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Take me on a date - Tyler Seguin

A/N: I’m not too sure about this one. I know I’ve been writing a lot of unrequested imagines, but right now it is what I feel like writing. Sorry!

Word count: 1202

Warnings: swearing probably.

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Jack is everything you aren’t used to. He has bought you flowers, complimented your outfit, hair and makeup, held the door open for you, invited you to a great restaurant… and here you are wishing this date was over already. Something must be really fucked up with you, because this is definitely nicer than the your usual I-am-outside-your-door-let’s-fuck kind of deal.

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The Remix (M)

“This studio is soundproof, be as loud as you can Baby, we need those moans for the next song.”

GENRE: Filthy smut, fuckboy Lee Jooheon
(y’all be warned, he’s really not nice lmao)

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Before Yoon Bum...

Sangwoo was alone.

Ever since he can remember he was alone. When he was a child, he had his parents beside him, but they made him feel more solitary.

Day after day, he wore a mask. The outside world saw only that side of him, and he wasn’t sure the people wanted to know the real Oh Sangwoo.

“They wouldn’t understand.” - he said always to the mirror he looked in every day.

Sangwoo didn’t live. He just existed.

Every day, he woke up, he wore the clothes which the society found normal, he studied, he went to work, and then he went back to the same house he could never call truly ’home’.

Sometimes, he met with girls. He always changed his mask according to the taste of the target audience. The bad guy, the concerned one, the tender and caring boyfriend - he considered himself a good actor. Sometimes even he couldn’t decide which part of him is fake.

Sangwoo was an empty shell.

And so are the girls he went out with. Hearing their meaningless parlance made him think about all of this. They have a nice life, why are they complaining about it? He has gotten an idea - if he change their lifes, he will make them notice how better it was before.

He started it slowly. It was pointless at first, but this proceeding made him forgot about his life. Thenceforward when he went down to his basement, he focused on only the girl and the blade inside her. But still…

Sangwoo was bored.

As a little child cut playing with her old doll, he threw away these girls. He didn’t find it interesting, moreover it seemed aimless. This ‘hobby’ became the part of his daily routine, it was the same act like thoot-brushing. After the beginning’s excitement everything went back to normal.

But one day something changed.

He was told by a police officer about his cousin’s arriving. But he hasn’t got near kin, so he rushed home at that moment. A burglar cannot know about what lies down in his basement. Indeed, there was a man in the cellar, what is more he saw the girl whom Sangwoo captivated.

“What a nuisance.” - thought Sangwoo.

One more eyewitness, one more corpse he have to hide from the outsiders.

But suddenly Sangwoo saw the man’s face and at the same time he heard a sentence what was about him

“I fell in love!” - said the guy with desperate in his voice.

Sangwoo didn’t understand.

He spaced out. Why do a stranger say these words for him? The person trembling in front of him continuoued:

“I never wanted to annoy you but… I liked you too much…” - the end of the sentence was so quiet Sangwoo barely heard.

Nobody ever said something like this to Sangwoo, neither his parents. On the top of that without any acquaintance. Some of the girls, who he dated with, mentioned similar love confession-like things, but they all completely changed their locution after Sangwoo shown them his real face.

Sangwoo crouched to make their faces be at the same high, and he looked into the stranger’s eyes.

He saw dread and unbounded tristfulness in it, but he also caught sight of hope; a very desperated person’s last hope.

“Maybe I found it?” - thought Sangwoo while he slowly broke into a smile.

“Is this a person who will change my life? Who will understand me? Who will be my side no matter what happening?”

Sangwoo sighed. “I hope so.” 

“ In that case…” - he continuoued, -

“I can never let him go…”  

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Hello! First, I'd just like to say it's awesome how you're answering everyone's questions, and I really enjoy reading your answers. Secondly, I have a question about the fantasy genre. There seems to be a problem with this genre: it is very cliched. The dwarves, the elves, the dragons, the evil kings, the magic, the heroic characters, and even the plots are all the elements which many fantasy books share. How does one write in this genre without being cliche, but still being classic?

For the sake of over-explaining things (as I regularly do), common elements don’t always mean a cliche. You can’t classify something as being romance if it doesn’t contain any romance. I think the broad definition of “fantasy genre” just means “clearly made up” but the “high fantasy” section is what contains the elements you refer to (typically. I’ve seen some books only use one of the races alongside humans, or other variations).

I see what you’re saying that a lot of the tropes show up, so I’ll first explore the difference between “classic” and “cliche”:

Classics are “real” whereas cliches are a “fantasy”.

(I don’t mean “fantasy” in the genre sense, but the “idealistic situation” sense.)

Classics have a sense of grounding to them, that the stories can speak to someone beyond the superficial. Cliches are ephemeral and often kick out reality for the sake of the trope. 

It’s pretty much about depth. You can have a cliche that turns into a classic by exploring it realistically and developing it well. In fact, certain cliches can be beneficial since they give the reader something to be familiar with.

Classics revel in the consequences where cliches are excuses to make events happen.

Because readers are familiar with them, cliches are often used as “easy stepping stones” to get to the scenes that matter. For example, the love interest of an action hero getting kidnapped. The kidnapping isn’t important, it’s the scene where the hero has to make a choice and go through the emotional turmoil. 

They are “cheap” or “implausible” if kept at face value, but exploring them into a sense of reality can move then into classic territory. What if we got a scene that explored the personality and backstory of the kidnap victim instead of making them an object for the hero to run after?

Cliches oversimplify.

Related to the prior points, any story element can seem cliche in basic form. The motivated hero, the evil king, a direct label is always going to make you realize how common things are. In the actual story, an element is typically only cliche when it’s not developed properly. “The evil king” may show up in a lot of stories, but it’s only “cliche” when that king has little character and exists solely to be a villain for the hero to take down. What if that king is locked in a political battle and the negative effects that the people complain about could have been 10x worse had the king taken another option? Things aren’t always black and white.

Sometimes classic and cliche elements do overlap.

It happens. There’s no such thing as a 100% original idea for anything in storytelling– but that’s perfectly fine! It’s okay for a story to have some cliche elements because not everything can be well-developed or you’d have an encyclopedia instead of a story. 

Walking the line between classic and cliche with the elements that fantasy novels tend to share:

- You can use the common ideas (like certain magical races) but put your own spin on it to avoid the true cliche. Give unique lore, or just explore part of the race that a lot of fantasy tends not to.

- Never have a race exist just to fit a certain story ideal or niche. Give them an active role in the world or at least some interesting history. Not ever story element can get explored, but you can made it a little less predictable.

- Don’t stereotype your characters. If you really need the races to fall into traditional roles, then so be it, but you can still avoid the biggest part of the cliche by having unique characters. I can understand if a hero team needs a bunch of different weapons specialists, but maybe the archer is an orc instead of an elf.

- A lot of the classic fantasy feel comes from a triumph of good over evil, feelings of collective hope, a physical journey and exploration, etc. Like I’ve mentioned you start getting into cliche territory when the elements aren’t properly explored (AKA are just used for plot events rather than for affecting the characters or the theme).

- Give your magic unique rules, or get creative in ways to use and integrate it. Some magic is more like science, other types only exists in artifacts, occasionally it’s limited to a certain race, etc. 

There are definitely many more ideas that can be given for avoiding cliches, but the base line is: thoroughly explore what you want to write about and give things your own unique touch. It’s okay to have common elements, but don’t rely on them alone to bring out feeling in the reader. It’s more about how a story is told, rather than with what it’s told with.

Good luck with your fantasy story!

So Long, Farewell

For @ferosa

Angst I guess? Basically Dany’s farewell to Dragonstone. 

Yes, yes, I know, it’s been a bit, school’s been killing me, but I’m trying. I don’t work at all this week so I should have time to catch up. 

Jon never thought he’d ever miss the cold and drafty castle on an even colder and draftier island, but now that the time had come to say goodbye he was beginning to think he might.

The morning light was gray and cold as he stuffed the last few pieces of clothing into his traveling trunk. A few of Dragonstone’s servants, both men and women with hard faces and stringy hair who were devoted to the Targaryen queen, had offered to pack instead but he’d declined; he wanted to pack for himself. It gave him an excuse to be alone for a while, an excuse to think things over. He didn’t know if he’d ever come back here, if he’d ever come back to Dragonstone again. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to, now that there were only two dragons soaring around the palace towers when there should have been three. It felt tainted by the memory of what he’d done.

He hadn’t seen the Queen in days now. Their paths never seemed to cross and he expected that it was intentional. He didn’t blame her either. He still had nightmares about being in the cold beyond the Wall, seeing Viserion fall from the sky again and again with blood trailing from his wings. He could only imagine how much worse it would be for her. Some nights he thought he heard someone crying, caught on the wind and whisked away, but he could never be sure that it was her. He always hoped that it wasn’t.

There was a knock on his door and Davos barely waited for him to call him inside before he stepped in. “Are you ready? Cersei will be expecting us.”

He tried to smile, but there was no humor in it. “Of course.” And then it would be off to Winterfell, north to whatever fate awaited him there.

The Targaryen flag ship stood resplendant in red silks, waiting quietly at harbor, its sails flashing in the dim light of early morning. The sail was painted with the three headed dragon; it was a ship befitting the Dragon Queen. The Stark flag ship looked slightly more dishevelled, but Jon supposed it wouldn’t matter; he would divide his time between the two ships. They sailed for White Harbor, and they would sail together.

Missandei rushed to meet him as soon as he reached the dock. “Have you seen Queen Daenerys?”

“Not this morning, no.”

“Hm. I’m surprised.” They’d taken to breaking their fasts together on the castle bulwarks, sipping cups of tea and watching the city of King’s Landing slowly come alive. “We have to get going.”

“Is she with the dragons?”

“They haven’t returned from their hunt yet. She’s not waiting for them-I already checked. I suppose I’ll look in her solar again-”

“I’m passing that way myself. It’s no trouble. I can check-”

For a moment he thought that Missandei would dismiss him, say that he had overstepped his boundaries as a foreign dignitary. But there was a small smile on her face when she nodded and said. “All right. But do keep in mind, Lord Snow, we’re trying to leave quickly.” She brushed past him to oversee the packing of the ships; perhaps she was looking for the Unsullied commander. Jon had yet to learn his name, but the two seemed very close-in a number of ways.

