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To be young

Title: To be young

Pairing: Reader x Peter Parker

Summary: Y/N has lived next to Peter since the 3rd grade and since has fallen hard for him, but Y/N doesn’t know he’s fallen just as hard. 

Word count: 2,145

Songs: Midnight City by M83, Uh huh by Julia Michaels

A/N: This is my first Imagine ever so I’m sorry for the grammar mistakes and if i messed up the point of view a little bit, I’m practicing and heres my first go at it! I hope you guys enjoy it! Also its not a concrete idea yet but i might make more parts to this 

  “Hey, MJ does Peter ever talk about me?” you ask staring across the lunch room at the boy you’ve had a crush on ever since you laid eyes on him in the 3rd grade. You hear Michelle sigh and close her book “Y/N just go over there and talk to him.” your eyes widen at your best friend for suggesting such a thing. “I can’t just go over there and talk to him without cause, plus..” you sigh sinking further into your seat at the lunch table “he likes Liz, remember?” Just before Michelle can get a word in about your lack of confidence towards guys, the bell rings signaling the end of lunch and beginning of the five minuet passing period to the next class.

You quickly gather your things heading out of the lunchroom and to your next class, gym.

“Hey, Y/N wait up!” you hear the familiar voice of Liz speak as everyone makes their way out of the locker rooms and into the main gym. You falter in your walk just a little hearing Liz say your name, you haven’t ever really been friends or even acquaintances with her since knowing that Peter has a crush on the girl. “Yes?” you smile as she slows her pace next to you “I’m having a party tomorrow night at my place, do you wanna come?” your mind goes blank for a minuet, Liz is asking me to her party? what? “I already asked Michelle if she could come and she said you were free so i thought i’d ask.” Liz practically read your mind, so Michelle is to blame, she’s gonna pay. “Yea, sure I’ll come, it sounds fun.” She smiles before she runs off ahead of you. “Hey Flash,” You hear her shout before she vanishes into the crowd of teenagers.

“Alright, well i think he’s a war criminal now but these are state required so lets get to work .” The gym teacher spoke after the video of Captain America ended waving his hand for everyone to get down from the bleachers and take their places on the mats.

You finally spot Michelle in the crowd of teenagers and grabbed ahold of her arm before she could lay on a mat. “Hey could we be partners?” You ask letting go of your bestie laying on the mat, “Mind if we take this mat next to you guys?” A voice that made your heartstrings tingle spoke, you quickly turn your head to see Peter laying down and getting ready to go his first sit-up. “No-not at all.” you blush and turn on your other side to come face to face with a book “Michelle” You groan louder than intended, “We’re suppose to be doing sit-ups.” You grab the book tilting it away from her face, Michelle sighs and turns on her back pushing her book up and down from her face “There happy, I’m exercising now.” She mumbled making you laugh slightly.

“Hey what about Spider-Man?” You sit up and whip your head around to the bleachers where a certain group of popular girls were sitting, “What about him Liz? You got a crush?” a friend of hers teased, “Well I mean yes he’s pretty hot but he’s also a hero you can’t leave him out.” You could see a slight pink shade her cheeks after she spoke.

“Hey, uh Peter knows Spider-Man!” Ned practically yelled from the mat next to you, what? how does Peter know Spider-Man? I mean maybe he got saved by him? But what? You were pulled from your thoughts when Peter spoke, “Well Uh  we-wel yes i do, because of the Stark internship i have but i’m not suppose to talk about it.” Peter spoke through gritted teeth when he ended his sentence. “Wait Penis Parker knows Spider-Man? And has a Stark internship? Wow this is too good, what other lies ya got?” Flash finally joined the conversation. You sighed and turned your attention back to laying down and staring at the ceiling till the end of the period.

“Well if you know him so well why don’t you invite him to Liz’s party tomorrow night?” Flash asked sarcasm clear in his voice, “Wait-wait Liz is having a party?” You perked up again at the sound of Peter’s slightly hurt voice. “Yeah, tomorrow night, my parents are out of town, you and Ned are more than welcome to come and you don’t gotta bring Spider-Man.” You could practically hear the smile in Peters voice when he replied “No-No yeah I’d love to come.” You rolled your eyes and tried to drown out the rest of the conversation.

“Okay, see ya tomorrow.” Liz spoke before the bell rang, finally. You make your way back to the locker room and change out of the gym uniform and into your regular clothes.

Well tomorrow night should be interesting, I wonder if Peter really knows Spider-Man you smile at the thought, that’d be fucking awesome.

Michelle and you took the bus together after school planning on having a sleepover and carpooling to Liz’s party the next day. “I can’t believe you already said i would go without asking me.” you lightly punch Michelle on the arm while getting ready for bed. “Hey what better things do you have going on tomorrow, staring at peter though the peep hole of your apartment again?” Michelle teased, you gasped and placed your hand on your heart pretending to be hurt by the comment. “Michelle that is an important activity and I cannot miss it.” You dramatically said and plopped down onto your bed for the night, the couch. Michelle and you always sleep on her couch for sleepovers, its big enough and comfy as hell.

“Oh whatever Y/N.” she groaned taking her place on the couch and turning on the tv. Within minuets your eyes start to get heavy, you finally give into the sleep tugging at you and fall asleep.

“Thanks for the ride!” you shout at Michelle’s dad before Michelle slams the car door shut. MJ and you start towards the front door already hearing the loud music coming from inside. “Michelle are you sure about this?” You ask grabbing her arm forcing her to stop and look at you “Look Y/N, when are you ever gonna do something like this ever again. Plus, its all apart of the high school experience.” She shrugged making her way to the front door and inside with you trailing behind her.

You were immediately greeted by Liz and shown the way to the kitchen “incase you need something to drink” Liz told you leaving you and focused her attention back onto the party. “Ok so now I Just wait for something to happen?” you spoke to yourself as you grabbed a red solo cup and filled it with water from the fridge. You made your way out of the kitchen and to the couch in the living room, where did MJ go? I’m like the only other person besides Liz she knows here so where - your thoughts were interrupted when your eyes met with the chocolatey eyes of the boy you’ve been waiting for all night.

