when a girl is a teaser

do you ever sit here and remember how when Carmilla first started, it was this small webseries about a girl trying to find her missing roommate

And now we’ve got four seasons
And a movie
That just showed its teaser trailer at Fan Expo
And they’re also gonna be at NY Comic Con
And then release the movie on October 26

And just think about how far the cast and crew have come in a few years

And feel so damn proud and emotional

bad | 05

 He was the cliché bad boy. He was the guy you couldn’t stand. He was the handsome, hot kid who made girls go weak in the knees. He was a brat. You had never liked him one bit, but you had also never gotten involved with anything concerning him. Until one day, when you were in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

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MEMBER: jeon jungkook x reader

GENRE: future smut, romance, fluff, badboy!jungkook

WORDS: 7 159

WARNINGS: mature themes, language

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A/N: I hope ya’ll have fun reading this. hopefully it quenches some thirst- what? fucken not today teaser got me shook as fuck, I screamed out loud! and thank you so much for all the sweet messages <3 sry for taking so long

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introduction into nu’est

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debuted March 14, 2012 with “Face” under pledis entertainment

fandom ㄴ.ㅇ.ㅅ.ㅌ (pronounced LOVE from the way you spell Nu’est in Korean 뉴이스트) fandom color hot pink

did pretty well during debut promotions but popularity kept declining due to shitty promotions from company and lack of comebacks  

many thought Nu’est was near disbandment

4 members (Jonghyun, Minki, Minhyun and Dongho) joined Produce 101 Season 2 in hopes of proving their skills and saving Nu’est

all four members made it to the finale but only Minhyun made it into the top11 (#9) and got to debut with wanna-one 

other members ranked 13 (Dongho), 14 (Jonghyun) and 20 (Minki)

but they did not fail because they did prove themselves throughout the show and gained a lot of popularity internationally and nation-wide 

in hopes that they continue to gain popularity I am making an introductory to the members of Nu’est for the new and upcoming ㄴㅇㅅㅌ’s :)))

firstly Nu’est’s Leader

Kim Jonghyun (JR) 06.08.1995

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Leader, Main Rapper, Main Dancer

talented affff

3 S’s Shy Sweet & Sensitive

extremely caring

blames himself for Nu’est’s lack of popularity

looks like onibugi 

cries a lot 

but only bc he loves his members and p101 children so much and he wants to do his best for them 24/7

wayyy too selfless

Nation’s Leader

cried bc other p101 trainees did a hidden camera on him on his birthday

plays like almost every instrument ever

speaks japanese

loves eminem

says he’s living his father’s dream by becoming an entertainer

too shy to speak english

humble affff

video game addict

brought a potato to school and talked to it like it was his child

says sorry too much

ren is his gf

camera slut always has to be in the shot

hates tomatoes

always gets way into karaoke 

wants to marry aron :))

next is the oldest 

Aron Kwak (Aron) 05.21.1993

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ft hungry Minhyun

Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist

real name is youngmin 

but he fucking hates it

from LA

is the oldest but isn’t the leader

for good reason

hes a fucking mess

an adorable mess but a mess

does radio shows

sometimes says things without thinking and gets himself into trouble

smart af

got accepted into NYU but chose to become an idol instead

learned Korean in 9 months

is a slut for his members

prob a closeted alcoholic


high key gay for ren

mommas boy

ladies man

checks out girls even while on camera

thinks he’s cute and tags pictures of himself as #cutie

king of fan service

loves skinship

gets banned from twitter all the time bc all he does is follow fans

can actually cook 

has kissed ren and acted like he kissed baekho and minhyun

can’t ice-skate but claims he’s good at it

can’t say nu’est after all these years

hates horses and seagulls

can’t jump rope

has a crush on minhyun’s sister

is always 200% done with his members

“when I feel lonely at night I like lonnnggg hairrrr” 

ren: “rrreeaallly?”

claims he teaches the other nu’est guys english but has progressively given up

started the jr looks like onibugi thing

next is my bias :)))))))))))

