when a song is stuck inside your head



Request: y/n being insecure about herself and about love.

Word count: 2,534

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Cracking noises from the flames in the beige brick fireplace hanging on the wall, filled the otherwise silent living room. These faint but warm noises always made me feel somehow calm.

I loved the heat filling up the room, I loved shutting my eyes and listen to the flames crack slowly, I loved how it all felt like home to me.

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Kim Jongdae//Impetuous

Summary: A chance encounter in the shared laundry room lets you get to know Kim Jongdae, but he’s not all you thought he would be.
Scenario: swimmer!au
Word Count: 6,998

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Seventeen, Chill Songs, and Headcanons


1. Pick a boy
2. Read the headcanon
3. Close your eyes and press play
4. Live the headcanon

A/N: this is a new concept, so let me know what you think, okay?

S.Coups: Me And Your Mama by Childish Gambino

Imagine sitting around the kitchen table, a big window on the wall, but it’s too late at night to see outside. It’s the first few chilly days of fall, meaning you haven’t quite convinced yourself to turn on the heat for the year. Instead, you and S.Coups sit next to each other at the table, sharing a blanket while you both lazily munch on popcorn. Nothing seems relevant, but this song playing quietly around you and how your body curves into Seungcheol’s.

Jeonghan: 졸려 Sleepy by Sodam

Despite all the curtains open painting the bedroom in a white film, despite how many times you had previously tried to wake Jeonghan up, he refuses. You would pull the covers away, only to see that that didn’t bother him. You would try everything, but somehow he would always find a way to grab your hand and pull you back into bed, wrapping his body around yours tightly. The alarm would still be going off, as it had been for ten minutes. When he pulled you into bed for the final time you would settle after hearing the radio from the alarm play this song. The world had a funny sense of humor sometimes.

Joshua: Nano (TK Kaleidoscope Remix) by Spangle call Lilli line

Maybe you knew the words to this song, maybe you didn’t; within the moment though, but when you listened to it with Joshua you felt as though these lyrics, this beat, the tone of voice was made specifically for this moment. You had been trapped with Joshua in this recording room for a few hours, however you weren’t really trapped, either of you could have left at any time. It just didn’t feel right to. When this song played, when you rested your head in his lap and laid out your body on the cold hardwood floor, his fingers laced in your hair, you understood why you were trapped. It felt as though the universe had kept you two together to live out this moment, a moment where everything was truly perfect.

Jun: Night Time by The fin.

Just like the lyrics stated, it was the middle of the night. When you would look back at this day in the future you wouldn’t be able to say why you were out in the first place. You had taken a break from your late night drive in the middle of nowhere, stopping at a gas station. This song would play over the system and for some unknown reason, the moment it started Jun would look at you with such passion in his eyes, such youthful excitement. He would grab your hand and dance with you in a gas station in the middle of nowhere, a smile on his face that matched yours the whole time.

Hoshi: April by In Love With A Ghost

You hadn’t remembered putting this song on your phone, and maybe you didn’t, maybe one day the sky looked down at you and Hoshi, smiled, and gifted it to you. You were walking down the sidewalk of some suburban neighborhood, a car whizzing by you every few moments. One earbud in your ear, the other one in Hoshi’s. This song would play and even though you had never heard it before it just felt… special. Your arms would brush against each other, the bare skin mingling. You felt as though whatever higher power there was above, it had handcrafted you this moment.

Wonwoo: Oh My God by Rheehab

Hearing this song wouldn’t be a one time deal, in fact it was Wonwoo’s favorite. It had the perfect mix between hip hop and a chill vibe. Every spare moment you two would spend together, every lazy day, every few minutes you could scavenge together would be spent holding hands, resting on each other’s shoulders, lazily sleeping with this song on repeat in the background. Every time you would hear this song you couldn’t help but smile to yourself.

Woozi: F*ck Me and Feed Me by Rendezvous At Two

You two would both be laying in bed, the day just falling into the cusp of evening. You would have your head resting on his shoulder, one of his hands would be lazily gliding over your arm while the other would be scrolling through music on Youtube. It moment seemed perfect the minute he opened up this song, despite the words to them the soft beat and the melodic voice would pull the both of you in. He would rest his head next to yours, and for the next four minutes it would feel like you were the only two people in the world.

