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bad | 05

 he was the cliché bad boy. he was the guy you couldn’t stand. he was the handsome, hot kid who made girls go weak in the knees. he was a brat. you had never liked him one bit, but you had also never gotten involved with anything concerning him. until one day, when you were in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

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TITLE: bad | 05

MEMBER: jeon jungkook x reader

GENRE: future smut, romance, fluff, badboy!jungkook

WORDS: 7 159

WARNINGS: mature themes, language

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A/N: I hope ya’ll have fun reading this. hopefully it quenches some thirst- what? fucken not today teaser got me shook as fuck, I screamed out loud! and thank you so much for all the sweet messages <3 sry for taking so long


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im so proud this is an emotional moment for me i remember being super excited that got7 was announcing a comeback and seeing all the teasers and spoilers for just right and how we recognized the girl from one of jinyoung’s films and how that was the moment when bambam hit puberty like a bus and mark’s unforgettable hoodies for the m/v and also jaebum’s hairstyle for that era (bless his forehead) and let’s not forget everyone freaking out about the scene where jackson was licking his fingers and when their m/v got featured on the fine bros yt channel for ppl to react to and also when yugbam were obsessed with the whip/naenae and not to mention real got7 season 3 with the pool/summer vibes and i remember them being so thankful that their video hit 3, 4, and 5 million views and that was also the time when they made the most iconic dance practice video ever and.

im just so happy. the boys never asked to get 100 million views on their m/v and yet they did, which is probably bringing big smiles to their beautiful faces. just right era was literally just right and it was also the moment i knew got7 was the one group for me. im so proud of them and the recognition that they are getting bc it’s beyond deserved. got7 and ahgases are honestly the best. let’s continue to support and love our boys for all their hard work ♡

Teaser ; Draco Malfoy

SLIGHT SMUT, not that you wouldn’t be uncomfortable

“You look stunning tonight, Harry.”

Potter smiled beautifully at you, his cheeks glowing pink. “You look well too, (Y/L/N).”

Draco wrapped his arms around you tighter, looking at Harry with what looked like a jealous smirk, “Too bad she’s mine, eh, Potter?”

“Too bad,” Harry agreed simply, winking at you. “If you don’t mind, Draco, can I borrow (Y/N) for a while?”

“Of course he doesn’t mind,” you smiled sheepishly, standing beside him. “Let’s go, should we?”

As you both left Draco looking rather stunned, you let out a silent giggle, knowing that he was furious and jealous of your action. You’re his; and no one could change that.

Draco stared at you the whole time; you had your arms around Harry most of the time, laughed at all of the jokes he made, wiped a chocolate stain on the corner of his mouth, and the way you moved your hips when you were dancing with him.

You love him being jealous; it would always end up serious.

“How’s your friends, Potter?” You asked, glancing at staring-Draco a few times. “Everything’s alright?”

“Fine,” he nodded. “Ron’s a little bit of a tosser, really.”

You laughed- yet, again at this stupid remark he made- but Harry didn’t notice the sarcastic tone. He, however, continued making horrible jokes out of the most common things in the world.

“Harry, hey-” you jerked forward, grabbing a tissue and wiped an invisible stain on his pink lips, “You’ve another chocolate stain here.”

Draco crossed his arms now and you cheered quietly in victory; knowing that he couldn’t resist you anymore, you kept on flirting with poor Harry.

“I would like to play Quidditch,” you shrugged, once again watching Draco from the corner of your eye. “It sounds fun- especially being a Seeker.”

And you would put your hands near to Harry’s crotch- which, he didn’t flinch, but looked at you admiringly.

“Everyone’s crazy about you,” Harry said, as you choked on your drink. “I think McLaggen has a picture of you in his trunk.”

You know Draco’s weakness- which is you sitting on his lap. It would become even more crazy when he sees you- sitting on someone else’s lap.

Unfortunately, this is a major turn-on for you.

You sat on Harry’s lap and whispered an old joke to him (which he found pretty funny), and Harry was blushing heavily and you noticed; he had gotten a boner.

Draco made his way towards the both of you; his blonde hair messy and his face unmistakably sweaty. You kept on whispering to Harry- brushing your lips on his earlobe a few times.

“Hello,” Draco cleared his throat. “Cozy being with my girl, Potter?”