You smile towards Peter earning a grin back from him before his attention was sent somewhere else, probably Flash shouting “wheres your friend Spider-man? I don’t see him..” You rolled your eyes and made your way over to the duo standing in the middle of the hallway, “Hey hey guys,” you nervously spoke “Finally made it.” you smiled over at Ned, his attention on the rest of the party and not you. “Yeah we got-” Peter got interrupted by a shout from the family room “If you wanna play a game come to the family room now!” you felt a hand wrap around your arm before you could protest you were in the family room seated next to Liz, Peter diagonally across from you with ned next to him and Michelle on your other side.

“Alright,” you heard Liz speak next to you “what game should we play.” a couple of hands flew up in the air and some people shouted suggestions. “How about Seven Minuets In Heaven?!” one voice shouted louder than the others, you looked over at Liz to see she was already ginning with a bottle being handed to her. “Seven Minuets In Heaven it is.” She quickly snapped her head over at you “Y/N, you spin first.” she shoved the bottle into your hand.

“No-no I’m really fine-” you didnt get to finish when you felt a sharp pain in your side from Michelle, your head spun to her side giving her a “what the hell!” look and receiving a shrug in response. You sucked in a breath, all apart of the high school experience right? you tried to reason with yourself. You put the bottle on its side on the ground and spun it, your heat begins beating faster and faster as it comes to a slow down. The bottle finally comes to a stop and your eyes rake up to where it landed, Peter Parker.

You gulped waiting for his reaction as people around him whopped for him but he just sat there eyes wide. “come one you too!” Liz sounded so gleeful and lightly shoved my shoulder for me to get up. Peter must’ve took that as a hint as well and stood up “Wher-uh What closet should we go to?” Peter asked clearing his voice. “the one right at the top of the stairs, we’ll make sure no one goes in.” Liz smiled at Peter and you while you made your way up the stairs. Oh god, what am i going to do, what if he doesn’t want to do anything with me? what if he kisses me and I’m not a good kisser or my breathe stinks- you were ripped out of your thoughts as the closet door was closed and Peter and you were left in the dark.

“uh we-we don’t have to do anything.” you whispered barely audible as you watched Peter set a timer on his phone for seven minuets. “Wh-why don’t we ask each other questions?” Peter asked making a blush creep onto your face, thank god this closet is dark and peters phone light is horrible. “sure-e” you nervously stutter, “you first.” you poke his chest earning a small laugh from him. “Okay, is it true that you have a 4.0 grade average?” You couldn’t help the laugh that  escaped your lips, “What?” Peter asked you could hear the confusion in his voice, “thats the question you wanna ask?” you placed your hand on Peters arm, what am I doing? I’m movign way too fast, “Is that bad?” Peter moved closer to you making you back up into the wall of the closet, your smile fading and a deeper bush replacing it. “uh-no no, I’d just rather not answer it.” You spoke truthfully, “alright,” you could see the smile form on peters face as he inched closer to you.

“your turn.” he whispered making your breath hitch in your throat, he’s so close, if i just move forward slightly i’d finally have my first kiss and with the guy of my dreams, you thought. “you got a question yet?” Peters smile started fading looking into your eyes, “uh- yes, did you really make your own computer?” your eyes scanned peters, he’s so close you can see his beautiful brown ombre iris’s, dark brown to a slightly lighter brown. Your breath hitched in your throat again as Peter flashed his eyes down to your lips for a split second. You start to lean into him, closer and closer to his face when your lips just barely graze each other and then Peters phone goes off.

He jumped back slightly from the sudden noise and looked down at his phone, “Has it already been seven minuets?” You laugh slightly feeling embarrassed for getting so intimate with Peter. “No..” he paused looking up from his phone and into your eyes “But i gotta, I’m really sorry Y/N, I gotta go.” He shook his head slightly before opening the closet and leaving you behind. you stood there shocked, not able to move. Peter and I almost kissed was all you could think as a deep blush crept back onto your face.

You exited the closet and went to see if you could find him at the party anywhere. you got a few weird looks after asking some people if they saw him anywhere but no one could help, not even Ned knew where Peter went.

“Well it’s too bad, we didn’t even get to see his ‘friend’ Spider-Man.” Flash spoke sarcastically to you, you just turned around to go look for MJ and tell her about what had happened, how you almost kissed your life long crush and how he almost kissed you back.

Javid Titanic AU - Part 9

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Davey watched with a smile on his face as Jack danced with a little girl, no older than five, twirling her round and round until she was giddy and giggling. The whole room just seemed happy to be alive, with no one worrying about decorum or how other people were looking at them. It was exhilarating and he felt out of breath just being there. An upbeat jig he didn’t recognise had him tapping his feet in time with the music as he took a tentative sip from the glass of cider Jack had presented him with. It was tart and bitter but he found himself liking it and he swallowed another gulp.

As soon as they’d made it out of the first class only areas Jack had shrugged off his jacket and pushed up the sleeves on his shirt, running his fingers through his hair to loosen the hair gel and pulling off his tie. Davey’s mouth had gone dry from just how good Jack looked when he was a little disheveled and found himself wanting to assist in the process, but he managed to keep his hands to himself. It made him happy that Jack was still respectful of the clothes he’d been lent, carefully draping them over the back of a chair before joining in the fray of dancing in the third class dining room – Davey liked Medda and was glad Jack seemed to feel the same. He’d kept his own jacket and tie on at first, terrified of the consequences if he lost them. It was already going to be difficult to explain where he’d been without adding extra things to atone for. But it was far harder to blend in in white tie dress so, after a few sideways looks, Davey had followed Jack’s example and stripped off his jacket and tie. It felt nice to be a little more free. He didn’t have to keep up any airs or graces.

