when a girl is a teaser

@ shawols who were around during the dream girl teasers do u remember the night onew’s teaser was due to come out and there was that whole Thing of people not leaving their laptops cos no one knew when it would drop and then everyone said they needed to pee but refused to go and the tag was full of people saying they needed to pee and yeah that was a tragic time


Brave Girls HIGH HEELS Individual Teasers


I want to know why CLC, and other groups get hate for doing a badass concept when boy groups do them all the time and I don’t see nearly as much crap? You hate on girl groups for being “cute” because they’re copying ‘original groups" but when they do badass they get accused of the same thing


I’m so furious right now AND ASHAMED to be reading comments on CLC’s new teaser for their comeback and seeing people call them copy cats because they are doing a badass concept and apparently only 2NE1 and 4MINUTE are allowed to do them (obviously not all blackjacks or 4NIAS are saying this). I saw the same thing happen to BlackPink. It’s sickening and its hurtful.

Please, please be respectful of other groups! Don’t start fanwars! I don’t get this “need” to crush groups for doing different concepts.

Why You Should Stan EXID

EXID is an amazing group with personality and talent beyond a sexy fancam. check them out and please support their first full studio album Street coming out June 1st in South Korea

So I’ve been thinking. Last season when Skam went on a break, they posted a teaser for that too, and it was scenes of Noora and William being cute as shit and making out. They were separate scenes though and the very first scene of the teaser was actually the next clip. 

Now, if that’s anything to go by and if the weird teaser actually happens to be the next clip (wtf). It’s either Isak with a rando (either boy or girl idek) (I doubt it. I see Even. Fight me) or a ?? flashback????? I know the show doesn’t do those but just HEAR ME OUT.

LISTEN. When Isak woke up on Sunday to an empty bed, he had gone from wearing two thousand layers to his boxers under the sheets. WHAT HAPPENED? Like this show doesn’t do random shit. When did he get undressed? Wasn’t it awkward with Even being right there?? Like, Even and Isak did in fact spend two nights together (Friday and Saturday) so… 

My money is on Isak being sad as shit in his room remembering what he did with Even two weeks before that. (Isak probably missed the whole week of school and is staying at his dad’s) but yeah idk.


Vampire Luke Teaser!

Hi guys sorry i’ve been inactive for so long, please enjoy this teaser to a story that’s currently in the making. Like/Message me if you think I should keep going with it please! Thank you!

Walking home alone from the 5 Seconds of Summer concert was not your original plan nor was it your brightest idea. But when your best friend had ditched you after the show to hook up with some Tinder guy she had been talking to for a while. It was November and colder than balls outside. This was total bullshit but unfortunately you had spent the last of your cash on merch and couldn’t afford an uber home. Being 19 years old and living on your own you couldn’t really call anyone to come save you. 

You startled to hear shuffling behind you but you brushed it off as just the wind rustling the leaves and trash on the city ground. The shuffling got closer and closer until you swung around…to see nothing. No one was around but you could swear you heard chuckling. You turned around again more panicked but still no one was there.

Your heart began to race as a cold shiver vibrated your core and the hair on your arms raised. One last time you turned around expecting to see nothing but this time that wasn’t the case. 

It was too dark to tell who it was but there was a figure standing a few feet away from you in the shadows. You wanted to speak but your throat was dry, you were frozen in terror. 

“I’m sorry for…scaring you.” The voice was sweet and gentle, almost like music. It was trustworthy, so you relaxed for a moment.

“Why are you following me?” You choked out. “What do you want?”

After a cold pause he began to walk towards you… stepping towards the streetlight. 

“Wait… Luke Hemmings?” You mumbled in disbelief. 

“Luke please just eat her already.” Another voice from behind you hissed causing you to spin around quickly to see Michael Clifford. 

“Wait…” You tried taking a step back, looking for Luke behind you but he was gone. You turned back to Michael who sooner than you could blink had grabbed you and held you close to him, one hand gently pushing your hair away from your neck. You couldn’t move. 

“Michael stop!” Luke was there in front of you impossibly fast, making your head spin as you tried to calculate what was happening. 

“Please…” You managed to whisper, tears were streaming down your cheeks. 

Then everything went black.

Progress report for CHDH

I wrote over 3,000 words today. I feel accomplished! :) Here’s a teaser? Edited but not proofread, may be changed a bit when I finally post it. This is from the new chapter one. (The last teaser for chapter one has been pushed back since I’m changing where the story starts. Originally it was going to be after the outbreak, but now it will be a little before shit goes down.)

