when a cat meows at you you meow back

It just occurred to me that cats seem to know what a conversation is. They observe the rules. In my experience, they can meow endlessly as long as you ignore them, but when you start talking back, they don’t meow over you. They wait for you to finish your point and then reply.

For example:
Muriel: MEOW.
Me: What do you want now?
Muriel: MEOW.
Me: I’ve fed you, and I’m quite busy at the moment.
Muriel: MEOW.
Me: Stop meowing outside the door. If you’re going to complain, at least come in and meow at my face.
Muriel: MEOW.
Me: FINE. *gets down from ladder, fetches tease toy, plays with the bloody cat.*

And this wasn’t going to be a feminist post, but as I was typing it, a voice inside me breathed “and if cats can learn this skill, so can men.” 

anonymous asked:

What do you like best about cats?

This is an oddly specific question but I have an extensive answer.

  • toe beans
  • the way that cats will do something dumb and then hope that you didn’t see and pretend that it totally didn’t happen
  • (the way that when you notice the thing they did, they’ll act offended)
  • the Liquid State aka, cat in a strangely shaped object not meant for a cat but they’re in there anyway
  • that little chirp thing they do when you gently touch them while they’re sleeping
  • head bumps
  • how outraged they are when you help them, even though they’re quite clearly trapped
  • when they curl up all tiny in a ball or in that loaf shape
  • “cat do not touch that thing” “…how bout I do a n y w a y”
  • how cats are secretly the neediest animals on the planet
  • when they just seem to know something’s bothering you and they cling to you all day and follow you around rubbing against your legs
  • when they meow at you so you meow back and they have a moment of “???” before meowing again, slowly, as though what you said made no sense and they’re trying to get you to elaborate
  • yawns. adorable and also kind of terrifying
  • constant defiance of physics
  • purring
  • how soft and cute they are
  • literally everything
Finding Gilbert 2.0 // Qian Kun

Pt. 1

the prompt: the Kun scenario was so cute i love it,,,, i think we would all love a part 2

words: 1797

category: soulmate!au + fluff

author note: I’m so glad you guys wanted a part two for this bless up!! I want kun and hansol to debut so badly :(

- destinee

Originally posted by eldia

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Cats Day 6

Summary: You and your son, Frerin II, accidentally turn Thorin, Kili, Fili, Dwalin, Balin and Gandalf into cats and this is the result (Spin off of The Elf and The Dwarf)
Chapter Summary: Fili gets salty

Master List - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 7

You stop your fussing in the kitchen as a knock sounds at your door. You put the rag down and look at Dwalin and Thorin as you walk to door. They were currently in front of the fire, laying down and meowing at each other quietly. Those two were definitely up to something.

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Okay whoever said a cat isn’t affectionate or entertaining has clearly never owned or met a cat -

•Little head butts when want attention
•Slow reach for face with gentle paw to just tap tap
•Running really fast from room to room
•Follows subtly around house
•Tries to squeeze under objects
•Lays on back
•Meow meow
•No I dont want that dead bird but thank u
•no really, plz stop bringing them to me
•making bread
•when their butts lift when you scratch base of tail
•puts face in your face
•climbs on u
•more dead birds
•hes just trying to feed you
•when their claws get stuck on stuff
•bringing your hand to them with their paw
•paw pads

Five Times Marinette Failed to Hide and the One Time She Succeeded

Summary: Marinette has never been great at hiding, be it herself or her secrets.

AO3 / Ch 1, 2, 3

Chapter Three - Superhero 

Being a superhero was pretty great, Marinette had decided. It had helped her learn to manage time better, so she wouldn’t miss school, hanging out with friends, or her duties. She was pretty great at juggling different opportunities, if she did say so herself.

What she wasn’t so great at was finding spots to transform, and that wasn’t exactly her fault. People were everywhere! She lived in Paris, one of the biggest tourist attractions, and it wasn’t like you could just find that many areas with absolutely no people! Sometimes she just had to make do with what she had.

The results of that weren’t always so stellar. Sometimes she hid behind a tree thinner than her, and other times she dived behind a slotted bench, very well aware of the fact that it was poor cover. But, like she knew, she had to risk her identity and use her environment or she’d never have the chance to transform.

Really, she should’ve been prepared for the day someone found her out, but there she was, gawking at Juleka, who just stared back. She tried to say something several times, but each time, her words failed her.

