when a man looks a t a woman like that

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This isn't a request I just wanted to share that earlier today I was re-watching Mulan and I thinking about how all the war lords would react if MC pretended to be a man. Like what do you think they would do when they find out she's a woman? I bet Mitsuhide would just laugh at everyones' else's surprised reaction bc he figured it out just by looking at you lol

Yes. Yes. This. THIS.

I honestly don’t think a lot of them would be fooled, to be honest! Here’s how I reckon it would go! I know it’s not a request, but I want to write their reactions because this is hilarious:

  • Hideyoshi:
    • Doesn’t realise you’re a woman until it’s made painfully obvious, like the whole she’s-got-boobs-holy-shit moment, and then he basically just frazzles out and dies.
    • Questions his ability as a warlord.
    • Cries just a bit.
    • And also secretly admires you because holy shit you can fight well despite being a girl~
  • Ieyasu:
    • Thinks something’s suspicious but then brushes it off bc hey people have called him feminine before, much to his sorrow.
    • But then when you blush at comments they make and things they talk about he’s just like -.- “This is just getting weirder and weirder…”
    • And then he finds out and at first he sort of blanks for a minute, trying to wrap his head around it.
    • But then he’s fine, doesn’t care much and just mutters, “I knew you were a weirdo from the start. You’re not completely useless, though, so well done.”
  • Masamune:
    • He’s such a womaniser that he knows a female from a mile away~
    • And he hints at it all the time and just goes into hysterics when you try even harder to look manly.
    • But then when it’s found out by everyone he just leans down to whisper, “Hey, now I can flirt with you and no one will bat an eyelid. Nice to meet you, kitten.”
  • Mitsuhide:
    • He knows. The second he sees you, he’s just like, “Pffft. It’s a valiant attempt, but no one’s going to believe i-”
    • *Looks at the vassals + warlords for the most part fooled by you.
    • “… I’m surrounded by idiots.”
    • So he just goes over to you, taking your hand and obscuring what he’s doing from everyone else, then kissing it before whispering, “A pleasure to meet you, My Lady.”
  • Mitsunari:
    • You could tell him you’re the reincarnation of the tree branch you stepped on earlier and he’d believe you.
    • He doesn’t realise at all, even though at times he’s like, “He has very smooth skin and feminine features… hm… perhaps he’s just very like Lord Ieyasu!”
    • But then it comes out and he’s just like… “Eh?”
    • Spends the next week following you around so he can watch you and confirm that you’re actually a girl.
    • But then he loves you anyway because you’re so capable and cute and aw~
  • Nobunaga:
    • He calls bullshit as soon as he sees you.
    • He’d literally notice it straight away; he’d see the features and body stature and just feel that you’re a woman.
    • “You. Take off the disguise, now. I know you’re a woman, and suggest you make up a very good reason for lying to me before I decide to kill you for it.”
    • Shit.

Uesugi-Takeda Forces

  • Kenshin
    • He’s like Nobunaga; especially with his… disliking, shall we say, of women, he knows instantly.
    • If you were scared with Nobunaga, you should be terrified of Kenshin.
    • He literally just grabs you and tugs your hair out of its band if it’s been held up, then holds you by your chin and pretty much just turns into a snake, hissing, “What a pathetic attempt at a disguise. Did you really think you could fool me, woman?”
    • You’re in his bad books from then on.
    • Be afraid.
  • Sasuke
    • You only said warlords, so he’s not really included~ he’d know anyway.
    • He’d probably help you out with making your disguise.
    • Probably would offer you his clothes but then would realise that they’re too big.
    • He’ll find you some materials so you can make your own ^^;;
  • Shingen:
    • HE SEES IT. 
    • But he just pulls you to the side and peers at you for a moment with a smirk, confirming his suspicions. Then, he just leans down, pecking your cheek so fast before winking and sauntering off, cooing,
    • “Cute. See you soon, little lady, and hopefully when you’re not dressed as a man, so I can make a move on you in your natural, beautiful form.”
    • ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
  • Yukimura
    • He never realised but he always felt nervous talking to you.
    • Take what you will from that.
    • He can’t look you in the eye for a long time, not because you’re a girl now but because he just turns into a blushing mess every time he sees you.

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  • Kennyo
    • “… do these fools really believe that’s a man?”
    • He sees through it and it just annoys him, so he’s Nobunaga and Shingen and just drags you to the side, snapping,
    • “Whatever game you’re playing, it’s coming to an end. You might be capable, but do so as the sex you are. Nothing good will come of hiding, Miss.”
    • He actually cares though; he’s worried someone will find out and then deliberately take advantage of you as a result.
    • So he’d be looking out for you regardless of whether you kept it up or stopped and it’s so cute~


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Angsty OTP Prompts:
  • "Sorry I ruined your life. Maybe you shouldn't have married me."
  • "If I would've known he was going to die, you think I would've done it?"
  • "It's nothing against you...I just have to leave."
  • "I know you love me, but I'm sick of lying when I say it back."
  • "That's the problem. I love you so much, I'd be willing to die for you."
  • "I'm sorry I made you into who you are today."
  • "People change, and people grow. And I think we just grew apart."
  • "When I look at you, I see my world and that scares the sh*t out of me."
  • "I don't think I can spend another night in the same bed as the man/woman who ruined my life"
  • "I always told her to quit second guessing herself...and she never listened"
  • "I'd rather die than live in a world like this."
  • "Tell me what they did to you, please."
  • "Sorry just isn't going to work this time."
  • "Her parents always hated me, I guess they were right."
  • "The one you love most isn't always the one you spend your life with...and that sucks."
  • "I'll go home, but it's not home unless you're there..."

i saw wonder woman and i’m going to talk about nothing else for the next three months


  • steve explains that a couple is holding hands bc they’re “together” and diana tries to hold his hand 
  • diana’s delighted exclamation when she sees a baby
  • upon tasting ice cream: “it’s wonderful. you should be very proud”
  • the amazons have twelve volumes on sex and concluded that men are unnecessary for pleasure
  • diana not understanding why steve is making a Thing of not sleeping next to her and steve explains you’re supposed to be married to sleep together
  • every second of etta candy and her fisticuffs
  • diana to charlie: “but who would sing for us?”
  • “you mean you were lying?”
  • “do i not look like a man”
  • diana’s scream when she realizes what steve did
  • S T E V E
  • A N T I O P E
  • little diana!! so cute
  • diana isn’t sexualized at all, not even by steve. not of that Male Lead Makes Subtle Creepy Comments Or Pretends Not To Look While She Changes
  • steve and his squad
  • “what’s a secretary?”
  • “really you put glasses on her as if she’s still not the most beautiful woman in the world”
  • diana not understanding why everyone thinks her outfit is inappropriate
  • diana busting into a private war meeting and demanding answers and truth
  • remus lupin
  • tbh the only really cheesy part was ares’ fight scene BUT it wasn’t terrible
  • diana is the embodiment of kindness and love while being brave and badass and a fighter
  • she literally tries to save everyone she walks by
  • “i’ll save today, you save the world”
  • steve explaining that the rest of the world is not as inherently good as diana and the amazons
  • steve is delighted at the lighted water