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100 Days of Practice - Day 12

After a long day at work I came Home and practiced viola technique, and received some hilarious snapchats from @itsaviolathing at a party with her tipsy friend 😜 But my practicing was interrupted by an attack on my leg from my cat because he apparently hates the viola with a burning passion 😳

After I moved my murderous cat to another room I worked on the 2nd and 3rd movements of the Hummel sonata in Eb, which I haven’t practiced in a while so it was Very Rough.

I was about to start practicing piano when my mum decided to watch a movie where the piano is, so I guess I’ll have to practice at midnight again 🙃 I’ll most likely just work on t exposition of ballade 1, and maybe some technique 🙄

I think I’ll take a leaf out of @orchestraordie’s book and make a practice journal to keep track of what I practice and when, because I’m Trash at making consistent practice 🙃

(Also ClassicFM shared my post, so now I’m an official Music Blog™😱)

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so when are they going to start promoting on shows exactly(exo)? tomorrow? sorry for asking

if you’re talking about music shows, there’s one today on mcd which is happening right now but they probably won’t show up till later so you’re good. I think they’re gonna perform The Eve and Ko Ko Bop today, and then make the rounds for comeback stages this week on all music shows.

July 21: Mubank 5pm KST
July 22: Music core 3:50pm KST
July 23: Inkigayo 12:10pm KST
July 24: Music core again* 7:30pm KST

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Stephen Malkmus on his new world record, Morrissey's Trainwrecked Daughter and romanticising the 90s

It’s a cold 31st January and after having played in Hamburg the night before, The Jicks arrive at the yard of an old industrial complex in Cologne – the home of the venue for tonight’s show.

You think this is cold?” Malkmus asks, having a smoke. He then shows us the advantages of the pockets on his Wellensteyn parka. “They have a store in my neighbourhood.”

One thing why interviewing Stephen Malkmus is so special – To me, the 90s were pretty kitschy and not all that graceful when it came to music and when I think back, Pavement is pretty much the only band that embodies that other 90s feel in a good way without having become pathetic (as in members starting careers in crappy casting shows or trying to make money with absurd stuff) or old over the years.

Vanessa: Even though you recently said that most of the songs of the new album were written before you lived in Berlin – Has living in Germany still influenced them to an extent?

Stephen: Yeah, for sure! We spent the last two years here, so all my thoughts and all my ideas are coming from here. It depends on however the light or the weather is – wherever you live – and combined with that also we recorded in Europe…

(Woman on Jake’s mobile) “Take me, take me” (everybody laughs)

…we recorded in Europe even though it only was across the border in Belgium – not far from here. Just that sense of place affects the way things sound I think. Maybe it’s more a world record. New world record.

V: While you worked on the songs before recording them, how did you work with the others while they were overseas?

Stephen: We just did it on tour. We were touring and just started playing a couple of songs. I also came over there a couple of times, to America, while we were touring or for vacation. Once we went there in the summer and we practised. So just over that time we developed the songs.

Sabina: Which environment do you get your ideas in? Do you need a homely atmosphere?

Stephen: Not really. I mean it comes up my head everywhere I could be. Of course the instruments you have – what kind of guitar you have – what kind of equipment and probably the room – all these kinda really elemental things. All that affects it and also your personal life does. And that can be done anywhere, as long as you have time or some kind of freedom of time, something will come.

V: So, Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain is almost 20 years old soon. And 20 years back, still being in Pavement, would you have thought you’d ever get to where you’re at now with your life and career?

Stephen: I couldn’t think that far ahead. It’s really hard to imagine. I probably would have though, once that record became a little bit successful and we were touring around. I thought “Okay, I’m gonna be able to do this for a while”.

And then: “This is all I’m gonna do.”

I was probably thinking that way. But I didn’t know for sure. I guess. Once we found a musical community for this kind of music that people like, it made me feel pretty good.
I thought “Oh, people like it”. You know. There aren’t only Heavy Metal or other indie bands that I’ve worshipped like My Bloody Valentine or others that were really big. And then all of a sudden we were also playing the same places and I thought “Oh, I’m one of them too now! This is cool!”

S: So what do you say about the 90s? They’re becoming the new 80s in terms of being romanticised.

Stephen: Yeah, I can’t even get a grip on that – it’s very strange for me. I guess my generation, we sort of romanticised the 60s - like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones and Psychedelic Rock. And the media always push that on us and on our generation because the parents, our parents were really into like Woodstock and all. So this was their most special time.

It’s hard for me to think that maybe it’s the parents of the 90s or the media of the 90s saying “Could that be the same as the 60s?” It can’t be.

The Beatles were the first band when music started out the way it is today. And they’re still big.

So it’s hard for me to take the 90s so serious. As in a way that it was so special.

But certainly I should be grateful for it, because that’s when we started participating in a music scene like The Beatles did.

They were just kids, making music.

V: Yeah, and it’s gonna happen again with the 2010s.

S: Or maybe not, because the 90s were the last generation without the internet.

Stephen: That’s true, that’s an interesting thing to. How much our lives are changed from that. You can only imagine. I mean what it was like. How old were you in the 90s?

S: I was born in 1990.

Stephen: Okay, so you were just a kid and you are a child of the internet. You’re an indigo child.

S: Just this Monday I saw Babyshambles here in Cologne. This was my first time seeing Pete Doherty and I was thinking: Is he really the last real rock star? What do you think?

Stephen: I never met him but from what I’ve heard from people that have met him before from my record label said he’s very charismatic; that there is some kind of shine to him. I don’t know what it is. But I think he has that. As far as his music, I don’t know if it qualifies to be really at a level of special. Cause I don’t know.

S: It is. You could compare it to Oscar Wilde actually. He did a song called “Salome” based on Oscar Wilde’s “Salome”.

Stephen: I haven’t heard him that much. I know that the Libertines were a band that changed people’s lives in England and that they made people want to start bands. Their shows must have been really special to a lot of people.
But I didn’t see any of their shows in America. And when I hear that they recorded albums, I can’t hear it the same way. Maybe because I’m older or because it just wasn’t my generation of music. Like I said – I’ve heard a lot of good things about his aura – or not good or bad. He’s just got something shiny.

