a shadow over your heart always, not letting any sun in. One floor of that toweris for the empty syringes you find next to the sink with all that dried blood sticking to the needle like sawdust; another one’s for that uncle with the fucking limp who pushes the mouth of his gun under your chin forcing your head back because he’s sure that thing you said to him just now counts as talking back at him or something; and one’s for the tip of that boot that’s always seeking those hollow areas between your ribs, stubborn as fuck.

I was there the day mom and dad drove over to the shelter to pick him up. One of the workers walked him out, guiding him a bit with a hand on his shoulder. I can still see everything, it’s like the image is burned to my mind, this thin guy the same age as me and that crazy contrast between that shoulder-length black hair and that white t-shirt he was wearing, every bone sticking out: cheekbones, elbows, knuckles, clavicles. That haunted look in his eyes. Mom was standing near our car, torn between wanting to rush over and hug him or just give him his space, and dad was watching her with his hands jammed in his pockets, car keys jangling, silver hair looking like metal in the light. I was sitting in the back, the door open, earphones blasting music straight to my brain and I remember it was Blue Jeans and when the line “I’ll love you ‘till the end of time” came up our eyes met and those eyes of his became the landscape of my heart forever, those grey skies the sun can never lay its hands on.

And there’s all those like, polaroids, of him in my mind; sitting on the front stairs and doing his homework with the light of the sun rising casting this orange glow on the pages; looking in the mirror and running his fingers through his wet hair, his thin leather bracelets sliding down his slim wrists; lying beneath me on his bed and reaching up with his palm to touch my face.

There were things Loki loved: like half sitting, half lying on the windowsill, listening to music with his eyes closed, wind moving his hair, one arm and one leg hanging over the ledge, dangling lifeless in the air; walking barefoot all over town in the summertime and coming back home with sticky fox-red blood glueing his toes together; my fingers moving over his lips over and over again, soft, our bellies pressed tight together, his knee nudging against my ribs; and zip ties.

Dad always had zip ties lying around; he’d use them to fasten cords and wires together so they won’t get all over the place, and put them on his bicycle’s tires when it snowed. You could find one or two at any given time on the kitchen counter or in the living room, but he used to keep most of them in the garage.

There was this one time during dinner when dad asked me if I’d taken some because a bunch was missing. He asked me cause you can fix so many stuff with these and I was always good with my hands. But it wasn’t me. Loki, however, put his fork down really quiet and brought his hands right under the table. I was sitting right next to him and managed to catch a glimpse of his hands before they went under; both of his bony wrists had these thin cuts on them, running all around the wrist, wavering over the veins, and there were tiny-tiny dots of dried blood in them looking like black pinpricks.

I nudged his elbow and he looked away.

After mom and dad went to sleep I went into his room. He was sitting cross-legged on the bed and the room was dark. I turned the bed light on and got on my knees before him. He gave me his hands before I even got a chance to ask him to do it for me. And there was his pulse there under my thumbs and his palms were facing up and his fingernails were as thin as a whisper and those scratches looked like cracks running through glass and I shifted my weight and ran my fingers over them.

“Where do you keep them?” I asked and Loki motioned with his chin to a drawer.

And there it was, this little pile of crisp-white zip ties and they crackled when I touched them.

And Loki’s wrists moved in my grip. He crossed his wrists so both palms were facing up and they looked like a pair of wings. And he looked me in the eye and I knew what he wanted.

I took one zip tie and ran it through my fist and looked at Loki’s outstretched wrists. I moved closer and his eyes were on me when I fastened it around his wrists, moving the plastic strap through the locking mechanism and watching that white circle getting smaller and smaller as I tightened it.

And I raised my eyes and there were shadows under Loki’s bottom lip, on the side of his nose, under his brow, right behind his ear and I didn’t want to hurt him so I kept it loose. He could have pulled his wrists out easily but he wanted it tighter and when I didn’t want to do it he grabbed the strap between his teeth and tugged hard. I tried to stop him but the plastic was already cutting into his skin and the fabric of his jeans whispered when he unfolded his long legs, spread them for me and lay on his back, pulling his bound wrists close to his chest.

I covered his body with mine and ran my palms under his shirt, the heel of my hand sliding up his flat belly, fingers pausing to rest over his heart. He couldn’t touch my face with his wrists bound like that, but he closed his fingers around mine through the fabric of his shirt and pressed my palm flat on his chest and the strength of his heart beating made both our hands shake.

Those zip ties became part of our lives. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bound Loki’s wrists in the dark. Sometimes he’d keep the inner part of his wrists pressed together and curl his hands into fists; other times he’d fold his hands like a man who’s about to pray; sometimes it’d be the backs of his hands pressing against each other, fingers pointing out; and sometimes it’d be his hands forming an 'X’ , tucked under his chin, his black hair spilling like a river over the pale pillows under his head.

