when babies were babies

  • widowmaker: I swear i'll kill that annoying little brat with my own bare hands.
  • reaper: You go gurl.
  • tracer: I'll make that stupid Frenchie fall on her knees.
  • winston: That's the spirit Lena.
  • when widowtracer actually meet in reality: ( •_•)☞☜(•_• )

What me and @ooyuu were yelling and crying about and it got out of control and i cant believe i did this

thoran baby twins

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  • Kagami: Bro.
  • Himuro: Yes bro?
  • Kagami: Tell the whole world we're bros!
  • Himuro, whispering closely: We're bros.
  • Kagami: Why did you whisper, bro?
  • Himuro: Because you're my whole world, bro.
  • Kagami: .. B R O.

luv me some gay space robots………

fun fact about moana

the song that plays when Maui gets his tattoo of Moana + they hug is Toe Feiloa’i - which, when translated from Samoan, means see you later and that’s it i’m crying 


Jeonghan taking care of the still hungry Jihoon © 


Star Trek » Female characters who should have been in more than one episode (TOS/TNG/DS9)
*list not exhaustive