when boys give you cute nicknames


The raven-haired boy held his hands underneath the running faucet inside the corner store’s restroom. His t-shirt and jacket laid crumbled on the floor on top of his backpack that was leaning against the wall. He took the bar of soap and ran it under the water, rubbing it until suds began to form. Once the soap was foamy enough in his hands, he began to scrub his arms, up to his elbows and then to his armpits taking a little extra time there. He had deodorant and body spray tucked away in that backpack of his.

Jughead Jones was homeless. This little sink was going to be his bath for right now. At least he didn’t have school the next day, but he didn’t want to walk around smelling like he walked out of a dumpster. He would shower at the school, but since it was Saturday morning and they were having some sort of sports game, he knew it would be too risky. Once his body seemed to be covered in soap, he took some water into his palms and began to rinse it off. He slipped off his beanie, tucking it into his back pocket and then used the soap bar to rinse his hair. He took the towel he had lifted from the locker rooms at school and began to dry himself off.

The situation he was in sucked. It was embarrassing but he had to make it work. He didn’t have much money on him and his dad would barely offer anything to him. Maybe he would offer one or two words of encouragement, but words can’t buy food or clothes. He grabbed the deodorant from his bag and rubbed it onto his armpits. Taking a quick sniff of himself, he nodded in approval. Jughead got changed, packing up his bath supplies and slipped out the beanie from his back pocket. He adjusted it onto his head and draped the backpack over his shoulders. Walking out of the bathroom, he snatched a few candy bars and went to the counter. The clerk looked at Jughead and then started to scan the bars. Jughead hadn’t noticed the droplets of water sliding down his face until they dripped onto the counter.

The teen paid for the bars and then walked out, unwrapping one of the chocolate bars. He took a bite from it and then started down the sidewalk. He munched away and surveying the neighborhood. Inside the teen’s mind was his plot about where he was going to sleep. Which house was empty or had a for sale sign? It wasn’t going to take long to figure out how to shimmy through a window or unlock the door. However, he did have to watch out for those alarms. The last time he pried open a window, a loud beeping started and dogs in the neighborhood started to bark. Before he could close the window, he took off running in the opposite direction. He managed to find an empty warehouse and sought shelter until the cops passed, but then he ended up falling asleep.

All that remained of the candy was its wrapper. He headed to the nearby park, tossed the wrapper into the trash can and went to sit down at a picnic table. He set his bag down and exhaled. The silence broke when he heard his nickname. The boy turned his head in the direction and saw his friend, Betty approaching him with a cute smile on her lips.

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Best Friend Series; Dino/Chan