Juleka broke the ice first.

“That… makes a lot of sense,” she said, a smile forming on her lips. She even looked a little impressed.

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landrynka2577  asked:

hello! can i request a scenario where gom+mibuchi's s/o gives them a smol cute kitten for their birthday? thank you c:

Of course you can sweetie! Thank you for requesting :)

Akashi: He wasn’t sure what to expect when he trips over a moving box.. His first thought was he imagined it, because there’s no way the box moved from one end of the room to the other.. But when the small little ball of fluff peaks its head out after he unravels the ribbon, he tries to hide the shock.

“____….” he mumbles, blushing upon realizing you weren’t around, and it was just him and the kitten. He’s startled when he jumps on his shoulder, purring in his ear and wraps around his neck..

Someone’s made himself at home..

“AH! I see you found your gift!”

Akashi jumps up, looking at you with wide eyes, before rubbing the back of his neck. He almost jumps when he feels the fur, shrugging.

“…M..More like he found me..” he admits, giving a small smile..  “He tried to trip me on the way to the couch.”

You laugh, walking over to sit beside him, sighing softly. You lightly rub his head, adoring the purrs and lean forward to peck both their cheeks.

“Well.. He just wanted to get your attention..” you watch his expression, giggling to yourself, “Looks like he got it!”

He turns to look at the kitten, before letting out a soft sigh..

He did indeed.

Mibuchi: “_____-chan…” he whispers, watching as you attempt to hide the kitten between your arms.. It was supposed to be a surprise! But instead, before you could add the ribbon, Mibuchi walks in, and you’re scrambling to keep upright.

“A..Ah.. I wanted to surprise you this year!!” you sheepishly explain, before hearing the kitten meow once more..

“I.. I was told by Akashi-kun how you wanted a cat since you were a child.. But you couldn’t have one.. So…”

You thrust the cat out, hoping he’d take the hint and grab him.

“…Here!! Happy birthday Reo-kun!”

He feels his eyes widen, especially when the cat meows cutely at him, and watches your face slowly burn with a blush.. Awe..!! So cute!!! He carefully takes the kitten, placing it on his shoulder, before pulling you into a hug, smiling happily.

“Thank you ____-chan… I adore her.. But..” he stops, pulling back to look at you, “I adore you more!”

You couldn’t stop the blush, only burying your face in his chest in embarrassment. Though you giggled when the kitten began to bat at your head, as if telling you to go away.

Midorima: “… It’s a cat…”

You huff, hands on your hips as the small kitten crawls up his body, somehow landing on the top of his head.

“Thank you for pointing out the obvious..”

He glowers, but tries to pull the small ball of fluff off his head.. He hears the meows, and after a few tries, just leaves him on there, eyes on you. 

“Why’d you get me a kitten?”

You feel your cheeks burn, but you close your eyes, unable to meet his piercing gaze.

“…I… I didn’t want you to get lonely when I’m not here…”

It’s his turn to blush, and he scratches his head, almost jumping at the meow in his ear before turning to look at the small ball.

“Tch.. As if I’d get lonely, nanodayo.”

You open your eyes to look at him, sighing before heading towards the door.

“If that’s the case.. I’m leaving…”

You were able to hide the knowing smirk when he grabbed your hand, stopping you from making a move. 

“Eh? I thought you don’t get lonely…?”

He glares, turning away from your face as he pushes up his glasses, trying to regain composure.

“…It’s my birthday.. So I want you to stay…”

You rolled your eyes, but release a soft sigh, moving to wrap your arms around him in a hug.

“If that’s what the birthday boy wants..~”

A meow was the only response.

Murasakibara: He was waiting for you to cut him a piece of cake, when he felt something jump on his shoulder. His eyes widen a fraction, before they narrow, a frown on his lips as he shoos the small creature away.

“___-chiiinnn~ Get this thing away from me…”

You blink, turning around to look at him, giggling and bringing the slices of cake over to the living room.

“I see you found your gift!! Or in this case, she found her way to you!” 

He blinks, grabbing the cake with a huff..

“I don’t  know why you got me a cat…” he grumbles, stuffing his face, “It’s so small.. Smaller than Kuro-chin..”

You shake your head,  plopping beside him as you watch the kitten paw at his fork.