For the last few days the castle had been filled with a bustling, restless excitement-but now the hallways were empty, traveling valises packed and food stored. Old, tattered tapestries hung on the walls and a new coat of dust had already begun to gather on the floors. It wouldn’t be long before the castle fell into disrepair again. He wondered who she would keep as the castellan of Dragonstone; it had always been a Targaryen castle and he assumed she would keep it that way.

His boots echoed as he passed the empty solar; a glass of wine sat in the center of the table, but it was empty. He looked for the usual signs that Daenerys had gone about her work-stands of ink arranged messily, old books open to fading pages. But everything had been packed away, and the room looked oddly formal.

He remembered a night when he’d come to see her, soon after they’d returned from Eastwatch. He’d wanted to ask her about the arrangements for the transportation of the Dragonglass, only to find that she’d fallen asleep at her desk. He knew that she slept less than she should but there had been something almost intimate about the moment; her braids had come undone and her head was pillowed on her arms. He’d wanted to tell someone but he didn’t want to wake her up; in the end he’d compromised on carrying her back to her room, afraid all the while that he was going to get yelled at (probably by the queen herself, when she woke up). But she’d slept through it all blissfully unaware-and when he set her down on her bed she’d simply curled farther into herself and slept some more.

It occurred to him to check her bedroom next. For a moment he wavered, simply because there was something about it that seemed too intimately personal..but he knocked anyway. There was a long moment of silence and then, just when he thought he’d guessed wrong and was going to walk away, he heard her say “Come in.”

The docks were still swarming with men, Jon knew, but from the master bedroom it all seemed very far away. He could barely hear them; the walls were a thick stone and muffled their voices. There was a desk in one corner, facing the window, but most of the room was dominated by a large bed draped in black and red blankets. Daenerys sat on the side of the bed, a breeze lifting the hair from her forehead, hands fisted in the bedclothes. She barely looked up when he stepped through the doorway, barely acknowledged he was there at all. “It’s time to go.”

For a few minutes she didn’t say anything, so he didn’t either. “My mother gave birth in this very bed, two-and-twenty years ago. A storm raged around her, her entire family dead except for her second son. And her only daughter. I thought that coming home, coming…here, I would feel something. It’s silly, I know, but the Targaryens lived here for time out of mind. It’s ours. And at first, I didn’t. All I wanted to do was leave, to keep things moving…but now that it’s time…”

“It’s strange,” he replied, closing the distance between them in a few quick steps. Something had changed in the long nights they’d spent on the boat back to Dragonstone, and he no longer felt uncomfortable around her. Or maybe he hadn’t felt that way in a while. “It’s started to feel like home. I felt the same way, when I returned to Winterfell. I’d lived there my whole life, but it never felt like my home.”

“Home.” She shook her head slightly, laughed mirthlessly. “It’s a strange word.” She didn’t look at him. “I wish we could stay longer.”

“You’ll like Winterfell. You’ll meet my sisters. You’ll like them.”

“I doubt they’ll be pleased with you for handing the North over to a foreign invader.”

“They’ll realize that it was necessary. And then they’ll get to know you.”

She still seemed a million miles away. “Sometimes I forget my brother’s face. It seems wrong. I knew him for more than half my life. Sometimes he was a good brother, but more often than that he was a torment. But I forget his laugh, or his smile, or the boy he used to be-the boy who grew up without his mother.”

He knew, instinctively, that he was seeing a part of the Dragon Queen that hardly anyone ever saw and he would have to proceed carefully because any misstep could send her back into her shell. “Family can be complicated and strange.”

“Best not to make sense of them.” She sighed. “Have they started to sail yet?”

“They’re waiting for the royal flag ship.”

She closed her eyes, tapping her fingers on the wood of the headboard-and when she opened her eyes again they looked remarkably clearer. “Will you walk with me?” She stood, straightening her dress, head cocked to one side almost tentatively.

“Of course.”

The hallways were so quiet. Jon didn’t know where everyone was-probably out in the harbor, but the castle seemed echoing and empty without all of the people crammed into it at every hour of the day: ministers and advisors and Unsullied and hangerson. The history of the castle pressed down upon him more and more with every step-this was where the great dragon kings and dragonlords had lived for centuries before the Targaryens had ever thought of crossing the sea. How had Stannis been able to live here for so many years, if he felt even half as much an outsider as Jon did now? If he closed his eyes he could imagine he heard the rumble of a dragon’s roar or the beat of a dragon’s wings, see a blonde haired girl chase a blonde haired boy down a hallway until they both collapsed into a heap laughing, a baby’s cries in the air-a dying mother holding her baby in her arms, whispering to her to be strong and good and brave…and then her face morphed into someone else’s, a woman with dark hair and a face that was constantly shifting so he could never quite tell what it looked like.

“I’ve grown up with the dead.” Her voice broke the silence, and she pulled open a set of carved double doors. They opened onto her strategy room, the Painted Table looking up at them from out of the darkness. She placed the dragon and the wolf in the North, in the miniscule fortress of Winterfell.

The room where he had told her about the wights. The room where he had wanted to make love to her, more times than he cared to count. The room where they had discussed the mission that would change everything forever.

Her lips were moving but no sound was coming out. He would have thought she was praying, if she was one to pray. But she didn’t believe in any gods; only herself. There was something wonderful about that, and something terribly sad.

He knew they had to go but he gave her time to say goodbye.

Eventually they left the war room and went to her solar instead. It had been a close and cluttered room at one point, stocked with tapestries and scrolls and books that looked so old they could disintegrate in his hands, but now the most important had been packed away and there was a disused and forgotten air to the whole place. She ran her hand over the desk, over the drawer with a false bottom where she always kept a bottle of Meereenese wine, silently speaking again. Broken sunlight painted her hair in light.

Onto the library, where Jon had spent most of his time in those early days when he hadn’t been quite sure whether or not she intended to kill him. Half of the books were in Valyrian and he couldn’t read them, but there had been a few copies of old tomes that he’d thought had been lost forever. He’d traveled a different Westeros, where there were kings in the north and dragons in the skies. A sitting room, Tyrion’s solar, the grand dining room with its vaulting ceilings, a room still entirely covered in carvings of dragons. A room of jewels brighter than sunlight, brighter than Rhaegar’s rubies on the Trident and twice as valuable.

A silver crown, barely more than a tiara, studded with diamonds and what looked like dragon scales. Queen she might be, but he had yet to see her wear such ostentatious ornamentation. She held it for a moment, turning it over and over so it sparkled in the dim light of the torches, the glittering rubies and deep blue sapphires. Then she put it back on its shelf and looked away, moving on.

The top of the castle ramparts, with a clear view of the boats gathered below. He wondered if she’d stood on this very balcony and watched the boats of the Northmen come in.

Would he have seen her if he’d just looked up?

She sighed, as the wind tore at her tightly wound braids. “I suppose we should go, shouldn’t we?”

“They’ll wait for you anyway.”

She still wouldn’t look at him. “Do you think we’ll ever come back?” We. Not I. It was a silly thing to think about, especially now, but he couldn’t help it. It felt like there was a contingency plan in place, like there could be a life after all of this.

“We’ll try.” That was the best they could do, wasn’t it? The best anyone could do.

She didn’t say anything else but she took a step closer to him, cape whipping in the wind. She rested her hand on top of his, just for a moment, her touch light as the wings of a butterfly.

Even as the rest of the world moved on around them, he felt remarkably still. Like the only thing that really mattered, that could really change everything, was this moment-right now.

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“Come Here, Sis” - Or Why Jasper!Redemption Will Be An Amethyst Arc

Rearranging my notes I’ve been taking to help with the fic I’ve been writing to pass the time before new episodes return, and, on request, I’ll post it here. A lot of this stems from a frustration I have with the fandom on two fronts when it comes to Jasper’s future healing arc: 1) they assume all of Jasper’s problems stem from Pink Diamond being shattered, when it’s been made clear that’s NOT the root cause of her issues; and 2) they push the idea that her healing will somehow revolve around Pearl.

(Not meaning to hate on Jaspearl here but it’s pretty frustrating when the vast majority of Jasper redemption headcanon, art, and fic revolves around Pearl at the expense of Amethyst.)

I’ve made my feelings clear in the past that with everything that’s been set up, it’s so obvious to me that Jasper’s return will be part of an Amethyst arc; I mean I feel like this should be common sense and yet. And I don’t mean that Amethyst will do all the hard work and get Jasper ready for a future romance with Pearl. I don’t think Jasper’s arc will involve any romance whatsoever, and honestly, it doesn’t need to. Her story feels like a sisterly route would be much more cathartic given that that’s what has helped Amethyst with her problems. And honestly to see so many people dismissing that as inferior and not as fulfilling as romance is pretty telling.

Jasper has more in common with Amethyst than she has with any other Gem. For all people talk about how Jasper and Pearl are warriors** and they they loved their respective leaders, that’s about where their similarities end. Whereas Jasper and Amethyst have: both being Quartzes; both having an innate love to fight; both being made on Earth under Pink Diamond; both were the “best thing” to come out of their Kindergartens; both being separated from the other Gems in their Kindergartens and raised to believe they were better than them; both having self-esteem issues rooted in how their respective sides have raised them.

Lots of people speculate that Jasper’s relationship with Pink Diamond was analogous to Pearl’s relationship with Rose, with very little to back that up other than that Jasper got upset when Steven mistakenly thought she had been referring to Yellow Diamond when Jasper had blamed “Rose” for Pink Diamond’s shattering.

Personally, I think a reciprocated romance between Jasper and PD would have been a really bad thing. Like all potential romances between the Diamonds and any Gem who isn’t a Diamond, there’s a very wide power imbalance. Put simply, there’s no way this relationship could have worked romantically in a way that PD was not taking advantage of Jasper: she, by all accounts, had Jasper’s Kindergarten commissioned, and PD was in charge of the Earth Quartzes and was probably their military commander-in-chief. So there is in no universe where this relationship could have been equal, especially given the Homeworld caste system. How would a romance between them not be exploitative?