- you met chan in your teens
- you were a broke high school student who was looking for a part-time summer job
- you couldn’t even go out with your friends or anything because all you had in your wallet was like 75 cents what have you done
- while looking for a job online, you just so happened to come across this ad of a family saying they were looking for a babysitter to watch over their two sons on certain occasions
- they were offering to pay 15$ an hour and so you were like I FOUND MY JOB
- so you call up the family and after a quick interview with the parents over the phone, they ask you if you could come over to have an in-person interview and you say yes while striking a victory pose
- you tell them that you’re available this saturday and luckily they are too so you make sure to polish up your resume and wear nice clothes to show that you’re responsible and clean lol
- saturday comes around and you NAIL the interview man, you were hired on the spot
- the adults call down their sons to meet you, and two boys come rushing down the stairs immediately
- one is about five years younger than you but the other….. is literally only a year younger than you??
- you’re like ??? uhhh he can’t watch over his little brother himself ???
- the little brother just shyly waves hi to you but the older one grins widely and runs up to you and exclaims “hi i’m chan!! it’s really nice to meet you!!” and he takes your hand and shakes it excitedly
- on your first day of babysitting, you discover that chan’s parents hired a babysitter because all he can cook is instant ramen and he’s actually pretty accident-prone lmao
- so you’re cooking dinner for the two boys, and while preparing the table, you hear a crash in the living room and you’re like no nO DID WHAT I THINK JUST HAPPENED REALLY HAPPEN
- you sprint to the living room to find a broken vase and two little boys looking down at it with dropped jaws
- your jaw drops too when you see the mess and it’s silent
- until chan’s little brother points at him and yells “HE DID IT” and chan looks so betrayed that his brother sold him out
- but you don’t get mad and tbh you’re more concerned about their parents’ reactions and how you might actually get FIRED
- you quickly pick up the pieces of the vase and ask chan “DO YOU HAVE SUPER GLUE” and he stutters “uh i think we have some in the cupboard!!” and you’re like “OKAY LOOK THEY’RE NOT GOING TO FIND OUT ABOUT THIS. WE HAVE THREE HOURS TO WORK LET’S GO”
- so you and chan get straight to work while his little brother eats dinner at the table peacefully
- you both carefully put the vase back together and you both succeed in finishing it LITERALLY ten minutes before his parents get home
- both you and chan sweat when they walk through the living room, and you both let out a sigh of relief when they walk past the vase
- you both high-five each because GOOD JOB
- but after the high-five, you notice something red on your hand and you’re BLEEDING you actually cut yourself while putting the vase together without even realizing it
- and chan notices and he says “OH MY GOSH ARE YOU OKAY?? THIS IS ALL MY FAULT I’M SO SORRY WAIT HERE” and he zooms out of the room
- he returns shortly after with a first-aid kit in hand and he takes out a band-aid with dinosaurs on them and rips it open and sticks it onto your cut
- he exclaims “there!! i hope it heals fast” and you’re like…. why. are. you. so. CUTE.
- and every time you or his little brother gets hurt, chan takes out his dinosaur band-aids, and because of this you give him the nickname dino and he loves it so much
- you end up babysitting the two boys for the next few weeks of summer and chan is always looking forward to your visits, like he always has something new to tell you or a new dance to show off to you
- and when summer finally ends…. you feel so…. sad…..
- you never wanted it to end
- on your last day, you ruffle chan’s hair while his little brother is hugging you and crying for you not to leave
- you say “hey don’t be like this, you’ll still see me around, i promise”
- and you know what?? YOU KEEP YOUR PROMISE
- chan and his little brother literally wouldn’t shut up about you so his parents invite you over for dinner one night and they invite you again and again and again
- and through this, you and chan get really close and become BEST FRIENDS
- but the big question is did he force you to learn all the michael jackson dances??
- yes. yes he did
- tries way too hard just to make you happy because his best friend “deserves the best of the best”
- like once he went all out for your surprise birthday party and when things didn’t go exactly as planned he cried and then got sick for over-working himself then cried again because he felt like he ruined your birthday
- you ended up having to take care of him and you laughed “chan just seeing you today is good enough for me”
- on his graduation day, you cried when he went to pick up his diploma like the proud mother you are
- you screamed louder than anyone when they said he graduated with honors like “YES THAT’S MY BOY DO YOU SEE HIM THAT’S MY CHAN”
- hugs you all the time. if he can, he will
- compliments all day every day
- “you’re amazing!!” “you’re so cool!!” “ohhh i like what you’re wearing!!”
- constantly over-exaggerates his actions for no reason at all like you’d lightly push him and he’d fall to the floor and you’re like….. get the frick up chan
- you’re always telling him how cute he is and he gets so offended
- “cute?? i am a MAN”
- used to call himself the little giant and you’d make fun of him for it until he outgrew you and you were like how dare you
- the type to make you do pinky swears when making a promise
- scolds you when you prank him and suddenly the roles are reversed
- “how dare you speak to your mother this way”
- signs up for talent shows with the stage name dino
- made everyone believe it’s because he “dominates the stage” but really it’s a shout-out to you and you guys’ precious summer memories
- you’re usually the one taking care of him, but when you’re sad, chan suddenly becomes super protective and goes to great lengths just to make you smile again
- and it’s because he loves you with every fiber of his being and he isn’t shy when it comes to expressing it, he wants you to KNOW
- chan normally hates being called and treated like a baby but when it’s you
- he doesn’t mind at all
- “chan whose baby are you?”
- “(name)’s baby!!”


Dating Sammy Wilkinson Would Involve -

Dating Sammy Wilkinson Would Involve -

- playing pranks on each other


- being overly jealous and protective over each other

- using cheesy pick up lines over each other

- stealing his watches, clothes, snapbacks

- “babe have you seen my…. - nevermind”

- playing with his hair

- roasting each other

- him fidgeting when he’s around you

- getting along well with each other’s friends

- always defending each other when someone says something the other doesn’t like

- him spoiling you

- him acting like a big baby around you

- spoiling him when he’s sick and vice versa

- trying to make the other laugh and smile

- “I love your smile”

- singing along to his songs

- acting like big dorks around each other

- him giving you piggy back rides

- lots of movie nights

- cuddling with each other

- him always being there when you need something

- having deep conversations about anything and everything

- him trying to convince you to go out with him

- lots of well thought out fancy dates

- him smacking your ass constantly

- play fights

- him trying to calm you down when you’re mad and vice versa

- talking on the phone constantly

- giving him cute, silly nicknames

- being close with his family and vice versa

- embarrassing each other in public



Mark is a soft Dom. he is more into praising you and body worship. He might put in some orgasm denial, relenting when you beg for him like a good boy/girl. he gives you cute nicknames and is a gentle Dom.

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An ult daddy!Dom. He wants you to obey well, but doesn’t mind punishing you when you are a bad boy/girl. He’ll be into spanking and will mark you with hands and teeth. He will make sure you know you are his. Orgasm control and kitten play.

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This one is a Dom with moods. He can be a very playful Dom who will make his little kitten scream with his amazing skill in edging. His other face is the Big Daddy Dom who wants you to beg and be a good boy/girl for him. He isn’t one for punishing, but likes it when you stroke his ego.

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Pappi knows how it is done. He is a wicked Dom for sure. He is very much into punishing, so it is okay when you disobey, he’ll like it all the better when he teaches you you should be good for him. He is very big with spanking and orgasm denial. He might use toys.

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SUCH A SOFT DOM YALL. He’ll be attentive and sweet, as long as you obey. When you are not a good little thing, he will start playing the big deny game and be a big big tease. He’s also into using toys on you.