“He’s your new pal, Atsushi! Treat him right! Or no more sweets for you!”

He makes a face, as if about to retort,  but when he sees the paw on his plate, he sighs, grabbing a different fork and scooping some of the icing for him.

“Do you want some?”

“Don’t feed the cat icing, Atsushi!!”

BTS as Things my cat Patches does

Inspired by @megakpoprandomness
I have 3 cats; Patches, Sadie, and Milo. I spend the most time with Milo and Patches so she’s easy to write about
Milo is only 5 weeks And patches became a year old last week
•Jin: stares at me when I eat Cheez-Itz until I give her one or she steals one when I’m not looking

•YoonGi: Harshly kneads, scratches, and bites when she wants to cuddle and falls asleep spread out across my stomach and chest

•Hobi: Meows EXTREMELY loud when she wants attention and she’s not getting it, meows when you don’t give her attention or jumps on your lap and forced you to give her attention

•NamJoon: literally pushes my 5 week old kitten onto the floor, tears apart the cat toys and jumps…yes, my cat literally jumps for no reason across the house

Jimin: meows when you start play EXO’s “Wolf” and meows back at the “Nya~” in the background of Suga’s verse in “Just One Day”

Tae: pulls my kitten in when he cries, gives baby kisses, eats the baby’s food, plays with kitten

Jungkook: Chases the dogs around the house and smacks them for no reason, brings in rocks from outside instead of dead animals, scratches my door violently in the middle of the night to either cuddle or eat from the food bowl I have in there

Defenseless Pussycat - Klarion x Reader

Requested by obsessedpeppermint -  Klarion x Witch!Reader where it’s the battle between him and Doctor Fate and when Teekles attacked Reader interferes because-Dude you can’t attack a familiar!? That’s the lowest of low blows. Que Klarion frequently visiting Reader afterwards because “Teekle has become fond of reader”

You knelt down next to Kent Nelson’s dead body as Doctor Fate used Wally West to fight Klarion. The fight was spectacular. You were stunned by the beauty of their magic. It made you wish you were skilled enough to cast such powerful spells. Though, you were also worried for Wally’s safety as well. You didn’t know how you would explain to the team if he got killed. 

“You’re out of practice, Nabu. And that pathetic host body has zero affinity for the mystic arts,” Klarion taunted as he threw another magical blast at Doctor Fate. He kept glancing over in your direction to see if you were watching, which gave you the impression he was showing off. 

Klarion send a massive lightning strike down on Doctor Fate. Doctor Fate blocked it with a shield spell. “Ooh, rainbow power,” he giggled mockingly before sending a wink your way. Even though you weren’t supposed to, you blushed. 

Teekl meowed a warning. 

“I am paying attention, you stupid cat,” Klarion snapped before sending another blast at Doctor Fate. 

Teekl meowed irritably in response. “In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m winning,” Klarion argued as Doctor Fate was thrown back from the blast. You casted your own shield spell when Doctor Fate almost crashed into you. He bumped against the shield before flying up like nothing happened. 

“It is difficult for a lord of order or chaos to maintain a presence on the physical plane. I am bound to the helmet and use a human host,” Doctor Fate said plainly. “But that is not your way.” You narrowed your eyes, wondering what he was planning to do. Klarion simply raised an eyebrow. 

“You’re babbling, Nabu,” he sneered, readying to cast another attack. 

“Am I,” Doctor Fate replied smugly before throwing a magical blast towards Teekl, knocking her to the ground. Your mouth dropped open in shock as Klarion flickered in and out of this reality. 

“Teekl,” Klarion screamed, picking up the cat in his arms. “I can’t believe you would assault a defenseless pussycat.” Rage shook your body as you finally stood up and got between them as Doctor Fate sent another blast towards Teekl. You casted your shield just in time, protecting both Klarion and his familiar.

You send a little fireball at Doctor Fate’s chest as a warning. “Hey, you can’t attack someone’s familiar,” you shouted, readying another shield spell in case Doctor Fate attacked you. “That’s the lowest of low blows!” 

“Get out of the way, child,” Doctor Fate ordered, casting a spell to drag you out of the way. 

“No, you don’t,” you screamed, throwing another fireball at him to ruin his concentration. “I thought a lord of order was supposed to have more class. You disappoint me, Doctor Fate.” You turned to Klarion and Teekl, who were both staring at you in astonishment. “Go now before Doctor Cheater tries again.”

