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*shyly whispers* do u think u could do another Greek Mythology story~

“Your tapestries are so fine,” the merchant says in wonder, “that you must be blessed by the goddess Athena.”

Arachne tosses her head, braided hair falling over her shoulder like an obsidian waterfall, “What’s Athena got to do with it? My hands wove these, not hers.”

The merchant blanches and looks to the sky, as if expecting Zeus himself to smite them for blasphemy. Personally, she thinks the king of the gods has better thing to do with his time. “Ah,” he says weakly, “I suppose.”

He pays her for her wares and she leaves, almost immediately bumping into a hunched old woman with grey eyes. “Do you not owe Athena thanks for your talent?” she croaks, gnarled hands curled over a cane.

Arachne is not stupid, but she is foolish. They will tell tales of it. She looks into those grey eyes and declares, “Athena should thank me, since my talents earn her so much praise.”

She pushes past her and keeps walking, ignoring the goddess in humans skin as she disappears into the crowd.

They will tell tales of her hubris. They will all be true.


The next day she bumps into the same old woman at the market. Everything goes downhill from there.

“Know your place, mortal,” Athena says, grey eyes narrowed. There is a crowd around them, and Arachne could save herself, could walk away unscathed, and all she has to do is say her weaving is inferior to that of a goddess.

She will not lie.

“I do,” she says coolly, “and in this matter, it is above you.”

She is not honest as a virtue, but as a vice.

Athena challengers her to a weaving contest. She accepts.


Gods are not so hard to find, if you know where to look.

“It’s a volcano,” the baker repeats, looking down at her coins, as if he feels guilty for taking money from someone who’s clearly not all there.

She grabs her bag of sweet breads and adds it to her pack before swinging it over her shoulders, “Yes, I know. Half a day’s walk, you said?”

“A volcano,” he insists, as if she did not hear him perfectly well the first dozen times.

“Thank you for your help,” she says. He’s shaking his head at her, but she knows what she’s doing.

She walks. She grows hungry, but does not touch the bread she paid for, and walks some more. The sun’s begun to set by the time she makes it to the base of the volcano. It’s tall, impossibly large, and for a moment the promise of defeat threatens to overwhelm her.

But Arachne does not believe in defeat, in loss. They will tell tales of her hubris. Those tales will be true.

She ties a scarf around her braids then hikes her skirt up and ties the material so it falls only to her thighs. She fits work roughened hands into the divots of cooled magma and begins her slow ascent.


The muscles in her legs and arms shake, and her hunger pains are almost as distracting. Her once white dress is dirt smeared and torn and sweat makes her itch as it covers her body and drips down her back.

“What are you doing?”

Arachne turns her head and bites back a scream, looking into one giant eye. The cyclops holds easily to the volcano’s edges, even though her hands are torn and bleeding. She swallows and says, “I heard you like honeyed bread. Is it true?”

The creature tilts his head to the side, baring his long fanged teeth at her. She thinks he might be smiling. “You’ve been climbing for hours. What do you want?”

“Is it true?” she repeats, refusing to flinch.

“Yes,” he says, looking at her the same way the baker had, “it’s true.”

“There’s some sweet bread in my pack, baked this morning,” she says, “it should still be soft.”

His hands are big enough and strong enough that it could probably squeeze her head like a grape. Instead he gently undoes her pack and reaches inside. The honey buns look comically small in his large hands, and he swallows half of them in one bite. He licks his fingers clean when he’s done, and his smile is just as terrifying the second time around. “I am Brontes. Why are you climbing my master’s volcano?”

“I’m the weaver Arachne,” she takes a deep breath, “I need your master’s help.”


They tell tales of Hephaestus’s ugliness.

They are not true.

He’s got a broad, angular face and short brown hair. His eyes are like amber set into his face, and his arms are huge, and he’s rippling muscle from the waist up. He has legs only to his knees. From there down his legs are bronze gears and golden wire, replacements for the legs destroyed when Hera threw him from Mount Olympus.

“Had your look, girl?” he asks, voice rough like he’s always a moment away from breaking into a coughing fit.

“Yes,” she says, and doesn’t turn away, keeps looking.

His lips quirk up at the corners, so it was the right move. The heat is even more oppressive inside the volcano, and all around him cyclopses work, forging oddly shaped metal that she can’t hope to understand. “You’ve gone to an awful lot of trouble to find me, girl. What do you want?”

She slides her pack off her shoulders and holds it out to the god, “I have a gift for your wife. I have woven her a cloak.”

He raises an eyebrow and doesn’t reach for the bag, “You believe something made with mortal hands could be worthy of the goddess of beauty?”

They will tell tales of her hubris.


They will all be true.

With a gust of wind the oppressive heat of the volcano is swept away, leaving her chilled. In its place stands a woman – more than a woman. Aphrodite has skin like the copper of her husband’s machines and hair dark and thick and long. Her eyes are deepest, richest brown, piercing in their intelligence. People don’t tell tales of Aphrodite’s cleverness. That is because people are stupid.

“Let’s see it then,” she says, reaching inside the pack and pulling the cloak from its depths.

It unrolls beautifully. It’s made from the finest silks, and it shimmers in the light from the forges. The hem of the cloak is sea foam, speaking of Aphrodite’s beginning, and up along the cloak is intricate patterns it tells of her life, of her marriage and her worshippers and escapades, all with the detail of the most experienced artist and the reverence of her most devoted followers.

Her lips part in surprise and she slides it on, twirling like a child. “Gorgeous,” Hephaestus says, though Arachne knows he does not speak of the cloak. She doesn’t take offense.

The goddess smiles and Arachne’s heart pounds in her chest. She does her best to ignore it – Aphrodite is the goddess of love, after all. It is only expected. “Very well,” the goddess says, “you have my attention.”

Arachne swallows. Aphrodite’s attention is a heavy thing. “I have offended Athena,” she says, “She has challenged me to a weaving contest.”

Their faces somber. Hephaestus rubs the edge of a sleeve between his fingers and says, “Athena will lose such a contest, if judged fairly. She does not take loss well.”

“I know,” she says, “you are friendly with Hades, are you not?”

There are no tales of their friendship. But she’s staking her life on its existence, because why wouldn’t it exist – both of them even tempered, both shunned by Olympus, both happily married.

Gods hate being made to feel lesser. It is why they say Persephone was kidnapped, why they say Aphrodite cheats with Ares. It is why Athena will crush her when Arachne wins the weaving contest.

“Clever girl,” Hephaestus says, smiling.

Aphrodite stares at her reflection in a convenient piece of polished silver. Arachne assumes Hephaestus left if lying there for that express purpose. “Very well!” the goddess says, not looking at her, “when Athena sends you to the underworld, we will entrench upon our uncle for your release.” She turns on her heel and points a finger at her. Arachne blushes for no reason she can think of. “In return, you will weave me a gown, one equal to my own beauty.”

A gown as exquisite as the goddess of beauty. An impossible task.

They will tell tales of her hubris.

“I accept.”

They will all be true.


The contest goes as expected. Athena’s tapestry is lovely, but Arachne’s is lovelier.

The goddess’s face goes red in rage, and her grey eyes narrow. Arachne stands tall, ready to accept the death blow coming for her.

The blow comes.

Death does not.