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Modern Losers Club headcanons?

did you say give my kids technology??? OKAY

  • The amount of poetry slams Ben performs at is ungodly, but Bev always gives him a kiss before each show and the losers club comes to each one without fail (Richie’s snapping is shockingly enthusiastic when you take into consideration that he can’t actually snap his fingers)
  • Stan vlogs and his youtube channel has exactly seven subscribers (the other losers and one man – bot – who swears he’s an African prince and Stan is the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen) the editing is incredible but the content is mostly just Richie doing horribly embarrassing things and cringy flirting with Eddie and Stan looking into the camera like he’s in the office
  • Bev and Mike are Fitness Buddies. They have fitblrs and share recipes (listen, vegan mike, just – listen to me. this is canon okay? just lis-) and love to go on hikes together
  • Bev beats Mike in pushup contests every time the girl is strong as a fukin tank holy shit (one time Georgie sat on her back as a way of challenging her and maybe helping Mike win but nope, she was still going and with a smile because Georgie loved it)
  • Eddie is a wreck, the internet Does Not help him, his chrome homepage is set to webMD like. boi
  • Um!!! Modern!reddie did you mean the cutest boys in the world, they (meaning Eddie and by association Richie because theyre always together)  run their school’s GSA and honestly it’s the best community Eddie’s ever been a part of because??? They encourage him to let himself embrace his feminine side and Richie get’s a fucking nosebleed when Eddie shows up to his house blushing in a fluffy pink sweater and little frills from his socks peaking over his sneakers, asking if Richie thinks he looks okay (he obviously can’t wear the sweater every day but the socks become a daily thing – Richie showers Eddie in different colours and styles)
  • Georgie (he’s part of the losers club because he never dies what are you talking about) learns how to make paper boats on his own thanks to youtube (it breaks Bill’s heart that his little brother doesn’t need his boat making skills anymore) and then that sheep love the taste of paper boats from Mike
  • He catches Richie giving a sheep a piece of unfolded paper and gasps before ripping it out of his hand and plopping down cross legged right there in the barn because “They like them better as boats. You can’t just give him paper! That’d be like if Billy didn’t make the pancakes look like Mickey Mouse!” he is dead serious and entirely offended
  • Georgie scowls very hard and Richie is coerced into paper boat making lessons (Stan get’s the whole thing on tape, talk about Good Vlog Content)
  • RICHIE AND BEV ARE IN A BAND!!!!!!!! They post videos to instagram and it’s all very artsy and #punkrock and they do small gigs in town but mostly just do it for the fun
  • They do mostly covers but Bev wrote a soft piano song to play while Richie sings and it beautiful omfg
  • My man Big Bill rocks the hoverboards he’s so good at it – Richie always wants to use it and he also always falls, when he’s face down on the ground Bill will just step on and ride away #disappointed
  • Bill loves Siri because it can’t understand a damn thing he says, the losers will sit around an iphone for hours and have Bill ask it questions just to see what words it makes out of his stutter – it gets funnier the longer they go because Bill’s stutter gets worse as he gets further into his laughing fits
The Cuter Stark

(A/N): This is in female pronouns :P

Pairings: Tony x Sister!Reader

Request: Can I request one where Tony Stark’s baby sister is in town but the team doesn’t know what she looks like. So when Tony is seen around the city with a hot younger woman everyone worries about Pepper thinking he’s cheating. Pepper laughs about it when everyone tells her so she clears up the rumors and gets Tony to finally introduce the cuter Stark.

Warnings: None

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You were the little sister of the famous Tony Stark. You were all Tony had left that he could call family and he wished you would stay at the Avenger compound but you argued, saying you could take care of yourself. You didn’t get to see each other too often because of both of your jobs but any spare moment you had, you’d share with one another. 

The Avengers had heard your name mentioned every once in a while, but no one had ever seen you in person not even a picture. They always teased Tony that he was making it all up since he never brought you around and there was no evidence of your existence but he always brushed it off with a comment that you were busy changing the world or something cheesy like that. 

“So, Tony, how’s your ‘sister’ doing?” Clint teases, putting sister in finger quotations for what seems like the hundredth time as the team lounges around the common area and Tony gives a small groan before rolling his eyes. 

“She’s doing fine.  Tony throws back in annoyance as he downs the rest of his drink.

“We still have yet to meet the mysterious baby Stark. When are you bringing her around?” Natasha pokes further, an amused smirk across her face and now the entire team is chuckling and Tony sends a glare. 

“At this point, none of you are going to meet (Y/N).” Tony growls.

“Don’t stress too much, it would be no surprise to us, Stark.” Sam jokes out and Tony shakes his head when his phone buzzes in his pocket. He pulls it out, reading your name across the screen and his face instantly lights up reading that you were in town for the next week. 

He replies, saying he’d meet you at your favorite café before looking up at his curious teammates. “If you’d excuse me, I have some things to attend to.” Tony smirks out as he stands from his spot on the couch before disappearing down the hallway. 

The team didn’t know where Tony bounced off to after that conversation but since then he seemed to be a bit happier and less sarcastic. They brushed it off at first but as the week continued, the happiness didn’t relent and the team began to become curious on what was making the playboy have a change in attitude. They begin to notice Tony leaving early from his lab instead of staying cooped up in there all day and that’s when they decided to follow him to see what he was up to. 

The majority of the team followed Tony discretely around the city and finds him hanging out with a beautiful, younger female. They spot him eating lunch and dinner with the mystery woman everyday while also shopping around. Tony effortlessly laughs throughout the conversation, obviously enjoying himself while the mystery woman looks the same way. 

The team doesn’t know what to think about the mystery woman but immediately jump to conclusions. Tony had been with Pepper for almost 2 years and their first thought was he was cheating on her. They were going to keep it a secret from Pepper but decided on being honest, telling her the trust about the billionaire’s actions. 

So, they call Pepper to the Avenger’s compound as they wait anxiously for the redhead. They sit in silence before the sound of heels echoes through the air and they look up as Pepper’s form comes into view.

She gives a friendly smile as she holds her usual planner, her Bluetooth in her ear. “I got your call, what can I do for you all?”

The team exchange nervous looks before Steve awkwardly clears his throat causing Pepper’s face to scrunch up in confusion. “We have something to tell you. It’s about Tony.”

Pepper immediately groans, instinctively bringing her hands up to rub her temple. “What did he do now? I’m still cleaning up from that lab incident last week.”

“We-um… we think he’s cheating on you.” Steve pushes past his lips and Pepper’s face drops as she tilts her head to the side.

“Are you sure?” Pepper questions, friendly smile completely gone as she stares at Steve’s apologetic face. 

