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Ivar x Reader /Ragnarssons

AN: I’m sorry this isn’t proofread and I don’t really know what I wrote but my migraine is so painful and I think I can hear time lol ok. So Ima drop this on you then got straight to bed because I hurt.

If you hadn’t seen the little one dragging it’s around you might have driven straight past them. Four little sopping wet kittens were gathered at the side of the road, the biggest one was yowling at the littlest who seemed far too concerned with being spotted to pay attention.

“Hello there.” You said softly. The pretty brown one rushed over and snuffled your pockets, the biggest strolled around you, sniffing and inspecting you while the second smallest just sat and stared. The smallest, an all black ball of fur, dragged himself over and made so much noise that you carefully picked him up.

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Beauty and the Beasts

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Summary: Fairy Tale AU. Reader is the child of Steven Rogers, the King of a poor land about to be attacked by a dragon. They call upon the Trickster, Loki, for protection. But is the price of his help too high for him to pay?

Pairing: Loki x reader

Warnings: None really, might be light swears, I don’t remember. 

A/N: Uh… so this might be a series if people like it… In the title Beasts is correct, it’s plural for a reason, but it’s not revealed in this chapter. So yeah… Oh and it is kinda supposed to be a Once Upon a Time ish story. 


It was a sound like thunder from the north. The outskirts of the kingdom were ablaze and the king had called council with his best knights and advisors. His daughter sat quietly on a throne next to her mother. The young girl glanced around at the knights.

There was the Sir Thor, known as the Knight of the Storm. He came from somewhere unknown. There was Lady Romanoff, she was strong and had a quick wit. She may have even been the very best of the guard. Romanoff was often seen with the archer, Clint Barton. He never missed a shot and had the sharpest eye of all the knights. Lastly there was Y/n’s betrothed, Anthony Stark.

Stark was cocky, but smart. He was was inventive and could work his way out of any problem. Of course he was handsome, but Y/n did not love him. Unfortunately Sir Stark seemed to fancy the idea of trying to win her affections with flirting and daring acts of foolish bravery. Neither of them had a say on the matter of marriage, King Steven had planned their betrothal the day his daughter was born.

“Your Highness, why do you not send forth your knights?” Anthony Stark asked irritably from his seat.

“You may be a great swordsman, Stark, but none of you are a match for the dragon.” The king replied.

“What will you have us do?” Asked Lady Romanoff. “Sit and watch as the innocent die?” The King sighed and one of the advisors cleared his throat.

“May I make a suggestion your Highness?” Bruce Banner was the foremost royal advisor, as well as the royal family’s doctor. The king nodded for Bruce to continue. “Sir Thor… Your adopted brother is a sorcerer, is he not?”

The council was in immediate uproar once the question left Banner’s lips. Thor did indeed have an adopted brother, but he was full of black magic and evil illusions.

“How dare you even think to ask The Dark One for assistance.” Said Sir Barton. “You know magic always comes with a price.”

“The Trickster cannot be trusted. He would take what he wanted and leave us to die.” Said Stark. While the Knights argued with Bruce, the King said nothing. Sir Thor took notice.

“Your Majesty, your mind seems to be elsewhere.” He said. Steve looked around the table of knights and advisors.

“I agree with Banner.” He said. They began to protest, but he silenced them. “He is the best option we have if we want to save our people.”

“Right you are King Rogers.” Declared a new voice. He stood in the doorway, Loki, The Dark One. The Beast, the Trickster. Tony rose to his feet and drew his sword, thrusting the tip toward Loki’s chest.

Before the blade could even reach him, Stark was surrounded in what appeared to be a blue cloud that froze him in place. With a roll of his icy eyes he stepped out from in front of Stark’s frozen form and snapped his fingers. Tony was set back into motion and the follow through of his sword only struck the air where Loki had once stood. Confused, he looked around only to find Loki’s smirking figure completely unscathed. There was a brief moment where he thought about striking again, but he lowered his blade instead, keeping a watchful eye on the sorcerer. Seeing that Tony had - mostly - given up, Loki turned toward the King.

“I’ve seen your kingdom’s distress, your Highness.” The way he said the word ‘highness’ was not out of respect, it was a mocking tone. “ And I am indeed willing to help you.” Thor stood from his spot at the table to stand between the King and his brother.

“What would you plan on doing to help us? How would you defeat the dragon?” Thor questioned. Loki gave a lopsided smirk in reply.

“Lovely to see you too, brother.” He said, Thor scowled. “I see there are no time for pleasantries.” Thor frowned sadly. Y/N frowned too, she knew how upsetting it was for Thor to see his brother so absorbed in black magic. “My plan is simple. Very few things can pierce the hide of a dragon, magic is one of these things. It just so happens, that in my collection, I have an arrow.” Loki moved his hand in an upward motion and a flick of his wrist, in a puff of blue smoke an arrow appeared in his hand. “I’ve been told Sir Barton never misses a shot, if he aims for the head with this arrow the dragon will die.”

There was a small amount of awe from the council, even the King was intrigued. Thor was still frowning at his brother, he knew there was more to this bargain than any of the others knew. Though he had said nothing when Banner suggested the idea of asking Loki for help, Thor did not agree with him, for he knew that it would not come to a bargain that any of them would like.

“You’re help always comes with a price,” Thor began. “So what is it you want? You know our kingdom is poor, what could we possibly have that you would offer us this safety so willingly?” King Steven spoke from behind Thor.

“We are poor, but we could come up with a way of paying you back in small amounts on a timed schedule.” Steven suggested. “Or-”

“I don’t want money. I can get enough of that on my own.” Loki said.

“Than what do you want?” Asked the King. Loki’s eyes darkened as his smirk widened into a malicious grin and he gave a deep chuckle.

“Her.” It was a single, vague word, but he pointed at the prize he demanded. His cold gaze landed on her, Y/N Rogers. She shivered when she met his gaze. King Steven rose to his feet and Tony had his blade raised again.

“No! This is nonsense!” Steven shouted. “What could you possibly want my daughter for, and watch your tongue when answering this question.” Steven said threateningly, placing his hand on the sword hung and sheathed on his hip. Loki shrugged, as though innocent.

“Well you see, I had to dispose of my last servant a few months ago.” He said. “Unfortunately, I don’t have time to clean my home myself.” He said striding closer into the grand hall. “It could use what you call, a woman’s touch.”

“You will not have her.” declared Stark. Loki chuckled again.

“Well then this,” he waved the arrow in front of Tony. “Will just have to go back to my collection and you can all burn in a fiery rage from Hell.” Chaos erupted in the council again, they shouted and argued about what to do. Despite the words of many, King Steven refused to give in to Loki’s offer. While all this happened, Loki watched as Y/N sat quietly, with a thoughtful expression.

“STOP IT!” She shouted as she rose to her feet. The council fell silent and Loki grinned.

“The Lady does speak.” He mocked. She delivered a strong glare before she turned to a look of seriousness.

“If I choose to go with you, you will make sure my kingdom and my family survives?” She questioned. Tony stepped forward.

“Lady Y/N, you cannot-”

“I can do as I decide Sir Stark.” She said coldly, cutting him off. Loki sent a smirk in Tony’s direction. “Can you promise me these things, Dark One?” She returned her gaze to Loki.

“As long as Sir Barton hits the beast, I can guarantee safety from the dragon.” He said. “So what is your decision, Princess?” She frowned and turned to her father with doleful eyes. The King appeared to be near the edge of tears. She turned back to Loki again.

“I will go with you.” She declared and Loki’s smirk grew larger still. He placed a hand on her waist and pulled her closer to him. Out of surprise Lady Y/N’s hands landed on his chest, her face only centimeters from his.

“Then let us seal the deal.” He leaned in toward her, but she did not move. His lips met hers with slight harshness, she made no move to return his kiss but did not resist. As he pulled away from her he tossed the arrow to Sir Barton and in a puff of smoke everything around them disappeared.

They were no longer in the Castle of King Rogers, but instead were in a much darker grand hall in a new castle. Once they were there Y/N pushed herself away from Loki angrily. He gave her a rather dull expression, as though now that the deal was made he didn’t care about anything that happened.

“You didn’t even let me say goodbye!” She exclaimed. Her eyes glimmered with tears, but she held them back, refusing to cry in front of him. He rolled his eyes and strolled over to the table in the middle of the room.

“Goodbyes are tedious, Small One.” Loki said picking up a tray with an empty teapot on it. “You can start your duties as a servant by going and making a fresh pot of tea. You’ll find the kitchen at the bottom of the second stairwell down the hall.” he handed her the tray and she scowled, but followed his instructions nonetheless.

Lady Y/N found the kitchens with ease, and learned that the layout of the Dark One’s Castle was not much different from her own, except this place was much darker and dustier. Once she reached the kitchens she set the water to boil and lit the stove. She stood watching the water bubble while she thought about what was happening. Surely, she thought, I must be dreaming. After delivering a quick pinch to her arm, she realized she was in fact awake and she finally let a tear slip down her cheek.

