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i decided i’d create a taylor themed ask list, because these are fun and we all love taylor so let’s see how this goes.

taylor swift: how long have you been a ts fan?

meredith: do you have any pets?

olivia: serious question - cats or dogs?

1989: what time perioud should you have been born in?

red: what is your favorite season and why?

speak now: say something you’ve been holding back

fearless: what are you most afraid of in life?

reputation: what do you want your legacy in life to be?

all too well: what’s your favorite taylor memory?

last kiss: who/when was your last kiss?

dear john: what’s hurting you right now?

ready for it: are you - in fact - ready for it?

gorgeous: besides taylor, who is the most gorgeous person you know?

look what you made me do: do you believe in karma?

the last time: when is the last time you’ve genuinely laughed?

story of us: are you currently in love?

love story: do you believe in love at first sight? why/why not

the outside: are you currently feeling left out? why?

the best day: favorite memory from childhood?

breathe: just take a deep breath, you deserve it!

change: what’s one thing you’d love to change?

haunted: any recurring nightmares? what are they?

come in with the rain: does the rain help you sleep?

enchanted:  when’s the last time you danced around all alone?

mean: what would you say to the people who bullied you?

long live: tell me the deepest reason or story of why taylor swift is so important to you

state of grace: where do you feel most at peace?

22: when’s the last time you just let go and had fun?

Spiritual exploration - a spell to help yourself stay motivated when exploring your Spirituality

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 - Jar 
- Gold Candle (or white if you dont have gold)
- Lemon juice or essential oil
- Cinnamon
- Thyme
- Garlic
- Malachite or Carnelian
- paper and pen

 - Take your jar and set it in front of you
- light your candle
- Add a layer of cinnamon to the bottom of the jar
-  lay down a layer of thyme
- add a little garlic
- add a few drops of Lemon
- write on paper what you’re trying to pursue, and add it to the jar
- Close the container and set your crystal on top.
- Blow out your candle to activate
- and when you’re ready to end the spell clean out the jar

- Aesa <3
This is my Original Spell, please do not repost on any platform without my explicit permission. Reblogging is okay, Reposting is not. 

Sunday, October 22nd 2017

IRS test tomorrow. Today is going to be all about mind maps and memorizing details. Still making sure I workout in the evening.

Little pro-tip: force yourself to wear your workout clothes during study days so that when you feel like you need a break you’ll be ready to press play on a random YouTube workout video. Random workout is better than nothing and during exam periods it’s more than importante to stretch your body!!

phone battery (m)

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pairing: jungkook x reader

genre: just a meet-cute, themes of smut

length: 1k (drabble)

summary: it was just your luck for your phone to die right as you were going to take that picture. hopefully that cute stranger will send you his.

a/n: i said i was on writing hiatus, but then again i like being unpredictable. just a quick drabble, sort of a more smutty and less fluffly alternative universe of my series ‘synchronicity’. enjoy :-)

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saviorsong  asked:

Your laughter tinkled out like the finest bell. A light mist falling out of your mouth. The first signs of fall. All Chase could do was smile. The coffee cup laying forgotten on the old stone wall. Your body spinning in circles as the leaves twirled around you; magic. Chase followed behind ready to catch you when you fell. You were his light while he was your armor. That’s what being with Chase Collins entailed. You wouldn’t have it any other way.

this is beautiful 

Fall Monday™

anonymous asked:

How about Azrael and the Horsemen (and anyone else you want) dealing with their human in a really bad mood. Like a super sour, touch-me-and-I'll-kill-you kind of mood?

Strife: Okay. So, somewhere he heard that if a human is in a bad mood, you’re supposed to pick it up and stroke it. So that’s exactly what he does. Anyway, it doesn’t work and then he remarks that the technique may have been in relation to cockerels, not humans. Easy mistake. 

Death: “Fine. Let me know when you’re ready to talk.” He plays the long game. He’ll just leave you alone until you come to him, no messing around asking you to tell him what’s wrong, he figures if its really important, you’ll stop seething and open up to him when you’re ready.

Fury: She’s all for trying to coax out of you what the issue is, encouraging you to share a semblance of your suffering if only to ease your burden slightly. However, if you’re being particularly unreasonable, she’ll tell you not to be childish and that she’s only trying to help. 

War: He understands. He’s almost in that sort of mood 70% of the time, tbh. He starts asking you if you really do want to go and kill something, because there’s a nest of demons living out underneath the subway that he’s been meaning to deal with?……

Azrael: He hates seeing you in such a foul temper. The angel will rest a hand on your shoulder and lower his voice to soothe you, but sometimes it can feel quite condescending. If you snap at him, he’s instantly remorseful and nods his head solemnly, turning and whispering ‘I’ll leave you in peace then…’ before floating glumly from the room. 