Mingyu: So Faded 텅 빈 by BEVY MACO

The soft lapping of the warm water in the tub would be the only sound besides the beat that this song was creating. You would be resting against Mingyu’s chest in the bath, only this moment wouldn’t feel like a moment of sexual tension, but rather a moment of comfort and sweet intimacy. You felt completely at home in this small bathtub next to the love of your life as a beautiful, beautiful song played ever so innocently in the background.

DK: Peach Pit by Peach Pit

Imagine driving down an empty road much faster than you should with the car radio and it’s shitty sound system pumping out this song. It’s way too hot out, the windows rolled way down, DK’s sweaty hand clasping around yours with his other hands on the wheel. You two would share a peach lemonade, with only one straw because DK forgot he was supposed to be cute and get another. You would just close your eyes, feeling the wind in your hair and your hand in DK’s. What bliss.

The8: Sad and Boujee (Remix) by elijah who

Even though the lyrics to this song aren’t exactly the nicest, the moment he decided to play it in the dance studio you felt as though you had never heard a song as sweet. You two had been in the dance studio for hours, you happily watching and talking to Minghao as he danced every now and then. He would just look at you with a big smile as this song created the most wonderful vibe in the room, even if you hadn’t wanted to dance before you would want to now.

Seungkwan: I Kissed a Girl She Kissed Me by Kid Bloom

You would be waiting for your flight to arrive and take you back home in the airport, clicking on whatever song caught your eye as you passed the time. Seungkwan’s head would be resting in your lap as he tried to pass the time by sleeping. At one point, he would take the phone from your hands and pick out this song to show you. His eyes would stay locked yours trying to gage your response to it. Seungkwan had the kindest gaze and when the song mixed with it, you could feel nothing but warmth inside.

Vernon: Is feat. POP ETC by Kanno Yoko

It had been a day at the beach, the gritty sand had stuck itself under your feet, only you didn’t seem to mind. Vernon had hooked his phone up to the speaker so the only thing you could hear besides whatever song played was the crashing of the waves on the beach. You were sharing an ice cream with this song began, the day finally coming to the end. You would watch the sun set over the beach and hear this song play in the background as Vernon playfully fed you ice cream.

Dino: Chippoke na Ai no Uta (Music Box Version) by Sakurako Ohara

You two had just returned home from a day of sledding in the first snow of the year. Both of your cheeks were stained a deep rosy red as Chan tried to warm your hands in his, every once and awhile blowing hot air into his hands that cupped around yours. This song would play from the other room, probably from one of your roommates choosing to listen to it. The sweet melody of the song would warm you up as you two could do nothing but smile at one another.


i wanna know you better than the back of my hand,  and what keeps you up at 2am.

i wanna know what song has been stuck in your head, and how you’d look in my bed.

i wanna know what words are on the tip of your tongue, and hear about your dreams, even when you have none.

i wanna know what brings tears to your eyes, and what your face would look like if i kissed the inside of your thighs.

i wanna know how you like your coffee in the morning, and how cute you look when you’re snoring.

i wanna know you better.


A Morning With Jungkook

  • waking up, you drowsily turn over to rest your arm on him, only to have your hand land on a cold sleek object
  • your eyes flutter open and find your laptop’s screen shining brightly in your eyes
  • focusing on it, you see him peering at you an angel, or not through your laptop’s screen with an amused expression
  • you wonder for a moment what he’s doing stuck inside your laptop and almost think that your computer sucked your boyfriend in whole only to remember you falling asleep on last night’s call
  • you groan and mumble why he’s up so early and he chuckles lightly in response
  • your brow raises slightly and you question what’s so funny
  • he gives a mischievous smile and replies with a sing-song “nothing”
  • you glare, knowing something was up, and go on defense saying that he better not be laughing when he’s got that piece of hair sticking out of the top of his head making him look like tweedy bird
  • he scoffs and with challenging eyes, he says
  • Darling, it’s almost 12. Don’t try me with that bit of drool still stuck on the side of your mouth.

-Admin Babydoll

Dating Prompto Argentum Would Include

A/N: It’s been a while since I obsessed so hard over any characters like I am with Prompto now, so this one is extremely long and I put a ‘keep reading’ thing to avoid annoying some people :P I do hope you Prompto lovers like myself enjoy this <3

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I see some people a bit confused about the whole “Jasper becoming corrupted” thing, and I’d just like to clear it up. 