So until we’re given more info on PD, I side with the probability that Jasper’s relationship with her will probably mirror in some ways Amethyst’s to Rose. Because Betas like Skinny and Carnelian lived through the end of the war, we have at least some reason to believe that PD might have been less obsessed with wiping out “inferior” Gems initially, if only because she pragmatically needed every soldier she could on the ground. And perhaps to Jasper she also told her she was “perfect the way she was;” and just like how Rose’s sentiment in telling Amethyst that had been well-meaning, it did ultimately lead to some problems, as I imagine it would have with Jasper.

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anonymous asked:

i like emilia but what has she said?

There’s not one thing that she said. She’s always annoying, her choice of words always sounds like she’s not the most clever of human beings, like she’s my 16-year-old sister who’s trying to debate about the refugee crisis without even knowing what qualifies as a refugee. In all honesty. Emilia’s always saying… so much stupid things.

Like: ‘I wear mascara and I have a high IQ’. ?? Ugh. Her interviews are so so cringeworthy. I mean, I understand what she’s going for, but she fully lacks the ability to express what it is she means with words that make sense. 

She’s trying to come across as if she has the faintest idea about universal issues but you know she’s just an average actress who got really lucky and should stay away from big things she knows nothing about. 
Personally, this is something that bothers me about a lot of ‘famous’ people. It’s cool, that you have a popular real life soap but try not to think you know a thing about human right’s violations, please. Bye Kendall Jenner, have a Pepsi and stick to what you know. Lipliners or whatever.
You see, the Pepsi commercial is actually a perfect example of ‘we were trying to do something right, we meant well *feels sorry for herself*’ when really, anyone with a brain could’ve told them it was stupid. But people with brains aren’t so often asked for their opinion anymore. We should, it’s important. People go to university for a reason. Emilia Clarke shouldn’t be the one talking about feminism, she went to theatre school for God’s sake! And she can’t even do THAT!
It’s important to listen to all women, to people in general, to talk, hear each other. If you want to begin to comprehend, you have to open your ears and eyes. See it from different perspectives But why are we listening to her as if she’s the one with all the answers and explanations? 
The funny and horrible thing about the real problems we’ve got in this world, is that they’re really very complicated. ‘Famous’ people mean well, but they’re a bit like Daenerys, their well-meant interference often does more harm than good because they say the wrong things. You can’t ‘bring awareness’ when you don’t understand the issue.  

“Women have been great rulers. And then for that to be a character that I’m known to play? That’s so fucking lucky. Anyone who seems to think that it’s not needed need only look at the political environment we’re all living in to be like, ‘Oh, no, it’s needed. It is needed.” 

Overall Emilia has been presenting Daenerys as the amazing rolemodel, an example of feminism and girlpower badass perfection that she is not and never was/will be. Which is problematic. Because Daenerys’s everything but a feminist. She’s conquering. She sets people on fire because they don’t do what she wants them to do. Now, we need more women in politics. But putting a lady on top is not necessarily going to change things for the better for the women at the bottom. E.g: Sanders’ ideas were more feminist than Clinton’s and Thatcher was not women-friendly. 

 Pretending as if a violent, power-hungry, self-entitled, overall talentless woman is feminist is problematic. ESPECIALLY because we’re living in a time where there are so many misconceptions and misunderstandings about what feminism is, what it is about. When women have a hard time being heard, when men wave feminism away because they can’t see what it’s about, what the point is.
It’s giving these ‘feminism is about making women rulers of the world’ vibes that we do not want. The, ‘men can’t do it, women should take over’.

Dany did not work hard to get where she is. Everyone who dared utter a sexist word to her she’s burned. She’s not where she is because she’s clever, brave, cunning, intelligent, strong, kind, honorable, worked hard… It’s cause she accidentally hatched dragons, got lots of men who want to do her and screams real loud. She tried ‘liberating’ slaves and embarrassed herself. Any person with that amount of self-given titles is not what little girls should look up to. Okay?   

Emilia’s always talking about feminism as if she has any idea about what it is, when she clearly does not. She complains about the Hollywood system that got her the role of Dany in the first place. Cause really, she can’t act to save her life yet got the role of Dany with zero acting experience? I think they really liked her eyebrow game.
She’s always whining about sexism in her life, how it’s so ‘shitty’ for her situation, how hard it is for her. I get it Emilia, people are very mean to you about your nude scenes in Game of Thrones. But why are you not actually speaking up about the issues of women who are not as privileged as you are? Feminism looks cool on a magazine cover, it’s very ‘popular’ right now. But Emilia doesn’t speak up about the less ‘popular’ parts. I’m not saying she should speak up about everything, I didn’t need her to join the woman’s march, but it would be great if she’d mention other aspects of feminism other than slut shaming nude scenes and male actors receiving more lines. That all isn’t even relevant to about 90% of the female population. She can’t call herself a feminist when she only complains about her own issues with sexism. I’d be fine with her just mentioning that if she didn’t allow them to add ‘Emilia the feminist’ on the cover. I don’t need every woman to speak up about feminism, but I do need women who aren’t actually feminist to stay away from the title, which she doesn’t, she actively grabs it every chance she gets. She’s the epitome of white feminism. 

She jokes that she needs to be drunk during nude photoshoots. What are you trying to teach us? Suck it up and take those clothes off? Whatever. She can do naked photoshoots, I just don’t see why she would do them if she hates it so much… and then joke about that. I thought Emilia Clarke hates it so much people treat her differently because of her ‘tits’? Yet she shows them to the world even though she doesn’t feel comfortable… like what are you and your tits trying to tell us? Kim Kardashian showing her tits daily, claiming she does so cause it makes her feel empowered is a thousand times more feminist than that.

Let Birgit teach you something… The thing with breasts and sexy photoshoots is: If you do not want to show your boobs, if you do not feel comfortable showing them, if you prefer not to, if you need alcohol to have the self-confidence to show them and to let yourself be photographed lying on a bed in lingerie… don’t do it. You’re never obligated to go naked. Ever. There. That’s feminism. 

 And I do not like Kim Kardashian.

She also jokes about how happy she is with pics of herself once they’re photoshopped. Cause photoshop being mainstream is so terribly funny. ha ha ha. No, actually. It’d be really cool actually, now I think of it, if Emilia Clarke could speak up about that. But then, even Game of Thrones photoshops her and puts her in corsets to make her look like a failed version of Monroe. Better laugh it away indeed. 

She also calls Daenerys Khaleesi. “I tried to make her funny but it doesn’t work. Khaleesi isn’t funny.” I’m not gonna explain what went wrong there. 

And it’s badass, it’s wonderful, to be on set, and to be able to go, ‘I’m gonna do some damage to people’.”  :S

Yeah I can go on. Every interview of her contains these sort of just… these comments that make your facial muscles spasm out of second-hand embarrassment. 

Oh, and this one is just me. She’s always swearing so much. I mean, I do too, all day. But not when I’m doing a job I’m being paid for, not when I am putting in some effort to appear professional. Not when I’m talking about important things, serious things, things that matter. When I’m giving an opinion that I need people to understand, that I want people to hear and take seriously. If she wants people to believe she’s got a high IQ, maybe she should start trying to sound like she’s got one. I can’t even begin to comprehend what my professor would do, if I’d hand in my paper ‘The lack of a direct British Constitution and how it helped make Brexit possible’ with the punch line, quoting Clarke: ‘You can’t expect everyone to just stop doing their jobs and march every day of their lives. But we’ve got to be in this shit for the long game.’ 

Again, this is just personal. It’s probably because she’s trying to talk about things I spend my full waking day discussing and debating and doing research after. *Shivers*. Again though, she’s not the only one.
No one had ever heard of Amal Clooney before she married the actor guy. How SAD. Do you guys have any idea how badass and brilliant Amal Clooney is? Check out her wikipedia page. She’s everything I aspire to be in my life, okay? And she doesn’t mention shit, fuck, tits or crap once when she’s directing herself towards the General Assembly of the United Nations, the body responsible for, among others, World Peace. Has any of you seen that speech? She knows what feminism is about, promise

Last one, is that I would have liked for her to apologize for saying this:

No Girl. 


Here’s the Soulmate!AU collab @rickandmortygetschwifty and I did together! :) It was so awesome to work on this with you; you’re so amazing <3

Please, read @rickandmortygetschwifty ‘s part of the collab right here, under the cut!! (The comic will make more sense, after you’ve read it) Prepare to weep! The fic is long and heart-wrenchingly beautiful!!

For longer than you’ve known, you never truly understood what a soulmate was.

Your first memory was of your mother hovering over you, inspecting the reddening bruise that was blossoming over your knee. She was looking over at you in disapproval, tutting as she tried to hush your sobs.You couldn’t help the tears that ran down your cheeks as you cradled your leg and begged your mother to make it stop hurting.The pain you felt was unlike anything you experienced before. And so you cried and cried, hoping that your screams would drown out the unpleasant sensations.

Your mother simply picked you up, whispering sweet things into your ear as she bandaged you up.

“Oh, you poor little thing,” she cooed, flicking you playfully on the nose. “Rick, you need to be more careful, or you’ll make your soulmate sad too.

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An Analysis of Keith and Lance’s Feelings Towards Each Other.

After season three - and Keith’s Vlog especially - I’ve seen a lot of people complain about how Lance is oblivious to Keith’s true feelings about him (Rather those feeling are platonic or romantic) And yeah, I’m right there with you on wishing he’d recognize his misconceptions about Keith’s feelings towards him, but does that mean that Lance is unjust in the way that he feels? Does that mean Keith’s actions haven’t warranted or perpetuated this false narrative?

As a Lance Stan, of course I’m coming through for my boi. But I also just really like analyzing their interactions. So here we go:

First off, how does Lance actually think Keith views him? This picture shows it best.

Lance thinks that Keith sees himself as above Lance. The framing - which is coming from Lance’s p.o.v - is a great indicator of that. But even without this, Lance himself says:

I’m a big believer in the theory that Lance is projecting he own feelings of self doubt. He undoubtedly has an inferiority complex, but Lance feels inferior to everyone on the team, and it’s only with Keith that he ever shows any type of malice. In fact, I cant remember a time Lance has ever been genuinely angry at someone who isn’t Keith. (I could be wrong here.) So why does he treat Keith so differently than the rest of the team? Maybe because of his internalized gay feelings towards our resident spicy boi?hmmm.

