when a cat meows at you you meow back

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What do you like best about cats?

This is an oddly specific question but I have an extensive answer.

  • toe beans
  • the way that cats will do something dumb and then hope that you didn’t see and pretend that it totally didn’t happen
  • (the way that when you notice the thing they did, they’ll act offended)
  • the Liquid State aka, cat in a strangely shaped object not meant for a cat but they’re in there anyway
  • that little chirp thing they do when you gently touch them while they’re sleeping
  • head bumps
  • how outraged they are when you help them, even though they’re quite clearly trapped
  • when they curl up all tiny in a ball or in that loaf shape
  • “cat do not touch that thing” “…how bout I do a n y w a y”
  • how cats are secretly the neediest animals on the planet
  • when they just seem to know something’s bothering you and they cling to you all day and follow you around rubbing against your legs
  • when they meow at you so you meow back and they have a moment of “???” before meowing again, slowly, as though what you said made no sense and they’re trying to get you to elaborate
  • yawns. adorable and also kind of terrifying
  • constant defiance of physics
  • purring
  • how soft and cute they are
  • literally everything
Imagine being a familiar and belonging to Crowley after your witch disowned you.

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“Y/n, what are you wanting?!” Crowley finally snapped as you continued to meow relentlessly and rubbing against his leg. “You’re getting fur all over my suit!” You rubbed your head against his leg and purred, hopping up into his lap when he had laid back against his throne. “You’re just wanting your king’s attention, huh?”

You meowed loudly and pushed your small and fragile body underneath his hand to encourage him to pet you. Being his familiar was new considering he wasn’t a witch, but you wouldn’t have it any other way. He loved you in a way no one else had ever loved you before. He showed you what true love was, and it was something magically to you. Being friends was so much more boring than this romantic love he shows you almost every night when you transformed back into your human state.

He slowly began to pet you and you rolled over onto your side so that his hand was on the white patch of fur on your chest and wrapped your small paw around it. He couldn’t help but smile and scratch underneath your chin with his free fingers.

“You know,” he started, “you’re going to have to change back soon, kitten. Daddy needs your help with the Winchesters.” You whined and cried out in response causing him to apply a firm expression. “Now, kitten, stop that. You know that I cant leave you all by your lonesome in Hell. It’s too dangerous for you.” You stretched out your paws towards him, your razor sharp nails poking out. “But, you can stay like this until it’s time to go.”

You purred and began to knead his thighs with your paws, earning a small chuckle and more pets from your king.

Oh god the thing that makes my heart melt about cats, especially talkative ones, is when they like. Try to have a fucking conversation with you. Like you say something to them, and then they meow, and you say something back, and then they meow, and then you pause and don’t say anything, and they stare at you, and then you finally say something else, and then and only then do they meow back

Because they fucking Get It. They know you’re talking at them so they’re gonna talk at you right back. I love it. I love cats. I’m really tired and I’m sobbing over the fact that cats are smart enough to hold conversations and I love them

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For your consideration: R has a blind cat named Justice and a three legged cat named Zoom and is a shameless cat parent

You know damn well he will defend his cats’ honor and fight whoever says they’re not pretty or too weird

He gets them quality cat food and cuddles them giving them all his attention

They sleep next to him

He does the thing where when the cat meows you meow back and it’s an endless stream of meowing back and forth

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Could I have a cute Ulquiorra scenario?

I just noticed that I don’t get a lot of Ulquiorra request. I always thought he was everyone favorite.

Ulquiorra Cifer:

Ulquiorra hated the sound this thing was repeating over and over again

‘Meow, Meow’

Over and over again, and it kept rubbing against his leg, he told the cat a thousand times to leave him alone, but it kept meowing and meowing. But when Ulquiorra looked into their big eyes, it reminded him of someone, someone very dear to him.

“I don’t know what you are.. but I’m pretty sure my woman would love something like you” he said, picking up the cat and carrying it back home.  

  • cat: meows at me
  • me: meows back
  • cat: This dipshit definitely doesn’t have PHD’s in English. I’m a writer and just those few sentences you posted have shown you are literally incompetent and you don’t know and will never know what true literacy is because you have too much pride in yourself to admit when someone has actually put you in your place like you deserve. Go and take your “7gfs” and go f your self because those 7gfs aren’t real and any girl interested in someone like you is just as much of a piece of shit as you because they don’t have the self respect to tell this piece of shit to go f off because any man who claims to have SEVEN GIRLFRIENDS is the biggest piece of shit around because he has shown he has no respect for the female form. Now, seriously get off tumblr because all you’re doing is wasting data on the Internet thanks to you. You’re an absolute piece of shit guy and I really hope you go f yourself. Done.

Okay so I know @sonseulsoleil has this brilliant headcanon that Jake and Amy adopt a cat and name it Holly (Generro Santiago-Peralta the First) and after last night’s absurdly precious episode I need to offer some Things:

- Jake meowing back at the cat when the cat meows at him
- this is done 100% seriously
- Jake lying in bed screwing around on his phone with Holly curled up on his tummy
- Jake consequently falling asleep w Holly curled up purring on his tummy
- Jake laying down on the floor and gasping over Holly’s smol paws
- “they’re so tiny! Look at your tiny adorable kitty paws!! Look at those toes!! Amy, look at her tiny toes!! Holly, you have such amazing tiny feet, yes you do, they’re so tiny and perfect! Amy, aren’t her toes perfect” “Jake you’ve been talking to the cat about her toes for an hour”
- Holly falling asleep on top of Jake and Amy asking him to do something and Jake being like “but Holly’s sitting on me” and bEING. SO. OFFENDED. When Amy says “just push her off”
- /S O O F F E N D E D/ (credit to Elizabeth for this one)
- Jake kissing Holly’s nose
- repeatedly
- Holly batting at Jake’s nose w her smol paws and Jake making that Scrunched Up Face he does
- Amy is the one who always hears Holly meowing and says “oh, honey, I know” in that Understanding And Sympathetic Voice
- just
- Jake and Amy adopting a cat God bless Elizabeth for this beautiful headcanon