when boys make you feel safe

cute animal facts to cheer you up:
  • cats “headbutt” people because they make them feel safe, or they trust them.
  • when puppies play fight, boy puppies will often let girl puppies win.
  • the grizzly bear’s name comes from the word “grizzled” which means ‘streaked with gray hair’.
  • wombat poo is cube-shaped to stop it from rolling away…
  • dogs will sneeze to tell other dogs that they’re playing, so when they’re playing rough it doesn’t turn into a fight.
  • gray squirrels bury nuts all over the place, and often forget them, growing new trees. this makes them more ecologically friendly than red squirrels, who store nuts in piles on the ground which don’t take root.
  • infant pygmy marmosets babble to develop their language skills, similarly to the way human babies babble.
  • two-toed sloths cannot shiver to stay warm like other mammals due to their low metabolic rates and little muscle tissue.
  • yawning is infectious because it supplies a method for the most sleepy to forcefully communicate their need for rest and thus ensures that the group rests/sleeps together.
  • baby dolphins have spines on the sides of their tongue. the spines zip up to make a straw so that they can drink the mother’s milk without getting salt water in it.
  • when a rabbit is happy it will sometimes jump in the air twist it’s body. this is called a binky.
  • the red panda uses its long bushy tail not only for balance, but also as a blanket during chilly winter nights.
  • baby japanese macaques make snowballs. they do not use them for any survival purposes, they just like to have fun.
  • manatee calves nurse underwater from teats under their mothers flippers.
  • baby elephants will suck their own trunks for comfort. 

It’s ok to have birth-certificate days. 💛💛You aren’t less valuable or valid if your appearance “matches” the assumptions people make about you. You can look boy-butch, or fem, or something else, whenever you need to…
We all want to challenge the system.
We all want to preach the truth about the fluidity and floppiness of gender.
And some days, all the work that goes into PROVING YOU EXIST might be too much. Some days, you want to feel safe and not have people stare or threaten you. And that’s ok! Warriors and crusaders refuel and take breaks. And your identity is fluid after all, right? There will be times when the liquid of your identity looks like it reinforces what the world assumes about gender. People will look at you and see “boy” or “girl” and they won’t see the full rainbow of who you are.
BUT KNOW THIS: constantly snatching the gender-truths that people cling to out of their grasping hands can be exhausting. Its not always your job to be snatching. It’s ok to take a break. You are no less valid or heroic for wearing whatever you wear💛💛😊

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can you do headcanons for richie who grew too tall, too quickly, and he's now super self-conscious?


oh btw idk if you ship reddie/stozier or anything like that but i do lmao #notsorry

-so, contrary to popular belief, richie wasn’t always the giant beanstalk we all love to visualize him as 

-in fact he was only about 3 inches taller than eddie all through middle school 

-but there was one summer where someone must’ve slipped miracle-gro into his food or something because he shot up like a tree

-he became so tall so fast that his pants became capris, his blankets didn’t completely cover him at night, and he kept hitting his head on cupboard doors and the roofs of his friend’s cars

-this was the time where people started to notice how unconventionally attractive he was. he didn’t lose the geeky glasses and ugly hawaiian shirts til much later, but the height was definitely something that attracted some attention. 

-too much attention, if you asked richie. 

-he felt like everyone could see him. and it wasn’t like richie didn’t like getting attention, his entire demeanor is a result of not getting sufficient attention at home.

-but this growth spurt he had caused him to feel something in his chest. something painful and tight. richie felt like he just didn’t belong anymore. none of the other losers had grown yet, the way richie towers over them all makes him feel like a giant and he hates it. 

-in richie’s mind, he takes up a lot of space. he dominates every atmosphere he’s in because he’s just so damn tall

-the real reason he’s afraid of being so tall, which he doesn’t realize until much later, is because his father is a tall man. tall and angry. richie tries his best not to use his height to his advantage. 

-imagine reddie in a fight okay. they’re arguing over something stupid while in eddie’s room and it’s getting heated. 