And I’d love him and watch the plastic shining between our bodies in the moonlight and afterwards he’d hug my neck with his wrists still bound and I’d feel his wet lashes against my shoulder and I’d ask him what’s wrong but he’d never say. He never told me.

He never told me, until one day he did.

With his lips pressed to my ear, his weight on my lap and his bound wrists linked behind my neck, he told me everything and my arms wrapped tighter around him and my heart wept for him in all that darkness and I rocked him in my arms and that plastic strap felt as cold as a shadow on the back of my neck.

And I cut it with a pair of scissors and then got a new one out of the drawer. I linked our fingers together and fastened the zip tie around our wrists and there was Loki’s pulse there pressing against mine and there were our veins joined, running like blue rivers under the light of the sun in a silent forest, and there were our hearts beating together in the silence of the night.

Loki was always alone in this.

He’ll never be alone in this again.

Deliciously Broken iii

Request(s): Ahhh!!! Part two amazing!! Loved IT . Part 3? ; YOU ARE KILLING ME HERE!! Deliciously broken is so insane love it! Update for part iii soon?? ; plleaassee do a part 3 of deliciously broken! its amazing! ; Well damn, Deliciously Broken is pretty dark, but I can’t get enough. Part 3 please? ; I’m soooo ready for Deliciously Broken part 3 😍👌🏻

Summary: After reaching the understanding that it was the Nogitsune who attacked her, the reader decides to have a heart-to-heart with Stiles. Takes place during season 3B. Slightly un-canon maybe???

Warnings: recount of violent events, alluding to sexual assault

part iii of this

Note: sorry this took so long to post! I’ve been caught up in watching the Olympics and going back to school shopping. Hope yall enjoy!

I don’t really know how this conversation is going to go. I mean, what exactly am I going to say? ‘Hey, man. Sorry I accused you of attacking me when you were possessed by some Void freak. No hard feelings?’

         I sit very still in my hospital bed, wringing my hands. It has been ten minutes since I woke up and asked to see Stiles. Of course, Nurse McCall was a bit concerned at first. Not even a day ago I was terrified of the guy and didn’t want him in a twenty-foot radius of me. And now I’m asking to talk to him.

         The door opens slowly. I tense and hold my breath. My heart escalates – and everyone knows it, thanks to the monitor.

         Stiles peeks at me like a timid child awaiting a scolding. He slips into the room, leaving the door ajar behind him. More than likely to make me feel better. As far as he knows, I’m still under the impression that he brutally assaulted me and I’m likely to scream my head off and flee the room the second he comes in.

         I think I surprise him when I remain calm.

         “Hey,” he says uneasily, sleepy eyes darting to the beeping machine.

         “Hi,” I reply, glaring at the stupid wavy lines before turning back to him. “Do you wanna sit down?”

         “Do you want me to sit down?” Being careful. I appreciate it, but I’m losing my patience.

         “Stiles, sit down.” I fight the urge to roll my eyes, something I never used to do until I began spending every morning with him on the way to school.

         “Okay.” The chair drags out from the wall. He brings it to my bedside, thinks twice and pulls it an entire tile away. When he sits, my mind flashes to the way Void looked sitting in that exact same chair.

         My heart rate jumps dramatically.

         Stiles places one hand on the back of the chair, prepared to rise. “Do you want me to go?” His voice is slightly deeper than usual, like maybe he had been asleep. I wouldn’t be surprised if Stiles had been camping out in the waiting room. That’s just Stiles.

         “No, no, it’s fine.” I force myself to shove Void out of my mind. This isn’t Void; this is Stiles. “I just…” I press my lips together. “You look like him.” I say the words without thinking about how they’ll make him feel.

         “Yeah.” He nods. “He’s kind of possessing my body.”

         I snort. Reverting to sarcasm is a classic Stiles move; it’s his number one defense mechanism. “I’m sorry. That was stupid to say.”

         He shrugs, staring at the floor. I fiddle with the plastic hospital bracelet around my wrist. We sit in silence.

         “I feel like I need to apologize.” I begin. His gaze flickers to my face. “I was kind of a maniac. I thought you…” I drop my eyes to the sheets, unable to face him when I say it. “I thought you were the one who did all this.” I gesture to the rest of my body.

         “Why would you feel like you need to apologize?” Stiles asks, voice edging between incredulous and anger. “You didn’t know. I didn’t tell you anything. I kept you in the dark. It’s not your fault that when a total psycho takes control of my body, busts into your house and throws you around, you assume it’s me. Most people would. I mean, what other logical explanation would there be? Who in their right mind would think ‘oh, wait, no, Stiles is just possessed by some crack-head fox spirit’?” He pauses his rant to look at me. “How did you figure it out, anyway?”