“Draco!” Harry stared at him as though suddenly recovering the fact that I’m his girlfriend, “She’s a great company.”

Draco glared at him sharply; his cold, dark grey eyes like his father’s glinting furiously under the Great Hall’s floating candles. You could see the tension between these two- and it wasn’t a pleasing sight.

“Harry-” you smiled once again, though this time rather quickly, “Thank you for tonight.”

Harry smiled sincerely and nodded, “My pleasure, (Y/N). If you don’t mind, I would like to return to my friends.”

“What a fucking git-” mumbled Draco when Harry fled from our sight to his fellow friends, “Thought he could take my girl away from me.”

You playfully fixed his tie and gazed dreamily at his face, “What’s that?”

“You’re a bloody teaser, (Y/L/N),” Draco groaned, swapping your hands away. “Out of all boys you could pick; Harry!”

“Well, he’s cute.”

He glared at you, “I don’t approve of that.”

“You’re not approving what I approved,” you poked him on his chest, earning an even sharper glare from your partner.

“I heard Harry said something about McLaggen having a picture of you in his trunk-” Draco stared at you longingly, “Is that true?”

You shrugged, “There’s only one way to find out.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” He grunted, running his long fingers through his light-coloured hair depressingly. “Can you be more specific?”

“Well, maybe I should go to his dorm sometimes,” you smiled innocently. “Maybe I should ask his permission to open his trunk.”

This wasn’t funny to Draco as it was to you- he had a frown on his face and you knew you were fucked.

He pulled you out from the Great Hall and off to one of McGonagall’s old classroom rather aggressively, where he pinned you against the hard wall and began cursing at you while you chuckled deeply.

“Being a fucking whore, aren’t you?” 

“I’m not the one who pulled his partner to an empty classroom,” you chuckled, feeling his hot breath fanning your neck. “Who’s being a whore now?”

He attached his lips on your neck as you moaned softly, feeling his arrogant smirk formed against your skin. You weren’t surprise- of course he had to show something about you being his.

His action continued hotly for a few more minutes before he pulled away to take you right there and that time, but you stopped abruptly with what a teasing smile on your face.

“Should we continue this in your room?”

He smirked and licked his lips, his breath unstable and his hair even more crazier than it had been before;

 “Always a fucking teaser, aren’t you?” 

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BTS Reaction: Asking them to eat you out.

just-let-me-be-your-lover​ said: Omfg did you have to use that gif?? You’re killing me. Bts react to you asking them to go down on you? 👅👅👅

Warning: Contains mentions of oral sex. Please don’t read if you are underage.

Jin: By nature, Jin aims to please. As soon as the question arose, mumbled incoherently from your lips as he kissed against you, his tongue would slip out to work it’s way down your throat towards your melting core without skipping a beat. Encouraged by your hips rising as soon as he reached them and the subtle meow of a moan he managed to coax from you, he’d settle in between your thighs, panties coming off and hot kisses fluttering against your flesh. You wouldn’t need to ask twice to set him in the right direction.

‘Why didn’t you ask sooner, baby girl?,’ He’d coo before getting started. ‘I didn’t know you’d get this turned on by it.’ 

Namjoon: Whatever divine being you believe in crafted this man’s lips for the sole purpose of pussy eating, and Namjoon himself knows that. It would be early on in the relationship that you’d place your request; Namjoon’s healthy confidence when it comes to sex diminishing any shyness you had in asking. His lips would twitch open to reveal his tongue, pulling up in the corners every so slightly in a smirk that told you he was more than willing to oblige. In fact, he was ready for a marathon session of nothing but pleasing you.

‘All you had to do was ask, my Princess…,’ He’d say in a low, breathy tone as you’re unable to claw your eyes from his rolling, plump pout. ‘Let’s take this to the bedroom.’

Yoongi: Yoongi’s eyebrows would arch ever so slightly, eyes scanning you to gauge your seriousness after your desire to experience oral sex had accidentally come to light while lying in bed cuddling and talking. As soon as he’d figured out you were, his cockiness would no doubt kick in, hand rubbing down your side as he nudged closer to you. His usual tiredness dissolving from his body in an instant, he’d perk up at the chance to show you what he was best at. 