-”richie, listen to me!”

-”no you listen to me!” 

-richie doesn’t notice that he’s towering over eddie until it’s too late. eddie’s back is already against the wall, a slightly terrified look on his face. 

-and that’s when richie realizes that he’s too much like his father, using his body as a way to spur fear and compliance. that’s something his father had always done to him, a technique he swore he’d never adopt. and that’s when it all comes crumbling down. 

-eddie takes him into his arms, discarding any anger he may have felt moments ago. he tries to console his boyfriend by promising that he’s not afraid, swearing that he knows he would never hurt him. but richie just feels so hurt, he feels as if his father is hiding somewhere in his body and controlling everything inside.

-that night is the first night that richie is the little spoon. eddie struggled to get a comfortable hold on his boy, despite richie attempting to make himself as compact as possible, but he never complained. 

-richie goes a few more months feeling lanky and awkward and humongous before the rest of his friends begin to grow too. 

-the only thing in the world that can make 6-foot richie feel small and protected is when he gets the occasional hug from 6′3″ stan. 

-in conclusion, all my children are safe and loved and alive. 

don’t exactly know if this is how you wanted it but it’s an attempt! thanks a bunch for requesting!

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He's FTM, starting on hormones but not surgeries or anything yet. So he wears a binder (which Tony is like "dude you'll damage yourself wearing one under he shit give me two days I'll make you one safe to wear" in my own hc) :)

Prev. ask- So I think I’m gonna write trans!Peter Parker with Dad Tony being stupidly supportive and Peter being emotional about it. Anything you headcannon for that scenario??? I want it to be longer :P

Okay! Okay! So!

  • As Soon As Tony finds out, he starts calling Peter by nicknames that are inherently masculine- son, dude, my guy, boy, etc. He’s a little shit so he never actually calls Peter ‘Spiderman’, but it’s always ‘Spiderboy’ or ‘The Friendly Spiderdude’.
  • Peter gets incredibly self-conscious when he cries, because he feels like he’s not being ‘masculine’ enough. Tony calmly sits him down and tells him that he probably cries just as much as Peter does, but last time he checked, he was still a guy.
  • Literally for real don’t mess with pronouns when Tony’s around he will chew you up and spit you the fuck out before you have time to fucking blink.

  • Calls Aunt May regularly to recommend some of the best tailors In New York, who can get Peter clothes which will effectively cover some areas and emphasise others
  • General Aunt May and Tony teamups. includes multiple high-fives and Proud Faces™

  • Happy finds out. Happy shrugs. Happy offers to teach Peter how to box. That Is All That Is Said.
  • Oh Hey Look Tony Is Now Seen Giving 11 Minute Lecture on Trans Issues Before Sticking His Middle Finger Up At Asshole Reporter And Storming Off.
  • Also How Did Those 8 New Charities Dedicated To Helping Trans Youths Get There Tony. Aunt May Why Are You Designing Them Shirts.

  • Seriously. Just. Don’t fuck with pronouns around any of Peter’s Friends. They will fuck you up so damn hard. Oh My god rip.
  • One time Tony and Peter bump into Flash. Flash mutters something about Peter being a princess. U can literally….tangibly see Tony’s temper like….Physically Blowing Up but before he can even turn around Peter has just rolled his eyes and pulled out a coin from his pocket. Not even turning around, he hauls it full-force. It hits Flash in the hand- the hand that is holding a bag full of groceries. He drops them with a yell. Food Everywhere. Cars stopping in the middle of the road. Mayhem. Peter grins. Asks Flash if he’s willing to admit This Princess could hand you your ass on a dinner plate without even trying.

  • Tony has never been more proud in his entire life ever.
You guys!

Henrik took it upon himself to make Tarjei feel comfortable. He knew that Tarjei was four years younger than him and took responsibility for his comfort. He knew that he needed to be someone Tarjei could trust and feel safe with. He knew that Tarjei should be in control. He was just like, “I am here for YOU, bud.”

