when adam had hair

Unconditionally ||

Adam pulled away after he had placed hundreds of little kisses on Belle’s body. He grabbed for the covers and pulled them up their naked bodies, making sure they were both covered under them. “And?” Adam asked when his hand reached up to run through her brown hair. Adam had been nervous about this since they both had discovered their feelings for each other. Stronger feelings than the ones they had during their childhood. No, Adam was attracted to her and every possible way he could be. And he wanted to be with her. And Belle felt the same way or at least he thought so.

Tonight had been not like every other night. Usually, Adam could’ve convinced Belle to sneak into his room during the night spending it with him. Not hat anything happened. No, they cuddled and talked about their days and dreams. Belle used to tell him about the book she had started reading, one of the books Adams gave to her. After all, his father thought it wouldn’t be okay for one of the servants to be as well educated as his son. Which brought him to another problem. His father.

If his father, the king of the country, would know that he had been spending a lot of time with one of the servants and getting really close to her, only god knows what he would do to Adam. Even though he tried his best to see only the good things in him, the things his mother saw in him. But it was hard when he was constantly telling Adam what of a disappointment he is. And that he hoped he would stand his man if his day would come when it was time to rule the country. But this day was far in the future. And right now, Adam wanted to focus on the beautiful thing that was laying in bed with him.

Like said, tonight had been a special night. For the first time, Adam and Belle got really intime. The two made for the first time love to each other. And Adam had been more than nervous about it. All he knew were the things he read in his books and he might has looked for his old friend Lumière to give him some advice without telling Maurice about it. And here they were, laying in his huge bed and still being flashed by love.

“Did you enjoy it as much as I did?” He asked her slowly. It was no secret Belle was much younger than him. Adam was 21 while Belle was only 16. But this never effected his feelings for her. No, she was very ahead of her age and every man could probably count himself happy to call her his. And that was exactly how Adam felt. Happy to call her his. But was she really his? Sure, they talked about their feelings but none of them ever said those three little words. Neither, did any of them ever state what they were? A love couple? Only friends? He had no clue.