We know for a fact that in episode one Iverson told Lance something like this: ‘You’re only fighter class because Keith, a better pilot, washed out. Now act accordingly’. This doesn’t feel like the first time either, but more of a reminder. So on the surface, it seems clear as to why Lance treats Keith the way he does at first. I mean, I get it. If someone was constantly used to reinforce the notion of how shitty I am, I’d probably have a similar reaction towards them too. (Conditioning is a thing ya’ll) However, from Pidge’s flashback in season one, we know Lance’s animosity isn’t that new.

“Hasta la later, Keith.”

But again, Lance just isn’t such a mean spirited person as to rejoice someone’s failures. Quite the opposite actually. He validates his team even while feeling inferior to them. It just doesn’t feel like Lance. And other than towards Keith, Lance has never been shown to act this way. So I have to believe something occurred to make Lance not like Keith especially. Not saying that’s an excuse, but it is an explanation. Truthfully, what probably happened was that Lance looked up to Keith or tried to befriend him and Keith acted in a way that Lance perceived as rejection. We don’t know though, because the key to this lives within the Garrison years, and we may or may not ever see those.

Sooo, lets move along to something that we do see.

We all know that Lance is antagonistic towards Keith, but Keith isn’t an innocent party in this.

Think back to the first episode when they’re all on the hovercraft. Lance asked “If this thing can move any faster,” which wasn’t a jab at Keith as much as it was a ’holy shit, we’re about to get caught,’ moment. Keith’s reply was something along the lines of: ‘Maybe if we removed some unessential weight.’ (Which, in hindsight, considering how Lance views himself as baggage, a seventh wheel, is some pretty jarring foreshadowing.)

Then he tells Lance he’s the worst pilot ever. (Ouch)

Just to be clear, I love Keith, and I don’t think he meant these comments as maliciously as they may have been taken. They were probably more like offhanded insults, but knowing what we know about Lance, is it so hard to see how these comments could be internalized?

Next we have a scene where Lance jokes about wanting all of the information in his brain to be stored on a spaceship. Keith’s response isn’t teasing, but… mean. It’s meant to hurt Lance by blatantly insinuating that he’s stupid. And in season two, when they’re both going to the pool, it’s Keith who tells Lance to stay far far away from him.

What am I getting at here? IDEK. Lance and Keith don’t hate each other in the slightest. Keith knows he’s bad at people, and he probably notices that Lance treats him differently than literally everyone else on the team. I’m sure that hurts Keith. While with Lance, he looks up to Keith, thinks Keith is better than him, and because of the words of people like Iverson and Keith himself, this idea has been nurtured. We already know that Lance takes the words of his friends to heart. In both season 2 and 3 when Lance expressed doubt, he brought up something Pidge said to him both times.

“I thought I was the team sharpshooter, but I guess nobody else thinks that.”

“Maybe I am just the goofball.”

Neither of them are innocent. It’s a mutual series or misunderstanding, and as sad as it is to see Keith frustrated over his inability to relate to his team, he’s not doing himself any favors when he insults Lance in earnest. Lance isn’t doing himself any favors either, and they’re both just reacting based off of these false narratives they hold about one another.

But that’s apart of what makes their relationship so complex and interesting to watch play out. Season three really paid off. Their development unfolded beautifully and I can’t wait to see how they proceed in the following seasons. I can only hope that any miscommunications they have about each other are addressed and cleared up.

stuck on you. (m) | 01

“I want you to take my virginity.”
“What the fuck did you just ask me, Kim Taehyung?”

or, alternatively:

you’re not actually supposed to take your bestfriend’s virginity when he asks, right?

pairing: kim taehyung x reader 
genre: attempt at crack, eventual smut, college au
warnings: sexual jokes (like a cringe-worthy amount)
words: 9,582k
part: 01/03

out of context quote:
[9:52 am] Taehyung:  ___\o/___ me drowning in ur pussy lol 

“I want you to take my virginity.”

You’ve just taken a gulp of your pulp-included orange juice when Taehyung says this. He’s sitting across from you in the cafeteria of the University you both attend - have attended for the past two years.

His brown coffee coated eyes are staring directly into yours - a serious expression written across his features that tells you what he’s just spoken was said in nothing but pure seriousness.

And he says it so nonchalantly - so earnestly, that you do the only thing you can think of.

A perfectly reasonable reaction after hearing that your best friend, the boy you’ve been in love with for over two years - wants you to take his virginity.

You spit your orange juice out all over him.

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Imagine Bill letting it slip that you are dating during an interview.

Originally posted by skarsgardaddict

“So here we also have a photo of-” Jimmy paused, taking a look at the screen, just like Bill, and the entire audience that went crazy and started cheering and clapping the moment they saw you.

Bill himself chuckled as he took in the sight of you looking stunning as ever in your red dress, standing on your tiptoes even if you were wearing high heels to kiss his cheek; one hand on his chest and the other on your shoulder as he had an arm wrapped around your waist and the other cupping your cheek. 

He didn’t even know how they had managed to snap that photo because it wasn’t exactly in front of the cameras. You had mostly been standing on the side with his brothers, and great friends of yours, and he had rushed to you to get that good luck kiss. He didn’t expect there to be evidence of that so he was glad he’d kept himself from kissing you properly on the lips.

“(Y/n) and you.” he completed with a smile, glancing for a moment at the enthusiastic audience “You two-” he turned back to the actor “You two are great friends right? I’m- I’m just asking because that could, you know, be misinterpreted by some.” he motioned to the photo, giving a look at the audience and everybody laughed at that.

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anonymous asked:

Wait, i just... I need to ask you 'cause i'm really confused. You think sheith will be canon? Please don't take it as an attack, you can of course ship it in fanon but i really don't see how it could ever happen in canon? It's been mentioned multiple times that Shiro is a mentor/brother figure to Keith (and even said by Keith in the show) and hinted that there's this big age gap, and we actually saw Keith in his student uniform while Shiro's wearing his teacher one in the flashback so?? pls tell

Alright, so–the fact of the matter is, I just don’t see how Shiro or Keith could end up with anyone besides each other in canon. All of their major character development coincides with one another, they’re each integral to each other’s story arcs. They care for one another first and foremost, are closer to each other than anyone else. Keith in canon has this desperate desire to see Shiro–in his trial, Kolivan says as much. Keith’s constant fear of losing Shiro and this sense of longing for him–you don’t see that in a platonic, brotherly relationship. Keith’s fear of Shiro walking away and abandoning him is far more characteristic of unrequited love. 

Shiro and Keith’s dynamic is built up like a romantic relationship rather than a brotherly one. It’s written with clear parallels to zaggar

and the dynamic is noticeably different from Matt and Pidge–two actual sibling characters. This isn’t an accident, it’s very much apart of the narrative. Compare the way Matt looks at Pidge to how Shiro looks at Keith. There’s an obvious difference:

Keith’s overarching quest to save Shiro “as many times as it takes,” is also incredibly romantic. The way Keith mourned Shiro like his grief was the only pain that mattered, like no one else could’ve possibly cared about Shiro the way he did, like he’ll keep carrying a torch even when everyone tells him Shiro would want him to move on, that reads far more like someone grieving a lost lover than a brother. And you could see it in how differently Pidge reacts to losing Matt. 

There’s also the fact that Shiro always gets these very personal, tender goodbyes with Keith, something you’d expect from a love interest. Not to mention how Shiro is the only one Keith will prioritize over the mission. And even Shiro and Keith’s first scene would’ve established them as clear love interests if Shiro were a girl. The longing gazes Shiro and Keith share certainly aren’t brotherly either. And so many sheith scenes are very purposefully given a mood, framing, and intimacy of romance. Consider how Keith reunites with Shiro in the first episode compared to him seeing the other paladins. The closeups, softness, and tender way Keith reaches out to turn Shiro’s head closer. Or how they both hug after the BOM like they’re the only two people in the world, with Allura staring on and then quickly turning away guiltily–as if she’s intruding on something very private and intimate.

Or how the reunion between Keith and Kuron was exclusively for them and no one else. No team, no loud excitement or group celebration. Just two people longing gazing out at one another as they slowly drifted into each other’s orbit. Or look at any scene where Shiro and Keith are having a tender heart to heart. They’re usually either under a sunset or lowlight. The bedroom scene is especially telling, particularly when you compare it to Keith’s talk with Lance afterwards

One shows Keith and Shiro in the dark and vulnerable, there’s a heavy atmosphere and gravity to the scene that you didn’t get with the lightheartedness from Lance. The way Keith and Shiro are so close yet so far, closer to one another than they’ve ever been with anyone else, but still backing away and holding their distance–that’s not brotherly. It seems more like two people who are trying to suppress their feelings and are afraid to make that breach. And there’s always that sense of gravity that draws them together anyway

There is the “Shiro, you’re like a brother to me,” line. But curiously, I’ve never seen anyone say kl/ance was impossible because Hunk throws his arms around Keith and Lance and says, “We’re brothers.” I’ve never seen people say ka/llura or all/urance or sha/llura is impossible because Allura says “I’ve grown to consider you and the paladins my new family.”

I’ve never seen people say you couldn’t ship Keith with anyone on Team Voltron because, prior to the brother BOM line, holo Shiro says, “We’re all the family you need.” We as in, everyone on team Voltron is seen as Keith’s found family. Keith singling out Shiro with his brother line response is interesting though, because–yes, he does see all of Team Voltron as family. 

But he only focuses on his bond with Shiro, because it runs much deeper than what he feels for everyone else. Focusing on one line out of context as if Keith and Shiro is the only instance of found family is really transparent to me. If you’re going to discount sheith for that, every other ship between Team Voltron is out too. All of them. 

And as a bi guy, I’ll tell you that I’ve pulled the “you’re like a brother/sister to me” card before because I was scared of admitting my feelings for someone and it was a way to backpedal out of the situation without worrying that the other person would leave me for it. And we do know Keith’s worst fear is feelings, know that Josh said “[Keith’s] constantly scared he’s gonna say or do something wrong and he’s gonna lose Shiro.” It makes sense for Keith to hide his feelings. Plenty of people who’ve felt romantic attraction have done something similar. Also–Harry and Ginny, Ed and Winry, Aang and Katara–why is it that thinking of someone as just being like a brother or sister and then having it evolve into something more is seen as a natural progression if you’re straight, but somehow doesn’t apply if you’re gay? 

