when a man looks a t a woman like that

OK SO. I am on board the Min Hyuk x Do Bong Soon ship. I know they have a long way to go (it’s only been 2 episodes like? Anything could happen), but my GOD the potential!!!! THE POTENTIAL.

You have Do Bong Soon, who is physically powerful which already wins points because powerful woman? Say what? But guess what makes this even better? She’s still super feminine, and crushes on a boy, and jumps up and down when shes excited, and she EATS and it’s normal. And she’s not sexualised, and her strength isn’t looked down upon. It’s not made into this “ohhh woman is stronger than a man? SHOCKER!!!!” in a way that turns it into a joke and emphasises that it’s so wrong for a woman to be stronger than a man? (At least that’s the vibes i’m getting). She’s capable and fights back when needed, but I also like that she doesn’t always go head first saving people. She’s no superhero, and while that’s very much something she could do, she helps in smaller ways when the situation calls for it too. Bong Soon knows to hold back and uses her strength as a last resort.

SIDE NOTE: I like how this emphasises and shows you just how much people *cough* men, look down on women and treat women. Because they always underestimate her and think she’s weak and frail, until she proves them completely wrong.

Then you have Min Hyuk. He sees her strength and while he is amazed by it, it’s also no big deal? Like woah, girl with supernatural strength? I WANT HER AS MY BODY GUARD. And what’s even better is HE ENJOYS seeing her show off her strength AND helps her out at the police station no question. He doesn’t get all pissy and feel less of a man or emasculated(? Is that the right word)?. He relies on her, is sensitive, admits when he is scared, isn’t afraid to admit he needs her, and still instinctively wants to protect her despite knowing she is physically capable. He treats her like a girl/woman, without playing down her strength to make him feel manly/himself feel better.

They have this rhythm when they interact and I really like what they bring out in each other so far.

EDIT: did I also mention that she is a gamer? Bong Soon literally breaks every barrier. She’s physically strong, feminine, a GAMER and wants to develop games. Like!!!!! Her physical strength doesn’t mean she’s necessarily cut out to be a hero or that she can’t be both strong AND feminine. What are gender roles. Do they exist on this show? Nope? Good.

Can please, please someone make a gifset of the scene where Silver asks Madi if he’d be enough. That killed me … like, I seriously believe John has issues with accepting people’s love. And he thinks low of himself. Maybe that is why he can go through this so easily. Because he doesn’t realize how affecting he is. Yet, I still remember how he looked when Flint told him “Where else would you be someone, where else would your word matter.”

And again he faces this problem. With the woman he loves. That his word matters. That he matters. Don’t tell me this man doesn’t have issues…

[ open to: females ] 

“Listen sweetheart, I’m sure you’re a great girl and all but—–this can’t happen”, the blonde stated bluntly. He should have known it was coming considering she had been flirting with him almost constantly, wearing shorter and shorter clothing and spending more time in his presence. Maybe Dominic had seen it coming, but now that it was right in front of him he wondered how the hell he was going to get out of this without at least touching her. It was hard for any man when a woman offered themselves up so willingly, never mind the fact he had always had an eye for younger women. Something he was almost positive she knew too. “Don’t you have someone your own age?” They were all just boys, boys who were inexperienced and didn’t know what to do, but it felt like the sensible and right thing to say as he looked at her dubiously. 

You know I just love this woman.

She hasn’t even met the man for more than a couple hours but she has already given him a loving nickname, like he’s part of the family.

She cooks for him.

Also she made it EXTRA-LARGE, I’m sure not everybody gets that special treatment.

“An extra-large for the handsome russian boy.”

And just look how delighted she gets when Victor praises her food. She’s just the perfect mother in law.

And never forget this.

She looks so proud, so pleased, and you know most parents want their kids to find someone who’ll take care of them the same way they did, because their kids are their treasures, they are what they consider most precious in their lifes. And she knows her son has finally found the one, he has finally got to meet the man who’ll treasure him above everything, and I think she knew it since Victor walk through their door… You know, how moms have this sixth sense about people, and more when it involves friends or lovers.