And Even make sure Isak was comfortable. He was so, so patient, always checking to make sure Isak was okay with what was happening. And he never took it personally when Isak was hesitant. He made Isak feel safe and loved. He was just like, “I respect you and you’re in charge.”

Henrik’s complete lack of ego about the entire thing is incredible. He gives all the credit to Julie and has no idea how incredible he is. Of course Tarjei felt safe with him. He exudes warmth and gentleness and accommodation. He is a human angel. 

I can’t. I have too many feelings. This show and these boys and these characters are too much. 

(Shout out to @xionin for helping me process said feelings and @screamteam for screaming with me about them.)

future looks good

hello this is part two to let’s hurt tonight. i’ve decided this is going to be a five part mini series so there’s definitely more to this. i hope you like it!!!


questions, comments, concerns

You’re just finishing lighting the last candle when the front door slams. You frown, Harry never slams the door. 

“Honey?” You call uncertainly down the stairs.

“Yeah.” He responds and his voice is rough and sharp.

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Can I request headcanons for the Sincerely Three's reactions to their kid's first day of school?


• okay I know it’s cliche but let’s be real, Connor has a little girl that he is super over protective about
• like just the thought of someone being mean to her gets him sO mAd
• and when you make jokes about her dating when she gets to high school makes him legit angry
• he just loves his baby girl so much
• aNyWaYs
• she is probably wearing something really cute like a pair of overalls and pink shoes
• and she definitely got her hair from Connor like brown little curls so you put them up in pigtails
• both you and Connor drop her off but Connor insists on walking her inside
• she hold two of his long fingers in her tiny lil baby hands while she skips down the school side walk
• every one is hella confused watching bc Connor is wearing a black outfit and is walking w a kid who has pink shoes and pigtails
• before enrolling his daughter into kindergarten, he scoped out all the best schools
• like he read all of the reviews
• he just wants the best for his baby
• when he walks her in, he talks to the teacher and makes sure that your daughter is safe
• He WaItS aLL dAy On YoUr FrOnT sTeP fOr HeR tO gEt OfF tHe BuS sO hE cAn MeEt HeR AW

• i feel like you guys would have twins or something like one girl and one boy??
• for this sake let’s just name them Benjamin and Jane
• so you would be taking care of the kids and getting them ready while Jared makes breakfast
• he’s downstairs wearing a “kiss me, I’m Jewish” apron and flipping bacon and pancakes
• you guys aren’t nervous at all
• in fact you are hella excited for your kiddos
• jared bought them matching PacMan lunch boxes and Mario backpacks
• your kids are definitely dressed in style and the teachers at the elementary school talk about it all the time (they love you guys!!)
• you would have to go to work or something so jared would be walking them to school
• he would put Jane on his shoulders and hold Benjamin’s little hand
• they would sing songs the whole way there
• then at dinner time, Jared would be home cooking dinner and would be listening to their first day
• when you come home from work he’s helping them w homework
• then when you go to bed he would be babbling on about how ridiculous homework is for the first day of kindergarten

• you guys would have a little boy and he would look just like Evan
• Evan would probs be shitting himself because he was never the most popular in school
• and he’s always had a bad experience
• you, on the other hand, had a pretty big group of friends at school. So you weren’t worried.
• your son was very talkative and was not shy at all
• hE hAs a LiTtLe LiSp bEcAuSe EvAn HaD oNe As a KiD tOo OkAy dOnT fIgHt Me On ThIs
• Evan would get your son ready for school, gelling his hair and they would pretend to shave because !!! Father bonding time is so important to Evan !!!!!
• anyways
• Evan would walk your son to the bus stop
• he would tell him all the dangers about taking candy from strangers, etc
• your son would come home and have tons of stories about all the friends he made
• like he was so sociable and that next weekend he already had a play date planned
• your son made Evan and you so proud

BTS reaction to you being shy


If he knew you were shy, Jin would always make sure you never had to talk in public if you didn’t want to. He’d order your meals for you and ask questions at stores for you. Anything to keep you comfortable. He would just make sure that you’re safe and that you’re happy with him. “Don’t you worry! You won’t have to say a word if your uncomfortable! I’ll keep you safe, princess!”