S: So you could compare his image to a rock star?

Stephen: Yeah, I mean that there are stars or something. Not certainly rock stars – just some kind of people that do have charisma or some sort of thing.

S: Like who?

Stephen: They’re not always good people. Like Courtney Love. She has it. That I’ve seen. I don’t like it. But it’s there. (laughs). I don’t know any movie stars. I’m trying to think of someone.

(To Mike) Do you know anybody that’s like especially charismatic?

Mike: Our T-Shirt guy! (everybody laughs)

Stephen: Yeah, some people don’t even make it to that. But they have it. But it’s not only how they look, obviously if it’s Courtney Love, or even that Babyshambles guy – cause they’re not traditionally beautiful people – in my opinion.

S: No, but interesting.

Stephen: Yeah. Interesting. Exactly.

Joanna: Nick Cave.

Everyone: Oh yeah!

Stephen: He’s cool. Maybe PJ.

V: Oh yes, PJ Harvey.

Stephen: And she also looks like a normal girl. I like her a lot. I wanna be her.

V: You said you’ve been thinking about making electronic music but couldn’t put your ideas into something real. Have you thought about working together with anyone on that? Jonny Greenwood from Radiohead said he loves your new album – and he’s a mastermind when it comes to their electronic elements.

Stephen: Jonny Greenwood said what? That our album is good?

V: Yes!

Stephen: Oh, cool! Well then… I’ll work with him. He’s so talented, isn’t he? He’s a really really good musician.

S: Charismatic.

V: Well, he’s kind of shy.

Stephen: He’s super shy (smiles).

V: Charismatic in his own way, I guess.

Stephen: Yeah, I mean he makes the music that makes the young girls cry… (sings)

He’s so good. I would love to work with him but he’s probably better for a modern classical. Remember the “There Will Be Blood” Soundtrack?

It sort of sounded like – was this show “Lost” popular in Germany?

V: Yeah!

Stephen: Every time something weird happened, they would have this music that would go like “Wheeeeeeoooooo” (imitates Lost soundtrack). And his music kind of sounds like that (giggles).

S: Any other genres you would like to try, apart from Electronic?

V: Dancehall, Hip Hop?

Stephen: Uhm… Schlager, yeah. Hip Hop would be like the ultimate, most fun thing. To be a rapper is the best.

V: You could do like a bonus track on the next album or single.

Stephen: That’s the dream, to be a rapper. I mean, when I see a rapper I think more of a guy from Atlanta with gold teeth. You know the kind. I don’t really apply to that. The things I would sing about would be (makes noises) you know…middle-class things.

V: You should make middle-class Hip Hop.

Stephen: Well maybe in Germany. I heard a lot of German Hip Hop. In Hamburg these kids were skating around and they were listening to it. But it sounds cool IN Germany. But you know, outside of Germany…

We heard something on the radio today that sounded like Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop”, but like a German version. Not as catchy, but same idea.

S: Are there any other German artists or bands you heard?

Stephen: Can, they’re are these hippie old guys that play crazy improvisational music and they just experiment with things, but they also make somehow some catchy songs - You can even dance to it. I think they probably smoked a lot of pot back then. And it worked for them (laughs).

S: Speaking of rock stars and rock star clichés…

Stephen: Yeah, but they are so good I think, they’re just great musicians. They make real art I think.

S: We don’t have much of these in Germany.

Stephen: Not this kind of band, they’re from Cologne.

Of course there is also Kraftwerk, that’s also really special music. But it’s totally different, it’s from Düsseldorf. And even though it’s one hour away and they were active in the same years, it’s a different band…funny right? They’re almost like an early Pink Floyd. And it’s somewhat groovy and jazzy. It’s not typical of Germany.

V: One of the ideas for the album title you had was “Morrissey’s Trainwrecked Daughter”. What’s up with this?

Stephen: I was imagining, if Morrissey ever had a child – but he wouldn’t – probably – but if he did, I was thinking she would just be a mess. Cause he would be just psychologically freaking her out. She would end up… who knows.
It’s kind of funny.

S: Are you thinking about writing your life down like Morrissey did?

Stephen: Maybe if I got paid in advance, like he did, I would consider it. Otherwise, not really. I mean, I haven’t thought about it yet.

S: Did you read his autobiography yet?

Stephen: No, but I heard it was good. I heard it was pretty dishy.

I like reading rock biographies of other people so I’m eventually going to read it.

S: Imagine you DID write an autobiography and it was made into a film. Who would play you?

Stephen: Maybe Jarvis Cocker.

(To the band) What do you guys love about The Smiths, what’s your favourite Smiths album? Let’s talk about Morrissey.

Mike: “The Queen is Dead” is probably the favourite. Or “Hatful of Hollow”, but that’s not really an album - it’s just a collection of singles.

Stephen: What’s that song that goes (sings) “Take me to the moor… you might dream, but you’ll never sleep” (“you might sleep, but you will never dream” - Suffer Little Children)? I like that song.

I have some friends in New York who are big Morrissey fans. Do you ever go on his message board? He comes there secretly and talks to people.

He loves his fans, the certain people he knew from when he first started.

They write him things like “I just listened to your new record and it’s so amazing and I loved this song, I listened to it by myself in my room” and he is answers “Oh really, what was it like?”

He’s really nice to them. It’s really cool that he’s interested in what these people have to say about what he does.

S: Yes because he too started out as a fan.

Stephen: Yeah and he has certain people who come out to the show right up front and he would go (does a Morrissey impression) “Julian, how are you?”, and then he gives them a scarf or something.

S: Or his shirt.

Stephen: It’s pretty cool! I mean, but he’s also maybe a little pathologic, maybe a little crazy.

S: Well aren’t we all?

Stephen: There’s something dark in there too.

V: He’s just flaunting it.

Stephen: But he’s a great performer too, isn’t he?

S: I haven’t seen him live yet.