Kang Dongho (Baekho) 07.21.1995 

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Main Vocal


can barely dance 

but has an amazing voice

looks scary but isn’t at all until he’s irritated

doesn’t get irritated easily but when he does gtg

is prob scared of ren

kang daddy

sexy bandit

really close to his dad

his dad has leukemia and dongho went to Instagram to ask people to donate blood to help his dad out

sweet pie

also hates horses

likes tacos

says he likes girls with “long hair, cute and sexy…. and a lot of money”

got his stage name bc he looked like Kang Baekho from SlamDunk

his stage name means white tiger

has a tiger tattooed on his forearm

2 more tattoos on his chest 

its hot af

has abs 

but gets too shy to show them 

knows kumdo and did it in his solo teaser before debut

again hot af

hates cleaning

won’t do it

has the most wholesome laugh I literally have a playlist of baekho laugh comps

if his laugh doesn’t make you smile idk what will

fought a drug dealer in Mexico bc he tried to start a fight with his members

strong af 

(saying hello on a radio show) “hello I’m baekho I’m fine thank you and you?”

has to hug someone to be able to sleep usually ren

sweats all the time 

he can breathe and start sweating 

a lil gay for Aron but kissed Minhyun on the cheek and is all over ren sooo

wants to be a comedian but only tells dad jokes

broke the lock on the bathroom door in their dorm once

says whats on his mind/what he feels

competitive but sucks under pressure 

sucked in school

lazy af

prob has the best English pronunciation out of the members besides Aron obviously

“I remember me”

has to pet every dog he sees 

called his parents just to ask to buy something worth like $6

talks shit to anyone and everyone

didnt mean to audition for pledis but went to support his friend in their audition and got casted lmao

is basically naked in the dorm all the time

but in public covers up like a nun

plays piano

always dies from secondhand embarrassment from ren

next is the model

Hwang Minhyun (Minhyun) 08.09.1995

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Lead Vocalist, Visual

tall af

skinny but buff

should and could be a model

can hit high notes like nobody’s business

extremely innocent

still hasn’t had his first kiss

at first pledis only wanted him bc of how handsome he is 

speaks japanese

has an older sister that Aron has a crush on but he said she’s out of his league

low key savage

(saying hello on a radio show) “hi I’m minhyun, I like you *kiss noise*”

loves jr

is in Wanna-One (p101)

only pledis trainee to make it 

cried when minki jonghyun and dongho didnt make it 

didn’t even celebrate his victory bc all he could think about was leaving his brothers I’m crying

doesn’t drink

“perfect perfect perfect”

don’t ask him to improv dance

ren said baekho was the most handsome in nu’est and he accidentally blurted out “no he’s not” lmaoo

likes american-korean accents aka aron’s accent

got lost in turkey

rlly likes elephants

always has body lotion wyd boy ;););) 

loves things to be clean

always fighting with the members especially baekho bc nobody cleans except him

bribes baekho with food

hes a picky eater bc hes a child

sucks at bowling

said “this is your mistake” to Aron bc Aron didn’t know their English titles

sings everywhere

“thats no-no”

skips practice all the time

sleeps with earphones in how tf

cried when pledis scouted him 

next is the maknae

Choi Minki (Ren) 11.03.1995

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Vocalist, Face of the Group, Maknae

is beautiful dressed as a boy and a girl

can rock long hair

actually any hair

made aron’s heart flutter when he was dressed as a girl

extra af

sassy af

on the topic of Mexican food he responded with “u know i luv u gurl I like mexican” and everyone in the room died

impersonated people drowning in an elevator from movie

minhyun said he had a lot of charisma and he said he was crying

ranted on how amazing and beautiful jr is for like 5 min on live radio

(saying hello on a radio show) “nice to meet you I’m ren thank you very much I love you too”

lady gaga’s number one fanboy sent her fanmail once

knows he’s pretty

can model walk


can play piano

thinks he can speak English


loves everyone

is actually terrifying 

does this thing with his shoulders 

so now he’s called shoulder gangster

not afraid to be embarrassed

can and will do any girl dance

can’t raise animals they all die

used to get mistaken for a girl all the time

members rlly love him

has a twitter

made jr sit in a trash can once

sucks at games like any game

amazing dancer

fell in love with baekho when he did kumdo for the solo teaser like same

is a lil bit of a loner

loves fashion

is a diva

likes nail art 

loves the movie titanic

hogs the bathroom bc he’s an ass

makes the members question their sexuality 

“how old are you” 

“I’m fine thank you”

likes skinship

says his older brother is terrifying lmao


thats everything I can remember about the nu’est members pls support and love them

BTS Highlight Reel Theory “Love Yourself”

First of all let me say that the girls in the highlight reel are really cute and I love them. A lot of people are saying that they are bts’ love interest or that the “Love Yourself” is based on romance but if it is ,how is it connected to HYYH? So, this is my theory and I am just trying to make sense out of this as everyone else.