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Yoongi would understand why you’re so shy. People are just terrible, and both of you know better than anybody why. He would tell people to leave you alone if they were bothering you or upsetting you. He would like that you only opened up to him. “Don’t you be shy around me, though, okay? We’re safe together.”

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Hobi would try to get you out of your comfort zone while trying to respect your shyness. He wouldn’t push you too far, but try to encourage you to talk more. When you did he would praise you happily and make a big deal about you moving forward. If you said no, he would nod with a comforting smile and do all the talking for you. “I can talk for both of us when we’re with people! Don’t worry!”

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Namjoon is rather introverted himself, so he would understand. He would think it’s cute how shy you were and always try his best to keep you out of uncomfortable situations. He would rub your back and make sure you knew he’s right there for you. “You got this, baby. Don’t worry about them. Just pretend you’re talking to me.”

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Jimin would be the cute protective little mochi he is. He would be super defensive for you and wouldn’t let anybody pressure you into talking. He knew if you wanted to talk, you would. When you didn’t, he made sure that everybody knew that they couldn’t make you. “They won’t force you to talk if you don’t want, princess. You just keep looking cute~!”

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Tae would try to push you to be more outgoing, too. He would try to make you dance with him in public, sing and be a little more loud than normal. He would just try to let you be yourself around everybody like you were with him. “I love how you are, jagi~! You should let everybody see how amazing you are~!”

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He wouldn’t mind that you were shy. He knew how you were with him and how comfortable you were with only him. It made him feel really special that you were safe with him. Jungkook would make sure you were comfortable when you were out and always tell you comforting words. “Shhh… I’m right here. I promise.” He’d say, giving you a soft kiss.

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|| stall me ||

[request prompt: Can you do a Peter x Reader where he chooses Michelle over you and then the reader ends up dying/getting hurt and he feels terrible for it and regrets his decision (I love michelle I just need angst! lol)]

inspired by {{stall me}} by panic! at the disco ♡ ♡ ♡

tags [permanent + peter parker]: @ghostedwolf , @preciousnewt , @lovelybaka , @animexchocolate, @fandom-flash , @psychicwitchphilosopher , @pharaohkiller , @moonlight53 , @literatureandimmature, @daydr3ams-away, @wannabe-weasley , @mcusebstan , @tmrhollandkay , @pepcvina , @nekonerdxox , @lokigirl18 , @fangeekkk , @kylielo22 , @wavy-ley , @lghockey , @buckysendoftheline , @1022bridgetp , @potterjamesharry , @mcheung0314 , @samanthasmileys , @melconnor2007 , @wingsanddarkness , @tiny-friggin-human , @anastasiaannaa , @superheros-movies-and-books , @chuckennuggets1213 , @raindancer2004

warnings: minor spoilers for homecoming

**please don’t repost/plagiarize this story. Reblogs are fine**


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Having a baby with Remus Lupin would include
  • Telling him you were pregnant for his birthday
  • Him thinking you were joking at first but finally understanding you were not
  • Not so manly tears, lots and lots of hugs and kisses
  • Him being the happiest man on Earth but still terrified your baby would end up having a « furry little problem » too
  • You telling him to stop worrying and that if it happened, you would handle it like bosses because that’s what you were, a team
  • The boys and Lily being so excited when you both told them, immediatly starting to fight to know who the baby would be named after
  • « You stole my man so you could at least name the baby after me Y/N ! » Sirius would tell you
  • Remus and you agreeing on making Sirius the godfather so he would stop whining