Pl-please don’t b-be mad at m-me,“ the girl with blonde hair sniffled again, body shaking. She stopped talking, allowing Natsu to hear something coming from her phone. 

He couldn’t make out what was being said, only that it was someone yelling on the other end. The girl had to pull the phone away from her ear since the volume was too loud.

That allowed Natsu to see the tears streaming down her cheeks. He clenched his jaw, hands balling into fists from the sight.

“Please… just…” She tried to talk on the phone again, voice cracking as her hand tightened on the material of her sweatshirt. “Can I just… Will y-you please l-listen to me. I-I can’t do this. You shouldn’t e-even have this n-number. Just st-stop calling me, please.”

More yelling flowed through the phone, causing the girl to lower her head further. “I’m sorry,” she mumbled, but it wasn’t heard over the loud voice. “I just-”

She was cut off when she felt her phone being ripped from her hand. “Listen you fucking asshole,” Natsu growled into the phone. “She said stop calling her, so leave her the fuck alone!”

The yelling on the phone paused for a second. “Who the hell are you?” A man’s voice asked, prompting Natsu to narrow his eyes in anger.

“I’m her friend! Now do everyone a favor and leave her alone before I find you and kick your sorry ass!” Natsu didn’t wait for a response, choosing instead to hang up the phone. 

Oh how badly he wished it was on a landline so he could slam the phone into the receiver. Instead he had to settle for pressing the little red button, catching a glimpse of the ‘Unknown’ on the caller ID before the screen went black. 

He took a few deep breaths, anger boiling through his veins. He hated when people were picked on, especially when it was men picking on women. He turned to face the woman he’d never met before, seeing both her hands were dropped to her side.

Natsu had to take one more deep breath before he was able to calm down enough to force a smile on his face. “Sorry about that,” he said, trying to see her expression. He could barely make out anything above her nose since there was still a shadow covering half her face from her ballcap, but the way her lips were parted let Natsu know she was at least surprised by what he did.

He didn’t mean to scare her or anything like that, but he could see how that might have happened. “I just really can’t stand to see girls crying. Are you okay?” He held out her phone. “Is there someone I can ca-”

Natsu stumbled backwards when he felt her body crash against his. He barely registered her arms wrapping around him, his mind focusing on not falling. 

“Whoa!” He grabbed a shelf, stabilizing both of them. “Umm…”

“Thank you,” she said, face turned sideways to press her ear against his chest.

“Uhh… y-yeah?”

Hope this doesn’t confuse anyone. :P UPDATE: I have 5.8k words for chapter one so far. :D

TRTBW Teaser...

Giving you a teaser of what I already have written of this fic since I’m so tired and need to get some sleep. Our Little Secret will be the first thing posted when I get off work tomorrow. Sweet dreams angels

“Did you think I was just going to let him come in here and steal MY girl out from under me without putting up a fight?”

“Mark,” you said breathily. Your knees buckled at the look in his eyes. It was full of total desire for you.

Your heart raced as he backed you closer to the kitchen table.

He threw your thin robe onto the floor, revealing the sexy, skimpy lingerie you teased him with earlier.

“I’m not going anywhere, Y/N. Jaebum can bring his A game, but in the end, it’ll be me and you” he said lowly as he pushed you gently back onto the table, spreading your legs.

“Wait! What about dinner?” you whimpered. As turned on as you were, you had been cooking all day. You still wanted to be able to have your date.

He smirked as he pulled up a chair and sat down between your legs.

“I’m having mine right now”.

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girl u already know armys gif bts 5 seconds after they release something, like anything;;; it's a known fact😂

BUT I MEAN HOW ARE THEY STILL FUNCTIONING ENOUGH TO MAKE GIFS?! When the teaser finished I was just sat gawking at my screen without blinking…my soul was just ripped from my body. HOW DOES ONE CONCENTRATE ENOUGH AFTER WHAT WE JUST WITNESSED TO MAKE GIFS?!

EXO REACTION - when he and his gf argue, he makes a sudden hand gesture and then she holding her hands out of reflex protectively in front of her face

 GUYS!! Have you see the teaser of BTS?? OMG I can’t control my self… I scream like a crazy T.T I was not prepared for it <//3


“Hey, girl. I never will hurt you, sorry for scare you. Let me apologize.”

Xiumin: “Ya! I’ll never do something like this in your pretty face, ok?”

Luhan: “OMO… Jagi i won’t do this. Aish, i’m sorry, i love you, you know.”

Lay: “Jagii… I-i’ll never do something… Oh, i’m sorry if i scared you.”

D.O: “… Sorry, i won’t do this, sorry if I scared you. I love too much to hurt you.”