Corruption isn’t really “contagious” as people are saying. It’s not like a Gem disease or something like that. What you have to remember is that when Gems fuse, they don’t just mash their bodies together. Their minds fuse as well. When Jasper fused with the corrupted Gem, that’s exactly what she did. She fused with the mind of a creature that had heard the Diamond’s song of corruption. And I’m willing to bet that song is the kind that gets stuck in your head. 

Jasper became corrupted because when she fused with the corrupted Gem, she heard the same song that corrupted it in the first place. It makes sense, and explains why even Steven’s healing power wasn’t able to help Centipeetle: The source of the corruption, the song, is still ringing inside of the heads of each and every corrupted gem to this day. 

And that’s also why I think Steven eventually will be able to surpass his mother, and heal the corrupted Gems. Because Steven, like his father, is a Bard, and there’s a little know bardic power that any fan of the Spoony One should be familiar with which can counteract any music-based spells or enchantments, called Counter Song.

In love

You know you’re in love when their presence makes you feel the safest you’ve ever felt, and when you hold hands they fit together like the missing puzzle piece you have been looking for this whole time.
You know you’re in love when the way they say your name sounds like home, and being in their arms feels like heaven.
You know you’re in love when they tell you they like your hair a certain way so you try and perfect that way every single day, and when they laugh all of your inside flutters.
You know you’re in love when the last thing you both said to each other circles around your head so many times that it’s like a song stuck on replay, and the way they smile dances in your dreams.
You know you’re in love, when they tell you they love you and you look into their eyes and see forever, not just numbered days.

Luke Imagine: Playing Guitar at 3AM

Author: Rhine


“Could you shut the f – oh.”

You’re mildly surprised to say the least, not expecting clear blue eyes to stare back at you innocently, clashing with the small smirk on the stranger’s lips.

And all of your irritation melts into a faint embarrassment, your frustrated gnashing of teeth replaced by a soft tint of red in your cheeks.

You had prepared a whole ten minute speech – or angry proclamation, it really depends on your perspective on it – about the rudeness of people playing guitar in hotel hallways at three in the morning when some certain residents – this is where a sharp death glare comes in to indicate ‘certain residents’ meant you – had just come off a fourteen-hour flight and wanted nothing but sleep.

Your plane had been delayed for five hours and it had been a turbulent flight and your suitcase was the last to come out on the conveyor belt; your taxicab driver got lost and you were rained on as you were walking to the hotel doors.

All you wanted to do was take a nice, long, hot shower, scream into your pillow, and sleep.

It wasn’t a great start to your vacation, what with everything that could possibly go wrong going completely wrong – and this was the tipping point.

Collapsing into the white linen sheets of the hotel bed and closing your eyes, letting your worn body melt into the soft mattress, your mind finally humming to a sleep then –

The obnoxiously loud sound of a guitar twanging from somewhere outside your door.

At first you try to ignore it – breathe, breathe, fucking breathe – but it starts to get a little unbearable somewhere after the first hour of repeated chords and simple melodies.

You thought it would stop; small pauses the faintest glimmers of hope that whoever was playing was done – only to have it start up all over again with a quick succession of chords with loud, echoing strumming.

It’s the perfectly irritating volume where it’s just loud enough to rouse you from your sleep in sharp staccatos, not soft enough to be a lullaby serenade.

And you have had enough – you did not need this to be your closing credit song to a horribly disastrous day.

You moaned in tired frustration, the sound a low growl before peaking at a high shriek.

You dragged yourself out of the warm blanket coffin of the bed and stomped out the door, jaw set as you looked for the source of the damn noise, ready to give whoever was playing a piece of your mind and a very special finger.

You weren’t quite expecting the attractive blonde sitting at the very end of the hallway, worn guitar propped on his crossed knees – his blue eyes took your breath away and all of your arguments died in your throat at the sight of his sheepish smile, pink lips accented by the black ring pierced into it.

And all you can think is fuck – because not only was this boy irritatingly loud with his goddamn guitar, he just had to be infuriatingly good looking with his grey beanie loosely perched on top of his tousled blonde hair, large sweatpants loose on his hips and just low enough for you to see pale skin and the softly protruding hipbone.


He looks up at you with expectant aqua eyes, faint circles underneath them of someone who hadn’t had a good night’s sleep for a few too many nights but damn did he wear it well with the cheeky grin and soft stubble underneath his chin.

