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Either/Or: Rosie

Prompt! Can we see Supercorp but one where Kara rescues a baby and brings them home and Lena doesn’t wanna get her hopes up about adoption because she doesn’t want Kara to have to outlive her AND a child (Pref a fluffy ending but up to you?)

“Kara, honey, are you home yet?” Lena called out as she kicked off her heels and balanced the bags of take out in her arms.

The quiet of the penthouse greeted her as she hurried toward the kitchen. As she turned on the lights, the city outside disappeared from the large windows. Their home became its own universe, with just the faintest bit of galaxy outside.

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Fred Weasley x Reader: After Hours

AN: This one is for all my busy people <3 Sounds dirty, but it’s not! Just sweet

Warning(s): Swearing tw

“What about Sunday, what’ve you got going on Sunday?”

“Wood wants us on the pitch at seven, then I told the guys that I would spend the afternoon with them. Are you free Wednesday?”

“Monday and Tuesday I have to tutor second years in Arithmancy so I’ve only got Wednesday to get cracking on that Herbology final essay.”

Fred let out a loud laugh.

“Well shit.” He said, his eyes sparkling. “Give me the address of your secretary, I’ll have them pencil me in for next month.”

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Freddie Andersen- Kick Butt, Save Pucks

“If your requests are open can you do a Freddie Andersen one for me. Maybe where you have a son and it’s his fist time at a game! But if your requests aren’t open I understand.” @arizonacoyotesgirl16
Also @carey-pricemas requested anything Freddie so I combined them!
Word count: 952
Warnings: mostly fluff. 🤷🏻‍♀️


You were bouncing Freddie Jr. on your lap while he fed himself a sandwich. Your little boy was just shy of 2 years old and you were finally taking him to see his dad play a game.
“Are you ready to see daddy kick butt in hockey?” You asked him. His little face lit up.
“HOCKEY!” He screamed. You laughed while wiping off the peanut butter and jelly from his face.
Little Freddie dressed in matching Andersen Maple Leafs jerseys with you for the big day. Your son was an identical mini version of your husband. He was very excited to be going to the arena for the first time. You’ve taken him to practices and watched the games on the TV together. He loved the sport already. Him and his father would play in the back yard with a small goal net. Daddy always let him score on him. Your small family was perfect and you were so elated that you’d all get some great press photos together at the ice.
“Are you ready?!” You yelled. Freddie Jr. started jumping up and down. Obviously he was as excited as you were and you couldn’t wait to see Your husbands face when he saw you two in the stand. It wasn’t a surprise to him that you both were attending the game but, it was still going to be something none of you were used to doing together.
On your way to the arena, Freddie Jr. couldn’t stop chanting, “Daddy saves goals,” over and over. Arriving at the arena you could see his jaw drop through your rear view mirror at the sight of the building.
“We are here!” You said as you parked. There were a few of the other players’ families waiting for your arrival so they could give your son a big welcome. As soon as you unbuckled Freddie Jr. from his car seat he ran up to the families waiting. He knew all of them from team bar-b-ques and hang outs.
All the wives and girlfriends gave you hugs and told you how happy they were to finally see your son at the arena.
The stands, ice, and concessions all left Freddie Jr. in awe. But, his favorite part of the arena was the locker room.
“DADDY!” he ran up to your husband in the locker room. Your heart felt so full at the sight of your two favorite boys together before a big game. As your husband picked up your son and gave him raspberries on his tummy the whole team was teasing about how adorable it was.
“Alright,” you said, “my turn for some love from daddy.” Giving him a kiss and a full embrace while he still held Freddie Jr.
“Daddy? NICE.” Auston said, loud enough for the whole locker room, and maybe even the hallway, to hear.
“Matthews, I will bust you up myself on that ice.” You threatened. Everyone laughed and he apologized by giving you a hug.
“Sorry, couldn’t help it mamas.” Auston laughed.
“We’ll be right next to the bench, tonight. Coach made sure we would be easy to spot.” You tell Freddie.
“Perfect.” He said giving you another kiss.
“Come on Junior. Daddy is about to go out to practice. Want to see his save some pucks?” You pick up Freddie Jr. from your husband.
“Kick butt, boys.” You tell the whole locker room.
“KICK BUTT. SAVE PUCKS.” Junior yelled. Taking him out to the stands he was so excited to see how big everything was. Being seated next to the bench was perfect because he got to see all his favorite men go on and off the ice.
Every time the Maple Leafs saved a puck your son would scream at the top of his lungs. You tweeted out a video of him doing so and many fans were all about it. The entire time Freddie Jr. had his eyes focused on the goal. It was unexpected how well a 2 year old was attentive during the whole game.
Throughout the entire arena, every fan was counting down the last 10 seconds of the 3rd period. The score was 3-0 in favor of the Maple Leafs resulting in a shut-out for Freddie.
“THREE… TWO… ONE” the crowd erupts into cheering while the whole team is on the ice getting ready to congratulate Freddie.
After you and Freddie Jr. are done screaming your lungs out, you head back to the locker room.
The events from the day have finally brought your son’s energy level down so you’re carrying him into the locker room. With his head resting on your shoulders all the players give his tiny hands fist bumps. Freddie was out of most of his gear by the time you were able to get to his locker.
“You did amazing tonight babe!” You gave his sweaty face a kiss.
“No one scored.” Freddie Jr mumbled.
“That’s right, buddy. Kick butts, save pucks.” Freddie said to your son will giving his head a kiss.
“I’m sure Andersen is going to let at least the misses score tonight.” Matthews chirped.
You gave him a glare.
“You are so lucky I’m holding my son or you’d be done for, Auston.” You told him. He smiled and quickly went to the opposite end of the locker room.
“He’s not wrong.” Freddie whispered as he gave you a final kiss before you left the locker room so all the players could change. You gave him a wink then walked out of the room and into the hallway to wait. Freddie Jr. was fast asleep on your shoulder. It was a perfect game for your son’s first visit to the arena.

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yellowfeather84  asked:

15 and 21. In the dark and in the water/in the bath. Please and thank you! 😘

Fortune Favors the Prepared


Dr. Claire Fraser was having a less than stellar morning. It started when she stepped out of her bedroom and into a pile of cat sick even before her first cup of coffee. She quickly grabbed a tea towel from the kitchen to lay over the mess.

Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ! That is just.. What is that? Mental note - bringing the cat in for a checkup would probably be a good idea.

Coffee would have to come after her shower due to the unforeseen feline interruption in her well constructed morning routine. She could get back on track if she answered some emails as she waited for her shower to warm up.

Wait! It’s Bree’s turn for snack at Scouts next week? Damnation. I’ll have to stop by Tesco to pick something up. I think it has to be gluten and tree nut free. Shit. Or is it dairy free?

Unfortunately, she dropped her mobile mid text in the running water while she tried to multitask and check the temperature. It was submerged for a few seconds and despite the fact that she had safely protected it, she screamed.

You’re a fucking surgeon and you let the object that organizes your entire fucking life fall through your fingers!

Her screams woke the baby who had slept fitfully because he was miserable from teething. She startled at his cries but inhaled and exhaled several times to calm herself as she ran to comfort him. He stretched his arms out to her and she lovingly picked him up.

“Mama is so sorry, love!” she cooed. “How about we get you some porridge and some Calpol?”

“Mamamama. Eat! Mama!” he chattered while he flailed his arms towards the doorway.

Jamie rounded the corner into the nursery with a grin on his face. He kissed his wife and son before taking the boy from her.

“And a happy anniversary to you my sassenach! Jenny just arrived to collect the bairns. I’ll change his nappy and get his things together while you get your coffee.” he said as he winked.

Claire stood there for a moment, stunned.

It is Saturday! Shit. Hold on… I already got his present! That first edition about his ancestors. Pain in the arse to find but amazing to find. So glad my tenacity paid off. And now for the life giving coffee!

The laughing voices of her three older children echoed down the hallway as they chatted about their plans for the day with their cousins. Both Faith and Bree had their schedules planned out and were signing animatedly about them, Faith about her plans for an adventurous horse ride with Wee Jamie while her sister was incredibly excited about baking with their Aunt Jenny, Maggie and Kitty. Fergus knew their Uncle Ian would need help with fixing something around Lallybroch so he had no plans other than sneakily eating what desserts the girls made.

They are such amazing kids! All have had challenges thrown at them and thrived. So smart. Giving. Pain in the arse to each other just like any typical siblings.

“Please be well behaved for your aunt and uncle you three.” she implored.

“Oh, they will be!” Jenny replied. “Or I’ll tell their Da!”

Both women hugged and caught up on family gossip while Jamie packed everyone in his sister’s car. Both families did their best to give each other time alone as often as possible resulting in a very tight knit unit.

With the house finally quiet the couple stood in their lounge, arms wrapped around each other.

I really hope he doesn’t mind if I close my eyes while we’re standing here. He’s making me so warm.

“You have been so busy lately I thought I’d take our anniversary to spoil you.” he murmured. “I’ve drawn you a bath, extra bubbles exactly the way you like it.”

“Those LED candles, too?” she asked.

“Of course! I know what the lady of the house prefers.” he chuckled. “May I escort you to our chambers Lady Broch Tuarach?”

Claire playfully fanned herself as they walked toward their destination. She gasped when she saw how much effort he had put into making their ordinary bathroom into an oasis.

“Okay, now strip down and get in, your Lordship.” she commanded. “I have plans for you, sir!”

He feigned being put out but couldn’t stop smiling or interrupting her attempts to undress by smacking and complimenting his favorite assets. After some bad puns, playful banter with a side of innuendo, they at last sat in their bathtub. Claire sighed as she leaned back into her husband’s chest.

This is absolutely perfect! This day has certainly turned around!

“I’d like to thank you again mo nighean donn for insisting we get an extra large tub put in here.” Jamie said. “And thank you to Murtagh for finding us a bargain.”

“I’m convinced he knows a lot of people who owe him favours.” she laughed. “Nothing and everything surprises me about your godfather the more I learn about him.”

He’s the closest I’ve had to a father since my own died. I can’t imagine what our lives would be without him. The kids adore him as well! And not just for his excellent cooking skills.

“Probably so. And speaking of surprises, I heard you have one for me. Are my spies correct?” he inquired.

She nodded, give him directions, and teased him as he tiptoed to their closet to find the wrapped box. He carefully opened it to find his book with a folded piece of paper inside it.  At her urging, he opened the piece of paper to see the faint outline of a baby.

Wait for it! One, two, aaaaaand….

Jamie let up a yell then jumped back into the water with Claire sending bubbles flying. He pulled her face to his then kissed her until she broke away.

“I’m glad you’re excited but I think we need to clean up after tsunami Jamie.” she laughed.

He shook his head. “I regret to inform you that you’re going to first kiss me and then I plan on making you yell loud enough to scare the cat.”

I am a fortunate woman.

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Oh oh I loved that anon with the s/o who had a fight with their partner and didn't talk for a while! Can we get that for Reaper and Soldier76 please if you can nwn?

Anonymous said to imagine-overwatch-stuff:Can you do the fight thing you did w junk McDonalds and frog but with edge and tiddy man? UwU

I’m putting them all in one, big, clusterfuck of text because that’ll be easier but yes– I’m sorry it took so long. 

Strap in for some feels. 