She is an insect. Even if she can make it back to Hephaestus’s volcano, even if they can help her, they will not know it is her. She has no hope left, no course of action, she should just give up. But –

She doesn’t believe in defeat, in loss.

It was a terribly long journey on foot, that first time. It is even longer this time, although now she has eight legs instead of two. She makes it to the volcano, and creeps in between crevices, until she finds out a hollowed room, one with a sliver of sunlight and plenty of bugs to keep her fed.

Athena’s cruel joke of allowing her to weave will be her downfall. Her silk comes out a golden yellow color – it will look exquisite against Aphrodite’s copper skin.


It takes seven years for her to complete it. She hasn’t left this room in the volcano in all that time, and as soon as it’s done she scurries out back toward the village. She’s a large insect, but not that large.

She arrives just as the sun begins to rise, and leaves before the first rays have even touched the earth, her prize tied to her back with her own silk.

Arachne doesn’t return to her room. Instead she goes to the more popular parts of the volcano, hurries and runs around terrifying stomping feet until she finds who she’s looking for and scurries up his leg and onto his shoulder.

“Huh,” Brontes looks onto his shoulder and blinks. “What on earth are you?”

She cautiously skitters down his arm, waiting. He bends closer and lightly touches her back. “Is – is that a piece of a honey bun?”

She looks up at him, waiting. It’s her only chance, if he doesn’t remember, if he doesn’t understand –

His face slowly fills with a cautious kind of wonder. “Arachne?”  She jumps in place, being unable to nod, and Brontes cautiously cradles her in his massive hands, “We must find the Master immediately!”

She jumps down, landing in front of him and running forward. “Wait!” he calls, and she makes sure he’s running after her before skittering back to her corner of the cave. It’s almost too small for him to enter but he squeezes inside and breathes, “Oh.” He stares for several moments, and Arachne climbs her web and waits. Brontes shakes himself out of his reverie and uses his powerful wings to bellow, “MISTRESS APHRODITE!”

There’s that same breeze and she’s in the crevice with them, “What was so important, Brontes, that you had to yell?”

Arachne sees the exact moment that the goddess sees the gown, golden yellow and glimmering, made entirely of spider silk. “Beautiful,” she says, reaching out a hand to brush down the bodice. Her head then snaps up, “Brontes, where’s Arachne?”

She warms at that, that Aphrodite knew it was her weaving even though she hasn’t been seen in seven years.

They’ve told tales of her hubris.

They are all true.

Brontes points at the web, and Aphrodite steps over and holds out her hands. Arachne crawls onto the goddess’s palms. “Athena is more powerful than I am, I cannot undo her work,” she says, “but I know someone who can.”

Then they are in front of a river. A handsome young man stands there waiting with a boat. “Goddess Aphrodite,” he says, “we weren’t expecting you.”

“Thanatos,” she returns, “I need to see Persephone.”

The man’s face stays cool, and for a moment Arachne fears they will be refused and she will be stuck in this form forever. Then he smiles and says, “My lady is of course available for her favored niece.” He holds out a hand to help her onto the boat, “Please come with me.”


Arachne weaves a dress for Hades’s wife as a thank you, and returns to her volcano.

“I can take you somewhere else,” Aphrodite says, “you don’t have to hide here.”

Arachne pauses at her loom. She has lived in this volcano for seven years. It’s her home. “Would you like me to leave?” she asks instead.

Aphrodite scoffs, “Of course not! How could I dress myself without you here?” She’s wearing the spider silk dress Arachne spun for her, and she’s working on another for the goddess now. Aphrodite runs a gentle finger down Arachne’s cheek and for a moment she forgets to breathe. “You are the finest weaver to ever exist.”

She looks up at the goddess, “Then as the god of crafts and goddess of beautiful things, where else would I belong besides with you and Hephaestus?”

To declare your company equal to that of gods is the height of arrogance and blasphemy.

They tell tales of her hubris.

“An excellent point,” Aphrodite murmurs, and tucks a stray braid behind Arachne’s ear.

They are all true.

gods and monsters series part iii

Her Hero

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: You and Bucky run out of food and make a stop at the grocery store, but someone is about to change Bucky’s life and the way he thinks about himself.

Warnings: Mentions of sex and oral sex but if you blink you miss it. Pure Fluff like I think you may die.

Word Count: 817

Originally posted by anthvnystcrk

‘You okay, Buck?’ you asked as he started to open all of the cupboard doors, close them and reopen them like food was magically going to appear in them.

He pinched the bridge of his nose and tried to rationalise with himself, that he was over reacting. ’(Y/N), we have no food.’

You just laughed it off and skipped over to him. You ran your roamed over his bulky chest soothingly, calming him almost immediately once your hands entwined behind his neck. 'Baby, you need to calm down, you could have texted while I was out.’

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a concept: iron woman!lena au

(feat. amazing art by @msluthor 💕)

  • lena gets abducted on the third tuesday of march, just as the sun begins to slip behind the peaks of the national city skyline. she hears the footsteps coming toward her office, assumes it is jess; it is not, oh, it is not, and the masked figures drag her away before she can so much as gasp in a desperate breath
  • they do not want ransom. they do not want supergirl. no, she is the target. she–the sister of lex–is all they want. (he hurt our families, they say, and she wants to say he hurt mine too)
  • kara saves her. of course kara saves her, always will. but this time, she does not arrive soon enough. this time, lena’s head is bowed, dripping blood from a cut somewhere on her scalp, when kara’s boots crash against the ground
  • lena spends four days in the hospital and then twelve in the l-corp labs. in that time, she builds the suit
  • (kara is worried, she knows. it is not subtle, the way kara looks at her with that crinkled brow, that lip tugged taut between teeth. there is no way to assuage her fears, though, not yet. not when lena feels the same fears too. just wait, she says. i’ll fix it. i’ll fix it)
  • the suit is green, hints of white rimming the edges. thrusters in the soles of the boots and palms of the gloves. reinforced. safe
  • that’s what matters: safe. she’ll be safe. she can keep kara safe

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When your friends are traveling

Alya and Nino are very loyal friends. Even when they are on a trip, they are always ready to drop anything for a phone call from their best friends. Ao3 link.

I finally wrote the story from this post. It is a series of short, silly scenes. Alya and Nino are secret badasses but they always put their friends first. 

“Hey, bro, what’s up?” Nino’s voice came from the cell phone.

“I’m sooo bored!” Adrien moaned, falling back against his bed. He had been so lonely ever since he graduated lycee six months ago. He wanted to go straight to University but he struck a deal with his dad. If he modeled full time for two years, he could study whatever he wanted. He had been managing it until Nino had left two weeks ago for a two month trip around Europe with Alya. He was happy for his friend but he missed him. Life was so boring without him.

Nino laughed. “Sorry bro. It must be so boring being a supermodel.”

“It really isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.” Adrien laughed. “I’m surprised you have time to talk to me. When is Alya going to drag you off somewhere?”

“Don’t worry.” He paused for a moment. “She’s busy.”

Adrien laughed. “What’s she doing?”

“Just making a deal with the mob. I’m keeping watch.” Nino said casually.

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for @this-too-too-sullied-flesh who wanted the first cs dinner party (with bonus if it’s an engagement announcement) 


“We have enough food, right?”