‘Are you sure you’re ready for this?,’ He’d question, a sweet chuckle of anticipation bubbling from you at the low, sexy tone his voice had taken. ‘I don’t rap about sending girls to Hong Kong for no reason…’ 

Hoseok: Hoseok would jump at the opportunity as soon as the question had been asked, his tongue slipping out to wiggle suggestively despite his mocking tone of shock. As a joker, you knew he’d say something to lighten the mood, a snide comment about how desperate you were for him, before his desire would take over and he’d lay you gently down on the bed, body hovering over yours. 

‘I knew you were high maintenance baby, but I had no idea you wanted to use me like this…,’ He’d chuckle after dotting a string of short kisses down your now bare torso. ‘You’re lucky I’m such a nice boyfriend and willing to oblige.’ 

Taehyung: A teaser just like Hoseok, he’d act shocked and innocent at first mention of the ‘lude’ act, demanding an explanation as to why you’d even want him to consider it. Quickly, though, the conversation would turn as his more dominant side would appear, his authoritative personality using your fantasy as leverage to get something he wanted in return - reciprocation. Because when it came to sex, Taehyung called the shots. 

‘You know we play by Daddy’s rules, right?,’ He’d coo quietly against your ear. ‘You’ve got to be a good girl first before you get what you want.’

Jimin: Like usual, and to Jimin’s uttermost frustration, his advances more often than not come across as nothing but adorable despite his efforts to be sexy. The moment he asked what would really turn you on, his teeth had bitten into his bottom lip and his eyes widened at your response, a blush spidering across his cheeks. The frustration he felt in himself at letting his awkwardness show once again is pushed down as he takes in a deep breath to prepare himself.

‘You want me to do what?,’ He’d ask, choking slightly on his words. ‘Shit babe. Okay. Let’s do this.’ 

Jungkook would be more than willing to prove to you that he wasn’t a boy anymore, and that he had far more experience than people gave him credit for - in many areas. When things start getting hot and heavy between you and the question comes up (including a part where you ask him if he even know what it is), he’d chuckle at you and flash a short wink your way. He’d suck his bottom lip into his mouth and allow his tongue to run smoothly over the outside of his pout - telling you wordlessly that he was more than ready to serve you.

‘You’ve got to give me more credit than that…,’ He’d wink, sending a shiver straight to your core. ‘Lay back. Let me show you how much I know.’

NCT U/127/Dream Reaction Masterlist Post

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Brave Girls HIGH HEELS Individual Teasers

True Q - 6.06

Oh, Q, you rake, you scalawag. You’re so mischievous that you’ve snuck into one of these mostly-unis episodes like the scoundrel you are. Also I believe this episode title, much like Return of the King, contains a spoiler within the title. But we’ll get there.

“Don’t even try to out cheekbone me, girl. I’ll eat you for lunch.” —Bev

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exo /reaction

requested! “Can you do exo’s reaction to a biracial (mixed) girl being their new stylist who is really good at Korean?” 

/ You had just gotten the new job at SM. You were only about two weeks into it when you were assigned to style EXO for the most recent comeback. You stood patiently, waiting for the boys to come in to get their hair dyed, cut, and makeup done for the upcoming teaser photoshoots. Slowly the boys piled in the room, laughing, one after the other. You smiled and introduced yourself.

Baekhyun - He would be a complete buffoon. He doesn’t know how to act in general, being around a stylist wouldn’t be any different. As soon as you introduced yourself, starting to make small talk he would immediately jump in with “Woah! Can you say other things? Say this x!” doing so until Kyungsoo or Chanyeol put him in his place. I also feel like he’d flirt??

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Chanyeol - I don’t see him being as surprised as most of the other boys; maybe a glimpse of shock, but he most definitely would treat you normally, not like an alien. He’d probably even end up carrying on the conversation more than you as you dye his hair just so he can hear you talk again. He would genuinely be interested in anything you had to say.

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Chen - I see him as being a bit timid after hearing you talk, a big difference from his usual squealing self. Light, peppered conversation here and there is what you’ll get out of him, mostly, but by the end, he’d be all smiles. He’d enjoy the conversation and being around someone new, even if it doesn’t show!

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Kyungsoo - I think he’d be one of the more chill ones. He’d more than likely be silent majority of the time, with few outbursts such as “how’s your day?” “how’s the job?” “what’s the weather like?” It wouldn’t psych him out that you’re biracial and speak Korean. He’d enjoy the massage you give his scalp as you wash the dye out much more than holding a convo; he’ll leave the talking to you.