Teekl meowed gratefully while Klarion tilted his head at you. You could see curiosity in his eyes. Doctor Fate blasted you with another spell, knocking you back a little even though you had your shield up in time. Klarion nodded to you before he created a portal. 

“This isn’t over, Nabu,” Klarion warned before jumping through the portal as Doctor Fate threw another magical blast at your shield. Your shield dissolved, leaving you unprotected. However, Doctor Fate stopped his attacks once Klarion was gone. He just floated there, staring at you with Wally’s empty eyes. Gulping, you waited to see what would happen. 

Slowly, Doctor Fate floated down to the ground and took off his helmet, freeing Wally from his control. You smiled in relief until you saw the displeasure on Wally’s face. Biting your lip, you realized you were going to have a lot of explaining to do.

You were lying on your bed at the cave, contemplating your options. The team had been very upset that you interfered with Doctor Fate’s battle with Klarion, saying it was a betrayal of their trust. You tried to explain how there were rules, and Doctor Fate had broken them. However, they didn’t understand. 

Sighing, you rolled over in your bed to bury your face into your pillow. You secretly were hoping Zatara would show up to explain the laws of magical combat to them. Having the whole team mad at you was not a fun experience. 

“So this is where the Justice Babies are hiding,” a recognizable voice sounded from behind you. “Predictable.” You jumped from your bed to see Klarion standing in your bedroom with Teekl sleeping in his arms. 

“How did you get in here,” you asked harshly. You didn’t mean it, but you were worried the team would catch him here. Though, you were secretly glad to see him again. 

“Please, your magic trail was easy to follow. I suggest you work on that,” Klarion explained, shaking his head as if it was obvious. You blushed with embarrassment as he sat down on the corner of your bed. 

Slowly, you sat down beside him with caution. Teekl immediately left his arms to curl up into your lap. She purred as you started to pet her. “So, why are you here?”

It was Klarion’s turn to blush, looking away from you. “Teekl wanted to thank you for saving her life,” he mumbled. Teekl meowed knowingly. “Shut up, you stupid cat.”

“Oh,” you said, looking down at Teekl with the knowledge that Klarion was actually the one who wanted to thank you. “Well, you’re welcome, Teekl.” Teekl meowed sweetly at you in response. 

Klarion and you began to talk about spells, which in turn led to both of you going to an alternate dimension to practice. Later, he dropped you back into your bedroom at the cave, and you expected he would never visit you again. 

However, everyday at eleven o’clock, Klarion would appear in your bedroom to visit. When you confronted him about it, he claimed Teekl had become fond of you. Of course, you knew the real reason behind his visits, but you didn’t say a word. 

Now that I have seen louis with a cat I have a few questions:

-is louis the type to meow back when a cat meows at him first?

-it looks like the cat in the photoshoot has a little bell on it’s collar so do you think louis jingled it with his dainty fingers?

-do you think the cat crawled on louis and tried to knead his soft sweater covered tummy?

-is louis the type to have little sneezes when he gets too much cat fur near him?

-did louis take a selfie with the cat and send it to harry with a caption like “found a new little spoon” so that harry could just reply in caps lock key smashing?

tardisgrump  asked:

First : yes butts are pretty cool , also , could yoy write either Lil J or Adam Kovic and either a drunk make out session/ confession or one during an argument because the reader is going out on a date but he ( whomever you prefer to write ) doesn't want them to and they fight ?

A/N - Thanks, sweetheart! Man, this was a tough choice, seeing as both ideas were great and I LOVE writing Lil’ J and Kovic so damn much! But in the end, I went with Jeremy and the make out/confession thing, so I hope that’s OK! Also - congrats on getting your artwork featured in one of the Prey videos on Jeremy’s personal YT channel! I knew I recognised the name from somewhere when I saw it, and your art is awesome! And hell yeah, butts are cool. Especially Jeremy’s…

Pairing - Jeremy x Reader

Warnings - Mentions of alcohol, makeouts, some light groping, KITTIES!!

Word Count - 2, 025

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My Husband, Kim JunMeow

Table of Contents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Chapter o6. Kitten Love

“Your cat is over twenty years old,” the vet starts explaining the health check reports.

My mouth forms into an “O”.