Reaper -

“Look, Gabriel, I-”

“Do not call me that. Gabriel Reyes is dead, (y/n).” The way his voice boomed in such an aggressive manner made your eyes widen, the red orbs glowing through the eyes of his mask made you lose your voice for a split second. “He died in the explosion – you should be perfectly aware of that, (y/n), you were there, after all.” He spat your name out in such disgust that you shuddered, breath hitching for a brief moment. He was doing it again, he promised not to do it again.

“Gabriel this isn’t yo-”

Reaper. It’s Reaper now. All because you decided to help Morrison and you refused to let me die. You and he- you made me this THING.”

“Gabe please, you know that’s not tru-”

“You took EVERYTHING away from me, even clean death. And now you’re still sticking around knowing very well how much I despise you.

You felt blood seep into your mouth as you pierced your lip with your teeth in stress and worry, eyes not leaving the masked man’s as your eyebrows furrowed in anger to cover how much his words dug into your still-bleeding scars. You inhaled, kept a breath in for a few seconds before exhaling – your mind clear, feelings pushed to the back of your head, voice lacking emotion. “If this is how you truly feel, I can leave.” You say, voice clear, not flinching at the words that follow.

“I feel like I should’ve killed you when I had the chance to; the moment I opened my eyes for the first time after the explosion. If not Morrison you’d be dead where you’re standing.”

You’re not sure whether he heard what you said but at this point you don’t think it mattered any more. You nod, finally breaking the eye contact you’ve been holding with him.

You can’t do this again.

“All you do is take up space.” He continued, taking a step towards you. “You remind me of what happened back then, of them. Of him. There is nothing I despise more than knowing you’re still alive, that you’re fine.” You didn’t move away when he closed in on you and towered above you, eyes glaring with hatred. “There’s nothing I hate more than you.”

He expected you to cower, to back down and shake in fear. The sound of you clicking your tongue in a clear impatience put him off guard. You looked up at him, eyes narrowed in determination, eyebrows furrowed in fury – you allowed this to happen once, twice, too many times to count. You put up with his bullshit and helped him through everything you could, you supported him emotionally and mentally; you even abandoned Overwatch to follow him to Talon, to make sure he’s okay.

But enough is enough.

“For years,” You started, eyes burning into Gabriel’s soul. “I stayed by your side, I helped you in times you needed me the most and stayed put when you tried to push me away from you. For years I loved you, I cared for you and put up with all the shit you’ve been doing. You were a good man, Gabriel, a man I respected and looked up to – a man I married.” A weak laugh escaped your lips as you shook your head from side to side, sending him a much more intense glare when he attempted to interrupt you. “You’re right though. That man is gone, what is left of him is just a shell of fury and confusion. I tried my best to help you, I really did. I thought maybe I’ll be able to bring you to peace but all you’ve been doing is push me away and treat me like what happened was my fault.

“I told you so many times, I wasn’t there when the explosion went off but I was there to save you. I abandoned what was left of my undercover mission to try and save you, you’ve no idea how many sleepless nights I spent by your side afterwards. I loved you, I really did but I’m not going to watch you destroy both of us. I couldn’t save you, Gabriel, so I’m saving myself before you destroy me completely.”

By the time you were done talking your whole body was shaking in anger, fists clenched painfully as your words pierced the shell you’ve been building around yourself. A long silence followed through which neither of you dared to speak up or move in fear of jumping to each other’s throats again. You waited for his reply; he usually was the one to bark back at you before you were done talking. Not this time. This time he kept quiet, you’re not sure it was because what you said struck a cord and you finally managed to reach the man you loved or because he was too shocked that you snapped back at him so aggressively despite the calm tone of your voice.

That, however, did not matter.

“This is the last time you’ll speak to me.” You informed him after a longer while, walking over to the closet in the room to grab the bag you had prepared a while back and hoisting it onto your shoulder. “This is the last time we will speak. I don’t want to see you again. If you come to find me - if you even think about looking for me – I will make sure you’ll regret meeting me in the first place, Reaper.”

He didn’t budge from his spot, he didn’t move his head to watch you leave the room. He stayed there, unmoving, breathing shallow. He expected you to cower, to back down and shake in fear; instead he was the one shaking. He pushed you too far, took his anger out on you, you never walked out after an argument – he was always the one to leave before things got too violent in fear of both hurting and losing you.

This time, however, you walked out with no intention of coming back.


He did the exact thing you told him not to. He found you after long months of looking; long, painful months without you by his side. Gabriel knew your threats are always true but he couldn’t bring himself to back down once he started searching for the places you’ve been ever since you left the organisation. It was difficult to track you down since hiding and blending into the crowd was your speciality.

No matter where he looked, no matter how hard he tried to find you, he always ended up with false information or a dead end. Not a long time passed before he struggled to keep his solid shape, only few weeks after you left he was in a constant form of thick, black smoke. The pain keeping him company grew increasingly with every day, finally getting to the point where he no longer could function properly but regardless of this he kept searching.

So when he finally found you, when you snarled in disgust at what was left of him, the pathetic attempt to at least somewhat regain his solid form, he broke. He fell to his knees, smoke surrounding the faint outline of a human which he struggled to keep in tact, and begged for forgiveness. His voice was but a mix of  screaming souls he consumed and his own, a loud whisper-like voice struggled to talk above them.

What was left of the man in front of you couldn’t be described as anything – he was a shell of pain and sorrow, having fallen into self-hatred much deeper than humanly possible. You weren’t sure if there was anything left from his humanity at this point.

It hurts.

Cursing yourself you sighed as you crouched down to what you assumed was his eye-level, and shuddered when the cold fog embraced you and weakly wrapped itself around you. You let the weapon slide from between your fingers and onto the ground, forgotten.

“I’m here, Gabe. I’m here. I see you.” You moved your hands towards the faint figure of your husband, slowly moving closer towards him to make him feel safer.

So..much.” He was lost, terrified and panicking.

“I know, Gabriel. Stay with me, Gabi, please. You’re safe now, I’ve got you – I’ve got you. You can rest now.”

But with you he felt at home.

Soldier: 76 -

As you sighed quietly your eyes followed the grey-haired man pace around the room impatiently, his hands locked into fists and resting by his sides, eyes burning holes into the floor, left eyebrow twitching in annoyance. At the moment he was the exact definition of stress and anger, yet you paid no attention to his quiet muttering. Unlike him you were calm, no trace of anger or worry etched onto your face but an occasional wince of fleeting pain as you swung your legs back and forth absent-mindedly.

The both of you waited for Angela to come back with the results of your injury to see whether or not an operation would be needed. Your last mission did not go as planned. The instructions you were given had been followed to near perfection yet a problem arose, one which turned the whole situation upside down completely. You were not informed about the old minefield to north from the abandoned warehouse which you were to search; it was common knowledge, according to Jack, seeing as how many years passed ever since it was set up to protect it from the Omnics.

It was only when it was too late that you realised something was wrong. No one followed you when you proceeded to take careful, quiet strides around the building. No one stopped you; no one objected on the plan. All you saw was eyes wide with fear when you turned around in search for your two comrades. One wrong step, a quiet click, and the last thing you saw was terror written on their faces.

Then, nothing.

The bandages around your head and right leg – or rather what was left of it – didn’t ruin your mood. It hurt, of course it did, but it wasn’t the end of the world. You were fine, still alive, that’s what mattered the most to you. Besides, it was better to be positive about the whole situation than worry over ‘what ifs’.

Nonetheless, the memory will haunt you for the rest of your years.

You snapped out of your daze when your lover stopped pacing around you and abruptly turned to look at you. Sending him a smile you patted the spot next to you, offering him a seat. He was too stressed out and some rest would do him good. Instead of taking up your offer he crossed his arms over his chest, eyebrows furrowed, a displeased scowl marking his handsome features.

“You could’ve died.” He stated, for the 10th time that night. The two of you have went through this conversation a couple of times already, and no matter now many times you told him that you’re fine he didn’t listen.

“I could have.” You nodded your head, “But I didn’t.”

“But you could have.” He slowly started to sound like a broken record – his voice still calm regardless of how his eyes judged you. “I thought you’d know better than to do something reckless like that. It was a minefield (y/n). One wrong step and–” A pause, quick shake of his head, “Do you even think sometimes?”

Rising your eyebrows in surprise you felt your mouth open before closing and pressing into a straight line. You stayed quiet.

“I’m surprised you made it that far into it, from what I heard. You really are lucky to have avoided getting blown up like a rag doll.” He run his hand through his grey hair, eyes softening slightly “Look, I worry about you, I really do, but you have to stop being so reckless. It cost you your leg and nearly ripped you into pieces. You have to be more careful.”

“I was careful.”

“Not careful enough. What were you even thinking? Who ever thought of sneaking through a minefield? How dumb do you have to be to get that idea?”

Scoffing quietly you rose your hand to scratch your bandaged cheek. “As I said before, I didn’t get the memo about it. I had no idea it was there and when I mentioned the idea to th-”

“All three of you got the memo.”

“ Jack, I’m a grown adult do you really think I would do something like that if I was informed? Do you really think so? I’m not a kid, don’t think so little of me.”

He rolled his eyes, eyebrows furrowing in annoyance “You sure do act like a kid sometimes.”


“I should’ve sent someone else on this mission. “ “Jack-” “ I can’t have you risking your life like this every time, you’re a soldier but you don’t act like it.” “Don’t-” “I’m cancelling the mission in Nepal.”  

“No!” Hearing the last sentence your eyes widened, your body launched forwards in order to stand up but the pain that followed such abrupt movement caused you to lose your balance and fall. You looked up to you, attempting to scramble to your feet. “Jack, you can’t- You can’t do that. You’re not my commander. I’ve been waiting for this mission for months.”

His arms hoisted you up and helped you sit back down on the bed, eyes now as soft as days before. The emotion gave you hope – false hope but hope nevertheless. “I’m not your commander but I am your husband – I’m not going to sit by and watch you kill yourself with your own stupidity. Now rest.”

Just as he leaned in to kiss your forehead you pushed him away, shaking your head from side to side. “No. Leave. I want to be alone.” You gave him a firm shove when he didn’t budge and then proceeded to hop towards the door, opened it and waited for the old soldier to leave. “I spent months planning out the mission, I’m not having you tell me what I can and cannot do. Now leave.”

“Even if you get better within a week you’re in no shape to undertake it.” he begun, “How do you expect to protect the omnic like this when you can’t even protect yourself? You’re not going, I’ll have someone else collect your notes and information you gathered – this case is no longer your concern.”


“I worry, (y/n), you lost a leg and you’ve been so calm about this. It’s not normal. You should be traumatised after an accident like that, you’ll stay under Mercy’s watch until we’re sure you’re stable both physically and mentally.”

“76. Leave. Now.”

“Unless stated otherwise, you are not permitted to leave the base.”

Scoffing at his orders you roll your eyes and nudge your head in the direction of the open door. “I won’t leave this room if it means not seeing your face.”

There was a long pause where neither of you dared to speak, your eyes glaring into his raging blue ones. As time passed his gaze softened, eyes looking away and breaking their contact with you. Jack’s features returned to their neutral rest; sharp and rough but tired, so very tired.

With a single nod he proceeded outside of the room. A split second of hesitation caused him to look back you – he was worried, he cared, he was scared of losing you. Still, he would stop at nothing to make sure you’re safe even if it means you’ll hate him.