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The bratty Dom! He needs all of your attention NOW. And if you don’t do that, you can be damn sure he will punish you. He is very fond of punishing you and his punishments are something else. He involves lots of toys and sometimes even whipped cream.

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Is not mister nice guy. He is a strict and punishing Dom. He has the bondage gear and toys to proof it. He is into orgasm denial and overstimulating you and he is sure to use it all on. His dirty talk with be on point and he will spank you like it is his last day on earth.

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Boyfriend Yugyeom

A/N - The time has finally arrived for the last instalment in the ‘Got7 as your boyfriend’ series! Since this has now finished, the Got7 college AUs will start next Saturday~ I’m super excited for that so I hope you all are too! Also dedicating this one to @supernooodles bc she’s Yugyeom trash no. 1 and her and Yugyeom are destined to be together lol

Mark | JB | Jackson | Jinyoung | Youngjae | Bambam

  • finally we have the beauty that is Kim Yugyeom
  • dating this ethereal man would be pure bliss
  • that boy would do literally anything for you
  • you are so special and precious to him and he’d always tell you that
  • he’s constantly giving you praise and he honestly can’t comprehend how he got you to date him
  • bc he’s inexperienced due to his age so he can’t quite believe that he managed to get a girlfriend
  • he’d spend so much time giving you all of his love
  • Yugyeom would be very much into pda unless it was in front of the other members
  • if the two of you are in public, expect him to hold your hand all the time and give you adorable cheek kisses when you least expect it
  • but if any of his hyungs are around, that boy is a blushing, giggly mess
  • he probably gets teased by them for all the cute things he says to you or for the adorable nicknames you have for each other
  • so whenever the two of you are together and the boys are there and he kisses you then they’d go mental with the teasing
  • you sometimes like to just kiss his cheek and use one of the cheesiest pet names ever just to see him turn bright red
  • “I love you, Gyeomie sweetheart”
  • “look how grown up he is with his girlfriend!”
  • “aren’t they just the cutest”
  • and then they’d call him whatever pet name you used just to annoy him
  • and god forbid they ever walked in when you were making out
  • Jinyoung even gave you guys ‘the talk’ once because he walked in to see you both of Yugyeom’s bed, tongues down each other’s throats
  • he gave you both very in-depth descriptions
  • and since then, Yugyeom has never looked at Jinyoung the same way again
  • whenever someone teasingly says they should give you guys ‘the talk’ because they caught you making out, he’d legit have war flashbacks and instantly the mood is ruined until later on when he has you in his room and proves to you he’s not the baby maknae they make him out to be
  • because Yugyeom likes kdramas so much, he’d try and get you to watch them with him
  • which then leads to the two of you crying over a tub of ice cream
  • and then watching dream high 2 to cheer yourselves up bc jj project 
  • Yugyeom would be the type of boyfriend to surprise you with random gifts
  • like he’d just come over so he could give you a random present he found while shopping with Bambam
  • but you’d always love everything he bought you
  • despite being one of the more inexperienced members, Yugyeom knows a thing or two in the bedroom
  • he’s a dancer so he’s got them moves
  • just look at those hips
  • he humps the floor every chance he gets to do a sexy dance so just imagine you’re the floor i know i have
  • Kim Yugyeom would be the best sex you’ve ever had bc god damn does he know how to make you feel good
  • not only is he good with his hips but he’s also got pretty long fingers
  • and he’d tease you so much in the bedroom especially if you had embarrassed him in front of the other members
  • prepare yourself for him to use those long fingers to make your life a pleasurable hell
  • Kim Yugyeom is a beautiful angel who loves you with every ounce of his being and loves to kiss you cheeks all the time

coololdsoulpoetlove  asked:

How would the squad react if the reader came home with a new hair do? Say they got it cut or dyed?

ooh, i could write a whole fic about this. until then, here’s some quick hc’s!

herc would be really surprised at first. 

  • he probably wouldn’t know what to say right away. 
    • you: “so? what do you think?” 
    • herc: “uh…it’s um….”
  • it’s not that he doesn’t like it! it’s just he’d never pictured you like this before! 
    • depending on how much you cut off or what color you dyed your hair to, he’d need a little time to adjust to your new look.
  • he grows to like it after a couple of days. it suits you. 

john thinks you look beautiful no matter what you do. 

  • he’d be supportive. 
  • it makes you happy so he’s happy too.
  • when you come home, he’d probably just stare at you. 
  • might even draw you if you let him.
  • you’d been talking about cutting/dying your hair for a long time, so when you finally do it, he’s happy for you!
  • sometimes though, he misses your old hair. 
    • john, hugging you tightly: “i miss how your hair used to be” 
    • you, laughing: “don’t worry. it’ll grow back/i can always dye it back, john”
    • john, frowning: “i know, baby. don’t change anything because of me. you look great. i’ll love you no matter what you do with your hair.”
  • he likes the new look overall. you’re still the love of his life. you just look a little different. 

alex would be more intrigued.