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Kai - He’d be all over you! Although quite shy at first when he hears you, he’d definitely warm up the more you spoke to him in his mother tongue. After a certain point, he’d start innocently flirting and you, of course, would fall for it. Kai would have a smile plastered on his face everytime he got to see his new favorite stylist.

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Yixing - One of the more timid ones, I think he’d prefer to keep to himself and let you do the small talk. He’d enjoy learning about why you learned/how you know Korean and your heritage, but other than that he’d try to remain to himself, only letting a shy grin or a hushed laugh out every once in a while as you tell him stories. He’d rather look at you talk than look at his phone, though.

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Sehun - Kind of like Chanyeol. He’d love talking to you, but he’d be the main one talking, and not only would he be the one carrying the conversation, he’d also talk about his dog a lot. And the dumb things the boys do. He would give you the daily update about EXO. What they did, what they will do. He is now your best friend, and every appointment SM schedule’s starts with “You will not guess what happened in the dorms today.” He doesn’t even realize you Biracial after the third appointment, you’re simply just his favorite stylist.

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Suho - The mother of the group, of course, knows how to carry a conversation without a bump in the road. After hearing you introduce yourself, he’d immediately steamboat the conversation ahead. He’d find it incredibly cool that you knew Korean, and he’d ask you every question; and you, nonetheless, would ask every question straight back. By the end of the day, Suho had blonde hair and your entire life story, and you heard first hand how upset he was that Kris left him with eight children. 

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Xiumin - He’d be a bit shocked seeing that you spoke Korean so well, in fact, almost intimidated. He’d be a little shy to ask the first question to start the conversation, but after you do it first, he immediately lets out a sigh of relief. He’d carry the conversation on, and you two would talk for hours before the time came to wash his dye out. To be honest, he’d be subtly flirty.

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- Saori

it’s kairi week once again, my dudes!!!!

in case you missed my earlier reblob, the last kairi appreciation week i participated in was so fun i’m gonna participate again! this time, i’m challenging myself to produce one drawing for each of the week’s prompts. i’m gonna have a lot of fun drawing eight kairis in a row, so i hope you enjoy the eight straight days of new art! and i hope all of us in the kh fandom have a fun week appreciating our girl!!!

anyway, let’s get started!

day 1, favorite appearance/outfit:

i wasn’t all that hyped when i first saw that teaser art that gave us a hint for kairi’s kh3 outfit (it just kinda looked like a generic pink hoodie to me). but when i think about what the rest of it might look like..

let kairi have an action outfit 2k17

Meet 7Senses

(*blows a kiss into the sky* for the anon that wanted to know them better)

7Senses is a sub-unit for chinese idol group SNH48. Their goal is to reach a global audience by mixing both Asian and international charms. The members had some extra training in South Korea where they improved their performance.

They recently debuted with their first song Girl Crush (MV) (Dance ver.). You can watch their full debut showcase here.

Members are, left to right: Bee, Diamond, Akira, Tako, Kiki, Eliwa & Lynn

Akira (Girl Crush teaser)

Bee (Girl Crush teaser)

Diamond (Girl Crush teaser)

Eliwa (Girl Crush teaser)

Kiki (Girl Crush teaser)

Lynn (Girl Crush teaser)

  • Real name: Chen Lin (陈琳).
  • She also has the nickname Datou (big head).
  • A member from SNH’s 4th generation, she’s in Team X.
  • Her weibo account.
  • She’s from Shanghai and was born on July 24, 1998. She’s the youngest 7Senses member.
  • So far she hasn’t ranked in any of the General Elections. Hopefully she’ll make it this year!
  • She’s been in SNH’s senbatsu a total of 2 times for Engine of Youth and Dream Land.
  • Her unit in Team X’s original stage is Meng. She’s mostly on the left here, you can’t miss her.
  • She was in a special Team X performance of Hei Tian’e (from NII5).
  • She got to sub Sun Xinwen’s spot for Monster.
  • She and Tako performed AKB’s Wagamama na Nagareboshi at SNH’s recent idol festival.
  • She has only been in the group for two years + is not a regular senbatsu member. Also, she apparently shares her name with a Chinese solo singer, so if you wanna find stuff with her you might need to dig a little deeper. However you can easily spot her on Team X’s stuff.
  • Still, there’s some good material out there, like this solo performance.
  • She can braid her hair in less than a minute (?).
  • I’m not 100% sure what’s going on here, but please just watch it. It’s almost 4am please forgive me.
  • Fact: her head is, indeed, big.

