when adam gets there zach shows up and so on that up there

my fave nhl duos as house hunters couples

sidney crosby and evgeni malkin: sidney has a list of exactly 87 Must Haves and is not willing to compromise. he tears house number 1 apart, the real estate agent is genuinely scared. geno just likes house number 2 because it’s walking distance from an ice cream shop. they end up picking house number 3, even though it’s out of their budget.

sean monahan and johnny gaudreau: sean keeps repeating that he wants “good water pressure and not a long commute.” the real estate agent keeps trying to get something else out of him, but apparently that’s all he’s concerned with. johnny wants a big kitchen and fridge “for my protein shakes… trying to bulk up, you know.”

morgan rielly and jake gardiner: are actually sickeningly in love. mo keeps saying things like “oh jake would really like that,” and gards keeps saying, “mo that would be really great for you.” they end up getting a place with a pool and like 4 extra rooms “for the kids.” the real estate agent was not aware they had kids. (they don’t have kids. they have rookies.)

patrice bergeron and brad marchand: marchy has a ton of very random demands. bergy just shrugs and says, “we’re just moving so he’ll stop bitching at me about our current house.” marchy wants house number 2 even though it’s way out of their budget. bergy just rolls his eyes and says, “zdeno owes me forty bucks, i knew you’d go over budget.”

dylan larkin and zach werenski: have literally no idea what they’re looking for, so they keep using buzzwords like “open concept” and “granite countertops” and “master bath.” the real estate agent has no fucking clue what they want, so they show them three apartments, because there’s no way these guys are ready for a house, right??? they end up choosing the first place, because when they walked in one wall was painted like an american flag.

nicklas backstrom and alex ovechkin: ovi is adamant about having a walk-in closet and a jacuzzi tub. nicky wants a space for a workout room and a big master bedroom. they both want a large kitchen, despite the fact that neither of them can cook. they end up in a place that has tacky wallpaper all over the walls because ovi is in love.

nate mackinnon and jonathan drouin: everytime nate says something, jo says, “nathan, that’s ridiculous, you’re ridiculous.” the real estate agent doesn’t know whether to listen to nate’s “gotta have a game room,” or jo’s “adults without children don’t have game rooms, nathan,” so she shows them a place with a “multi-purpose room” as a compromise. 

tyler seguin and jamie benn: the amount of times they use the phrase “dog-friendly” is frankly absurd. the real estate agent shows them a place with a hot tub and they both say “duuuuuuude,” for a solid minute. they don’t end up picking that one, though, because house number 3 is right by a golf course and they go nuts over it. they buy a hot tub for the house.

sebastian aho and teuvo teravainen: sebastian only says nice things about the house and shrugs whenever the real estate agent asks him direct questions. teuvo just keeps saying they want a nice bath tub and to be close to the hockey rink. the real estate agent shows them a nice house with a big living room and a pool and neither of them really say anything but they keep poking each other and nodding at the pool or the fireplace and smiling.

100+ Reasons To Love Castiel Project For Misha’s 100th episode on SPN 12x19 !!!

Hello Guys !!!!!! Please I really hope you would All participate to this it means a lot to me as a castiel stan to have something showing appreciation for him out there and it would be so awesome for us to make it into a collective work, share ideas and our love for cas because he (and misha as an actor) really really really deserve it and way more.

So the general rules are

-This will be posted in three platforms, Youtube (here) Twitter (@NOriginalAddict in THIS Tweet) and Tumblr (castieldeservesappreciation.tumblr.com) if you can comment on YT it’s better, if not you can Send us your reasons in our ask box HERE ) :D that way there’s no reason not to participate *wink* :p

- BE SPECIFIC IN YOUR REASONS TO LOVE CAS, bring up a scene, a quote, badass, heartfelt or funny/sassy scene mention which episode …. do as you wish ….

for example : instead of saying : Cas is badass
say something like : I loved how smart and strategic cas was in 5x18 when he fought the angels and carved the sigil in his own chest and banished them all

or instead of “cas has awesome fighting skills” bring up the specific ep or scene like “that moment in 6x3 that angel had both angel blades but still couldn’t get to cas and kill him and cas outsmarted him by throwing both of them through the window”

or even something as simple as “the way he flips his angel blade” or “his smile” “how enthusiastic he is” “the way he hugs people” free your imagination

and instead of : cas is loyal to the winchesters
say : that time when cas chose to save sam’s life when anna was out to kill him, even if it could’ve stopped the apocalypse altogether but he valued his life and did all he could to save the world including sam….