  • you look very different form when he first met you. 
  • yeah,, sometimes he loses you in crowds. 
    • he forgets and gets embarrassed bc he’s your boyfriend!! he’s gotta remember these things! 
    • he’s also kind of tired so cut him some slack when he apologizes for holding hands with a girl he thought was you
  • alex, probably: *tugs at your hair, looking at it curiously*
  • you, teasingly: “can i help you, alex?” 
  • alex, still thinking to himself. finally says, “i like it.” 
  • he might even cut his hair with you.
    • you two have been talking about it for a while. 
    • it’s a big step for both of you, but it’s exciting!
    • you both join herc in the short hair club. 

laf would probably be the most excited about your new look.

  •  he probably helped you find the style/color to dye it to. 
    • “mon cher, this color is in season. what do you think?” 
    • “mm, this would work with your face shape, oui?”
  • if you’re nervous about it, he’ll calm you down. 
  • he’s really supportive of it and nudges you to give it a try. 
    • you: “that’s really short…i dunno laf.” 
    • laf: “you’d look very pretty, cher.”
    • you: “i’m gonna look like an egg.” 
    • laf: “no you won’t~”
  • once you do, he’d love it a lot!
  • he’d help you style it if you need a second opinion.
  • he can’t picture you any other way. he loves the change. 


  • yes,,, the boys will beat up anyone who says anything bad about your hair. 
    • alex fought with your boss when he said your hair was “unprofessional.”
    • alex especially isn’t kidding when he says he’ll fight anyone that messes with you.
  • they give you cute nicknames based on what you did to your hair. 
    • examples! 
    • cut your hair really short? like pixie style?
      • laf calls you ‘fairy’ in french. the hairstyle makes you look more youthful. 
      • it sticks. the boys deem you their little fairy. 
      • there’s the occasional “tink.” it’s pretty cute. 
      • you deem them as your lost boys.
    • dyed it a certain color? like red?
      • the boys occasionally call you “little red.” 
      • laf calls you his rose.
  • they joke that it’s like dating different girls. you change up your look quite a bit when you start to feel more comfortable with your appearance.
  • depending on your hair care routine, the boys are more than willing to help. 
    • do you roll your hair in curlers every night? 
      • herc can help you. he’s really patient. he likes playing with your hair too.
    • do you braid it before you go to bed?
      • laf’s really good at braiding. he’ll do it for you!
    • do you have bangs + need to trim them? 
      • ask alex! he’s really careful and he’ll make sure they’re straight. 
    • do you need someone to curl/straighten your hair for an event?
      • john’s done it before! he has sisters so he’ll help you in the morning if he has time. 

hope you liked these!

Zarya with a smol s/o headcanons

Hhhh guys pls send in requests so we can post new content
- Forest

• If you’re shorter than her then she’ll hecking hug you a lot bc you fit perfectly in her strong arms.
• She’ll probably call you cute nickname names related to your height (Ex: мой маленький which means “My small one”)
• If you’re insecure about your height, oh boy get ready to be picked up bridal style and getting attacked with kISSES ALL OVER YOUR FACE
• She’ll protect you with her life™
• 100% will let you ride on her shoulders
• Will sometimes not bend down to give you the smooches when you want them just to tease you
• If someone is flirting with you she’ll stand at her full height next to you and glare them down hardcore.
• she’ll probably probably bENCH PRESS YOU LORD SAVE ME NOW
• Always the big spoon (will be the small spoon if you ask. She’ll giggle when you try to hug her bc you’re so small, what a cutie you are)

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Swerve with a tall bot s/o headcanons? (Also my little headcanon I'd like to share, can't you just see him climbing on bar stools just so he can kiss s/o and give them hugs when they're having a bad day, and when he's down and dumps s/o picks him and starts calling him very obnoxiously cute nicknames as they kiss his cheeks "awe, pookie bear, don't get so down in the dumps" "I love you schnookums")

omg that’s too cute ahhhhh

  • Swerve loves to be held. This tiny boy craves affection. Sit him in your lap and rest your chin on his head during movie time, it’s his favorite thing.
  • If there aren’t any bar stools around he’ll just climb you to give you kisses. 
  • Cheesy nicknames are his life. He’ll always have an even mushier name to one-up yours. 
  • “Hey, Rewind! Tailgate! I bet my s/o can beat up both of yours at the same time!”
  • He also high-fives them all the time because they’re all at just the right level to get a perfect view of tol bot aft. 

Anon: i’ve always wondered how kfans and non kfans see jimin as. for example, i get the impression that koreans see jimin as a pretty fairy? they always praise his feminine beauty considering i’ve heard fans and non fans actually call him those names or names similar to that on forums and translations. is that true? or is it more of a mix response due to his intense stage presence? i just know he’s really popular so i just wonder :)

Anon: omg faldksj “make married men sweat kind of pretty” that’s the best description of jimin i’ve ever seen. i’ve noticed so many kfans describe the other members as cool and handsome but when it comes to jm it’s usually pretty and cute and i relate. im just amazed by the discrepancy between kfans and ifans bc ifans are always arguing over who tops and bottoms in km but kfans seem to all just agree its jk. i mean im sure there are top jm fans but is it the maknae on top thing or just physically?????   