         I feel my cheeks warm. “I noticed little things, like the color of Void’s eyes and the way he smiles. It just wasn’t the same as you.”

         When he nods silently, I take the opportunity to ask, “Fox spirit?” Partly out of curiosity, mainly trying to veer the conversation away from my discovery. No need to tell him that I’ve memorized all the shades of gold and brown in his eyes. No need to tell him that I know his smile better than anything because it’s one of the things I cherish most. No need to tell him about my feelings. Things are too complicated already.

         He sighs, rubbing over his face and nods. “Yeah.” With his weary voice and tired eyes, he reminds me of his father. “It’s kind of a long story.”

         I hold up the arm with the IV. “It’s not like I’m going anywhere.”

         Stiles cracks a grin; my chest feels warm and light, and the heart rate monitor goes berserk. Suddenly embarrassed when he glances at it curiously, I duck my head and say, “Ignore it.”



         He sighs. “Why? Y/N, do you think I’m stupid? I know you like me.”

         I bite down harshly on my lower lip. “Stiles, this is really not the time to-”

         “How come? Because you’re hooked up to a heart rate monitor?” He crosses his arms. “So what? You have little tells. I don’t need to be able to hear your heart beat to know that I get to you.”

         “Well don’t you sound cocky?” I say coolly.

         He grimaces. “That came out wrong.” I laugh without humor. “But Y/N, look-”

         “I get it, okay?” I surprise myself by meeting his eyes. “You like Lydia.”


         “You think you’re the only one who knows stuff? Is that it? You’re not the only one who can know someone well. I know you. Better than I know myself, I think.” I swallow. “And besides, everyone knows that you like Lydia – except for Lydia herself, I’m guessing. And who can blame you anyway? She’s perfect.”

         “Would you just hold on a second?” Stiles snaps. “You don’t know everything either, Y/N. And this thing with Lydia… that was in, like, third grade.”

         I give him an ironic smile. “You liked her all of last year!”

         Stiles appears caught in a corner. “Well, yes, but… not anymore, okay? She’s become my friend. That’s it. She’s got a thing going on with Aiden anyway-”

         “The new freshman? The straight twin?” I raise an eyebrow.

         He nods. “I’m not making this up.”

         “I didn’t say you were.”

         “But you were making the face.”

         “I don’t have a ‘you-are-making-this-up face’.”

         “Yes you do. I know you, remember?” He presses his lips into a line. His voice softens and loses some of its volume. “You’ve been one of the few constant things in my life pretty much ever since I can remember. I know you, Y/N.”

         I sigh and cross my arms. I know he’s right. “Okay, so maybe I do think you’re making it up.”

         “Why? I’ve never lied to you before.”

         I blink. “No?” I lean forward slightly, filled with passion. “You still haven’t told me anything about this… Void… fox spirit thingy… and your dad said that you had known about this a long time and that everyone kept telling you to tell me-”

         “My dad said that?”

         “-and you never did! Withholding information is basically the same as lying, Stiles. It’s still not telling the full truth. And then Void said-”

         “If you had any idea about what exactly I’ve been keeping from you, I’m pretty sure it would make sense. And you wouldn’t be mad at me for it.”

         “Right. Of course,” I huff.

         “I’m serious.”

         “I know.” We glare at each other. I raise my chin slightly. “I guess you have to tell me now, since now I’m involved in… whatever is going on.”

         Stiles sighs and nods, dropping his head. He rests his elbows on his knees and stares at the floor. I examine the tense plains of his back through his thin flannel and t-shirt. I get the sense that he’s grasping for the right way to phrase everything.

         “Question,” he says as he straightens, leaning back against his chair. “What else did my dad say?”

         I furrow my brow. “What do you mean?”

         “When he told you that there were things going on that I wasn’t telling you about and he was hounding me to tell you. Did he say anything else?”

         My face burns and the monitor screeches. I’m beginning to really hate that thing.

         Stiles groans. “Oh, God, what?”

         “Well, he came by my house the night that everything…” He nods. “You were missing at the time, so he was looking for you. He told me that you were dangerous and to not let you in if you showed up. I didn’t know why you would come to my house of all places, and he might’ve… said something… about you caring for me.”

         He frowns. “But if he told you that, then why would you think that I liked Lydia?”

         I bite my lip. “Because Void…”

         “You can’t believe anything he tells you.” Stiles interjects. “He’s a trickster, Y/N. All he does is cause trouble.”

         I nod sarcastically. “See, I would’ve known that if you had filled me in.” He rolls his eyes. I let out a loud sigh and slump back against the pillows. “I just thought… you know… since he’s inside you or whatever… he would know what you were thinking.”

         “He knew what I was thinking. It wasn’t that.”


         He licks over his lips and leans forward again, engaged. The thought briefly crosses my mind that I should buy him some chapstick when I get out of here. “The thing that was… is… possessing me is called a Nogitsune. That’s kind of hard to pronounce though. Void is easier to say.”