Natasha pulls out her phone, scrolling through a couple of photos before settling on one and handing it to Pepper. “We noticed him acting different around the compound, leaving early to visit this woman and he’s been spending a lot of time with her for the past week. This is the woman.”

Pepper grabs the phone from Natasha’s hands, locking eyes on the photo before her face softens resulting an amused smile. A small chuckle leaves her lips, leaving the team confused on why Tony cheating was funny. Pepper shakes her head a moment before looking back up at the superhero group.

“I’m very glad you guys are looking after me and trying to keep Tony in check but there is nothing to worry about.” Pepper states, handing the phone back to Natasha. The team speechlessly stares at Pepper, multiple questions popping into their head but before any of them can ask, the elevator dings. 

They all turn their heads as Tony and you walk out, smiles across your faces but they immediately fade when everyone’s eyes are on you. Pepper crosses her arms with an amused smirk as she raises an eyebrow at Tony. “Tony, you really should have introduced (Y/N) when she first got here. Steve and them thought you were cheating on me with (Y/N).”

Tony’s eyebrows crunch together, averting his eyes to his team’s dumbstruck faces before a giddy smile grows on his face as he turns towards you, placing an arm around your shoulder. “Avengers, this is my little sister, (Y/N). She’s a surgeon, forensic pathologist and 10 times smarter than all of you combined.”

There is a small silence with everyone staring at you when Sam breaks it. “You’re Tony’s sister?” Sam questions incredulously mouth slightly agape and you smile, tilting your head to the side. 

“I am.” You return and Sam closes his mouth, sending a look towards Bucky. 

“Damn, Stark, you didn’t mention your sister was cuter than you.” Clint jokes causing the team to snap out of their staring as they begin to laugh over the matter. 

Tony glares at Clint before pointing an defensive finger at him. “Don’t hit on my sister and she is not cuter than me.”

“I’ve always been cuter than you, Tony. Always have and always will be.” You declare with a wide smile as you poke Tony’s side and he gives a small grunt as he pushes your persistent fingers away.  

“Wanna bet, little one?” Tony questions before Bucky’s voice pipes up. 

“Sorry, Stark, I think (Y/N) has this one.” Bucky laughs out as the other nod in agreement causing you to chuckle as you watch Tony folds his arms across his chest, glaring at you. 

“I’m placing you up for adoption.”

“We’ll take her!” Natasha announces happily and Tony groans before throwing his hands up in exasperation as he begins to walk out of the room. 

“I’ve been replaced by my sister.”

“Love you, Tony!”

richie x eddie

honestly this turned out a lot sadder then i thought it would, sorry about that ya’ll. i did really love this concept though, it really got me thinking..
thank you to @doodalia for the idea ❤️

“Do you have any idea where Richie Tozier may be?”

Eddie wasn’t listening. The police lady’s voice warped in and out of his ears, the final product sounding like radio static when it reached his brain. His mind was blank, and although he was looking straight at the man and woman dressed in blue before him, he felt like he’d also gone blind. 

Eddie could still hear the loud knock on the door vibrating through his head, his mind swimming with the image of a tall male police officer handing his mother a small sheet of paper through the open front door. His eyes couldn’t look away as the black and white picture of a brown haired boys stared back up at him, his smile grimacing through the ink he’d been printed with. His glasses sat on the bridge of his nose, and the large coke bottle lenses were definitely competing for size against the black font screaming from the top of the page; MISSING

His mind had stopped working completely after he’d watched the police officer utter the words; “Richie Tozier has been reported missing. We are under the assumption that your son was a friend of his, and we’d like to ask him a few questions?” 

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The Price of Coming Out

The book The Price of Salt was first recommended to me as an infatuated 18-year-old girl in high school. Stubbornly in denial, I ignored the recommendation. It wasn’t until 10 years later, when its movie Carol came out, that the story pulled me in so deeply I still find it hard to let go of its words. 

For me, falling in love with a woman for the first time was so much more intense than falling for a man. There was no precedent. To paraphrase Carol, she was flung out of space. I’d never read about that kind of love in books or saw women like her in movies. So when it happened to me, when she happened to me, I looked into the world for understanding in art and there was just static noise. I had nothing but the all-consuming weight of everything she made me feel. There was no outlet, and it began to feel like a burden.

When I finally saw Carol, it was the first piece that told parts of me and other women I know so well that it was, at times, utterly overwhelming. It’s a rare and beautiful thing when a single creation changes how you view yourself and your own work. Seeing it for the first time was nothing short of the extraordinary moment when art eviscerated the world around me, silencing me while making me feel all of it.  

Because I still remember the moment I saw her signature on that sheet, unable to understand why her name drew me closer. I remember my friends calling me to catch up. I knew I wanted to talk about her but didn’t know why I felt I couldn’t. I remember how the autumn air shifted when I saw her again, unable to look away from a glance that had stopped me. I didn’t know what it was then, I just knew it was changing me, right there in front of the world and no one seemed to notice.

Carol was the first time I saw my experience so authentically and elegantly portrayed on screen, reminding me what it was like the first time I felt all of it… leaving me thinking I’ve been there, I’ve felt those things, I’ve said those words and had those arguments.

But that’s what great storytelling does. It puts you in the middle of its world and makes you feel like it’s all happening to you for the first time - or happening for the first time all over again.

You’re suddenly arguing again about what you feel, even though you don’t even know yourself what those feelings mean. But you defend and you deny that you don’t feel that way, that you’re not that girl, because it’s the only way you keep any sense of normalcy in a room full of the electric chaos she brings. So you swear you’re not in love because love would mean your world will irrevocably change.

And then it does.

You wake up wrapped in sheets that aren’t yours, and there’s a beautiful woman across the room smiling at you. And it’s the way she puts on her heels and does her hair, the way she kisses you and creates that burst of everything through your lips that makes you realize your life will never be the same.

When a thousand indecipherable moments culminate into one, it feels more than an epiphany - it feels transformative and transcendent.  I will never know how to translate that into my work, I just know when I find it in others. 

And I found that in this story. I felt it when she was first accused and exposed of what she felt, stripping her identity with just a few words. 

I remember the denial – my own and theirs - the attempt to rationalize that impenetrable, intangible force that made a mess of our world. 

I can tell you what it felt like when my family first asked me about it. I can tell you how their voices changed to whispers in the next room and I can describe the downward curves of their pursed lips. I can tell you about the silence that came after I told a friend. I remember the first time I cried when it was too much to take in and comprehend.  

I can’t describe how I became dismantled by the presence of another. 

But I do know that those moments still come now, ten years later, whether they’re fleeting or immortal. Whether it’s a woman or a man. Some will be lovers, some will be friends, some will be passing strangers, perpetually reminding me that no matter how much I fight and deny, we’ll never have control over what we feel.

That’s what this book and this movie did, they made all of those silent looks and loud moments infinite again.