Anon: Did you ever receive comments saying you just like bottom min for his appearance? Because I heard plenty of it, how I just I like it because he is shorter and smoller than Kook, but honestly? To me physical appearance has nothing to do with preferences in bed. Anyway, If you ever did received comments like that how did you reply to them?   

Not going to lie, I sometimes just like to sit back and see how international fans view members, how they describe them in real life, and how they’re represented in English fanfics. There isn’t a stark difference, but it’s sometimes noticeable enough that I pause and go “huh.” I may not necessarily agree with everything but it’s cool to see how people think.

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orenjineki  asked:

How would 2pAmerica react to a roommate that is a cinnamon roll but absolutely doesn't think so? And when they then walk around wearing only short shorts and sleep wear, because they think they're not hot enough to bother anyone when they bend down to the fridge that is very low? Being hot but thinking the opposite about themselves? (Love this blog and your Allen interpretation 👌)

Only reason I’m able to do Allen is because I am him. There’s my secret
Will not say a word about it. He’s going to use this to their advantage especially for when they bend over. Hoo boy. Though, since it seems his roommate has low self esteem, he’d give them buckets of compliments that were kinda borderline flirts. He’d call them cute and use little baby nicknames and always follow them into the kitchen. All the time. Like you think he’s not home, you go in the kitchen and boom, there he is.

Want a trendy French name for your baby? Just open a fucking dictonary and pick at random without looking at the definition, THIS IS SUCH A GREAT IDEA. Not.

Right off the bat, it starts pretty bad. I mean, if you’re gonna use some ridiculous adjectives, at least try to properly match the gender to the spelling. ffs.

( French adjectives change to agree in gender and number with the nouns that they modify )

“charming French children’s song” yeah right.

Alouette gentille alouette, alouette je te plumerai. Sounds cute ? If roughly translates to “Lark, nice lark, I will pluck your feathers out” - way to give nightmares to a toddler.

I don’t even know where to start. Anneau means ‘ring’ and is defo masculine in French. Also, seems kinda cruel when you think about how easy it can go to ‘anal’ but that’s off topic.

Aérien, same shit, that’s masculine. Aérienne could work, it’s actually kinda pretty but WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU GIVE A NAME WITH AN ACCENTS IF YOU LIVE IN A COUNTRY WITH A QWERTY KEYBOARD I MEAN…

And there there’s Bechette. I… I don’t even know man, I just don’t.

Bonté, misgendered again. (edit : sorry, got carried away. it’s pretty ugly tho)

Cadeau, masculine. Also WHY. Like… it’s a pony name, they even say it.

Chaton is cute but it’s a nickname. Would you name a baby boy “Kitten” ? Yes ? Well think about that kid turning 25 and applying for a job and answer the first question again.


Flambeau. That’s a horse name if you ask me. I mean come on.

Galette sounds ridiculous and Britons are cringing everywhere.

Janvier is… well. It’s weird but okay. It’s definitely not used as a name in France though, they’re lying x)

Jeton means token. It can also mean ‘to be scared’ (avoir les jetons) or ‘phoney’ / ‘coward’ (faux-jeton)

Jumelle can either mean Twin or Binocular. I would really rethink that one…

Lexique… just call her Lexi ffs. You can’t be seriously naming your daughter lexicon…

Maison means House. Stop trying to be a fucking hipster.

Musique could work but just go for Mélodie, at least it exists as a name and you’ll be able to find a goddamn keychain for that poor child.

Neige is poetic, I’ll give you that.

NICHEE IS PROPERLY GENDERED YOUHOU. See, wasn’t that hard. That name is fugly tho.

Parc. PARC. I mean… what even.

Ruban… well, why not but also why ?

Samedi. Listen, unless you’re the fucking Addams family, don’t name your child after a day of the week.

Satiné, again with masculine adjective as feminine name. At least try to pretend they are gender neutral and stop color-coding them.

Terre was pretty bad and Tulipe pretty weird but then I saw Velouté and got side-tracked. Un velouté is a thick creamy soup. Like… potatoes and leek.

Vrai sounds so douchy I’m not even going to comment too much on that but


Vrille can be used in sentences like “les choses sont parties en vrille” meaning “things went south” / “poop hit the fan”

I can also mean ‘to twist’ and it’s all in all a really bad idea.

That’s all for today folks, I’m going to need a glass of wine to forget this ever happened.