That smile, she’s a proud mom, and she knows his son now has someone who will be sure to hold him up even in the hardest of times.

Now imagine them both coming back to Hasetsu after the grand prix… and having to explain the rings, their engagement, and the future date for their wedding. Imagine her joy. Imagine her with her future grandchildren, I don’t know I just love her too dam much.


“An ecstatic smol mom, skipping after listening to his future son in law praise her cooking skills.”

idea: villain with illusion powers tries to pull the whole “actually bruce wayne’s parents never died and that other life was all a dream ps as long as you’re here write down all your passwords and write a huge check to this guy your parents say is your friend” thing but is unsuccessful because it is basically impossible to impersonate bruce’s parents

“when did you figure it out?? >:[”

“i’ve known this was fake from the start, this woman looks nothing like my mother. red lipstick with nude polish?? that dress doesn’t suit her coloring. i said i was deliberately leading vicki on and she didn’t try to ground me, just because i’m a grown man. that’s not how my mother pronounces the word yeti. and this guy! he’s not tall enough to be my father. he hasn’t tried to pick me up even once. and neither of these people has had an uncomfortably flirtatious conversation with the butler in the last six hours. you fool. you imbecile. how could you possibly have thought that this would work.”


“I just don’t feel like a man or a woman. It’s a bit like Adore – she looks so fucking cute as a boy and then when I see her getting ready I think, ‘OH MY GOD THAT’S A GIRL!’ She goes from boy to girl, but it isn’t drag, it’s pure witchery.” Katya, for Gay Times

Brionne is 87.5% male. There is no reason why it should be wearing a frilly top like a girl who went to some girl store to buy a girl top like a girl. If you use a male Brionne, you’d better be ready to give up your man card because you are either [1] a gay, or [2] a girl, and I honestly don’t know which is worse. Gay girls are fine, though, of course, since they’re hot.

During my first run of Pokémon Y, I picked a male Fennekin without knowing what its evolutions looked like. When it evolved into Braixen I immediately went into a coma. After I woke up, the doctor said I had lost 80% of my brain function, but I didn’t care or understand what she (a woman doctor!) said. Now I draw pictures of boobs and virginias for three hours every day to try to regain my manhood.

I decided to try to fix Brionne and make it more masculine. Now it is powerful. You might be wondering about Brionne having a 12.5% chance to be female, but I think this design would be appropriate for women, too. I saw a lady wearing pants yesterday and I still got turned on—I think that proves my point.

I just wish Pokémon would follow nature more closely like I do. You don’t see any male poodles or peacocks, do you? Any female pit bulls or sharks? No. If animals have to follow the natural gender roles I made up, then so do Pokémon.

Interracial relationships are not a problem. You love who you love. The issue is a man refusing to date a brown woman because he is afraid that his children will look too much like him. The problem increases when men think that if a baby isn’t light-skinned with colored eyes and straighter hair that they aren’t beautiful. The issue is not having a “foreign” girlfriend. The issue is calling women who are not foreign “boring”. Preference is not the issue. Self-hate is the issue. Bashing women who resemble your mother (who you love so deeply) is where the problem lies. Laughing at women with hair and features just like yours. That is the problem… not interracial relationships.

he looks at you; and you’re in love.

last night, when the sun dipped and you were laughing, you didn’t notice how high you had to build the fence to keep all the noise in. there’s a man inside that smells like the ocean and when he touches you all else falls away until he’s the last one left on this planet. 

when you cook barbecues, you almost don’t notice the smaller guest list. the tittering hands and wide smiles behind fake lips. the woman next door says she has no problem with it, no problem, you’re just not a family, not really, not in the way that matters, does it?

you help him take his t and you fix him tea. a quiet sacred morning.

heroes come in small packages. you’d give your life just to let someone else breathe for another few moments. you were nothing special until he looked at you and you felt special. 

he doesn’t hold your hand in restaurants or in the garage or anywhere someone can see. there’s a word dripping wet on your front door the first time he tries; after that you only love behind pulled shades and flinches.

sometimes it is hard. but then you look at him, and you’re in love.