He left without a word.


From that day forth he avoided you the best he could – accepting that it would be better for both of you if he stayed away. Or, at least, that’s what he thought. The two of you didn’t talk for days, not even after the day of your cancelled mission rolled up.

You had the hope that he’ll change his mind and let you go. You’ve been putting all the effort to get use to your new artificial limb and learn how to walk all over again it was a long – painful – process which required a lot of energy and patience.

On the day of the mission you were very tempted to go against his orders and undertake the mission anyway but you stayed put. Even if he upset you he was doing it all with your safety in mind – he wouldn’t let you get hurt like that, not when he could prevent it.

You couldn’t held grudges, especially not against the man you loved so dearly.

As days passed you attempted to patch things up and apologise for what happened but whenever you entered the room he seemed to suddenly remember something very important and leave before you could initiate a conversation. It was frustrating and upsetting to say the least.

When you finally did manage to approach him and corner him in order to apologise he attempted his best to not hold an eye contact with you for the first few seconds. Rather quickly his way of thinking changed and within an instant he was staring you down with hard, stoic eyes.

The moment he gave you that look you knew he wasn’t going to keep running away. You knew him well enough to figure out his tics and little fidgets, the way he coped with things that angered him and upset him, as well as what he did whenever guilt washed over him. In most of those situations he became the old soldier he was, standing his guard and talking only when he felt the need to. He was hurting; he knew how much the mission meant to you and how much you must hate him now – how much he’d hate himself if he was in your shoes.

“Jack,” You call out, eyebrows furrowing in worry as he didn’t utter a word and instead waited for you to continue. He was ready to face what was coming next, the simple four words echoing in his head, heart beating faster as the feeling of dread swallowed him whole.“We need to talk.”

Inhaling loudly you closed your eyes for a second, nose scrunching up slightly – an expression Jack Morrison adored with his whole heart – before you looked at him again, eyes full of determination.

“This needs to stop-”

“I get it.” His voice interrupted you before you could explain what you meant. He sighed, right arm reaching out to scratch the back of his head. “I won’t hold it against you, I’d do the same thing if I were you.” Nodding at you reassuringly he smiled, that one rare smile which was supposed to hide all the pain he bottles up inside.

When you pulled him into your arms and held him he froze unsure whether or not this is the last time you’ll hold him like this. A faint, weak chuckle left his lips and his smile grew, arms slowly wrapping around your form, tightening noticeably when you told him the last thing he expected to hear.

“I’m not leaving you.”

His laugh turned to sobs, his face pressed into the crook of your shoulder both in relief and embarrassment. He was glad you could see through the hard shell of a man he was.

Hanzo -

“I didn’t- He didn’t mean to. Hanzo, please, stop shouting. It was an accident.” Your shaky voice attempted to speak over the one of an angry Japanese man, your body standing between him and the true source of his anger.

He? It was that thing’s fault?!” His eyes snapped behind you, nostrils flaring. “I could forgive you but not that thing. How dare he lay his hands on something which does not belong to him?!”Raising your hands up in a calming manner you stood your guard.  “This was the reason as to why I never let anyone touch my bow, it is a sacred and a very important thing to me–”

“Hanzo, hear me out, ple-”

“Do NOT defend him.” He advanced towards you, only stopping when you held your arms out in a protective gesture, eyes narrowing. His voice was low, rumbling through the room. The walls were glistering with the glowing blue light emitted by the angry spirits behind him, their sharp teeth and slitted eyes anything but friendly. The sight was intimidating, to say the least, to see the older Shimada’s anger grow so large that he no longer realises how much his emotions effect the dragons he’s bound to.

Both of his hands were clenched into fists, shaking, clutching the remains of his broken bow. His breathing deep, eyes burning into your being and looking straight through you at the terrified omnic behind you. The dragons behind him stirred, their tails twitching from side to side; their teeth visible as they snarled down at you and made sure you know the wrath all three of them were feeling.

Behind you stood a large omnic, his blue light twitching on and off in fear as he attempted his best to hide behind your smaller form. His whole body was shaking in fear, head ducked down as if he thought that the moment he hid away from Hanzo’s view everything would go back to normal. He didn’t dare to peak from behind you, much more terrified than he ever was in his life with a death grip on the back of your shirt. It didn’t take a lot to understand that the panicked sounds were mixed with those of hysteria and guilt – if Bastion was able to cry, this is what was happening.

Bastion’s intentions weren’t bad when he first picked up the storm bow, he just wanted to bring it to its owner thinking that he left it there by accident. After all, Hanzo never left his bow unattended unless it was hidden away in his room. It was only when he lifted it up that he realised it was broken – it must’ve been what he accidentally sat on a while beforehand. The omnic tried his best to keep calm as he thought of any way he could repair it. He tried mending it back together but what turned out was not how it was before, there still was a large crack going through it. Taping it up didn’t help either so he did the next thing that came to his mind: hiding it.

That idea didn’t live for long however, and guilt of his action quickly ate him up when he heard the Shimada was looking for his weapon. He decided to give it back, he had to give it back, but not without help.

And so, he reached out to you for advice. The two of you tried to fix the damages the best you could but there wasn’t much you could do. That’s why you offered going with him and handing the bow yourself if things got bad. Bastion followed you quietly with the bow in his hands, a small, pretty flower placed carefully into the crack of the bow – a somewhat of an apology present from him and yet another attempt of patching the weapon up. Both of you were positive it’ll ease his anger.

It didn’t.

The spirits moved towards you as Hanzo advanced towards you, determined to get past you. Bastion’s hand tightened around your shirt as the two dragons begun circling around you with a hostile intention. The sound of his crying turned much more hysteric the closer the dragons got – light flickering red every once in a while. This was too much, it was pushing the poor omnic too far.

Scoffing at your lover’s attempt to get past you, you shoved him back with as much force as he gripped your arm. You were not having his. He stumbled back and quickly regained his balance, eyes snapping towards you. “Stop.”

Your hand reached back towards the omnic and you winced slightly when he took the opportunity to hold your hand tightly, pushing his head against your shoulder to avoid looking at the dragons. The cold metal shook vigorously against your body – you had to calm both of them down before either of them got hurt.

“Hanzo, please.” For a longer while it looked like Hanzo was going to pounce at you, the omnipotent beasts bound to him didn’t recognise you as they floated around you like snakes, their rough, sharp scales brushing over your skin and cutting into it more the closer they proceeded. The terrifying sound of metal being scratched and then torn caused the omnic to panic even more. He pressed against you painfully in a failed effort of getting away from them - of running away.

Your lover’s name slipped by your lips between the hiss of agony as the dragons tightened around you, blood quickly seeping through your torn clothes.

“Stop. Please. You’re hurting me.”

You’re not entirely sure what caused him to snap out of his alien wrath – was it the words you said, the pained and frightened sounds, or seeing the expression of pure agony on your face – but the moment he realised what was happening he run forth. Arms shooed the spirits away, his voice shouted in his mother tongue at the raging beasts until they were no longer present; he gently touched your face, nimble hands caressing your cheeks as tears slid down his own. He helped you stand and carried you towards the nearest seat the best he could without hurting you more than he already has. He cried as he treated your wounds – most sincere words of apology were repeated over and over, he bowed to the two of you many times that evening, begging, pleading for forgiveness.

Every time he asked for your permission to touch you, afraid of hurting you again, scared of what he’s done – of himself. By the time night has fallen he cried for all he’s ever done throughout his life, Bastion already in safe hands of his monk friend.

Now Hanzo was the one shaking, his body weakly pressed against yours as silent tears fell onto the sheets the two of you were laying on. He flinched whenever you stroke his hair softly, sobbed when you murmured reassurances into his ear. As glad as he was you forgave him he would not forgive himself. Yet, the way you explained to him that you knew the wrath was not his - hat he wasn’t the one in control of the beasts and himself – he couldn’t help but fall for you more. He turned around to face you after a while and he didn’t hesitate to wrap his arms around you carefully, his crying continuing.

Thank you.”  

He lost so much in his life, yet you stayed despite all. 

Without you he’d be lost. 

Lost Boy (Chapter 5 & Epilogue)

This is our final chapter! This fic was both lovely and hard to write, and the amount of love I received has been SO AMAZING!

If you are just joining the story, catch up HERE.


Steve spent every day of the next three weeks re-reading every text in his phone between him and Tony, from the very first flirty texts to the more heartfelt ones later on.
He hated it.
Loved it.
Missed Tony so much it was like a physical ache inside of him.

The day his results came in, Steve actually sat at his table and cried.
Eight years of school were finally over. Countless hours of studying. The last three weeks of pacing and worrying and running every minute of the exam through his mind over and over again.

And he had passed.

Steve poured himself a celebratory shot of his favorite aged whiskey, and picked up his phone to call Tony.

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Creepypasta #1074: I Got Stopped In The Middle Of A Tunnel At The Worst Possible Time

Length: Long

In the Virginia mountains, roads go directly through mountains, via tunnels dug through them. Last year, I was travelling from Florida up to the Midwest, and took the route that took me through the aforementioned Virginia mountains. The trip went fine until I got there. Normally, I found myself driving either alone or with one or two other cars on the road. At one point, though, traffic became heavy.

I was in a line of cars approaching a tunnel. It was moving slow due to some unseen obstruction ahead. I entered the tunnel and crept along slowly with the rest of the cars, before coming to a stop. The westbound road was at a standstill, while the eastbound road was wide open with no cars heading in that direction. I was almost dead-center of the tunnel, just for reference. Lights lined the walls of the tunnel, illuminating everything within. Until they didn’t. The lights all simultaneously shut off, making it quite dark in the tunnel.

Sunlight was the only source of light in the tunnel now, but it only reached so far from each entrance to the tunnel. Me being in the middle, I was essentially in the dark. A car a few behind me pulled onto the eastbound side and sped ahead of the rest of us that were stopped. I redirected my attention to the driver, and watched him drive the rest of the way down the tunnel. When he reached the end, all the sunlight coming from that end of the tunnel was suddenly sucked out of existence, and the car disappeared. All I could see at that end of the tunnel was pure darkness. I looked behind me and saw cars starting to turn around, but shortly after, a wave of darkness fell over the entrance through which I’d driven just minutes before.

I heard random screams from either end of the tunnel. The only thing giving off light in the tunnel now was all the car’s headlights, but even those seemed somehow dimmer than they should have. In all, it was like being in a pitch black room with only a candle across the room giving off any kind of glow.

I opened my door in preparation to get out and see what was going on, but just as it was open all the way, something flew past and slammed it shut, surely denting it in the process. Whatever it was, it went by so fast that I didn’t see it, and its path was interrupted by my car door. I tried looking behind me to see what it was, and saw the vague outline of something BIG heading down the road behind me. The person in front of me got out of their car and looked in both directions. Suddenly, that same something that flew past my door flew back the other way, and took the man in front of me with him. All I heard was his scream trail off in the distance.

At this point, I was thoroughly frightened. I didn’t know what to do. I heard screams coming from whatever the direction that… thing was coming from at the time. I needed to figure out what it was in order to figure out how to deal with it and protect myself. I snuck out the passenger’s side door of my car and crawled to the car in front of me. I then entered through the passenger’s side door of that car and got into the driver’s seat. The thing made a few passes back and forth as I waited for a moment, and the second it passed by heading westbound, I pulled the car into the middle of the road and hurriedly got out, running back to my car and getting in safely.