Next to her, Killian mumbles incoherently, shifting his arm to rest more comfortably. He’s barely awake, his face still in his pillow, but Emma has been up for nearly an hour, and this freaking dinner party is going to drive her insane.

“Did you pick up that bottle of scotch for my dad? I finished the one we had last night, and–”

Killian is apparently awake enough to kiss her, his lips firm against hers as he slides across the mattress to settle between her thighs. He’s warm, his skin radiating heat from sleep, and when he pulls back enough to blink blearily at her, it’s with a soft smile. “Relax, darling. I’ve got it all sorted as you asked.”

“But everyone is coming over tonight, and–”

“And if we served them moldy bread and rotten fish, they wouldn’t even notice.”

His accent is thicker when he’s still half-asleep, or maybe it’s the underlying emotion as he reaches for her hand, the newly-placed ring shining in the early morning light. He rubs his thumb against the metal, and their eyes catch, and it hits her all over again.

They’re engaged. Emma Swan, the sad little lost girl with no home is going to marry the love of her life – the true love of her life.

But first they have to tell everyone, and she doesn’t know why she’s so nervous. Her father likes Killian. Her mother will be thrilled. Regina will say something snarky, and then probably get her some extravagant gift she doesn’t need. And Henry…well, Henry probably had something to do with the proposal in the first place since he rather conveniently stayed at a friend’s house last night.

“We’re not serving moldy anything, love.” Killian is looking at her with a faint amount of concern when she glances up, his voice pulling her from her thoughts. “Roast chicken, with–”

It’s Emma’s turn to shut him up with a kiss, a needy thing that has her gripping his shoulders to pull him closer. Who is she kidding? Killian has had this all planned. The dinner party was arranged a week ago – wouldn’t it be nice to have everyone over for Sunday dinner now that I’ve properly moved in and we’ve a moment’s peace? – and there he was last night, asking her to marry him.

He probably knew she’d never be able to keep it a secret, and if she’s honest, Emma likes that he was so sure of her answer that he already made a plan to tell everyone before he’d even asked the question.

Which is why she decides that worrying about the menu is probably not the best use of her time when they’ve got the house to themselves, and Killian’s bare skin is on hers. He must be of a similar mind, his hips grinding against hers as the kiss deepens as his fingers dance along her waist and up over her ribs.

It’s a pleasant way to pass the morning, and in the end, it turns out the Emma really shouldn’t have worried about anything. The moment her parents walk through the door, Mary Margaret zeros in on her left hand, nudging David before he’s even started to take off his coat.

“I was right. Pay up.”

Pieces || Part 3: Happy Memories

Part 3! Oh my lord I didn’t expect to get farther than the first part! Thank you so much for liking the parts before this one and I really hope you guys like this story!

Gist: You had a past relationship with Damian, but due to unfortunate events, it came to a halt after taking two different sides and five years since have passed and now both sides have to come together to help save Earth from Brainiac.



1. Really crappy. I’m not following the comics, mostly the second game because there’s a clear plot line I can use. But parts of the comic do show up and are mentioned.

2. Really short chapter

3. Since Damian Wayne wins the “Colossal Asswipe With Daddy Issues Award” in the game, I’ll give him more feelings just for you guys. So OOC Damian comin’ at ya.


PART 1 || PART 2 || PART 3

There had been a time when everyone was happy. Bruce and Clark were best friends, almost brothers even. Diana never manipulated anyone. Hal didn’t think even once about turning to the yellow ring. [Name] hadn’t been around long enough, but she still witnessed it. When she met the Justice League, she had been taken in only because Batman had caught her causing trouble with her powers.

“Why make his pants catch on fire?“ The Flash asked as he leaned against the table, staring at the guilty looking child who sat across from him. [Name] turned her head away from him, as if embarrassed what to say. The whole Justice League had come together when Batman had called all of them in, telling them about another anomaly he saw while in Gotham. They had expected him to bring the arm of an alien or another overly experimented drug that was being created in the alleyways of the brooding city.

They didn’t expect to see him with a little girl with her bands being clamped down by a container like handcuff. Her head leaned against the cold metal as she looked at the Flash and everybody in the room with her, who were expecting an answer from her. An embarrassed look crossed her face as she smiled sheepishly at them. “He was lying about taking my mom’s purse the other day, so I set it on fire.” The League stared at her. Was she being serious? “Get it? Liar, liar, pants on fire?”

Bruce looked down at her, not acknowledging her comical way of punishing the robber and [Name] shrunk into her seat a little deeper, the cuffs weighing into her stomach. The Flash snorted not a minute later and he put a hand on Bruce’s shoulder. “Hey, if you’re not looking to keep her as your ward, I’ll take care of her.” He said to him jokingly.

Wonder Woman, who walked up to [Name], put a hand on her shoulder. “It is funny, yes, but you need to know the difference between subduing someone and injuring them like that.” She gave her a smile, to try and ease her unnerved emotions from being touched by a hero. A snicker erupted behind her and she was shocked to see a giggling Superman, who kept saying “Pants on fire.”

[Name] knew she was never going to forget that memory and for the past few years she kept that memory as a means of remembering that the Justice League had, indeed, existed with the members getting along. Sometimes she second guessed that memory as she watched the team, dividing itself already after Batman dismissed them all. She can see both teams watching each other carefully before going into the groups they were assigned to.

[Name] had looked at the blonde and Wonder Woman, not necessarily happy to be paired with them. She felt someone nudge her back and she glared at Bruce, who looked at her expectantly. “Why can’t I just go with you? Diana is as bad as a tyrant as laser eyes over there.” She whispered to him, annoyed. Clark, who had been talking to Damian and Adam, stopped mid-sentence as he watched [Name] cross her arms and tap her foot impatiently.

“I can hear you, [Name].” He told her threateningly. His eyes beamed red and he felt a whip of fire fly toward him. He didn’t flinch, but he felt something different coming off of her from the last time they met–something more dangerous.

“Go suck on your ego, Clark.” The youngest member snapped back as the flames subsided into her hand until it climbed up and disappeared into her weather resistant suit. Her head turned to Bruce again, “Are you sure I can’t do this on my own?”

Damian was the one to speak up this time. “Those Betas can kill you, [Name]. It doesn’t matter how much power you hold; you can die.” He sounded more informative, but as she turned her head to look at him, she could see there was something else he wanted to say to her. His mouth moved slightly, like he was ready to talk, but decided not to. His eyes focused on her body language, rigid and shifty as he spoke the whole time, causing an uncomfortable seizing in his chest.

Looking away from him, [Name] walked past him, whispering something only he and the Super Cousins were able to hear. “That’s still safer than being with them.” His eyes never left her form, analyzing the possible ways that he could say to convince her to think otherwise on being alone, but he knew she wouldn’t listen to him. Despite what she thought, he knew she was just as stubborn as him. He grabbed her arm before she went past him, making her stop. They both examined each other, thinking if this was really the person they once knew–who spent most of their nights together on a rooftop as teenagers, holding hands and talking about school.

What went wrong?