“Just have more faith than I do that I’ll win!  You don’t have to do anything.  Just stand by me!”

Arguably one of the most well written moments of this episode was Yuuri crying in front of Viktor.  This is all of Yuri’s insecurities, fears, and trust being broken when Viktor takes the easy way out of things.  This is the “Eros” ending that terrifies Yuuri to the core.  This is everything that he’s been scared of but hasn’t vocalized.  This is the man leaving the woman and going onto bigger and better things.  This is his idol who he’s presumed given up so much for him and he’s about to disappoint him.  He’s so scared of disappointing Viktor that it tears him apart.  On the surface it looked like Yuuri was doing better and being more confident in himself but that was all a facade.  It’s the little things about this anime that makes it so much more than a sports anime.  


“Having identified as a gay man most of my adult life, the last few years I have realized that both my sexuality and gender are fluid. This has been so liberating for me because I never fit into the binary of man/woman or gay/straight anyway.

I feel more comfortable existing in the grey area and I encourage anyone who feels like the status quo doesn’t represent them to join me. You may feel broken or separate but when you look through a kaleidoscope, suddenly all of those broken bits and pieces create a beautiful image.”

One thing that made me happy about Rogue One is that there wasn’t a romance shoehorned in there. There were moments where they got close and looked like they might kiss, but I’m glad they didn’t. It would’ve been annoying had they did. As if the audience couldn’t watch a man and woman on screen without them romancing. In the end when the Death Star fired upon Scarif and they watched on the beach as their fate drew closer they got close, and held each other. It was nicely done though. It was out of fear, and relief that they completed their mission, even at their own expense. 


work proximity associates — gallya scenes less gifed

No slaps, sass, or unfinished kisses in this scene — and yet it’s still so shippy. First we have Illya playing Mr. Intimidating to make sure Gaby’s brilliant plan gets followed through to the letter (you know he didn’t even say anything to volunteer; he just followed her out). Then we have Dr. Lackey trying to worm his way out of things, but, oh, no, Illya’s there to be all, ‘Do as my woman commands.’ And when it’s finished Gaby looks up (and up and up, heh) at Illya, like, ‘Hope this works.’ They come back into the main action so in synch, guys. Like look at their facial expressions (especially Illyas little glance) and their body language (as they stand very close) — they totally mirror each other. They’re working together effortlessly. And this is before Gaby apologizes for the whole pretended-to-betray-you-whoops snafu. 

That post about that porn gif of pins and needles being shoved into a woman’s vagina etc. and other torture in porn reminded me of my first encounter with porn on here.

A few years ago a woman I followed reblogged a porn gif of a woman tied up, and some man in all black with a ski mask on shoved his penis in her mouth and she was literally sobbing, and shaking. I called her out saying I don’t care if she watches porn (I was trying to not seem prudish or ‘shaming’ which is a red flag for how liberal feminism is trash btw) but that it looked like rape and it was disturbing. Of course she ignored me. This is back when I didn’t even know the facts about the horrors of the porn industry and sex trafficking. I just saw it and knew it was torture I didn’t mistake her reactions as anything but terror.

That shit is real, these women are really being tortured in so many atrocious ways for the sadistic fantasies of males, and women supporting this shit is so fucked up.

Liberal feminism has failed, women being raped and tortured on screen isn’t empowerment it isn’t edgy its torture.  Stop defending and supporting that shit.