Stephen: You have to see him!

I saw The Smiths one time and I took acid. Isn’t that stupid? Taking acid to see The Smiths, because of that one song.

S: How did it feel?

Stephen: Not good! That song that goes (hums) “I am the son…” – I thought that was going to be really trippy. But it was good to see Johnny Marr playing, he would just step on his pedal and go “Wheeeeeeew” (imitates pedal). He had that on a sample.

S: Have you seen him on his recent tour?

Stephen: I met him before. Did you know Joanna’s husband was in a band with him? The Cribs, are you familiar with The Cribs?

He was a friend of hers. I met him before a few times, he was very nice. And guess what - we even played a song at her wedding!

V: Tell us about that!

Stephen: We played “Emotional Rescue” by The Stones. And we were going to play an Al Green song, but he suddenly said “I don’t play Al Green! I don’t like that!”.

He doesn’t like that, he’s particular. But it was really fun to play.

So, I got to play with Johnny Marr once!

S: And you almost didn’t tell us about this!

Stephen: Well you have to bring it up! But I don’t know Morrissey, I never met him. One time we played a festival in Spain and he was playing. That was about… when was that Spanish festival, Mike?

Mike: That was like… 8 years ago.

Stephen: Did you go to the show?

Mike: Yeah, because my wife is a huge huge Smiths fan and she never got to see him live before, so it was her first time seeing him. It was as the sun was setting over that castle in Spain and he went (does a really good Morrissey impression), he basically wept. It was a good experience. But we heard from the promoter that he’s a bit of a drag.

Stephen: He made them get like a Cadillac with a certain colour of flowers in it. He made the Spanish people work really hard.

V: That’s some Britney Spears shit.

Stephen: Yeah. Diva style.

S: But he gives us so much.

Stephen: Yeah, he gives back. He takes and he gives, just like the Lord.

Interview by Sabina and Vanessa

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Yay! oh my gosh thank you!! 

who’s the cuddler: They both get pretty cuddly but Twilight would usually be the first to start the cuddles X3

who makes the bed: Twilight. She’s the more organised out of the two.

who wakes up first: Twilight again. It takes a little convincing to get Sunset to wake up early.

who has the weird taste in music: They both have weird tastes in music to each other.

who is more protective: Sunset for sure. She hates it when Twi is upset and when someone is the one to make her upset lets just say Sunset is not gonna be a very happy camper.

who sings in the shower: They both do occasionally.

who cries during movies: Twilight. Although depending on the film Sunset might tear up a little bit.

who spends the most while out shopping: The two of them are both pretty good with their money and only spend it on necessities. But on special occasions like Birthdays or Christmas/Hearths Warming they will splurge a little bit on gifts for each other.

who kisses more roughly: Sunset definitely 

who is more dominate: Sunset again although Twilight would try to be but it just ends up being a bit awkward. Sunset just thinks it’s adorable :P

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 11! I love these two :D <3


Posted on October 28, 2015 by Ross Bretherton

Photo by Wesley Stiles

Troye Sivan’s music deserves to be taken seriously. With his second EP out and debut album “Blue Neighborhood” on the horizon, the teen Youtube sensation is rapidly maturing both in lyrical content and in sound. After his sold-out show at The Sinclair, in which many avid fans were seen shedding tears over the artist, we spoke on the phone with Troye to discuss his inspirations, fans, and the skepticism surrounding his transition from Youtube fame to musical fame.

We saw you at your show in Boston, and you had the chance to perform a couple of unreleased tracks off your album “Blue Neighborhood” to fans who had never heard them before. After getting the chance to perform them, which are you most excited for the general public to hear now?

I started playing this one song called “Youth,” and it’s now the last song in the set, because everyone really really likes it a lot, well at least from the live version they do. I’m really excited now to release the studio version to the public.

From social media and on your tour, you get a tremendous amount of interaction with your fans. Have any interactions really stuck with you?

I think, for example, in L.A. I did three things. I had a screening of the “Blue Neighborhood” trilogy, and then I played  The Roxy, and then I played the lyrics videos the next night, and to be able to see familiar faces at all three – I saw some people all three nights in a row – and so by then it was literally just like seeing friends. I dunno, it felt like we were just hanging out. It was really nice to finally be feeling this connection in person rather than just online.

That’s awesome. Are you ever afraid to open up to your fans on stage when you sing songs that have personal relevance to you?

I think so, yes. Sometimes, I’m just nervous – my number one nerve thing is that I’m gonna think about what I’m singing about too much and just get emotional on stage. So yes, that’s my only worry while I’m up there. Other than that, no not really. It feels a little bit therapeutic to be sharing these moments with everyone and I’m just really hoping that everyone in the audience feels it – like feels their own moment to that song.

Photo by Wesley Stiles

As your lyrical content delves deeper into adult matter, on “Bite” for example, do you feel as though you’re alienating your younger fans?

Maybe it is becoming a little mature. In a little bit of a selfish way, I make all of my music for myself, completely and honestly, without holding back. I feel like I’d be doing a disservice to myself and to the people who are listening to my music if it wasn’t 100% truthful and open, and so I write for those reasons, and don’t really think about it too much while writing. Hopefully, the music will find its audience that it resonates with and people will connect with the music whether what they understand what I’m singing about or not. So I don’t know maybe the younger fans will find something in it, maybe the older fans will completely understand I’m singing about and be like “yup, that’s exactly what I’ve been through, too” and connecting with it on that level. I don’t really mind, as long as people are listening to the music and enjoying it for whatever it is they’re enjoying it for, I’m happy.

And speaking of your audience, since you’ve primarily derived your fame from your YouTube videos have you faced a lot of skepticism as you delve further into your musical career? How do you confront that?