“Damian?” [Name] whispered as she heard the loud knocking on her window, Robin, without a doubt hanging from the ledge. His lips edged to a small smile at the sight of his girlfriend and her’s gave a sigh of relief as she opened the window. Her arms reached around his neck and his around her waist. His lips pressed against the side of her head. “What happened to you yesterday night? Bruce hasn’t spoken about you and I can’t get anything out of hi–”

“I left with Clark.” Damian admitted, watching the girl in front of him quirk her eyebrows into a heavy frown. He settled a hand on her cheek. “Father doesn’t understand. Locking up those criminals–those monsters–won’t do anything. We have to eradicate them, immediately. Come with me, beloved. We can protect you.”

“Damian–I–I can’t. You shouldn’t be doing this. I thought you gave up killing–” Her voice wavered as she watched Damian’s green eyes darken significantly at her answer.

He looked at her with grief. “Killing those monsters is the only thing to get rid of this madness, [Name]. Don’t tell me you’re with Batman on this.” [Name] kept quiet, her eyes focusing on her blanket as the heartbreaking realization hit her. Damian moved his hand to her chin, forcing her to look at his eyes. “You’re with… Father on this?”

[Name] replied, her tears slipping. “Damian, I don’t want to do this, but–”

“–but what, [Name]?” He snapped at her, making the younger girl fall silent and watch as his lips were set into a straight line. “Those criminals do not deserve a chance to live! They need to pay for what they’ve done by taking a sword to their throat! Bruce is letting them live and escape from Arkham! And you’re siding with him?”

He kept silent as he watched [Name] bite her lip. Then, in the whole silence, she whispered, “You’re just as much of a monster as them if you kill them, Damian. They might be murderers, thieves–the whole leap, but they do not deserve to die in such a humiliating way.” Her eyes sparked as she met his emerald ones. “They’re awful, but they don’t deserve an execution if it wasn’t ordered.”

His eyes turned to stone the minute he learned of her allegiance to his father. “I think I should go. Clearly I can see what side you go on, beloved.” He sneered as he moved away from her and quickly made his way to the window.

“Damian.” She whispered. “Damian, please! We can’t leave it like this. Please.” Her voice sounded desperate as she watched her boyfriend step out into the night again. He looked at her for a minute, taking her appearance in. A hand gripped her chest, as if she were trying to hold something from falling, water falling down her cheeks. He turned his head away from her, jumping from roof to roof. Before he was out of earshot, he heard a loud, breaking voice echoing in the silent streets of Gotham City. “DAMIAN!”

Oh, right. That’s what happened. They didn’t speak often after that. It broke them both. It had to. They couldn’t be together for such a long time to have nothing come out of it. [Name] did everything to try and contact him behind Bruce’s back in the beginning until their second encounter, where he told her to stop trying to talk to him. He was pelted with large rocks and angry fire almost a minute after. [Name] had promised herself to never speak or come near Damian after he had been apprehended, but now here they were. He was touching her and looking at her at close proximity. And she was letting him do it.

I hate you. She seethed as she narrowed her eyes at the man. And at herself. Damian looked back without a problem, keeping his gaze steady on her as they had their stare off. “If you won’t listen to me, then listen to Bruce. You can’t get hurt. You’re too valuable of a teammate.”

“We’re not teammates.” [Name] snapped violently, pulling her arm away harshly. “We never will be so you have no absolute right to tell me what to do.” They glared at each other, their tension, for a minute, almost comparing between Bruce and Clark’s. A hand was set on [Name]’s shoulder and she didn’t need to turn around to know who had artificial claws.

“Pandemonium. For once I’ll need to agree with the demonic brat on this. Go with Wonder Woman. It’ll only be a few hours.” Selina said to her. [Name] met her eyes which, for once, had lost the teasing gleam behind them turning serious and grim. A sense of warning had been sent to the younger woman and she spun to the Amazonian and the Kryptonian, only giving Damian a small glance.

Bruce, after letting [Name] walk to her selected group in pure annoyance, nodded before turning and saying, “Split up.”

[Name] and Diana gave each other wary eyed looks before the princess had decided to walk ahead, where Superman’s team was walking to head to. The [hair color] colored hero fumed, seeing she had to be stuck with everybody she most definitely did not want to be paired with. Barry and Hal had already disappeared before she had the chance to try and stay with them and Bruce was most likely heading to anywhere but the location where citizens were present. Not to mention the way to the Bat Cave was probably infested with parasites with weapons, then [Name] stopped and examined the people in front of her, her temporary “kill-or-be-killed” team, and thought What’s the difference?

“You don’t like my cousin.” A feminine voice said to her, breaking her away from her evaluation. The blonde with the “S” was staring at her. “I don’t understand why you hate him so much.”

If you know what he’s been doing for almost a whole decade, then you’d know.

“Don’t do this, Clark!” [Name] said as she watched him hold the man by the neck. He was young, almost eighteen, only a year older than her. [Name] gripped her sprained ankle as she watched him struggle under the Kryptonian’s hold. “Clark, please!”

The older man gave her a disappointed look. “He’s a criminal, [Name]. He doesn’t deserve to live. You saw him; he had a gun pointed at innocent people. You’re willing to let him shoot civilians instead of letting him die?”

“I was going to stop him!” [Name] yelled back as she tried to retain the small amount of power she had on her. “Just let him go! He’s a bad person but we can take him away to authorities and–”


The crunching of the teenager’s neck caused the youngest hero to stop, her voice squeaking. Clark let him go from his stance in the sky and [Name], finally able to muster up much of her abilities, pulled wind from the sky, making the dead body hover down slowly instead of crashing. Her feet moved as quickly as it could to the body, dropping to her knees to the man.

Peaking out from his jacket, a wallet fell out, opening to a picture. Her eyes zeroed in on a young woman, his girlfriend probably, with a child who resembled him. A grocery list was followed behind it and a set of bills, not enough to pay for those groceries, looked up from its pocket.

A teenage father. He killed a teenage father.

[Name] felt something–a heavy emotion–weigh into her chest, dropping to her stomach as she watched Clark hover over her. He glowered at her, but she didn’t flinch as she narrowed her tear struck eyes at him. “I am authority.” Clark snapped.

[Name] picked up the wallet and walked away. “You’re a demon who needs to be stopped.”

[Name] vaguely remembered the body being taken away by Clark somewhere and her attempting to find the murdered man’s family. When she did, the teenage mother had burst into tears, clutching onto the hero’s stiffened state. Her mind had gone blank after that, resulting in her to not speak to anybody about it, not even Alfred. That snap of the neck–it had pulled her down into what seemed like a never ending black hole of insanity.

“I don’t just hate him. I hate all of them.” [Name] answered in confidence, hoping everyone in front of her heard her. From the dirty looks she received, she was happy to say it was mission success. “Superman just takes the gold.”

Kara raised a brow at her before looking at the back of Damian’s head. “I don’t think you hate everyone here. I see the way you look at Nightwing.” She whispered to her ear. [Name] looked at her, disbelief evident on her face. Did she not witness the amount of malice she shot at her ex? Kara’s lips turned upward slightly. “You love him.”

“I do not love him.” [Name] whispered angrily, her face heating up drastically. “He’s a pompous ass who I dated for a brief moment.”

“Three years isn’t brief.” Kara answered back. “Wonder Woman told me you two worry about each other, even during fights, but are too prideful to show any of it.” They had reached the ledge by the time Kara finished that sentence and [Name] rolled her eyes, pulling herself over the metallic balcony. Kara and Wonder Woman had already flown up, but [Name] felt a hand grab her arm tightly. She turned to see a set of green eyes again.