I keep seeing a bunch of white shippers say some ugly shit about sh@llura becuz they don’t understand why that’s an amazing relationship

Allura is HEAVLY coded as a black woman and to see a black woman in media that isn’t a stereotype is fucking amazing Allura is dark skinned and dark skinned women don’t get shown love in media

Sh@llura is one of the popular ships in fandom an interracial ship were neither are white where one isn’t an minor and it isn’t abusive and that is amazing

Allura a BLACK woman getting love by a man and not getting thrown under the bus or forgotten for a white woman (lets hope she doesn’t die like most black women in shows)

When shippers ask how that is amazing y'all should’ve seen the look on my face and my mothers face when we realized this show was actually serious about allura being a PRINCESS (a graceful intelligent black princess) and that she wouldn’t be evil or wouldn’t be thrown aside for pidge my heart fluttered

When y'all see shallura and call it het trash y'all ugly asses calling some of the BEST representation garbage y'all don’t realize how good this is for young black girls

Y'all are disgusting if u think good gay representation is a grown man dating a minor but call a ship between an Asian man and a black women ‘boring het ships’ do y'all see how racist that makes you

Friendly Reminders about Tony Stark

  • Tony Stark stammers his words when he’s around a pretty person he likes
  • Tony Stark likes to cuddle and is highly upset when he wakes up and his cuddle partner isn’t there.
  • Tony Stark revealed to the world in 616 that he was Iron Man by saving a puppy from getting ran over
  • Tony Stark is easily manipulated
  • Tony Stark hates his reflection because he can’t stand looking at himself
  • Tony Stark built a women’s shelter and knew as a man he could not be involved in the day to day operations and hired a woman to run it
  • Tony Stark babbles when he’s uncomfortable
  • Tony Stark is an Arthurian Dorkwad
  • Tony Stark makes deprecating jokes about himself as much as anyone makes jokes about him and usually agrees with jokes at his expense
  • Tony Stark has anxiety, depression, severe trust issues, and severe relationship issues caused by mental and physical abuse from childhood
  • Tony Stark recognizes anxiety and depression in other people and aggressively tries to make them feel good about themselves
  • Tony Stark fanboyed out the first time he met Cap in 616 and proceeded to make Cap a new shield that could fly and Cap tried to be polite but told Tony he wanted to keep his old shield and Tony was sad
  • Tony Stark did NOT make Peter Parker the Iron Spider suit to “control” him during Civil War - Tony Stark made Peter Parker the Iron Spider suit because when everyone thought Peter was dead and it turned out he wasn’t Tony was so happy he gave him the Iron Spider Suit and called it Peter’s “Rebirthday Gift:
  • Tony Stark made Carol Danvers a space ship with an A.I named Harrison for obvious Stark Wars dork reasons
  • Tony Stark still recognizes mutants when he talks about people who protect Earth
  • Tony Stark is the reason Registration hadn’t passed when the bill came up at least 3 times before Civil War
The importance of Jaime and Brienne

Usually I try not to get too caught up in shipping wars, but I just get so angry when people insist Jaime and Brienne don’t love each other.

There are so many romantic stories out there that feature a beautiful girl who learns to love an older, ugly, scarred or damaged man - but how many stories feature a beautiful man who learns to love an ugly woman?

How many of those heartwarming stories about ‘beauty being on the inside’ apply to women? How many stories tell women they’re worthy of love and romance no matter what they look like, that their beauty comes from inside them anyway? When you’ve got the gorgeous Gwendoline Christie playing her, it can be hard to remember Brienne really is ugly. It’s not that she’s just unconventionally attractive or pretty if you squint. Physically, she is ugly. She’s too tall, too big, too strong, too mannish, with missing teeth, disfiguring scars, blemishes, an ill-set face and drooping lips. People recoil when they see her. At first sight she is monstrous and she has been persecuted all her life for her appearance.

And yet, the most beautiful man in Westeros falls in love with her.


Because she is kind and strong and loyal past the point of sense. Because she is selfless and courageous and unwilling to compromise on her moral integrity. Because she is pure and innocent and naive and idealistic. Because she has endured immense pain and suffering and abuse and never once let it taint her. Because she represents everything he once wanted to be. Because she represents everything he could be. Because she sees him for who he really is. Because he would risk his life to save her. Because she would die to protect him. Because what she looks like doesn’t matter. Because in his eyes, she is beautiful.