         He launches into a detailed explanation of the Japanese spirit, how it feeds off of pain and suffering and chaos. He informs me of the Nemeton, how the door was opened inside his mind. He tells me about the constant battle in his head for control, how Void always seems to have one extra move ahead of Stiles.

         “How is all of this even possible?” I whisper when he’s finished. “How can it even be real?”

         “I’ve been asking myself the same thing ever since the bite.”

         I shift my shoulder subconsciously. “The bite?”

         “Oh yeah… Scott… he’s kind of a werewolf.”

         Here comes the part somehow makes everything else make sense. I hear about the misadventure in the woods. I hear about the beginning of the pack. I hear about the scream that started it all. I hear about the hunters and the magic and the monsters.

         When he’s through, he swipes the water glass on my bedside and chugs it. “So now you know everything,” he concludes. “Can you at least try to understand why I kept this all from you?”

         I nod. He offers a sigh of relief, sinking back in the chair.

         Silence. The buzzing of the lights above us. The hum of the monitor. The chatter in the hallway.

         “No questions?” He raises his eyebrows. “You’re just ready to accept all of that?”

         “You forget I’ve seen Void. Twice.” I look him in the eyes. “It’s not that hard to believe there are great evils out there after meeting him.”

         His face falls. His face is so full of sorrow and sympathy that I have to look away.

         Another pause stretches between us. “Can I ask you something?” He’s leaning forward again. He can never stay in the same position for very long. When I nod, he struggles to get the words out. “What exactly did he do to you?”

         I don’t say anything for a moment. I don’t know how to even begin to describe my time with Void. Stiles mistakes my silence for reluctance, so he tries prompting. “Now that you’re involved in all this…” He waves his head around and makes a face. “You’re a part of the pack. And the rest of the pack is going to want to know what happened. And I get that it’s probably hard to talk about, so if you tell me, you won’t have to repeat it. Makes it easier.” He swallows thickly. “Plus… I want to know.”

         I open my mouth but nothing comes out.

         Stiles is antsy. “He didn’t, like…” He doesn’t say the word, merely inclines his head slightly and raises his brows a fraction. “Because I read your injury reports and nothing sounded like that.”

         “No, he didn’t…” I avoid the word too, settling for shaking my head and wrapping my arms around myself. “How did you get access to my files?”

         “…it was more of a covert thing.”

         I scoff. “Covert? As in illegal?”

         “I prefer to define ‘covert’ as ‘no one else knowing about the ways you break the law out of concern for a friend.’”

         I find myself smiling. Typical Stiles.

         “So…” He edges forward until his butt is barely on the seat.

         The smile drops. “I don’t know where to start.”

         “Try the beginning.”

         I roll my eyes. “Okay.” I keep my eyes on the foot of my bed. “I was kind of mad at you when you dropped me off… but I’m assuming now that it was for a pack thing, right?” When he nods, I continue. “So I was having a night-in when your dad came over. You know this part already.” I wave my hand dismissively.

         “After your dad left, I decided to try and give you a call. I went to let Bingo inside, but he didn’t come to the door. I heard music coming from my room so I went to investigate. You… he… Void was sitting on my bed with Bingo in his lap and your cellphone beside him. We exchanged some words, obviously, because I thought it was you and I was mad. But then…” I feel tears stinging at my eyes. “Stiles, he killed Bingo.”

         “Oh no, not Bingo.” I can hear the pain in his voice; Stiles isn’t making fun of me.

         “Yeah,” I whimper, trying to suppress my tears. “And then I was holding his body and Void just… he was throwing me around. Literally. And he was saying these things…” I shake my head, unable to stop crying now. As I retell it all, I’m hit with waves of emotion. “And he got on top of me and-”

         Stiles reaches out to touch my arm, falters, and rests it on the bar lining my bed. “Hey, easy, Y/N. It’s all over, okay? Just calm down.”

         I’m sobbing, curled into myself. I’m unable to say the words, so I yank aside the collar of my dress to reveal my shoulder and neck. “Look what he did to me!” I nearly scream. “That’s never going to go away! I’m going to have that forever!”

         He stares at the circle engraved in my shoulder, a look of pure torture on his face.

         I let go roughly. “And then he choked me. I thought I was going to die. He was choking me. I thought I was going to die.”

         I keep my gaze on the bumps of my knees under the sheets. I sniffle, gradually gaining back some control. “He came to see me a few minutes ago, in a dream… and I know that sounds bizarre, and like it probably wasn’t real, but I know that it was real, Stiles, and-”

         “Hold on a second.” Stiles points a long, battered finger at me. “You said that he came to you in a dream? Like, just before I came in here?” He points to the door and wiggles his finger in a circle as he bites his lower lip.