Originally posted by couplenotes

  • Remus watching your belly grow day by day, whispering sweet things to your future baby while you would play with his hair
  • Him being overprotective during all your pregnancy and insisting on doing all the chores
  • « I hope he will have his mother’s smile, because I love it. » he would say, « What if it’s a she ? » you would laugh « … it can be a she ?! »
  • Preparing the future baby’s room together, and Remus being very clumsy would surely hurt himself trying to build the bed and the rest on his own
  • Laughing so hard at his overdramatic reaction « I think I broke my nose with that stupid shelf, that’s not funny Y/N »

Originally posted by alevay

  • Finally, you would give birth to a healthy and beautiful little girl
  • Remus wanting her middle name to be Hope, like his mother
  • Remus first being petrified, overwhelmed by too much happiness to think straight
  • Him not knowing how to touch her because he would be scared to do something wrong and hurt her
  • Your babygirl crying whenever he would leave the room and touching the scars on his face with her tiny fingers, making the both of you smile
  • Lily and James giving you a dreamcatcher as a present, Peter offering a small pair of shoes and Sirius shyly handing you a stuffed animal that looked more like a potato than anything else
  • « I made it myself, it’s me as Padfoot. I know it looks a bit weird but I did my best… »
  • It would be the only toy your daughter wanted, and she wouldn’t be able to sleep without it
  • Remus singing her to sleep, making you fall in love with him a little more everytime

Originally posted by loversareeverywhere

  • Living in a small and cozy house in the middle of nowhere, but not that far from Sirius and James and Lily’s place
  • Remus changing her diapers for the first time
  • He would pass out
  • Sleeping together, your daughter between the two of you on the bed
  • Remus watching you both sleep peacefully, finally feeling home and truly loved
  • During his first Full Moon since you became parents, he would go as far from your home as possible, the boys coming with him as animagi like when you were at Hogwarts
  • You being relieved when he would come back safe, helping him healing his wounds before going to bed and cuddling
  • You would still have your little moments, just the two of you while Sirius would play the role of the babysitter (he loved it)
  • « Who’s gonna have the best time of her life with uncle Sirius while mommy and daddy make you a little bro ? Yes baby that’s you. »

Originally posted by in-da-tardis

  • Your first Christmas as a family, wearing horrible Christmas pullovers and secretly liking it
  • Decorating the Christmas tree together, your daughter on Remus’ shoulders putting a little star on top of it
  • Spending wintery nights by the fireplace
  • Taking a lot of pictures and filling many albums with them
  • Sirius secretely trying to make her say his name as her first word, and he would succeed
  • Remus being in shock when she would say « Sirius » before « daddy » or anything else
  • Having a snowball fight with him as a revenge, while you watched the two young men from the inside of your house with your little girl in your arms
  • Just being happy
  • Being home
  • Being a family

I’m sorry I had to delete it and post it again ! 

Because Remus as a dad is just too good, thanks for requesting anon, I hope you like it.xx

I just hit 70 followers, you guys are amazing. Credits to the gifs owners/makers.

Link to my last Remus would include.

Boys+egos x Chubby! Reader

So my girl Rip got some anon bs sent to her about how the boys and their egos/dark characters wouldn’t like “fat chicks” and it made me angry enough to write this?

A/N: I romanticize the egos but I don’t make them stop being killers? It’s a classic ‘bad boys with a soft spot’ trope. Sue me. Also I didn’t write every ego because that’s soooo many.

- he loves??? Everyone?? So much???
- Like he loves his friends and his family and Chica and his subcribers
- And obvi he loves you and every curve and roll and stretch mark
- But like, it’s not just about how fucking beautiful you are, he also loves your laugh and smile and personality
- You’re still a person your weight isn’t what matters to him

- Probably will torture/kill someone if they look at you wrong
- Judge-y look? dead
- Lust-y look? Super dead
- Wants every single bit of you to himself
- Loves seeing you in clothes that show off your body (but only when you wear them for him)

- His dream date with you is going to different dessert places with you and then killing people while you sample different cakes and ice creams
- Loves making you laugh and smile
- Literally doesn’t understand why someone wouldn’t like you just because of your weight
- Wilf:“but you’re amazing?” 