This is the story of a handsome man who falls in love with an ugly woman. This is the story of a woman whose worth and desirability comes from her personality, not from her appearance. This is the story of a woman whose beauty is found within. George RR Martin himself said that the story of Jaime and Brienne is like Beauty and the Beast with the genders reversed.

So no, I will not accept a platonic reading of their relationship because this particular love story and all the messages it endorses are simply too important. Jaime and Brienne are in love. End of discussion.

It’s Cas’ smile that really gets Dean.

Sure, he makes dirty I’m-having-sex-with-an-angel jokes to Sam, who just rolls his eyes and shakes his head. He tells the woman at the dry cleaner’s that he just can’t resist a man in a suit, and she laughs, only looking a little jealous that she doesn’t stand a chance with either of them. He ignores Jody when she teases him affectionately, teasing her right back and telling her that he just can’t handle a woman like her and was forced to settle for Cas.

But truthfully, it’s Cas’ smile.

Dean can’t resist it.

It’s rare, Cas’ smile. They don’t have a whole lot to smile about these days, and Cas isn’t particularly effusive anyway. But every now and then, Dean will tell a lame joke, or he’ll catch Cas’ eye as he’s drumming loudly on his steering wheel, and there it is. Bright blue eyes shining brighter than the clear sky, full and slightly chapped lips spread wide over white teeth, lines crinkling his face in all the right ways to make him look both adorable and sexy.

And Dean’s fucking lost in it. Instantly. Every damn time.

There’s so much purity and joy in Cas’ smile. So much happiness. Things Dean never gets to have. So he latches onto Cas’ smile like it’s oxygen. Let’s the bright light of it chase away all the shadows hanging over him.

Right now, Dean is burrowing into Cas’ neck, trying his hardest to stay asleep even though his angel is poking him in the ribs, murmuring him awake.

“Cas. I’d sell my soul for you, I would. But I’m going to kill you myself if you don’t give me ten more minutes of sleep.” He presses a kiss into Cas’ skin to take the sting out of his words, and he feels Cas’ expression change.

Dean knows Cas is smiling, knows that if he opens his eyes he’ll get to see the only thing he has worth looking at, and it’s so unfair. Because if Cas is smiling, Dean can’t keep his eyes closed, can’t stay asleep.

“Cheater,” Dean says, leaning up on his elbow to drink in Cas’ face.

Cas only smiles wider, pulls Dean down for a kiss, neither of them closing their eyes.


I generally don’t like the reappropriation of misogynistic slurs (i.e. bitch, slut, whore, cunt, nasty woman), but 19 year old Nina Donovan puts the term “nasty” into perspective in a humorous & powerful way, adding sarcastic emphasis when using the term.

Full transcript:

i’m a nasty woman

not as nasty as a man who looks like he bathes in cheeto dust

not as nasty as a man who is a diss track to America

from back to broken back he stomped on

his words are just white noise ruining this national anthem

i’m not as nasty as confederate flags being tattooed across my city

maybe the south actually is going to rise again

or maybe it never really fell

because we’re still drowning in vanilla-coated power

slavery has just been reinterpreted into the prison system

blacks are still in shackles and graves just for being black

in front of people who see melanin as animal skin

tell me of a decade that didn’t have traces of white hoods

burning of our faith in humanity

i’m not as nasty as a swastika painted on a pride flag

and i didn’t know that devils could be resurrected

but i feel hitler in these streets

a mustache traded in for a toupee

with nazis renamed “the cabinet”

electroconversion therapy the new gas chamber

shaming the gay out of america

turning rainbows into suicide notes

i’m not as nasty as racism or fraud, homophobia or lies or transphobia

sexual assault, white supremacy, white privilege, ignorance or misogyny

not as nasty as treating girls like pokemon before their bodies have even evolved

