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An Unexpected Surprise

DeanxReader | Fluff | Language (as usual, do you expect anything less? :P)

A/N - I am still working on the second part to Mudder Virgin, but this idea hit me last night when I was in class and I decided to run with it. (We were learning about parasites, so can you blame me?) Hope you like it! - Deana

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The professor droned on with tonight’s lesson, and you began to wonder why you chose night classes. You didn’t like waking up early, so you supposed you had to deal with the lesson taking up your lazy time. You tried to pay attention to what was being said - being as diligent as possible with note-taking - but you were feeling the urge to grab your phone to see how much longer you have.

There was knock on the door, and in came one of the college staff members. She looked a bit incredulous. “Uh, excuse me, Professor?”

The professor stopped and turned to her. “Hello, may I help you?”

“Yes, sorry to bother you, but do you have a (y/n), (y/L/n) in your class?”

Your stomach swam with nerves; what did she want from you? Did you do something wrong? The professor checked a clipboard on his desk, then looked at his students. “Ah, yes. She’s on the roster. (Y/n)?”

You quietly raised your hand, running all the possibilities in your mind. Your federal aid didn’t come in? You missed too many days? There’s an emergency? You decided it had to have been an emergency, because the other two options would have been addressed more… privately.

The staff member saw you raise your hand. “Can you please follow me, Miss (y/L/n)?”

You slowly stood up, gathering your book and notebook and nervously stuffed them into your bag. You slung it over your shoulder and trudged toward the woman, trying to avoid the stares from your classmates. She guided you out the door and thanked the professor.

You stayed silent, hoping the woman would give you an explanation.

“Sorry to pull you from your class like that. There’s uh… someone here to see you.”

“Who is it?”

“Your brother? He said there’s a family emergency. I was going to check his name in your files, but he was persistent that you needed to be taken out of the class immediately.”

Your stomach lurched. You didn’t have a brother.

Whoever this was, he needed something from you… but what? Your curiosity was higher than your fear, so you decided to say nothing.

The woman sighed. “I hope everything turns out okay for you, (y/n)” She stopped at the door to her office and opened it, ushering you in. “I’ll give you two some privacy, but I’ll be right out here if you need me.”

You pulled the book bag in tightly, as if it would protect you. Taking a deep breath, you stepped into the office.

There was a man sitting in the staff member’s chair, his legs rudely propped up on her desk. He was testing the sharpness of a knife.

This couldn’t end well. You considered turning around and getting the hell out of here, but he looked up at you before you could move.

“Hey (y/n)!” He swung his legs down and stood up. He realized the knife was still in his hand and quickly put it away. “Oh, sorry bout that. Got kinda boring waiting in Glasses’ office.”

You said nothing, but realized he was referring to the staff member because she had been wearing glasses.

There was an awkward silence as the man skimmed you over with his eyes. “How was class?” He beamed at you

“What do you want?” You said, barely above a whisper.  

The man licked his bottom lip, as if trying to string together the proper words to say. “Your professor is a vampire.”

You crossed your arms and scoffed, “I mean, he’s boring and does suck the enthusiasm out of you, but to call him a vampire is a bit much, don’t you think?” 

The man laughed and shook his head, “No, (y/n). A real vampire. Like… Dracula.”

You raised an eyebrow at the man. “How high are you? Why did you pull me out of class to insult my professor?”

“I know this sounds completely crazy, but you have to believe me. You aren’t safe in that room.”

“Well if that’s the case, neither are the other students. So why me?” You asked skeptically.

“Well um,” the man stuttered and shifted where he stood. “Because you’re hot?” He grinned.

“So my looks are the only reason you decided to save me and not them?” You scoffed and turned to leave.

“Wait!” The man grabbed your elbow, stopping you. He glanced out the window at the staff member, who was facing the other way. He spoke to you in a low voice. “(y/n), don’t go back in there.”

You replied in a low, harsh voice, “You pull me out of my class – which I’m struggling in, by the way- tell me the professor is some mythological being, and I don’t even know you!” You jerked your arm away from him and tried to get to the door again, when you hear screams coming from the hallway.

“Shit,” The man said, bounding to the door while pulling a pistol out from the back of his jeans. He cracked the door open and looked into the hallway, his arm held out to keep you back.

“What’s going on out there?” You tried to push his arm out of the way so you could see, too.  

“I’m going to need you to trust me (y/n).” The man urged, gripping his gun tighter. “You need to stay right behind me, okay? Hang onto me if you have to.”

“I’m sure you’d like that, wouldn’t you?” You said sarcastically.

“I’m serious! Ready? 3….2….” He kicked the door open. “Let’s go!”

He darted out of the door and grabbed your hand, pulling you behind him. You stumbled, trying to keep pace with him. Other students were scrambling around in a panic, but everyone was screaming so many different things that you couldn’t pick up what they were saying. The man got to the door and pushed you through. “Run to the parking lot!”

You did as he said, then stood in the parking lot, watching him. He was trying to get as many people out as possible, but you realized some of them were more afraid of him than whatever it was that happened in the first place.

“Your gun, idiot.” You mumbled, knowing he couldn’t hear you.

The man gave up and jogged toward you, taking your hand again. “We’re going to the car. Place is infested.”

“I’m not getting in your car! I don’t know you!” You replied sharply, fumbling for your keys.

“You’re safer with me (y/n).” The man said, checking over his shoulder. The two of you stopped at a car, but because the lights in the parking lot were flickering it was hard to see what the car looked like in the dark. You cursed it, wishing you could have any identifiers for when you called the cops for kidnap. The man opened the passenger side door and rushed you in, then slid across the front to his side, scrambling in and starting the engine. The tires squealed as he peeled out of the parking lot.

“I need some answers right now. Who the fuck are you and how did you know something was going to happen? And why the hell do you have a gun?”

Once he knew everything was safe, the man smiled at you. “I’m Dean Winchester.” He reached down and messed with the radio, trying to find something good.

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You shrugged. “That’s supposed to clear things up?”

He looked at you, confused. “Your dad used to hunt with mine.”

“Like deer and stuff? My dad doesn’t hunt. He doesn’t have time because of all the business trips he has to take.”

“I see. And what’s the name of your dad’s business?”

“Well it’s….it’s called….huh. I don’t know. He never said, now that I think about it.”

Dean nodded. “I hate to be the one to break it to you… but your dad is a hunter, (y/n). One of the best. He’s the one who sent me to get you.”