- He’s blind but he still knows what you look like and loves you and your body
- He really loves holding you and cuddling you
- Whispers in your ears a lot

- Almost cries when you tell him that people are sometimes assholes to you because of the way you look
- it frustrates the fuck out of him because people shouldn’t be so shallow and stupid
- But also he just really loves you a lot
- He’s a good green bean
- Gives amazing hugs
- Shuts down any and all hate regarding you and his subs create a defense squad for you because they love you too.
- all around good boy

- If someones a jerk to you he’ll fuck up their computer and phone for weeks
- Constantly spamming them to quit being a dick
- He makes you feel really safe and loved and adored tbh
- forehead kisses for days
- loves to give you hugs from behind
- like he’ll sneak up on you just to hug you
- and then he’ll hiss at anyone who gets close to you
- like a cat

- As long as you’re happy he’s happy
- he absolutely loves you and wound’t change anything about you
- tall boi is an A+ boyfriend
- y’all are always doing super cute things #smilealways
- he likes to keep your relationship private but lowkey loves it when the team posts cute pics of you two in their instagram stories

  • still disgusted that people would have the audacity to mob NCT127 after their first performance at kconLA. do you think they'll willingly comeback after that? Of course not. They'll always be extra worried when they visit again and probably never feel safe. Don't even get me started about Mark. This poor 18 year old boy, who wants nothing more than to make music and share it with everyone, had to deal with his supposed "fans" taking away his personal space to the point where he was afraid... everyone at that airport should be ashamed.
Well... Here’s the thing...

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Written by Christina

Category: Fluff

Word Count: 1972

Request: Hi dear! I was hoping I could request a Peter Parker imagine where the Reader is super shy and is Tony’s niece and they are up late studying together at Peter and May’s apartment (the Reader and Peter are together) and she misses her curfew and May insists that she stays over since it’s late and Tony gets mad and protective when he finds out the next morning? It would just be really cute and Peter would worry about the Reader and make sure she is okay and feels safe with him? Made by @thecoffeestudyblr

A/N: Here you go! Sorry, Danielle and I haven’t posted in a while. We weren’t writing anything good, so we made the mutual decision to post when we can write something good, so we won’t post as often as we started. Please please PLEASE let us know if you have any criticism. We would love feedback, positive or negative. 

“Peter, I’m telling you, the answer is 2x,” you said, resisting the urge to throw your calculus book at the boy sprawled on the floor across from you. Peter sighed and shook his head, his eyes closed.

“(Y/N), I’m telling you, the answer is 3,” Peter answered, his tone calm and even. There was a hint of sympathy in his eyes as he finally opened them, glancing at you. He seemed saddened by the fact that the two of you were disagreeing. You turned your gaze from Peter and his big doe brown eyes and stared at the pile of papers in front of your crossed legs.

“I did the thing minus the thingy over ‘h’,” You answered, staring at your paper, your insecurity over your math-solving skills creeping up. You buried your hands in your hair, refusing to look at Peter, knowing you were going to get that look; the look that made you weak at the knees and you completely melt inside. You felt Peter shift across the floor, careful not to touch your papers and crinkle them as he scooted over to sit next to you. You caught a whiff of his cologne; faint, but enough for you to notice. You savored the smell as Peter leaned over, planting his hand on the floor, behind your back, and tilted his head to look at your paper. You stiffened slightly at how close he was, but you knew he didn’t mean anything by it, so you tried to hide your thumping heart and trembly fingers as best you could.