THE GIRLS MAY NOT BE LOVE INTEREST BUT A REFLECTION OF THEMSELVES OR THEIR GUIDANCE ANGELS. When I watched over the teaser I saw a lot of similar features that the girls have boys.
Jin’s girl have a grace to her beautiful and eternal also physically she has the boardest shoulders out of all the girls. Jungkook’s girl seem tomboyish and very young by the her style is messy and carefree. Yoongi’s girl is very obvious she’s short but also have a fierce attitude, as shown she took away his lighter. Namjoon’s girl showed a bit of clumsiness when she through down the papers and shyly thank him. Taehyung’s girl was also very obvious her badgirl attitude reflect on Taehyung in the past when he used to get into trouble. Finally, Jimin and Hoseok’s girl she had a very bright arua like Hobi but for some reason I think she is there for both of them. Not in a love triangle but to guide Jimin to help Hoseok (that’s for the next explanation)

If this is really part of HYYH how is it connected, since HYYH was about their youth and friendship? Well, love plays a big role in growing up, rejection, heartbeark, the whole concept of “Love Yourself” is you have to find yourself first and appreciate yourself. The girls are there to help through the hard time their are facing (the friendship that the boys lost with each other) to help them through and reconnect, maybe with each other and heal them from their past.

The scenes have similar concept to all of them. When Jin’s girl drop her book why didn’t he didn’t run after her or did he see something in the book from his past (his note or pictures he though of the memebers by the sea). I think she is there to help him go back by the sea(as seen in his poster)

Jk’s girl is helping him heal maybe from being alone and hopeless because he can’t walk. She guide him through a better hope and one day he can walk again.In his poster he’s shown to be very happy.

Yoongi’s is very obvious, from the past his lighter was always connected to him. He was shown smoking a cigarette which can be portrait as self-destructive even his concept quoted that “ Don’t come near me, you’ll be unhappy”. But you see she stopped him and give him an alternative meaning so he can live longer. She give him a lollipop which is also connected to Namjoon. Even at that scene he looked at the lollipop as if it reminded him for something… or someone.

Namjoon’s I’m kinda unsure about but his quote “ I only will watch you from behind, cause now is not the time”. He was watching the girl from behind but as she drop her fliers he went and help her. By that incident she make him come forward, I think she is there to help him realize that the time is now and to stop looking from behind.

Taehyung’s is obvious as Yoongi’s, the girl was shoplifting but he stopped him from doing a crime which can get her in trouble. Taehyung is well known for a lot of crimes in his past and I think she is there for to redeem himself from his sins such as paying the item for her.

Jimin and Hoseok are very connected in HYYH, they have similar personalities and problems. Like in a their solo song Lie and Mama the setting is very similar. I don’t know how to explain it but the reason why there is one girl because Hoseok has a personality disorder as he suffer from when he was child when his mother left him.

In his solo short film the doctor diagnosed him with munchausan’s symptoms

Because of this he’s mentally unstable and can’t get thing straight. Jimin is also suffering from something as his quote said “ I lied because I thought there was no way that you would love someone like me” I think this means he’s behind in something from Hoseok but don’t want to tell him because he think it will hurt him. I think she is there to help Jimin reveal his lie to Hoseok and help Hoseok with his disorder.

I have more theories on this but my main thing is I don’t think this is a romance concept BH is trying to show. Let’s be real it’s them when is anything this simple there is definitely more to theses girls than love. They have a lot of connection with the boys from HYYH and I think they are really there for to help them heal individually and slowly guide them to each other.

Tbh I believe them to be feminine reflection of themselves (don’t get me wrong I love the love concept) but it’s too simple to be just that.

Also thank @jungshookah on twitter for the munchausan’s symdrome info. 