“What?” You screamed in disbelief. “He sent you instead of getting me himself? How typical of him,” You crossed your arms in anger and looked out the window. “What kind of hunter? Some assassin or some shit? Wouldn’t surprise me with how secretive he is.”  

“Like I said back there: Vampires. And Ghosts. Demons. Lots of nasty things out there, and your dad kills them to keep people safe. So do I.”

“This sounds ridiculous.”

“I know it does. I don’t know how he managed to keep it from you for this long. He’s a smart cookie.”

“This means Mom probably knows too. And even she didn’t tell me. They’re both on my shit list.”

Dean laughed. “Well, uh, your dad wants you to know that he will explain everything when I take you to him.”

“He better. If that’s even where you’re taking me. Maybe you pulled all of this out of your ass.”

“Man, you’re just like him. That explains a lot.”

“Explains what, exactly?”

“I have a lot of respect for your dad, (y/n). He’s been a great friend over the years. I knew he had a daughter but…”

“But what Dean?”

He rubbed the back of his neck and shook his head. “Forget it. We’re here.”

Dean had brought you to your parents’ house and followed you inside.

“She’s safe—“ Dean addressed your dad, but you were already shooting questions.

“Hunter, dad? For years! And you never told me?”

“I know you’re angry, honey—“

“Angry? I’m furious! How could you keep this from me?”

“I wanted you to grow up with a normal life, but looks like we can’t have it that way anymore.”

“Obviously isn’t that normal, is it dad?” You spat. “Why didn’t you come get me? Why did you send Dean? I wasn’t even sure if he was who he said he was!”

“I know. I have my reasons.” Your dad looked at Dean and winked. “Thank you, Dean.”

“Oh no, no more secrets!” You threw your bookbag down and pointed at Dean. “Why did you send him?”

“He saved your life, didn’t he? That’s all that matters.”

Why did you send him?” You repeated more angrily.

“Because I like you, (y/n).” Dean stepped toward you. “Your dad wanted to see if he could trust me with you, and-”

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“You don’t even know me.”

“Yes he does. He knows all about you. Because of me.” Your dad explained.

“Do either of you realize how completely creepy this sounds? My dad has been keeping a huge fucking secret from me for years, and now he’s trying to hook me up with some guy he works with? I can’t believe you would do this.”

“I know this is a lot to take in at once, honey, but you’ll understand in time. Dean here is a great man, and I wouldn’t want anyone else for my daughter.” Your dad smiled at Dean.

“Still high on the creep factor, Dad. The man I decide to be with is just that: My decision! This is America; we don’t have arranged marriages or… whatever the hell this is.”

Dean tried to hold back laughter.

“This isn’t funny, Dean! You just waltz onto my campus and try to hero me? No. I don’t care how attractive you are!” You stopped yourself, heat flushing your face. “I have homework to do. Is my old room still in the same place or did you turn it into some hunter lair?”

“It’s still there. Just as you left it.” Your dad smiled at you, but you didn’t return it. Instead you picked up your bag and stomped off to your room. You could hear your dad offer to have a couple drinks with Dean. “Oh by all means, celebrate.” You scoffed sarcastically.

As expected, it was impossible trying to write a paper after all you just discovered. Someone knocked on your door, then opened it.

You sighed. “You’re still here?”

Dean sat on your bed. “Yep. Look, I know we didn’t start off on the best note.”

“Yeah. We didn’t.” You stared down at your laptop, trying to act like you’re ignoring him. 

He drummed his fingers on his knees, clearly nervous. “What do you want now?” You asked, more softly this time.

“I know it’s late, but I was wondering if I could take you out to eat. Y’know, so we can get to know each other without death looming.” He laughed nervously. “That’s if you don’t hate my guts.”

You took a moment to think about it, secretly loving how Dean was becoming more nervous by the second. “Well… I am hungry. There’s a diner down the road that stays open all night. Guess we can go there.”

“Oh, Loop’s? Love that place. Best pie in the area.” He grinned, relived.

You stood up from the desk, shrugging into your jacket. “Just so you know, this isn’t a date or anything. This is payment from making me miss class.”

“Yes ma’am,” Dean winked at you, guiding you out of your room.

You hopped down the stairs, and your dad was waiting there. “Going out?” He smirked.

“Yeah, yeah. Dean is just buying me food.”

“Hmmm. Well enjoy your food, then.” Your dad said teasingly. “You take care of her, Dean.”

“Always,” Dean replied.

“I can take care of myself, thanks.” You mumbled.

You both walked out to the car, Dean opening the door for you again. Maybe this guy wasn’t so bad, after all.

Dean started the car and you both took off to the diner. You didn’t know that you would like Dean Winchester.

You also didn’t know that this would be the first date of many.

When they said “one day, you’ll wake up and realise he was just a douchebag” I never believed it.
But today, today you weren’t the first thing that popped up in my mind.
I didn’t imagine you next to me or check my phone to expect something from you.
Today, I feel better, like I’ve taken one huge step.
Because today, I feel happier.
Finally, happier without you.

Familiar Mornings

So I’m Riverdale trash af and I may be in love with Jughead, and when I read @toosicktoocare ’s fic I couldn’t help but write a sequel to it!

When Archie Andrews woke up at his usual early hour at 7:00 am, he didn’t expect anything else to be different.

He was usually first up; even on a weekend like today, because of his early morning runs so he could stay in shape for football. He would make fun of his father for waking up late; but ever since his best friend Jughead moved in, he’d completely changed his mind.

Jughead was a phenomenon. The kid slept in as much as humanly possible; could fall asleep anywhere (he did live in a school closet for a time, after all) and never did he wake up before Archie. Ever. And Archie had known him his whole life.

So when Jughead wasn’t at his air mattress that morning his heart skipped a beat, and he bolted out of his bed and down the stairs.

“Dad! Dad! Jug’s not here!!” He yelled, narrowly missing tripping over Vegas. He burst into Fred’s room and a further panic and terror filled with entire body when he found the bed empty as well. Archie sprinted down the stairs, behind terrified.

“DAD! JUGGIE!” He screamed and ran into the living room where he found the two sleeping men, and Archie’s accelerating heart beat slowly descended into a more steady one but he was still in shock from the whole ordeal. Fred was asleep on the arm chair, and his eyes panned left to where Jughead was laying on the couch, covered by two blankets, and in front of him was a bucket. The latter was paler than usual.