But it all worked because Patricia Highsmith wrote an incredible book. Because the talented Rooney Mara & Cate Blanchett had chemistry. Because Todd Haynes directed art onto film. Part of me is glad I never read this book as an 18-year-old.  It wouldn’t have hit me the way it did as an adult. I would have denied parts of it back then just like I denied parts of myself.

And that’s why we need more stories like these. Because the girl I was then took over ten years to become comfortable saying it out loud. It took over ten years for me to start putting pieces of the girl I was and the woman she was into my own work.

The more we talk about it, the more we normalize it, the easier it will be for LGBTQ experiencing it all for the first time. 

It’s almost National Coming Out Day. I urge you all to embrace it. If you can’t yet, embrace a book or a movie or piece of art that helps. If you haven’t found one yet, I urge you to create it. 

Be Brave x

Ok but how about some Angsty Kuron/Pidge???

He knows.

He knows how much the person he’s SUPPOSED to be, the person he is to Voltron, loves her. Loves that cunning little firecracker of a woman. He knows. He understands.

Because so does he.

But when she looks at him with those gilded gold eyes, how can he not want to break down then and there? How can he not want to grab her, shake her and tell her to look at HIM. Not who she thinks he is. Because every soft look, every smile she gives him…they aren’t his.

They’re Shiro’s.

The man he looks like, sounds like, walks like, breathes like. The man everyone looks up to. The man Pidge loves. The man whose lucky enough to be the recipient of such precious affection.

And he can never be him.

No matter how much he wants to be.

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"S/he said no? I’m so sorry…" :)

“He said no?” Bucky couldn’t help the slightly incredulous tone that crept into his voice at the news, though he regretted it instantly when he saw the way Steve’s face twisted. “I’m so sorry, man, that’s-” He stared at Sam helplessly over Steve’s shoulder. “That sucks.”

“Eloquent as always,” Natasha said dryly.

Bucky narrowed his eyes at her. “Did he gave you a reason?”

Steve shook his head and slumped back against the couch cushions. “No. He just said it wasn’t a good time for us. That he had a lot going on and he didn’t- he didn’t have time for that right now.” Steve’s voice hitched a little and he looked so miserable that Bucky’s immediate response was to go out and beat someone or thing senseless in retribution.

Unfortunately, even if he didn’t mostly like Stark, Bucky knew offering to beat the love of Steve’s life into a bloody pulp was probably the wrong move. He opened his mouth and it came out anyway. “Want me to go beat some sense into him for you?”

“Bucky, no.” Steve looked even more upset, if that was even possible. “No, I don’t want you to say anything. This isn’t anyone’s fault. If he’s not ready, he’s not ready. I just-” He looked away, big shoulders heaving in a heavy sigh. “I thought we were there.”

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She has her faults of course but they only prove to make her perfect. Because when I’m with her I forget my own. I love her. I love. She makes me… human? No, I can’t be that. But she does make me… a man. I’m a man who can fly but it’s this woman who sweeps me off my feet. I’m home. In the only arms strong enough to hold me. Her breath smells like a prayer on my lips. Her taste? Peaches? Consumes me. And she looks like…god. How she looks. I’m in paradise…faults and all.” –  For Tomorrow.

The Princess and The Pauper

Summary: You’re a princess who travels into the city, you ee your people struggling and you also meet Harry, a tailor who you feel a strong connection with.

Warnings: None(?)

Requested: Yes!

You pull the hood of your cloak further over your head when notice one of the cart owners staring a little too hard at your face. 

“What’s a rich woman like you doing out here?” A man sneers as he walks past looking you up and down. “Why you slummin’ it down here in your fancy dress?” 

You look up at his face, he has shocking blue eyes which are only made more prominent because of the dirt on his face. You notice how thin he is, his clothes worn loose with holes in them. 

“I-” You struggle to find the words as you look around at your people. This isn’t the city you were raised to believe you lived only a few miles from. You were always told your city was beautiful and the people loved it.

But this? This wasn’t that. These people were struggling, and you could only watch. 

“You?” The man asks, snapping you out of your thoughts. He takes a step closer to you, “You nobles all got your fancy houses and clothes. Never had to lift a finger in your life, I bet.” You back away, but he only follows. “Then you come down here and gawk at us like we’re animals in a zoo.” 

You feel your back press into a wall, “I’m sorry, sir.” You whisper as you look down at your shoes. You notice even his shoes has some holes in them. 

“Oh you’re sorry! They’re always sorry,” He turns to address the few people who have surrounded the two of you. “But they never do anything to help.” His hand grips at your waist.

“Please don’t touch me.” You push his hand away, but that does nothing to deter him. He grips your waist again, “What? Don’t want my pauper hands on you?” 

“She doesn’t want your creep hands on her, Alex.” The man, Alex’s, hand falls of your waist as someone pulls him away. Your savior takes a protective stance in front of you, “Just because she’s got money doesn’t mean you can touch her, have some respect for the lady.” 

Alex only scoffs before walking away, the crowd dispersing with him. The man turns to you, and your eyes widen. 

He’s gorgeous. Bright green eyes staring at you, a kind smile on his face as he offers you his hand. You take it and he gently pulls you towards a tailor shop. 

“Thank you, Mr….”

“Styles.” He smiles as you let go of his hand and look around the shop. “but you can call me Harry.” 

“Harry.” You turn back to him with a grateful smile. “Thank you for helping me, you have every right to be as angry as him, yet you saved me.” 

Harry shrugs, “I believe everybody deserves the same amount of respect, Ms..”

“Y/N.” You answer before thinking, 

“Like the princess?” He asks with a small laugh. 

“Yes.” You nod, “I was born only a few months after her and my parents wished to honor the family. Is this your shop?” You ask the question trying to steer the conversation away from your name.

“My parents shop.” He shrugs, “They left it to me when they passed.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry.” You frown, “I didn’t-”

“No need to apologize, Y/N.” He smiles, “I’ve kept up with it since. Business is tough sometimes, especially with our struggles now, but the nobles who stop in sometimes help.” Harry shrugs.

You look around the shop. There are beautiful dresses displayed and some stunning suits. All printed with gorgeous patterns and colors. 

“Are these dresses for sale?” You ask while running your hand over one of them. 

Harry comes beside you as is hand traces one of the other dresses, “No. They were my mother’s. I have them displayed in her honor. I would only sell them if I absolutely had to.”

“Then I guess I must commission you to make one for me.” You turn to him with a smile. 

Harry laughs, “Ma’am if you feel like you need to repay me, don’t worry. I can make do without-”

“I think your dresses here are beautiful, and if you’ve got even half the talent your mother had I will have a stunning dress.” You cut Harry off as you walk around his shop. 

There’s fabrics hung on the wall and thread kits spread across two desks, “Does another person work here?” You ask sitting on one of the stools behind the desk. 