That was three months ago. 

Sharing is Caring

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Request: Jason Todd x reader where the reader is training with Roy on how to use arrows and Jason gets jealous

A/N: So I’ve never written for The Outlaws before, so this could be completely rubbish and out of character. Despite that, I really enjoyed writing Roy and Kori, maybe I should do that more?? Idk guys, idk.

Tagging: @jadedhillon


Moving in with The Outlaws was, surprisingly, a lot less difficult than you had expected. You’d been dating Jason for a few years now, and when your own roommate moved out of Gotham for work he’d suggested that you stay with him, save yourself the trouble of finding someone else to share the rent. You stayed over frequently enough that it didn’t take much getting used to, but you weren’t expecting the ease with which you slipped into the camaraderie of the group. 

The apartment was small and by no means fancy, but somehow they made it feel like home. It gave you a warm, fuzzy sensation in your stomach to return from work and have three other people waiting to greet you and ask how your day had been. (It was still mildly terrifying to get up for water in the middle of the night and be confronted by Kori’s glowing eyes when you walked into the kitchen, or to find a gun in the cutlery drawer, but slowly you were becoming used to it.)

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Catch Me (Day 2)

Summary: In which a bet leads Bucky to have to catch you every day for a week, no matter what.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,300

I cannot thank you enough for editing this @avengerstories

Day 1

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“Well that was interesting,” Clint comments, referencing the bird documentary the two of you just watched.

You smile and nod, lacking the heart to tell him that you fell asleep twenty minutes into the film and woke up right when the credits started rolling. In your defense, there is only so much information your brain can retain about hawks, the mating season, and their diet.

“So what should we do now?”

“Eat,” you respond immediately. “Definitely eat.”

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Exes and No’s (Jason Todd x Reader)

Request: Can you please do Jason todd X jealous reader? Maybe the reader ran into one of Jason’s exs or something ^^ I love your blog by the way!!!!!

Trigger Warnings: Swearing, jealousy, self hate

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Jason made it no secret he had been with people before, when the two of you got together it was a made abundantly clear that he had sex before been in both long term and short term relationships. It never really bothered you, after all you had dated in the past as well.

It had never been a problem before today, because you had somehow got invited to Jason Todd’s ex’s club or something, because all the important ones were here, and damn they were all really really attractive.

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Not So Bad

Summary: The company gets caught and you meet the Prince of the Woodland Realm.

Pairing: Legolas x Reader

Warnings: Mention of parent death

Word Count: 1,704

Request #1 by Anon: Okay yay! Thank you! Can you do a Legolas x reader fic where the reader is a part of the company in the Hobbit and somehow the reader gets left in Mirkwood and Legolas sneaks her out when he leaves with Tauriel? Thank you!

 Request #2 by Anon: Hmm… how about your a human traveling with the company, but when you get to mirkwood, you get pulled from the cells to go talk to thranduil after thorin gets back… and then bilbo arrives and they have to leave you in mirkwood?

Request # 3 by @bee-wrecker : Maybe human reader x legolas where he sees a human, still learning archery but already has a passion for the sport?

Master Lists: Drabbles/Imagines, and Completed Series


Also new tag list starts today.

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Clearance part 4 (Ethan Mini-Series)


Living within an underground civilization, it is the dream of each member of the community to achieve Clearance.  In order to achieve this, you must be skilled in combat, have impeccable survival skills,  and be able to outsmart nearly everyone you approach.  Once you achieve clearance you are sent to Ground Zero, the main land where you are sent to protect and fight for the humans who have only known the real world, society as we know it. The day of testing comes; some of the trainees in the sector achieve Clearance, while others are held back for further training.  When those who are cleared are sent above, they realize that they aren’t meant to be the heroes they dreamt to be, the protectors that their leaders told them they would be, and the world above was nothing like they imagined it would be.

The indomitable sector trainees realize that all of their lives they were being lied to.  They weren’t going to be Gods to the human race… they were prey.

Word Count: 2,428

Warnings: Language.  Violence (not gory, but somewhat descriptive).

Authors Note: Lord this was hard to write.  This scene took everything out of me.  Be gentle with me because I haven’t written something like this in a long time!

Part 4: Killian

Their feet thudded against the ground like a pride of lions chasing their prey, but that was the problem… they weren’t the hunters; they were the hunted.  Selena led the pack behind her, swiftly running through the trees, managing to avoid getting hit.  

She had seen the attack–it had been such a detailed vision that she had thought it was actually happening at first.  When she came out of it, Grayson was in front of her, his hands gently patting her face as he said her name repeatedly.  Immediately, she took off trying her best to recognize her surroundings, looking for something familiar from her vision.  Eventually she caught sight of a split tree she had noticed in the background and she took off into a dead sprint past it until she saw Y/n hand something over to Zeke.

Now they were running as a group through the trees to an unknown destination that would hopefully provide them safety.  She led them up a hill where she came to an abrupt stop, her arms instinctively flying out to her sides to stop those behind her from going any further.

“Selena, what is it?” Leena panted as she walked to stand next to her.  “Holy shit.”

At the bottom of the hill stood a group equal to the size of theirs.  The difference was these people were bigger, scarier, and looked much stronger.  To make matters worse, only a few moments later there were cracks and creaks up in the trees before about 20 more jumped down to the ground, bow and arrows in hand.

They all wore dark, dirty, tattered clothes.  Their faces were scarred and held what looked like permanent bruising; shades of deep violet and blue covering their faces.  Each face held a similar scowl with hard, flatlined lips.  These people had seen pain and torture, that much was obvious.

“They’re all the size of Cohen!” Zeke exclaimed breathlessly.

“Not all of them,” M disagreed, “The archers are female; look at their build.”

Grayson stepped forward, “Maybe if we could talk to them, we can explain to them that we mean no harm.” he held his hands up in surrender, “We mean you no harm!  We are from the lower community, sent up to protect and fight!” he claimed, his voice strong, but not threatening.

A large, hooded male stepped to the front of the crowd below them.  He walked with the confidence of a king, his back straight and his head held high.  He held his arm out in the direction of one of the archers, “Tilena, up.” his deep voice commanded.

The female he was instructing lifted her bow, pulling the arrow back, and directed it toward Grayson.  Based on the trajectory, Y/n knew that it was going to be a kill shot and Grayson had nothing to work as a barrier to protect him.

“Please,” Grayson pleaded, yet didn’t show weakness, “We’ve just come to Ground Zero.  It is not what we expected.  We do not mean to intrude nor to threaten.  We are here to fulfill our purpose.”

The man gave no reaction, he simply stood there, drilling holes into Grayson’s head with his eyes.  His head slowly turned toward the female, Tilena, “Release.”

Without hesitation she let the arrow go, allowing it to soar in Grayson’s direction.  His arms flew up to shield himself, but right before it got to him, the arrow was broken by a knife that had been thrown with a force strong enough that it could bust the arrow, stopping it from impact.

Grayson looked over to see Wren looking in his direction, her arm still extended from the throw.  Wren was a girl in their class who was known for her knife skills.  Hand to hand combat practice was already hard enough with her, but if you gave her a knife, she was an even tougher opponent.  Not only could she fight with them, but she could throw them at a target with 97% accuracy.

“Up!” the male voice yelled and again Tilena raised her bow to shoot.

Right as the male gave her the order to release, M picked up Wren’s knife that had plunged into the ground in front of her and launched it at Tilena, hitting her right in the chest.

Tilena dropped her bow, her hands weakly wrapping around the knife in her chest.  With wide eyes she pulled it out, looking at it like it was a foreign object, her blood coating the silver blade.  Stumbling back a few steps, Tilena let out a soft choke before falling to the ground lifelessly.

Y/n looked over to M who stood there with no emotion on her face.  She stared at the body on the ground like she had just squashed an ant.  It wasn’t unusual for M to go into an emotionless state during battle.  It was her way of coping with it, but Y/n had thought she would at least feel something after killing someone.

There was no shock on the intimidators face, no shock on any of their faces as they stared at one of their own, dead on the dirt terrain.  His hand was fisted, straight out to his side and he opened it like he was dropping something to the ground.  All of the archers dropped their bows to the ground.

He took another step forward, dropping his hood to reveal his stone hard, square jawed face, “I am Killian.  You have stepped onto my territory, you have killed one of my warriors, and you will die.”

“Bitch!  You shot at us first!” Leena retorted, Talon pushing her back behind him.  “Talon, don’t.” she growled, shoving his hand off of her.

“Leena,” Y/n said in a warning tone, knowing that Leena always acted impulsively.