Definitely, yeah. I think that theyre’s a lot of doubt surrounding the way that I’ve come up, and the way that other people like me are coming up right now. I get it, it’s just because it’s really new, and I think people don’t necessarily fully understand it yet. At the same time, it’s not as much self-doubt as it is doubt from other people just because I know that I feel this music in every single part of my body, and I know that I have always loved music, and I know that I have been singing since I was four. My first YouTube video, even, was me singing when I was twelve. I don’t know, this has always been it for me. Sure, I made a lot of YouTube videos, and I make a lot of YouTube videos, and I understand again that because that is such a new phenomenon maybe people get a little nervous about it. At the same time, I make music because I have to, personally. It’s what I need to do. I’m not gonna let anything like that slow me down or stop me.

Yeah, and a lot of people don’t in fact know that you were singing before your YouTube videos, starting when you were four, and becoming something of a child star in your town. Have you always known that this was going to turn into a career for you, and that you had to do this, or was there some sort of moment of epiphany where you realized that this was what you wanted to do for the rest of your life?

I’ve always been a little bit silly when it comes to how ambitious I am. I’m 100% one of those people who has always wanted to do exactly what I’m doing right now. I’m so thankful that it’s actually working out so far. It’s the perfect combination of right place, right time, and right people and hopefully a certain amount of talent, and all of that stuff working for me. But as far as me actually wanting this, yeah 100% for as long as I can remember.

Photo by Wesley Stiles

That’s awesome that it’s working out! The production on a lot of your tracks has a very forward-thinking electronic sound, partially due to the fact that you kept the same production team from your first EP together for the Wild EP and album. Did you originally envision the tracks to have synth accompaniment? How did you originally decide that you wanted to pursue that futuristic R&B sound in your music?

I think that a lot of it is reflective of what I have been listening to in the last couple of years, and what I’ve been enjoying – everything from “Channel Orange” by Frank Ocean to “Pure Heroine” by Lorde, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” by Kanye, Flume, Hermitude, or whatever. I think that there’s a lot of interesting production sounds out there that have been out there for a couple of years and that’s what I’ve been listening to. I knew that I wanted to reflect that in my sound, so it was just about finding people who I felt understood it and were also interested in the same thing. Like you said, I’ve been working with a lot of them from the beginning, and I have full faith and trust in them. I’m thankful that they’ve helped me craft the sound in the way that they have.

Also owing to the nature of how you became famous, you attract a very millennial, phone-happy crowd. How do you feel about people glued to their phones for the entire concert? Does it bother you that people are increasingly on their phones during concerts?

I mean it’s interesting, I haven’t really formed an opinion on it yet. Sometimes I see people just on their phones filming it and I’m like, “Okay, cool I guess you can rewatch it later?” It’s probably better to be just watching it with your eyeballs, you know? And then sometimes I’ll look up and I’ll see someone who is on FaceTime with a friend who’s wearing headphones and acting as if they’re in the crowd – like their hands are in the air and stuff like that that. That’s actually really cute, it’s adorable – every now and then I’ll look up and see someone like that. I guess it’s up to each individual person. When I’m at a show, I try to stay as focused on the actual show as I can and maybe I’ll do a little clip at the end for my Snapchat, but most of the time I just watch it myself. As long as you’re not texting, or on Twitter or something like that – as long as you’re not that bored, then I’m okay with it.

Last question. How do you feel about being described as an LGBT artist?

To be honest, it doesn’t make me feel much except pride. I think that for the longest time that was a fear for me, when I was growing up and I think for a lot of LGBT artists before this time that has always been a real fear – that was like a death sentence – whereas, now I don’t feel like it is that anymore and I don’t feel like it should be that. To me, it’s the same as being categorized as a blue-eyed artist, or something like that. It doesn’t make me feel much at all, it’s just the truth.

What We Were - 7.1

AN#1: All the Swarto feels today, right? Also, hey!!! This is back. (It has a bit of Hartbig as well. The usual.) (Feel free to interpret however you please.)

Hannah’s pov - Beginnings - 1.4k+ words

There is a beautiful woman sitting across from me.

“Hi, what was your name again?" 

I turn my head and look around, making sure that this beautiful stranger is actually talking to me, out of all the people in this crowded bar. Me, a shy and awkward ball of social anxiety, filled with insecurities and the urge to repress any feelings whatsoever.

"Sorry,” I mutter confusedly when she cocks her head to one side in question, long hair cascading graciously down slim shoulders. I laugh, because yeah, she is talking to me. 

“I’m Hannah. Sorry, wow, you are gorgeous." 

Wait, where the fuck did that come from? 

But she’s smiling. The beautiful woman is smiling at me, mouthing a quiet thanks.

I can do this. I can fucking do this. 

"Um… nice weather, right?" 

Mmkay, I can’t do this at all.

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Begin Again - Chapter 22

yay new chapter (: I dunno if I’ll be able to update 23 today or tomorrow, I really don’t know, but I’ll try my best loves xoxo

Justin’s POV:

She was awake. Selena was awake and smiling.

“Hey.” I croaked out.

“Hi.” She smiled, but it soon faded.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“I know who you are; I just can’t remember your name.” She said scrunching her nose up and I chuckled at her cuteness.

“The doctor said you might have a little brain loss right when you wake up. Just don’t push it and it’ll come back naturally.” I smiled.

Selena made an ‘o’ shape with her mouth then turned to face me again. “Well, are you gonna tell me your name, or do I have to wait until my brain starts working again?” She chuckled, and I smiled. Hearing her chuckle was like music to my ears.

“Justin.” I said and she turned her head away from me and started making faces.

“Oh yeah, now I remember you. We used to date, and we have a daughter together.” She smiled then frowned again. “And you have a girlfriend.”

“Actually Selena, I—“I began but was cut off by the doctor and a nurse coming into the room.

“Oh, Miss Gomez you’re finally awake!” The doctor exclaimed.

The nurse went over to Selena’s left side and placed a tray beside her with some food and a cup of water, and another with sprite.

“How long has she been awake?” The doctor asked me.

“Not long; just a little over 2 minutes. She woke up knowing who I was, just not remembering my name. But it seems like her brain is working right again.” I smiled.

“That’s good to hear.” He said to me and then to Selena. “Are you feeling a little dizzy?”