“My sister. Although, she married a few months ago so she only works a few days a month.” Harry frowns looking down at his table. 

“Oh, that must make the work so much harder for you.” You frown as you notice a list of names on his desk.

“It makes the wait time a little longer, but not many people are buying dresses or suits these days so I don’t worry too much.” 

“How long has the city been struggling like this?” You ask wondering if people like Harry been struggling for long and why your mother hadn’t told you anything about this.

Harry gives you a strange look, “Have you never visited before? The city has been like this since I was a child.” 

“A child?” You yell, your hand goes to your chest. Your people had been struggling so long, and you had done nothing about it. A wave of guilt washed over you. “My mother had me live a very sheltered life after my father died. I’ve never left our estate.” 

“And she let you visit now?” Harry asks with a raised eyebrow.

You shake your head shyly, “No. I snuck out, she’s not a clue that I’m here.” 

Harry laughs as he takes a seat on the stool beside you, “What made you want to come out today?” 

“I’ve always wondered what the city was like, if it was truly as beautiful as stories have described.” Harry’s watching you with curious eyes, like he’d never seen somebody so naive before. You frown, “I can’t believe my mother never told me what was happening. I feel so helpless.” 

“It’s not your fault.” Harry begins to fiddle with the ring on his hand, “Our country has been losing money for years now. Ever since we lost the king. It’s rumored we’re going to be bankrupt if the queen doesn’t marry off her daughter.” 

You sigh, your mother had mentioned suitors visiting within the week to speak of taking your hand. You had never wanted to marry for your royal duties, you had always wished to marry for love. But after seeing your city, you might just need to give up on that dream. 

Maybe you would learn to love whoever you married.

“Yes, I’ve rumors of wealthy suitors for the princess coming soon.” You whisper to Harry, who nods solemnly. 

“Why the sad face? If she marries the kingdom may be saved.” You place your hand on top of Harry’s sending him a soft smile when he looks up. 

“She will marry for money, not love.” Harry stands up. He dusts himself off and offers you a hand. You give him a confused look but take it, letting him pull you up. “I was always taught to marry for love, my parents loved each other and they didn’t care if they had no money.” 

You hear music playing from outside the shop, a violin playing a class harmony. You laugh when you realize Harry has pulled you up to dance with him. 

“Well, it must be different when the fate of your kingdom lies on your shoulders.” You say softly as Harry twirls you around the empty shop.

He shrugs and he pulls you closer, “Everybody deserves love.”

“The people would hate her.” You sigh, thinking of the man who hated you just because of the noble clothes. You couldn’t imagine how angry they would be if you married somebody who couldn’t help the kingdom. 

Harry gives you an odd look, “I wouldn’t.” 

“Well you’re only one person.” You snap, pulling yourself from his grasp. “You’re too kind. You can’t speak for how an entire city on the verge of bankruptcy would feel.” 

Harry places a hand on your cheek, “You’re not just a noblewoman, are you?” You close your eyes, imaging how it would feel to do this everyday. Wake up to somebody who makes you feel the way Harry has today. 

You shake your head and his eyes go soft, “I have to go.” You pull away. “The guards will realize I’m gone soon.”

“Y/N.” Harry murmurs, following after you. You turn to look at him and he grabs your hand, “Will I see you again?” 

You shake your head, “I don’t know.”

You wander out to the garden after you meeting with King Julian and his advisers. It had been decided the two of you would be married within the month. 

King Julian was kind and handsome, everything a princess could wish for in a suitor, but you couldn’t help and want more. 

You wanted a spark. You wanted the feel what you had felt with Harry earlier dancing around his shop. You wanted Harry. 

You run your hands over bush you were walking next to. 

“Darling, you know I hate when you wander.” You jump at the sound of your mother’s voice behind you. “The garden strays so far from the palace, it’s unsafe.” 

“I know, mother.” You sigh as she comes to a stop next to you. “It has a nice view of this city though.”

She shakes her head, pulling you back towards the palace. “King Julian was lovely, wasn’t he?” 

“I don’t wish to marry him, mother.” You say quietly, deciding it was best to tell her now before any wedding plans were set in stone. “I don’t love him, I don’t feel anything with him. No spark or connection.” 

You mother stops walking and turns to you, “All my life I have only wished for your happiness, but you can’t refuse this marriage.” She places a gentle hand on your cheek, “We must think of our people, not ourselves.” 

You feel tears gather in your eyes, but push them away. “I know you’re right.”

She smiles sadly, “I grew very fond of your father once we were married even though I had previously thought I wouldn’t like him.” You knew she was trying to make you feel better, but growing fond of your husband sounded so sad. 

“Can I call for a certain tailor from the city? I saw one of his dresses on a guest of ours a few weeks ago and adored his work.” 

“Of course, what’s his name? I’ll send for him tomorrow morning.” 

You smile, feeling a little excited. 

“Harry Styles.” 

You toy with the fabric on your dress as you wait for Harry to step through your door. One of the maids had informed you he had just arrived and was going through proper security checks.

“Your Highness.” You look up at the deep voice and smile. Harry was standing in your doorway, he held a bag of supplies in his hand and papers in the other. 

“Leave us, please.” You turn to the maid who was organizing paper on your desk. She looks up shocked, “Madam, I am not-”

“Please?” You plead and her eyes soften, looking between you and Harry, before she nods and scurries out of the room. 

As soon as Harry puts his stuff on the ground you give him a hug, he holds you close for a moment before pulling away. He looks at you with gentle eyes, “It’s good to see you again.”

You step onto the podium in the center of your room as Harry pulls out measuring tape, “I only wish I was not measuring you for your wedding to another.” 

“If my people were not suffering the way they were, you would not have to.” You run your hands over the skirt of your dress as Harry measures from your hip to your ankle.

“Have you met him?” You nod as he moves onto measuring your arms, “Is he kind?” 

“And handsome.” You sigh, “He’s the perfect suitor. I’m lucky he’s not double my age and creepy.” 

Harry watches you for a moment before coming to stand in front of you, “But?” 

“But… I don’t have a connection with him. I don’t wish to dance around a dress shop with him.” You let out a small laugh, “My mother told me she grew fond of my father, but I don’t want to grow fond of my husband.”

“You want to love him.” Harry offers you his hand, helping you step down podium. 

You nod as he pulls you closer to him, “There’s no music.” You point out as he begins to sway. Harry only hums a melody in response as he begins to twirl you around the room. 

The two of you come to a stop in the center of your room, “Your bedroom is bigger than my entire shop.” He murmurs looking down at you.

“Hmm.” You stare at him for a moment, taking in his features. 

“I wish I could-” You cut him off, pressing your lips against his. He stands stiff for a moment before responding to your kiss. His hands travel down your back as one of yours rests on his cheek. 

He pulls away after a few moments, “That was lovely.”

“Lovely?” You laugh as he pulls you closer, your chests pressing against each other’s. 