Archie’s relief quickly changed into what seemed like anger, but he knew it wasn’t, it was some cross between disappointment and annoyance. This strange cross emotion was brought on by the fact that Jughead was sick again and he didn’t tell him. Again.

Jughead had a relatively weak..very weak immune system. Should anyone cough a mile radius from him, he’d probably catch it and get it 10 times worse. He wasn’t surprised; but was surprised at how they had known each other for their whole lives and Jughead still wouldn’t tell him when he didn’t feel well. Archie had never failed to look after him when he was sick.

Then a sudden guilt weighed on his chest when he realised that perhaps he was wrong in saying that he had never failed to look after him when he was sick. The past few months he hadn’t been the greatest friend; hadn’t been there for Jughead, he hadn’t even realised Jughead was homeless, let alone living at the drive in. How often was Jughead sick then; and was this possibly his fault?

Archie approached his best friendly slowly, resting a hand on his cheek and frowning at the heat.

“Oh, Jug..dammit,” he tutted, sighing.

“Archie, he didn’t mean to,” Fred said softly, but still startled Archie anyway.

“When was this?” Archie asked quietly, looking at Jughead’s pale, sickly face and stroking at the soft, dark curls.

“Last night, like, 3 am. I heard him retching into the toilet, he’s running a fever and I think its a bad flu; I had to hold him as he coughed his lungs out a few hours ago. About half an hour after that, a violent sneezing fit. This is the most he’s slept,” Fred sighed, stretching.

Archie sighed in exasperation, running his hands through his hair, “He’s so difficult dad! I didn’t even know! He was having second helpings and all!”

Fred shrugged, “In fairness, Archie, he was hiding it pretty well. I didn’t have a clue either.”

Archie groaned, “That’s the thing dad! We don’t know!”

He groaned in frustration, the grown coming off as a borderline whine. “I feel so fucking useless, dad! Why won’t he tell us anything? We’ve known each other since we were babies, dad! I..I haven’t been there for him lately, and I think..I..”

Archie’s voice gave out, and turned away from his father to avoid showing how vulnerable he felt. He swallowed and quickly brushed away tears, and let out a heavy breath. “I think I ruined our friendship, dad. I think I..we’re still friends but he’s always been there for me–when you and mom started fighting..Like best friends should. and when Jughead’s family fell apart..watching his dad crumble like that..living alone in a shitty projection room..And he was homeless, dad!”

Archie sniffed hard, furiously wiping away at the tears spilling from his eyes, “I wasn’t there for him, dad. Maybe..maybe I fucked up so badly it’ll never be the same, I-I think I’ve lost him, dad.”

“No you haven’t,” Jughead croaked, cracking open his eyes and wincing at the headache that came with the light, bringing a hand to his temples. Archie was startled; but relaxed quickly.

Immediately Fred got up and shut the blinds.

“Then why aren’t you saying anything, Jug? Why don’t you trust me?” Archie challenged, turning to face him.

“Arch, please, it’s nothing like that..” Jughead insisted.

“No, I think it’s just..that this is ruined. I’ve ruined it. You can’t trust me, anymore, Jug.”

“Dammit Archie!” Jughead hissed, and gagged shortly after, clamping a hand to his mouth and clutching his stomach as he felt it flip. He scrunched his eyes shut, the sudden flip in emotion and outburst too much for his weak body. Fred was there in an instant, holding the bucket near him.

Jughead released the contents of his stomach out into the bucket, and kept retching that it was broke both of the Andrews’ heart. Once he was done he coughed harshly, sniffling and wiping away tears.

Fred sighed and rubbed the Jones boy’s back, “That’s quite enough, Archie. Let him rest.”

Archie swallowed with guilt, “sorry–”

Jughead squirmed, “No! I’m f..fhhRRSChh! HehiSCHHoo! ugh, excuse me. I’m fine. Let me talk to him.”

When Fred made no move to fight him, Jughead spoke.

“Archie, with all due respect, and with all the love in my cold, cold, heart,” Jughead rasped out, his voice so scratchy it pained Archie to listen to him, “Shut the fuck up.”

Archie blinked.

Jughead sat up, and waved off Fred who attempted to protest against it. Jughead pressed his fingers to his temples in an attempt to soothe his headache and sniffed, looking up at his best friend.

“Archie, what we’ve got here..it’s unconditional. Nothing you can do can ever break this–even if you hurt me and grind my soul to a pulp, I’m still gonna love you, okay? You haven’t lost me. I’m still here.”

Archie choked on his tears.

Jughead smirked, “and I’m always gonna be here, wether you like it or not.”

Archie burst into sobs, flinging himself onto his best friend and clinging onto the boy for dear life. “I’m going to make this okay, Jug. I’ll make it up to you..we’re family..”

Jughead rolled his eyes and let the boy crush him, “..Fred was telling me this yesterday too..I think I got the message..”

“Just, please stop pulling this shit. You worry us so much,” Archie scolded shakily, running his hands through Jughead’s curls.

Jughead smiled fondly, “Sorry Arch. Now stop slobbering all over me, I’m the sick one, I should be doing that.”

Archie chuckled but made no effort to move.

Jughead’s breath hitched, “N-no seriously Arch, I’m actually going to..hehhh!!”

“HhheTZCHHoo! HhRRscHH! Guh..” Jughead pitched forward, sneezing over Archie’s shoulder into the air. He blushed, “Ugh, excuse me..Sorry, I couldn’t get away in time. I’m stuck.”

Archie laughed, “Sorry Jug, sorry.” He let the boy go.

Jughead rubbed a finger under his nose, “No, I’m sorry, that was disgusting.”

Fred sighed fondly, “I don’t know what to do with you two.” He raised an eyebrow, “By the way boys? Language.” He promptly left with the bucket.

Archie rolled his eyes, and pushed Jughead lightly, “Scooch over!”

Jughead glared but did so anyway, and once Archie was on the couch, the ginger grabbed the blankets and put them over the both of them.

They snuggled around in the blanket for a few minutes when Archie realised Jughead was still shivering.

“You still cold?” Archie frowned.

Jughead nodded and quickly, and immediately Archie had his arms around him in a warm, loving embrace, providing body warmth.

The younger of the two let out a content sigh, and snuggled closer, stifling a cough into the soft fabric of Archie’s t-shirt. It had been a few months since Jughead had been this close, so secure and so trusting and Archie had forgotten how nice it had felt. Now it was here, he cherished every second of it.