Boyfriend S Coups means...
  • he likes to take control
  • he is protective
    • anyone hurts you he’ll handle them
  • he makes sure you always feel safe
    • he loves to remind you by wrapping his arms around you
      • like all the time
      • no seriously like he never takes his hands of of you
  • he still gets butterflies whenever he sees you
  • he lets you listen to his raps before anyone else
    • which is secretly just him trying to turn you on cause duh
    • he’s sexy as hell when he raps
  • the other boys call you mom
  • you hated it at first, but the nickname has grown on you
  • constantly giving kisses
  • always complimenting you
    • even when you’re sick in bed looking like shit he still thinks you’re gorgeous
  • you’d be his world
  • he’d love making you mad because you’d always do this cute thing with your eyebrows that he loved
    • but he’d regret making you mad afterwards
    • so he’d do something cute to make it up to you
  • he’d love taking you out shopping, or just going on walks
    • he just loves to be able to have you on his arm for everyone to see how lucky he is
  • he’d often need you when the pressure gets too much
    • and that’s why he loves you, because you’re his support system and you’d drop anything to make sure he’s okay
  • stupid snapchats when he’s with the boys
    • with the occasional sexy pic just to mess with you
  • when he gets jealous, be prepared
    • his whole attitude changes, making sure everyone knows your his girl and he’ll do anything to prove it
    • but jealous coups is sexy coups tbh
  • he loves when you wear his clothes
    • or like if you two match, with like Timberlands or something
      • he’ll be hella turned on by this
  • he always says I love you at random times bc he wants you to know he’s always loving you
  • he loves when you get super excited about something
    • it makes him giggle and smile seeing you so happy
  • you spend your nights cuddling and staying up late talking about random things
    • he sings you lullaby’s
  • he leans over to check his phone and by the time he turns back around your asleep in his arms
  • he just smiles kissing your forehead, wrapping you tight in his arms reassuring you in your sleep that you’re safe
The 100 - Dating Bellamy Blake

This wasn’t requested but ima go ahead and do it anyway. 


Dating Bellamy Blake would include: 

- him being ridiculously over protective (in a cute way) 

- him managing to take time out of the day to be with you 

- giving you nicknames like “princess” and “gorgeous" 

- him carrying you to bed when you get too tired. 

- trusting Monty and Jasper to take care of you when he’s not around. 

- you helping him unwind after a long day 

 - him pulling you in for a long kiss whenever he catches boys looking at you 

- you doing the same when girls look at him 

- going hunting together 

- you teaching him about different plants 

- him never letting you go


 AN: I really like these so I’m gonna do a couple more maybe for some Harry Potter characters. :)

Dating Jung Hoseok Would Include-

- inside jokes, laughs, anD SMILES

- he’s always happy at everything you do

- he’s a big fan of pda and will kiss you anywhere, anytime

- dont get me wrong, he loves cuddling, but he prefers to be outside and doing something fun with you

- but if you’re not feeling up to it he’ll just shrug it off and cuddle with you

- he’ll teach you all the bts choreo 

- hoseok loves it when you two have aegyo battles and he always wins 

- if you can rap you’ll have stupid meaning less rap battles

- but if you can sing you and hoseok would be shouting bts lyrics 

- he compliments you 25/8

- he tells you he loves you  25/8


- he’s not a little spoon or big spoon, he’s either and doesn’t mind much to be honest

- “you’re my hope, (name)” 

- he would say that a lot ^

- you will reenact cheesy scenes from kdramas and you’re like wow hoseok u’re a good actor 

- then he’ll be like i’m not acting and you’ll be like ok come here lemme love you 

- he will give you cute nicknames

- he’s already planned your future btw

- “when we get married can we have two dogs and name them-”

- “yes hoseok”

- and he gets so happy and just sjdfhsdkjhfsjhf 

- when a girl group comes on your playlist be ready to furiously dance the choreo

- sometimes you put on long sleeved sweaters that go passed your hands and playfully fight

- basically dating hoseok is a life full of humour and jokes and love and happiness where the fuck do i sign up

Dating Series Masterlist

anonymous asked:

could you do fluffy soda hcs

of course (: 

  • he is just a big sweetheart okay he loves doing things for other people and making people happy 
  • when he doesn’t grease his hair, it gets sort of curly and it’s soooo soft
  • also !!! he has v soft & gentle hands
  • soda loves giving people nicknames sm 
  • he has the b i g g e s t goofiest smile ever he’s cute 
  • soda. loves. hugs. so. much. especially the ones where he can kinda snuggle into the other person’s neck & shoulder
  • and he is 100% the guy to lift you up a little when he hugs you
  • is commonly referred to as “pretty boy” 
The Rate Game (Xiumin- fluff)

Band member: Xiumin (Exo)
Genre: fluff
Summary: Xiumin catches you rating guys and asks for a rate.


Bright sunlight pored through the large windows of the dusty classroom, magnifying every speck of dust floating about in the musty air. It was a hot summer’s day, the school year almost at the end. Nobody could be bothered anymore. It was a study lesson, the exams edging nearer and nearer. The lazy teacher was dozing sleepily at his desk, student were lounging around, either occupying themselves or chatting to friends.

Near the front of the classroom, you were sat with your best friend, Seulgi. You were both slumped in your seats, ignored books scattered over the messy desk. As you rested your chin in your non-dominant hand you lazily doodled over your exercise book with the other whilst Seulgi casually ate her packet of crisps. She placed the crisps down momentarily, her eye focused on something on the other side of the classroom. She took a sip of Pepsi and then turned to you, tearing her eyes away from Yixing, one of your classmates.

“I would give Lay,” Seulgi said, picking up her crisps again and referring to the sleeping teen by his popular nickname. “A…an eight or a nine. His dimple really makes him look cute.” You and Seulgi cocked your heads to the side, scrutinising Yixing before laughing.
“I agree.” You nodded. You and Seulgi had this random game you both would play when you were bored. You give each other boys to rate out of ten and had given the private game the name ‘Rate Game’.