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Back to You Teasers

When the Back to You Teasers video came out, the Larrie fandom noticed this T shirt:

Featuring Michael Jackson dressed as he did from this video:

Featuring these lyrics:

Billie Jean is not my lover
She’s just a girl who claims that I am the one
But the kid is not my son
She says I am the one, but the kid is not my son

Then @klanefotop alerted me to this shot in the video:

The words on the building: LEGALGRIND. It’s in slow motion and Louis looks at it steadily. [Louis OTRA voice]: What does it mean? 

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So, near the end of the video, someone calls Yoongi, leading him to fall off the couch to see who it is. My thinking is that Jungkook called. Why? When Jungkook and his girl was sitting on the bench at the hospital, he hears someone singing when his girl takes off an earbud. He turns to see it’s Yoongi’s girl.

 I’m guessing she could also be singing a composition Yoongi (which could also be with the help of Jungkook because he was singing in one clip)…

…made, because right after it shows a clip and Jungkook and Yoongi sitting in front of a piano, while Yoongi is playing the piano. 

The room also looks like the same room Yoongi and the girl was in. He walks over and notices the lighter, that he probably figures is Yoongi’s. 

Which causes me to think that seeing/ remembering Yoongi causes him to call him again which is why when Yoongi looks at his phone to see who calls, Jin says

And Yoongi could possibly feel guilty about the incidents that took place during HYYH, I wonder if he’ll pick it up…

Guys, im gonna rant and be salty about the Girl’s Generation album/comeback.

SM is doing those girls dirty. And that’s a fucking fact.

This is their 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY FOR FUCKS SAKE. There should be more hype than this. YES the teaser videos are beautiful. But they aren’t promoting them enough. And it makes me angry because they just promoted the ever living fuck out of EXO (don’t be a pissy hater. This is a fact. I love EXO, but SM is clearly playing favorites with them right now when they should be doing more for this anniversary cause its a HUGE FREAKING DEAL.)

Now let’s talk about the actual album.

And ya’ll can be haters if you want but im using EXO as an example again.
When you buy “the war” album (from kpoptown) it comes with

- The CD
- A photo card
- Booklet/photo book
- 1 Poster.

Pretty standard right? And it even has several versions so there are different options you can choose from depending on which album you want.(in total there are like 8 different versions) WHICH IS GREAT.

Now, for the Holiday Night album it comes with:

- The CD
-1 poster.

That’s it. No photo book. No photo card. No extra little things and there is only 1 version. Which is bull shit.

Im gonna be 100% honest. SM sucks, and does shit like this all the time (i won’t even bring up f(x) how much SM has fucked them over) and i really shouldn’t be surprised. But the fact that EXO got so much promotion for a regular album, and has so many options for A REGULAR ALBUM, and Girls Generation is getting so little for their 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY, pisses me off.

And i don’t wanna hear “oh they aren’t popular anymore, they haven’t been relevant for 2 years” cause that’s fucking bullshit. They haven’t had a group comeback because all of the members have been working on solo projects WHICH IS AMAZING. Taeyeon has been slaying her solo career, even after being told she wouldn’t be succesfull (suck it haters) and the other girls have been doing amazing things. So as a long time fan (they were the first ever KPOP group i got into when the music video for GEE came out) it makes me sad that they aren’t getting the love and attention they deserve to celebrate 10 years as a group.

Hands down, they have been one of the most successful kpop groups, regardless of being a boy group or a girl group, EVER. And im disappointed in SM, and other fans, for not being as upset over this as we should be.

After all the money they’ve made for SM, they did those girls dirty.

it’s crazy how much y'all understand that little *white girls desperately needed women and how much more female representation little *white girls have had this year but will plug your ears and scream because black women especially can’t find a fuck to give about wonder woman now that black panther is here, like black women and nonblack women of color have been outwardly supportive and hype about wonder woman since jump and the sales showed that so it’s wild to me how y'all just can’t fathom the thought that black people especially black women have effectively curved miss diana for literally every moment of the BP trailer like do y'all know how important this is for black people for black WOMEN, we witnessed numerous dark skinned (yes that IS important to mention) black women take up entire screen shots doing all types of amazing things in a teaser trailer, like sis they haven’t even spoken yet and already they’re giving us life