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neighbor!monsta x

author’s note: let’s just blame @wangpuppo for enabling me to write this mess.

read under the cut for more~



  • the relatively quiet neighbor
  • very self-sufficient, can cook like eggs, bacon, and rice pretty well
  • does his own laundry and usually likes to kick back, watch some tv when he has nothing else to do
  • his friends love to come over and pester him so sometimes he pretends he’s not home
  • will even fall asleep when he’s hiding from minhyuk or jooheon
  • sometimes you forget he lives in the building bc literally no sound comes from that side of the wall
  • well, not always (you found this one out come about a week into your arrival into the complex)
  • so unknown to everyone else’s knowledge except his buds that inhabit the building, hyunwoo’s actually a dance instructor
  • a lot of the time he’ll actually do his routines at home, often having to rearrange furniture and play the dance song and all, and unfortunately, this means making a lot of…. sounds
  • this is the first time you’re experiencing this so you’re actually not sure what to think considering you’ve just moved in next door
  • all you hear is the furniture getting moved about and music starts playing and oh god you hear grunting too
  • you’re actually very sure you heard someone enter his apartment too though you can’t really hear their voices
  • it’s not like you tried to hear it or anything though you admit your neighbor’s extremely attractive you’re seriously not trying to think of what he’s doing and why he’s being so goddamn loud and oh god it’s like the fifth time in a row you hear the next bout of music and grunts and you’re actually a little traumatized
  • for the most part, you try not thinking about it whenever you see him but jesus it’s too hard when you’re grabbing your mail and he comes out looking all sweaty and exhausted and yeah nope abort
  • you do your best to avoid making eye contact with him even if he’s your super attractive neighbor with nice arms and a nice smile :(
  • the only time you’ll ever notice him is if he sees someone (either you or one of the elderly tenants) struggling to carry some things like groceries and he’ll be there in a flash
  • like you were at the entrance with like two boxes stacked from your old place and hyunwoo just appeared and said “oh!! lemme help you with that”
  • and of course you couldn’t really say no bc he’s already taking them from you and already making his way up the stairs since the elevator would be under renovation and he actually makes an effort to chat with you about life and how you like it in the building and even though you feel awkward about remembering that tidbit he apologizes for always dancing so late and probably blasting his music so loud
  • and you’re like “wait what”
  • and he goes “well, yeah i’m sure you’ve noticed the music! i’m a dance instructor so i practice a lot and my friends come by since they dance too so if we’re loud then i apologize-”
  • you’re just like “oh thank god”
  • him: o: “what”
  • you sheepishly admit you thought he was having sex for like five hours straight and he really almost drops your stuff in shock and he cheeks get all beet red and he’s stammering like that isn’t possible
  • and you just laugh, trying to calm him because you’re just grateful he wasn’t banging someone for that long so many times a night
  • and he goes “i assure you i’m very single” and oh dear lord he really actually set the boxes down at your doorway to facepalm
  • and you just wink at him and say, “well, i’m glad. i’ll see you around, hyunwoo! maybe you can teach me a dance or two~”

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Cuddles Headcanon:

Requested: no

Warning/s: none

Authors note: dedicated to @maybe-its-5sos

  • Okay let me tell you all about the story of Damian “The Surprisingly Cuddly Teddy Bear” Wayne 
  •  When you two are sleeping together this boy will not let you get out of his hold  
  • If you even try to move an inch he will tighten the hold 
  •  He’s like a snake tbh 
  • “Ugh habibti stop moving so much” 
  •  “Can’t, I need to use the bathroom” 
  •  After about five minutes he would finally let you get up 
  •  But the only condition is that you get back in his arms asap
  • Surprisingly his snake hold is your favourite
  • It makes you feel safe and protected  
  •  Dami has low-key no chill when you’re cooking something 
  •  He would randomly come behind you, hug your waist, put his head on your shoulder and kiss your neck all over 
  •  Aside from the bed cuddles, your second favourite has to be the couch cuddles 
  •  You in between his legs, leaning against his broad chest, his fingertips grazing over your skin slightly and watching a movie together
  • Your third favourite cuddles are when he gets back from patrol
  • It’s a combination of bed cuddles and couch cuddles
  • But this time you’re the one not letting him go
  •  You don’t want to lose him again
  •  I think Damian uses cuddles to express his genuine love for you 
  •  And, let’s be honest, you love his cuddles just as much as you love him

okay here’s the thing.