“Just a bit.” Selena answered. “What happened?”

“You were in a really bad car accident Selena. You’ve been out of it for a few days now. We actually weren’t expecting for you to wake up for at least another week, but it seems like you made a better recovery than we thought.” The doctor answered.

“I think I remember that. I was driving my car away from something—or someone, I can’t remember, and then I remembered I saw a deer in the road and I didn’t wanna hit it and I ran off the road and lost control.” Selena said rubbing her head. “And I remember I—I jumped in the back seat,” Selena began calmly but started to get a little panic, “oh my God Kaylie, where’s my daughter? Is she okay? Please tell me she’s alive.” Selena said in panic mode as she sat up and tears started forming in her eyes.

“Selena babe calm down.” I said holding her shoulder.

“Selena, your daughter Kaylie is absolutely fine. Your body covered her, saving her from a really bad impact.” The doctor said and Selena let a breath out she was holding.

“When—when can I see her?” Selena asked.

“She’s with your parents. I’ll go give them a call and let them know you’re awake and tell them to bring Kaylie up.” I said and Selena nodded her head. I kissed her forehead before walking off into the hallway to call Mandy.

Selena’s POV:

Knowing my daughter was safe was a huge relief—but knowing I was out of it for a few days wasn’t. I knew Kaylie was worried about me—shit I know everyone was worried about me; whether I would wake up or not.

Waking up made my head feel a lot of pain, and knowing I couldn’t remember Justin’s name made me sort of upset, but as soon as he said his name, my brain started working again, and the memories started flooding back—even painful ones.

In my mind, I knew I was driving for some reason, I just can’t remember why. All I can remember was that I was mad and frustrated at something—or someone.

I looked around my room, and noticed it was drowning with flowers and stuffed bears, and balloons. Luckily my room was huge—my parents must have gotten me a private room. It was big enough to fit at least 10 people. I know that would come in handy knowing all the people that will come visit me.

The doctor talked to me just a few more minutes before walking out, leaving me time to think. He told me not to over think, or my head will explode.

I kept trying to remember what happened that night of the car crash—and why in the hell I was dreaming Justin told me we could finally have a family like I’ve always wanted.

I heard two knocks on the door and Justin came back in with a smile on his face and my parents and Kaylie followed in behind him.

“Mommy!” My beautiful daughter squealed; seeing her face, and seeing her physically was enough to make my entire day.

“Hey baby girl.” I smiled.

My dad helped Kaylie onto the bed with me, making sure she didn’t mess with any of the wires and she cuddled up to my side.

“I missed you mommy.” She sniffled.

“I missed you too baby.” I smiled kissing the top of your head.

“You were hibernating too long. I’m glad you’re done now.” She said looking up at me. I chuckled at her. I mean, I rather her think I was hibernating than almost dead any day.

“We all missed you honey.” My mom stated.

I looked over to my parents and they looked like they were about to cry and I shook my head.

“Please don’t cry.” I said. “I’m awake and fine ok? If you cry you know I’ll cry.” I added on and both my mom and dad nodded their heads.

Both my parents came over to give me a quick kiss on the forehead before another knock came on the door, and Pattie came inside with Gracie and Jazzy.

“SELLY!” Gracie said using my nick-name she used to use when she was younger, and sometimes use now.

“Hey Grace.” I smiled. I gave her a hug and a kiss best to my ability while lying in bed, and did the same to Pattie and Jazzy.

“I’m glad you’re okay Selena. We really missed you.” Jazzy smiled.

“I missed ya’ll too.” I smiled. “Where’s Demi?” I asked, wondering where my bestfriend was. To be honest I thought she would be the first one here—before my parents and Justin both.

“She’s on her way; she just had to run a quick errand.” My mom smiled and I nodded my head.

“Mommy, guess what!” Kaylie smiled and I looked down at her asking her what she was so jumpy about.

“I talked to Mace, and he said he wants you to call him once you’re done hibernating. He said it’s very important.” Kaylie said emphasizing the word ‘important’.

“Okay, I guess I’ll have to do just that.” I smiled.

“You can call Mason on my phone honey, we have to go out and buy you a new phone since yours is all cracked. I mean it works, but I doubt you want a cracked phone.” My mom chuckled.

“You know me so well.” I laughed.

“How about we all give Selena some privacy to talk to Mason?” My mom said chirping in.

“Good idea Mandy.” Pattie added on. “Let’s all go down to the cafeteria and get some food, because I know Selena didn’t eat any of the hospital food the nurses gave her.”

“Ok, so you all know me so well.” I laughed.

Soon everyone was out of my room and I was alone. I dialed Mason’s number on my mom’s phone, hearing a perky Mason answer.

“Hello Mrs. Teefey.” Mason said, “Any news on Selena?”

“Actually she’s doing just fine.” I smiled, and I knew, I could feel it Mason smiling through the phone.

“Selena, you’re awake!” Mason said.

“Yep, I’m done hibernating.” I chuckled and so did Mason.

“Well I’m glad you’re done hibernating.” Mason said. “I wish I could come down to see you, but I’ve been so busy with work and it’s all over whelming.” He said.

“I understand.” I said. “So Kaylie said you have some very important news to tell me, so cough it up.” I said in a seriously-joking tone.

“Well, for starters, I have a girlfriend.” He said and I didn’t know whether to be happy—or sad.

“Oh. Well that’s nice. What’s her name?” I asked.

“Amanda. She’s a new worker at my job and we sort of hit it off and—“

“Wait, how long have you two been dating?”

“About 3 months now.”

3 months? But last time Mason was here we almost—

“Wait, 3 months? But just last month we almost, you know—“I said, not wanting to continue or else I would puke my guts out.

“But we didn’t, and plus Amanda and I were off then. So we’ve been dating 3 months if you don’t count the time we were ‘off’.” He stated and I just nodded my head even though he couldn’t see me.

“Is that all you needed to tell me?” I asked.

“Well, I’m also a soon-to-be father.”