He presses a kiss to your forehead, “Lovely, but not allowed.” 

“Oh, I’ve been following rules my whole life. If I wish to kiss you, I will.” You shake your head as he pulls away. “As long as you want the same?”

“I want nothing more.” Harry laughs as he takes your face in his hands, “But you were right, it would not be fair to the people.”

“I know.” You step back from him, “Maybe if we met in a different time.” Harry nods as you step back on the podium. He pulls out an ivory colored fabric and holds it up to you neck, “Beautiful.” 

The dress Harry makes is beautiful. You smile as your run your hands over the soft, ivory fabric. It fits you perfectly and compliments your body shape in the best way.

“You look absolutely stunning.” You mother wraps her arms around you from behind and rests her chin on your shoulder. 

You smile a little tearfully, “Thank you.” 

Your mother presses a kiss to your cheek before stepping back and turning you around to face her, “Don’t cry, Lady Mary worked so hard on your makeup.” 

You shake your head, trying to stop the tears so you’re not left with tear streaks in your foundation. The wedding had come up on you so fast, with almost no time to see Harry. 

After the initial meeting he had only come by to do the fitting and the two of you were supervised by your mother the entire time. He still managed to slip you a little love note that was now tucked away in one of your desk drawers. 


“I know.” Your mother whispers, placing her hands on both of your cheeks. She gives you a sympathetic look, “How long have you known the tailor?” 

You stand still in shock at her question before glancing away, “Only a few weeks.” 

“You met him when you snuck into the city?”

“How did you know?” You look at her shyly as she laughs softly. 

“Darling, you think you got away with sneaking out on your first try?” She shakes her head, “You’ve always wanted to travel, I thought you deserved to see the city once before royal duties truly fall upon you.” 

“Or you knew if I saw the city I wouldn’t refuse a marriage to save it.” You pull away from her. You turn and look at yourself in the mirror again, “Harry is kind and I felt a connection with him that I haven’t felt with any suitors.” 

She shakes her head, “Yes. I knew if you saw our state you would feel more inclined to help.” She looks at you guiltily, “I didn’t think you’d meet somebody you would care for like this.”

“Mother, isn’t there another way?” You plead grabbing her hand, “Must I get married?” 

She nods, “Things are different when you’re royal. We have people to take care of, so we don’t always get to choose happiness.” 

You knew that was the answer you would get. Your mother had married your father for an alliance, this wasn’t too far off.  A part of you had hoped she would never want you to have to do the same she did. 

She always said she had grown fond of your father, maybe you would grow fond of Julian. Maybe that would be enough. 

“I know.” You whisper as somebody knocks on the door. “Your Highness, it’s time to get into position.” You and your mother nod as a few hand maidens come scurrying in. They lift the train of your dress to keep it from dragging as you walk from your room to the gardens. 

“I’ll meet you down there.” Your mother travels ahead of you to presumably speak to the royal adviser about any plans still up in air. You don’t respond, only stare straight ahead as you think. 

“Madam.” One of the women, Jane, comes up to you with a note in her hand. She offers it to you shyly, “This was in the box with your gown.” 

You smile thankfully before looking down at the envelope. Your name is written in script on the front and the back has a stamp of Harry’s initials to seal the envelope shut. 

You open it as you walk, crumbling the envelope in your hand before reading the letter enclosed. 


I bet you look absolutely stunning in the gown. I knew that style would make you look even more beautiful. 

I can only hope it remains on you for the entire day, but I know that couldn’t be. We know the rules of wedding nights. I only wish that you remember my hands on you and your lips against mine. 

I can only hope that you remember me and how much I care for you. 

I’m writing this as some handlers pack up your dress, so I don’t have much time. I just want you to know I’m so glad you snuck into the city, even if seeing it persuaded you into this marriage, it brought you to me. I will cherish the memory of you as long as I have it.

Yours, Harry.

You feel tears gather in your eyes as you read the note. You bring it to your chest, pressing the paper against your heart as you stop walking. 

“Madam?” Jane taps you on the shoulder and regards you with soft eyes. You shake your head, stuffing the note into your undergarment before continuing on towards the gardens. 

Nobody says anything as you make your way towards the there. Your mother offers you her arm when you meet her. Music starts playing softly and you take a deep breath. 

This was it. 

You look up when you reach the beginning of the isle. Julian is standing in place with a kind smile on his face, but you can tell it wasn’t a look of love. He was doing this simply because he would need a wife to produce an heir and your family needed help.

You look down at the ground, the isle is a white carpet with white rose petals spread across it. Just as you’re about to reach Julian the music stops. 

“Wait.” There’s panting, like whoever the voice belonged to had been running. You see Julian’s eyes widen before you and your mother spin around. 

Harry is standing at the end of the isle, there’s an odd rock in his hand and his hair is messy from running, but you can’t help the smile that spreads across your face when you see him. 

“You don’t have to do this.” He begins walking towards your mother and you. “I know-”

“You don’t know anything.” Your mother’s adviser snaps, coming to step in front of the two of you. “Guards-”

“Let him speak.” Your mother puts her hand up to silence him before turning back to Harry. “What else do you propose?” 

Harry looks at you before turning back to your mother, “The mines. They’ve been running out of resources since I was a child. They’re close to closing down, but my sister’s husband brought me this earlier today.” He offers the rock to your mother, who takes it with a slightly unimpressed look. 

“A rock?”

“Look inside.” Harry smiles widely, “It’s jewels. The mines are filled with these. This could bring prosperity back to our kingdom, not marrying off the princess.” Your mother looks inside the cracked rock, and sure enough, it’s all a shining jewel. 

“Oh my god.” You whisper as her adviser comes over to look at the rock in her hands. You look at Harry, who’s staring at you with excited eyes then you turn back to Julian. He nods his head, like he understands why you’re staring. 

You smile in thanks before turning and walking towards Harry. The walk turns in a jog as you lift your dress up and meet him halfway down the isle. He pulls you into a hug when you reach each other, leaning down to whisper in your ear. 

“If we weren’t surrounded by people I would kiss you right now.” 

I started this then I remembered Barbie’s Princess and the Pauper and it strayed into being similar to the ending of that. I used to love that movie so much when I was younger. 

Anyways, here is something that’s not Little Lion because I got this request and loved it.

As always, thank you for reading and I hope you all have a good day!!

Assuming makes an ass out of you and me. So don’t.

My fiance is often misgendered at work, like multiple times a day, and it’s really difficult for him. A few weeks a go he had a woman ask if she could take a picture of his hands so she could show her daughter’s that “there are hard working women” … he just moved on with the conversation and walked away as soon as possible. He’s also been followed around by someone calling “ma'am, ma'am, ma'am ”. It goes on and on and happens ALL THE TIME. The thing is, he looks manly, he doesn’t look like a woman. He comes home and wonders what it is that makes people misgender him, and it only makes the dysphoria worse. His voice is still pretty high, because he’s pre-T, and he HATES it. His coworker gave him crap the other week for being upset when people call him by female pronouns, and said some really shitty things that made that night really rough. :(

Well, today he had an old man tell him that he “was pretty strong for a young man”. He was scared at first, until he heard the rest of the sentence, and understandably so. It’s so nice to see him validated, and to be recognized as the man he is, but it’s also sad that it’s a thing. It is sad that one instance of someone getting his gender right is so special. Having people use the right pronouns should be normal… it shouldn’t be special.