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why do you feel your youth is slipping away?

Idk we always this image of what our twenties are supposed to be like and if we feel like it’s not living up to that, we get disappointed. But when I actually looked at my life and removed these unrealistic expectations, I realized I am extremely happy. I don’t dread waking up every day. I have more freedom than ever. I feel in my element. So alhamdulillah, don’t feel that anymore.

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For the ship thing, how about glanni and iprott?

i wasn’t expecting these two, NICE NICE!!

who’s the cuddler: Definitely Ithro here. Especially in the evening, when he starts getting sleepy! Glanni has his moments too, but for the most part he really isn’t all that cuddly. Being soft and affectionate doesn’t come super naturally to him.

who makes the bed: Ithro, once he’s done pushing Glanni off it.

who wakes up first: Depends on when you consider the day to start, tbh? On one hand, you have Ithro who always wakes up at 7:30 AM ready for the day and full of energy. On the other hand, you have Glanni who pretty much lives a nocturnal lifestyle half the time, sleeping most of the day but waking up at 1AM ready for a full night of stealing stuff and causing mayhem. So technically, he wakes up earlier??

who has the weird taste in music: Ithro will listen to listerally anything as long as it’s fast paced. So he’ll listen to a lot of weird stuff he just happened to find and thought was catchy!

who is more protective: They both are, although they tend to react for slightly different reasons? Ithro can’t bear the thought of someone he loves (and feels kinda responsible for) being hurt. Glanni reacts a bit differently, because his first instinct is along the lines of NO ONE MESSES WITH SOMETHING THAT BELONGS TO ME, and then he starts worrying about Ithro, like, as a person.

who sings in the shower: Glanni. He doesn’t even care about being heard either, he’s loud.

who cries during movies: Glanni, whenever the bad guys lose. It happens a lot. (Ithro definitely tears up a little at happy endings sometimes though :))

who spends the most while out shopping: Ithro, mostly because Glanni saves money by simply pickpocketing stuff (anything sparkly is nice, but often he’ll just pick up stuff that happens to be expensive, regardless of if it likes it or not). When they’re shopping together though, he always ends up spending the most.

who kisses more roughly: They both get hella intense, it’s scary. i’d say usually Glanni though.

who is more dominate: man i legit don’t know. They alternate  tbh, it really just depends on how they feel on any given day?? Glanni gets way more intense when he’s had a good day, but the rest of the time he probably doesn’t mind letting Ithro be in charge.

my rating of the ship from 1-10: GOOD SHIP, GOOD SHIP 10/10

Dear US School System,

Since when did a B become the average? Why am I expected to be above average? Why do you force me to make a decision about my future by the age of 14? How do colleges expect me to have a good social standing when I wake up at five am, get home at four pm, and then go do five hours of homework? Why is it I’m taught how to compute extensive equations used only in technical sciences, and not how to do my taxes? Why was it I was taught how to write an entire formal lab report, but was offered minimal aid when writing a resume? Why am I penalized for being absent even a day, and still expected to bring in my missed work the day after, even if I hadn’t received the papers? Why do art classes restrict creativity just to follow curriculum? Why do you pressure kids to go to college who have no desire to and/or not enough funds to? Why do I receive hardly any financial aid when applying for college just because my familial situation is seen as “well-off” when my father is out of a job? Why is it that people are paying off their college loans 25 years after graduating? And tell me now, why is it more children are depressed and suffer from anxiety issues nowadays than ever? Sincerely, Stressed-Out Student

Random Headcanons - part 2
  • Iwaizumi has the best laugh ever. The first time his teammates heard it, they started laughing too, because it’s so contagious, and at the same time, they were like “omfg what is happening why am I laughing? why do I feel so happy?”
  • Bokuto moves a lot in his sleep. Like, he would go to bed with a lot of blankets, and when he wakes up the other day, if he has the bed sheet it’s a miracle. Ah well, if somene sleeps with him, that person better be prepared to get kicked a lot.
  • Hanamaki the meme lord, the one who surpasses the limits of the normal mind. He would be a sucker for photographs making strange faces, and well, after some of them are taken, expect to find them in the most wtf places. The toilet lid? Yes. Over your pillow? Yes. Inside of the cereal box? Fuck yes.
  • Lev, would be the one who ask questions out of the nothing. But mostly of the time, his questions doesn’t even make sense. “What if cats are trying to rule the world silently?”, “Why is water called water?”, “What if our lives are just a dream?”. This boy, has quite an imagination.
someone else // part II

confused as to who would be texting me at 6 am, when I literally only talk to Sophie I was so shocked when I read the name on the phone. And when I opened the message I think I had a heart attack. I wasn’t expecting this at all, but it made so much sense.

From Derek:
I fucked up
it hurts knowing you’re waking up next to someone else now. I still love you.


I was so shocked. I wasn’t expecting to hear from him after we broke up. I mean, especially since towards the end of our relationship we barely talked anyway. 

I clicked to reply, but I had no idea what to say. My thumbs hovered over the keyboard as I thought of what to say. Before I could even type anything I was getting a phone call from him.

I looked over at Luke, who was still sleeping, before rolling out of bed and heading out onto the little balcony that was attached to my room.


‘hey’ he sighed.

what are you doing? it’s 6 in the morning.

‘I have to know…do-do you love him?’

Derek I sighed, knowing he was talking about Luke, but before I could finish he started talking again

we’re on our way to Tuscon tonight, we have a show in two days. I’m leaving an extra ticket with Chad at the front. If you don’t show I’ll know your choice, and I’ll understand. Just know I still love you.’

Derek I-

‘no don’t. Just…think about it.”

and with that he hung up.

I was left standing there so confused. what the fuck just happened? I sat down on the little chair that I had out there, and just thought about what was happening.

After thinking about it for 3 hours I knew what I had to do.

Derek’s pov

We were in the middle of soundcheck, and you could hear all the girls outside screaming. I kept walking up to Chad and Delany, asking if they’ve seen (y/n), but every time Delany just got a sad smile on her face and shook her head and Chad wouldn’t look at me.

I would shake my head and go back to soundcheck, watching the others and helping whenever, but I was so out of it they told me to just go wait on the bus.