“What?” She asked Damian. He looked at her, concern sheeting his appearance this time, nothing like his stoic persona back when everyone was still gathered. A rolling in her stomach turned around and around, feeling like a teenager. She never felt like this before except when she was with Damian at times like this. She had dated between those five years, but never lasted too long, none of them satisfying her in certain perspectives–too nice or too loud to her personal opinions. Maybe she was just selective.

Or maybe you still love Damian, her old self said in the back of her head. You don’t actually hate him. You’re only convincing yourself that you hate him.

No shut up. [Name] chastised herself, but from the way Damian was staring her–like he was thirteen and she was twelve after they had gone on their first date and he was afraid he would mess it all up if he insulted her in any way, shape or form–the small, Pre-Superman Crisis part of her couldn’t help but speak up for her logically.

“Can we talk?” He asked her after a minute of staring at each other. “After… All of this ends.” He made motions around him, as if trying to address the gigantic alien problem they were trying to stop. A hopeful look glinted behind his eyes at the question and [Name] tried to suppress the same feeling. She bit her lip, thinking. Maybe they can at least try to make amends, put a Band Aid over their wounds.

But would a Band Aid fix that big of a wound?

Pondering, [Name] gave a cautious nod. “Fine.” She confirmed before jumping off the balcony. A jet of air flowed under her feet and she gave her ex-boyfriend a stiff nod. “Good luck.” She muttered before flying off next to Kara.

“Don’t love him yet?”

“Put a sock in it, Kara.”


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Too much

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Requests open

Hi! Can you make an imagine where bucky is in love with the reader but she is obvilious to it

“Have you tried flowers? Girls love flowers Bucky!” Steve tells me as I am making a cup of coffee for myself frustrated with the new proposal of my best friend.

“Of course, flowers were one of the first things that I tried Steve. I gave her a bouquet of sunflowers because I know they are her favorite”

“And what happened?” I leave the cup aside in order to him to watch my facial expresion.

“Oh Bucky they are beautiful! Are they because you destroyed my sweater in the washing machine? Because I accept them happily as an apology” I mimic her voice and Steve starts laughing at my (Y/N) impression. “I didn’t even realized that I have painted her sweater other color because I didn’t knew how that stupid washing machine worked so the flowers weren’t romantic for her!”

I have liked (Y/N) for a while, she was the one who helped me to accustom myself into this new life when I woke up from the cryogenesis. We instantly made a click and have been best friends since then, but I have fallen for her. The thing is that she is too oblivious. 

I have try everything to make her realize it but she always thinks that they are friendly acts or that I’m trying to apologize for something that I didn’t even realize that I have done. 

“And have you tried to just say (Y/N), me James Buchanan Barnes, I am in love with you and I want to take you on a date?” I chuckle at his words considering that even he wouldn’t say something like that “C’mon man, you used to have a different girl every night back in the 45′s. You can have (Y/N) if you want”

The insecurity appeared in me as Steve talked. Yeah, the 45′s were a different thing. I wasn’t a murderer brain washed with a metal arm, I was just Bucky and not the Winter Soldier. But… (Y/N) and I met when I was already this monster and she accepted me this way. Maybe she will accept to go on a date with me if I stop trying make her to realize my love for her and just tell her directly my feelings.

“So what? I just tell her hey (Y/N), I think that you are the most amazing girl I have ever met, would you go on a date with me because I love you so much and I want you to have my babies and become Mrs. Barnes? Well I think the order is incorrect but the fact is that i want to hold you in my arms forever” I say with a laugh but Steve is just staring at me with a smirk embodied in his face.

“Well soldier, as much as I would love to become Mrs. Barnes and have your babies I think we need to take things slower and start with a date don’t you think?” Shit. 

I turn around and I can see (Y/N) also smirking at me. As I was to tell Steve something about how he didn’t stop me from talking I don’t see a glimpse of him. That fucker left me. 

“Am’ sorry (Y/N) I… I just never… I” I stumble at my own words not knowing what to tell her. She walks over me and takes both of my hands in hers.

“So you like me as much as I like you soldier?” What? She likes me too? Am I dreaming? 

“I’m sorry if that was too much for you. But I would be happy if you accept to go on a date with me”I tell her feeling more secure of myself now knowing that she feels the same as me. She nods and I can’t hide my smile.

“So I’m guessing all the flowers, chocolates and gifts were you trying to ask me out and I was to stupid to realize it don’t you?” I nod but with my right hand I take her waist pulling her closer.

“Not too much doll” She smiles at me and leaves my arms making her way to the elavator.

“See you at 7 in my door soldier. I will be waiting for you to take us on our date”

“See you doll” I watch her disappear into the elevator and I decide to run in the search of Steve. 

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I really hate the "she became a simple housewife" argument when it comes to the Naruto girls.

It doesn’t matter whether or not they decided to become stay-at-home-moms, it still doesn’t detract from their characters nor their accomplishments and strength. Plus, you can’t forget that Kishi is still a traditional man and Japan is still mostly a traditional place when it comes to household jobs. It was bound to happen whether you like it or not. 

But seriously, with the girls becoming housewives, it hasn’t hurt them any way. Based off the Boruto movie, all of the girls are shown to still kick ass when it comes down to it. 

Sakura: She saved a bunch of people by breaking the metal beam or whatever, and healed Hinata when she went after Naruto. She also most likely took charge of the hospital for all of the injured people during the invasion. SHE STILL KICKED ASS!!! 

Temari: She aided Sakura by blowing the broken beam or whatever away and continued to help evacuate people to safety. The fact that she even had her fan in the first place is saying something! SHE STILL KICKED ASS!!! 

Ino: She helped evacuate people to safety and probably looked after Himawari when Hinata went to try to save Naruto. Ino is still a badass people! SHE STILL KICKED ASS!!! 

Hinata: Protected her daughter through the chaos, probably asked Ino to look after her so she could try to save her husband, off screen confirmed to try to fight Momoshiki and Kinshiki, obviously didn’t win because that spot was meant for her adorkable son, Boruto. Whether people like to admit it or not, Hinata is a badass who always goes after the bigger dudes! SHE STILL KICKED ASS!!! 

Tenten and Karui: Even though Tenten isn’t really a confirmed housewife, and both women weren’t seen much (for Karui, not at all) during the movie, you can bet your bottom dollar that those two did their part in making sure that civilians made it out okay. #NotSeenEvacuationSquad! ALSO, Tenten is part of the Chunin exams so obviously she’s still doing her part! THEY STILL KICKED ASS!!! 

See! So no matter what or how these women are portrayed so far throughout the series, when it comes down to it, they will show you why you should never doubt and dismiss all of their progress that they had made throughout their lives all because they had kids, married the men of their dreams, and became stay-at-home-moms. If anything, they could be used as like a sneak attack weapon against those that don’t know who they are by name or face since everyone seems to think that being a housewife takes away all of your power, strength, progress, skills, etc. 

These women are certified badasses, okay people? 💃

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Tired of Waiting

Pairing: Alex Summers x Reader

Summary: Soulmate!au – Alex has always had the words ‘Hey! Could you give me a boost?’ tattooed to his forearm since he was born, and he’s been waiting since then to find the girl who will say those words. 

Warning: none?