“No,” Leena snapped, pushing past Talon, “We were sent here to rid this world of evil and hatred.  These people attacked us for no reason, so this seems like it’d be a pretty good place to start our journey.” she bent and snatched a knife from her boot.

Taking this as a sign of war, the enemy group all pulled out weapons ranging from small knives to large machetes, but no one reached for the bows.  Y/n, whose hand was still encased in Ethan’s, squeezed tighter, knowing that the fight was inevitable.

Ethan let go, not bothering to pull out a weapon and took a stance, showing that he was ready to charge at any second.  Taking the same stance, Y/n clenched her fists at her side and waited for the first move or sound to be made.  

“To the death!” Killian shouted, throwing his fist in the air.  His warriors did the same, a loud roar of their voices filling the air.

Immediately after the call of war, the enemy began charging them with barbaric growls and thunderous battle cries.  The Indomitable Sector started running towards the warriors without a sound.  They had been taught to move stealthily and swiftly during a fight so that they were nearly untraceable.  

It was a clash of body parts, grunts, and cries.  The warriors fought messily which wasn’t something that was easy to work against.  Y/n jumped up on the first one that approached her, wrapping her legs around his neck and flipping him onto his back.  Ethan was next to her, his fist slamming against the jaw of his attacker, the cracking of bone sounding out.  

She lifted her head to see another warrior running at Ethan and her heart rate picked up, “Ethan!” she screamed, reaching her hand out.  

Out of the corner of his eye he could see his next assaulter and he took her hand, lifting her up and swinging her so that she could slam a harsh kick to his chest.  As her foot collided with the body, Ethan let go and she landed on top of the man, his body skidding against the ground as she tried her best to keep her balance.  Once he stopped moving, she planted one foot on the ground next to him and the other straight into his face.

As she went to stand up, a body went flying in front of her, tackling a female who was about to decapitate her with a machete.  Grayson pulled a knife out of the back of his pants, jabbing it straight into the woman’s side, undoubtedly piercing her internal organs.

“Selena!” he yelled at Y/n, pulling the blade out of the limp body and tossing it to her.  She caught it, turned, located Selena, and threw the knife, straight into the neck of Selena’s attacker.

Standing up and breaking out into a sprint, Y/n started to run in the direction of Talon who had at least 4 men on him.  They were all taller than him and the only way she was going to get to him was by going over them.

“Ethan!” she called, “Knees!” he immediately bent down, allowing her to step up on him and use him as a trampoline to land on top of one of the men, her legs over his shoulders.  Clamping her hands together she slammed down against his head over and over until he knocked her off of him.

The guy managed to get her in a headlock, dragging her as he choked her.  Her legs kicked and the rest of her body thrashed, survival mode kicking in.  He suddenly let go and she wouldn’t have known why, but M grabbed the knife she had thrown at him from his back and continued forward.  

They continued to fight and fight hard.  They put all of their energy into the battle, never giving up no matter how tired they were getting.  After what seemed like hours, the deep, male voice that had declared the battle, called out again, “CEASE!  RETREAT!”

The bodies dispersed into all different directions, abandoning all of their dropped weapons, including the bows and arrows that they had dropped in the beginning.

The members of the indomitable sector stood there, caught off guard by the random retreat, worried that it was a trick.  But, they could hear the feet moving further and further into the distance.

Some of them slumped to the ground from exhaustion, some of them leaned against trees.  Zeke chose to sit on top of one of the corpses that lay on the ground, too focused on catching his breath to worry about being on top of a dead person.

Ethan ran over to Y/n, his hands moving up and down her, checking for any severe wounds, “Are you okay?” he asked once his hands cradled her face.

She shook away from his touch, “I’m fine.” she said, immediately missing the absence of his warm skin against her cheeks.  “Did we lose anyone?”

Ethan didn’t get to give her an answer because a cry of pure pain broke through the air, causing her head to snap in the direction of the girl’s scream.  Jogging to the sound she rounded a large tree to see Etta, a girl from their class, cradling her twin sister Mia in her arms.

A few feet away laid another member, Jax, with blood staining his shirt, his lifeless eyes looking off into the distance.  Talon walked over to Jax, brushing his fingers against his lids to close his eyes.  

“Etta,” Y/n bent down next to her, “Etta, I’m so sorry.” she whispered.

Etta’s hands stroked her sister’s hair, tears landing on Mia’s forehead.  Her fingers moved to wipe the blood from her sibling’s lips, almost like she was cleaning her up.

“Etta, staying here is not safe; we have to move,” she said, placing her hand on her shoulder.  “We’ll make sure she’s taken care of.” her eyes drifted over to Ethan who moved closer to take Mia out of Etta’s arms.

“No!” Etta screamed.  “Don’t touch her!  Don’t touch my sister!” she cried even harder, pulling Mia as close to her as possible.

Ethan bent down, “Etta, we promise she’ll be laid to rest, but we have to move.  We’ll make sure that she comes with us so that you can give her a proper burial, but you have to let us take her.”

Ethan reached out again, but Etta jerked away, “She’s my sister!” she screamed again, “She’s my Mia.  You can’t just take care of her like she’s nothing!  I don’t want her buried under this forsaken ground. I want her with me.”

“Y/n,” Ethan whispered, nodding to an unknowing Etta.

Y/n moved behind Etta, wrapping her arms around her to grab her hands and gently force her to release her sister.  Crying out, Etta fought against her as Ethan picked up Mia into his arms.  Next to them, Grayson and Talon lifted up Jax, following Ethan to find a decent burial area.  

Y/n held Etta until she wore herself out, going limp in her arms in surrender.  They were lucky that they had only lost two in this battle, but within the short amount of time they had been up there, they had lost three of their people.


Ethan had showed Etta to the burial site and they held a small funeral for Mia and Jax.  Many of the class rested against rocks or trees, staring off as they listened to the loud sobs of Etta move with the wind and through the trees.

“We need to find shelter.” Finley said, pushing herself up from the ground, pushing her golden brown hair out of her face.

“She’s right,” Ethan joined the conversation, walking over to where Finley stood next to Y/n.

“How’s Etta?” Y/n asked, earning a mournful look from Ethan.

He dragged his hand down his face, “Upset, obviously, but she’s strong and she’ll be okay.  She know’s that Mia would want her to continue on, so with time, she’ll get better.”

Turning the conversation back to the matter at hand, Finley spoke again, “We need to start moving so that we can find shelter before dark.  We need a cave or something.  It needs to be hidden as well.”

“We also need to grab as many weapons as we can.” Y/n said, picking up a bow.

“Well,” Selena said standing up, “It looks like we should get going.  Who knows what it will be like at night out here.”  They all agreed and gathered together to start their search.

But, there was one thing that they were all sure of.

This was just the beginning.


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Popular | Chapter 8

Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Avenger!Reader

Prompt: Tony has made a bet to see who could end up with the most fans, out of the Avengers, by the end of the month. Bucky takes it just to piss Sam off and Reader really wants to prove that she isn’t the least popular. Bucky and Reader team up to be a fake couple in order to beat the other Avengers, agreeing to split the prize at the end. Will it all work out?

A/N: This is it, people. We’re nearing the end! I should be able to start on all those other requests soon. I’d love to get feedback! 

Warnings: A lil too much love in the air. 

Series Masterlist

Originally posted by a-marvelous-tolbean

Bucky’s Turn

Bucky has been confused about a lot of things in his life. How his scrawny best friend turned into the epitome of perfect shape in the blink of an eye. Why he couldn’t pronounce meme if his life depended on it. The reason Tony decided to enlist a young kid in a red spider onesie in a fight. But he has never been more confused about you at that moment.

“I think this is a good sign.” You head was leaning against his shoulder, a peaceful look on your face.

He found himself once more sitting next to you as the scores for the last week leading up to the end of the month were revealed. Surprisingly, most of the Avengers took the news of their losing positions quite well. Even Sam didn’t grumble as much as Bucky thought he would.

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Requested by Anon: Daryl Dixon x Reader

Word Count: 2760

Warnings: Violence, Language, Implication of physical abuse

Anonymous asked: Hi :) can you please do one where: Daryl get help from a quiet (but badass) girl during a run, she don’t want to go with him, telling she prefer be alone, but convince her after seeing her two time around, after a while they get close and he notice she’s always wearing long sleeve clothes and start to guess what she hide, so after she get hurt on a run, he took off her large pull and realise all her scars (same as him) all over her back, arms, shoulders, and he broke down… Thanks! 

Notes: Don’t know if this is really what you had in mind, anon, but here is your request! I hope you enjoy it <3

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anonymous asked:

HECK YE REQUESTS OPEN. Could I request something for Hanzo (like say nothing with Genji ever happened and he ended up running the clan with Genji) with a servent/maid reader? Like he's head over heels for her and wants to make her his wife, and is like "Do not worry I will take care of you, screw what everyone else says"? ah soorry if thats to weird

It’s not a weird request at all! I find it rather cute really and hope you like this! ^^ I did it in HC form, but if you wanted something different, please tell me.