“Now I have to choose someone for you- ow!” Seulgi frowned, gasping at the small piece of plastic which she had been pelted with. Scowling, you both turned around to the back of the classroom where the plastic had been thrown from. Seated at the back were two boys, Minseok and Jongde and upon seeing you both, the two burst out into laughter, awaking the teacher.

“Minseok! Jongdae!” He barked from his desk, adjusting his crooked glasses. “That’s enough noise! Minseok, move to front next to Y/N!” You groaned loudly as Minseok, or Xiumin as he preferred to go by, slid out of his seat and walked over to the desk beside you, an unmistakable smirk plastered over his face.

“Y/N, Seulgi,” he smiled as he seated himself, nodding respectfully. “You don’t look very happy.”
“Well, when people are pelted with rubbish and then have to have the culprit come sit next to them they don’t tend to be very happy!” Seulgi snapped, rolling her eyes. You nodded in agreement. The remark didn’t stop Minseok from smiling and he flicked his hair out of his eyes.
“To be fair, I didn’t throw it at you- Jongdae did and he was aiming at the bin.“ br> “Whatever, he has awful aim then.” You remarked sourly and with a sigh, you turned back to Seulgi.

“Chosen a guy yet?” Seulgi shook her head.
“I didn’t really get a chance.” She said, her eyes darkening as she narrowed them at Minseok. “How about…” A light exhale left her lips as her dark eyes wandered around the classroom. “…Sehun?” You shook your head, glancing up from your doodle.
“I gave him an eight yesterday in music, remember?” Seulgi sighed, nodding.

“What’s this?” You twisted around to face Minseok, a frown crawling on your face. He was still grinning, his white teeth exposed and his smile lines visible on his chubby cheeks. You sniffed, flicking your hair behind your shoulder.
“Just a game.” You said simply. He raised his eyebrows with interest.
“What sort of game?” You fidgeted, glancing at Seulgi. She merely smiled, a slight hint of cheekiness in it, as she left you to answer all by yourself. Your cheeks began to redden and in a stammering mess you began to explain.
“W-We basically choose random guys for each other and make each other rate them out of ten. It’s stupid, and it’s only something to pass time.” The more you continued the wider Minseok smiled and he leant closer with more interest.
“Really? And have you rated me yet?” You shook your head shyly, looking down at your lap. “Rate me?”
“What?!” You turned to Seulgi and she was grinning, nodding with agreement.
“Yeah, Y/N! Rate Minseok out of ten!”

You exhaled heavily, your eyes dancing around the room to avoid Minseok’s eyes. He chuckled, his voice suddenly a lot deeper than expected.
“Don’t you have to look at me to rate me?” You blushed. In fact you didn’t. In fact, you had Minseok’s face ingrained in your mind. You couldn’t help but stare at him, overwhelmed with every feature of his handsome, majestic face and body. He took good-looking to another level. But even so, you forced yourself to look at Minseok and carefully scrutinise his features. Finally you opened your mouth.
“I give you a ten.” You admitted shyly and Minseok grinned, running a hand through his hair.
“That high, Y/N? Thank you.” You glanced at Seulgi, cheeks burning with embarrassment. She was surprised; you had never rated anyone top marks before.
“Can I rate you now?” You were a little taken-aback with Minseok’s request but even still you nodded. He grinned, tilting his head slightly as his eyes wandered around your face. “Out of ten? I give you an eleven.” The bell rang shrilly and before you could even respond, Minseok jumped to his feet. He winked as he threw his bag over his shoulder and swiftly passed you a small piece of paper. “My number.” He smiled before he disappeared out of sight.

What Dating Eunwoo Would Be Like

Originally posted by moonbinny

  • Not much PDA because he always ends up being so flustered that you become worried. He gets so flustered when you even look at him for longer than three seconds, just imagine when you hold his hand or even kiss him? He’ll honestly be a flustered mess.

  • Eventually, when he’s more comfortable around you, he’ll touch you more but will always touch you gently because he thinks you’re so fragile that he might break you if he isn’t gentle with you.

  • Very cliché in the sense that if he ever saw you slightly shiver, he would immediately offer you his jacket to wear (to keep you warm, as well as stare at you because you in his clothing was the definition of adorable in his mind)

  • He’ll take good care of you, especially when you’re sick, but will end up sick himself because he insisted on kissing you and cuddling with you even if you were still sick.

  • Dates are unexpected in the sense that you don’t usually plan any dates, they sort of just happen and are classified as dates like days where you go to the movies together and start kissing in the back of the movie theater or when you decide to get ice cream and end up taking a long stroll with each other in the park nearby.

  • Normally coming to visit him at practice and bringing food for the boys which immediately earns you their love and attention.

  • Never having the fear of being judged or feeling shy whenever you talk about something different with him.

  • Giving you cute little nicknames like ‘darling’ or 'sweetie pie’ or 'princess’

  • Often writes love letters to you just to remind you that he loves you and that you’re on his mind.