Word Count: 622 

A/N: I SUCK AT TITLES AHHH ,,, so sorry its so short, could possibly do a part 2 if people were interested!

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can you imagine steve and jane foster being bestest bros though? I mean, Jane literally throws herself into harms way for science and for Thor (and for literally everyone else her self-preservation instinct is zero) and steve sees so much of who he was back in the 40s in her

so they hang out all the time, swapping stories and Jane helps him acclimate to the future. (steve’s no astrophysicist but he can work a computer i dunno why people love thinking that he can’t figure out anything modern)

and then all the shit with ca:ws happens and when Bucky is finally found, steve introduces them thinking that bucky will like jane as much as Steve does. but bucky is flat-out horrified. because somehow 70 years later there is another fucking skinny steve rodgers walking around only this one is a girl and doesn’t just like to pick fights with bullies, no, this one likes to pick fights with shady government agencies, throwing caution to the fucking wind, and he nearly has an aneurism when he finds out that she broke into a facility to get Mjölnir back

needless to say, bucky is a fixture in jane’s life after that. and whenever she wants something from shield he accompanies her, metal arm uncovered, just glaring everyone down if they so much as look at her the wrong way. in the history of shield, nick fury has never been so accommodating as when jane foster walks in with bucky on her arm.

thor hella amused by the whole thing

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104% Confirmed List of Things that will happen in Stormlight Archive 3

It’s totally true! (Would I lie to you?)

- The prologue is Elhokar at the party where Gavilar died. He notices Dalinar following the codes as Gavilar said. Then, the two mysterious men convince him to trick Dalinar into getting completely wasted. He gets Dalinar drunk, then gives Szeth directions to Gavilar’s room, gives Sadeas the handbook on how to stop the Desolations (it was the only one of its kind, and Sadeas destroys it), gives Venli the tip that she needs to unlock Stormform, and gives Darkness a list of crimes committed by all Surgebinders so that he can kill them. Adolin is also revealed to have dated Shallash.

- In present day, the Ghostbloods say that Shallan must find true love if she wants to join them. She angsts over whether she loves Kaladin or Adolin.

- Kaladin flies in to Hearthstone in the middle of Roshone’s marriage to Laral (it was a really long engagement). Roshone has now grown an evil goatee and intends to push his new button that gives supreme power to Odium once he gets married. Kaladin bursts in and gives his objection right before the vows. Everyone cheers that Kaladin saved the day, only for a brick to knock him out.

- Jasnah has to babysit Baby Odium, the suckling child from WoK Chapter 57’s Death Rattle.

- Szeth decides to chase his dream and become a rockstar. It is revealed in his flashbacks that everyone in Shinovar discouraged this dream because stone was sacred. Szeth was sad, but then he saw someone Soulcasting some grass into a guitar. Using the guitar, he rocked out, singing that the end was coming. He was made Truthless because his music was too loud.

- It’s revealed that Lirin has turned evil and crowned himself Emperor of Hearthstone. Kaladin, Roshone, Laral, Jost’s Dad, and Hesina team up to stop Lirin from upgrading the Voidbringers into the Super Voidbringers. However, when Kaladin tries to fight him, Lirin goes Super Saiyan and defeats Kaladin, telling him that he has to unlock more true potential.

- Dalinar confesses that he doesn’t remember his wife, only to find out that her name actually is “Shshshshshshsh”.

- Jasnah runs into a hat-obsessed man who likes drinking metal, claims that two and two equals pickle, can regenerate and slow time, is a master of disguise, and hates guns. Brandon’s notes indicate that he is indeed a worldhopper: Hrathen.

- The Highspren cause Highstorms, but they’ve grown tired of it so they give Adolin the power to make Highstorms.

- Shallan actually does draw herself as a bridgeman, causing her to realize that she loves Kaladin.

- Kaladin decides to say the Fourth Oath to get enough power to defeat Emperor Lirin. However, when he learns that it’s, “I will not go after my friend’s girl”, he refuses to say it.

- Dalinar walks up to Shallan and says, “Kaladin killed Helaran” with no context, then walks away.

- Nalan is also in possession of a giant block of ice in which Spook has cryogenically frozen himself.

- The recurring Interlude character (like Szeth in WoK and Eshonai in WoR) is Mazrim Taim.

- Ghost Sadeas appears and swears the Oath, “The death is my life, the strength becomes my weakness, the journey has ended”, causing him to transform into Sataneas.

- Kaladin tries to flee Hearthstone, but ends up tripping over and unplugging a power cord. This gets rid of Emperor Lirin’s power, and Kaladin easily defeats him. As thanks for stopping Lirin, Laral gives Kaladin a big smooch. However, as she does, Shallan walks in, gasps, and runs away. Kaladin chases after her saying that he can explain and we see no more of them in this book.

- To raise money for the new Radiants, Dalinar and Renarin start a car wash. However, Amaram’s 1974 Parsher truck turns out to be a Carform Parshendi, which turns into the legendary Voidmobile when Adolin hits it with a Highstorm.

- Lopen is part of the 11th Radiant Order, the Ganchos.

- Szeth and Darkness can’t get into Shinovar because there’s a ten dollar admission fee. Spook defrosts and the trio go on an epic quest to find ten dollars.

- Derethil is still alive and the Aesudan subplot is resolved when Wandersail falls from the sky and crushes her.

- Nan Balat reveals that Shallan`s mom`s name was `Restares Davar`.

- Szeth, Spook, and Darkness run into Jasnah, owner of Roshar`s last ten dollars. Szeth and Jasnah bond over their mutual fakeout deaths.

- Navani falls into a parallel dimension where Steelheart, The Rithmatist, and Alcatraz are part of the Cosmere.

- Lift eats Sadeas`s body, causing Sataneas to get mad.

- Szeth finally gets back to Shinovar with the ten dollar admission fee, only to find out that they`re closed for the summer.

- Taravangian finds love.

- Adolin gets a puppy and names it Sureblood Jr. However, his puppy gets eaten by TenSoon.

- It`s revealed that Odium wants to destroy the Cosmere because he got friendzoned by Cultivation.

- The Nightwatcher is revealed to actually be the Nightwasher, and only gives you a boon and a curse if you wash your dishes.

- Eshonai wakes up and finds that she has been rebuilt into a cyborg.

- It`s revealed that the Ten Fools founded a group called the Knights Radian. It takes two orders to form a Knights Diameter.

- The big twists of the book are:

1. The Recreance happened becuase the Knights Radiant were no longer given a discount on fast food.

2. Elhokar has already been assassinated and Danlan has tricked everyone into thinking that she is Elhokar.

3. The masked Ghostblood is Stella, daughter of Dalinar and Vin, master of all Radiant powers, only one who can stop Odium, and love interest of Hoid. (Totally not a Mary Sue.)