- Because of his undying passion for you, this man might come off a little straightforward? He’d probably see it as the most normal thing in the world, not seeing why you are so flustered and anxious over it. Even though the elders of the clan expect much of him, Hanzo is not one for letting others rule his life and even though he takes their advice to heart, his love for you cannot be stopped by mere rules. Do not get in the way of a dragon following his passion, as he will surely not tolerate it. He is still the Master of his clan after all and even his closest allies will not risk angering him over something as petty as loving a maid.

- He’d need some advice from Genji on how to be more subtle with you though, as Hanzo can’t get over his excitement of courting you, wanting you to rule at his side as soon as possible. However, you needed time to get used to the relationship as well, favoring a much slower approach. The archer would have moved you to one of his quarters already, where you would be residing until the both of you are married, as is tradition. However, every day after training, he would visit you and present you with the most luxurious gifts you can imagine and you can’t help but feel spoiled by his love and attention for you. The two of you would converse with each other over a peaceful tea ceremony while watching the cherry blossoms fall from outside your window. His time with you is what the Master looks forward to every day.

- A smile would settle on his regal face once the marksman recalls the day he fell for you, not expecting to fall for a person like yourself at all back then either, but he is more than thankful that he did. You were an assistant of one of the head maids and occasionally brought tea and sake while the royal family had their meetings with the other clans, mostly about settling new business arrangements and contracts. You were not that fond of them at the beginning, thinking that most Yakuza were quite ill minded and selfish people, after all, their business was not a fair one. However, you stayed because you needed the money to pay your own bills and the salary you got was not bad at all, so you kept most of your opinions to yourself and carried out your duties without complaint. You rarely spoke to any of the family members of the Shimada’s, as you feared them in a way as well and did not want to spill any bad words on accident, keeping your face and voice low whenever you had to greet them in the halls.

- It was Genji, the youngest of the family, who had approached you one day and you honestly were not as surprised as you were aware of the flirtatious history he carried with him when it came to socializing. He was a nice man in general though, free spirited compared to his other family members. Even though he could be charming, he treated you with the greatest respect and never pushed himself onto you once you politely expressed your disinterest. The both of you stayed good friends afterwards though, which was more or less Genji’s doing and you honestly didn’t understand why a high class noble like himself wanted to be friends with a simple maid like you. It seemed that the ninja did not care for status or ranks at all, which made you feel a little guilty as you thought so lowly of these people before. It seemed that not all clans were as bad or evil as people described them and even so, it is how they lived for centuries already and most Yakuza did not even interact with the normal citizens, let alone harm them. Their business might not be legal, but they weren’t ordinary murderers either.

- It was also through Genji that you managed to get closer to his brother, who you had a strange infatuation with. You were more than a little intimidated by Hanzo upon first meeting him in person though, having heard about his stoic and serious demeanor as well as his picky taste in things. Nothing could be perfect enough for this man and you were more than nervous for that reason as well once Genji had managed to get you to deliver some tea to his quarters. You knew what he was trying to do and it honestly drove you insane, but you remembered that complaining was still not something you were allowed to do as it could always be used against you, even by someone as sweet alking as Genji. You didn’t think he’d ever betray you, but you did not want to take any chances either and went with whatever game he was playing with now. Apparently, the man was amused by finding suitors for his brother and thought the both of you could work well together, despite your current position as he said it would not be a problem to the archer either. You thought otherwise however. This man was highly traditional and was probably not even interested in wasting his time with people who just come to bring in his necessities, as he usually did not even spare a glance at the other maids whenever his food was served.

- You were surprised for that reason, for finding the man watching you intently as you sat down his freshly brewed matcha tea on top of his salon table, his eyes not leaving your form, making you even more nervous than usual. At the time, you were not sure whether he was looking at you in disapproval or acknowledgement, the man never said a word and his face was impossible to read as well. He was a master at hiding is own emotions, which was something you must be capable of if you live within the lifestyle of his own. Distracted by your own anxious thoughts and shaking nerves, you spilled a small bit of the tea on top of the table while serving him and you couldn’t help but curse silently under your breath at your own clumsiness. However, you failed to notice that the most important person of the whole estate was right beside you, watching your every move and failure and your cheeks suddenly became a whole lot redder.

- Realizing your mistake and disrespect in front of your Master, you got on your knees and bowed down as low as possible while muttering out endless apologies. You never had been punished or done something wrong before and these people were very much unpredictable, so you did not know how severe his reaction would be and settled for the most formal apology possible. Thankfully, the archer was not as mad as you expected him to be, his cold and harsh exterior more an outlook he used to remain in control and appear fearless to his enemies and allies. He reacted rather calmly and told you there was no need to apologize so frantically. You had simply spilled some tea and it could be easily removed. There was even a hint of a smile on his face, but you did not dare to assume that fully, although he looked rather handsome once you faced him entirely. You had never seen the man this close up after all. Perhaps these Yakuza were not as bad and your punishment would not consist of getting your head chopped off, as a lot of locals were so afraid of.

- You were even more surprised once the Master had invited you to stay with him during one of his tea ceremonies after having served him for a while more. He was very smooth in finding an excuse as well, saying he felt rather lonely otherwise and did not get much company. You felt rather bad for him back then, as it must indeed be quite lonely if you are the leader of an Empire and need to be protected at all costs due to possible assassins going after your wealth. You of course obliged and the both of you grew closer over time, although you still did not understand why he favored you, a maid and worker, over the ladies of the palace or why he even wanted to talk to you in the first place. Hanzo often told you about his disinterest in the women his father chose for him and you couldn’t help but chuckle whenever he referred to them as nothing more than mindless dolls, with their fancy clothing and overly done hair. The archer always valued intelligence more so than looks and just natural beauty in general. To him, you were a lot more interesting than those women and you honestly felt very honored and touched to hear that, but did not dare inquire about it more as you were still in a lower position after all. You always thanked him politely or told him that those women all had their own qualities, but in general remained quiet in fear of crossing any boundaries.

- Hanzo knew why he was drawn to you. You were humble and kindhearted and always managed to say the right words of wisdom, soothing his own restless heart when he needed them. Your status for that matter was gradually forgotten over time and before he even realized it himself, he had fallen for you. That thought in the beginning, frightened the man to no end, but he knew he could not let you pass by and let another run away with your heart. None of the women he had been presented with prior ever made him happy and neither will they in the future, knowing that the person he was meant to be with would be you. You also opened his eyes when it comes to many other things, as someone’s rank has nothing to do with the person they are on the inside or what they feel in their heart. The rarest treasure can be found in the most ordinary places, as long as you are willing to see it. You were the only bit of happiness he allowed himself to have over time, as you never failed to make him feel calmer and thus decided to approach you that faithful day about something much more important. The both of you had already known about each other’s feelings prior to his proposal, although you kept it very much a secret from the rest of the clan. Genji did know about your relationship of course, but the ninja could be trusted as it was his idea to bring the two of you together in the first place and would never get you into any trouble.

- Now back to the present, a few weeks later, you gasped slightly as your beautiful man suddenly kneeled in front of you and took one of your hands in his, kissing it lightly before continuing on with his proposal. You had been too distracted by the elegance of the pink petals flying by outside to see Hanzo shift in his place and take out a silver ring from his pocket. The determination and love in his eyes shooting adrenaline through your whole body, keeping you in place and mesmerized by his orbs. He had made you a promise that day, a promise to keep you safe and cherish you. His words gaining more seriousness as he told you he would never let anyone get into the way of the both of you either, telling you that the one person who would try to do so would have written their own death wish, which had you taken aback. You knew the Master could be frightening and dedicated to the bone, but this was something entirely different and you honestly felt more than a little emotional over his passion for you. You felt a complete safety and relief wash over you, as your own doubts about a future spent beside one of the mightiest Emperors were washed away by his own comforting words. You knew you could trust the dragon on his word, as his expression said everything and you let yourself fall into his embrace as tears started to gather at the corners of both you and his eyes. You kissed him passionately in that moment, knowing that the rest of your life would be spent in the greatest happiness because of Hanzo’s unconditional love for you.


Pairing: Daryl x Jesus (Desus)

Word Count: 2114

Warnings: Fluff, canon violence, cursing, homophobia

Notes: This is based off of something my girl, @dragongirl420 , suggested and I loved it. Just like I love Desus. I hope you all like it! Xox

Ask/Suggestion: Oh yeah it is. It is definitely there. And what a story it would be!! Can you imagine… well I KNOW you can haha, but Daryl finding love with Jesus, but having repressed those feelings so long because he knew Merle would’ve kicked his ass or something like that

Pushing his lighter back into his pocket, Daryl sucked on the cigarette harshly. Squinting through his fringe, he exhaled a huge cloud of smoke as he watched them. Well… him.