i’ve been seeing people really … hate? on people who want sana and the boy squad to be hanging out more than she is right now with the girl squad. 

as a muslim woc that can, you know, actually identify and relate to sana, i’d like to give my input as to why i am FOR sana hanging out with the boys right now, than with the girls.

right now, sana is supressing. she is bottling up so much hurt, sadness, loneliness, anger, pain and grief inside of her. that, is not healthy. it is not healthy at all. it is toxic, and it is only going to wear her down, tire her out, and drain her. that’s not something she needs right now - especially not when ramadhan is more or less, just a month away.

right now, she needs to be conserving that energy - because Allah only knows just how much we need it once ramadhan starts - and taking care of herself, and looking after herself.

is it wrong to be selfish, when you feel like you’re existence amongst your OWN friends that have been your friends for the last 1 year +, is slowly fading away, and is becoming smaller and smaller? almost meaningless? no. no it is not. in these instances, you CAN be selfish. you CAN want for better from your friends. you CAN expect better from your friends. especially when YOU have been the one to always constantly pick up the pieces of other people’s mess.

minority recognises and appreciates minority. the boys, excluding magnus, are all from minority backgrounds. whether it be race, religion, sexuality or being mentally ill - they are all people who are from minority backgrounds, and KNOW and UNDERSTAND what social exclusion based on micro-aggressions and toxic stereotypes and prejudices feels like. they KNOW the feeling. they can RELATE to the feeling, in a way that the girls can’t. they would make sana feel welcomed, safe, wanted, belonged, loved, appreciated and like she matters. and that is what sana needs right now.

who knows for how long sana has felt this, who knows! which makes this even worse because, have the girls really not noticed her at all then? in all the time that they’ve been friends, have they not bothered to approach sana and want to know more about her? not even the basics? to the point where they can’t even get her the correct food?

in the diverse world we live in today, it becomes an instant responsibility for us to learn. to educate ourselves. to know about people and their backgrounds. the onus is on us to learn, and not for the minority to feel shame because they are the minority. 

Being Harry’s guardian (another kinda Sirius x reader) would include…

imagine taking care of Harry when James and Lily get killed and Sirius is taken to the Azkaban

  • you’re firstly terrified bc you’re so young and you just lost your friends and your boyfriend and you don’t know how to take care of kids??
  • also, Sirius is not with you and with him it would be definitely easier but now you have to deal with this alone
  • i mean, Remus would visit and help but it’s not the same
  • having to hide for a few years to make sure you’re both safe
  • giving the boy all you have
  • making sure he feels loved and wanted
  • telling him all about his parents and Sirius
  • Harry loving to hear stories about all their pranks and stuff
  • when he gets older you explain to him how Sirius would never betray James and Lily but there’s no actual evidence to prove he’s innocent
  • him calling you just by your name (you couldn’t have him call you mom, although he often tells you he loves you like one)
  • being a little bit overprotective of the boy
  • also being v excited about him going to Hogwarts but also v worried bc, ya know, reasons
  • Remus often comes over, not missing Harry’s birthdays or any important events in his life
  • also Remus would give Harry too much chocolate whenever he came by
  • Harry not being scared when Sirius breaks out of Azkaban
  • Sirius being surprised that Harry knows about him and is happy to finally see him
  • “I didn’t kill them, I couldn’t-”
  • I know
  • Harry telling Sirius how you’re a mother to him and Sirius smiling to himself bc he knew you were the best and would do anything for the ones you love
  • them both coming home and you’re like??? Harry??? why aren’t you at school??
  • and then you see Harry with Sirius who is smiling like an idiot
  • having a very long talk with them, like staying up all night
  • Sirius having to go into hiding for some time
  • but he gets back as soon as he can
  • and then finally being a happy, whole family???

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