little black girls and black boys need this movie, black people as a whole need this movie, we fucking deserve this movie, but y'all don’t give a single solitary fuck about black people, especially black women because it makes y'all itch when we remind you that our femininity and race cannot be pulled apart, is being black women is A Thing™, we aren’t just women and we aren’t just black lmao so anyone unless you have something positive to say about black panther don’t fucking talk down to us or try to diminish this movie to another Male Led Superhero Movie, like let’s not even get into That Bag about how movies led by black and nonblack men of color are needed, let’s not talk about the difference between like the last 15 superhero movies being led by white men and the sheer importance of a superhero movie led by a black man like let’s not even open that bag because we’ll be here forever

in short, leave us the fuck alone because you obviously don’t get it and aren’t bothered to learn

Okay Now Hear Me Out

KoKoBop is actually song from the 1950s by Little Anthony and The Imperials. The full song title is Shimmy Shimmy KoKoBop and it’s about a guy who meets a “native” girl and she teaches him a “native” dance called KoKoBop. Long story short, the guy is infatuated with this exotic woman and her dance.

Now, by “native” it’s really talking about a person who isn’t quite from a modern society but rather like an agricultural one. In other words, this person seems exotic because they’re nothing like a person in an urban city.

So, if EXO are really taking tribute to this song then the concept of this mv could be about a girl who is exotic in the sense that she’s not like a city girl but one from a foreign place. Foreign meaning she’s just something different and takes them out of their small world of urbanization. Hence why, in the teasers and logos we see a lot of foliage and colors because let’s be honest here. When you think of an exotic place outside from the city, what do you immediately think of? An island, jungle, or nature in general. So this song could be about a girl who’s a native to an unknown land and EXO are infatuated by her uniqueness and behaviors. Hell, who knows. She may even teach them to KoKoBop.

As for The War, right now I think it’s another track so…yeah.

im so proud this is an emotional moment for me i remember being super excited that got7 was announcing a comeback and seeing all the teasers and spoilers for just right and how we recognized the girl from one of jinyoung’s films and how that was the moment when bambam hit puberty like a bus and mark’s unforgettable hoodies for the m/v and also jaebum’s hairstyle for that era (bless his forehead) and let’s not forget everyone freaking out about the scene where jackson was licking his fingers and when their m/v got featured on the fine bros yt channel for ppl to react to and also when yugbam were obsessed with the whip/naenae and not to mention real got7 season 3 with the pool/summer vibes and i remember them being so thankful that their video hit 3, 4, and 5 million views and that was also the time when they made the most iconic dance practice video ever and.

im just so happy. the boys never asked to get 100 million views on their m/v and yet they did, which is probably bringing big smiles to their beautiful faces. just right era was literally just right and it was also the moment i knew got7 was the one group for me. im so proud of them and the recognition that they are getting bc it’s beyond deserved. got7 and ahgases are honestly the best. let’s continue to support and love our boys for all their hard work ♡

Y'all need to stop complaining.

I agree the 4 versions thing is excessive especially for a mini album. But, no one is making you get all 4.

AND, the fuck? The boys are /men/. Every single one of them is legal. They are in their 20s. They’re growing up. Hell, Jin is pushing 30 soon.

If they want to write love songs (as they have before) they can damn well write love songs.

Don’t bitch about the concept when you don’t even know what it is.

NONE of you know the real meaning behind the highlight reel, the teasers - any of it.

They want to write love songs about themselves? 👍

They want to write love songs to each other? 👌

They want to write about girls they’ve fallen in love with? 👐

They want to write about loving their families/mothers? 👏

Brotherly Approval

Pairing: Sherlock Holmes X Reader

Requested: No

A/N: This is just a fun little idea I thought of and I like how it turned out! It’s a little different, the reader interacts a little more with Mycroft than Sherlock but it’ll (hopefully) make sense if you read it. I hope you enjoy!


You want to meet her?” Sherlock scoffs, rolling his eyes as his brother sighed, crossing his arms firmly, glaring at his brother who was curled up in his chair. “I’m rather shocked Mycroft.”

“Well, yes I would. Think of it as brotherly approval. To be quite honest, brother dear, I never would’ve imagined in a hundred years that you would be able to win someone’s heart, let alone get yourself a significant other.” Mycroft smirks, sipping his cup of tea. “Besides, I’d like to make sure you’re not just making this up in your head. Or, for all I know you could be dating a rather uninteresting and ignorant girl, I mean she did fall for you after all.”