Jesus was helping Denise and Tara haul the newly acquired supplies from Hilltop to the supply room. Taking another drag, Daryl sighed as he licked his lips, shaking his head. It was frustrating seeing the man; he elicited feelings in Daryl he hadn’t felt for a long time, or ever really. He thought he might have felt them for Beth but they weren’t anything like this.

When he’d first met Paul, he’d hated him, especially after losing the truck. But the more time he spent with him, no matter how much Daryl snapped at him or made rude remarks, he started seeing him differently. It was the little things at first; the way Paul’s eyes crinkled when he laughed, the way his smile lit up a room, the way he made Daryl feel without even trying. They didn’t even need to say a word to each other; just being around him made Daryl feel better, calmer. And it was driving him insane.

The three of them walked back to the truck and stopped for a minute, chatting and laughing, and Daryl’s chest tightened. God what he would’ve given to just walk over there and… Paul glanced over at him and smiled, waving at him. Daryl nodded, his cheeks flushing as he pulled on the cigarette one last time before heading quickly back in to the house.

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Have I Made You Uncomfortable? (Bucky x Reader) Part 6

Summary: It’s no secret that Y/N and Bucky don’t get along. Everyone knows it, they know it, and everything is very clear. That is, until a certain encounter in the library starts a small ripple in the otherwise fairly still surface.

Chapter List


Part Six

“Either way, we need to arrest him and his puppets, release the hostages, and deactivate the carrier system. Y/N, you’ve been watching the building, any suggestions?” Steve asked, and you furrowed your brows in concentration. You took another bite of your burger and started flicking the hologram around, circling it as you chewed. You swallowed loudly before sighing.

“Well, the building in itself isn’t the problem, Steve. They have people everywhere. Since this is a threefold mission, we need to split up. I suggest… Who’s available for this?” you asked, eyes still focused on the hologram in front of you.

“Myself, Buck, you, and Barton.” You hummed in discontent.

“Four people doesn’t seem like enough for this mission. Are you sure there’s no one else we can bring in?” you asked, glancing at him.

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Waffles and War - Jaykyle

They’re buying crepes when the shooting starts.

Kyle, unperturbed, chews happily at his crepe, reveling in the taste of cheap New York street food. Feeling a weighty presence on his left, Kyle turns to meet Donna’s gaze, mouth still full. She looks pleadingly back up at him.


“Please, Kyle.” Her hands are squeezing her crepe dangerously.

“I’m on vacation, Donna,” he whines.

“I know,” she replies, “I’m sorry. Just let me go check it out? I’ll be quick about it, I swear.”

He stares. “I can’t believe you’re doing this to me.”

“Thanks, Kyle. You’re the best.” She kisses his cheek then casts a quick glance around for any stragglers. Everyone had successfully run screaming into a safer area. Kyle wonders where the crepe vendor went. Donna heads towards the chaos and proceeds to shuck her sweater off, revealing her suit, patterned like the night sky.

“Who are you, Superman?” Kyle mutters, sliding down against a wall. He finishes his crepe and looks down at Donna’s, sighing.

There’s a loud crash in the alley two streets over where the fighting is taking place, and Kyle hears Donna yell out. He’s on his feet instantly, cursing himself and his friends and Ganthet, for giving him this stupid ring and getting him involved with a bunch of stupid superheroes. He runs towards the alley, lifting off the ground easily as his suit slides into place over his skin. Kyle is already prepared to give whoever had interrupted his week off from intergalactic crises a beatdown, so he is rather disappointed when he finds himself in a sea of knocked out goons and subpar weaponry. What is surprising, is that Donna is not alone. It takes a moment for Kyle to recognize who she’s standing with, but when he does he can’t help but stare.

Jason Todd.

Jason pops the helmet off his head, peeling the domino off with a wince. Donna reaches up to hug him, then sucker punches him in the arm. Kyle chooses that exact moment to burst into laughter. The two of them look over at him and Donna grins. Jason, rubbing his arm(which had to hurt a damn lot after getting clocked by an Amazon) gives Kyle a measured look of disdain. Kyle only laughs harder, taking it as a win when Jason’s lips twitch at the corners.

“Missed you too, Rayner,” he says. “Nice suit, by the way.”

Kyle looks down at his White Lantern suit and lets the construct of his mask fade so he can give Jason an exaggerated wink. “Like what you see, gorgeous?”

Jason coughs, flushing, and it’s Donna’s turn to laugh.


They end up in Radu’s after Kyle gets Jason a change of clothes. He’s been crashing in his old New York city apartment, and flying certainly had its perks. Jason is taller than him, but not by much, so he fits into them without much trouble. Still, there’s something novel about seeing the Red Hood, terror of Gotham’s underworld, in a 90’s band tee.

They exchange casual information about the goings-on in their lives, and Kyle and Donna are both surprised to hear who Jason has been working with recently.

“Roy?” Kyle asks, “Man, I haven’t seen Roy in ages. How is he?”

“He’s fine. He and Kori are—um.”

Donna laughs aloud as Kyle gapes.

“Roy and Starfire?” Kyle asks, astounded.

“Sounds like Kori,” Donna says, smiling.

Jason nods, “They’re good for each other.”

“They’re freaking beautiful, Jason.”

It’s Jason’s turn to stare, bewildered, and the thought that Jason is as beautiful as they are, more so even, crosses Kyle’s mind. He pushes it away. “Oh. Well—well, yeah. They are. I guess. Got a crush, Rayner?”

Kyle drops his head into his arms dramatically, “If all the pretty people keep pairing off, what hope do the rest of us have?”

Jason snorts, “Like you’re going to have that problem.”

He and Donna fall into comfortable conversation as Kyle turns Jason’s words over and over in his head.


He was fairly sure he’d just been called pretty.


The next time Kyle sees Jason, there’s a bullet in his shoulder.

Jason blinks. “Ow.”

Koriand’r floats down, worry pinching her expression, Roy not far behind.

“Jason,” she says, kneeling and reaching for him, “We are going to help you, and get that out of your shoulder, okay? How do you feel?”

“I’m fine,” Jason replies, but he’s sweating and his body is wound tight.

“That’s Jason for—Well for everything, actually.”

Jason glares up at Roy, but the archer is already behind him, tugging off his jacket with gentle movements, gentler than those of the Roy Kyle had known long ago.

“Hey,” Kyle says, feeling a bit like an outsider and guilty for interrupting their moment. “Let me.”

Roy looks surprised and Jason turns a confused gaze on him. For some reason, it’s Koriand’r who understands. Kyle’s never even really met her before.

“Let him,” she nods. She exchanges some kind of silent look with Roy and he moves back.

Kyle crouches next to Jason and observes the wound, trying not to get distracted by the way Jason’s pale eyes stare at him with unabashed curiosity.

“This is going to hurt a bit. It’ll also probably feel pretty weird.”

Jason nods, still not looking away.

Breathing out slowly, Kyle closes his eyes and focuses on the piece of metal cutting into Jason’s shoulder. Jason tenses, gritting his teeth, as Kyle extracts the bullet and immediately lays a hand over the puncture, knitting the skin together.

A moment later, there’s no trace of the wound, just drying blood surrounding the area where it had been.

Jason looks up at him in wonder and Kyle finds himself memorizing the planes of his face. “How did you do that?”

It takes a moment for Kyle to realize the question is directed at him. Roy and Koriand’r wear identical awed expressions.

“New powers,” Kyle says, indicating the white ring and coughing a bit as they all stare at it, unsure what to do with the attention.

Roy whistles and Kori just smiles, something knowing in her expression that Kyle doesn’t want to read into.

“Thank you,” Jason says, and his voice is softer than Kyle’s ever heard it.

Kyle draws his hand away, gently, desperate to disperse the tension before he says something stupid.

“Anytime, gorgeous.” Kyle was going to ask Donna to personally come over and kick his ass.

But then Jason laughs and now it’s Kyle who can’t stop staring.


“Donna, I have a problem.”

“Ice cream?”

“Yes, please.”


“I don’t get it,” Kyle says fifteen minutes later, mouth full of rocky road.

Donna pats his arm in what he assumes is a placating gesture, but her amusement betrays her as she licks her spoon clean.

“He’s crazy.”

She considers this, frowning at Kyle as he hugs the ice cream carton to his chest, unwilling to share. In his defense, he was having a crisis. Of the non-galactic variety.

“A bit,” she concedes after a moment, giving up on stealing Kyle’s carton and walking to his fridge where she’d stowed the rest.

Kyle groans, a brain freeze in progress, and drops his spoon for the moment.

“Then why does it feel like the Amazons as a collective race are punching the insides of my stomach every time I see him lately?”

Donna laughs and Kyle is not so egotistical that he will deny that he pouts in response. Every good person was entitled to their pouts.