The thing made its pass back eastbound and slammed into the car, crumpling it almost in half. But more importantly than that, it stopped, and even in the dim lights being projected from my car, I finally got a good look at it.

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roman holiday » 1|2

pairing: reddie

type?: fluff, small angst

warnings: verbal abuse, implied physical abuse, underage drinking (17), swearing, smooching, +

summary: “but for now let’s get away, on a roman holiday”

if you couldn’t tell by the (17) they’re 17 in this fic!!!

lowercase intended bc i’m lazy.

i also haven’t re-read bc i’m lazy so any typos please disregard. thank u.

1 | 2

richies parents were yelling about something. he couldn’t make out what they were saying. he didn’t want to make out what they were saying. he kept doing what he was doing, strumming his guitar quietly to himself. that is, until he heard his father yell his name in such an angry tone. it made richie jump slightly. he sighed and set his guitar down, slowly getting up and opening the door, rushing out.


he tried to be as polite as possible. but sometimes that made them even mader…for some reason.

he noticed his mom was smoking a cigarette, leaning against the counter. she was rolling her eyes and she looked like a mess. her hair was frizzy and her make up was smeared. she had bruises up her arm that matched his fathers face. his father was mad. real mad.

he was screaming something unintelligible. richie could barely understand through his mind trying to block it out and the slurred words his father was putting out. his mom tossed the end of the cig onto the floor and took another swig frome the jack daniels bottle that was resting next to her.

richie was out of it for a second, but what brought him back was the loud bang coming from in front of him. his body jolted and his eyes immediately traced their way to the source of the sound. there stood his dad seething, a hole now in the wall that separated the living room and the dining room. his dad knuckles were bleeding and bruised.

“get the fuck out of here before you end up like that fucking wall.” his dad threatened.

richie fucking ran.

he ran for his life.

eddie was sitting on his bed watching some dumb old movie when he heard a tap on his window. confused, he looked over and saw richie giving a sheepish smile and a wave. he went and opened the window, allowing richie in.

“why did you climb the house to the window? my moms not even home.” eddie asked, eyeing richie, noticing the boy wasn’t even wearing shoes.

“because eds, the window’s more fun.” richie patted the smaller boy on the back before plopping himself down on the bed, eddie following.

“so where are your shoes?”

“in my room.”

“why are they not on you?”

“well when i’m dying to see my love, why waste time putting shoes on?”

richie pinches eddies pink turning cheeks and screamed “cute!” at the top of his lungs. eddie swatted the others hands away but that, of course, did no good.

“anyway eds! it’s a friday night i say we get wasted. you’ve got tons of alcohol in your cellar, let’s grab some good sir!” richie said, doing his horrible, but improving, british accent.

“richie i can’t. my mom will kill me if she finds out i drank anything from down there! she’ll kill me if she finds out i even went down there!”

“don’t worry buddy ol pal. i’ll go down, grab some from the way way back and boom we’re good!”

richie was already out of the bed and half way down the stairs before eddie could say anything more. he ran after the other, stopping once richie went down the cellar stairs. when richie returned, he was holding two bottles. one was a jack daniels and one was strawberry vodka.

“i figured you’d like strawberry so i grabbed this one too. don’t worry though, there’s like four more down there.” richie laughed, shoving the door shut with his foot. they made their way back up to eddies room and started drinking away their problems. eddie a little more cautiously than richie, like always.

before they knew it they were downstairs with a bowl of popcorn sitting in between them. the tv was off and they were staring at the ceiling. eddies eyes were heavy and richie felt like he could throw up.

“eds, you know i’m so damn sad.” richie let out and soft, but broken chuckle.

eddie quickly looked over to richie. richie wasn’t crying but his voice said he wanted to. he wasn’t going to, though. not yet at least. richie doesn’t cry unless he has to. unless it gets too much.

“i-i’m sorry.” eddie hiccuped out.

“let’s fucking dance.” richie said out of the blue. eddie just agreed. they got up and richie turned the radio on, flipping through the stations trying to find a good song. when he finally did, he grabbed eddies hands and they danced. they danced their sad, little hearts out and they loved every single moment of it. eddie was giggling like crazy and richie was smiling so brightly. of course richie decided to go a little more out when a more intense song came on.

this resulted in him bumping into a table and spilling a bottle of eddies mom’s perfume all over himself. eddie fucking lost it. he knew he’d get in trouble for it when his mom was to come home but at the moment, all he could care about was his best friend pouting because he smells like an old lady now.

eddie collapsed from laughing so hard. richie soon joining in on the laughing. he moved to sit next to eddie and when the laughing subsided, they continued to stare at each other, the biggest dopey smiles graced upon their lit up faces. with the music still playing in the back, richie leaned in and captured eddies lips with his. eddie took no hesitation in kissing the older back.

the kiss was deep and pasionate but still messy and gross. it was them. and it was perfect. they were perfect.

eddie was the first to pull back and they both had such adoration in their eyes. they kissed again. and again. and again. and all night.

yuri-on-a-messenger  asked:

Request? I hope you don't mind, can we do one for the boys and jaehee (duh) Reacting to mc singing in the shower? ps. i love your hcs that i have read. KEEP GOING THEY ARE GREAT!

Of course I don´t mind (*^▽^*) And by the way I think duh is one of the best words ever (*≧▽≦)
So here you go (/^▽^)/


° most of the time it was really nice living together, but sometime it wasn´t

° you alwys took your showers in the evening too lazy to use a hairdryer

° but as a Student Yoosung was home most of the time

° which meant that you couldn´t work on your singing-carreer under the shower

° yes, he played LOLOL, but without headphones in case you needed him

° buuut MC here, is a sneaky person so what to give him on his birthday?

° right: new headphones

° and these he had to try out immediatlely

° aka, your chance to shower without him listening

° as soon as the hot water started to pour you started singing

° and since you were sure he couldn´t hear you you went full voice with the next song

° resulting in you almost screaming Come as You are by Nirvana

° I love Nirvana XD

° you blended everything out while singing so you almost fell in the shower when you heard clapping from outside

° “MC, that was great, you should keep singing.”

° “Yoosung get the hell out of the bathroom!!”

° why, Yoosung, why?

° dammit, he heard

° now you were too embarassed to step out of the room for the next 20 minutes

° when you finally did you hoped that he wouldn´t speak up to you about it

° but we all know Yoosung….

° “Hey MC, you´re a great singer.Why don´t you try working with Zen on Musicals?”

° “Yoosung, let´s not talk about this again. EVER!”

° “But MC-”

° “EVER!!”

° and he was frightend for life <3

_Jaehee_ (because duh)

° she was usually working when you took a shower

° well, when wasn´t she working??

° but whatever

° so you could sing to your heart´s desire and as loud as you wanted to

° unfortunately for you, one day Jumin decided to let Jaehee go home earlier

° she wanted to interfer with a cat project again

° but to suprise you she neither called or texted you in advance

° you, knowing nothing of course, went to step into the shower as you always did

°  you voice echoed a bit in the room, which you thought was just perfect for singing ballads

° and you often did

° Jaehee opened the front door right as you started with your awesome opera-solo of Bohemian Rhapsody

° the thing is, it was recorded with at least four seperate persons so singing it all by yourself may sounded a little different than the original

° hands up who tries it anyways

° nevertheless personally you thought it sounded great

° but maybe someone didn´t Jaehee

° “MC, would you mind not being that loud and come out of the shower!”

° shit, why is she home already??

° “Okay, I´m comming!”

° you got out of the shower and dried yourself as quick as you could and went in the livingroom to meet Jaehee

° “Hey, you home already?”

° “I am. You know, I don´t mind if you sing in the shower, but please don´t sing Things for four voices. Alone.”

° you kind of understood what she meant …

° but anyways as you understood, you could Keep on singing songs for a single Interpreter

° and of course this wasn´t the last time she caught you singing Bohemian Rhapsody

° but hey, you got better each time


° if there is a king in singing under the shower, it would probably be Zen

° he was loud, but he also sang very well so you didn´t have a problem with it

° so you were a bit embarrased to sing when you knew he could hear it

° you thought your singing skills were pretty ordinary, so that wasn´t the Problem here

° his skills were miles beyond average, meaning compared to him almost everyone was bad

° that´s why you were to shy to sing around him, the fear of disapproval

° so you reduced your singing-time to the moments he was away

° that means Performances, where you didn´t watch in the audience and rehersals

° sounds like a lot of time and let me tell you, you´re right

° it was a happy coexistance between your skills and his

° you were happy, he was unknowing

° so what could possibly go wrong??

° a cancelled rehersal of Course

° you stepped into the shower and felt relaxed the moment the water hit your skin

° in the state of pure happines, you wanted to express this with singing

° so you just did

° you felt free when you sang and let the water wash away all of your thoughts

° but since you tended to be quite….loud while singing you didn´t notice the door opening

° you screamed as the shower curtains opened

° a very naked Zen stepped in to join you

° “Z-Zen, what are you doing her? And why are you in here!”

° “I heard you sing so I wanted to participate too.”

° by now your head was bright red, not only were you naked but he also heard you sing, obviously

° “Still, please get out of here.”

° Zen was probably the only Person who Comes into the shower when there is someone singing

° to say you were embarassed was by far an Understatement

° after that incident he came home early suprisingly often

° and you got afraid of showering and built in a doorlock

° true love <3


° oh my god, he had one of a luxury bahroom

° seriously, you wouldn´t have been suprised is there was a Karaoke-System installed

° that would be awesome by the way

° you always took your time showering and enjoyed the Luxus

° one time you even tried to bring Elisabeth too, but cats and water on´t mix that well…

° no, rly MC?

° anyway, having such a nice bath , it would be a waste not singing in there

° it was a natural Thing after all

° maybe there wasn´t a karaoke-system installed, but a sound system wich you could connect with your phone

° so there was always music playing when you used the shower

° sometimes the real thing sometimes Karaoke

° but as much as you loved singing, you also were scarred that Jumin could find out about it

° in School you were bullied because of your voice, although it wasn´t bad

° they were all jelaous

° it resulted in a Trauma of yours, which kicked in whenever you knew someone heard your voice

° Kids in School are the most evil human beings out there..

° one day, you just started your shower-playlist, Jumin came woke up from the nap he took and to his suprise you weren´t where he last saw you

° he panicked

° but Elisabeth was kindly enough to sit ifront of the bathroom and listen to your singing

° aren´t cats great?

° he heard water and was relived you didn´t left him (for what reason whatsoever)

° but then he herd another Sound, it was……singing?

° on second thought it was really beautiful singing

° he recogniced your voiced, but didn´t fel the need to Interrupt you

° you inished your shower and got out of the room, only wearing a twle around your head and one around your chest

° “Jumin, why are you sitting infront of the bathroom?”

° “I heard you singing and before I realiced it I sat down infront of the door and listened.”

° you felt the Panic rush in your head and your vison started to get blurry, follwed by heav breathing

° “MC, is something wrong with you? Aren´t you Feeling well?”

° “I´m fine. I´m just not good with People Hearing me sing.”

° he was worried, so hadn´t any other choice than telling hi the whole Story..