Tako (Girl Crush teaser)

  • Real name: Zhang Yuge (张语格)
  • A member from SNH’s 1st generation, she’s in Team SII.
  • She’s from Heilongjiang and was born on May 11, 1996.
  • Her weibo account. She also has an instagram.
  • She ranked #8 on the past General Election, a 3-spots drop compared to her 2015 rank, making her visibly upset and feeling like she has failed her team. You can see her speech here, Princess Cloak MV.
  • She’s been in SNH’s senbatsu a total of 12 times for Heavy Rotation, Flying Get, Koisuru Fortune Cookie, Heart Ereki*, UZA, GIVE ME FIVE!, After Rain*, Manatsu no Sounds Good! (center), Halloween Night, New Year’s Bell*, Engine of Youth & Princess Cloak
  • She was not one of the performing members for Team SII’s original stage shonichi, but she has performed Xin Shijie (in the video she’s the one in blue).
  • She performed Tian Hei Riji at this year’s BEST 50.
  • She performed Oshibe to Meshibe to Yoru no Chouchou with Bee three years ago.
  • She’s also centered Kuchi Utsushi no Chocolate a few times, including this performance during last year’s TOP 16 mini-tour.
  • She also performed this with Team HII’s Liu Jiongran.
  • Here she is dancing to CLC’s High Heels. And here is PPAP Tako ver.
  • Her goal is acting, and she took one of the biggest roles in last year’s drama Campus Beauty. The whole thing is on YouTube and you can find it just by searching the Chinese title (贴身校花), but it’s not subbed so you have to either understand the language or be really committed to seeing the girls lol

I try to post regularly about them (specially Akira since she’s my love) but I’m super lazy and forgetful, so if you really wanna stay up to date you can follow @FY7SENSES on Twitter. And of course, follow the girls on their social media~

If you spot a mistake or anything else, you can send me an ask~

(* didn’t include links to the Heart Ereki, After Rain & New Year’s Bell MVs. After Rain is the theme of their documentary so the MV is not senbatsu-focused. The other two don’t have a real music video.)

Masterlist (Texts)


When you text the wrong person about your crush:

when you turning them on while they’re on tour:

When you fangirl over Monsta X Wonho’s new teaser images:

You lost your notebook which is full of poems about your boyfriend:


When you text the wrong person about your crush:

He is always talking to you about some girl he likes:

Y/N accidentally confessing:

Masterlist (mobile)

(Updated May 14, 3:31 PM MST)

Hakyeon (N)
(all Hakyeon texts)
> Everyday texts
> You get the same cold
> Supporting Hakyeon when he’s feeling low
> Hakyeon accidentally confesses
> Hakyeon motivating you on a project
> Best friends to lovers, Hakyeon version
> Y/n is followed, VIXX helps out! (Ken/Leo/N)
> Confessing to Hakyeon: formal language (Female ver.) (Male ver.) (Neutral ver.)
> Hakyeon missing you on tour
> Hakyeon takes care of you when you’re sick
> Hakyeon wants to spend time w/your pet
> Accidentally texted by Hakyeon (first meeting!)
> Valentine’s Day! (N/Leo/Ken)
> Hakyeon reminding you you’re beautiful!
> Hakyeon cheering you up after a test
> Drunk confession, Hakyeon version
> Trying to get comeback hints (Hakyeon)

Taekwoon (Leo)
(all Taekwoon texts)
> Everyday texts
> Everyday texts, pt.2
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> Talking until you fall asleep
> Dating Taekwoon: choosing your weekly date night
> Taekwoon accidentally confesses
> Best friends to lovers, Taekwoon version
> Y/n is followed, VIXX helps out! (Ken/Leo/N)
> Taekwoon missing you on tour
> Taekwoon takes care of you when you’re sick
> Accidentally texted by Taekwoon (first meeting!)
> Lost in the airport when meeting Taekwoon
> Drunk confession, Taekwoon version
> Taekwoon being sweet the morning after
> Valentine’s Day! (N/Leo/Ken)
> Telling Taekwoon about your first kiss w/a girl
> Taekwoon reminding you you’re beautiful!
> Taekwoon wants to spend time w/ your pet
> Trying to get comeback hints (Taekwoon)
> Taekwoon cheering you up after a test

