when aubrey finally asks for help


This scene kills me, Beca was seeking help after the stunt she made during the semi-finals. Of course, Chloe was turned on again when Beca started improvising/singing (check out gifs 1 and 2). After Aubrey asked that question, Beca first looked at Chloe since because she always stood up for her and when she turned away, that made me disappointed. Chloe did stand up for her here, but when she spoke Beca is like why didn’t you stand up for me a while ago. Now, check out the last gif look how hurt Chloe is, or maybe because Beca is yelling and how pissed she is (that’s how I feel if somebody I like is pissed). After everything you two been through and why when Beca needed her help the most? That’s why BeChloe is better, for me. I need a minute. *sobs* 

Anyway, this is a very late post and Pitch Perfect 2 is already out here so.. Whoo!

Something I’ve really appreciated about the gambling arc is that it hasn’t been OTT or melodramatic. It’s been handled with a lot of maturity by the writers and so the characters themselves.

While I absolutely believe there is a time and necessity for shouting matches and loud words (like in 10x02 for example, where it was paramount that Brennan got her message across quickly before Booth did something terrible), that’s not what was needed this time.

Brennan has been absolutely perfect during this whole arc. At the end of the day, Brennan can’t fix this for them, it’s Booth’s responsibility to make things right. But Brennan has been there on the sidelines quietly supporting him, in  obvious ways- like telling him she loves him or asking Aubrey about him to check on his welfare. And also in less obvious ways- like kicking him out of the house. While it hurt both of them, it was absolutely the right thing to do, and we see that Booth recognises that at the end of 10x20, when he goes to his meeting instead of going home. He finally sees that he has to work on himself before he can reclaim his life.

Speaking of Booth, I loved how the episode slowly built up to the ending scene. There wasn’t one epiphany scene, but little moments in the episode that helped to finally open his eyes.

And how underrated is DB? His acting has improved so much over the years and he has been absolutely marvelous this season. (ED too, of course). I know I’ve said this many times. but it’s such a huge shame that they will never be formally recognised for their work.

The Diary

ship: bechloe
words: 981
A/N: This is just something that came to my mind before falling asleep. I haven’t written in a long time so please don’t be too hard on me.

Chloe wrote everything down. Why she was happy. Why she was sad. Why she started laughing at dinner when she was 13. Everything. She loved reading those stories from the past.

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