“What do I do?” he moans, and Donna winks at him.

“Don’t worry,” she says, “I’ve called for backup.”

Kyle has a few seconds to ponder what this means before a Tameranean woman flies through his window and lands lightly on his coffee table. He stares up at one of the most ethereal beings in the multiverse with ice cream dripping onto his shirt. Kyle decides he hates Donna.


“He thinks very highly of you, you know.”

Kyle, still a little bit in shock, startles at Kori’s comment.

“He said that?”

She shakes her head. “He does not have to.”

Donna punches his arm happily, without much force considering her strength, and Kyle suddenly feels vicious remorse for laughing at Jason the other day. Because what the fuck. Ow.

He frowns, realizing with painful clarity all of a sudden that he has no real idea what he’s doing. Kyle has been in his fair share of relationships, but he isn’t really relying on his track record.

“You don’t need to rush into anything, you know,” Donna says, sensing his plight, “Just take it as it comes.”

Kyle relaxes a bit and nods, resolving to do exactly that. Accepting that his mind is continually going to float to those handful of memories he has of Jason’s smiles, Kyle sighs, though not unhappily.

“Hey,” he asks, turning to Kori, and because he has no dignity left to lose, continues, “Do you like rocky road?”

She grins, pleased, and the three of them proceed to eat through sixteen cartons as they marathon old, cheesy films that Kori had once thought were the epitome of Earth romance.


“Kyle?” Jason’s voice is grainy over the phone, but Kyle can hear the worry in it.

“Yeah,” Kyle says, and his throat feels like sandpaper. He has a vague memory of being thrown repeatedly into a titanium wall. “Yeah, it’s me. Jason? Is something wrong?”

“I—“Jason starts, then seems to cut himself off. Kyle rubs at his eyes, wondering why he can’t remember ever reaching his apartment last night. “The fight, last night,” Jason begins again, his voice thin with concern, and Kyle realizes something really must have gone wrong. “I saw you fall from the sky, Kyle, and you hit the ground somewhere near the old tower and I—I couldn’t find you. No one could. Hal eventually figured out Carol had taken you home and used her cellular regeneration to fix you up a bit, but not totally, and I just—Are you okay?”

The memories come back in bits and pieces. Kyle remembers Oracle’s distress call about a prison break at Arkham. He’d been in town, hanging out with Jason, actually, and they’d both run to lend a hand. Sometime during the fight he’d lost sight of the Red Hood, but had continued fighting, hoping he was safe. Kyle had been tangling with the infamous Harley Quinn, and flown up to get an advantage, only to be sidetracked by a giant waving plant-tentacle-thing. This is where everything went choppy. He remembers, as Jason said, being knocked out of the sky, and hears flashes of Carol’s voice, telling him it was going to be okay.


“Oh,” Kyle snaps back to the present, “Yeah, Jason, I’m fine. Just sore, I think.”

A flash of yellow catches his eye and he rolls over, reading through a note from Carol telling him he was stable and that she’d had to run out to deal with some space thing(Kyle knew the feeling), but that he should get some rest and Hal would be over to check on him sometime at night.

He drops the note, falling onto his back and returning his attention to Jason. He likes Jason, his mind provides. He likes him a lot. Huh. Maybe he was concussed.

“What number is this?” Kyle asks instead of pondering his possible concussion.

“New one,” Jason replies, still sounding a bit strung.

“And you remembered my number? I’m blushing, Hood.”

“Uh huh,” Jason says, and Kyle lets out a fond breath.

“I really am okay, Jason. Promise.”

He can almost feel Jason relaxing. “Okay,” he says. And Kyle is actually really sure he’s concussed now, because there is no way sane Kyle would have said what he says next.

“Tell me about your day.”

“What?” Jason asks, sounding as surprised as Kyle feels.

“I don’t know,” Kyle defends, suddenly awake, “I just. Like listening to you talk.” Yeah, keep digging, Rayner, you’ll reach rock bottom soon enough.

Kyle expects teasing, but all Jason does is say, “Okay,” again, then continues, “Tim poured orange juice into his cereal today morning, because sleep is a foreign concept to him and he wouldn’t be alive if Alfred wasn’t around, and Damian, that demon…”

Jason talks and Kyle listens, drifting between sleep and wakefulness, and giggling at Jason’s indignant exclamations at the sheer lunacy of his family.


An hour or so later, Kyle’s stomach starts to growl. He’s still on the phone with Jason, but decidedly more participant now that his hunger has woken him more permanently.

“Hey, Jason?” he asks, at an interlude in their conversation.


“I’m hungry,” Kyle says, staring at the ceiling like it will answer all his questions or maybe, preferably, rain sausages.

Jason hums on the other end of the line, contemplating, and Kyle can imagine the scrunched Thinking Face he has on. He silently thanks the universe for outdoing herself with Jason Todd.

“Do you like waffles?” Jason asks.

“I would give my life for them,” Kyle replies without hesitation, and Jason laughs. Kyle feels a victorious twinge in his chest at being the one responsible for it.

“Give me forty-five minutes. There’s this breakfast place Steph loves that actually makes waffles descended from the heavens. What do you like on yours?”

“Strawberries and whipped cream,” Kyle says into the phone, suddenly excited.

“I knew there was a reason I liked you,” Jason says back, a grin in his voice that makes Kyle’s heart skip a beat. He hangs up and Kyle spends the next forty-five minutes trying to convince himself out of bed. So much for willpower.


A loud knock resounds through the apartment, and Kyle finally flops off his bed to answer the door.

“Honey, I’m home,” Jason says when the door swings open, holding up a bag of sinfully delicious smelling waffles.

Kyle looks straight at the bag when he says, “Welcome back, sweetie.”

Jason puts a hand over his heart. “You only love me for my waffles.”

“You caught me,” Kyle replies, straight-faced, and Jason sticks his tongue out at him, coming in nonetheless.

They sit at Kyle’s small island, munching on unhealthily syrupy waffles at 6 P.M. on a Saturday in comfortable silence.

“You were right,” Kyle moans, “These are literally to die for.”

Jason nods through a mouthful, swallowing before replying, “I told you so. Stephanie Brown is a strange girl, but her taste in waffles is on the dot.”

Kyle thinks on that for a moment. “I can’t believe Batgirl has an occultist obsession with waffles.”

“Yeah?” Jason asks, wiggling his eyebrows in a way that makes Kyle jealous, “Then you won’t trust me when I tell you Batman does her makeup.”

Kyle’s mouth drops open and he stares at Jason in mute astonishment.

No way.

“Yep,” Jason says, taking pleasure in Kyle’s open-mouthed expression. “He helps Cass and I with eyeliner when Steph drags us to her college parties too.”

“But he’s Batman,” Kyle replies dumbly.

“What,” Jason challenges, “Rich vigilante father’s can’t wear makeup?”

Kyle shakes his head, “I just always thought he spent his time hiding in caves, or something. He’s just so—Batman. Material possessions just seem, beneath him.”

Jason laughs, finishing his waffle. “I’m kidding, Kyle. And you’re not totally wrong. We do call our hideout ‘the Cave.’”

“I don’t think I can handle this much classified bat information in one day,” Kyle says, shaking his head again—though this time it’s more for dramatic effect.

Jason arcs a single elegant eyebrow as he joins him at the sink and Kyle scowls.

“We get it, nerd. You’re eyebrows are more acrobatic than your older brother.”

A grin splits Jason’s features and Kyle is struck by how beautiful the man standing in the fading light of his tiny kitchen window is. “Jealousy isn’t your color, Rayner.”

“Uh,” Kyle says, pointing to his ring, “Every color is my color, actually.”

For the third time that day(Yes, Kyle is counting, leave him alone, pining is difficult) Jason laughs aloud and a thought strikes Kyle with winding force.

’Oh shit.’he thinks, ‘I might be in love with him.’


Kyle feels his heart stop as the dagger slices through Jason’s armor. He hears Dick scream in the distance, but it’s muted, as though Kyle is underwater. Lark, who the knife was meant for, catches Jason, setting him on the ground gently and pausing, hand on the side of his golden helmet. Kyle detachedly wonders if he’s calling for help on his comm.

Then he’s running, or flying, he doesn’t really know, and is at Jason’s side in an instant. The hood is popped off and Jason’s chest moves unevenly. Kyle reaches an arm out, fighting his exhaustion and his own injuries to try and heal Jason. A hand clamps around his wrist and the man shakes his head.

“Don’t, Kyle. You’ll knock yourself out.”

Nightwing had arrived at some point, blood running from his forehead, rapidly engaging with Lark about getting Jason back to the Cave.

“Jason,” Kyle breathes out, “Jason, I don’t care. I don’t care if it knocks me out, I don’t care if it kills me. Let me heal you.”

Jason frowns up at him through the pain, shaking his head again. Kyle wants to cry. He thinks he already might be. “Let me heal you,” he whispers again, pleading.