“Don’t speak of (Y/N) that way-” Sherlock snaps as Mycroft’s eyes widen teasingly.

“Ah, so the imaginary girlfriend has a name.”

“She is a beautiful and intelligent girl. And for your information, she is very much a reality. She’s perfect.” Sherlock says completely ignoring Mycroft’s comments, smiling cheekily. It was Mycroft’s turn to roll his eyes. Sibling rivalry, annoying and a pain in the arse but well-meant and friendly all the way.

“I’ll meet her one day.”

“And for your ego’s sake, I hope that day doesn’t come anytime soon.”


Mycroft stood in the relatively empty tube, rocking gently from side to side as the train moved underneath the busy streets of London.
He was off to visit Sherlock for a very important matter and also to make sure he hadn’t blown off his face and decided that he wanted to travel like the little people for a change. Experience the wonders of cheap smelling leather seats and crowded transportations. It sucked. He should’ve taken his private car.

He looked around the compartment and his eyes fell on a girl who looked about Sherlock’s age. He examined her discreetly out of the corner of his eye, a move he had mastered since youth.

She’s pretty, he thought.

“I have a boyfriend.” the girl says suddenly, catching Mycroft completely off guard.

He blinks and clears his throat, “Excuse me?”

The girl laughs and smiles. Mycroft could see her eyes burning brightly with intellect.

“Oh, I noticed you were analyzing me, and don’t get me wrong I’m flattered but I’m already taken,” she says with a wink. Mycroft flushed from embarrassment and mentally scolded himself. How could he have possibly let himself be so careless? He had been confident that he was the best at discretion. However, for some reason he couldn’t deduce anything about the girl, she was a blank slate.

“I’m sorry, I’m not exactly interested. It’s just what I do subconsciously, it’s my second nature.” he explains, and the girl nods, still sporting a cheeky smile.

“I understand, my boyfriend is the exact same way…” she recalls, trailing off while glancing momentarily at Mycroft’s umbrella that was tucked snugly under his arm. “You don’t take the tube very often, do you?”

Mycroft eyes widened slightly. He had to admit, this girl was good.

“And why would you think that?” he inquires, raising an eyebrow. He was interested to hear what the girl would reveal.

“Well, for starters you’re wearing a pretty expensive suit, it’s very well tailored too and that alone is something that you don’t see normal people wear every day. So I would assume that you have a career that values formality, perhaps something government related. Am I getting warm so far?” the girl theorizes and Mycroft simply nods slowly, gesturing for her to continue. “Based on your posture, you also look like you’re not very fond of public places or people for that matter. Maybe you have trust issues, which might explain why your umbrella is actually a weapon.”

She swiftly tugs the umbrella out of his grasp and disassembles it, revealing the blade and gun in disguise.

“Or two.”

Mycroft hadn’t even noticed that she had approached him.

Idiot, he scolds himself.

“Now,” the girl jeered, using his own weapons against him, the blade dangerously close to his throat. “Who are you and what do you want?”

“My name is Mycroft Holmes,” he starts calmly, taking a breath to continue when he no longer felt the tip of his blade pressed against his neck. The girl had lowered the defenses and assembled the weapons back together in a blink of an eye, handing the umbrella back to him.

“Change of heart?” he questioned, raising his eyebrow.

She smiled and Mycroft glared at her, trying to decipher the unique girl but he didn’t have a single clue.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mycroft.” she extolled, raising Mycroft’s suspicions. She didn’t seem like a criminal or a bad person and he was definitely interested in finding out more about the girl, so he decided to play along. For now.

“First name basis already, it seems?” he commented, cueing for her to introduce herself.

“Ms. (L/N),” she replied with a smirk and Mycroft’s face fell. “And no, I’m afraid I’m the only one who gets to call you by your first name. A very interesting choice of name, I may add. Seems to run in the family…”

“Excuse me?”

“Oh, nothing.”

The station bell chimes as the train starts to slow down, coming to a smooth halt. It was Mycroft’s stop.

“Well, this is where we get off.” the girl hums, grabbing him by the arm and practically dragging him out of the tube.


“Am I wrong?”