Kai: “Ya, i can’t even imagine myself doing it. Lets talk about something else. I love you, ok?”

 ~ADM Jiminye

  GIF Credits To Their Original Owners!

Yo girl was so unaware that a Stranger Things teaser was being released already that when I saw Eggos and the stranger things kids, I thought it was going to be a bomb ass commercial and not a teaser. When it hit me it was a teaser, legit I thought I was going to pass out. It hit me when that alien thing appeared and the date of the release. I’m still shook.

My Episode 12x11 opinion

Regarding Dean - 

Okay I completely understand why Jensen loves this script so much! What a good job he did playing a Dean that;s not “Dean” 

I was very pleased with it… highly entertained from beginning to end and pleasantly pleased that it was so Sam heavy for a Dean centric episode. I called it back when we got the See No Evil teaser that the “My name is Dean Winchester, Sam is my brother……” speech went to this episode and Dean was trying to keep his memory, not pining for Cas for some reason (like most Destihellers) were claiming,  

Im going to dote on Jensen’s acting for a little, because i normally don’t, but its NOT because I dont love Jensen or Dean, but yes Im a Sam girl so I tend to lean on his parts more. That aside, Jensen did an amazing job. He was convincing as hell… he was Dean, then he was silly Dean, then he was Dean, then he was scared Dean, all within moments of each other and he slid through each, rather seamlessly…. Damn good job Mr Ackles!

Now for Jared/Sam. As i said Im so pleased it was so Sam heavy for a Dean episode, Jared did a great job as always showing his emotions through facial expressions over what he says on script. I actually thought the scene when theyre sitting, talking in the bathroom was rather touching. It hinted as to how scared Dean must have been finding out he’s losing himself, and Sam being there with him. Maybe it was just so they had somewhere private to talk, but bathrooms themselves being so personal, makes one think maybe Dean was crying, or possibly sick with the thoughts, but Sam was there. The best part of Jared’s acting though was at the end, when Dean came downstairs and asked “Who’s the hippie?” Jared said nothing, but his eyes and face said volumes! “What?? No, how can you not remember me? FIX HIM ROWENA!! HE CANT FORGET ME!” Then Dean must have seen the pain in his eyes and let him know he was kidding. Sam’s face, still on the verge of tears, wanted to beat his ass and hug him so tight his ribs broke at the same time. Seamlessly moving through deep emotions, Jared nailed it once again!

Overall, this episode was terrific, and my only complaint is one thats been my complaint for 11 episodes. NO BRO HUGS!!WTF??? So on a scale of Bloodlines to Swan Song, im giving this an 8.5 I know its a higher score than First Blood, which I also loved, but there were no big screw ups by the writers (Im still pissed they had Dean compare prison boredom to ‘worse than hell’) One thing I want to add, though is that when Sam explained to Dean what they do, Dean said it sounded awesome, and they sound like Heros. I loved this, because they ARE awesome, and they ARE heros, and too often they forget. Im glad that this season has been kind of reinforcing this to the point where the boys are maybe beginning to believe it. 


Stellar – teaser for new song “Stupid” (a.k.a “Fool”)

Source: CJENMMUSIC Official [Official Distributor]

Personal Note: Seems like this song will be at least a little about the judgment that girl groups receive when they do sexy concepts. Brilliant having a scene showing how a band might react if they read the horrible comments people write about them online. Anyway, Stellar makes good music, in my opinion.

Useful links of pre-debut VIXX:


MVs and Live Performances:

  • Me when I heard the plot of Almost Adults: Yes! A movie that's not about a gay girl falling for her straight best friend/best friends falling for each other. Thank you Sarah and Adrianna for this gift!
  • Me when I heard Natasha and Elise were cast as the best friends: I'm Hollstein/Negovanman trash but I think I can manage to ship them platonically. I mean, how hard can it be?
  • Me when I saw the teaser trailer: Nope. Nevermind. How do you expect me to ship them platonically? They are totally in love! Sorry but you can just add Mackassie trash to that list.

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So is ViVi going to get a solo? This is honestly really confusing

We’re unsure if she will or if she’ll only release a song through LOONA 1/3

is it true that vivi is actually march’s girl if so who’s feb’s

The explanation for this is unclear at the moment!

I think red might be Vivi’s representative color cuz I see her name in red when her image teaser is release.


Do you know how tall are girls?

There was a fanaccount that mentioned asking the girls regarding their height. Haseul answered “just a bit under 180 cm” (lol) and Heejin said “about 173 cm..?” (trans © yeojinist on twitter)