- Add your Youtube name, or twitter or tumblr (depending on where you comment) so that i could give you credit for your idea (if you want)

- Read The List (That I’ll keep updated in this post) before commenting so that there won’t be repetition

- Throw as many ideas as they come to your mind, our goal is 100 but it could be fun to see how much we can come up with ;)

- It would be extremely nice and helpful if you could share this with your friends so that as much people could be included as possible, remember this is not for me as a vidder but more like a gift for misha and show of appreciation for cas as a character

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What Writers can Learn from Bulk and Skull

I’ve done several of these What Writers Can Learn From posts and this summer I was joking around with one of the artists who was setting up at our local Comic Con (RocCon, but you may not have heard of it) about how I had started watching the original run of the Power Rangers with the idea of putting together a post of What Writers Can Learn From the Power Rangers, but as I continued to watch the show, I realized that there was a bigger and better idea hiding behind the main characters of the show-Bulk and Skull.
Why did I pick Bulk and Skull over the rest of the characters on the show? What could these two possibly offer to a writer looking for tips and advice about their craft? I’m glad you asked because I have several very important lessons you can take from these two characters, and not all of them are negative lessons.
1. Give your characters a complete story arc
The first era of the Power Rangers was something fairly new for the United States, at least in a live-action sense. Sure you had shows like Voltron but that was a cartoon. Power Rangers was something kids in America hadn’t seen so it was easy to simply present five teens with attitude, put them in goofy looking suits and send them out into the world to fight the evil monsters, but how much did those five teens develop over the years? Billy was the smart kid who was a bit clumsy and wore glasses. Zach was the cool kid with sweet dance moves. Trini was the smart girl, but not as smart as Billy and she knew some martial arts. Kimberly was the cool girl with a love of shopping. Jason was the strong leader type that helped everyone out and took care of things that needed attention. Over time different members of the team left and others arrived, but the main characters seldom grew beyond those basic stereotypes. Now let’s consider the development of Bulk and Skull.
Bulk and Skull are the best of friends and they are bullies at the start of the show. Why are they bullies? I don’t know. What do they hope to gain from pushing people around? I don’t know. Are they effective bullies? No. Is anyone afraid of them? No.
So this seems like a poor starting place since there is no fear, and Bulk and Skull tend to become the butt of all the jokes. There are several times I actually feel sorry for them when they get in trouble for something they didn’t do or try to so something positive and it blows up in their faces. Then something changes.
The show is getting ready to make its first major change. Jason, Trini, and Zack are getting ready to leave to become peace delegates or something and there are three new kids Rocky, Adam and Aisha are being introduced as the natural replacement. The new bad guy Lord Zed wants to turn them into a team of evil rangers so he kidnaps the trio and their teacher which leaves the teacher’s baby boy alone and unprotected. Enter Bulk and Skull.
Yes, this scenario is meant to be a joke. It’s there to have some funny scene where the duo are trying to care for a baby, but it also shows that they want more from life than to just be bullies. They want to be heroes too.
After this, there is a period of time where they try to catch the Power Rangers and reveal who they are, but then in an attempt to impress some girls, they become Junior Police Officers. This is their arc-from bullies to helpers.
2. Give your characters attainable goals
You don’t have to make every goal your characters strive for something they will get done, but it has to be something they might be able to do. Bulk and Skull decide they want to be the people that tell the world the true identity of the Power Rangers. There are plenty of times where they are close, but they never quite discover that secret, they do come close. (Oh wait, there is one time they find out, but a monster takes that memory from them.)
Whether your characters complete their goals or not, your story is enhanced by the possibility that they will win that drives the reader to keep going with the story. Think about a story you’ve seen where the hero is trying to get the girl, let’s use The Office as an example. This works well because there are two sides to the story. Jim is interested in Pam, but so is Toby from HR. Which of the two stories is more interesting? Jim’s story. Not just because he ends up marrying Pam, but also because no matter what their relationship status, there is always that possibility they could get together.
3. Never give up!
Bulk and Skull face plenty of challenges over the course of the show and it would be easy for them to quit, but that isn’t who they are as character. Skull doesn’t give up on the minuscule possibility that Kimberly will finally agree to date him. Bulk never gives up on putting together crazy schemes. Use that same determination for your characters and yourself when you write.
4. Don’t let anyone tell you who you are.
Even after an endless string of detentions, Bulk and Skull never seem to learn their lesson while they are still students at Angel Grove High. When they move on from high school and join the Junior Police, the Captain tries to change them into the perfect officer, even to the point of shaving their heads, but at the end of the day, they still work through their problems the same way that they always did.
. There are plenty of lessons you can learn from “minor characters, especially when the main cast isn’t experiencing much development. Hopefully these lessons will help you in your future writing.

Best of everything,


Story Time!

I’m going to preface this with the fact that I am 100% totally stone cold sober.


I was lying on the bed talking to Zach about spending money on his new computer and how I wanted to buy things but am not going to because SAVING money.

