when ashley was gone

Chapter 21 (Short)


*1 Month Later*

I woke up in cold sweat, and with the biggest hard on ever after yet another wet dream about Robin. After she told me she was pregnant we’ve been working on things and it isn’t the greatest, but we’re better then we were a few months ago. She’s been coming, and spending the nights here randomly which has been fun. The bad side is when she does I wake up like this. She won’t let me touch her intimately to a certain extent and it’s driving me crazy!!!

“Rob?” I said trying to shake her awake.

We’d go through this all the time. I’d wake her up in the wee hours of the morning. Try to get some, and as soon as I get her where I need her she falls back to sleep or tells me go take a cold shower. I haven’t had sex in over a month, and my dick feels so betrayed.

“Go to sleep Chris. I’m gonna stop coming here you know” she groaned in her sleep.

I chuckled “I love you.”

“Love your ass too, now go to sleep or hit the showers cause you not touching me. You knew you needed this pussy so bad then you shouldn’t of fell in another” she said before rolling over on her side.

I groaned in frustration as I looked at her. I couldn’t wait until she let me make love to her again. I promise I’m going to make her feel good. It’s been so long all I’m doing is having dreams of her riding me into utter bliss.

Aside from all that we have a baby on the way. She’s about 10 weeks into the pregnancy, and I don’t think she’s looked anymore beautiful. She hasn’t started showing at all yet, but I know it’ll start soon. You really couldn’t tell she was pregnant the last time until she was about 6 months, so I expect the same again.

I think this pregnancy came at the right time because, before I was so sure I was looking at our demise. It brought us closer together. As for Karrurche I haven’t talked to her since that day I told her she had to go. I hated treating her badly because as someone I once loved I wanted to show her some respect rather than treating her like she was some thot. I knew she understood why I had to do what I’m doing, but it doesn’t change the fact that I’m hurting her. I hate hurting people man I don’t care who it is.

I quietly got out of bed, and introduced myself to the refrigerator. If I couldn’t make love to my wife then I was going to make love to some fruits. I pulled out the mixed fruit platter, and sat in the living room quietly eating. When I looked up Rob was coming out the room towards me messy hair out, and clad in my t-shirt.

“Your not going to come back to bed?” She asked taking a seat next to me grabbing some fruit.

“Robin I can’t be in the same bed with you, and not touch you. It’s driving me crazy, so no I’m not coming back to bed” I said popping a piece of mango in my mouth.

“But Chris, I can’t sleep if your not there. When I’m home, I toss and turn all night unless little Chris climbs in bed with me” she whined.

I chuckled and she looked at me all upset “what’s so funny?”

“We’re having a squabble about nothingness. This so wouldn’t of been us four weeks ago, we’re making progress here” I said making her laugh.

“You know, your right. Ugh my clothes are starting to get tight, and my bras are getting smaller. Why’d you do this to me again? Your evil” she said making me chuckle.

“Stop complaining about your appearance your sexy as fuck baby. And I didn’t do anything to you that you didn’t want, so cut it out” I said rubbing her tights.

“I’m sexy as fuck huh? So why’d you cheat on me?” She asked looking at me.

Man, ever since she told she was pregnant her hormones have been raging. She switches from she loves me to she hates me so fast.

“Robin Hood, I told you I’m sorry. I’m trying my hardest here to do better for you. I fucked up babe, but my fuck up doesn’t change the fact that I think your the most beautiful girl placed here just for me. And the fact that we’re going to have a baby girl that looks just like her mother excites me” I said making her blush.

“Who said it was a girl?” She asked curiously.

“I did, now stop upsetting my daughter with your mess, and gimme some love” I said pecking her lips.

“You know we still haven’t addressed the main issue at hand” she said.

I shrugged “what’s that?”

“Why we keep hurting each other the way we’ve been doing” she said tracing my arms tattoos.

“I guess we gotta find a better way to deal with our hurt and anger towards each other if this is going to work. I’m trying to be all I can be for you, and these kids. I just need to know you got me, and the rest we can handle along the way” I said reassuringly.

“Question though” I said immediately after.