We already know that age isn’t a problem in canon because Matt flirted with Allura. He did that. That was fine. Allura has been said to be about the same age as Keith (who started at 18 and now is either 19 or turning 19) and we know Matt is the same age as Shiro. They were in the same class, and they graduated together. One wears the cadet uniform though and one wears an officer uniform. This is because, despite age, they have different ranks. Shiro has never been referred to as a teacher and has only been acknowledged as a past student at the garrison by staff. And we also know that Shiro graduated only a few years prior to Kerberos. You also don’t go up to your teacher and say you think of them as a brother. That’s not how it works and they’re not student and teacher. And if Shiro mentored Keith a bit in piloting, I don’t see a problem. Katara mentored Aang in water bending, but they still got married.

Staff have repeatedly supported Shiro and Keith in a romantic context, and have done so since the very beginning. To the point where Shiro’s VA came up with the ship name for it and one of the episode Directors drew fanart of it. Doesn’t sound to me like they were trying to push the whole “brotherly” idea very much. 

And we’ve been told that the show runners are fighting for lgbt representation, and that it’s something they’ve been working towards since the very beginning, that the start of that has been there since the first season:

  • Lauren (after being asked about the lgbt rep in korrasami and whether Voltron would ever “take that step”): “We have those first 13 episodes and if we ever went beyond that, we would like to push the envelope.” (source here)
  • Will we be seeing any lgbt representation?
  • Lauren: “It’s super important to us.”
  • Joaquim: “Just know that from our prospective, we’re fighting to create as open and broad a spectrum of characters as we can.”
  • Lauren: “We can’t give you any definite answers, but just know that–”
  • Joaquim: “We’re fighting for as broad and open representation as we can.” 

The only possible relationship I can think of that could’ve grown between two characters since season 1, that the writers have been steadily growing and still supporting, that has even a fraction of a chance of happening and would be worth fighting for in how prominent and well written it would be–is sheith. I know people like kl/ance too, but the writers have already said point black it isn’t happening and have only used female pronounce to describe Lance’s future love interest:

  • Interviewer: “I feel like there was a little tease? It seems shippers want to ship Lance and Keith together, so are there gonna be any hints of that at all? Or is it just more like–okay, they’re friends, they’re starting to become friends.”
  • Lauren: “I think we had a very natural arc in mind for those two. Which is, they start out at odds, but then they grow to kind of respect each other. And if that leads into people being like–they’re spending time together! Then that’s a ‘thing,’ but…We’re not trying to cater to or bait anyone into anything, we’re just trying to do what’s right for the story.”
  • Joaquim: “We also try not to be overtly affected by what popular opinion might be.”
  • Lauren: “And we’re working in animation. Our schedule is so far in advance for that–even if people shipped Keith and Lance, we couldn’t go back and just change the story–to be like and now they’re in love!
  • Joaquim: “There’s just no way. We’re already years past that storyline, you know?” (source)
  • Interviewer: What would Lance look for in a future Mr. or Mrs. Blue Lion? I’m gonna guess she meant Red Lion now. I think she’s trying to fill out her space Tindr profile. But yea, what is Lance’s–And I like this, because Lance is kind of all over the place. He hits on anything that moves and is pretty, which all the aliens are pretty. But what would he look for, really, in a partner or a soulmate?
  • Lauren: I don’t know if Lance knows what he needs. I know what he might look for, but what he might look for is not necessarily what he needs. I think he needs someone who is self-assured and knows herself, so that he can kind of become that same person and know himself.   (source)

So if there’s going to be any lgbt relationship, I’m certain it’s sheith. Recently, Lauren has also talked about fans pointing out the sheith cameo at the garrison, and excitedly said, “I put that shit in there!” And added that, “Shiro was still his guiding light. It was good.” I honestly think part of why she got so enthusiastic over it was because they’re coming closer and closer to revealing a relationship they’ve worked very long on and fought hard for and have kept under wraps. This was also teased when Jeremy said, “Hey, backstory guys. There’s more of it.” And Joaquim added, “It exists!” So there is a big story there, and we’re definitely getting it. (source)

Unlike Matt and Pidge, any inkling of Shiro and Keith’s backstory prekerberos is something the narrative’s always very secretive about it. Why keep that hidden unless it was going to reveal something monumental about their relationship? Like say, Keith harboring feelings for Shiro? Even just throwing in this little cameo like that, people might say it’s nothing. But we saw a similar background cameo with Zarkon and Honerva in the Black Lion’s flashback–and that leads to a whole love story. It honestly makes sense to me if they were planning something similar with Shiro and Keith. 

It Ain’t Me: Part 7

Jungkook x reader ft. Yoongi

Request: Can you make a fake text about how bf hears a rumor about y/n and decides to break up without even knowing the true facts

Genre: Angst

Words: 2.4 K

Part 6 | Part 8

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I will never tire of remembering things I love about Leverage but my fave are these:

  1. Parker and Sophie’s dynamic : It honestly floored me how there was never a stereotypical or negative dynamic between these two. They were always supportive of each other, tried to understand each other, and honestly were a healthy friendship. Finding that without it being made into something outlier or strange is rare sometimes in shows, at least with this consistency.
  2. Alec Hardison and his importance to the team : Even though it was Nate who formed the team, it was Hardison who brought them together with a proper place to be, not just once. He is cool but also emotional when needs come, allowed to be nervous, allowed to have hobbies and be so much more than a ‘typical’ geek, especially a black man playing a tech whiz, could be stereotyped as. Alec is the one who buys a pub and brews his own beer, gets excited over lasers in cooking, complains about things people would do in certain situations like insane stakeouts. He isn’t a crusader, isn’t representative of any mission, and isn’t an ideal. A human character and a great one at it.
  3. Sophie Devereaux and identity issues: Right from the start we are told that Sophie has identity twists. She is not who she shows in terms of her official name or identity. But this doesn’t mean that she doesn’t show her character to her group. She is open about her fears and love but is allowed her secrets. When Nate asks for her name she says he has to earn it, which is such a wonderful moment because it shows the balance in their dynamics. Her name matters to her and her group respects it. Even when he proposes, Nate doesn’t use her real name because that is a secret but he is proposing to her and that is all that matters to both of them. It showed people and secrets and the importance of respecting those.
  4. Parker and romance + intimacy : Again, this is shown right from the first episode. While Eliot and Nate are baffled by her in the beginning, and even Sophie is, the show never once makes us think that Parker is 'abnormal’ for having intimacy or emotional issues. Instead it shows the others learning to communicate with her and building their own ways to connect with her while her growing to understand their communicative styles too. Especially when Hardison and Parker show prospects of dating, Hardison is shown to learn her thought process and he is happy to learn but it’s not seen as something absurd. Parker learns about Hardison’s likes too and they share their likes by being interested and genuinely liking in each other’s company. Parker is an orphan who has been through abusive foster homes and never once does the group call her out badly on it or make her feel uncomfortable for it.
  5. Nate’s alcoholism : The very first shot of the show is Nate getting a drink while a guy comes to offer him a job and manipulates him emotionally using his son’s death. Talk about a brilliant opening setting, because this is his entire history set within the first 5 minutes. Nate is an alcoholic and has deep trauma from his son’s death along with a lot of impulsive guilt inspired reactions. He is the leader of this group of cons. He is called out every single time he screws up but not mockingly about his past but more in frustration about his lack of taking help. There is an entire episode where a con is planned in a rehab centre and it backfires because Nate is shown to have a breakdown when he is withheld from alcohol. His issues are highlighted and he doesn’t get into a serious romantic relationship without understanding that he should work on them. Alcohol is not glorified here and being an alcoholic is not shown as mysterious or hot. He goes to frickin jail because he fails to get things under control and the show doesn’t shy out from that.
  6. Eliot and Cooking: How many times do you find this trope where a Manly Man™ guy loves cooking but still doesn’t get shown to be compromised from his role as a Hitter? Eliot is a guy who hits but he does not have anger issues. He does not seek violence. He does not like guns. He loves cooking and is serious about it. He is the guy who had issues with being a team in the first episode and he is also the guy who would do anything to protect his team. He’s the nurturer of this team who feeds them and is loyal to the core. His cooking has a past too and that rocks because he learnt it from someone he was supposed to target. It is his calming mechanism. This is a Hitter who would make a beautiful dish because he likes it and still beat someone if they hurt others. It’s not one or the other, it’s both.
  7. Maggie, Tara, and every woman who played a supporting cast: Maggie is the ex-wife of Nate who is NEVER shown to be jealous or weird around Sophie. She doesn’t get back together with Nate or regret things but she also deeply cares for him. She is successful, has her own principles, and also helps this group con for revenge when she wanted to. Tara is a Grifter who is brought in when Sophie takes a break. She is thought to be a replacement and everybody hates her at first because they miss Sophie but they grow to respect and like her for WHO SHE IS and not for how she fills Sophie’s role. It’s not a replacement, as they realize. It’s a change and she brings her own dynamic with it. There are so many more like Ana who helped Parker when she had a broken leg, every single female client they had, Peggy who became Parker’s first friend outside the group and was starkly different. This show never made every woman the same because *gasp* they are not.
  8. From hurt the bad to help the good: Usually this concept remains of hurting bad people and Leverage does do that. But the team grows and their motto shifts too. They grow from hurting bad people to helping the good and both go hand in hand for them. It’s not just about removing the problem but also about finding the solution for them.
  9. It’s Personal: The group has one of the best team dynamics I have ever seen and it’s not just because they work well together. It’s also because they work with and for each other too. Each person has had personal cases on the show and even when the team thinks twice on certain things, they respect that personal aspect. The show portrayed the idea of 'I might not think the same way you do or make the same choices but I understand why you make them and I respect you’ with beautiful ideas. Be it Parker with Luka and the orphans in Russia or Eliot and the horse job; the team gives each other the benefit of doubt and trust when needed.
  10. Platonic relationships: I cannot tell you how much I love the platonic relationships of this show. Be it the parents-wards bond of Nate+Sophie and the others or the Eliot-Hardison-Parker dynamic which I know many people see as Ot3 (highly possible); every platonic bond is valuable and no single character is graced higher.
  11. Plot: Last but not the least, the plot. It came a full circle. The show finished its plots and had continuity of arcs. They started because Nate pushed them to find compensation for the past and the show ended with Nate pushing them to find their resource for the future. Every single character came a full circle by the end and we see growth in them.