° he was very caring and Held you tight till you felt better

° despite you being still afraid of being heard, those bastards from your old School somehow landed on YouTube, with the most aweful singing-video of all time


° he was always at home

° so it was hard to get a Moment of peace under the shower

° you also weren´t quite sure he hadn´t put CTV and voice Recorders everywhere in his house

° or worse, someone else put cameras and microphones everywhere in his house

° finally! the day you waited for for sol Long came around

° Seven and Saeran went out Shopping for clothes and ice cream

° and we all know Seven probably takes his sweet time doing so

° that meant you had to use your alone-time in the best way possible

° so it was Netflix and a good Long shower for you

° and yes, in that order

° after some nice movies you turned off the TV and went into the shower

° you turned up the Radio and simply enjoyed the sounds of water and Music

° soon you couldn´t resist anymore and sang along

° the louder the better, right?

° well, your suspection was partly right

° there were Sound Recorders and cameras but they only activated when a certain Level of volume was reached

° apparently you were so loud that you crossed this Level

° so Seven got a message on his phone, informing him that the noise Level in his house was above the line

° he was afraid you fell or somthing broke or worse, there was a robbery

°  he didn´t Panic but felt a Little uneasy, so he checked the CCTV

° when he saw you singing under the shower he did two Things

° first: stopping his nosebleed, which was a reaction to your naked Body

° second: turning up the volume so he could hear you sing

° damm, you were good, so good your voice deserved to e on YouTube

° but he couldn´t just put a Video online where you sang naked in the shower

° so he turned on the Speakers and spoke to you

° “Hey Babe! Can you sing again when I´m home so that I can upload itlater?”

° you screamed, loud, very loud

° “Relax MC, I´m speaking through the Speaker up to your right.”

° “What the heck did you think, scarring me like that??!!”

° after all the time living together you weren´t embarassed anymore, far worse happend by now anyway

° you were angry

° when they got home,Saeran hurried in his room as fast as he could

° you decided to have a … talk with Seven

° don´t ask me where you learned that but he ended up tied to a chair infont of an open back of Honey Buddah Chips

° what a torture…., but brilliant


° since his eyesight was rather bad, but his Hearing was better than anyones

° the TV was always quiet, so was the Radio

° you couldn´t be loud in the house and not even curse without him knowing

° so singing in the shower was off-Limit

° he would hear you and that was embarassing, too embarassing for you

° you were a very sensible Person and not very self-confident to begin with

° it was a nice Change, when V went out with Jumin to an old class-meeting

° do´n´t get me wrong, you loved him dearly and enjoyed every Moment you could spend with him

° but it felt good being able to turn up the volume for once

° you danced through the house and sweated so much you had to take a shower afterwards

° in the shower you didn´t stop being noisy

° you sang all of your favourite Songs again and again

° and probably wasted a lot of water

° nevertheless, even if you didn´t notice, V came back

° you were still in the shower, singing nonstop and very loud

° of Course he heard

° “MC, are you in there?”    

° no answer

° “MC, can you hear me!?”

° he screamed, and it suprised you to the Point you fell and landed right on your butt

° gotta love the booty XD

° “V, you´re already back. Sorry if I was to loud.”

° you apologiced but it seemed he wasn´t angry this time

° “MC, I never knew you were such a brilliant singer. from know on, please sing to your hearts desire.”

° this was an offer you just couldn´t refuse

° the house became more lively after that, now filled with the Sound of your voice


° he was the Queen of grumpy cats

° so on his bad days nothing could satisfy his will

° you got him ice cream, it was the wrong brand

° you made him his favourite Food, unfortunately his diet started today

° you were sick of himbeing like this

° but deep down you knew he couldn´t be blamed for his mood

° to calm down, you went to take a Long shower

° it cleared your head and you felt at ease like this

° soon you started humming some old children-songs and before Long you started singing too

° you didn´t know why it were children-songs, they just popped into your mind

° you dried yourself off and went back to look what Saeran was doing

° when you tried to open the door there was a resistance, preventing you from stepping outside

° “ Saeran, why are you blocking the door?”

° “Keep singing.”

° woah, did he Sound less grumpy than before??

° “Eh.. sure, but could you let me out first?”

° he did and you had to spend the rest of your day singing Songs to Saeran

° a happy ending? maybe for him but not for your voice…

Again, I have to apologize for taking this long. I lost all my editing on the text 3 times already… I think I´m going to try it again later….because itá already 11PM 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

Anyway, I hope you liked it and it didn´t turn out that badly (*^▽^*)


Title: Crush

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3109

Warnings: It’s a bittersweet ending, language

Summary: the result of a witch encounter has you questioning everything

Challange: Katie’s 1000 Follower Challenge @casbabydontgoineedyou  “Uh, that’s my face.”

A/N: This is the first thing I’ve written and posted in over a year and it is my first supernatural post so feedback would definitely be appreciated! 


Hunting with the Winchesters was always an experience. You had run into them on a wendigo case two years ago and instantly connected with Sam. From then on, you always joined them whenever you could. 

This time was no different. You had picked up a simple werewolf case in Maine and were pleasantly surprised when you spotted Baby within seconds of entering the Riverside Mirror Motel. You eventually met up with them while interviewing the local sheriff and teamed up with them for the rest of the case. 