“Well, we’re basically the same age, Bud,” I tease as I stroke my grumpy cat, who’s depressingly melted against the table.

“Well, in cat years, he’s almost 100,” the doctor corrects.  

My eyes widen and I pull JunMeow up to look at me.  “Dayum, you’re old and still horny?” I joke to try to make my cat happier but he’s still frowning and refusing to look at me.  His expression reads, “You betrayed me.

“…he’s nearing the end of his life…” the vet lays down the facts as gently as possible.  I never realized how fast my heart could plummet.  My body freezes in place as shock waves run down my spine.  JunMeow’s paw pulsates against my fingertips.  

“So it’s not really necessary to get him neutered.  It’s up to you as the owner,” she tosses the ball back of me but I’m too lost in my emotional eye contact with JunMeow to respond.  Having his secret exposed to the one person he wished would never know, hurts JunMeow so much.  His beautiful crystal orbs coat in excess water as he watches tears form in his angel’s eyes.  

The walk back home is a quiet one.  Instead of putting him back into the carrier, I decide to carry him in my arms.  We pass a pet store and I walk in.  Normally, vocal and giddy, JunMeow remains zealous and continues to stare at me despite what is supposed to be for him, Heaven on Earth.  I end up spending a whole paycheck on cat supplies.

“I’ll make you the happiest cat,” I promise and try to bite back tears when the vet’s words repeat again in my mind.  

“Meow…” JunMeow’s purrs are not high-pitch but soft and sad.  

“Do you want a cat condo?” I offer.  I would probably have to feed on saltines for a month due to the cost but if it makes the kitty happy…

“Meow :(“ my cute cat takes my hand with both his paws and shakes his head.  

Sniffling back tears, I suggest, “What about a cat bed?  Look at this one it’s soft and is shaped like a fish!”

Again, he shakes his head.

“How about—“

JunMeow jumps from his seat on the cart and wraps his arms around my neck.  Though, I try really hard, I burst into tears.

“I open my heart and let you into my life and you’re just going to die on me?” I tearfully choke.

Weeping along, the white cat tightens his paws around me and smushes his fluffy head against my face.  His fur gets in my teeth but I’m too heartbroken to be upset.  That night, I let him sprawl out all his toys, messily around my apartment.  We play “catch-the-laser” until he’s so tired out that he dozes off on my lap.  With a sad smile, I stroke his back.

“You can meet up with your lover as much as you want,” I whisper and kiss the top of his head.  Gingerly, so as to not wake him up, I pick him up and head to the bed to call it a night.  

In the middle of the night, rain transforms the cat, nestled at the croak of my neck, into his human form.  Under the same blankets again, just like the last few times the transformations happened over night.  Only, this time, the feeling is different.  With glassy orbs, Junmyeon cups my cheek with his warm palm and admires my angelic sleeping form.  I whimper in my sleep, “Suho…” and it causes the strong man’s lips to ripple.  Tenderly, he leans in, and presses his lips against the center of my forehead.  

Cats have nine lives, it’s both a myth and reality.  Essentially, they don’t really die nine times, instead, they are allowed to be mortally injured protecting someone up to nine times.  For Junmyeon, the first time was at the dumpster, when his human friend began to shiver and convulse with a seizure.  He hugged her, allowing her to steal away his body heat until he turned ice cold.  The second time was when he accidentally scratched her arm when they were playing and she ended up with a frightening infection that would have cost her, her life, had he not bargained one of his lives to the Heavens.  After that, he daren’t appear in front of her, fearing that he’d hurt her once again.  So for years, after he was tossed away by her family, he evaded being rescued by animal activists, opting to feed on leftovers at the back of a restaurant, and calling a tunnel his home, than to be adopted by another.  It’s stupid, but he didn’t think he could love another like he did with the angel who saved him from giving up on life completely.  

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A Tease - Klarion x Reader

Originally posted by melanc-holik

Requested by obsessedpeppermint  - Klarion x reader where Reader likes him and even though he doesn’t realize she does he acts like a teasing prick.

As the new magically-gifted recruit for The Light, you found yourself working with Klarion quite often. Whether the reason you were put together so much was because of your similar ages (in appearance, not in actual years), or because you both were magically-gifted per say, you didn’t know. All you know is that you saw a lot of Klarion. 