“Could you – well, you see – it’s just a bit – “

And the piece of your mind that you planned on giving him turned out to be nothing but the stutters of a brainless bimbo.

“Is it a bit distracting?”

He nods to his guitar, hands still frozen over the strings – and god, his voice was too deep for you to physically handle at three in morning – there’s a lilt to it, a melody in his words and maybe it’s the sleep deprivation but you swear to god he’s probably five words away from having you on your knees.

You deduce it as fatigue – though you’re certain he’s just as attractive when you’re fully awake after a good night’s sleep, certainly still just as attractive then with his face inches away from yours on the white pillow with that voice saying your name and

It’s too late and your mind is twisting things a little too far.

“You are very much distracting.”

His guitar was distracting you from sleeping but his smirked lip ring smile and long legs in low sweatpants was most definitely distracting you from having coherent thoughts that weren’t R rated.

You swear to god you’re not usually like this; it’s three in the morning and you’re not thinking straight, you’re not thinking right by a long shot.

You shake your head vigorously and clear your throat, crossing your arms across your chest and trying to remember your original intention for storming out in your embarrassing pajamas and messy hair in the first place.

“I’m trying to sleep and I would really appreciate it if you could… not.”

If he could not strum his goddamn guitar in the hotel hallway in the middle of the night and disturb you from your slumber, if he could not look so ruggedly good with his long fingers pulling his beanie over blonde tresses that would surely be a vision that keeps you from sleeping well tonight.

He smiles lopsidedly at you and shifts his legs so they stretch out from their previous crossed position – and oh god, they’re so long that the wide hallway still isn’t enough space for them and you just know he’s someone that would loom over you, broad shoulders and your eyes on his chest when he stands up and you did not need that thought right now.

“I’m sorry – I’ve been trying to write this song, you see, but it’s – it’s stuck, stuck inside of me and I… I can’t get it out.”

He laughs a little to himself, shaking his head slightly before turning back to you again.

“You don’t care about that, sorry. I’ll kindly shut the fuck up now and let you sleep.”

There’s a small, apologetic smile on his mouth and something a little sad his eyes, frustration in the way he rubs his unshaved chin and sighs quietly to himself afterwards.

You take a deep breath and mutter why the fuck not, slinking down on the floor across from him, head propped up on your bent knees with a crooked grin on your face.

“Well, what are you writing about?”

He looks at you with wide eyes of surprise, hands frozen next to his guitar, barely blinking while you waited patiently for his response.

“Wait, what? Didn’t you – but you – I don’t understand.”

The words are – there’s no other way to describe it – adorably confused, falling from his o-shaped mouth.

“God knows I won’t be getting any sleep tonight,” you chuckle lightly. “Might as well make some use of this inevitable all-nighter.”

The shock on his face is starting to melt into a soft grin as he picks up his guitar again, setting it on his lap.

“So? What are you trying to write about?”

He gives you one more long look before smiling at the floor in a way that you can’t seem to decode, looking back at you again, something playful in the waves of his eyes.

“You see, it’s about this girl I met…”


You’re not quite sure how it happened.

You remember chatting with him – Luke, you find out his name afterwards – about this song he was trying to write, the pregnant pauses where he’s trying to find the right words to convey to you how he’s been feeling about it, biting his lips and drumming his long fingers on the wood of the guitar.

You remember the scratches on the hotel notepad perched on his thigh, all the words he deemed ‘not good enough’, scrawled writing cramped into the tiny blank spaces of a final rough draft after hours of debating over what sounded best.

You remember the melody of the guitar and the acoustics bouncing off the thin hallway walls, you remember the bass of his voice as he sang along to the lyrics the two of you created, words low in his throat and rumbling in his chest.

You don’t remember this oversized maroon sweater draped onto your shoulders – most definitely not yours, most definitely his by the size and the faint scent of aftershave that you’ve come to recognize – and you don’t remember falling asleep, let alone falling asleep on his shoulder.

“Morning, sleeping beauty.”

He’s grinning down at you, lips brushing the top of your forehead – and he’s every bit as beautiful in the morning as you imagined the night before.

You yawn, trying to rub the sleep from your eyes and brush the stray hairs from your face – and you feel the light tremors in his shoulder from his quiet chuckles at the sight of you, his long fingers unexpectedly curling your messy hair behind your ears, knuckles faintly skimming your cheek.

You just know he can see the blush on your cheeks and you swear he smiles wider.