         “Yes,” I say. “And-”

         “Y/N, I was sleeping in the hallway. Scott’s mom woke me up to come in here.”

         That eerie silence again. I swallow hard. “So you’re saying-”

         “That it was real? That he probably did visit you while we were conked out? Yeah. That’s exactly what I’m saying.” He rubs his palms together. “So what happened? Did you just talk, or-”

         “He broke my wrist.” Stiles blinks, shocked at the finality of the statement. “And we talked… a lot.” I tuck a strand of hair behind my ear. “And at one point he got on top of me, but it was more for just taunting me than anything else. Somehow that was worse.” I don’t mean for the last part to slip out.

         Stiles furrows his eyebrows. “What do you mean? What was he saying?”

         It’s my turn to bite my lip. “Just… the stuff about Lydia. And about you.”

         He raises his chin in understanding. “Got it.” He nods three times very quickly after that, rolling his shoulders forward and placing his elbows on his knees again as he examines the floor. “You know, Y/N, some time we’re going to have to talk about this. I mean really, really talk.”

         “What is there to talk about?” I find myself asking. “You know I care about you. Apparently Void knows, too, because it’s his favorite way to hurt me.”

         “Yeah, but I care about you too.” He runs a hand over his face. “It just really sucks that you had to find out this way.”

         I laugh, but it’s empty.

         Stiles is quiet for a moment – I’ve never seen him remain so still for so long. Then, warily, he brings his hand up and over the railing. I know what he’s doing. I can hear the monitor freaking out on me, but it sounds like a background noise; I can barely hear it over the blood rushing in my ears.

         Slowly, Stiles slips his fingers under my limp hand. They slide between the slots waiting for his, squeezing softly. “Is this okay?” he asks, staring at where we are joined.

         “Yeah,” I manage. It’s the most simple and innocent gesture, one meant to provide comfort and assurance that the one you care about cares for you too and is there. But this is something I’ve imagined for years, something I’ve yearned for with every fiber of my being. And in this moment, with all that we’ve been through, it feels incredibly intimate. I’m on Cloud Nine, the only thing holding me to Earth being Stiles and his warm grip on my hand.

         “We’re going to get through this, okay?” Stiles promises me. “And we’re going to do this together. No more secrets.”

         “No more secrets.” I breathe in total agreement.

         Stiles nods. He brings up my hand to softly kiss the back of it, then lowers it back to the bed and rubs his thumb over the scorching spot. For the first time in a long time, I feel at peace. I feel secure. I feel safe.

Street Rats - Red Hood x Reader

(A/N): I wrote this back in November and only remembered about it now and since school starts tomorrow *cries* and I’ll probably post even less than what I do now, I decided I should post it.

Prompt: The reader is after some criminals but Red Hood got there first.

{(Y/S/N) - your superhero name}

You could feel the cold wind of the night on your neck sending shivers to your whole body. The city was calm, too calm. That was not normal in Gotham. You were on the roof of a building where you thought some criminals where hiding, but they were long gone by now. 

Everything was silent, but your instints told you that someone was behind you. In a quick move, you dodged down and spread your leg while turning around making the person fall. You placed your foot on their chest and looked at their face that was covered by a red helmet. 

“Red Hood” you whispered smirking “ I thought you were faster.”

Without saying a word, he grabbed your foot making you fall and held your hands on top of your head. 

“(Y/S/N), I thought you were smarter” you couldn’t see his face, but you knew he had the same expression you had before.

You furrowed your brows, unpleased with the situation. “What are you doing here anyway” he asked

“None of your business” you spitted.

He placed his hand on his chest as if he was offended. “Ouch” 

You rolled your eyes freeing yourself from his grip and getting up, returning to the same place you were before he arrived. He sit on the edge of the roof looking at you.

“Some criminals. They were hidding right here” you said without looking away from the city lights. “They ran away before I arrived.” 

“Oh, I know” 

“You know?” you looked at him confused.

“Yeah, I kicked their asses hours ago” he shrugged his shoulders like it was no big deal.

“Ugh” you groaned in frustation. “You know how much time I wasted chasing those jerks?” 

“Nop. But analysing the way you are reacting to it, I guess hours.”

“Hours?! Fucking days!” you scream annoyed. “Why do you always have to ruin everything?” even though you guys had never meet before, you had heard about each other, and every single time you failled to catch someone, it was his fault and you knew it. 

“This is not a cinema. The ‘sits are not taken’. I cannot wait and watch those guys hurt people while you are planning a way to catch them. While you take ‘days’ to do something, I take seconds. Easy Peasy.”

“Well I’m sorry if I have a life besides fighting crime!”

“I do too and I still manage to be fast and to do my dutie correctly.”
You were very mad by now. You clenched your firsts thighly trying to control yourself not to punch him. 

“Don’t hold grudges hun.”