Jaehwan (Ken)
(all Jaehwan texts)
> Everyday texts
> Everyday texts, pt. 2
> Everyday texts: Cute Ken? Or Charismatic Ken?
> Reacting to Jaehwan’s blonde hair
> Jaehwan cheering you up
> Jaehwan accidentally confesses
> Best friends to lovers, Jaehwan version
> Y/n is followed, VIXX helps out! (Ken/Leo/N)
> Reacting to Jaehwan’s ‘VIXX loves Asia’ teaser
> Accidentally texted by Jaehwan (first meeting!)
> Jaehwan missing you on tour
> Drunk confession, Jaehwan version
> Jaehwan takes care of you when you’re sick
> Valentine’s Day! (N/Leo/Ken)
> Jaehwan wants to spend time w/ your pet
> Jaehwan cheering you up after a test
> Poly!VIXX: Jaehwan and Wonshik ask y/n to date them
> Trying to get comeback hints (Jaehwan)

Wonshik (Ravi)
(all Wonshik texts)
> Everyday texts
> Everyday texts, pt. 2
> Everyday texts: Goblin bride Wonshik
> Everyday texts: the Goblin saga continues (+ Hakyeon as a guest)
> Reacting to Wonshik’s R.eal1ze photos
> Reacting to Wonshik’s R.eal1ze photos, pt. 2
> Comforting Wonshik after the Bomb MV is criticized
> Wonshik accidentally confesses
> Best friends to lovers, Wonshik version
> Y/n is followed, VIXX helps out! (Hyuk/Hongbin/Ravi)
> Wonshik convinces you to get a puppy
> Making up with Wonshik after a fight (+ group chat)
> Wonshik takes care of you when you’re sick
> The Saga of the “Tits Party” ft. Jaehwan
> Saying goodbye to Ravi’s red hair
> Wonshik missing you on tour
> Wonshik & the PDA police (+ group chat)
> Valentine’s Day! (Ravi/Hongbin/Hyuk)
> Helping Wonshik’s sister tell him she’s started dating
> Accidentally texted by Wonshik (first meeting!)
> Drunk confessions, Wonshik version
> Wonshik & body positivity
> Wonshik wants to spend time w/your pet
> Poly!VIXX: Jaehwan and Wonshik ask y/n to date them
> Trying to get comeback hints (Wonshik)
> Wonshik asks for your help when you’re apart
> Wonshik asks for fashion advice

(all Hongbin texts)
> Everyday texts
> Hongbin accidentally confesses
> Texting Hongbin on tour
> Reminding Hongbin he’s important
> Best friends to lovers, Hongbin version
> Hongbin trying to distract you from work
> Y/n is followed, VIXX helps out! (Hyuk/Hongbin/Ravi)
> Hongbin takes care of you when you’re sick
> Accidentally texted by Hongbin (first meeting!
> Helping Hongbin when he’s lost in Kyoto (first meeting!)
> Drunk confession, Hongbin version
> Hongbin missing you on tour
> Hongbin wants to spend time w/your pet
> Valentine’s Day! (Ravi/Hongbin/Hyuk)
> Hongbin cheers you up after a test
> Trying to get comeback hints (Hongbin)
> Hongbin is supportive about school

Sanghyuk (Hyuk)
(all Sanghyuk texts)
> Everyday texts
> Everyday texts, pt. 2
> Everyday texts: Anime pick-up lines
> Dating Sanghyuk: good morning texts
> Sanghyuk accidentally confesses
> Best friends to lovers, Sanghyuk version
> Y/n is followed, VIXX helps out! (Hyuk/Hongbin/Ravi)
> Sanghyuk missing you on tour
> Accidentally texted by Sanghyuk (first meeting!)
> Sanghyuk takes care of you when you’re sick
> Reacting to Sanghyuk’s “I’ll hold you” release
> Sanghyuk wants to spend time w/your pet
> Valentine’s Day! (Ravi/Hongbin/Hyuk)
> Sanghyuk cheers you up after a test
> Drunk confessions, Sanghyuk version
> Trying to get comeback hints (Hyuk)

VIXX Group Texts
> VIXX gives love advice

[All VIXX texts]

The Masks We Wear: Sneak Peek

Hi guys! I know it’s been 84 years since I last posted a chapter of The Masks We Wear (sorry!) The next chapter isn’t finished yet but especially for @phiralovesloki who’s The Best™ here’s a little teaser of what’s to come from Emma’s POV.