  • He loves you more than he’s ever loved anyone in his entire life. He feels extremely blessed that you gave him a second glance when he first saw you, let alone love him. He cares deeply for you and would do just about anything to prove so.
EXO calling their Gf by their last names

This is so sweet! Really! I love when boys do that! Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/ 

Chanyeol: You gave him the “yes” after he finally proposed to you. You never thought he would actually do it but he was pretty serious from the beginning. He had been waiting for that day since the day he met you. Now he can call you Mrs. Park, he loves doing it. “I won’t stop Mrs. Park. I love it, I can’t stop saying it!” *Happy af*

Kris: He called you Mrs. Wu from the moment he laid his eyes on you. He tried to do it when you weren’t around but one day he wasn’t careful enough and did it. He didn’t know what to do after it, this wasn’t how he wanted to tell you that he liked you. “Oh what am I doing? Killing the mood here”

Sehun: You would be confused at the beginning. He is in so much pleasure by the amazing job you are doing that you are not sure that the “Oh Y/N” he is saying are for pleasure or he is calling you like that. I wouldn’t be until he says Mrs, Oh that you would understand he made you completely his and even call you by his last name.

Tao: It would catch you off guard. Suddenly coming in, with all the members present and saying “But it is Mrs. Huang! Everyone my future wife is here!” Later that day he would officially propose to you.

Kai: He wouldn’t normally say it. He knows the reaction it provokes in you (shyness, red cheeks, babbling for some minutes…). But it would slip out of his mouth from time to time, when he acts cute and demanding like a puppy. “Feed me Mrs. Kim! I need your attentions!”

Xiumin: *Dying internally* “What did I just do? Did I just call her Mrs. Kim? No I couldn’t have… I hope she didn’t freak out.. We’ve been dating for a month and I’m already thinking of the wedding… *Doesn’t even breathe*

Baekhyun: One day he started calling you like that and never stopped. You liked it but you couldn’t help but blush and try to make him stop. “Oh but what’s the problem Mrs. Byun? You are my Byun so what’s wrong with me calling you Mrs Byun?” *wink wink*

Luhan: *Feels like in a movie* “What do you think Mrs Lu? Don’t you think the last name fits you perfectly? I do, just like you fit perfectly with me.” *sassy boyfriend*

Chen: He always acts cute when you are around and gives you several hints that he wants to have a family with you in the future. “Look at him Mrs Kim! It’s our cute and little boy! It’s Chen chen Junior, Mrs. Kim! Don’t look at me like that.”

Kyungsoo: (You are Baekhyun) Serious from the beginning. Introducing proudly as Mrs. Do. His girlfriend, the love of his life and future mom of his children. You wouldn’t even have time to say anything because seeing him so excited and happy makes your heart race.

Lay: He is thinking of a nickname for you. You always call him cutie unicorn so he thought it was the right time for you to have one too. “Oh oh Y/N! I know the perfect one! You’ll be Mrs. Zhang! Yes! My Mrs. Zhang!”

Suho: It’s like his “thing”. He would stare at you with intimidating and hungry eyes for a while, looking sexy as always and then say “Come to me Mrs. Kim. Daddy is waiting”

sasuke-prevails  asked:

Rule: Name 10 things that make you happy about Naruto the series. You can pick literally anything. Enjoy =]

1) NaruSasu, ofc:D I love them so much. Shipping them for 7 years…This is a true love, like in medeival farytaels and ballads. (You now, when the prince rescues the beautiful maiden from a dragon and revives her with a kiss of true love х))

2) Set of nicknames that Naruto and Sasuke give each other. Like Sasuke-chan, pretty boy, teme by Naruto to Sasuke and dobe, usuratonkachi by Sasuke for Naruto. ^_^

3) Sasuke reaction for the promise of Kakashi that he protects him (that blush..its so-so cute. He need to be protecting…)

4) InoShikaCho. Specially this moment-when she tries to seduce Neji, sorry I could not find this page in Englis т___т  Ino is the best!(seriosly..she was on first place in the akademy!)

5) That fact that Sasuke changes his outfit more times than annyone, and his outfits themself. (Especially this)

6) The way how Naruto get mad then someone (Obito, Orochimaru, Itachi) objectifying and abuse Sasuke.

7)  The fact that Naruto the sun and Sasuke the mon. Its remind me of Daeneris(Moon of My Life) and Drogo(My sun and stars) from GTO, and its so romantic ^__^ And that they official are yin and yang

8) Sasuke elf and warrior Narutо:)

9) Sasuke. His gentle heart, haughtiness, shyness, offishness, coldness, grace, beauty, fragility,jealousy, responsibility, sensitivity, kindness ,nobility, rage, fears and complexes, devotion, beautiful eyes, pale skin and dark hair. Than is my favorite character in whole life and I can not describe in words how much I love him. 

10)Naruto. His bravery, kindness, boldness, manly chin, initiative, optimism, tanned skin, ignorance, self-confidence, hypocrisy, possessiveness, clumsiness, not the fear of appearing ridiculous, rudeness. I wish to meet someone like him, to be honest, he is alomost a ideal type of men for me)

Thank so much for asking, Rayna ^____^ It was very interesting  (◕‿◕)♡