To the disgust of all three of you, Dean especially, the creature ended up being a witch that needed hearts for a complex spell. Compared to some of your other cases, the kill was a piece of cake. You and Sam snuck into her lair and cornered her, while Dean shot her. The only thing that worried you was the fact that she cast a spell before he got the shot in. While it seemed to have no effect, none of you were amateurs and knew it would come back to haunt you, possibly literally. Choosing not to dwell on it for the night, you all went back to the motel and passed out almost instantly, the worry canceling the adrenaline.

~~~~~~~~~~~~The Next Day~~~~~~~~~~~~~

You groaned as the light shining through the window woke you up.  You opened your eyes half way, silently cursing yourself for leaving the curtains open, before looking around the rest of the room. 

You yelped and shot out of bed, almost falling because you were unbalanced, when you saw Sam in the bed next to you. Your heartbeat raced as you specifically remember getting your own room and you know you fell asleep in said room. 

Because of your scream, Sam jolted awake, prepared to fight off whatever you were screaming at. When all he saw was your face, his face fell into one of confusion. “Dean, what the hell, man?”

Now it was your turn to be confused, “Dean? Who you calling-” as you stepped closer to Sam’s bed, you realized you had extra weight you weren’t used to and looked down to see a body that was definitely not yours. Instead of your usual sleepwear of a light blue V-neck and gray shorts, you saw a familiar black fitted tee and jeans covering the bow legs that you knew so well. 

It wasn’t until you looked up, worry and misunderstanding evident on your face, that Sam realized you weren’t joking around and began to worry himself and carefully inquired, “Dean, what’s wrong?" 

"I’m not Dean! That’s what’s wrong! It’s me, Sam, (Y/N)!” Your voice got higher as panic stirred in the pit of your stomach, “This must’ve been what the witch did! We fricking bodyswapped!" 

"Okay, (Y/N), calm down. Nothing’s gonna get solved if you’re passed out because of a panic attack. We’ll just wait for Dean to wake up and then we’ll try and figure this out, sound good?” Sam’s face was one of sympathy and care which caused you to scowl. He was treating you like he would a victim, he saw this as a damn case. 

Before you could curse him out, there was a loud, angry knock on the old motel door followed by your voice speaking through the door, “Sam? (Y/N)? We got a situation, let me in." 

While Sam went to let Dean in, the thought finally occurred that since you’re in Dean’s body, Dean would be in yours. You were about to see your own body, not in a mirror, and there was no way to prepare yourself for that. It was because of your, admittedly, slow, thought process that when Dean was finally let into the room, the only words that came out of your (Dean’s?) mouth were, ”Uh, that’s my face.“ 

Dean expertly utilized your facial features for the perfect bitch-face (only Sam could have rivaled that). "No shit, really? Wow, (Y/N), you’re slipping,” Dean with humor laced in his (your?) voice, his fist resting against his hip. 

You rolled your eyes before barking back, “Shut up, asshole, we gotta figure this out." 

Dean and you have always had a weird relationship. You spent most of your time barking half-hearted insults at each other. It always toys with your head because you’ve always crushed on the older Winchester.  It was mainly the reason you got along better with Sam in the first place; being around Dean you were relatively shy and kept to yourself because you were afraid he wouldn’t like the real you. 

"Alright, Sam, you got any ideas? I mean, you’ve been hit with something like this before, so,” Dean spoke while he looked at his brother in hope. That slowly depleted when Sam shook his head and sighed. 

“No, I got nothing. See, when I switched, it was with the witch. This… well, this is something completely different.” Sam’s eyes moved rapidly as he tried to find some solution to the problem. 

Dean gave a depressed sign before speaking, “Well, do you, at least, remember the incantation she said? I didn’t catch the whole thing.”

“Uh yeah I got it here,” Sam stated as he sat down on the bed and opened his laptop. He pulled up a word document with some possible translations under some of the words. “I started searching last night to try and prepare for what we might’ve been hit with. Now that we know the effects of the spell it’ll be easier to translate. I thought it was Latin at first but now I’m not sure. This is something that I’ve never seen before." 

"Of course, it is,” you said as you sat down slanted in the chair and put your head in hands. “When are our lives ever easy?" 

Dean sighed and nodded before speaking, "Well, while you do your precious research, I’m gonna go back to the lair and see if I can’t find any clues to a reversal spell.” He grabbed the keys to his precious Baby off the table and disappeared out the door. 

You turned to sit facing Sam and slammed both hands on the table. “Ok so while you guys are doing that, how about I make something to eat, eh? I got priorities and food is one of them,” you say as you stand up, and head towards the kitchen behind you. “You want a salad or something?” You looked over your shoulder to see Sam shake his head, engrossed in whatever he was reading. You turned back to the fridge ready to waste another day on research. 


It was about four hours later that Dean finally came home with a pissed off face and an attitude to match. He slammed the door of the motel room on his way in, catching the attention of both you and Sam. He quickly took refuge on his (technically yours now) bed and groaned. “I got hit on by at least twelve guys in the bar down the road." 

You smiled at his words. "Well, now you know how it feels to be on the receiving end,” you smirk through your comment and cross your arms over your chest. You frown when you see Dean shake his head and sigh.  "Dean, this isn’t actually bothering you, is it?“ He looked up at you with a mix of confusion and something you couldn’t quite place. Annoyance? Anger? Possibly… jealousy? You shook your head, clearing your thoughts, before speaking again, "Dean that happens all the time! It’s nothing, really, just ignore them… I learned to a long time ago." 

"It’s just, I didn’t even begin to show interest in them. Couldn’t they take a hint? I’m not that bad, right?” It was obvious through his words that Dean was thoroughly pissed off. 

You thought for a second before responding, choosing your words carefully, “No, no, you’re not. Dean, are you okay?” You were confused by his behavior. 

He pushed off the bed before heading towards the bathroom. “No one should treat you like that — they shouldn’t treat anyone like that.” The door slammed behind him. 

You turned towards Sam, looking incredulous, “What the fuck was that all about?" 

Sam chuckled before speaking, "you know how he is, he hates crap like that. And it doesn’t help that it’s your body." 

Your eyebrows furrowed. "What do you mean? What do I have to do with this?” You sat down at the table as you spoke. 

Sam shot you an incredulous look as he began answering your inquiry, “you mean, you don’t know? (Y/N), he’s been pining after you for months. He actually cares for you, (Y/N), you know, more than he should." 

Dean Winchester pining after you? You couldn’t believe your ears. The man you’d been crushing on for months felt the same way? 

Your eyes shifted to everything and yet, you saw nothing. All you could think about were Sam’s words. Suddenly the room was too small and Sam, sitting at the table a good distance away from you, was too close. You felt trapped and so you quickly picked up the keys to your car before mumbling out a goodbye and ran to your Firebird, your haven. You had no destination in mind but you needed to drive, needed to be one with the road, it was your therapy. 


The sky was a dark blue by the time you returned. You had ended up just stopping on the side of the road for a while before choosing to turn back. Your mind was still jumbled with the knowledge that Dean, the Dean you’d been crushing on for at least a year, felt the same way. However, you weren’t an idiot and knew that with the life the two of you led, he’d been stubborn to ever act on it. You were at a loss on what to do. Do you make the move, or should you just leave well enough alone? 

Sam was still sat at the table when you entered the boys’ room. He looked up from his laptop when he heard the door open. "Hey! Listen, I finally found the language the spell was in! I’m almost done translating so hopefully you’ll be back in your body in no place okay?” He smiled after finishing before changing the topic, “You ok, by the way? You looked pretty off when I left. Did you really not know about Dean?” Upon mention of his name, Sam nodded toward the lump that was currently in one of the beds, asleep.  The sight of his preferred sleep position made you snicker. 

“Let me guess, ‘I’m sleeping till you figure this out. I want my body back and this day has been weird enough,” you mocked, still not used to the fact that the voice you used didn’t have to be altered to sound like Dean because it was Dean’s. You heard Sam chuckle and knew he was nodding. “And to answer your question, I’m okay. I just, I’ve had feelings for him for a while now and I couldn’t believe what you were telling me, I still don’t. And I hate that I found out now, of all moments. Not like I could kiss him or anything because I’d just end up kissing myself,” you laughed as you finished your statement.

You looked to Sam to realize he was looking at you with a thoughtful expression on his face. Sam nodded before replying, “Yeah. Hey, listen, I’m gonna check something at the local library so, if he wakes up, try to talk while I’m gone?" 

You nodded as you heard the shut close behind him. You sighed and chose to read until Sam got back, hopefully with something useful. 


Dean groaned lightly as he woke up from his nap. He blearily looked around his surroundings, still disoriented from his nap. Seeing himself (No, Dean, it’s (Y/N), you know that!) at the coffee table didn’t help clear his brain. 

"Where’s Sam?” Dean yawned before continuing, “He was here when I fell asleep and I’m guessing he still has jack since I’m still in your body.” He heard you giggle and saw the movement of a nod in his peripheral vision but you had yet to say a word. He turned to face your direction once more, “hey how ya feeling? I know you tend to reflex and build a wall when stuff like this happens." 

You smiled at his comment. He knows me. He’s got me all figured out, he probably knew I liked him this whole time so why didn’t he ever say anything? "Uh, Sam went to the library to see if he could have better luck there. As for how I feel, well,” c'mon (Y/N), get it together! “I’m a bit… conflicted.” You mentally slap yourself for your word choice. 

Dean chuckled and tilted his head, “oh 'conflicted’, huh? What about?" 

Maybe it was his tone, or maybe it was how much he knows you that you know he knows (he has to… right?), but you got pissed and began your rant, "Like you don’t know? Dean, I get it, okay? You know, you must know. Stop acting oblivious! It’s frustrating, I mean, even Sam knows, there’s no way you don’t know so can you just stop tormenting me?!” By now you stood up and your face has contorted into anger. Through your anger-glazed mind, you didn’t notice Dean extremely confused face. His lips were shaped into a slight 'o’ and his eyes were going back and forth, trying to process everything at the speed you were talking. He was failing and missed a couple sentences. “… so yes, I like you, okay?! Fuck, I mean, I hate it, but I do! There, I said it. I said it so just leave it alone, please?“ 

To say Dean was surprised would be a lie. She was right, he knew. He was never entirely sure, but it was painstakingly obvious. Hell, he’d be lying if he said he never felt anything for her as well, hell, he was kind of obsessed with her, but that was out of the question. The truth of the matter was that they were hunters, and hunters didn’t have the best track records for relationships. Before he knew it, (Y/N) was walking away and he stumbled to grab onto her arm before she closed in on herself, “Hey, (Y/N), listen, you’re right, I knew. But the only reason I didn’t say anything is because of how we live, (Y/N). I’m scared, I don’t wanna risk your life any more than I already do. Everyone I’m with gets hurt, I’ve kept quiet because I’m trying to save us both the hurt we both know will come.” Somehow, during his undeniably short speech, they’d come closer and he was now looking directly up at her (I really need my body back because, damn, I hate being short). She had tears pooling in her eyes, threatening to spill out. “I’d be lying if I tried to deny my feelings for you, (Y/N), but we both know this is gonna be more loss than gain.” Instead of speaking, she just nodded and looked away as a single tear slipped down the left side of her face. 

He reached up and wiped the tear, dragging her attention back to him. Their faces came closer (Dean had to stand on his toes) and their lips met in a hesitant kiss. It wasn’t magical, it wasn’t full of cheer; it was awkward and wrong. The lips were reversed, and dean could taste the dull taste of salt from the sole tear, and they both knew there wouldn’t be anything after that kiss, but all things considered, it was still a treasured memory for the two of them. 

It wasn’t until they were breaking apart that Dean realized his neck was leaning down instead of up, and he was looking down into (Y/E/C) eyes he knows very well. Similar looks of confusion fell upon the couple’s faces and they promptly drew apart, staring accusingly at each other. The two simultaneously let out an exasperated 'how’ at each other ready to freak out, but both were distracted with the sound of the lock of the motel door turning. 

Sam popped his head in, somewhat warily, “Dean?” The tall man grunted in response and Sam smiled. “I see you guys talked then." 

Dean and (Y/N) gave each other a look before turning back to Sam as if to say, "what did you do?” Instead of answering the obvious question of the others’ tongues, he opened his laptop and brought up a translated page. He pointed to the original text first: 

 Mo palaṣẹ fun awon ti ni ife lati siwopu ara fun ọjọ kan. Ti o ba ti won si tun fẹràn ara miiran ki o si fi ẹnu ki o to awọn ọjọ jẹ lori, ti won yoo siwopu lẹẹkansi. Ti o ba ti nwọn foju wọn inú, won yoo di ara wọn, lailai wa ni bi estatuas.

“It derives from Cuba. It’s an old spell, meant to draw to people together. The actual translation is 'I command those who love to swap for a day. If they still love each other and share a kiss before the day is over, they shall shift again. If they continue to ignore their love, they will become their own, ever to be like statues.’ Basically, you guys love each other but are too stubborn to admit it. I finished translating it about five minutes after Dean,” at this point, Sam nodded towards Dean, “fell asleep but I figured you guys need to work some of it out on your own.”