4. Nohadon plaigirized The Way of Kings, stealing it in its entirety from How to be Evil by Dilaf.

5. Lift gets a Shardfork.

6. Ronald McDonald is coming to Roshar.

When I was eight
I would walk up to my mother
My short curly hair in a frizzy halo around my head
With my somewhat crooked smile
And ask her if I would be pretty

She would smile
Pat my hair down
Bop me on my nose
And say with a honey sweet voice
Not to worry about it

When I was 13 I hated my body
My thighs too big, boobs not big enough
Mornings would be spent stuffing my bra
Denying myself the right to breakfast
I didn’t dare insinuate that I was skinny enough to deserve it

By 15 I was covered in different peroxides
My teeth held together by metal braces
My face a collage of different flaws
So I painted it like it was a portrait
Just so I could cringe less when I looked in the mirror

When I was 18 I learned that nobody would love me
The way I should love myself
And a weight was lifted off my shoulders
Because somewhere in between the frizzy halo and metal braces
I was taught to hate myself

But this is not just about me
This is about the girls who will go home crying
Because they weren’t deemed pretty enough
And all the people who will sway home tonight in a drunken trance
Because a stranger didn’t think they’re suitably screwable

This about the world we’ve created for ourselves
Haunted by models and mirrors
Our own reflections a prison
Our flaws become metal bars
Our insecurities are our chains

When my daughter walks up to me some years from now
Whatever her hair looks like
No matter her crooked smile
And asks me if she will be pretty
I will smile, look her in the eye, and say no

You will never be just pretty

You will be pretty intelligent, pretty talented
You will be pretty gifted, pretty kind
But no daughter of mine will be confined
By some shallow five letters

—  My friend, my queen, THE Jinan Abu-Farhah
Bars and Phrases

Fandom: Fairy Tail

Pairing: Gajevy, Implied NaLu

Rating: K

Word Count: 735

Hey everyone! I came up with a tiny Gajevy fic while trying to beat Writer’s Block, and came up with this. Do reblog/ leave a comment saying if you like it/ hate it…any feedback is welcome <3

The story’s up on FFnet and AO3 too btw, so check it out there if you want. The links should be on my blog description, since ya know… Tumblr doesn’t like posts with external links and all that…

(Side note: Yes I know my fluff writing skills could use some work. But that’s what practice is for, yeah?!)

All it took was a slight waver in her voice, a nuanced this-is-me amidst the what-do-you-see, and Levy knew she’d lost herself to him, perhaps forever.

Gajeel continued singing upstage with his eyes closed, completely oblivious to the stupid smile plastered across Levy’s face, as she listened to him sing for the umpteenth time that Friday evening. She’d made it a point since the first time she’d heard him to attend his performances every single week, and yet somehow, each time he sang, it felt like she was hearing him for the very first time. Each song felt like a confession to which each word felt like a clue, and the more Levy tried to put the pieces together, the bigger she realized the puzzle really was. And even though she couldn’t really see the entire picture, in the end it didn’t really matter, for it was in the silver linings and dark corners she found parts of herself scattered too.

A tiny blush spread through her cheeks as she realized Lucy was smirking at her from the next table. Usually she’d brush it off and act nonchalant as her friend insisted she was crushing over the guy, but as it dawned on her that she’d been searching for him recklessly between the lines, her heart did a little somersault and pushed her to admit it was true.

Here she was, Levy McGarden, proud reject-ee of many a smitten college boy, falling head-over-heels for a guy she’d never really talked to, yet knew like she did her favorite book.

Her heart felt like it was leaping out of her chest, as if she was at the top of a really high rollercoaster gathering its speed as it began to drop. She felt like she was going to explode, out of panic and out of joy. Had she just claimed to know this boy? Never in a million years did she plan on saying it out loud, but to even allow such a thought to cross her mind…who did she think she was? And yet, at the same time, why hadn’t she allowed it before?

The deafening clapping of the audience around her dragged her out of her thoughts almost immediately. The song was over, and the host climbed up the stage to commend Gajeel on his performance, the last for the night. He opened his eyes, and found himself staring right at her, before smiling timidly and looking away. Levy’s stomach fluttered as she smiled back and looked away. This could be the start of something new. She knew it.

That is, if she could muster the courage to talk to him.

“Hey Lev,” Lucy snickered as she slid into the chair beside Levy’s. The blunette, who’d been sitting on a barstool near Lucy’s table as the latter was on a date, groaned as she realized a horrible line was about to hit her square in the face. “Are you a holding a huge-ass orange soda bottle big enough to go to Mars and back, ‘cuz it looks like you’ve got a crush and you know it.” “Are you sure you’re allowed to say that, given your…situation?”
“At least I’m not the one drooling over a guy I’ve yet to talk to.”
“I’m working on it!”
“Sweetheart, you’ve been working on it. For three months now.”
“Says the girl on a date with a guy she liked for a two whole years before asking him out.”

Lucy simply stuck out her tongue in response, to which Levy began laughing uncontrollably. So much so that she didn’t even notice the long-haired man approaching her till he tapped her on the shoulder.

Lucy glanced at him before smiling at Levy rather knowingly and excusing herself. Levy turned around, wondering who it was, and nearly dropped dead when she saw who it was.

Gajeel, right before her. Up this close, she could see everything about him. The metal piercings, the curls in his hair, the tiny scar underneath his chin, the crooked smile…

“Hey! Uh, I’ve seen you hanging around here a couple of times, and I was maybe wondering if you wanted to…”

Levy tried hard, and failed miserably, to hide her smile as his gaze darted from her face to the corners of the room to the bar to back to her face to -
“I’d love to.”

Maybe it really was as easy as that.

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Could you please do some hevie headcanons as children/preteens? Thank you

ah, sorry this took so long ;;

  • evie first sees harry a few months before she gets cursed to stay in her castle for a decade. she’s out with her mother, shopping for new clothes when she sees a small boy her age carrying a small hook
  • their actual first meeting is at her sixth birthday party, where harry’s forced to come along because his sisters were invited. he’s angry because he’s really the only boy there, but evie comes up to him and compliments his hook
  • harry decides immediately that he likes her because everyone he’s met seemed to hate the hook, except for his sisters of course
  • before they can even become better friends however, mal and her mother crash the party. that’s probably the first and last time the boy gets to see her for another ten years
  • he doesn’t know why, but before he’s taken away by his father, he gives evie his hook to remember him by. evie gives him her red apple pendant in return. when his father asks him what happened to his hook, he lies and claims he lost it. of course, harry ends up having to work vigorously to earn another hook back, which he eventually does
  • when grimhilde decides it’s safe enough for evie to go out after the ten years, she heads straight to the docks (it takes a while though, because she hasn’t seen the outside in years). when she does eventually make it, she finds harry with his pirate crew
  • after years of isolation, evie’s a little rusty when it comes to socializing so she ends up sorta spying on him from behind one of the barrels
  • this goes on for a few days until she finally makes friends with carlos, and it’s a while before she eventually return to the docks
  • but their first reunion happens completely by accident. evie’s on an errand for her mother when she bumps into him. she feels something hook around her to keep her steady, and when she realizes that it’s an actual metal hook, it all clicks. harry however, doesn’t recognize her at first because it’s been ten years, and he hadn’t heard news of her release. evie’s disappointed when she realizes, but says nothing
  • it only clicks in harry’s mind when he notices her apple purse. it looks exactly like the shape of the pendant he still keeps, and he’s left gaping at her in surprise
  • from his memories, she seemed to be a really pretty girl, but seeing her now made him realize that his memories didn’t really do her justice. she’s grown up well
  • evie agrees to his offer to hang out, where he shows her around the docks, taking her to meet some of his crew and his ship. he’s a teased by the rest of them for having a girlfriend, and evie gets embarrassed. she tries pulling her hand away from his but he only grips her tighter, giving his crew a deadly glare which eventually stops the teasing
  • but evie’s still known as ‘harry’s little girlfriend’ around the docks, and at the hook’s household. evie’s given up on telling them to call her something else, while harry just waves them off entirely, showing no reaction whatsoever
  • when harry finds out about mal’s bullying, he’s tempted to get revenge and put her back in her place. but it takes a lot of convincing and eventually a small kiss on the cheek before he finally calms down
  • that still doesn’t stop him from purposely sabotaging the girl’s artworks without evie knowing, knowing that if she did find out she would skin him alive. but it was for her sake
all the simple things

reynalypso | first meeting

For all that Reyna is a demigod whose entire life is determined by capital-f Fate, she’s not one to trust in destiny. It’s far too nebulous, far too shady, and practically impossible to pin down and get right. And given her nasty history with Venus, Reyna has pretty much determined that she thinks very little of fate and destiny, especially when it comes to love, and she’d very much prefer to be left out of matters concerning fate, destiny, and love for the foreseeable future.