Orange Monster

Pairing: You x Yoo Youngjae 

Genres: Fluff with a lot of teasing 

Word Count:

Sentence: Pumpkin carving 

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“Can you give me the knife?”, you asked your boyfriend.

“No.”, he answered, shaking his head. “You’ll hurt yourself. Let me do it.”

“Youngjae. I’m a grown up woman.”

“Still you are younger than me.”, Youngjae commented, sticking out his tongue cutely.  

“By 7 days!”, you complained.

“Yes! What an age gap.”

“Yoo Youngjae, I swear to god-” You got ready to roast your boyfriend, when your little niece was speaking up. Her parents were away for the whole spooky weekend, because of their jobs and Youngjae and you took care of her. 

“No swearing!” She stamped with her tiny feet on the floor, making Youngjae and you look at her.

“Umma always tells me swearing is bad.”

“Yes, it’s really bad.”, Youngjae told the 5 year old girl, ruffling her hair. “We should scold Y/N for it. What do you think, Haneul?”

“No. Just give her the knife.” Youngjae looked at her with wide eyes, before slowly turning around and handing you the knife. “I’m already getting commanded around by two girls now.”, he jokingly stated.

You proceeded to carve the typical pumpkin face, when Haneul spoke up. “Uncle Jae?” It always warmed Youngjaes heart, how your little niece called him ‘Uncle Jae’. “Yes. What do you need?”, he asked the girl, lifting her up and placing her on the kitchen counter. “Can you do a really scary one?”, the little girl asked. “Sure, I can do that.”, Youngjae stated confident, grabbing the black marker to draw the face onto it.

“What are you carving into your pumpkin?”, you asked your boyfriend.


“You can’t carve Daehyun into your pumpkin!”, you scolded him again.

“But it surely would look scary.”, Youngjae defended himself.

“Youngjae. No.”

“Okay, okay. I go with something else.” He thought for a quick moment before looking at Haneul. “What do you think of a zombie pumpkin?”

“You can do that?”, she asked him with wide eyes, sparkling with joy.

“Yes, I can do that.”, Youngjae chuckled and you couldn’t help yourself, but to drift a little with your thoughts, thinking about your own future family and what a great dad he would be. By now Youngjae finished drawing the face onto the pumpkin, showing it Haneul. “Do you like it?”, he asked and she clapped excitedly. You handed Youngjae the knife over, taking care of Haneul while Youngjae carved the scary zombie into the pumpkin.

“What do you dress up as tomorrow?”, your niece asked and you smiled. “Youngjae.”

“Cmon.”, Youngjae whined, still focusing on the pumpkin. “You can’t do that. Even I go as Graf Dracula.”

“Can we all go as vampires?”, Haneul asked.

“Sure. We can do that.”, you smiled at her and picked her off the counter. “But now it’s bedtime for you.”

“I don’t want to.” She emphasized the last syllable, wanting to cling onto Youngjaes leg, but you picked her up in time. “If you don’t sleep now you will be really tired tomorrow.”

“Exactly and bad monsters will come into your dreams.”


That moment when you’re getting ready and WANT to put in the effort with the makeup and hair knowing full well you’re going on a long hike later and will get sweaty.

I’m deciding if I care.

I don’t think I care.

anonymous asked:

I'm in shock I don't know what to do I want to take a break from tumblr but I also feel like Taylors never gonna notice me and I'll never meet her so I HAVE to keep trying right?

You should never ever give up hope on meeting her, but if all of this right now is a little too much for you then stop for now and take a break and come back when you’re comfortable to be on here and ready.

ok so refering to this post , i have decided to make the honklings adoptables commisions ( please go to the link to know why they are commisions now )  bc some people are really interested ! ( the people who asked for their free honkling before this decision will have them anyway, but again if you want a companion or a clown evolutionary line could commision me  , you can find all the details in the link about that )

and this is just me writing down all the kind of honklings there would be , including the specials and the disabled ones 

all of this will go will be draw to be explained better in this week 

also im just making a paypal , so it wont be inmediatly 

but if you message me now and said you are interested in a commision i will make sure you get your hk first as soon my paypal is ready 

when everything is ready i will make another post 

so please if you want your very own honkling please read this  it contains all the details of why and how 

you also can reblog that post and this one also to be more informed !

thank you again for reading and the it fandom for being interested in these little fellas 

shadowhawk-the-creator  asked:

My dragonair has been shedding his scales lately. How can I help him feel more comfortable during the molting process?

The most you should do is just mist him every few hours to keep them damp and flexible. I know it hurts to just stand by and watch him itch and scratch but the scales should only come off when they’re ready. 

Thank you for asking in advance– lots of trainers make the mistake of “helping” by picking at loose scales themselves but that’ll only lead to irritation at best and scarring at worst.

Halloween 2016

Dont worry Angela, He’s ready to take your place for when you need to get a rest!!!


tv aesthetic → the office

I’m not superstitious, but… I am a little stitious.