not as nasty as your own daughter being your favorite sex symbol

like wet dreams infused with your own genes

but yet, i’m a nasty woman

i’m a crusty, funky, bitchy, loud, nasty woman

not as nasty as the combo of trump and pence

being served as an option in my voting booth

but i’m nasty like the battles women fought to get me in that voting booth

nasty like the fight to close the wage gap

nasty like conversations trying to convince people there is such thing as a wage gap

remind me this is only because women usually go into lower paying fields

so why did last year’s top actresses make less than half of what the top actors did

do you realize that the world cup shelf of the us men’s soccer team is as empty as trump’s promises but the women’s team has scored three world cups

last year brought in 20 million more dollars in revenue than the men’s team but is still paid 75% less

see even when women go into high paying careers their wages are still cut with blades sharpened by testosterone

tell me why the work of a black woman and a hispanic woman, is only worth 63 and 54 percent of a white man’s paycheck

this is not just a feminist myth, this is inequality

so we are not here to be debunked, we are here to be respected, we are here to be nasty

like bloodstained bedsheets in case you forgot women can’t choose when or if they get their periods

trust me if we could, we would

we don’t like having to throw away our favorite pairs of underwear

but last time i checked, men can choose to not have sex, and they know how to live without a full head of hair

so tell me, why are tampons and pads still taxed but viagra and rogaine isn’t?

is your erection really worth more than protecting the messy parts of our womanhood

is the thinning of your hair really more embarrassing than the period staining of my jeans

i know it seems petty to complain about a few extra cents, but it’s just the finishing touch on a pile of change i have yet to feel in this country

so don’t try to justify our injustices with excuses that smell like your security where you’re walking alone to your bathroom, or the car, and down the street

security’s what my eyes have yet to see they’re too busy praying to my feet so you don’t mistake eye contact for wanting physical contact

i’ve been zipping up my smile so you don’t think i wanna unzip your jeans

i know you forget to examine the reflection of your own privilege

or you may be afraid of the truth

but i’m not afraid to be honest

i’m not afraid to be nasty

yeah, i’m nasty

like the struggle of women still beating equality into the world

because our rights have been beaten out of us for too long

but this fight will continue to embody this nastiness

i’m nasty like red white and blue bruises

nasty like elizabeth, amelia, rosa, condolleeza, sonia, malala, michelle, our mothers, our sisters

us sisters are all nasty

like history

and our pussies aint for grabbin’

they’re for reminding you that our walls are stronger than america’s ever will be

they’re for birthing new generations of filthy, vulgar, bossy, brave, proud nasty women

so if you a nasty woman, say hell yeah

“What I meant to ask is, is this … usual? What it is between us, when I touch you, when you … lie with me? Is it always so between a man and a woman?”

In spite of his difficulties, I knew exactly what he meant. His gaze was direct, holding my eyes as he waited my answer. I wanted to look away, but couldn’t. 

“There’s often something like it,” I said, and had to stop and clear my throat. “But no. No, it isn’t— usual. I have no idea why, but no. This is … different.” 

He relaxed a bit, as though I had confirmed something about which he had been anxious. 

“I thought perhaps not. I’ve not lain with a woman before, but I’ve … ah, had my hands on a few.” He smiled shyly, and shook his head. “It wasna the same. I mean, I’ve held women in my arms before, and kissed them, and … well.” He waved a hand, dismissing the and. “It was verra pleasant indeed. Made my heart pound and my breath come short, and all that. But it wasna at all as it is when I take you in my arms and kiss you.” His eyes, I thought, were the color of lakes and skies, and as fathomless as either.

He reached out and touched my lower lip, barely brushing the edge. “It starts out the same, but then, after a moment,” he said, speaking softly, “suddenly it’s as though I’ve a living flame in my arms.” His touch grew firmer, outlining my lips and caressing the line of my jaw. “And I want only to throw myself into it and be consumed.” 

I thought of telling him that his own touch seared my skin and filled my veins with fire. But I was already alight and glowing like a brand. I closed my eyes and felt the kindling touch move to cheek and temple, ear and neck, and shuddered as his hands dropped to my waist and drew me close.