Thank you old man for making my fiance feel good about himself today ❤ you probably have know idea how much your simple comment means to us.

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you can pretend that girls are not sexist and catty with other females all you want. here you are a grown woman in a fandom full of straight teenage girls who care so much about some mediocre white man because he's good looking, and get jealous when some other girl gets a twitter reply from him. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

ahahahahasdkfsldfkjsdf. i dont even have a fandom twitter, no one i talk to in this fandom is straight, and i havent so much as glanced at a cis man in like two years so uhhhhh … fuck off dude? youre blatantly stereotyping me and all other ‘fangirls’ right now and then accusing me of sexism? u serious? 

(won’t deny theyre largely mediocre white men though djfksdflsd)

Another Life - Jon Snow

(Takes place during Season Five of GOT) (Words : 3131)

 Y/N has been traveling with Stannis’ army, acting as caretaker to Shireen. When the army finds itself in Castle Black, Y/N meets the famous Jon Snow. But with a coming march on Winterfell, will there be enough time to fall in love?

Originally posted by rickdixonandthefandomlifeposts

Castle Black was no place for a woman, let alone a ward like yourself. You felt the prying eyes of the rapists and killers as you went to simply fetch water for Shireen. Some of the eyes you didn’t mind as much. You had only managed to catch glimpses of the man named Jon Snow since your arrival with King Baratheon’s army. Even in those small glances, when you’d meet his eyes, you felt an unexplainable, overwhelming sense of fondness towards him.

Afterall, he was Ned Stark’s bastard son. Honor flowed through his veins, as obvious as his good looks. You found yourself staring at him whenever he was around. The new Lord Commander had even caught your lingering gaze in rare moments. Sadly, these moments were few and far between. Shireen had taken it upon herself to teach a wildling girl, Gilly, how to read. You were thankful to stay inside and away from the bitter cold for most of the day; but part of your longed to watch Jon practice combat with the other Brothers of the Night’s Watch.

You had only seen him practice fight once, with a little boy that was new to the Watch. Jon moved with an unmatched strength, while also holding back his blows for the younger lad. It was breathtaking to watch how he moved. Sure you had seen soldiers in Stannis’ ranks quarrel, but nothing like the way Jon moved.

“Y/N? Are you alright?” Images of Jon Snow left your mind at the sound of Shireen’s soft voice. You looked at the little lady who, against her mother’s wishes, was holding up a book for Gilly to peer at.

“I’m fine, my Lady,” you said quickly, “just a bit tired is all.” Shireen nodded and looked back to Gilly who was struggling to remember the letter ‘Y’. The little girl aided in jogging Gilly’s memory and rejoiced when the woman sounded it out. You watched as the finished the alphabet, marveling at the girl’s intelligence.

“She’s a smart one,” said a voice behind you. You turned your head and quickly stood upon seeing two men clad in black. You recognized Samwell Tarly and next to him, the one and only Jon Snow. You felt a blush rising to your cheeks before you realized it was Jon that had spoken. You nodded quickly, glancing at Shireen as she continued with Gilly.

“She is indeed Lord Snow,” you turned your head back and locked eyes with his. They were such a dark shade of brown, his irises appeared black in the light. You had heard other maidens and wards whispering about the ideal man; tall, dark, and handsome. How jealous they would be to know that you stood in the presence of such a man. You must’ve been looking at him for too long because Samwell cleared his throat uncomfortably.

“I wanted to be sure that all of the King’s family was settled,” Jon said, looking at past you at Shireen; before looking back at you. “It seems that you have everything covered…” You stepped forward and dipped your head respectfully.

“Y/N, maiden to Princess Shireen.” You offered up a smile, hoping beyond hope that it didn’t appear forced. Jon’s lips quirked upwards slightly when he noticed. He took your hand gently in his gloved one and brought it to your lips. You felt a wave of heat rise to your cheek at the tickling of his beard against the skin of your hand. He pulled away, shyly meeting your eyes once more. Who knew a man such as him could be bashful.

“That’s a lovely name,” he said. Your blush deepened a little at his words. Before you could speak, you felt a small hand pull at your sleeve.

“Y/N have you seen An History of Aegon the Conqueror and His Conquest of Westeros? I can’t find it anywhere and I want Gilly to try reading from it.” You met Shireen’s eyes and nodded.

“I’ll help you look,” you glanced at Jon, “if you’ll excuse me Lord Commander.” You turned around and helped Shireen look for the book. As you searched, you heard Jon and Sam exchange a few hushed words before the sound of fading footsteps hit your ears.

“I’ve found it,” Sam said, holding up the larger book. Shireen smiled at the Night’s watchman and grabbed it from his hand.

“Thank you, ser,” said she before returning to Gilly. You looked over and felt saddened as Jon’s absence. You had hoped your ears had fooled you, but you no avail. You settled back down into your seat and looked over the old books Shireen had brought with her. She had already read them all. You had no idea how she found the time.

“Jon’s right,” Sam said, taking the seat beside you, “she’s the smartest child I’ve ever seen.” You smiled and nodded as you sorted through Shireen’s reading material.

“I don’t think there’s a book she hasn’t read. At least, the novels she brought along have been read all over again.” Sam gave you a cheery smile before speaking again.

“Princess Shireen is more than welcome to what Castle Black’s library has to offer. I know it’s not much but the records are rather fascinating.” You thanked him for his generosity.

“I think my ladyship prefers the like of war stories and adventure.” Sam nodded and looked over the many shelves of scrolls. You wondered if Jon had perused the same reading materials.

“There’s actually a few books of that ilk in the Lord Commander’s quarters. After Jon finishes his meeting with the wildling man we can go to ask for his books.” You blushed at the thought of entering Jon’s room, and Sam noticed. A small chuckle escaped him when he noted your expression. You looked up at him, questioning on why he was laughing.

“You like him, it’s easy to tell.” You were about to open your mouth to deny it but Sam shook his head. “It’s alright. Everyone thinks he’s pretty. Even the wildlings think so, but there beauty standards are probably a bit different.” You laughed, causing Gilly and Shireen to look up. Your blush deepened and your turned back to looking at the books.

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Why does everyone think it’s okay and resonable when a man rejects a woman for her looks but when a woman does the same thing, she is shallow and a misandrist??

Like when a guy rejects a girl just for the way she looks- it’s fine; he’s got his preferences, she wasn’t trying enough anyway, but when a woman rejects a man for his looks- she’s shallow, she’s asking for too much, she should lower her standards.