Lighting up a blunt I sat on the bus and scrolled through old pictures of (y/n) and I. I don’t know what I was doing inviting her. I didn’t expect her to come. She clearly moved on, I was just hoping that deep down, maybe a small part of her still loved me.

“yo D, the meet and greets are about to start.” Kev spoke, coming on the bus.

“alright.” I spoke, finishing the blunt and following Kevin out to the venue.


The opening acts had just finished, and the crowd was screaming for me. I was huddled in with the guys, getting hype, passing a blunt around before my dj started playing the intro to my first song, It’s Luh.

I was halfway through my set, and the crowd was so hype. I was still feeling off about (y/n), but I loved my fans so the show’s gotta go on.

“alright Tuscon. I’ve been to a lot of different cities…” and immediately the girls started screaming. “and I’ve been searching for my down chick.” and the girls started screaming louder.

“now Tuscon, who’s gonna be my down chick?”

Girls started screaming and throwing their arms up.

“yo, there’s way to many beautiful girls out there, imma need Kev to come on out and find my down chick for me.” I spoke, walking over to Kevin on the side stage, and he high fived me and walked out while I was off the stage getting some water.

They dimmed the lights and all the girls were screaming. I turned to see only the dark silhouette of my ‘down chick’ and removed my shirt.

the music started and I jumped out from the side of the stage just as the beat ‘dropped’ and I started. The lights flashed on as the speakers boomed, showing me the ‘down chick’ 

I smiled and started the song, walking up to the chair. I started doing body rolls, grinding, and she was running her hands all up my chest. The girls in the crowd were screaming and I couldn’t fight the smile on my face.

After the song, she got up off the chair and I dropped the mic, throwing my arms around her as she buried her head in my chest. We rocked back and forth, no words between us, for what felt like forever. The crowd was screaming. Pulling back I cupped her face, resting my forehead on hers, the crowd loving the air between the two of us.

“I didn’t drive 8 hours for you to just stare at me.”

I laughed before pulling her to me and crashing my lips onto hers. The girls in the crowd screaming.

“alright alright, save it for the bedroom.” Kevin laughed, walking on the stage, everyone laughing along.

I turned, keeping my arm around her, and speaking into the mic.

“alright, thank you so much guys, you were amazing.” and with that I took her hand and drug her offstage and out onto the bus, all the guys smiling or making some sort of comment as we passed.

once we got on the bus I wrapped her up in my arms and kissed her, her immediately allowing me to slip my tongue into her mouth. I grabbed her, her wrapping her legs around my waist immediately.

I pulled back, resting my forehead against hers.

“you came.” I breathed out.

“of course I did. I still love you Derek.” she whispered, her lips ghosting over mine.

“I love you so fucking much (y/n). I know I fucked up before but I’m sorry. I regret it all so much. I’d give up everything to be with you again.”

“I’m all yours. I always have been.” she smiled, placing her lips on mine. 


(y/n) and I were cuddled in bed, naked and she was tracing shapes on my chest and I couldn’t help but smile to myself. I finally had my girl back.

“shit.” I muttered.

“hm?” she asked.

“w-what about your boyfriend?” I turned my head looking at her.

“relax babe. He’s not my boyfriend. It’s my friend Luke.”

“so you’re not dating?”


“but you guys slept together?”

“not like that, literally just slept. It felt nice to fall asleep in someone’s arms again, even if they weren’t whose arms I wanted to fall asleep in.”

I pulled her in closer to me.

“no worries. I’m not letting you go again baby.”

Tfw you finish Trespasser for the dozenth time and you expect it to be okay, but it isn’t

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Nineteen Firsts and One Last

Summary: It’s Simon’s nineteenth birthday. He’s not expecting anything unusual, just some messages from his tumblr friends. But Baz has different plans.


[Ari: Okay, I’m going to do it like this: this is gonna have 19 parts and I’m gonna post them as I write them via reblog of this post. When it’s finished I’ll tag the snowflakes blogs so I don’t bother you too much. It will certainly not may not be finished by today but at least you have something. Enjoy]


I wake up to the doorbell ringing. I look at the clock. 5:59 am. Fuck. Who could it be at this unholy hour? Probably my father, coming back home drunk after a night of partying. Damn, why didn’t he stay in the hotel, as usual?

The doorbell rings again. “I’m fucking coming, dad!” I yell.

I put on some clothes and go to the door. I open it, ready to scowl at my father but, instead, there’s a delivery girl looking at me through her pointy glasses.

“Good morning,” she says. “A packet for Simon Snow.”

“Uhm… that’s me,” I tell her, a little bewildered.

She gives me the packet and makes me sign a paper. I tell her thanks and make to go back inside. “Wait,” I shout before she leaves. “Next time, could you come, I don’t know, in the afternoon? When I’m not sleeping?”

“Sorry, the sender wrote specific instructions to deliver this on 21st June at precisely 5:59 am. He even paid an extra and called the company to make sure we followed the instructions. Sounded rather bitter. I wouldn’t risk my job,” she explains. Ha. Like dying her hair blue wouldn’t risk it. Though, I have to say it looks awesome on her dark skin.

“Oh, in that case… Thanks. Have a nice day,” I wish her.

“See you later!”

I close the door and go to the living room, to open the packet. It’s a basket full of fresh-baked cherry scones and some blocks of butter. There’s a card with a note. It reads:

Some like it hot (page 38)

5:59 am - First breakfast to your door

I’d bring it to your bed if I were there


(Gampire Chaz to my Craigon Rain)

Oh my God. Baz. Right, it’s my birthday. It’s nice of him that he remembered. Baz is my best friend on tumblr. Well, he is my best friend, period. Although I’ve never met him in person, I feel like we’ve known each other for years. And to think that we used to be at each other’s throats!

When I first read the book A Charmed Life, I became hugely obsessed with its characters—i.e. the protagonist, a half-dragon named Craigon Rain—so I created a tumblr blog to obsess about them. At that time, there were very few people in the fandom: gampire-chaz-loves-craigon-rain (Baz), rainchaz61 (Penny), tape-exists-and-im-glad-for-it (Agatha), trixiethelesbianpixie (Trixie), gampirhys (Rhys), so-noted-rainchaz (Niall), and craigonsnowrain (me). And we were like a little family.

But I hated Baz. And he hated me. We would make stupid competitions to see who had the most notes on their posts. I finally gave up because the fucker draws the most brilliant fanart. So I decided to befriend him and make some projects together.