“Don’t ‘hun’ me” you growled.

“Moody” he mumbled under his breath “Your parents never told you to be nice to people?” 

You froze. Your family was a hard topic for you and you never really talked about it with anyone. You stood silent, now looking at the ground.“
“No” you simply said

“Well they should’ve.”

“What about YOUR parents? Did they ever tell you to mind your own business?”

Just like you, he didn’t answer.
“It’s a bit hard to talk when you’re dead” you looked at him and could feel the sadness in his eyes.

 “I-I’m sorry, I-”

“Forget it” he interrupted “This was not worth my time” he got up ready to go to another roof when you spooke.

“My parents died too.” 

That made him stop. He was still looking at the closest building’s roof as if he was considering wether he should jump or not. His body relaxed and he looked at you. “Sorry for your loss.” 

You sit on the ground like he did before. You looked at your wrist and played with a simple black bracelet with a golden pendant on it.

“Nice bracelet” he complimented.

“It was a gift from my brother” you smiled.

“You have a brother?” he copied your movements and sit next to you.

“He died.” your smile disappeared.

“Oh” he didn’t know what to say. There was nothing he could say really.
“You know..” he spoke after moments of silence “We never met before, but I admire your strenght.” 

“I’m not strong” you chuckled. “I’ve been through a lot, yes, but that doesn’t make me any or less stronger.I just did what million people have to do every day to survive.” you drew random patterns on the ground with your fingers
“It does” he assured you making you sigh.

“When my parents died, I was 11.” your expression was serious “I had to step up and play the adult. I was forced to grow up” you said looking at nowhere in particular “My brother was counting on me. I couldn’t let him down.”

Jason stood silent remembering his childhood. He was an orphan himself. Just like you, he was on his own and had to fight for his survival. You were both street rats once. He already liked you for sharing the same background story but he respected you and thought you were stronger than him because, not only you had to take care of yourself, but you also had to take care and be responsible for your brother.

“I was a minor, I couldn’t work, so I had to steal everything we needed: food; clothes; sometimes even toilet paper” you let out a small and low laugh remembering certain episodes of your stealing days.

“I get it. I had to do the same”

“What are you doing now?” you asked curious and he seemed hesitant “We are probably never going to see each other again.” you added.

“I have a family now” he answered.

“Oh, you’re married?”

“No no, nothing like that” he laughed. “A man adopted me. I have brothers, sisters, even a buttler!”

“Wow” you smiled “Somebody got lucky.” 

“What about you?”

“Well” you started “I got a job. It wasn’t anything special but it helped me to create a better appearance and health, and eventually got a more decent job. I’ve built my life on my own, and I must say I’m quite happy with the result” you were proud, indeed, but something was missing.

“But.. You’re still alone” Red Hood’s voice eccoed in your head.

You looked at your watch and got up “It’s getting late, I should go.” 

“(Y/S/N)” he called and got incredibly close to you “I just wanna let you know.. You’re not really alone. You can count on me” his voice was serious, you knew he was being honest.

You nodded and smiled. “I’ll keep that in mind. See you around” and with that, you let your body fall off the building and you were able to safely land on the street, starting to run to your house.

I’m not sure if I should make a part 2 or not? I feel like I should but I have no idea if I should make this romantic, friendly? Just leave it like this?? Help me, please.

He said he likes curvy girls!!

Hello, I’m Charly and from Jamaica. One fateful night I found your blog and you’ve nourished me with so much hope ever since. 

Today I got back from a Korean camp, basically what that is is a three-days cultural exchange program, where we learn dance, language, Taekwondo, try Korean cuisine, and play games. 

When I got there, I was shaking SO MUCH. Literally. I couldn’t even write my name and information properly at the registration desk because I was so excited (didn’t even eat this morning). The girl at the table was so concerned for my well-being. She said, “You’re shaking! Are you okay?”

Anyway, I registered and went into the room and was at the front of the class during the language session and from I got in, the guy who was leading that session wouldn’t stop looking at me. And I looked right back - such an attentive pupil I was. He was such a cutie too with like a bob hairstyle and he picked me when he wanted a volunteer to try saying “I like you”. Whenever he needed examples, he looked at me and picked the water bottle I had or the color of my blouse. That was cute.

So anyway, get to the dancing part and I was feeling the dance so much. The three persons they had leading that session are SUCH GOOD DANCERS, especially the boy. I caught him idly doing an EXO choreography (his name is Luke and we took pictures, exchanged Facebook names plus he loves the Jamaican dialect so we actually had a conversation in patois SO AMAZING).

Then one of the guys came up to me during the dance break and was like “You dance so well.” and he looked me up and down and we talked for a bit. Don’t remember his name but he was nice. 

Then came Ben. He is really a looker and my friend that went the first two days told me a lot about him and also told him about me so I told him and he just latched on to me. 