“Thanks for helping me finish my song – I couldn’t have done it without you.”

His voice is soft, sweet – almost a little shy, like he’s a stranger meeting you for the first time all over again despite spending the night with you – in a little bit of an unconventional manner, but spending the night all the same.

You think it has to do with the daylight, how it shows everything in a different light without last night’s glaze of laughter and mischievous eyes; something about remembering the brutal honesty and rawness that only the foggy hours of the night can produce.

You blink at him and manage a sleepy smile before reluctantly lifting your head from his shoulder and stretching your cramped limbs.

“And I,” you grin, “couldn’t have slept without you.”

He laughs at your little inside joke and you beam at his smile illuminated by the soft morning rays, bathing him in gold sunlight, drenching him in blue skies, painting him in white clouds.

You slowly get up and you almost instantly miss the heat of his body.

It feels strange to be next to him when you’re different people in the daylight, it feels strange to not be next to him after the night by his side.

There’s some awkward shuffling where you’re both staring at your feet and unsure of what to do, what to say.

“I hope I hear that song on the radio one day.” You say, trying to break the silence with a wavering smile.

“And I hope to see you again one day.”

There’s something heavy in the air, and you both know that the goodbye is inevitable, that it’s coming soon – and neither of you know what to do with it.

“Well… I – I guess I have to go… you know, um – go… get ready… or something.”

It’s painfully awkward but it has to be done; the two of you can spend the night together just talking for hours on end when time seemed to stand still, but the two of you can’t keep standing around in the hallways when the morning sun has come with a reminder that time was ticking by.

“Yeah, you should… you should do that. I – I have to go too.”

Snuck glances and quick turns of head when your eyes meet; he’s biting his lip and you’re rubbing your wrist.

You hold out his maroon sweater to him with a bashful gaze.

“Here, you should, y’know… have it back. Thank you.”

He shakes his head almost vehemently, gripping his guitar with white knuckles while staring at the pattern of the rug hotel floor.

“You can keep it.”

“I can’t – it’s yours, I – “

“You gave me a song. It’s the least I can do.”

His eyes finally meet yours with a shy gaze and you smile at him, holding the sweater close to your body and feeling the aftertaste of his touch on it.

“Thank you, Luke.”

“Thank you.”

You stand there for a moment more, and you’re about to leave before it tips into awkwardness – but not before taking a quick step towards him and tip-toeing up to his height, placing a swift kiss on his cheek.

He’s as red as you are when you pull away again.

You start to walk back to your hotel room before you have to explain – I just wanted to – his gaze never leaving yours.

“I’ll see you again?”

He calls out from across the hall just before you walk through the doors of your room, his voice hopeful.

You smile at him, hair in tangles and clothes rumpled, smelling of him with circles underneath your eyes that match his.

“Goodbye, Luke.”

You close the door with a click and he’s left standing alone in the hallway, guitar in one hand and notepad of messy lyrics in the other.

But he smiles, he smiles because he knows – he just knows

You might’ve said goodbye, but all he hears is soon.


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Bad Habits Die Hard (G-Dragon Scenario)

Archived | Posted June 16, 2015

Requested by anonymous

Sometimes I’m quick! ;) Finishing this in about 12 hours (with sleep included in those hours) is pretty good, right? Hope you like it ^^

Summary: You hate the fact that he smokes and try to help him quit, something that seems to be going well. However…

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Didn’t watch your ex’s set. I just left and thought about you; like when your teeth graze those lips, when you begin to smile. Later, you took my hand. You lead us to the doorway, but you let go of me once you saw all your friends. And I’ve known you forever. At least that’s what I tell Jake, when I’m too drunk to walk home, when your brother is away. You suggested I write a song about the first time we met, but I can’t seem to remember where or when. Couldn’t watch your ex’s set. Instead I wrote this song about you. Thought, “would you show your kids, if you found the time was right?” You’d tell them where and when. You never thought I’d leave the east coast. We were young and full of sin. And I too dumb to understand. Yet I’ve loved you forever. At least that’s what I tell Holt, when I’m too drunk to lie, too drugged to be alone. You suggested I write a song about the first time we met, well I don’t wanna remember there or then. So, is this the hook you wanted? Is it stuck inside your head? Can you sing it with your friends, or alone? So, am I what you needed? Say you love me to my face, grin and gossip, walk away and then go… “So is this the hook you wanted? To sing about me to my friends? Well you’re just stuck inside your head, all alone. You were all I needed. Said I loved you to your face, but you just laughed and walked away.”