At this point, you and Dean shared a timid smile, still shaken from all that had happened in the past ten minutes. However, true to the Winchester way, you all decided to ignore the elephant in the room and had a couple beers while watching some show you never bothered to catch the name of before going to sleep. In the morning, you met with the boys to bid them farewell. It was then, that you shared a second kiss with the eldest Winchester, half against the Impala, but not quite. After, you saw them climb into the car and drive off seconds before you, too, took to the open road. You still cared about Dean, and you knew it would be a while before those feeling even began to fade, but you were okay. Just like Dean said, anything more would have just lead to pain so it felt right to walk away. Maybe the pain is why they call it a crush…


[Soulmate AU: If you dye your hair, your soulmate’s hair color changes as well. You dye your hair the most absurd color you can think of and the exchange goes back and forth until you meet each other.]

Word count: 1.843

Originally posted by mayfifolle

You really envied your family members. And all that started not too long ago.

The concept of soulmates was widely spread across the world. Almost everyone knew about it, and that maybe was because it wasn’t easy to miss. That being your hair color.

Your family was relatively big, having two brothers and three sisters. Most of them already found their soulmate by coincidence. Well, that wouldn’t be the same for you. That morning you woke up with nothing less than… pastel pink.

“Y/n, when did you dye your hair? I thought you ‘wanted to keep it natural’?” Your younger sister mocked you upon walking into your room. “I didn’t.” You replied, not very amused by her behaviour this early in the morning.

“It must have been her soulmate then.” You brother yelled from the living room. Your eyes widened immediately. You had never really thought about the idea of soulmates. You knew they existed and all, but… you somehow didn’t think this would happen to you.

“Yeah…” Was all you could mumble, slowly sitting back on your bed again. “Look at her, all being cute and flustered!” Your sister laughed at you, and fled the room when you threw a pillow at her face.

Somewhat, you were satisfied with this new look. It wasn’t that bad, after all, it was just pastel. “Wait a second… this brings me on an idea.” You smirked, putting on your shoes.

“Y/n? You’re leaving the house this early?” Everyone asked you, confused by the sudden behaviour. “I’ll be back soon!” You yelled to your family members and shut the door.

Not much later, you arrived at the store. “Let’s see…” You said out loud, totally absorbed in your thinking process. “Hello miss, can I maybe help you with something?” A nice lady asked you. “Actually, I think so, yes! Where do you keep the hair dye?” You asked her. “Follow me!” She said cheerful and walked in the direction of the hair products.

“If you ever need something else, just ask!” She said, and left to go organize some other products. You looked in front of you, and there were stalled a crazy amount of different colours. You searched through them all, hoping to find what you were looking for.

After having scanned numerous normal hair colours, you finally saw something. “Yes!” You let out a quiet cry of happiness, having found exactly what you wanted. “This is going to be fun.” You chuckled, and went to the register to pay.

That same evening, you were in your bathroom, ready to try your new hair dye. It wasn’t permanent, so it couldn’t hurt to try, right?

After showering and putting it in evenly, you stepped out of the shower to look at the result. When you saw your reflection, you grinned. “A vibrant mix of purple and blue, perfect. Let’s see what you think about this, soulmate.”

Much to your surprise, your hair colour didn’t change. “They must like it…” You mumbled, occupied with eating your breakfast. “Y/n, eat a bit faster, we  need to leave soon to-“

Your mom stopped mid-sentence. “What? Is there something on my face?” You questioned her. When you got no answer from her, you decided to walk to the mirror yourself. Upon arriving, you let out a shriek. “It’s green!” You yelled, not satisfied with this colour. At all.

“Ha, look at you! That’s what you get for teasing your soulmate!” You sister laughed at you. “Oh zip it.” You replied, not amused at all. “How do they manage to get my least favourite colour?” You mumbled, walking upstairs to your room.

“Is this a challenge?” You muttered to yourself. “If so, I gladly take it. Just you wait, dude.”

“Sanha! How much do I need to tell you? You can’t keep changing your hair colour, you need to keep it the same for this comeback, otherwise people will start suspecting things!” His manager started scolding me.

“Do you know what kind of consequences that may have?” He continued, not ready scolding me. “Hyung, listen! I didn’t dye it blue with purple!” I cried out, not wanting  to get yelled at if it wasn’t my fault to begin with. “Wait, what did you say there? You didn’t do this?” He asked, a bit confused? “Yeah…” I mumbled, looking down at my feet. “Meeting in studio three!” He suddenly yelled through the building.

Not much later, all of the band was gathered in the studio room. “So, what is this urgent matter you wanted to talk about, manager?” Jinjin asked. “Well, it is considering Sanha’s hair colour.” He said. I had absolutely no idea what he might be talking about, but the other boys acted like I had been shot.

“Can that possibly mean that…” Eunwoo started, not able to finish his sentence. “Yes, I do believe he has connected to his soulmate.”

Wait, what now? Now it was my time to be confused. “M-my soulmate?” Was all I could utter. “Yeah, you don’t know? When people are of a certain age, they get tied to their soulmate by hair colour. But, it is fairly early for you. Most people get connected in their thirties or even later.” Jinjin started explaining.

So that’s why they acted like that… I looked at their faces once more, and there was even more shock to see on their faces. “What is it now? Is there still something I need to know?” I asked, a bit irritated of being left in the dark.

“Maybe you should take a look in the mirror, Sanha…” Moonbin said, not able to tear his eyes off of my hair.

“It changed again?” I asked nobody in particular as I got up. I arrived in front of the mirror and… let’s just say I was prepared to see a change, but not this. “What?!” I screamed, seeing my hair was now… neon blue.

“Heh, that will get you.” You chuckled, sure he couldn’t be satisfied with this kind of colour. You just dyed your hair neon blue, which seemed like a bad idea, but upon seeing it, you figured that it wasn’t really that bad at all.

You walked back to the kitchen, doing the dishes as your mother requested. “Y/n… I think you might want to see this.” A voice sounded from upstairs. “Is it that important? I’m doing the dishes right now.” You replied, wanting to finish the task at hand first.

“I mean it.” A voice you recognized as your youngest brother said. “It better not be one of those bands again. I like their music but I’m not a fan, you know that.” You rambled while walking up the stairs. The dishes would need to be finished later on.

“Well, about who is the tea hot today?” You asked, seeing him clutched to his laptop. “Astro. More specifically, their youngest member.” “Isn’t Astro that band with six members? What’s his name again… Sanha?” You asked, unsure because he had shown you at least twenty bands the past week.

“Yeah, you’re right. They just uploaded a new music video and well… see for yourself.”  Was all he said to you. “Way to be clear, dude.” You deadpanned.

Taking the laptop from his grip, you clicked on play and listened to the music. “Hm, it doesn’t sound bad. But why do I need to watch this? What’s so important about this band-“

There you saw it. The screen flipped from Moonbin to the maknae, Sanha. And you were sure to be shocked when you saw that he had… neon blue hair, just like you. Immediately clicking pause again, you stood up, ready to do the dishes again.

“It can’t be. Their managers probably said he needed that hair colour, that isn’t that unusual.” You tried to convince yourself. “But look at this.” Your brother continued. He quickly typed something and turned the screen again.

This time, it were several pictures of Sanha. First with pastel pink, after that a purple and blue mix and lastly green. Just like you had.

“I believe… Sanha is your soulmate.” He said after he had taken in your expression. Honestly, you didn’t quite know what to feel. Happy because you finally found your soulmate? Afraid because of what would happen, with him being an idol?

“Relax, it’s going to be fine. They’re having a concert tomorrow, and I got two tickets, but my friend can’t go anymore. Do you want to join me?”

You needed to sit down at those words. Sure, finding who your soulmate was is all fun and all that, but things were moving a little fast. If you were lucky, you could meet your soulmate tomorrow?!

“Sure, I’ll go with you. But, only if you promise to never leave my side.” You stuttered, feeling a bit afraid after this sudden news. Your brother complied directly, nodding his head like it was about to fall off.

And finally, the evening of the concert had come. “Are you ready to go?” Your brother asked you, already outside, waiting for you to move. You just nodded and started putting on your shoes. Somehow, every word you wanted to say was stuck in your throat. ‘Must be the nervousness’ you told yourself.

Arriving at the venue no less than ten minutes later, you both joined in the line. It wasn’t long after until you were finally inside. “Can you claim my seat too? I have to go to the toilet real quick thanks!” You rambled and jogged off.

“I’m way too nervous for this.” You breathed out when there were no people in sight anymore.

“No way.”

Where did that voice come from? You turned around and you were met by… a neon blue haired Sanha. “Are you kidding me?” You said, not believing this was really happening now.

“Sanha! Where are you! We have to go on stage in five minutes get your ass over here! It’s no damn time for last minute toilet visits!” An angry voice could be heard. “Here, take this. I have to run.” He said, handing you a small piece of paper.

He ran off to the direction he came from. “And just when I saw him…” You muttered, opening the piece of paper in your hands.

“Meet me backstage after the concert. They will let you in, I’m sure. You can’t miss this beautiful colour after all :)”

What a cutie. You ran back to your assigned seat next to your brother. “Where were you? I thought you just went to the toilet but you were gone for fifteen minutes!” He started to scold you. “Calm down, nothing happened. Well, actually, something did happen. Read this.” You instructed, handing him the small paper you got from Sanha.

His eyes got wider immediately when he got what was happening. “So, you’re finally meeting your soulmate?” He questioned enthusiastically. You nodded in reply, too happy to give a better answer.

You couldn’t be happier that you needed to visit the toilet that night.

Baked With Love

Sebaciel- AU. Based on this prompt by @stardust-fortress

I’m tagging @lovemyciel thanks for the cheerleading, this wouldn’t have been done this fast without you <3  & @valmona because both were waiting for this.

Summary:  Because the sweetest desserts are made with love, Sebastian decided to bake his own wedding cake. This is the story of how he met his future husband.

Word count: 2550 words. 

No warnings this is self-indulgent fluffy fluff. Unbeta-ed.

Read it on AO3 or under the cut.

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kagemushakosuke  asked:

*shifty eyes* 7, Ivan saying it this time (as compared to Al who seems to keep saying that line a lot)? (Humanverse please!) Idk if you're still taking this though. *shot*

Well, that’s because Ivan is my favorite and so gets the brunt of my love for faves being broken and having to put the pieces back together :) And oh yeah, I’m still doing it! I have three left after this to fulfill!

7: “I almost lost you.”

Featuring Deaf!Alfred, hearing!Ivan.


A persistent weight across his body was the first thing Alfred was aware of. Slowly, as thought of care and concern returned to his fogged mind, Alfred began to realize the pressure was uncomfortable, unrelenting, threatening to suffocate him-



He was alright.

His sensitive nerves were aware of the presence against his skin, a lighter presence, noninvasive, meant to comfort, to warm, to conceal him from the world and all its hurts. A blanket. Yes, it was a blanket. And that pressure, now blessedly subsiding, was simply the ache of his own body. But from what?

A flash and several loud bangs. Screams. But why did he ache?

Desperate violet eyes looking on in horror. Matching his own petrified sapphire. But not petrified for long. Because until he knew his loved one was safe, Alfred couldn’t stop moving, he had to act until his dying breath.

But God, it felt like every breath could be his dying breath. A groan escaped him as Alfred made the mistake of trying to move, every atom of his being screaming in protest. Movement around him. A large, freezing hand clutching his own in a shaky grasp.

The blurred image of Ivan Braginsky swam into his vision. His glasses gone, Alfred could see enough to distinguish the pallid look to Ivan’s face, the mingling relief and distress creasing his brown, sending shudders through his bones.

Still feeling as if he were wading through a dense fog capable of gripping him and dragging him down, Alfred managed a shaky smile. Ivan, above him, looked too captivated by the sight of his loved one finally awake to do much else. However, never breaking eye contact with Alfred, he raised a shaking hand, middle and ring finger pressed to his palm, thumb, index, and fifth finger extended.

I love you.

You too, Alfred mouthed without a sound. He wanted to sign it, but even suggesting to his arm that it should move sent a leaden pain down the limb.

At last, Ivan returned the smile, still looking ashen and frightened. Still jittery, he began signing to Alfred. I am so glad you are okay. You pushed me out of the way, you should not have done that, Alfred.

At this, Alfred had to cut in. I couldn’t just let you get hurt. His arms felt too heavy to move with particular vehemence, but facial expressions provided all the tone signing needed.

This did not assuage Ivan’s worry. Unlike Alfred, he was in perfect condition to sign angrily, and though the sound of his skin slapping against itself went unheard to Alfred, it was easy to tell just how upset Ivan was. I almost lost you! Alfred, you were touch and go for so long, and you are still in ICU. Ivan fingerspelled the letters again. I. C. U. Do you understand? You are stable but still in critical care. And I-

Ivan doubled over, lowering his hands to hug himself. Alfred watched with an aching heart as Ivan’s shoulders rose and fell in a quavering breath. And I had to wait and wait, and even now the doctors will make me leave soon and I will have to wait and wait again while you are alone, and I cannot-

Face twisting in pain, Alfred raised his hands to get Ivan’s attention. Taking sharp, shallow breaths, Alfred replied simply, Come here. He opened his arms. Ivan hesitated, looking warily at the needles and bandages covering Alfred. When Alfred remained steadfast, Ivan drew close, sinking gratefully but gratefully into Alfred’s comforting embrace. This was wrong, Ivan thought bitterly, even as he melted against Alfred’s fragile frame. This was wrong…he ought to be the one comforting Alfred, not the other way around…