He asked me if I had a boyfriend and when I said no, he was surprised like “What! Why??” So when I wouldn’t answer (cause my answer to that question isn’t some simple reason) he was like “You don’t like guys?” So I said, “Yes of course I do! I love them!” and he laughed. 

Then I found out he had a girlfriend, which really didn’t matter cause he went straight into “I like Jamaican girls.“ 

"Pause…pause…say what now???”

And he gave me this really cute smile, “Yes I like them. Jamaican girls are so curvy. Korean women are so flat!” And he made the gesture too like a sharp hand drop. I almost died!

We continued talking for awhile about a BUNCH of stuff, he made me try on his glasses and even made me drink from his water bottle. It was almost too much. After that, he was just shadowing me and watching me wherever I went, although he continued doing his duties as the photographer. But whenever I went to sit with some of the Koreans, he flew right over to get in on the conversation and took more pictures with me and the group. 

We made a heart in one of the pictures and he was like “Please, please don’t upload this to facebook.” But I don’t post pictures anyway, I hardly even use facebook lol.

At the end I gave him and this girl a bracelet each from the bunch I had on my wrist because I really liked them.He was disappointed when I had to go and hugged me.

Wonder what he’s gonna tell his girlfriend about the bracelet when he gets back to Korea…if he still has it anyway LOL.

Exo Scenario: Jealous with Sehun ~

Scenario where the other character is an idol and she kind of has a thing with Sehun, and they’re kind of dating (secretly), and Sehun already got her a promise bracelet, but she gets jealous of the Ceci photoshoot with Irene. And then…can you also squeeze in the MAMA awards where the reader performs with her group a song like Run Devil Run by SNSD, and the whole time Sehun is looking at her and getting really frustrated. And Chanyeol and Baekhyun tease him about it, without making it obvious to everyone else. After the performance, when the reader and her group return to their seats, right between EXO and BTS. The reader completely ignores EXO (mostly Sehun) and only talks to Jungkook. You can figure out the rest, sorry that this is long! But thank you!

Wow this is really long (I shouldn’t be surprised because I know who this is from). I really hope you like this and let me know what you think of it :) I hope it comes out the way that you want it to!

You felt like laughing and crying at the same time. You wanted to cry because he looked so damn good in those pictures, but he wasn’t standing next to you. He wasn’t holding you like he was…her. The two of them looked so gorgeous in the Ceci photoshoot. And you could not do anything but cry over how good he looked - how good they both looked - and wonder if he liked her more than he liked you. 

It wasn’t any better, the fact that the two of you had to hide your relationship. Being in different companies was one part of it, but if the fans found out that Sehun was dating, they would be throwing hissy fits. And you did not want that on your hands. You didn’t want to have to deal with his crazed, jealous fans, and you were sure that he didn’t want to do that, either. But that was really no matter at all, at least, not right now.

Right now, all you were worried about was Irene and Sehun. Your heart kept sputtering every time you glanced at those pictures, and you felt a little guilty for wanting to hurt her because she was so close to your boyfriend.

Twisting your promise bracelet around on your wrist, you wondered if you should just throw the stupid thing out, or sell it. You hadn’t seen him in a few weeks because of his group schedule, though you knew that award season was coming up and you would see him plenty there. Your manager had told you and the other girls that you would be sitting between EXO and BTS, so you were obviously going to be very close to him.

But you still felt like absolute trash while looking at those photos…

When you ever heard that you would be performing your group’s song Jealous at the MAMA awards, you felt pretty smug. You knew that Sehun’s eyes would be on you and you knew that it was the perfect song to perform, especially with the emotions roiling through you thanks to the Ceci shoot. 

Practicing the dance in rehearsals had you riled up enough, you couldn’t imagine being out on stage and looking out at the crowd as Sehun watched your every move. The two of you needed to be discreet about your relationship, but you were sure that everyone’s eyes would be on you and the rest of the girls. The lyrics were bad enough, wait till they got to see the dance for it…

You hadn’t called in a few days and Sehun was getting worried that you were upset with him. He knew how you felt about him being around other girls, so he had to guess this sudden cold shoulder was about the photoshoot he had done with Irene of Red Velvet. You shouldn’t have been angry about it, but here you were, not answering his calls or texts. Eventually, he stopped trying to reach out to you.

“Sehun we’re going to be late.” Suho hyung called from the other room, telling the maknae that they needed to get going to the award ceremony. Even when he had extra time to prepare, he was still trying hard not to think of you every minute of the day, which only proved to distract him more than usual. But he was still worried about you and wondered if he would get the chance to speak to you - if only briefly - at the ceremony. You were going to be sitting next to his group…

At the actual award show, Sehun couldn’t keep his eyes off of you. And it wasn’t just because you looked stunning, but because you were completely ignoring him. He knew the rules the two of you had set up, to act as if you barely knew the other except in private, but this was a little much.