I honestly wish we had more episodes of this show but I am really happy that we got what we did. To Leverage - the show that told that good is not who you are but what you do and choose.

Like you mean it 😘

Thank you, @cuppa-tea-eh for that prompt! :) It was so much fun! (and whenever ‘it was fun’ it turns into… well, 3k this time. Whoops!) I also posted it on AO3 if you prefer to read it there… :)

Cho Chang. Cho Chang? Really? Cho. Chang!!

“Draco, are you alright?” Pansy was waving a hand in front of his face, scrutinising him intently. She looked worried.

“Cho Chang,” Draco muttered for the umpteenth time. Pansy sighed, letting her hand drop to her side and leaning away again.

“Yes, Draco, Cho Chang. But she said no. She’s already going with someone else.”

Draco couldn’t help but sneer. Thank Merlin Chang was already going out with Diggory! But Potter seemed to fancy her nonetheless. Draco had caught him staring at the Ravenclaw in the Great Hall several times. It made him want to dump his porridge on Potter’s head.

When he saw Potter the next day, he noticed how tense his shoulders looked, how he was walking with his head bowed. Draco would have liked nothing more than to go over there and end Potter’s misery. There were only a few minor problems. Draco had a reputation to uphold. He couldn’t just walk over there and ask him to the Yule Ball. Besides, Potter didn’t even like him.

The more Draco thought about the impossibility of ever being with the stupid Gryffindor, the angrier he got. As he watched Potter cross the courtyard, he acted on impulse. He scooped up a handful of snow and threw it with as much force as he could. It hit Potter right in the back of his head.

“Ow!” He whirled around and narrowed his eyes when he saw Draco sneering at him.

“Potter!” Draco didn’t even have to force his voice to sound gleeful, it was an automatism. “Could you be any more pathetic?” He approached Potter with a smart pace, flashing his ‘Potter stinks’ badge before he came to a halt in front of him. “How does it feel, Potter, to realise you’re not everybody’s darling?” He cackled scornfully, jutting his chin forward. “The Boy Who Lived… can’t even find a date for the Yule Ball.”

Potter glowered at him and Draco felt almost embarrassed about how much he was enjoying it.

“Oh, because everybody is begging you to go with them?” Potter said in a mocking tone. Draco straightened himself, attempting to look as superior as possible.

“Unlike you, I get to pick and choose amongst my devoted admirers.”

Draco scowled when Potter snorted.

“Right. The one devoted admirer being Pansy Parkinson. And you call me pathetic.”

Draco struggled to keep his composure. But he wouldn’t let Potter win.

“Should I build you a snowwoman, so you won’t end up alone after all? At least she’d have as much charisma as you.”

“Don’t bother, Malfoy,” Potter said gruffly. “Worry about yourself. I bet you can’t find someone other than Pansy who’d want to go with you.”

Draco felt his cheeks burn up. He didn’t want to go with Pansy but had already made his peace with it, seeing as the person he really wanted to go with wasn’t an option.

“I already told you, I have lots of choices,” Draco fumed. It was an outright lie and he suspected Potter knew it. The Gryffindor crossed his arms in front of his chest and gave Draco a speculative glance.

“Alright, let’s make a bet then.”

Draco pressed his lips together to keep himself from gaping. He squared his shoulders and forced himself to smirk.

“Sure. But if- I mean when I turn up with my date, who won’t be Pansy, you’ll kneel in front of me and kiss my hand.” Draco chuckled inwardly.

“What? I won’t be kneeling-”

“Scared you’ll lose, Potter?” Draco said tauntingly. Potter gritted his teeth.

“Fine! Since you seem to be so sure of yourself, I’ll make it easy for you. If I win, you’ll kiss your date in front of everyone! Like you mean it.”

Draco bit his lip. Potter wasn’t playing fair. He knew Pansy had a thing for Draco and she would kill him if he went to the ball with somebody else and kissed them right in front of her. But he couldn’t back down now.

“You’ve got yourself a bet, Potter,” he growled and stalked off to the Slytherin common room. What had he gotten himself into? This was bound to end badly. He knew it from the second he had agreed to this stupid bet and was proven right again when he talked to Pansy.

“What do you mean, you can’t go to the ball with me?” she screeched. Draco sighed.

“I made a bet with Potter,” he said, plopping down in an armchair.

“And that bet excludes me as your date?” She was probably going to start throwing things any second now.

“It does,” Draco replied. “Just ask Blaise or something.” It was obviously the wrong thing to say. Pansy’s face was red and blotchy, her nostrils were flared and her eyes look murderous.

“I will kill Potter for this,” she yelled and stormed off into her dorm. Draco let his head fall back and tried not to think about how Pansy would react if he actually had to kiss someone in front of her. Like you mean it. Potter’s words echoed in his head. That would be a tough sell. The only person he could imagine kissing in earnest was the one he’d had to beat in this stupid bet.

Draco looked around the Great Hall and wrinkled his nose. Finding a date to the Yule Ball had turned out harder than he had anticipated. Every single person he had asked was already taken, or at least they said they were, and time was running out fast. The stupid ball was tomorrow. His only consolation was that Potter didn’t seem to have had much luck either.

He didn’t know why he did it, what idiocy drove him to provoke Potter further, but when Potions class was over, he strode over to the Gryffindor and casually leaned his hip against his desk.

“Time’s almost up, Potter. We can do a test run if you like, to familiarise your knees to being bent.” Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Granger and Weasley blinking at him.

“I don’t think that will be necessary,” Potter said, standing up. “You on the other hand should probably take better care of these.” Without warning, Potter’s thumb was brushing Draco’s lower lip. “They look a bit chapped. Wouldn’t want your date to cut themselves on your lip.”

Draco could only watch Potter and his friends, who were still gaping at Draco, leave the classroom while he stood there, dumbfounded and rooted to the spot. His heart was about to jump out his chest and his legs felt like he had been hit with the Jelly-Legs-Jinx.

He was still slightly swaying when he found Blaise in the library.

“Got a date yet?” he asked, putting down his quill. Draco groaned.

“No. And Potter is driving me insane!”

“Honestly, you should just ask him to be your date and be done with it,” Blaise suggested.

“You’re very helpful,” Draco barked.

“Seriously, Draco, I swear to Salazar, if you don’t do anything about it and I have to endure you talking about him every waking minute until we finish school, I will throw myself into the Great Lake.”

“You know very well I can’t do anything about it,” Draco huffed. “And I do not talk about him that much.”

Blaise gave him an exasperated look and sighed.

“Why do you even like him?”

Draco frowned.

“How should I know? I just… do.”

Shaking his head, Blaise took his quill and stuffed it into his bag.

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A cry for help: The Arch of Steven’s Mental Health.

Brace people, this is kind of dark. Honestly, the only wild ride I’ve been seeing in SU is Steven’s deteriorating mental health and self perception. He’s only 14, he’s been asked to be way too mature for his age, and some insane expectations are placed upon him- most likely accidentally- by his elders. That he’s in some way the person fated to continue his mother’s work (even if no one has told him what it was, exactly), that he is his mother, and therefore he’s to blame for all the shit she did, and no one has told him otherwise (i mean, Bismuth did, but we all know what happened there). Of course Steven’s not to blame on this. As much as I love Greg and the Gems, a lot of Steven’s current mental caos is on them too. They did the best they could with what they had, but when raising a kid and dealing with a teen, that’s often not enough.

So, we can examine Steven’s character AS IT IS NOW, with some specific factors:

  • Teenagerhood: We’ve all been- some of you are- there. Steven is 14, as I said, those years are chaotic, confusing and weird, you’re figuring yourself and your identity, slowly coming to terms with the changes in your life and body and starting to discover what you want of life. And that’s without being your own mother and having the impending end of the world on your shoulders, just imagine what teenager years will do to someone as kind and traumatized as Steve(v.Book 7 Harry). Of course he’s bottling everything up and not trusting anyone, he’s in a confusing period while the world is demanding him to keep a straight face and a clear mind, of course he developed unhealthy coping mechanis, which brings me to:

  •  Missplaced guilt and Individuality: The big, mayor issue I see here is Steven subconsciously crying for help in the form of “this mess is all my (my mother’s) fault, it’s my sole responsability to fix it haha”, and NO ONE is fucking correcting him. Steven developed this fixation with self sacrificing because he lost himself at some poin. Not hard to do being a teen with horrible expectations hanging over you, but somewhere along the road, Steven kind of gave up trying to assert his own identity actively and settled for being a less messy extention of his mother. He seems to have embraced the whole “i’m my mom” narrative, and thinks the only way to repair his mom’s awful mistakes (hang on with that one) is to offer himself as a scape goat for all the pain she has caused. That way, he kills two birds with a stone: Offers reparations and saves the earth, AND puts and end to Roses’ existence and shenanigans.
    The Steven we’ve been seeing lately is packed with self blaming and self loathing, between thinking of himself as a less-than version of his mother, and the heir to all of her consequences. He knows he isn’t like her in the good ways, but he’s started to think he is like her in all the bad ones.

Originally posted by badpearlasrepressednerd

  • Distorted Perception: Steven’s judgement is clouded. He’s his own unreliable narrator. He’s not being able to process things objectively (or as close as one can get to actual objectivity), and I think the gems really should step in here. He keeps getting bits of the story, and Steven’s already traumatized mind can will fill those gaps with worse-case scnearios. He’s an optimistic at heart, but he has seen too much dark shit already, and too many of his childhood perceptions of the world have been shattered (Monsters are really gems; gems can get corrupted; his Mom started a war; his Mom hurt other gems in said war; Betrayed her friends; allegedly killed a living being; etc.) for him to even know what to think anymore.