Girls, never lower your standards. If you want a man with long beautiful hair, pretty face and body then wait for that- just like 98% of men reject any woman they’re not fully sexually attracted to because they’re so convinced they’ll find a better one.

If men won’t lower their standards, why should women?

“I have made a covenant with my eyes; how then could I look upon a virgin?“ Job 31:1
By making a covenant with his eyes, Job had drawn his line of defense around his heart. He was guarding his soul by disciplining his eyes.
Psalm 101:3 "I will not set before my eyes anything that is vile.” We can choose which magazine to look at, or which TV show or movie to watch. David fell into adultery because he didn’t turn away when he saw a woman bathing. He was not a weak man but he had a moment of weakness. Eventually, this relationship ruined his family, his children and later his country as well. When adultery walks in everything else that is worthwhile walks out.
Today, let’s make a covenant with our eyes like Job did, ask the Holy Spirit to help us in areas we are weak repent of any addictions to pornography or other kinds of activities and preserve us and our family.

Another reason I’m anti feminist

When a man expects a woman to look like models in magazines hes a stupid idiot.

But when a woman expects herself to look like models, shes brainwashed and a victim of unrealistic standards.

And when men and women expect men to look like models, it doesn’t matter because…men should look like models.

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cliche af but like anything with jealous eisuke or saizo :3

Finally in Reach

Saizo/MC Fluff. AO3 Link

Summary: He wasn’t jealous, but the way she looked at Yukimura stirred something unpleasant inside of him. Her laughter, normally melodic and charming, felt more a mockery when it was directed at his jokes. Saizo balled his hands into fists and screwed his eyes shut, hoping to banish such thoughts when he knew she wasn’t his. It wasn’t like him to be so hung up on anyone, much less a girl as pure as her. If his soul was as dark and dirty as he felt it was, she was an image of purity and grace. He had no right to want a woman so far above him, yet here he was reaching for the stars anyway.

Perched in the cherry blossom tree near the palace grounds, Saizo had the perfect view of a rather unpleasant situation. Crimson eyes studied the pair laughing and working below him, and he couldn’t help the gnawing feeling of something in his chest. Yukimura had asked her to help bring supplies to the cavalry that were to be taken on that afternoon’s hunt. Much to Saizo’s dismay, she agreed without a moment’s hesitation, and now she was laughing at his Lord’s jokes. From his place resting on a large branch, Saizo rolled his eyes and leaned back, knowing he’d be here all day if he had to.

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Getting It

“Dude… You got yourself a boyfriend? I don’t think Coach is going to be okay with that. And ya know chicks are better,” Tony’s friend wasn’t very good at being subtle. But it was just that Mark liked being with women so much that he couldn’t understand how after becoming a total hunk his best friend would want to be with some guy. It was just that Mark was so good at getting women that he’d never even want to settle with some woman let alone another man. His tone body got looks all the time and with just a wink he could have just about any woman he wanted. “I don’t get it man.”

“You don’t have to,” Tony smiled back. Tyler looked over at his boyfriend. He was more surprised at how accepting the jock had been when he found out that he was gay now.

“Dude… Don’t be like that. Ain’t nuthin wrong with it, just don’t get it. Don’t think I could ever get over being in a tight puss while a girl screams.”

“In pleasure,” Tyler added.

Tony giggled at the unnecessary clarification while Mark glared. “Yes in pleasure. Asshole. Thought he was supposed to be smart.”

“He is,” Tony smirked. He leaned over and nuzzled Tyler’s nose, “And cute as fuck.” Getting up from the couch he added, “I’m just going to go to the bathroom and get changed. Then we can go for a run.”

“K,” Mark said as he left the room. “Really don’t know what he sees in you man. You guys ain’t nuthin a like.”

Tyler didn’t really care about the observation. Lots of people looked at the couple with very inquisitive eyes. Questions like this had been going on all weekend, with no signs of letting up. “I’ll let you in on a little secret. He’s just being so nice because I helped him get so big. It’s not really much else.”

“So you’re the one who made him hulk out? Damn… You can do that?” he paused for a second, looking around the room like someone might hear him. “Could you do it to me?”

Tyler smiled widely. “I could,” he pulled out a pill and put it in Mark’s hand. “All you have to do is take this.”

“Really?” Mark stared at it confused. How could something so small have that big of an effect? He wondered if he should actually take it. “This thing? Really?” Tyler nodded. “Alright,” he swallowed the pill. The jock stared blankly waiting for something to happen. There was a warm feeling filling his body. He looked down to see hair start growing on his chest. “Dude…” he smiled slipping his fingers through the hair. “Cool.”

“Yeah. It’s just the beginning though,” Tyler leaned back on the couch. The jock was already pretty muscled. His sleeveless shirt raised up slightly showing off his midriff. The strong shoulders widened and grew thicker with more muscle. He looked in the mirror.

“Fuck man, I’m sexy as hell,” Mark flexed his even larger muscles. His shirt seemed so unnecessary so he just took it off and kept admiring his hot body. “No wonder guys don’t shave. Shit man, this stuff is hot.” His hands kept finding their way back onto his torso separating the dense wall of hair. He flipped his hat backwards and started moving around more. He kept showing off his body to himself; checking the new size each muscle grew to. “Dude… I don’t know if I can wait for Tony. I’ve got so much energy right now. Can you just tell him I’m already running.”

“Sure thing bud,” Tyler gave a finger gun point. It was a little out of the ordinary but felt right for some reason.

“Thanks man,” Mark had already jogged out of the room though. He had way too much energy to care about Tyler. Plus he wanted to show off his hot body. The ladies all took notice of the hunk as he ran by. A smirk crossed Mark’s face each time. He’d look back and give them a suggestive wink like he always did. They’d giggle back and just keep walking. Then he passed a guy who he caught staring at him. The guy instantly dug his nose back into his phone. Obviously not wanting to be caught looking at someone like Mark.

Except Mark noticed, “Was he checking me out?” The question hit him weirdly. “Nah,” he shook his head acting like it was nothing. But part of him wanted to know. It was just out of curiosity. Sure, he knew he was hot so he’d catch the attention of guys too, but something inside him wanted to make sure the little guy was looking at him. So he made a lap around the building to see. The guy’s eyes drifted back to his handsome body. Mark purposefully slowed down as the other man stared up and down his sweaty muscles. Mark looked back over at him and the guy realized he’d been staring again. His face went red as he went back to pretending to check some kind of message. A broader smile crossed the jock’s face.

“What a dork…”he continued running not realizing he was making another lap around the same building. “Cute dork though.” His mind kept going back to that bashful guy. He shook his head but then realized he was running past him again. Mark didn’t know what he was doing but he stopped in front of him, “hey bud.” It felt so natural just to say it as he said it. ‘Maybe I do get why Tony went for a guy,’ he ended up thinking.