“Did you not fight Kae because you were pregnant?” I asked curious.

“That, and I didn’t want to kill her. I really hate how much you care about her” she said irritated.

“Do you know that it’s always been you, and no one can ever he superior to you?” I asked her.

She nodded “I think I do, it’s the believing it’s true part that needs to come into play. I’m working on it though.”

“Good because the sooner you believe that, the better off you and I will be. Your the ultimate prize” I said grabbing her face kissing her deeply.

Everything I was saying was no lie. Robin meant everything to me. But, don’t think for one second that I wasn’t using how vulnerable she was to my advantage. I wanted some of my pussy and I was getting it tonight. I rubbed her thighs, and broke the kiss attacking her neck.

“Chris stop it” she gasped.

“You really want me to stop huh? You don’t miss me? It’s been 3 months baby. I know you want me” I said gripping the inner most parts of her thighs right next to her haven.

She hissed “no, we can’t not yet.”

“Come on, let me at least taste it, and put the tip in. I’m throbbing for you” I said placing her right hand on my hard on that was pulsing.

She moaned the minute she felt me, and I knew I had an open window. The minute I opened her legs her damn phone rang making me groan in frustration. Why’d she leave this damn thing on. Most importantly why is it in this living room?

She answered the phone, but I continued messing with her as I rubbed my fingers on the outer part of her juicy engorged lips “hello?” She said trying to sound normal.

“Robin! I need you to get over here!!! King and Violet are missing!!” Ashley screamed through the phone.

I halted everything, and looked at Robin “ok baby I’m on my way” she said before hanging up.

“Babe I gotta go, that can’t happen again! I don’t care how much I want you. Your going to be on a very long punishment” she said point at the couch and then at me.

“Alright, alright damn. You want me to go with you?” I asked worried about her stressing herself especially now she’s pregnant.

“You think they’ll let you leave?” she asked heading into the room to get dressed.

“It’s a fam emergency babe, I don’t see why not. Imma throw on these sweats and go let me know. You on the other hand don’t stress my baby girl out you hear me” I said sternly.

“Ok Chris, I’ll relax” she said as she combed her thick hair into a ponytail.

Shit man, I was so close to getting up in that. I hope King and Violet are alright though. I’ll get what I’m supposed to get another time.


“Man I keep calling Angie, but she isn’t answering” Ty groaned slamming his phone on the chair.

I raised an eyebrow “well where is she?”

“I don’t know, some club appearance.

I sighed and shook my head “ok walk me through what happened again.”

"Aight so, me and Trey put the kids on the carousel. We turned around for two seconds to sign autographs, and when we turned back around they were gone! Ashley I’m the worst father in the world! I lost my son, my only son!” He said putting his face in his hands.

“Ok baby calm down we called the cops, and truth be told I think those kids are closer than we think” I said having a hunch.

It’s no way that story adds up. Someone was following them. First off everyone in the damn park were fans of Mike. It was a planned event. It’s no way in hell one of his fans with paid for tickets ran off with them kids. When I find out who it was I’m really going to beat some ass too.

Mike has been in such a great place. Personally and professionally lately, and now this?! Something ain’t right.

The doorbell rang, and I rushed to the door. Robin was there with Chris behind her, and I couldn’t help but smile. He really was trying this time to get his act together. What he did to my girl was fucked up, but I’m glad to see they’re working through it. Especially with baby number two on the way.

“Baby are you alright?” Robin asked rushing into my arms.

“Not at all my son and niece are gone. Mikey is a damn mess. I tried all day not to call you, but I couldn’t wait anymore. I’m sorry if I ruined a moment guys” I said looking at Chris.

“It’s cool Ash, she not getting away next time though believe that” he said walking in slapping my ass and running off.

“I hate your husband Robin” I said rolling my eyes.

She laughed “me too girl. Where’s Trey and India?”

“They went home, he isn’t handling this well either. Something just isn’t right Rob I can’t feel it” I said sure of myself.

“We’ll figure it out, I’m not feeling the story you told me on the drive here either” she said taking my hand walking into the living room.

The sooner they get my babies home the better. I can’t deal with Michael like this at all.