Mycroft sighed in defeat, he had hoped that he and this girl would be parting ways. Being around just made him feel stupid and degrading.


“I hope that umbrella of yours is actually capable of protecting us from the rain.” she surmised, dragging him up the stairs to the streets of London.

“Us?” he gulped.

“Why, yes. You’re off to Baker Street to visit your brother, no?”

“Yes, but how-”

“Well, so am I. Come on now! Open your umbrella I don’t want to get wet.”

“You’re a client?” he queried and she rolled her eyes.

“You ask too many questions. Now open the bloody umbrella!”

He definitely felt degraded.


“Mycroft what are you doing here?” Sherlock asks, looking quite annoyed, the girl slipping past Sherlock and into the flat with Mycroft staring after her with his mouth slightly agape.

“She just went into your flat.”

“Yes and?”

“A complete - but may I add extremely intelligent - stranger is sitting on your chair, brother!”

Sherlock looks back at the girl and laughs. He pulls Mycroft inside, still laughing while the girl and he exchanged smiles.

“So, it appears you’ve met.” Sherlock says, still chuckling madly.

“Met him on the tube. I might’ve scared him a bit.”

Sherlock looks at Mycroft. “You still haven’t figured it out, have you?”

“Hmm, I’m surprised, Sherlock. You did say that he was quite fast at catching on.” the girl giggled, extending her hand to Mycroft. “I’m (Y/N), Sherlock’s girlfriend.”

And it clicks in his head as all the pieces fall into place. Suddenly, he could easily deduce the girl.

“Brother, you’re getting rusty.” Sherlock smirks and Mycroft frowns. “Don’t worry too much about your lack of deductions, she probably made you feel flustered and clogged your head, happened to me too when I first met her. You’re perfectly normal. Or as normal as you can possibly be, that is.”

“Well now that that’s sorted out, why are you really here Mycroft? Sherlock’s told me that you’re not very fond of friendly visits, there must be something you want from us.” the girl questions, squinting her eyes teasingly at Mycroft. He felt himself shrinking away from the girl, he had already been humiliated enough for one day. “You’re hiding something, c'mon spill the beans.”

“Fine,” he grumbles, pulling out a crumpled piece of paper from his pocket. “I’ve been having difficulty solving this brain teaser and I’m rather ashamed of myself for coming to my younger brother to ask for help, especially after today’s events. I just can’t solve it and it’s nagging me, you know?”

Sherlock snatches the paper eagerly out of his hand and reads what’s written, his face contorting to a look of confusion. (Y/N) couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that the smartest people in London (and possibly even the world) were stumped by what was written on the slip of paper.

“I honestly have no idea.” Sherlock admits with a frown. “It’s not logical…”

“Exactly.” Mycroft agrees while (Y/N) takes the slip from Sherlock and examines the paper herself.

‘A cowboy rides into town on Friday, stays for three days and leaves on Friday. How did he do it?’

She doubles over with laughter and the boys turn their heads towards her, looking slightly annoyed.

“(Y/N), what’s so funny? We’re trying to find the answer to this illogical question.”

“His horse is named Friday. It’s so simple!”

“What? Oh.” they both say, and at this point, the girl was practically rolling around on the floor.

“She fell in love with you?” Mycroft affirmed and Sherlock nodded. “And you fell in love with this?”

He gestures to the girl who was still giggling and Sherlock nods again, a smile present on his face.

“Even though she’s brighter than the both of us combined? I’m surprised, brother.”

“I’ve simply found someone who can keep up, and who I strive to keep up to.”

“Point taken.”

“Has your ego been hurt enough?”

“Yes, for the first time in a while.”

“Good. And has the brother approved?”

Mycroft takes one more look at the girl.

“He has approved.”


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Teaser ; Draco Malfoy

SLIGHT SMUT, not that you wouldn’t be uncomfortable

“You look stunning tonight, Harry.”

Potter smiled beautifully at you, his cheeks glowing pink. “You look well too, (Y/L/N).”

Draco wrapped his arms around you tighter, looking at Harry with what looked like a jealous smirk, “Too bad she’s mine, eh, Potter?”

“Too bad,” Harry agreed simply, winking at you. “If you don’t mind, Draco, can I borrow (Y/N) for a while?”

“Of course he doesn’t mind,” you smiled sheepishly, standing beside him. “Let’s go, should we?”