You had to admit, you thought he was cute. He was funny, which was something that was unique when it came to The Light. The way he used his powers was amazing, and you look up to him for inspiration of what to do with your own. You liked him, but of course it would have been better if he wasn’t such a teasing prick.

He was awful. Always giving you hope that he finally realized you liked him, but then he would blow it by pulling a trick on you. For example, he gave you a rose one day, but then it exploded in your face. It didn’t hurt you, but still gave you a shock. Klarion laughed his head off. Another time he held out his hand to help you up, and you fell through his hand to land on your face. He had casted his hand as an illusion, which he also thought was hilarious. 

Honestly, you didn’t know what to do. Every time he tricked you, you just got angrier. You were angry that he didn’t notice you liked him, and that he felt the need to humiliate you in front of the other members. The anger from Klarion’s teasing slowly built up until it burst. 

Klarion and you were sitting in an abandoned movie theater, waiting for your plan to begin. Both of you were sent here to distract the Justice League while The Light steals technology from their watchtower.  

“Are you sure enchanting the water system was a good idea,” you ask as you magically float in the air. 

“Yes, Baby,” Klarion snaps back in a mocking tone. While the nickname could have been a term of endearment, the way he said it made it an insult. He is sitting in one of the theater chairs. Teekl jumps into his lap and he begins to pet her. “I know what I am doing.”

You stick your tongue out at him. “I just don’t think that turning everyone who touches the water into mindless lizard monsters is going to attract the attention of the Justice League,” you argue while doing somersaults in the air.  

“Hmm…,” Klarion hums, narrowing his eyes at you. With a flick of his finger, the spell that you were using to float in the air comes undone, and you crash to the ground. You were mid-somersault at the time, making you land right on your head.

“Ouch,” you cry, holding your head as you slowly sit up. Tears fill your eyes, it really hurt. 

Meanwhile, Klarion giggles his head off. “Oh, poor Baby,” he coos, motioning you to come to him. “Let me look at it.”

Even though it was against your better judgement, you sat in the chair next to him. Teekl crawls into your lap as Klarion checks the bump on your head. His touch is surprisingly gentle. You wonder if this meant something, but decide against it as he pressed down on the tender spot on your head. Petting Teekl’s head to ignore the pain, she begins to purr in your lap.

“Oww,” you whimper as a wave of sharp pain runs through  your head. “What are you doing?” Klarion begins to snicker, making you jump away from him. Teekl falls from your lap, meowing unhappily at you.  You glare at him before demanding, “What did you do to me?”

Klarion laughs harder, his normally pale, handsome face turning a bright red. You snap your fingers and a mirror appears in your hand. Holding it up, you scream. 

He had changed your hair color to this obnoxious color and styled it into a beehive. To be fair, you really cared about your hair. You loved the color of it and the style thus you were very protective of it. It meant a lot to you, and he just destroyed it. Obviously, you could fix it, but that was beside the point. Paired with your anger from his teasing and his lack of notice when it came to your feelings for him, you exploded. 

“You are a jerk,” you snap, clapping your hands to fix your hair to it’s original look. The mirror disappears when you toss it into the air. You turn to face him as the room begins to darken with your rage. 

“Calm down, Baby,” he chimes, unconcerned with your rage. “It’s just a joke.” However, Teekl runs to hide beneath one of the theater chairs. 

“I can’t take this anymore,” you scream as your magic creates a storm in the room. The wind howls past you, slowly lifting you into the air. You get a little satisfaction when Klarion appears to get nervous. “Enough of the tricks and the teasing, Klarion. I don’t care if you are a Lord of Chaos, I will not accept this behavior again.”

The wind picks up as lightning begins to strike within the building, a vortex forms near the ceiling. Klarion peers up at the brewing storm above, impressed. He never saw you use your magic so dramatically before. 

Meanwhile, you continue ranting, shouting to be heard above the wind. “It’s hard to like you when you keep playing me like a fool. Every time I think you might feel something for me, you ruin it by playing a trick. How can I like you so much when you are so mean to me?” You let out a high-pitched scream, sending a shock wave through the room that destroys everything except for the chair Klarion is sitting in. Teekl, having lost her hiding place, runs to cower in his lap. 

Klarion’s eyes went wide when you shouted your last sentence. His face went white as he tried to comprehend your words. You just glare at him, but when he doesn’t react, you turn to leave.