“You’ll hurt yourself,” Jason says, his voice soft, his eyes closing. “I’ll be okay, I promise. I’ve had worse.”

Kyle doesn’t want to think about that.

There’s a pressure on his shoulder, and Kyle looks up into the masked face of Red Robin. Tim’s face is worried, but not damning, and Kyle feels a bit of hope flicker in his chest.

“We’ll get him to the manor. He’ll be okay.”

Kyle looks back at Jason’s prone form, panic almost choking the words from his throat. “Fine. But I’m going with you. If he gets worse, I’m gonna heal him.”

He catches Dick’s gaze as he says this, and the first Robin nods resolutely.


They do end up making it to the Cave with Jason in one piece, and Batman doesn’t even question Kyle’s presence as he descends on his son. Alfred, the butler of legend, has already prepared a cot with an IV drip, an oxygen mask in hand. He and Bruce set to work, the latter’s mouth set in a grim line. Dick lends a hand when needed, his domino off to reveal worried blue eyes. Mostly he flutters around the Cave, unable to stand still as his brother’s life hangs in the balance. Kyle alternates between watching, and feeling too sick to. Black Bat stands beside him, silent, but Kyle can’t help but feel reassured when she takes his hand and squeezes.

He leaves after Jason stabilizes, called to Guardian headquarters on Oa for a special mission. Tim promises to text when he wakes up, but Jason doesn’t leave Kyle’s thoughts for the entirety of the trip, and phones don’t really work in space.


Kyle returns to Earth after a week, exhausted and craving the comfort of his bed. He has a matter to attend to before that, however.

Flying down to the balcony of Jason’s favored safehouse, Kyle smiles when he sees Damian and Stephanie arguing in the kitchen over a dish of what looks like lasagna. He slides through the partially open glass doors and waves hello, ignoring their surprised expressions in favor of perching on the coffee table by the couch, watching over its occupant. He would have gone to the manor, but he remembers Tim mentioning once that Jason didn’t like staying there when he was injured. He assumed Robin and Batgirl’s presence meant the family was coming to take care of him in turns, so as not to overwhelm him.

“Are they arguing about lasagna again?” Jason asks, arm thrown over his eyes.

Kyle laughs, quiet, and nods, before realizing that Jason can’t see him.

“Yes,” he says. “I think Damian is winning.”

“Really?” Jason moves his arm to meet Kyle’s gaze. “That would be a first.”

“I heard that, Todd!”

“Love you too, baby brat!”

“Doing okay?” Kyle asks, letting his concern show in the soft light of Jason’s living room.

“Yeah,” Jason says, smiling up at him in a way that makes Kyle’s heart do tricks he wasn’t aware it was capable of. The smile fades as Jason’s eyes flick over his face and he frowns. “You look like you got your ass handed to you. Repeatedly.”

A fair assumption. Kyle makes a vague gesture and says, “Space.”

A crash resounds from the kitchen and Jason pushes himself up to go investigate. Kyle is about to protest, but is beaten to it by Damian, who saw Jason move from his perch on the island.

“Do not get up, Todd. Everything is fine.”

“You said that when Tim’s closet was on fire too, so forgive me if I don’t completely believe you. Tell me what broke.”

Damian, instead, gets off the counter, balancing four plates of lasagna with ease.

“Brown will take care of the mess.” He smirks, “She lost a game of that foolish rock-scissor game to me.”

Stephanie’s voice floats in from the kitchen. “I am not having a good day!”

Jason rolls his eyes, an affectionate smile crossing his face.
“I’ll take care of it, Steph. Come have Alfred’s lasagna.”

Stephanie pokes her head into the room to glare. “If you so much as take a step from that couch, I will tell Alfred, and we’ll see if his lasagna saves you then.”

Kyle watches the exchange amusedly as Jason retorts and they continue firing insults at one another. He feels someone sit next to him and turns to look into the unwavering eyes of Damian Wayne.

“He trusts you,” Damian says, quietly, and he does not have to specify who.

“I trust him too,” Kyle replies, and Damian takes this with a nod.

“Then I will trust you to look after him at times when we cannot.”

Kyle smiles, feeling somewhat proud of himself for whatever reason as Stephanie joins Jason on the couch. The four of them sit together and eat the best lasagna Kyle has ever had, and it occurs to him that he doesn’t feel like an outsider at all.


When they’ve finished, Jason fights them all into letting him walk to the sink, grumbling about not being fragile. Kyle joins him as Damian and Steph flip through channels on the TV, leaning against each other contentedly as though they hadn’t been fencing with butter knives fifteen minutes earlier.

Jason sets the dishes in the sink and turns on the water, rinsing them down and starting to clean them. It wasn’t part of the deal, but he looks okay and Kyle knows the frustration of being babied when he really was feeling better. He wordlessly stands beside him, toweling the dishes dry and setting them in a rack. He yawns as he sets a cup down, the week’s events catching up to him.

Jason frowns over at him. “You can stay the night.”

“I don’t want to intrude.” Kyle waves him off.

Jason tilts his head a to the left a little and Kyle genuinely wonders if this boy was created for the sole purpose of sending him into cardiac arrest.

“It’s fine, Kyle. Stay.” There’s something different in his tone and Kyle looks at him, distantly aware that the sink is empty.

Instead of replying, he says, “You really had me worried, you know.”

Jason looks at him, silent for a few moments before turning to sink. “I know. Thank you. For offering to save my life. I never would have let you, though. Not when you looked like you’d been beaten six ways to Sunday.”

“Oh my God,” Kyle whispers.

“What?” Jason asks, alert all of a sudden, “What’s wrong?”

“You are so fucking gorgeous.”

Jason blinks, staring at him the same way he had the first time he’d drank Kyle’s paint water. Then he bites his lip, leaning forward uncertainly and Kyle stops to wonder for a moment at how adorable he is, even now. Then he’s surging forward, pressing their lips together with bruising force. Jason freezes for a moment, before going boneless against him, making a soft noise that did all sorts of things to Kyle. He pulls Jason against him, hands tracing gently over his hips as the other boy’s fingers rest lightly on his face.

There’s a rustling sound from the couch, then Stephanie yells, “Get some, Jayjay!”

They break apart to look over at her. Damian is sprawled across her stomach, a hand pressed futilely against her mouth. “I tried to stop her,” he says, giving Steph a disdainful look. Then Kyle starts to laugh, just like that day in the alley, but this time Jason’s shoulders quake as he joins him. There’s a flush across his cheeks and Kyle really, really wants to kiss him again. So he does.


They crawl into bed together much later than they probably should have. Stephanie and Damian had left minutes earlier, Damian dragging the blonde out with an embarrassed hand over his face as she winked at them and called, “Be safe!”

There’s a shelf of books on the wall by the bed that Kyle assumes are Jason’s favorites by the well worn covers and pages. There’s a larger shelf in the hall that’s wall to ceiling, filled with books of all different colors and sizes, and Kyle knows for a fact that Jason has even more at the manor. He picks one off the shelf.

“Read to me,” he says, handing it to Jason, who laughs.

“You’re worse than Cass.” But he doesn’t complain. They lie together in the lowlight of the bedroom, Jason’s voice serene as he read to Kyle words that he’d read a hundred times over. Kyle doesn’t remember when he falls asleep.


He wakes up in a tangle of limbs, resenting the sun as light shines on his eyes. Jason, who to Kyle’s delight is a secret cuddler, is curled around him in a way that likens him to an octopus. He reaches for his phone on the bedside table, and is surprised to see a message from Donna, the emoticon next to it indicating a picture attachment. Wondering what it could be, Kyle opens the text, freezing mid stretch to stare at his screen in abject horror.

The text itself, is a winky face, followed by a series of hearts. The image is what stops him in his tracks.

A picture of Jason and him tangled together like some sort of awkward plant looks back at him, taunting.

Donna’s written, ‘Courtesy of Dick Grayson.’ beneath it and Kyle groans, flopping back on the bed as Jason blinks awake next to him.

He was going to kill Nightwing when Batman came for his head.

author’s note - this is the longest thing i have ever written im kind of proud. anyways, hope you enjoyed! i would give my life for jaykyle and also waffles :)

The New World - Part 7

Here is the FULL chapter for part 7! As always, thank you for reading it, this series is easily becoming one of my favorites to write!!

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

Daryl x Reader, Maggie X Glen, Ezekiel x everyone, Rick x Michonne x Carl

Warnings: Language, Canon-divergence, Character death, Comic storyline crossover

Word Count: 4268

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Fire Emblem Warriors Mini-Review

(My thoughts on Fire Emblem Warriors after ~15 hours beat the story mode, played a bit of history mode; still don’t know any Japanese)

I have to say I was not very hopeful about this game going into it.  Between a lot of surface level issues and a succession of absolutely abysmal PR from the game’s director, I had a feeling that this was a lazy cash grab for Koei. 