Needless to say, she does not take it well when she winds up at Camp Half-Blood on some strange diplomacy mission because Apollo fucked up and Leo Valdez is back from the dead or whatever the hell is going on lately. But she’s spent too long as sole acting praetor to make Frank go alone, and figures it might potentially look bad for future relations between Greeks and Romans if she decides to bail. Anyway, she’ll be able to check in on Nico, if nothing else.

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This is why behavior is communication.

My ‘rents and I went to Supercuts because my bangs (fringe?) needed a trim, mom needed a haircut and my dad needed haircut and a beard trim.

I’m at the back half of my sensory-hell-everything-hurts phase due to Aunt Flo’s visit, but my choice was go today or wait another month and my bangs were literally poking me in the eyes. So I went. I had my black Tangle and my No Gloom ‘Shroom. I took earplugs in a baggie too, just in case.

We get into Supercuts and it’s loud. Hair dryers, clippers, an angry yelling kid getting his first haircut(he gets a pass tho, poor kid!) while another kid– a little black girl who was probably 10 or so– played with the wooden blocks in the toybox with her parents nearby. Yeah, Supercuts has stuff to entertain kids. 

I sat off to the side by the toybox and did my head-ducked-temple-tapping routine that I do when I’m overloaded. It wasn’t enough to send me into a meltdown, but I had to really focus. I put my No Gloom ‘Shroom in my mouth and twiddled my Tangle as I angled my head to watch the kid playing with the blocks. She was cute! I don’t know what the hairstyle is called, but she had her hair done up in lots of braids that stuck out every which-way with cute ponytail holders on the ends, and the parts in her hair looked like patchwork on her scalp. (I love seeing little black girls with that hairstyle, it’s adorbs!) I also noticed she was sucking on a pink pacifier.

I put my head down again. About five seconds later the little girl came over and handed me one of the green triangle-shaped blocks. They were wood with grain on one edge, but finished smooth to prevent splinters. She jiggled the block up and down and I immediately pocketed my Tangle and rubbed my finger on the grain. Her face kept the same curious expression, but she jumped up and down like I answered a question correctly.

This kid picked up on my distress and comforted me with something that made her feel good. 

Her parents didn’t interject. They probably figured out I was autistic too by the way I acted when I sat down. I glimpsed them smiling a bit in my peripheral vision as I showed the girl how cool it felt to rub the grain-side of two triangle blocks together.

I didn’t say a word to her, I just got down on the floor beside her and lined up blocks with her. Sometimes I took the round peg shaped ones and rolled them back and forth between my hands like a kitten batting a ball around. She picked up the rectangle block and dropped it repeatedly on the little play mat like she was experimenting with all the ways she could make it land. It felt so natural, like we carried on a sensory conversation that included only us.

We didn’t look at each other at all, except to watch our hands and the blocks. We played with those blocks until it was my turn to get my bangs trimmed. 

The place got quieter when the future death metal scream kid was finished having his first haircut. NOW I could really relax all the way, just in time to put up with the unpleasantness of a bang trim. I was a lot calmer and I attribute the biggest part of that to the girl inviting me to talk to her. I gave back the block the girl gave me and jiggled her hand like she jiggled mine. It was how she said hello, so I thought I would use it to say goodbye. She slapped the floor as I got up and resumed playing like she was before.

I heard her parents praise her when I walked off to my bangs trimmed. Her parents were complimenting her for communicating with me her way instead of trying to force non-autistic interaction. They respected her behavior as meaningful rather than dismissing it as “meaningless repetitive movements”.

That’s parenting done right.

Nice to Meet You - Steve Rogers Imagine

A/N: hello dearies! so this is a bit different since it’s my first Avengers imagine! xO hahaha hope you guys like it anyways! :D

Anonymous said:  How about an imagine of Steve introducing a shy reader to the avengers for the first time? And if possible, I’d appreciate it if it was kept anonymous. Again, Congratulations on your 500 Followers!!

this was requested by my awesome 500th follower! :D I hope you guys like it :)

Disclaimer: I don’t own the Avengers :)

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Nice to Meet You

“But what if they don’t like me?” (Y/N) asked nervously as she looked out the window of the car.

“Are you kidding? They’re gonna love you” Steve said smiling at her.

“How can you be so sure?”

“Because I do” he said grabbing her hand and kissing it. “So they will” he added.

(Y/N) smiled nervously at him. If only it was that simple. She and Steve had been dating for a while and Steve decided it was time for her to meet the rest of the team, since it was one of those rare occasions when, not only were they all here but they weren’t out on a mission. (Y/N) was excited to meet them, who wouldn’t. But these weren’t just Steve’s friends, they were his family. They meant more to him than anything in the world, so she really wanted them to like her.

“Stop worrying” he said with a small laugh.

“I’m not worrying” she said looking away.

“Sure, you’re not” he said rolling his eyes once they pulled over at the Stark Tower.

Steve quickly got out of the car and walked towards the other side to open the door for her and help her out of the car. (Y/N) smiled gratefully at him and he kissed her forehead.

“Don’t be nervous” he said giving her a peck on the lips. “It’s just a party” he said shrugging his shoulders.

“Yeah, with your super family” she added. Steve laughed before he took her hand and led her inside.

When the doors to the elevator open, revealing what (Y/N) thought was the biggest room she’d ever been in, she saw everyone turning their heads at them. Great; as if she wasn’t nervous enough.

“Uh, hi, sorry we’re late” Steve said smiling and walking her inside the room.

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principessa (I) ;

Episode I: in which you meet the man your father arranged for you to marry

notes: Accensa is completely made up (i.e. not part of the canon universe), but I needed a place that wasn’t Niflheim or Lucis and Accordo didn’t work so here we go

You’d asked that the car be driven with the top down that morning. It was admittedly cold for Accensa, but you still tried to savor the warmth. After all, your kingdom was even further south than Accordo. “Cold” in Accensa might be an early spring day in Tenebrae, and that made you wonder if Tenebrae even had spring any longer.

Dark stories came from traders and tourists from the main continent. You were told to pay them no mind, but how could you ignore them? Your father no less than sold you off to some former prince or something, whatever, you didn’t care who he was. All of your energy toward him was directed at loathing the situation you were forced into with him.

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