    He can’t stand the fact that his mother betrayed Bismuth and “killed” Pink Diamond, he can’t even process new information because of the disgust he’s feeling for his mother’s actions. In the trial, he was provided with evidence that Rose in fact didn’t shatter Pink Diamond, and it went ollimpically over his head. He’s confusing facts and time periods (Rose never used The Breaking Point) without stopping o rethink it, he’s fixated in the version of the story he put together and again, no one is fucking challenging that view.

  • His family: Steven’s journey with Identity and self assertion is coming to a halt, he’s forgotten th fact that he is loved, wanted, and worthy. Beyond Rose Quartz, the gems, or his powers. Steven, along the way, has forgotten that he is an individual and not an exchange coin, even though he knows deep down that his family loves him, he’s keeping these feelings to himself because he doesn’t feel like he deserves any of it. And that’s truly heartbreaking. I’m surprised at how absent they’ve been of Steven’s emotional world lately, but more than that, I think they have to let go of Rose Quartz, and breack the vow of secrecy. They are painful memories, I get it, but their kid is tearing himself appart here. I think is long overdue that this family just sit down, and has a serious conversation.

So pease somebody sit him down, make him spill the beans, and fucking hug him because he needs to get out his head, and can’t do it alone.

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What do you think Shiro's backstory is? Do you think he has family back on earth, or is Keith all he has?

At this point, I’m pretty sure Shiro is estranged from his family. If he were just an orphan, then I think his official character bio would have said so–like it did for Keith. So I think there must’ve been a family at some point, but they seem to be out of the picture. There’s also a few things that I think indicates Shiro may have lost his dad. 

And we see this reflected in Sam. In a way, I think he definitely reminds Shiro of his father, or at least ended up being a kind of fatherly figure. When Shiro rescues Matt from the gladiator arena, the last thing he says is, “Take care of your father.” This message sounds deeply personal, like there’s a history there and maybe Shiro was unable to save his own dad at some point. 

This is taken a step further when Shiro decides they can’t afford to waste time looking for Sam and Matt. He’s only convinced when Pidge mentions they’re family, and Shiro just stops and says, “Commander Holt is your father?” before immediately agreeing. So as much as Shiro cares about Sam, he wasn’t willing to risk the mission until he found out that Pidge was trying to save her dad. I really do think that must’ve resonated with Shiro on some level, like he’s been in that position before 

Also, something about this last shot–look at Keith’s face here. He also looks visibly affected. And I mean, we know Keith would give just about anything to be able to find his dad, so I think Shiro also having some kind of troubled past involving his father is very likely. Shiro and Keith are present for this scene instead of Lance and Hunk for a reason. 

Of course, it could also be that maybe something happened and Shiro ended up parting with his dad on bad terms, and it’s something he really regrets. After all, when calming down Pidge, he tells her something her father said instead of giving advice from his own dad. I think that says Shiro was never really all that close with his own father or maybe he just grew up without one. 

And honestly the first red flag for me was how Shiro reacted to being held prisoner for a year. The Kerberos crew was announced dead, and any family he had would’ve been told that. They must’ve mourned him, held a funeral for him. His picture was all over the news alongside the headline Pilot error

And yet?? Shiro never expresses any desire to see his family again or return to Earth like the other paladins–despite the fact that he’s been gone the longest. On top of that, he never even once asks anyone for news on his family–you’d think he’d talk to Keith or Pidge at least. What person is declared dead for a year and then doesn’t think about how their loved ones must feel? Doesn’t want to go home to them and tell them not to worry, that they’re okay. 

Shiro’s behavior is bizarrely abnormal, there’s just no way to account for that kind of response unless Shiro was either already distant from his family or absolutely dreading going home–and this is also very possible, as Shiro’s changed, he’s not the person he was before. He has his trauma, his PTSD–he believes the galra have turned him into a monster. He has to go home and try to explain why he was gone so long and lost his crew and has only one arm and his hair’s gone white. So maybe Shiro’s just terrified because all sense of normalcy would be gone and there’s no sense trying to return to it. Shiro’s not like Lance, Hunk, or Pidge–he can’t just go back. But as understandable as that would be, I more so think that Shiro doesn’t have very much to return to in the first place.

So far, the closest thing Shiro really has to a home is Keith. When he crashes back to Earth, he never asks about his family or tries to at least visit his house before he leaves. But I think it says a lot that Shiro does end up back at Keith’s home. And Keith is the one who offered him his little shack as shelter, has a warm heart-to-heart where he welcomes him back. This is Shiro’s homecoming. And given that the shack has always been a symbol of home for Keith, we can infer that Shiro will always have a place there as well. 

I think it’s very telling that there’s an episode where everyone but Shiro and Keith express wanting to go home or find their families–Shiro never voices an opinion on the matter. He’s completely silent and only steps in to try to calm Keith down and settle things with Pidge. But I think we get even more insight to how Shiro feels from Stayin’ Alive in season 2. Everyone’s reminiscing about their fond memories, and they all look so happy. But then there’s Shiro, with his back turned away from everyone. He looks pretty deep in thought, like something’s really bothering him 

And when he does turn back to face the group, he says this:

You realize once we defeat Zarkon, the universe won’t need Voltron anymore.” Just as a refresher here, Shiro was basically the most excited about being a paladin–“Defenders of the universe huh? That’s got a nice ring to it.” Shiro found a purpose, and he took pride in it. He felt like, even as much as the galra have tormented him and tore him apart, he finally found a place where he belonged

And that’s why so much of his fear is wrapped up in this idea that he’s not worthy of the job–“Did you ever think a monster like you could be a Voltron paladin?” Fighting the good fight and saving lives meant something to Shiro. His connection with the Black lion and having a team were both very healing for him. He doesn’t want to lose that 

And it only gets worse because everyone else automatically has something planned, they all have something in mind after Voltron. And they all want to go home or return to their families, but Shiro says nothing. Because there is no after for him, nothing back on Earth waiting for him. After Pidge says, “I could search for my family,” Keith adds, “I guess I could look for mine.” But Shiro never says anything about his plans for the future. He doesn’t have any 

And Shiro looks pretty tense this whole time. When he talks about how if everything goes according to plan this will all be over–you really get the feeling he doesn’t want it to end. Like being a paladin is this amazing dream and he just doesn’t want to wake up. 

Even when Kuron believes he’s dying, the only significant memories that resurface are all to do with Team Voltron. Nothing related to his own background or family. And the fact that Keith welcoming him back is the first thing he sees says a lot–that’s home to him 

Quit playing games

For @jadepresley 💖
This has been stuck in my head for daaaays! 

“Are you going to eat that?”

Draco frowned but shook his head and pushed his plate across the table. Potter attacked it as if he hadn’t just stuffed his face with three servings of scrambled eggs and croissants.

“Thanks,” he said, beaming at Draco. Clearing his throat, Draco had to look away, otherwise Potter might have noticed how pink his cheeks had suddenly gotten. He really didn’t understand Potter. He didn’t understand this whole strange situation they were in. Who would have thought he and Potter would become the kind of friends who would meet on Sundays for brunch? As much as Draco had always fantasised about becoming friends with him, this was an unexpected outcome. But not as unexpected as what had happened a few days ago…

“Potter, I think you’ve had enough to drink.”

“Dracoooooo! Don’t be such a drag!”

Draco blinked, the sound of his own name still ringing in his ears. Was this the first time Potter had said his given name to his face? Draco hated how much he enjoyed it. Watching Potter sway as he tried to make his way to the bar, Draco grabbed his arm.

“No more drinks for you,” he said resolutely.

“Dracoooo.” Potter knitted his brows together and started pouting. He actually pouted. Draco felt like he was going to faint.

“No, you’ve had enough.” His eyes darted down to Potter’s mouth. His lower lip was trembling and Draco wished he could stop the trembling by softly biting into it. “This won’t work on me,” he said, mentally cursing his voice for sounding so unsteady.

“Are you sure?” Potter said, his mouth stretching into a smile. “Then maybe this will!” With childish enthusiasm, Potter threw his arms around Draco’s neck. Their bodies were suddenly flush against each other.

“What are you-?” Before Draco could finish his question, Potter’s lips were on his, moving slowly and softly. Draco was too stunned to push him away. And honestly, he didn’t want to. Potter was kissing him! And the way he was kissing him… He didn’t seem as drunk as Draco had thought. Or maybe, he was just an exceptionally good kisser.

Against his better judgement, Draco closed his eyes and tentatively placed his hands on Potter’s hips. Potter let out a deep sigh that send a delicious shiver down Draco’s spine. But wait… this wasn’t right. Potter wasn’t in his right mind.

Reluctantly, Draco detached his lips from Potter’s and stared at him. He was not prepared for the sight that met him. Potter was gazing at him dreamily, a wide smile plastered on his face.

“See? I know it would work on you,” he mumbled, before his head collapsed on Draco’s shoulder. The added weight, from Potter going completely limp in his arms, made Draco stumble.

“What in Merlin’s name was that?”

Draco had asked himself that question a lot over the last couple of days. He still had no idea. Potter had acted like nothing had happened when they had seen each other again. Maybe he didn’t remember. But something was definitely off; Potter kept finding excuses to touch Draco in seemingly innocent ways and whenever he thought Draco wasn’t paying attention, he kept giving him these looks.

At first, Draco had thought he was just imagining things, but it kept happening and it left Draco confused and frustrated. What was Potter doing?

“Hey, I thought we could go to the movies tonight,” Potter said, completely nonchalant.

“The movies,” Draco repeated flatly.

“Yeah, you know, the Muggle-”

“I know what it is,” Draco snapped. He took a sip of his coffee and slammed the cup back down on the saucer.

“Is that a no?” Potter asked. Draco looked away, not sure what to say. As much as he enjoyed spending time with him, the way Potter was behaving made everything so hard. Draco wasn’t sure he could do it for much longer without exploding. Maybe it would be better to pause this friendship thing for a little bit. When his eyes found Potter’s again, his mouth opened involuntarily. Potter’s eyes were piercing and there was an odd expression on his face.

“Hold on, you’ve got some crumbs-” He leaned over the table, his hand outstretched. Draco blinked as Potter’s fingers brushed the corner of his mouth. They definitely lingered there longer than necessary. This was it! Draco had enough of this teasing.