As you both left Draco looking rather stunned, you let out a silent giggle, knowing that he was furious and jealous of your action. You’re his; and no one could change that.

Draco stared at you the whole time; you had your arms around Harry most of the time, laughed at all of the jokes he made, wiped a chocolate stain on the corner of his mouth, and the way you moved your hips when you were dancing with him.

You love him being jealous; it would always end up serious.

“How’s your friends, Potter?” You asked, glancing at staring-Draco a few times. “Everything’s alright?”

“Fine,” he nodded. “Ron’s a little bit of a tosser, really.”

You laughed- yet, again at this stupid remark he made- but Harry didn’t notice the sarcastic tone. He, however, continued making horrible jokes out of the most common things in the world.

“Harry, hey-” you jerked forward, grabbing a tissue and wiped an invisible stain on his pink lips, “You’ve another chocolate stain here.”

Draco crossed his arms now and you cheered quietly in victory; knowing that he couldn’t resist you anymore, you kept on flirting with poor Harry.

“I would like to play Quidditch,” you shrugged, once again watching Draco from the corner of your eye. “It sounds fun- especially being a Seeker.”

And you would put your hands near to Harry’s crotch- which, he didn’t flinch, but looked at you admiringly.

“Everyone’s crazy about you,” Harry said, as you choked on your drink. “I think McLaggen has a picture of you in his trunk.”

You know Draco’s weakness- which is you sitting on his lap. It would become even more crazy when he sees you- sitting on someone else’s lap.

Unfortunately, this is a major turn-on for you.

You sat on Harry’s lap and whispered an old joke to him (which he found pretty funny), and Harry was blushing heavily and you noticed; he had gotten a boner.

Draco made his way towards the both of you; his blonde hair messy and his face unmistakably sweaty. You kept on whispering to Harry- brushing your lips on his earlobe a few times.

“Hello,” Draco cleared his throat. “Cozy being with my girl, Potter?”

“Draco!” Harry stared at him as though suddenly recovering the fact that I’m his girlfriend, “She’s a great company.”

Draco glared at him sharply; his cold, dark grey eyes like his father’s glinting furiously under the Great Hall’s floating candles. You could see the tension between these two- and it wasn’t a pleasing sight.

“Harry-” you smiled once again, though this time rather quickly, “Thank you for tonight.”

Harry smiled sincerely and nodded, “My pleasure, (Y/N). If you don’t mind, I would like to return to my friends.”

“What a fucking git-” mumbled Draco when Harry fled from our sight to his fellow friends, “Thought he could take my girl away from me.”

You playfully fixed his tie and gazed dreamily at his face, “What’s that?”

“You’re a bloody teaser, (Y/L/N),” Draco groaned, swapping your hands away. “Out of all boys you could pick; Harry!”

“Well, he’s cute.”

He glared at you, “I don’t approve of that.”

“You’re not approving what I approved,” you poked him on his chest, earning an even sharper glare from your partner.

“I heard Harry said something about McLaggen having a picture of you in his trunk-” Draco stared at you longingly, “Is that true?”

You shrugged, “There’s only one way to find out.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” He grunted, running his long fingers through his light-coloured hair depressingly. “Can you be more specific?”

“Well, maybe I should go to his dorm sometimes,” you smiled innocently. “Maybe I should ask his permission to open his trunk.”

This wasn’t funny to Draco as it was to you- he had a frown on his face and you knew you were fucked.

He pulled you out from the Great Hall and off to one of McGonagall’s old classroom rather aggressively, where he pinned you against the hard wall and began cursing at you while you chuckled deeply.

“Being a fucking whore, aren’t you?” 

“I’m not the one who pulled his partner to an empty classroom,” you chuckled, feeling his hot breath fanning your neck. “Who’s being a whore now?”

He attached his lips on your neck as you moaned softly, feeling his arrogant smirk formed against your skin. You weren’t surprise- of course he had to show something about you being his.

His action continued hotly for a few more minutes before he pulled away to take you right there and that time, but you stopped abruptly with what a teasing smile on your face.

“Should we continue this in your room?”

He smirked and licked his lips, his breath unstable and his hair even more crazier than it had been before;

 “Always a fucking teaser, aren’t you?” 

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