A smile draws in my face as I eat the delicious over-buttered cherry scones.

I grab my cellphone to send a thank you message to Baz.

I am trapped.
Trapped in societal expectations forced upon me since the day I entered this unforgiving world. Trapped in unrealistic gender roles and unachievable presumptions. I am seen as an object and an inconvenience whenever I decide to make myself present. Make myself heard. I am wedged between a rock and a hard place and continually told that “that’s just the way life is.” I wake up every morning being told I need to behave a certain way. Believe a certain way. Feel a certain way. Dress a certain way. Drive a certain way. Talk a certain way. Never once am I asked how I want to behave, or believe, or feel. Never once am I asked how everyday I am torn down by these “societal norms” because I can never attain such ungodly expectations. I’m just told to smile, because I look prettier when I smile.
—  Something I wrote in my English class today
Are you jealous?

Imagine Dean interrogating you after a date because he secretly has a crush on you.

Pairing: Dean xReader

Warnings: Might be alittle cheesy, but has definite fluff.

A/N: I really likewriting this; jealous Dean has always been my favorite. Feeling like I’m on aroll, please send requests or anything really. Would honestly love to hear from you guys! Okay, I hope you like it!

           As soft as you could, you close the door to the bunker. Cringing at the loud click it made as it settled, closed. Your black heeled sandals, dangling from your hand as you tip toe through the dark, careful not to wake the boys. It was two am; your date running way past you had expected it to.

           Suddenly, a corner of the bunker lights up in a sharp yellow glow. You look over, your hunter instincts going into over drive. But when your eyes land on the 6’1 hunter, your heart calms to a steady beat. His bow legs stretching in front of him, relaxing on top of the smooth desk, but he was anything but relaxed. His arms crossed along his chest, Dean’s jaw tight and stern.

           “Hi.” You tell him, pushing a piece of curled hair behind your ear. “You’re up late.”

           “It’s 2:30, Y/N.” He states,

           “Thanks for the update, dad.” You say jokingly towards him. The dad reference causing him to tighten his jaw even more than it was.

           “You said, you’d be back by eleven.” He says as you place your shoes by his on the desk, as your bare feet makes soft sticking sounds along the hard floor. When you don’t answer, his firm shoulders relax and he takes his legs off the table, turning to look up at you.

           “How was the date?” Clearing his throat, uncomfortably before asking. Your corners of your lips tug on your face, a small smile spreading along it.

           “It was good.” He raises one of his eyebrows,

           “That’s it? ‘It was good?’”

           “Yeah,” you take the seat across from him, pulling the short red dress down, as it started to rise up.

           “He was nice. We talked, he got me flowers, even said his favorite song was from Lionel Riche.”

           Dean scoffed while rolling his eyes. Was he jealous? You think and look him over. You’ve always had a thing for the eldest Winchester. If a ‘thing’ meant you had been madly in love with him for three and a half years, you quickly dismiss it. Knowing you shouldn’t mistake hope for reality.

           "Guy sounds like a tool.“

Moving your eyes from him, you sigh.

           “You’d know.” You tell him, you tried to make it sound like a joke but it came out harsher than you had intended. Looking at your hands, you missed the flash of hurt appear in his green irises but was quickly masked by a hard stare.

           “Exactly,” Agreeing with you, he looks up again, an uncomfortable silence falling after it. “Are you gonna see him again?”

           “Yeah, next Friday,” This time you don’t miss the small look. The only reason you went on that date was to get your mind off Dean. Yet the entire time, he was the only thing you could think about. Sitting with him, reading lore felt so much better than last night eating dinner with your date as you pretended to listen to him talk. Dean’s small look, gave you just enough confidence to fool yourself that maybe you weren’t the only one with feelings for the other.

           But you were going to rational, test the water. What better way, than to see if he got jealous. You’d get your answer as well as have a little fun.

           “Yeah, when he kissed me—“ You lied, but Dean quickly cut you off.

           “This guy kissed you?”

           Smiling, you respond, “Problem with that Winchester?” He ignores your question, replying with a quick ‘whatever’ before crossing his arms across his chest, again.

“Anyway, when he kissed me, I couldn’t stop but think about this other guy.” You continue and Dean looks at you causing you to give a sly smirk and keep talking. “The way he smiled or how his whole body moved when he laughed.” Dean groaned and shifted uncomfortably, the look of hope washing off his face.

           “Y/N, go talk to Sam about this stuff, I’m not one of your girlfriends, you gossip to.” I hope not. You think to yourself as you lean forward, so you’re closer to him.

           “But you know what I really couldn’t stop thinking about?” You tease, “His deep, entrancing green eyes.” Your heart beat faster as you prepared to say the next part, “They kind of look exactly like yours.”

           A smile spreads across his face, his eyes lighting up and your heart stops.

           “So, this guy…” Dean questions cautiously, his deep voice lowering to a whisper as he leans forward just like you were doing. “I’m guessing me and him have a lot in common?”

           “Some could say that you guys were practically the same person,” Your voice matching his, at the soft whisper. Unlike butterflies professional wrestlers fought inside your stomach when you felt small sparks as his lips inched closer toward yours. You couldn’t take the teasing any more.

           “Are you going to kiss me or not, you big moron?” You blurt out.

           He slips a hand behind your neck, pulling you into him and crashing his lips against yours. You place a hand along his cheek, his stubble pricking under your palm, deepening the kiss. You smile between entwined lips, a soft laugh bubbling out. He pulls away, his hand lingering on the back of your neck. The hairs standing up as he looks concerned at you.


           “I guess, I should cancel that date, huh?” You smile, your eyes matching his. A laugh replacing his worry.

           “If you don’t, I will.” He tells you and you pull away reaching for your phone in your purse, but Dean grips your wrist, gently. “I didn’t mean, right now. I want to finish some things first.” He jokes, lightly.

           “And what would that be, Winchester?” You reply, trying to keep up with his game.

           “I was thinking along the lines of…” He brushes his lips on yours, as a way to finish his sentence and you wrap your arms around him, resting on his shoulders.

           “I think we could use some more practice,” You smile through your words and he wrests his forehead against yours.

           “Couldn’t agree more.”