“Where’s Killian?” she asked the girl who sat next to him, hoping to sound casual and breezy.

She frowned up at Emma in confusion. “Er - he’s on vacation?”

“What?” the startled word was out of her mouth before she could help herself.

The girl - Aurora, maybe? God, she wished she remembered her name, she’d never really paid much attention to her when Killian was around - looked sympathetic. “Trouble in paradise? I admit, I’m surprised to see you here, I assumed he’d whisked you away to propose.”

“Huh? Oh!” Emma bit her lip and shook her head, this was all too much for her to process right now. “Killian and I aren’t together.”

“Oh, so the poor man is nursing a broken heart? I’d suggest you go talk to him, work out whatever has come between you. If anyone were to look at me the way he looks at you? Well, I’d never let him go -” Aurora (a quick glance at her email signature on screen had confirmed it, Emma felt a little thrill of victory for not having total tunnel vision when Killian was around) sighed at the thought.

Emma looked at Aurora curiously. Sure, she knew how she wanted him to look at her, and she had actually deluded herself into imaging that’s how he really did look at her. What on earth did Aurora see there? “How does he look at me?”

“Like you are every wish he’d ever made and his every dirty fantasy come to life in one perfect package? Are you seriously telling me you don’t know that man is truly, madly and deeply in love with you?”

Emma gaped at Aurora briefly, before the memory of the way he’d sprinted away from her on Tuesday sprang to mind. “He has a funny way of showing it.”

Why You Should Stan EXID

EXID is an amazing group with personality and talent beyond a sexy fancam. check them out and please support their first full studio album Street coming out June 1st in South Korea

"I Don't think I love you." Ereri one shot teaser.

This is a teaser for a one shot I am writing.

There was a time and a place for everything.

You know not to ask a girl if she’s on her period at the dinner table. You also know not to ask your male friend how many boners he’s had in front of his mother. These are just things you don’t do.

The not correct time nor place for Eren to ask Levi if he loved him was in the middle of a gathering in front of all of their friends… Celebrating Erwin’s birthday.

Sure it didn’t help when Levi said that it wasn’t the right time and place to have this conversation, but it was true.

Eren stormed into the living room of their shared apartment and glared at Levi when the shorter male closed the door.

“Is this the correct time for me to ask my boyfriend if he loves me?!” Eren yelled, fusterated with tears threatening to spill. Levi could sense the hurt that was behind Eren’s emerald eyes.

“I’m sorry Eren, but I don’t think I love you.” Levi started. It was enough to send Eren in full tears. Hot and fast down his olive toned skin.

“We’ve been together for almost a year and now is when you tell me that you don’t think you love me?!”

@ shawols who were around during the dream girl teasers do u remember the night onew’s teaser was due to come out and there was that whole Thing of people not leaving their laptops cos no one knew when it would drop and then everyone said they needed to pee but refused to go and the tag was full of people saying they needed to pee and yeah that was a tragic time

Karamel Fanfic #37

Title: Hero

Prompt: Mon-El sacrifices everything to save Winn’s life.

Word Count: 5148

Also posted on AO3

Notes: Since most of you will probably want to kill me by the end of the one-shot, I just wanna say that I’m really, truly sorry about this. I know I write a lot of Karamel angst, what with Second Chance and all, but this time it was NOT my fault. This was requested by @somos-poeiraestelar​, so if you’re looking for anyone to blame, y'all can blame her. (I love you sweetie, but this was dam painful.)

(And you can probably blame me too, since I’m totally guilty of enjoying writing this.)

Still, I hope you enjoy this :)

Tagging: @notonthisplan8 @karas-comets @thoughtsfromaclutteredbrain @emarasmoak @green-arrows-of-karamel cause you seemed to be VERY excited about the teaser and were so not suffering at all, so I thought you might be interested :) Who said I wasn’t a nice girl?

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