Then, I showed him the adorable Delos Tarot and said it’s cuteness reminds me of the Happy Tarot, which I proceeded to pull up on Google (ignoring his logic of “You own this why are you showing it to me on your phone” Because I’m lazy) So we’re looking at them and I’m showing him the candy land people have buttcracks (Judgement card check it out lmfao) and giggling because I’m weird then he sees The Lovers

Oh god. This is where I lose it. I’m saying things like “Look how impressed he is with his fig leaf. She’s super impressed with his fig leaf. The snakes face kind of looks like the tip of a penis.” He agrees at the last part and goes to leave the room when I call out, “The tree is on fire but only in certain places.” No sound or anything and then suddenly he’s edging back into the room to look. asking me if I’ve been dipping into the vodka tonight (no I haven’t because I’ve felt nauseous all night) and I get up to follow him upstairs.

He asks why it looks semi familiar and I’m explaining some decks have Christian over tones and it’s Adam and Eve and the penis snake is the Devil.

Then, I pause, realize what I said and proceed to literally lose my shit. I collapse on the floor wheezing, I’m laughing so hard I’m crying, and he’s sitting at his computer staring at my because I’m in the door way of his office laughing.

Finally “What was so funny?”

“Hahaha the penis snake is the devil. Penis is the devil” cue mad cackling for another 5 minutes as he ignores me, goes back to his game and I hear, “Oh that’s my wife, she’s having some kind of fit.”


TL;DR- I think hysteria is setting in.


Cyclocross - the most suffering I’ve ever put myself though in cycling, but also the most fun. The biggest factor I notice when trying to encourage other females to race is pure self doubt which I can 100% relate to. So, story time.

My first experience with CX was strictly as a spectator where I went and watched an entire season. Through doing so, I met a few female racers who encouraged my friend and I to give it a try. With no previous desire or experience racing bikes, it sounded both exciting and insane. Finishing out the season of spectating, the idea of racing stayed in the back of my head. Would I actually do it next year? I mean, I want to, but who am I kidding - I have no clue what I’m doing, I don’t have a CX bike, my fitness is lacking and the list went on. Road season was approaching and that seemed interesting as well. I told myself that I would start by racing road. Yep, that’s what I was going to do. Spring time rolled around and I didn’t do it - I was too scared to race. There I was again - wishing I could be one of those girls. Instead, I was on the sidelines, week after week just watching. However, I was becoming an excellent spectator, if only they had podiums for that! After months of doubting myself, watching the road season come and go, and finding a thousand excuses as to why I couldn’t race, I made the move to buy a CX bike. I spent the end of the summer attending local gravel grinder rides, practicing the basics and attending a local clinic. I’d ride to a park near my house and Zach would show me what Adam Myerson taught him at his clinic. He would show me something and nail it. I would immediately be too scared to do it, the attempt would be hesitant, then I would fall and my doubts appeared again. I didn’t always understand how to do something I was shown and there is still a lot that I don’t know how to execute. (For example, how to take a corner properly - help!). When I didn’t have anyone to help me, I spent plenty of time watching YouTube videos to try and understand some of the skills. As daunting as practice was, the season quickly approached and it was time to apply what I had learned. On a brisk morning, I finally showed up to race for the very first time. (Hooray! I finally showed up!) Already a nervous wreck, I began making my way to the start line. As I lifted up the course tape to go under it, I accidentally caught it on my bike and pulled bright yellow tape several feet and didn’t even realize I was doing it! THEN, when I finally lined up, I leaned into a thorn bush and a few girls around me had to help me pluck thorns off my jersey. It was all super embarrassing and it didn’t feel like I was off to a great start! Honestly though, I was so nervous, that all of those silly mistakes kind of felt like a blur at the time.

Once the official said go, we all took off and I gave it my all. Suddenly all of those nervous fumbles went away and do you know why? Because when it’s all actually happening you don’t have time to even think about it - you just do it. Those moments during practice when you stop right before you go over the barrier and have to work yourself up to it again are gone! There is no split second for you to say, “I can’t” or wonder if you’ll fall. Everyone is right next to you, you’re all hurting, you’re all new and you’re all making mistakes. But you know what, at least you’re all out there doing it. Week after week I kept coming back. I kept making more friends and I kept getting a little bit better. I also never pulled the course tape with my bike again, but I have seen someone else do it! See! I wasn’t the only one and whatever mistake you might make - trust me someone has done it before and someone else will do it again.

With that being said, the same beginner clinic I attended before racing my first season, is the one I photographed on Monday. Everyone was welcome with any bike they could find. We had about 20 people show up of all ages and skill level. Some people were so nervous and had never tried anything CX related before. The clinic only covered the basics, so don’t feel like because you don’t have a local clinic that you can’t attempt CX. I’ve attached a few links below that have helped me.

Trish covered the following things:
Rules of Racing
General Attire
Mounting and Dismounting
Shouldering the Bike

If you want to learn about these skills and more, I would suggest the following links:
Adam Myerson Shares Tips with Bicycling Magazine
Global Cycling Network Youtube CX Videos

I really hope that if you’re interested in racing, but you’re full of self doubt, that you finally build up the courage to just go out there and do it.

- @MaeElizabethG