Me first time seeing The Force Awakens
  • Kylo: *is interested in Rey "the girl"*
  • Me: okay, whatever
  • Kylo: "so this is the girl I've heard so much about"
  • Me: okay... Idk why that statement is relevant but okay...
  • Kylo: *picks Rey up bridal style*
  • Me: oh.. Okay... This is making me feel something not sure what
  • Kylo: *stares @ Rey until she wakes up*
  • Rey: "...when you're being hunted by s creature in a mask"
  • Me: pftttt he's not gonna take his mask off... this is the first movie there's no way
  • Kylo: *takes his mask off*
  • Me: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Me: ... Oh wow... This is... Not how I was expecting this to go
  • Kylo: "you know I can take whatever I want"
  • Me: wow I am just... I really have no idea what I'm feeling... I'm just gonna brush it off and pretend like I don't feel something stirring inside me
  • Kylo: "don't be afraid I feel it too"
  • Me: *deep in the back of my brain* kinda ship it, kinda don't know what to do with the feels I've just been dealt

Fluffy MacCready/Victoria silliness which has the potential to go smutty. Maybe. I don’t know. Should it?

Mornings were becoming MacCready’s favourite time of day.

Waking up with Victoria, whether in the safety of The Castle, a settlement, or out in the Commonwealth, was a personal, intimate joy he never expected to experience after Lucy. He found himself waking before her some days and instead of going back to sleep he would watch her rest for a while. Spending time observing the way her eyelashes fluttered when she dreamed, and how her hair sprawled out over her cheeks. He listened to the soft sound of her snoring, little grunts and groans when she moved around getting comfortable on the old mattresses or on the floor of where ever they were taking shelter. These were his moments. Private and sacred. Moments he could look forward to the following day.

Through the drone of the generator outside and the regular Minutemen updates, Victoria slept soundly and undisturbed. MacCready began to hear movement outside the walls, settlers beginning their days work, and those who would be looking to tell Victoria of allies that needed their help. He glanced across at the door, wondering if they had remembered to lock it the night before; when Victoria rolling over and nestling closer to him pulled his attention back to her.

“Morning, sleepy head.” MacCready spoke low and brushed his nose over her forehead. “Time to get up.”

“Mhmmnno.” Victoria’s moaned protest was accompanied by her arms winding around MacCready’s body practically anchoring herself to him. He relaxed into her embrace, the two of them lying face-to-face on their sides. “Did you sleep okay?” Asked Victoria, voice laced with grogginess and barely more than a mumble.

“Always do with you.” He kissed her forehead and ran his top hand up and down her back beneath the old t-shirt she wore. “You?”

“Yeah.” She began to stretch and MacCready could feel the muscles in her body tighten, quiver, and then release. She gave a satisfied groan, hazel-green eyes flickering open and blinking away the crust of sleep. She rubbed her hands over her face for a moment before meeting his gaze. A contented, lazy smile - that did not in any way make MacCready’s stomach flip and his heart stutter in his chest - slipped into view. “Hey you.” She inched closer to him.

MacCready returned it. “Hey.”

Victoria angled her head back a little to kiss his jaw and then his lower lip between her own. MacCready captured her mouth, winding one hand into her hair. She sighed into the gesture, pressing her body flush to his and bending one leg to curve up around MacCready’s hip. One of her hands slid up over the back of his neck into his hair bringing the kiss deeper. Her mouth opened warm and inviting, her tongue slicking across his lower lip causing a soft groan to rise from his throat.

Heat spread through MacCready’s veins, seeping down every limb to the very tips of his fingers. Spreading his hands over her back his pushed off the mattress with one foot pinning Victoria beneath him. He raked his fingers down from her shoulder blades causing her to arch up into him. Their mouths parted for a moment so she could moan, only for him to resume their kiss with intent. He grasped her thigh and squeezed at her flesh before driving his hips and the morning erection concealed within his trousers against her.

Not all mornings began like this, though they were becoming more common. They slept together in the innocent sense of the word, and had yet to move further than blind groping. MacCready didn’t care if their mornings resulted in physical satisfation or not. He simply relished the opportunity to kiss and touch and feel.

Feeling her grinning against his mouth and the sensation of laughter bubbling up in her chest, MacCready managed to pull away while still placing soft, lingering kisses over her reddened lips.

“What?” He smirked at her flushed cheeks and shining eyes.

Victoria hummed thoughtfully, briefly biting her bottom lip. “Just wondering if you slept with a rifle in your pocket, or if you’re just pleased to see me.” She grinned.

A low, rough laugh rumbled within his chest. “Holy crap, Vee.” He groaned and pushed his face into the curve of her shoulder and neck. “And I thought I made bad puns! That was the worst!”

Laughing, Victoria smoothed her hands over his bare shoulders. “I had to make it!” Her lips caressed his temple. “You laughed. You thought it was funny.” She added in an undertone.

“Bad funny.” MacCready replied and lifted his head. “Leave the puns to me beautiful, okay?” He pressed a longer, more chaste kiss to her mouth and wound his fingers back through her hair spread out over the pillow when they parted. He peered down at her, chest tight and filled with affection. “Good morning.” He kissed the end of her nose.

“Mhmm.” Victoria agreed with an almost dreamy smile. “Certainly is.”

So yeah… should it?

“I love him without reason, without explanation, without expectation. I am astounded every second by everything he does. I want to cry when he laughs and hug him when he sits silently watching Netflix. I want to tell him how incredible he is when he wakes up tired and spends the day in his pyjamas, I want to tell him that he is the only thing that makes sense in the world when he is ill and thinks he looks like death. I love him for doing nothing but existing.”

 - Restlessness and the Final Decision, Chapter 8, Mischa. 

(feeling soppy. I’ll let myself out)

Yoongi; promittere

❝Okay so Bells has a big thing for dragons and what do I do with that??? make a dragon!au—but this is different than what you’d expect /.\ [the-storyweaver]
►+/-2800 words | scenario; dragon!au
© (photo credit) i really like making headers okay ; - ;

“Today’s the day,” Yoongi tells himself, fixing his armor, nudging on his shoulder pads and staring at his reflection.

Today’s the day.

The thought sinks in, seeping through the deepest parts of his mind and he tries to shake off the jittery feeling—this can go two ways… really good or… really bad.

“So… are you nervous?” Seokjin asks, turning to look at his friend beside him on the grass, the burden weighing twice as much.

“I’d be lying if I said no…”

Seokjin extends an arm, rubbing the guy’s shoulder, “You’ll be fine. Plus, it’s possible a few would want you as their master,”

“You don’t know that for sure,”

“History can repeat itself,” Seokjin muses and Yoongi scoffs, “Because you’re a pretty face, whatever, shut up.”