Behind The Scenes 2 (7/16)

Author’s note: I’m sorry, but this part is super short in comparison to the rest of the parts. I didn’t want to give away too much too soon. Sorry for any errors.

Genre: Drama? (idk)

Word count:1056

Summary: Your first time in the studio with the guys.

Other parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series.

The boys were in the studio recording again for some reason. You and the manager sat outside in the hall as usual; you read a book while he was on his phone.

“Can I ask you something?” for some reason you felt the need to whisper.

“What do you need now?” he asked, keeping his eyes on his phone. By his tone, it was easy to tell he was annoyed. You didn’t blame him. With the tour coming up, he had practically everything on his shoulders.

“Um, if the guys already recorded the album, why are the in the studio again? Shouldn’t they be practicing?”

“Namjoon gave me the tracklist for the concert. The guys wanted to do mashups for some of the songs so they have to figure out how they are going to put them together.” He said, his eyes still glued to his phone.


For the next 20 minutes or so, you focused on the book in your hands. The silence was disrupted when the studio door opened. V stuck his head out and gave the two of you his boxy smile.  “Can you guys come in for a second?” he asked.

You both got up and went inside.

“Make sure to stay quiet.” V whispered.

It was the first time you got to be in the studio. You were surprised by how the room looked. The room was rather small and dimly lit. There was barely enough space for the 9 of you to fit. The soundboard, the small couch and the 2 computer chairs took up most of the space.

Rap monster turned to the manger. “Security called. A there is a new load waiting in the office, go deliver it.”

“What do I do about her?” the manager asked pointing at you.

Rap monster glanced over at you, then back at the manager “Keep her here.”

The manager quickly left without any further instructions.

It was weird being in the studio. Rap monster had never allowed you inside before; he didn’t want to risk you distracting them. You didn’t know how to situate yourself. You didn’t know whether to sit with the others on the already full occupied couch or to just sit on the floor in the corner of the room.

Jimin and Jungkook walked out of the sound booth when they saw the manager walk out.

“What the fuck is she doing here?” Jimin asked angrily.

“The manager need to do the deliveries… Why don’t you go help him Jimin?” Rap monster asked.

Jimin looked about frantically. “…I still have recording to do.” He said nervously.

“You can take a break. I’ll allow it.” Rap monster said

“I’ll do it!” V shouted. He jumped doff the couch’s armrest and bolted out of the room before Rap monster could say no.

“Back in the booth.” Rap monster ordered.

As Jimin and Jungkook went inside, Jhope stood up from his seat on the couch and told you to sit down. He took V’s previous seat of the arm of the couch.

Suga turned on the music from the soundboard. Immediately you recognized it. It was the song ‘Coffee’. Jungkook and Jimin did their parts and soon the song shifted to ‘One More Day’. You noticed that Jungkook and Jimin’s parts were a bit different from what they originally were, however, Suga organized it so beautifully you didn’t care about the differences.

They were still in the middle of singing when a phone went off. You couldn’t tell where it was coming from. But everyone immediately looked upset as they all glared into the sound booth.

Rap Monster threw his drink against the wall. “Dammit Jungkook.”

“That’s the tenth time today!” Jin said annoyed.

Suga hid his face in his hands and even Jimin had a look of disapproval.

“I can’t help it! The bitch won’t leave me alone!” Jungkook said.

“You motherfucker! You could put the volume down! You could have left your phone out here! You could turn the damn thing off!” Suga shouted.

Jungkook ended the call, but the phone started ringing again.

“Just answer the fucking phone!” Suga shouted again.

Jungkook grabbed his phone and answered it. “What the fuck do you want?… Nah, I still don’t remember you… So… She’s not going to find out… I ain’t giving you shit… Fine… When and where? …Fine, but you better keep that shit under wraps!”

“I told you this was going to happen!” Jin said in a lecturing tone.

“She wants money.” Jungkook said stepping out of the phone booth.

“How many other girls have tried to get something out of you?” Rap monster asked

“Three other bitches.”

“Do you know who they are?”

“I don’t remember, let me check.” He pulled out his phone again and looked through it.

“Um I only have the first names saved… but there are also pictures.”