Thankfully, pretty much all my expectations have been surpassed.  In every way except possibly the visuals (I still don’t LOVE the art direction but it all looks a lot better in person than it did in screenshots and trailers to me) it’s an improvement over Hyrule Warriors.  History mode is Adventure mode without being forced to get S rank and grind items to progress; leveling up multiple characters is easier and less grindy since characters you field still level up even when you aren’t controlling them directly; the annoying bosses that take forever to kill are gone, and generally speaking draw distance and frame rate is better, though that’s to be expected as these things typically get better over time. 

Before I go any further with what I liked I have to stop to get into the elephant in the room and the biggest problem with the game: the roster.  It’s… bad.  I don’t say that because it ignores a majority of the series; I say it because (1) it doesn’t do a good job of representing the 3 games it tries to represent and (2) it comes with mechanical issues that hurt the game.  In the first case, I only really feel like they did a good job with the roster for Awakening.  It has the 3 main characters, 2 prominent supporting characters, and a fan favorite, and they have a pretty diverse weapon breakdown.  Fates, despite being almost half the roster, has only main characters (except for the notably absent Azura) with a couple of fan-favorites as NPCs only.  And I cant help but feel it was a big misstep to not include any hidden weapon users, both because hidden weapons are an iconic new aspect of Fates and because a few of the hidden weapon users are extremely popular.  Last, with only 3 characters it only feels like Shadow Dragon has a nod in the same way as Blazing Sword and Gaiden/Echoes.  It really doesn’t feel like a featured game. 

It also really needs to be said: there are too many sword users.  When playing story mode I always felt like I had to field one of the 3 pegasus knights (the only lance users in the game) and either Frederick or Lissa (not Camilla since I didnt want to double up on fliers) and then needing my OC sword lord meant it was tough to find a good reason to field any of the mountain of other sword wielding characters, especially since most chapters only let me bring 4 people and that last slot I wanted to use for an archer or tome user.  I wish I had more axe and lance users to choose from and fewer sword users to chose from.  It makes the decision to make the OC sword users even more confounding.  It would have been so much better to have one of them use an axe and the other a lance. 

Despite having a lot to say about the roster issues, it actually isn’t that critical or game ruining as some people fear.  Later on the OCs become effective against the armadillo-lizard-bear…things and the Falchion users are effective against wyverns and dragons, so there becomes a reason to use both an OC and a Falchion user.  Even though that doesn’t make a niche for Corrin, Ryoma, and Xander (and presumably not Lyn or Celica either, but I haven’t unlocked them yet) you still totally can use them and they can get the job done even if they are a tiny bit redundant. 

The most important thing about the game is that it plays great.  Ordering people around the map and switching between them is fantastic.  I talked in a previous post about how I didn’t enjoy how the Peg Knights played (except for specials, all 3 have the same moveset) and while they still aren’t my favorite, they did grow on me over time.  I haven’t really enjoyed playing as Camilla either, but every other character was a blast to play as.  This is by far the biggest percentage of playable characters I like playing as in a Warriors game, so I am very pleased about that.  On top of just being mechanically fun, the characters all have a ton of personality in their attacks and animations, and this is from someone who couldn’t read or understand any of their words, the characters were all just amazingly fun to watch in action.  The only character I am iffy on is Xander in this regard.  He’s one of the more serious characters on the roster yet I kept laughing out loud at how ridiculous his magical flipping and spinning horse looked in most of his combos and his pair-up special; i just don’t think it was a good fit for his character, as fun as it is to look at.

I’m gonna end this off on questions/concerns/hopes for the English version.  I feel like I have a pretty accurate understanding of the game from the Japanese version but there are a few things I wonder about.  First, I really wasn’t able to sink my teeth into the upgrade or weapon system.  Fortunately, it looks exactly like what they both were in Hyrule Warriors and it was a perfectly fine system there, so I expect it will be fine here.  Second, I have avoided all the English trailers for the game but I hear most of the characters from Awakening and Fates have been recast, with plenty of people saying they are pretty bad.  That’s kind of a bummer, I especially don’t know If I can get used to anyone other than Laura Bailey as Lucina.  So I hope I get used to all the new voices.  I also hope there’s a way to turn off critical cut-in quotes. I liked them at first but they take just a bit too long and hearing the same thing over and over is just a little bit annoying when you use specials as often as you do.  Also, I hear that there’s a lot of surprisingly great support conversations in the game.  I was expecting mostly silly fluff but people are saying there’s some great ones, so I am feeling pretty hopeful.  Last, and this isn’t really about the English version, but I really hope that Niles, Oboro, Owain, and Navarre are made playable as free DLC and aren’t a part of the paid packs, both because it means more characters total and because I think it would be kind of a dick move on Koei’s part to put fan-favorite characters in the game but charging extra to play as them. 

I still want to play the game in English before I say this for certain, but I really do think this game is set to be one of the best Warriors games as well as my personal favorite of the series.  If you love Awakening and Fates and are at least neutral about Warriors, I am sure you are already pumped for this game; but even if you are a FE fan who doesn’t love Fateswakening then as long as you don’t hate them (and don’t hate Warriors, of course) I really think you will be pleasantly surprised by this game.

“Well, howdy y’all,” McCree drawled to everyone, “Welcome back to another installment of our little monster hunter fun.”

This time, instead of going back to their usual DnD adventures, the group was once again playing their monster hunter adventure again. The main reason was that most of their group was missing because Athena was still on lock down and various operatives were still doing their own things to keep their sanity.

The group for this adventure was Angela, Genji, Zenyatta, Hanzo, Gabriel and then Jack with McCree as the DM.

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Love Can Heal (Part 13)

Originally posted by imagines-by-a-typical-fangirl

 Pairing:  Paul Lahote X Reader / Emmett Cullen X Ex!Reader 

 Word count: 575

 Warnings: Depression; self-harm; pretty much stuff like that.


 Part 1

 Part 2

 Part 3

 Part 4

 Part 5

 Part 6

 Part 7

 Part 8

 Part 9

 Part 10

 Part 11

 Part 12

 Part 14

 Part 15 (FINALE)

 “I won’t lose my head because of you Emmett.“ I manage to keep my voice steady, while my heartbeat increases. I can’t let him do this. I won’t go back to feeling like shit because Emmett is jealous. “I can understand how you feel, but there’s no reason for you treat me like that.”

 “Sorry, but I love you. I’m want to protect you and that includes opening your eyes so you can see what’s really happening.”

 “I don’t care anymore! I love him! You can say whatever you want to say but it won’t change a thing!” I’m yelling like I used to. I can’t remember the last time I exploded like this, shouting and throwing things around. But that’s what I do. I take one of the plates and throw it at him, even though he moves before it hits him. It feels good anyway. “Have you lost your mind?”

 “You’re the one who’s mad here. After everything I’ve done for you, you just go and act like a little girl, falling for the first man you see.” He comes closer, eyes fixed on mine like a predator. I can’t let him scare me like this, but I can’t help it. Emmett could kill me easily.

 “Shut up or I’ll… ”

 “You’ll do what? Call your boyfriend’s pack to kill me?”

 “She doesn’t need to call my pack. I can kill you myself.” Paul walks into the kitchen, with all the Cullens following him. I push Emmett away, running to him.

 I hide behind his back, giving an angry look at the Cullens. No one showed up. I get that they needed to let us solve our problems alone, but I’d like to have someone else with me. Now it doesn’t matter.

 “Your knight in shining armour is here.” Emmett giggles, anger written all over his face.

 “You had the chance to live forever, Emmett, but I can end this very quickly.”

 “I can tell you the same, dog.”

 “No!” I yell, taking a small vase next to me. It isn’t big, but it’s heavy, and I throw it at Emmett. The vase hits his shoulder with a loud noise, but he doesn’t even flinch. “It was useless, but God, I loved it!”

 “Are you stupid?” Emmett sighs, stepping closer.

 Then it happens all at once. I see Paul jumping, his body changing quickly as the man turns into a wolf. When Emmett moves, I run to Paul without actually thinking about anything. But I’m pushed back, so fast I don’t even know who’s pulling me. All the noise makes me sick, but I can barely move. I scream, trying to set free as the walls from the house start shaking. They’ll come down. With Paul. He’ll die and it’ll be my fault. All this is my fault. Just like my parents.

 I jump from the bed at the same moment I open my eyes. My back is against the cold, hard wall as I try to overcome a terrible headache. Paul isn’t here. Nobody is. Breathing fast, I take my phone from the small table beside the bed to call him. But that’s when I notice his number isn’t in my contacts. My hand is covering my mouth as I desperately look for any sign of him. But there isn’t. Not even Kevin’s number is there. Why would they do this? Why would they try to vanish with Paul?