“Kevin, this is a horrible idea. Why would you kidnap my damn son, and your own child? I’m not going down for this shit I’m calling Ty!” I said through the phone.

This time I’m purely innocent. I wasn’t even in LA, I’m in Vegas. Kevin called me not to long ago talking about he had the kids. Ty is going to kill him. I don’t even know why he’s trying to take it there!

“You call him, and I swear I’ll tell him the truth about your little miscarriage Chyna fuck with your boy!”


He chuckled “you over here getting real bold over the phone huh Chy? Think about what your doing boo, I promise either way your going to be miserable.”

I sighed as he hung up. Why I gotta be the one involved in this shit when I did nothing? I swear to God if I go down for this I’m going to jail!


Ok so I’ve been thinking about this one for a little while

In the Halloween special a creepy blonde girl shows up to the Marin house saying she wants to call her mother, she’s COLD and wants to go home.

Later Ashley wonders where she is she asks ted if he’s seen a blonde girl, she wanted to go home ted says “NO ONE CAME LOOKING FOR ANYBODY”

She finds the girl upstairs in Hanna’s room

In 1x20(i think) Spencer and Toby are talking and she asks Toby what it is like to run away he says COLD. He then asks her if she ever ran away. She says “ONCE, I THINK I WAS ABOUT SEVEN”
She goes on to say her and Melissa had a fight and her parents took Melissa’s side. When he asks her if her parents were worried she says “THEY DIDNT EVEN NOTICE I WAS GONE”

When Ashley finds the girl in Hanna’s room she says “I called my mother, but when I asked her to come get me she got upset and started to cry, why is she mad at me?”


The little girl ignores this saying “I BET MY SISTER TOLD HER I RAN AWAY. My sisters always telling lies about me, getting me in trouble, were sisters but we fight about everything, even our dolls, I think she just likes to fight”

So in season two Ashley makes a comment “Peter Hastings, who never had a problem he couldn’t buy off”

In the books Spencer’s adopted, what if Ashley is Spencer’s biological mother?

According to pll Wikipedia page Spencer and Hanna’s birthdays are about nine months apart

Just putting that out there

kiranerysformerterrorist-archive  asked:

((Mirror!verse because idea!)) Kira smiled, it hadn't been easy to get away but she was now quite a ways from the enterprise with Ashley tied to a chair next to her

When Jenna had found Ashley was gone, she’d screamed loud enough to wake Chekov and send him on high alert. He called the captain and told him of Ashley’s disappearance. They might not get along, but Jenna was counting her lucky stars that Captain Kirk had such a soft spot for children and immediately sent out his best men to search for her.

The search left Jenna sitting at Ashley’s bed sobbing while she waited for news.


In November of last year, I got my girlfriend a fancy bike for her birthday. I probably shouldn’t have spent so much money, but the look on her face was priceless. I made a treasure hunt and she found the bike hidden behind a tree surrounded by flowers and green.

We’ve gone on tons of bike rides together since then. Up and down the California coast. And tonight, someone stole the bike off my car. It was on a Thule Rack which was locked on my car, and the bike was locked on the rack. And then I chained the bike to my bike on the car. I meticulously parked at the end of the row of the parking lot, backed in, next to a spotlight and a huge apartment complex. I was at my girlfriends mom’s house.

Ashley was SOBBING when she saw it was gone. I HATE the feeling of someone taking something you worked for. It was my hard earned, special birthday present for her. I’m going to start selling a bunch of my stuff to get another.
So upsetting.

Not What I Expected || Beckles
  • J: After his night out Jensen ended up sleeping late Thursday morning. When he did wake up Ashley had already gone to work and he decided to go surprise her. After he showered he and dressed he headed out and stopped at Starbucks to grab them coffee. On the Pretty Little Liars set he looked around for his girlfriend and when he found her he wasn't pleased. From across the lot he saw Ashley in close proximity to her ex boyfriend Tyler. He watched them talking and then they were kissing. Jensen didn't even stop to think before he rushed over to where they were, dropped the coffees and pulled Tyler off of Ashley.