Slamming his hands down on the table, he pushed himself out of his seat and stormed out of the café. What did Potter think they were doing? He acted like they were just friends, just friends, and then he did something like that. Seriously, it was all Potter’s fault. If the git hadn’t kissed him-


Draco stopped in his tracks, a warm feeling spreading inside his chest. Stupid, stupid! He shouldn’t be feeling that way.

“Draco, wait!” Potter caught up to him, grabbing him by the shoulder and turning him around. “What’s going on? Why did you just leave like that?”

Draco scowled at his feet, not wanting to look Potter in the eyes.

“Is it something I did?” Potter asked, sounding genuinely unsure. Draco snorted. “What is it? Talk to me?” Potter lowered his head to catch Draco’s eyes and Draco suddenly felt fingers brushing the hair out of his face.

“This! This!!” Slapping his hand away, Draco finally looked up. “You’ve got to stop doing that!”

Potter looked shocked. He clearly hadn’t expected such an outburst.

“You can’t just do that all the time. Touch me like that.”

Draco watched as Potter’s face fell. He bit his lip and started wringing his hands.

“Oh. I’m sorry. I didn’t know it made you that uncomfortable.”

Wait, why did Potter look so crestfallen? That didn’t make any sense.

“It does,” Draco said through gritted teeth. “It would be much easier if you could be… a little more decisive.” Draco really didn’t want to have this conversation. He was pretty sure he’d just end up humiliating himself. And maybe, it would even mean the end of his friendship with Potter.

“What do you mean, more decisive?”

Draco sighed. Maybe his friendship with Potter was already over. Draco couldn’t stand to be around him like this.

“Maybe you behave like that around your friends. I don’t. There’s a line between- It’s not something you just- There’s a difference between-” Draco didn’t know how to explain it to Potter without sounding like a lovesick fool.

“Do you mean- I-… Are you talking about the kiss?” Potter sounded extremely nervous. Draco gaped at him.

“You remember? I thought you didn’t remember.”

“No, I remember,” Potter said quietly.

Draco’s mind reeled.

“Then why- What are you doing? I can’t even tell if that was accidental or not? If you regret it or not? What is this- What are we-”

“I don’t know, okay?” Potter interrupted him. “I don’t know.”

Draco studied him, taking in the insecure expression on his face.

“Even if you don’t know, you can’t just do that to me,” he murmured. “I have no idea what to think anymore.”

Potter bit the inside of his cheeks, before taking a step towards Draco.

“But you like me, right?”

Annoyed, Draco clicked his tongue.

“I’m pretty sure the answer to that is painfully obvious.”

Potter took another step, so that their chests were touching. Reaching for Draco’s hands, he interlaced their fingers and peered up at him from under his lashes.

“Would you…” His voice quivered slightly. “Would you want to kiss me again?”

Draco opened his mouth but no sound came out. Had Potter really just asked him-

“Potter, what are you doing?” he said, almost choking on the words. His eyes darted down when Potter licked his lips in one swift motion. “This is what I’m talking about. You can’t just keep playing these games with me.”

“It’s not a game,” Potter said, his expression turning serious. “I have no idea what I’m doing, okay? I have no idea how to handle… this.” He gave Draco’s hands a squeeze and guided them to the small of his back. “I’ve never fallen for a bloke before. Not like this. And you’re not just any bloke. It’s a little overwhelming, alright?”

Draco was glad Potter had stopped talking. He wasn’t sure if he would have been able to hear anything else over the ringing in his ears.

“Did you just say- You… What?”

Potter laughed, loud and wide. It made Draco weak in the knees.

“Can we please not dwell on this? This is embarrassing enough,” Potter said, pressing his body against Draco’s. “So, you still haven’t answered my question. Would you kiss me again?”

Instead of answering, Draco made a deep gurgling sound at the back of his throat. Before Potter had the chance to comment on it, Draco grabbed his face with both hands and started kissing him like he had wanted to for as long as he could remember.

“I swear to Merlin, if you take back what you just told me and we go back to being friends, I’m going to hex your testicles off,” he growled against Potter’s lips.

“Oh, I think we can make use of them in a much better way,” Potter chuckled, burying his hands in Draco’s hair. Draco groaned. He couldn’t believe this was really happening. After all this time. Finally!


Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Bucky claims you can’t flirt for shit, you prove him wrong

Word Count: 2164

Warnings: pure fluff

Author’s Note: this is one of the first fluff i’ve written, i hope you enjoy (re)reading it :)

Masterlist Here

Sometimes you never really understood James Buchanan Barnes.

What is going on inside that pretty little head of his? What keeps him up all night sometimes. He’s assured you that it’s not the nightmares anymore. Those are the things he left in the past, along with all the terrible memories. But let’s not get drifted off to the apprehensive shit here. You have much important things to concentrate on.

Bucky Barnes is much happier now. He jokes around, flirts with girls at clubs or parties or any other place. He loves the cinema, especially the TV shows - so much that he binge watches them whenever Bucky and you are hanging out at your apartment.

He’s catching up on the new technology, too. You and Steve bought him a new phone for his birthday this year and boy, he cannot stop clicking pictures on it. And you know snooping is wrong, but most of the pictures on his camera roll are of Steve, the New York City skyline and you. You were surprised at first, but this man practically spends every free second of his time with you, so that was enough of an answer. Plus, you’d be lying to yourself and the rest the world if you’d say that your phone gallery isn’t stacked with pictures of Bucky.

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overly-anxious-chicken  asked:

Headcannon harry telling his parents about Draco?

I like to pretend that no one actually died, let’s all be in denial together!

“Come on, Draco. They’re going to love you, I promise.” Harry wrapped his arms around Draco’s waist from behind and kissed his cheek, trying to sooth his boyfriend.

“What if they don’t?” Draco asked as he nervously fixed his tie in the mirror. He’d never met the Potter’s before and he was extremely nervous, knowing that their families never got along. “I mean, I’m a Malfoy. You really think they’re going to like me?”

Harry sighed. “I know my mom will love you. My dad might take a while, but he’ll open up eventually.” He turned Draco around and kissed him. Harry smiled at him and softly pushed a loose strand of hair behind his ear. Draco smiled back, what would he do without him? “Oh, and my dad might make really bad jokes, so just ignore him. And also my uncles might be there which would make that worse. I usually tune it out whenever my Dad and Uncle Sirius are in the same room together. Good luck with that.”

“Well, that makes me feel better.” Draco commented sardonically. Harry rolled his eyes and kissed him again.

They Apparated to Godric’s Hollow where Harry’s parents lived. Harry was just about to knock on the door when Draco stopped him. “Wait. Give me a second.” He took a deep breath. Harry put a hand on Draco’s shoulder.

“Hey, can I tell you something?” Draco nodded. “I know for a fact that they’ll love you. You know why?” Draco shook his head. “Because I love you. I love you so much, Draco.”

His boyfriend seemed to calm down a bit. “I love you too, Harry.” They kissed softly, not realising that Lily Potter was standing on the other side of the door, listening. She smiled softly as she heard her son speak so kindly, so full of love. It reminded her of the way James spoke to her before she met his parents.

There was a knock on the door that pulled her out of her trance. James and Sirius ran to open it and Remus walked calmly behind, shaking his head fondly at the two men. Lily opened the door and hugged her son.

“Well, don’t hog him.” James joked. He pulled Harry inside just as Lily let go of him, hugging him and asking how he’d been. Sirius did the same with Draco, pulling him into a headlock and giving him a noogie.

“How’s my favourite nephew doing?” He asked and let Draco go. He stumbled to regain his balance and straightened himself up, fixing his hair. Harry smiled amusedly at the slytherin. He looked like a snake that just wandered into a lion’s den.

“I’ve been good.” Draco answered. “Until you attacked me.” He muttered under his breath.

“Mom. Dad. This is my boyfriend, Draco.”

“Pleasure to meet you, Mr and Mrs. Potter.” He held out a hand for them to shake. Before Lily shook his hand, she turned to her husband and pointed a finger at him.

“Don’t do it.” She scolded, knowing he was about to mimick Draco’s posh accent. James scoffed like he was going to defend himself, but then thought better of it and closed his mouth.

“Nice to meet you too, Draco. Harry has told us so much about you.” Draco smiled at her, grateful for her kindness. “And this is Sirius, James’s boyfriend-” Harry’s father lightly slapped her shoulder. “I mean, best friend. And the only other sane member of this family besides myself is Sirius’s husband, Remus.” She told him, pointing to where Remus was leaning against the wall. He waved at Draco, smiling lightly at him.

“Or as I like to call him, the second hottest person on earth.” Sirius stated and slung an arm around his husband.

“Who’s the first?” Draco asked.

“Me, obviously.” He said, flipping his hair.

“Woah woah wait.” James interrupted. “You don’t think I’m the hottest person on earth?” He asked, looking offended.

“You’re the third hottest, Prongsy.” Sirius winked at him.

“Boyfriends. Told you.” Lily told Draco in a quiet voice. Draco chuckled softly.

The evening had been quite fun and relaxing. The only thing that bothered Draco was that Harry’s father had never talked directly to him. The night was coming to a close when James pulled Draco aside, Lily eyeing him nervously but he sent her a signal that there was nothing to worry about. It was almost creepy how similar Harry and James looked. Draco felt like he was looking at an older version of his boyfriend. Though Harry’s father didn’t have those bright emerald eyes that he adored so much.

“So, you and Harry are pretty serious, huh?” He asked. Draco nodded, not trusting himself to speak. “He seems to really love you. It reminds me a lot of how Sirius and Remus were when they first got together. I can’t say I’m surprised you ended up together though, he was always talking about you, even before you became friends. Anyway, I just wanted to say welcome to the family.”

Draco smiled. “Thank you, sir.”

“Please, call me James.” He pulled the blonde into a hug.

“Oh are we hugging?” He heard Sirius say and join in. “Hey, Evans! Get in here!” He called out. Lily walked in and laughed.

“Boys, you’re smothering the poor lad.” She said and pulled on her husband so he’d let go.

Remus walked in next. “Come now, Pads. I’m sure Draco has had enough of you for one evening.” Sirius detached himself from his nephew and leeched onto Remus instead.

“Can you ever have enough of me, Moony?”

He laughed and kissed his husband on the cheek. “Definitely.”