“Hey,” A voice snaps him out from his trance and he glances up to the mirror, eyeing the fella’, “Hey…”

“Ceremony begins shortly, let’s go down,” Yoongi nods, but hesitates once the person leaves. He rushes over to his cabinet, yanking out one of the things he can’t leave without—through his years of training, months of practice, days of blood, sweat and tears, he carries this. He pops open the pendant, a rusty picture inside of a woman and a man—mom… dad… today’s the day, he smiles, bitterly, brushing his thumb on their smiles—wish me luck.

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Tbh I wasn’t expecting Yongguk to do the live stages for WMU. I was ok with him just doing the MV. So imagine my surprised ass when Yongguk slid in with that “Viva La Revolucion” & sauntered towards the camera like BOI GIVE ME A WARNING NEXT TIME GAT DAMN

Anyways I’m so proud of him for performing with the boys. I also thought he was gonna leave the stage after his part but NAH FAM HE STAYED & DANCED TOO LIKE YO BABY BOY I AM SO PROUD OF YOU.

I hope he still gets some rest though.


There comes a point in time when everybody seems to be against you.

They say things like “you’ll never beat that person”, “you won’t make the national team”, “don’t expect to win”…

You will doubt yourself. You will wake up and look in the mirror and feel inadequate. What if I lose a few more pounds? Will I be faster in the ring? I don’t see abs, maybe I’m not training hard enough? Look at how short I am, I’ll never beat that person! What if I get hit in the face? What if I roll my ankle again? What if everyone thinks I’m done for? What if…..


Look at yourself in the mirror and appreciate the hard work you have put in. Because while your friends are out drinking or going to parties, YOU are working your butt off for your goal. You are ACHIEVING greatness just by going to that extra class. Don’t have abs? So what! Opponent has a crazy reputation? Go for it! Because when you beat your demons, and conquer your self doubt, you WILL turn heads.

In November 2015, I competed for the first time since tearing my ligament and breaking my ankle that same year. I was horrible. I didn’t kick because I was afraid. I got hurt. My pride kept me from crying and breaking down in front of everyone, but honestly I felt defeated. I wanted to quit. I wanted to stop. Everybody around me was telling me to take a break from taekwondo, that maybe when my ankle is better I can start looking into competing at local flings.

But I didn’t quit.

In March I went to Mexico to train with the best and then competed at the World Taekwondo Open. Before I left, my manager told me “don’t expect to win, have fun”. My brother told me “you’ll finish with this hobby after this right?”. Even my coach had doubts. But I dug deep and won. When I got home everybody was congratulating me, saying how they knew I would win.

Had I given into all that negativity, I probably wouldn’t have given it my all in Mexico. I would’ve quit, said “I’m done”, and all my goals would’ve rotted away, filling me with regret.

I guess what I’m getting at is no matter how negative people are about you and how you perform, don’t give up. Push harder. Train longer. Prove them wrong. Prove to yourself that you are not what other people make you out to be.

You are yourself, and nothing can change or stop you other than yourself.

daisuga 11 - things you said when you were drunk

Daichi isn’t sure what he’s expecting when his phone rings beside his bed at one o'clock in the morning. He has an exam the next day, so he went to be bed early, but as his phone continues to ring, he turns over with a sigh and grabs it to answer. He doesn’t look at the ID, expecting it to be Noya or Tanaka needing his help getting out of a mess of their own creation.

So he blames the hitch in his breath on surprise when instead he hears a soft, familiar giggle greet his groggy “hello?”

“Daichiiiiii. Did I wake you?”

Daichi sits up, rubbing sleep from his eyes. “Suga? Are you okay? you sound drunk.”

“Mm, maybe that’s because I am drunk, Dai-chan.”

Daichi feels heat flood his cheeks, not entirely sure what to say to that. “Uh. Do you need me to come pick you up or something?”

“Mmno. I have a ride. Asahi didn’t want to drink because he’s a wimp, so he’s gonna drive me back to campus.”

“You got Asahi to go with you to a party?” Daichi asks with a soft laugh. He tries not to let himself feel betrayed by the fact that his two best friends went to a party without inviting him, knowing they probably didn’t mention it because they both know he has an exam. Still, he kind of wishes he was there to see Suga drunk. He can only imagine how cute he’d be.

“I told him if he didn’t go with me I’d likely end up in the arms of a ne'er do well who’d take advantage of my inebriated state.”

Daichi stifles another laugh. “He was a nervous wreck the entire time, I bet.”

Suga giggles again, and Daichi resists the urge to clutch at his chest. Such an adorable sound. “He stood in the corner holding a glass of soda and scared all the cute girls away. He kept apologizing but it was fiiiiiine. I still had fun.” He sighs, and his voice grows softer. “I wish you’d been there though.”

Daichi swallows hard. “You could’ve invited me.”

“You have an exam tomorrow. You need sleep.”

“So why are you calling me at one in the morning?”

For a moment there’s silence and then Suga laughs, abruptly. “Oh! I guess … mmm, I wanted to hear your voice. I’m sorry. You should sleep. Go to sleep, Daichi.”

“Well, now I feel like I should make sure you get home safely. Is Asahi there with you?”

“He’s getting the car. I’m fiiiiiine, Daichi. Just sleepy now. I’ll see you tomorrow after your exam.”

Daichi bites his lip, not sure why but not wanting Suga to hang up just yet. “Next time invite me, okay? I haven’t been able to go to any parties yet, and I’d love to go with you sometime.”

Suga laughs. “To see me get drunk?”

“I bet you’re cute when you’re drunk.”

“Daichi! Are you a ne'er do well planning on taking advantage of my inebriated state?” Suga sounds affronted, and Daichi chokes on his spit.

“No! I didn’t mean, I wasn’t …” Suga starts to laugh. Daichi groans, flopping back onto his bed. “Suga!”

Suga’s laugh softens to a snicker and then there’s silence. “I wouldn’t mind if you did take advantage of it,” he says then softly, almost inaudible.

But Daichi hears it. He swallows hard past the lump that’s formed in his throat, his heart pounding rapidly against his chest. “Wh-what?”

“Oh! Asahi’s here!” Suga says abruptly. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Daichiiiii.”

“Wait, Suga–”

But the phone call dies and Daichi is left gaping in the dark.