Just 5 minutes after my conversation with Mason I heard 4 distinct knocks on the door, already knowing who it was.

“COME IN DEMI!” I yelled.

Soon my bestfriend had her arms wrapped around me and my arms were wrapped around her.

“Selena I missed you so, so, so much. Please don’t ever scare me like that again. You almost gave me a heart attack.” She said against my shoulder.

“I know and I’m sorry. You should know, I’m a fighter—ever since I was younger.” I chuckled and she smiled.

“Don’t I get a hug?” I heard Ryan’s voice over Demi shoulders.

Demi let go, and Ryan came over and hugged me.

“Hey Ry.” I smiled, “You’ve been taking care of Demi right?” I asked and Ryan nodded his head.

“So Demi, my mom said you were running an errand, were did you go?” I asked and Demi put up her finger telling me to hold on.

She went to the door mumbling some words and she came back into the room followed be two additional people.

“Ariana, Jai!” I sang happily. It’s been so long since I’ve seen them.

“Selena!” Both squealed.

I received a hug from Ariana first and then Jai.

“When we received the news, I knew Jai and I had to come back to Boca ASAP.” Ariana said, almost crying. “Knowing you’re up and smiling makes me so happy.”

“Knowing you two came all this way for me makes me so happy.” I smiled. “So tell me, how’s Australia?”

“Oh my, it’s so beautiful.” Ariana grinned. “We’re actually thinking about making our move there permanent.” She added on.

“Shesh, with the time ya’ll been gone, I would of think you both would have already moved there.” I chuckled. “So you know your sister is engaged, how is the married life?” I asked.

“It’s good.” Both Jai and Ariana said in unison.

“I can’t believe I’ve been married to this knuckled head for over a year now.” She chuckled.

“It feels like just yesterday we got married.” Jai piped in.

“Well at least ya’ll was nice enough to invite us to the wedding.” I said.

“Yeah, but a 3 day notice was not an okay thing.” Demi chuckled. “Ya’ll could have at least gave us a 3 week notice, or a 3 month notice.”


Majority of the day everyone spent their time in my room and we all joked and made small talk. Luckily Pattie and my mom went to Chick-Fil-A later that night so I wouldn’t have to eat nasty hospital food.

My parents and Pattie left with Jazzy and Gracie around 8:30 that night because my parents and Pattie had to work the next morning, followed by Demi, Ryan, Ariana and Jai leaving around 9. Ariana and Jai were staying in a nice hotel just up the street from the hospital, since Ryan and Demi only live in an apartment and don’t have any room.

Kaylie and Justin were the last to leave. Kaylie was having a hard time leaving me, because she was scared I was gonna start hibernating again and I had to convince her and tell her I was not ‘hibernating’ ever again.

Around 10, my doctor came in and told me to get some rest and that I should be able to go home within the next day or so. They just wanna keep me a little longer for observation, and to make sure I’m 110% okay.

I finally fell asleep around 11, and started dreaming about that night. I started having flashbacks and remembering every small detail.

Including mine and Justin’s ‘fight’; how I threatened him I would get a ‘custody battle’ over Kaylie therefore he wouldn’t be able to see her at all. I remembered the main reason why we fought—because of Sasha.

Then for some reason I dreamt about Justin and I having our own family, with 2 additional kids and even a family dog. Sasha was out of the picture completely.

“We could actually be a real family, like you have always wanted.”

“I broke up with her.”

“She’s not allowed near me or my house.”

“I’m also suing her.”

I woke up the next morning around 8 feeling a bit groggily from my dreams. I know that if you’re in a coma, sometimes you can hear what others are saying, but that’s a possibility. I don’t wanna jump to conclusions and just embarrass myself if Justin actually didn’t break up with Sasha.

Before going to work Demi dropped off some Ihop for me and we ate breakfast and talked for a while before she left for work. We talked about how her and Ryan are still in the baby making process (which has been over a month, and I’m starting to worry why Demi hasn’t gotten any signs yet). She also told me how excited she’s happy Ariana is back home (just a reminder, Ariana and Demi aren’t blood sisters, they’re step sisters ever since Ariana’s dad and Demi’s mom got married back when we all where in elementary school).

My mom called to check on me around 11 and Jas and Barbara even called from a photo shoot they were having in London, and promised to send me pictures.

The doctor came to check on me and told me I should be able to go back home August 5th which was only 2 days away.

Around 1pm, Justin came in with Kaylie and even brought lunch—McDonald’s of course, and like always, he knew exactly what I wanted.

“Mommy, did you know daddy broke up with Sasha?” Kaylie said ecstatically. Well there goes the answer to my question I’ve been dreaming about.

I can’t believe they actually broke up. “Really?” I asked surprised.

“Yep; I broke up with her the day before you woke up.” Justin said.

“Umm, why?” I asked. I didn’t know whether it was my place to be asking or not, but I needed to know details.

“She cheated on me and the baby isn’t mine. You were right all along—even Jazzy and Gracie were right. They’re the ones who brought the man she was cheated on me with to my house.” Justin said.

“Oh I’m sorry.” I said. Wait why should I be sorry? Well I’m sorry that Justin was used and put down, but I’m happy he finally realized what a twat Sasha really is.

“You have nothing to be sorry about Sel. I’m the one who should be sorry. I’m the one who yelled and got mad at you and Kaylie for no reason.” Justin said sadly.

I did the unthinkable. I reached over and grabbed Justin’s hand in mine and smiled and he did also.

“Sel, I want us to be a real family; you, Kaylie and I. We can have more kids down the line, but for now it’ll be just us three.” Justin spoke, and I could tell he really meant it.

But what I was thinking was just a bit of the opposite. Did I want to be with Justin—well duh yeah I want to be with Justin. What I meant was, is now the right time? Even though he has apologized what he did was still wrong—I mean calling me a bad parent. Even though it seemed like an easy answer, it really wasn’t. I had a lot to think about. If Justin and I really did this, this will be our future.

“Sel, so what do you say?”