“Yes, pictures. Nude pictures, you know, as like keep sakes.” He grinned. “Well, at least for two of the girls I’m using the pictures as blackmail. The funny thing is, it’s probably not even of them. The other chick doesn’t care, and for this last one I don’t have any.”

“Okay, so for the other chick and this chick, give me their names.” Rap monster said as he pulled out his phone. “Write the names down right now. And write down where that one chick wants to meet.”

“Ok…” Jungkook did what he was told. And then handed the paper to Rap monster.

“Why do you want the names.”

“Because once again I’m going to cover your ass.”

“My ‘ass’ wouldn’t be in this situation if you hadn’t made me and y/n a couple!”

“You wouldn’t have to be a public thing if you fucking killed her in the first place!” Rap monster retorted.

The room fell into an awkward silence. You kept your head down and you could feel all eyes on you.

Rap monster took the paper from Jungkook’s hand and made a call. “Hey. I have a list for you. Come by the dorm tonight and take care of it.” Then he hung up the phone.

You held onto Jhope’s arm. “What’s he going to do?” you whispered.

Jhope didn’t say anything. He didn’t need to though. From the look in his face you knew what Rap monster had planned.

All I Want... (Bucky x Reader)

He waited.



He stared at his door for many moments more, not moving a muscle as he waited to hear you knock at his door once again. He just wanted to see your face one more time, then he could move on.

Or so he hoped.

The Winter Soldier was not Bucky. Sure, they were in the same body, but that wasn’t the same person. You understood that, of course, and you had stayed by his side regardless for a year and a half.

But when Winter Soldier came out and you had been shoved back against the wall, hitting your head hard enough to give you a concussion, you had walked out. You had no excuses to give everyone. You just didn’t want to be scared anymore. You had stayed with him for a week after the accident, but every time he moved in your peripheral vision, you flinched. You winced sometimes at the feeling of his cold metal hand, remembering how it so brutally shoved you down until your eyesight had gone blurry…

And you couldn’t stand to see the hurt and guilt in his eyes any longer, so you left. Walked out with a final goodbye.

Bucky had thought that if he could die, this is what it would feel like. The pain in his chest never ended, and he even cried in bed that night. It had been so long since he’d slept by himself, and now he was alone again. He didn’t know how to be alone anymore.

Nightmares plagued him that night, and every night after, to the point where he gave up trying to sleep at all.

You really had brought out the best in him, a part of him that he hadn’t seen since before the war. He smiled more, even laughed and lost himself in happiness. Holding you, he could sleep without the worry of nightmares. Looking at you, all of his pain slipped away.

Seeing the fear in your eyes after he had hurt you had broken him.

Your gentle touches and soft words made him feel like he could move on from the Winter Soldier, that he could be a good person and fall in love and have a future with you.

He stared at his door and remembered how you’d sing in the shower, belting out tunes to whatever song was stuck in your head that day. He thought about how you grabbed his hands and tugged him into a slow dance one night after a lazy day inside, rain gently hitting the windows in a soft lullaby. He remembered staring at you for hours after you’d fallen asleep, simply admiring how lucky he’d gotten when he met you and got the chance to fall in love with you. He remembered how bright your eyes shone when you told him a stupid joke you’d heard that day, and how he’d laugh no matter how funny the joke was, because it made you smile so proudly to know that you made him laugh. He knew how you took your coffee, your flaws, and exactly what would make you let out a giggle - his favorite sound in the world.

He stared at his door for minutes, hours, days until -

The quietest of knocks sounded.


10 Reasons You Should Watch Inside Out

1. Amy Poehler

2. Mindy Kaling

3. The part of the end credits where you see inside the cat’s head.

4. Fear predicting all the bad things that would happen in the dream before they happen, being bored with 90% of them.

5. They came up with an explanation of why songs get stuck in your head.

6. Bing Bong will make you cry

7. Okay representation of anxiety and depression, even when sadness was gone. When fear, disgust, and anger are all that’s inside, you’re angry at everyone you love, uninterested by your old hobbies, and afraid of your future.

8. Embraces the idea that sadness is not a weakness and is sometimes even necessary in order to build certain aspects of our character.

9. Acknowledges that memories can be layered with emotion. For example, nostalgia can be both sad and happy. Just because a happy memory makes you sad, it doesn’t make the memory is a bad one.

10. Fully encourages viewers that starting from scratch is totally fine, and sometimes necessary, because your old life has (in this case literally) fallen apart. Riley’s new personality islands are bigger and better than her original ones and represent her new life.