“What did you do wrong this time?” Baekhyun asked as he whispered to his dongsaeng, a smile displaying on his lips. Sehun’s eyebrows mashed together because he really didn’t know what he had done wrong. 

“It’s not funny, hyung.” Sehun nearly whined, his tone quiet so as not to alert anyone of what they were talking about. But Chanyeol heard their conversation and decided to join in.

“She really is ignoring you.” he mentioned, all three of them glancing over to where you were seated with your other group members. You were far enough away that you couldn’t hear their conversation, but close enough that Sehun could see how beautiful you looked. And he hated it - mostly because he couldn’t tell you in public, but also because he couldn’t go over there to show everyone that you were his.

Neither of them really got to say anything else on the matter before you were disappearing to get ready for your performance. Sehun wasn’t sure if he should be excited for it, or dreading it because of how good he knew that you would look.

When your group finally went on stage, after making sure that everything was ready and the mics were working, you noticed how intently Sehun was staring at the stage, just waiting for you to come up. You didn’t have to force your wide smile then.

You laughed briefly before the music started and the lights changed to focus on you…

Maybe it was the all-black outfits, or just the way you moved during the song that had Sehun’s eyes glued to you. But he couldn’t let his eyes off of you for a second, and his hyungs made sure to tease him about it, saying things like you were trying to get him jealous - a play off of the title of your song track - or that you were trying to entice all of the other boys in the room, too. Sehun got frustrated listening to them, but even more so while watching you. 

It made it even worse when you started to come closer, going where the stage transformed into the seating area. But it wasn’t him you came towards. It was BTS.

He had to wonder if you just had a thing for the maknaes of every group, or if you were genuinely trying to get him jealous and angry. You smiled and danced for Jungkook, which only had the shy eighteen year old blushing and trying to look away - though even he couldn’t as you danced to your song. Sehun’s eyebrows rose in concern, wanting to pull you away from the boy and back toward him. He had never really been the possessive type, but you were testing his patience. 

When the song ended and your group returned to your seats, after several rounds of applause and screaming from your fans in the audience, Sehun looked over to see if you were actually going to speak to him this time.

But you still ignored him - this time talking to Jungkook and the other members of Bangtan.

Baekhyun made a comment that the boy was trying to steal his girl away, but that didn’t make any of this better. Sehun realized that you were just doing this because of the Ceci shoot, though the actual magazine wouldn’t be coming out until February. You had still seen the pictures though, and Sehun knew that you were upset. You were just trying to get back at him.

And it was working…

After the award show, Sehun pulled you away discreetly from your members, saying that he just wanted to borrow you for a second. Both his members and yours watched as the two of you ducked behind a sign. It was a good thing that both groups knew of your relationship, or it would have raised questions.

“What was that about?” he asked, nodding his head toward the direction of the stage, talking about your obvious flirting with Jungkook and your even more obvious way of trying to avoid him.

“What do you mean?” and you tried to act innocent, but both of you knew that you were lying. His mouth set in a hard line before you folded your arms across your chest and finally explained yourself, “You deserved it.” and with that as an explanation, he appeared even more confused.

“What did I even do? If this is about the photoshoot…” but he wasn’t even able to continue his sentence before you were interrupting him.

“Of course it’s about the photoshoot! You were all over her!” and your hands balled up into fists at the thought. You thought you had been okay, but now all of your emotions were being brought back and you just wanted to punch someone. And you didn’t want it to be Sehun…at least, not really.

“You’re seriously jealous of her?” he asked, letting out a small chuckle before he was shaking his head, “That’s why you’ve been ignoring me for the past few days, acting like I don’t even exist out there, and then flaunting yourself in front of other idols?”

You shook your head, “Don’t put all of the blame on me, not when you looked like that and she looked like…” Irene had looked beautiful and you couldn’t even lie about it. Not to his face, or even in your own thoughts. Sehun let out a strangled laugh.

“So what? She isn’t the one I love.” he was shaking his head violently, and then reaching up to cradle your face in his too-large hands. His elegant fingers encapsulated your entire face, stroking your cheeks, “I love you. And you should know that. I would never leave you for her - never leave you for anyone.” and he pointed down at the promise bracelet that you had refused to take off, “Doesn’t this mean anything to you?”

You stood absolutely still for several minutes before you were nodding and leaning forward, leaning into him. You buried your face in his chest and curled your hands and fingers up around his neck. You heard him sigh and heard the beat of his heart. It was racing in his chest.

“I love you.” he murmured, and it sounded like enough of an apology that you decided to take it as one. You apologized too.

“I’m sorry.” but Sehun wouldn’t have your apology, instead he sought your lips and captured them with his own, silencing any further apology you had on your mind, or any words at all really.

“Don’t be.” he murmured.