“I’m out of here, you can take care of the League yourself,” you say bitterly before casting a portal and jumping through it. It snaps closed behind you.

Klarion sits there for several moments, still shock by what you said. Teekl meows at him knowingly. 

“I know what you said, but I never thought she liked me back,” Klarion grumbles at the cat. Teekl meows in a “I told you so” manner.

“Shut up, you stupid cat,” Klarion shoots back, frowning when screams coming from outside of the building warn him their plan has begun. “I have to fix this after we distract the Armadillos.” He stands with Teekl in his arms and casts open a portal to take care of business before going to find you.

You went to hide in your pocket dimension, creating as much chaos as possible with your magic to try to soothe your anger. Your pocket dimension was just blank space when you were done. Eventually, you soothed your anger and were able to settle down to sleep for the night. 

When you woke the next morning, you were surprised to see every inch of space covered in roses. Roses similar to the one Klarion had given to you which blew up in your face. With a sense of uneasiness at how these roses got here and whether or not they were going to blow up, you pick up a note that was placed on top of the roses closest to you. By the handwriting, you knew it was from Klarion. It said,


The roses will not explode. They are a gift to beg for your forgiveness. While I am not accustom to apologies, I believe I own you one. My behavior was unacceptable and I am sorry. I have only my own jealousy to blame as I believed you had no interest in me. I hope we can work together in the future, and perhaps we can create chaos together. 

Klarion the Witch Boy

P.S. The storm you created was magnificent.  

A giant grin breaks out on your face as you finish reading the note. Gazing out at the thousands of roses, you held the note to your heart as it almost burst from joy. Somehow, you knew it was a new beginning.  

anonymous asked:

Could I have a cute Ulquiorra scenario?

I just noticed that I don’t get a lot of Ulquiorra request. I always thought he was everyone favorite.

Ulquiorra Cifer:

Ulquiorra hated the sound this thing was repeating over and over again

‘Meow, Meow’

Over and over again, and it kept rubbing against his leg, he told the cat a thousand times to leave him alone, but it kept meowing and meowing. But when Ulquiorra looked into their big eyes, it reminded him of someone, someone very dear to him.

“I don’t know what you are.. but I’m pretty sure my woman would love something like you” he said, picking up the cat and carrying it back home.  

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Prompt: Misha finds out a secret you’ve been hiding, and he’s there to help you through it.

Pairing: Misha x Reader

Warnings: self harm (nondescriptive), depression, negative thoughts (very little description)

Words: 2367

You knew you weren’t great at anything. The only thing you exceeded at, really, was acting, and even then you were unsure about your talents. You couldn’t draw - the best you could draw was a stick figure waving. You certainly couldn’t sing - at best you sounded like a cat whose tail has been yanked. You tripped over your own feet when dancing and your jokes were nothing but cheesy puns you read on the internet. You had always told yourself you weren’t good at anything, and you took a shot at acting. Turns out, you were good enough to land a spot on Supernatural back in season three. Now they don’t want to get rid of you. And don’t even get started on your love life.

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You’ve Got to Be Kitten Me: Part 2

Fandom: Star Wars

Pairing: Solo Triplets x Reader

Words: 1356

Warnings: Sexual implications made by Ben, because, cmon. The guy is a horny lil shit.

A/N Part 2 of the series that was based off of @clarencebells fanart of the Solo Triplets as cats.

Part 1

You were sitting on the floor cross legged surrounded by books, papers, and your three boyfriends whom were still in cat form. It’s been five days since Delsin Carmichael had to be a dick and turn the Solos into cats. 

You had to call in to their work and tell each of their employers that they’ve come down with a really bad illness. So bad that they’ve lost their voice, which is why they couldn’t call themselves. Surprisingly, each employer was very understanding and said that they could have all the time that they need. 

You sighed and ran your hand through your hair. Ben was sleeping on your lap, Kylo was to your left, and Matt to your right, “Delsin just had to be a dick just because I said no to him. What an asswipe.” Kylo meowed as if agreeing. Matt then stood on this hind legs and started pawing at your arm. You looked at him and he had this very innocent look in his eyes. You smiled and began to pet his head, “What’s up, Matty?” You then heard him purring and you couldn’t help but laugh. You shook your head, “Well, you always did like it when I pulled your hair.” You smirked looking down at the cat.

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