How to know you are in love with them:

1. They become less of a body and more of a song that you get stuck in your head because you don’t want to stop listening and it moves you from the inside this music and even if it’s out of tune you don’t realise because it’s the most goddamn beautiful thing you’ve ever heard

2. When you talk about them and you always talk about them you say their laugh is the colour of that sunrise you could never transpose into photographs you don’t know many good jokes but you wish you were more funny and the sunrise sky always looked like the art of God

3. You don’t get hungry no more like your body finds something so satisfying in their nearness you could eat pieces of falling asleep in their arms and be full in some place that was always an echo and you know them to be the hunger that replaced all hunger now your belly only aches for the way they feel in your mouth

4. You breathe them in like they are the only thing your lungs can use and nothing nothing in the world smells as good you don’t want to wash your sheets so even when they are away you can sleep wrapt up in what remains they are like your opium and your most exquisite high you place your face in their neck and breathe and you see all fields of dark flowers bloom in unison from their hair

5. When you are in love you would let them tear you apart you would let them take pieces of your heart out and leave you searching for your own pulse you would let them make you a residual ghost reeling through that old song you knew reeling through all the memories in turn so they don’t die too because when their heart is your heart you let it leave if it wants to leave and love is free you never could keep that sunrise in a photograph and the sky always had to change into day and that is the way of love too that is how you know the love was true you let it be what it needs to be despite yourself you let it go with pieces of your heart they couldn’t be broken apart clean anyway you let it leave you breathless just so everything that was ever beautiful about them don’t die in your mouth


anonymous asked:

Prompt: sherlock play I'm Yours from The Script with his violin then propose his pathologist, <3

Thank you for the prompt, Nonny. But most of all, thank you for introducing me to this wonderful song. I can’t stop listening to it! Anyway, I hope you like this prompt fill although it’s quite short! enjoy xx

It was stuck inside his head. He wasn’t really surprised, though. Not when she has been singing and playing that song on repeat for the last couple of weeks. She would hum it whenever she was cooking or when she’s running her fingers through his hair when he was thinking (yes, her humming was as soothing as her hands through his hair). Now, weeks later, he’s found himself playing the song on the violin. It wasn’t that hard to work out the notes, not when you’ve been listening to the song almost non-stop. When he started playing, Molly had looked at him, smiling at him from the couch with a book on her hand. Sherlock smiled back as he continued playing the song.

And somehow growing old feels fine.

That line. That damned line. It always seem to worm it’s way inside his head. Bugging him, trying to tell him something. Most of the time he’d just shrug it off but for some reason he couldn’t do it this time. He continued playing, remembering all the times Molly had sung the song. Molly closed the book she was reading and closed her eyes, laying on the couch she listened to Sherlock play. For some reason, it made her heart beat faster. There was something about him playing her favourite song that sent butterflies to flutter in her stomach. Despite being together for almost a year, she was still not used to feeling that. As the song ends, her eyes remained closed, wanting to stay in the moment.

“Marry me.” He said making her eyes shot open. Suddenly he was beside her, crouching (not kneeling) right next to her, looking at her intently. “I know. I don’t have a ring. I didn’t really plan this through but I love you, Molly Hooper. And not until now did I see the appeal of marriage. And I realize now that though I may be ready, you might not be. Still, I’ll wait. I want to marry you, Molly, and I will wait however long it takes.”

“Sherlock,” she sat up looking at him. She held his hands, smiling at his obvious nervousness. “Yes. Of course, I’ll marry you.” She continued, wrapping her hands around her neck she kissed him with full passion.

“I’ll buy you a ring, I promise.” He chuckled. “I need everyone to know that you’ve accepted me.” She smiled.

“I just—“ Molly said “—I just have one question.” Sherlock nodded.

“Why?” She asked.

“What do you mean?” He asked. Sherlock thought that his explanation a little while ago was enough.

“Why now? I mean.”

“Oh.” Sherlock said looking deeply at her eyes. “I was playing and seeing you on that couch. I just—I realized that if I could, I wanted to play for you everyday and that I wanted this to be permanent and I wanted to be more sure than I am now and the only way I can be sure is if you agreed to be my wife.”

“I’m yours, Sherlock Holmes.” She replied kissing him once more.

“And I’m yours, Molly Hooper.”