Alfred petted Ivan’s hair, even hospitalized always looking for an excuse to caress the locks he loved so much. He pointed at the both of them, then around the room, and fingerspelled O. K. O. K. Everything was okay, everything was fine.

Ivan gave a tremulous nod before sinking back against Alfred, relishing in the feel of Alfred here, breathing, warm, all beating heart and pumping veins. He only detached at the sound of a nurse approaching, informing him that he would have to go for a bit, Alfred needed rest. Ivan gave a small nod, drinking in one last prolonged look at Alfred, interpreting what the nurse had said, and promising he would be back as soon as he could. They exchanged a surreptitious sign of I love you and smiles impossible to hide, before Ivan excused himself. Alfred sat back, feeling tired, aching, and still weighed down. The room around him had spun a few times during Ivan’s brief visit, darkening occasionally, sometimes brightening. Grimacing, he made himself sit up in bed. The sooner he got himself back up to full health, the sooner he could go home with Ivan.

As he fought the dizziness and a few waves of nausea, Alfred watched as his doctor gathered coworkers into the hall. For anyone else, it might have been difficult to figure out what was being said, but Alfred had learned early on how to read lips with high proficiency.

Everyone was stony faced.

The test results came back. Mr. Jones will likely not make it through the night. The damage is too severe, even with every available option, his body is falling apart before we can heal it all. Any more work will likely cause further damage. We’ll need to alert…

Alfred had stopped looking, eyes staring ahead in mounting horror.



But Ivan…he had told Ivan…

Alfred did not hear his own broken cries as he tried to get someone’s attention. He did not feel the mounting ache in his arms as he furiously signed to the swarm of nurses that they needed to find Ivan and bring him back, that they needed to help him, help Ivan, help them both, please, won’t someone understand, just find him, find Ivan…

Alfred did not hear the quickening tempo of his heart monitor as the strain of his desperate pleas took a toll on his body. He did not hear or see the flatline correspond with his exhausted collapse atop the bed with doctors and nurses working frantically, knowing it was in vain.

Ivan left Room 303 with Alfred in it. Ivan entered Room 303 without Alfred in it.


Dancing with the Linebacker - Chapter 12

Rated: M (swearing - yup, that’s it)
A lot of dialogue and stuff

Previous Chapters Here

Their Paso Doble suffered for the time they lost during the week, but Kristoff still managed to do it well enough that he earned them four nines.  It wasn’t what they had wanted of course, but they were both extremely happy with the results.

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Request: Hi! I love you’re scenarios they are my FAVEs, keep doing what you’re doing 💘 also please could I request a scenario where Chanyeol’s gf gets scared because they go out and they’re loads of fans around but he calms her down, thank you 💕💖

Word Count: 3023

*Agoraphobia-  An abnormal fear of being in crowds, public places, or open areas.*

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the Locker Room

Prompt: Liam and the reader are enemies but later start liking each other

Warnings: well, Liam and the reader don’t really like each other at first so some harsh words are exchanged. But then they make out in the girls’ locker room which is kinda awkward because I didn’t really know how to write it so yeah

Being one of the only girls on the lacrosse team had its perks. For example, boys. Practices were like heaven, watching their muscles flex as they ran and just exercised in general. Of course, after practice, they stunk to high heaven and I didn’t want them to come anywhere near me, but that was beside the point.

           The second perk was Kira. I met her on the day of tryouts, and she quickly became my best friend. Her love for Marvel and my love for action had us constantly throwing movie marathons which turned into sleepovers when we saw how late at night it was.

           All the attention was definitely the third perk. I mean, Kira and I were the talk of the school. The team was completely male dominated, but our small estrogen edition seemed to draw a crowd of feminists and guys who just wanted to look at a chick playing rough. Coach was happy about that; there was a bigger turn-out at the games, and the school newspaper frequently printed segments advertising us.

           It was great. Really, I loved it. But… all of the good things could be sucked away as soon as Liam Dunbar and I made eye contact.

           In my opinion, he was beyond stupid. Dunbar was always very competitive with me- I guessed that it was because we were the only freshmen on the team because he seemed alright with Kira, so it couldn’t be that I was a girl. He threw temper tantrums a lot, which always resulted in Scott, Kira’s boyfriend, and Stiles, Kira’s… weird… friend, rushing him off into the locker room. Coach used to yell at them when they did that, but eventually he got tired and just rolled his eyes.

           That made me angry. Why the hell was Dunbar so special? Why was he allowed to be escorted off the field by his junior fairy-godmothers? It just wasn’t fair.

           The Friday that I finally lost it was the one that followed our first loss of the season. Last night, in the middle of the game, Dunbar decided that he wasn’t going to pass me the freaking ball liked we had practiced. That pissed me off. He ended up scoring, but I was too mad to care. When I got the ball, I acted like I didn’t see him waiting for me to pass it to him. I scored. The crowd cheered. I basked in the glory until a rough shove to my shoulder jerked me out of the happy haze.

           It was Dunbar, and he wasn’t happy. Through his mask, he spit, “What the hell? Why didn’t you pass to me?”

           I laughed. “Just returning the favor, thickhead. You didn’t pass to me either. And I scored anyway, so I don’t know why you’re getting your tighty-whiteys in a wad.”

           “You’re kidding me, right?” He stepped closer; our masks were pressed together as he shouted. “You’re acting like a child. We’re in the middle of the game.”

           Scoffing, I shoved his chest. “You’re the one who’s acting like a child, Dunbar. Now get out of my face before I make you.”

           He let out a sharp snort of derision. “I’d just love to see you try.”

           Hands were pulling us apart suddenly. Kira had her arms around my shoulders while Scott and Stiles held onto Dunbar’s arms. Coach and the referee were sprinting over to us. Faintly, I could hear Scott muttering, “Hey, Liam, you got this. Stay in control. Breathe.”

           Stiles was chanting as well, although I wouldn’t exactly define his words as ones of encouragement. “You freaking idiot, chill out! You’re going to shift in front of all these people! Because of a girl? You’re kidding me, right? We have a game to play.”

           Kira spun me around. “Y/N, what- are you okay?” Her dark eyes looked me over anxiously.

           “Oh, I’m fine.” Then I raised my voice, knowing he could hear. “Dunbar is just pitching a bitch fit like he’s five and making everything about him again. Nothing new.”

           “What?” Dunbar snarled- I mean, he actually snarled. “You’re the one who’s not following the plays. You won’t pass to me because of your silly little grudge.”

           I was screaming. “You didn’t pass to me first! So how dare you get mad when I do the same?”

           “Are you-” He lurched against Stiles and Scott’s tight hold. “I didn’t see you!”

           “That’s bull and you know it, Dunbar!” I shrieked. “You looked me dead in the eyes and then kept running. You just wanted to compensate with a big win for something smaller, am I right?”

           To make a long story short, by the time Coach got over to us, we were both cussing, so he benched us. “I can’t believe you two.” He angrily shoved his clipboard under his arm. “Okay, yeah, Dunbar, kind of expected it because of your record- no hard feelings- but Y/N? Really? You’re going to try and fight him?”

           I raised an eyebrow. “Are you insinuating that I couldn’t take him out? Because I could, if you’d like a demonstration.”

           Dunbar laughed coldly. “I would love to see that happen.”

           Whirling on him, I pushed his shoulder. “Do you want to go Dunbar?”

           Coach stuck his arm in between our faces, which were so close that our noses were almost touching. “That is enough!” He roared. “Tomorrow night’s practice, you both are staying after. You’re going to help me clean the gear. And… and… you both better be here Saturday morning. I think a little PT is in order. It’ll be a bonding experience. Might make you like each other.” At the dirty looks Dunbar and I exchanged, Coach back-tracked. “Or maybe it’ll just make you hate each other all the more. Well, my advice to you is- bottle it up and use it on the field. But not against each other for crying out loud!”

           Then we lost the game because Scott and Stiles were benched for some illegal hits- I had a sneaking suspicion that they did it on purpose- and towed Dunbar off to the locker rooms, leaving our team without its captain and some of its best players.

           So yeah, that was mainly the reason why my Friday sucked. I knew I was going to have to stay after. Kira was more understanding than my parents. They chewed me out. She only promised that we could reschedule the Iron Man marathon.

           “Seriously, it’s no big deal.” Kira assured me as I thanked her, slipping my Nikes on. “I just wish you and Liam could get along.”

           I hit my head on the bench when I jerked upwards so fast, quickly brushing off her concerned hands. “Me and Dunbar? Get along? I happen to be a big fan of our relationship. I hate him and he hates me. It’s perfect.”

           Kira pursed her lips as she shimmed into her shorts. “That’s nice, but… do you really hate him?”

           “Well…” I thought it over. Kira was my best friend; I told her everything. I figured this was no different. It wasn’t like she was going to go squealing to anyone. “I mean, yeah, he pisses me off a lot, but… sometimes he’s funny. And he’s definitely not ugly. But you didn’t hear that from me, got it?”

           Hesitantly, Kira nodded. “Okay, but… I mean, no offense, but I think it would make the team more of a team if you tried to focus on those things instead of how angry he makes you and maybe attempted to get along. Plus, it would be nice not having to stop him from ripping your throat out.”

           “Hey!” I settled my hands on my hips. “I am more than capable of ripping Dunbar’s throat out if the time comes.”

           “Please,” I jumped, spinning around to see Coach standing in the doorway with his eyes covered. “Just stop, Y/L/N. I don’t want to give up my Sunday for you, too. Just put some clothes on and get out on the field.”

           I pretended to think about it. “I don’t know, Coach, I kinda like this look.” I gestured to my shorts and sports-bra. “It makes me feel much freer.”

           “That only makes me worry. Thank you for making my gray hairs grow faster.” He said sarcastically, shifting his weight while still keeping his eyes covered. “Now get on the field!” Coach left then, shaking his head and muttering something about ‘teenage girls are weird.’

           Kira giggled. When I looked at her and asked, “What?” she only shook her head and tossed me my shirt. I slipped it over my head, and we jogged out.

           Everyone was waiting for us, it seemed. Scott came over with a smile on his face, Stiles and Liam trailing him like always. “Hey guys.” He greeted, nodding to me and pecking Kira’s cheek.

           “Hello.” Stiles said awkwardly, scratching his head under his helmet. I guessed he was playing goalie today.

           “Look who finally decided to grace us with her presence.” Liam muttered. I smirked and flipped my ponytail over my shoulder, retailing with, “You don’t have to thank me. Just know you’re welcome.” Liam was about to get his revenge when Coach blew sharply on his whistle and told us to take a few laps.

           Kira, Stiles, and I all jogged at the same pace while Liam and Scott ran up ahead. “So, Kira, did it work?” Stiles panted.

           “Did what work?” I asked.

           “Oh,” Stiles faltered. “Maybe it was a bad idea to ask with you right there.”

           “Maybe you should tell me what the hell you’re talking about, Stilinski.”

           “Alright!  Hey, no need to bust out the last names. We’re cool; we’re good here.”

           Kira rolled her eyes. “He’s talking about the talk we had in the locker room. About Liam. And maybe you and him working out your differences.”

           My mouth dropped open. “You put her up to that?” I almost screamed. I knew people were looking, but I didn’t care.

           Stiles gestured for me to quiet down. “No need to raise your voice, little one! We had the same talk with Liam in the guys’ locker room.”

           Bitterly, I asked, “Well? What? Same results?”

           Raising his eyebrows, he looked over at Kira. “Depends on what you said, Y/N.”

           Gasping, I smacked Kira’s arm. “Don’t you even think about selling me out!” I warned. She gave me a cool look before suggesting, “Well, then, maybe you should tell Stiles what you said. It’s you or me.”

           “I don’t want to tell Stiles!” I whined. “He’s just going to blab to Scott who will blab to Dunbar.”

           “Nonsense!” Stiles protested. “I am a trustworthy guy. I won’t tell Scott; I’ll tell Lydia. Who will probably tell Liam directly.”

           It was my turn to roll my eyes. “Whatever. I’m done with this conversation. Kira, if you know what’s good for you, you won’t tell him crap.” Then I took off at full speed, shooting past and weaving through groups of guys. Being the smallest person on the team had its advantage- I was the fastest. Another thing that pissed Dunbar off about me.

           Because I could, as I sprinted past Scott and Dunbar, I shouted, “On your left!”

           “Go to hell!”  Dunbar yelled. I just laughed, “See you there, babe!”

           This went on for the next three laps: I would pass Dunbar, say something to him that would piss him off, and then zip on right ahead of him. On the fifth and final lap, when I came up behind him, I made a very dumb, split-second decision. I smacked Dunbar right on the ass before sprinting as fast and hard as I could.

           “That’s it.” I heard him growl.  Scott warned, “No, Liam, don’t-” But I guessed he didn’t listen. I didn’t bother looking back; I was almost at the stopping point. My lungs and legs burned, and the back of neck was sticky with sweat.

           Something hit my back, and then I was rolling. People started yelling, but I couldn’t really make out what they were saying over the blood rushing through my ears.

           Dunbar glared down at me, and I fixed him with a fiery stare. “What the hell is your problem?” I screeched in his face, trying to worm my way out from underneath his body. His hands tightened around my wrists, pinning them to the ground beside me.

           “You’re my problem!” He barked. Breathing heavily, I brought my legs up to the point my feet touched my butt. Using my hips, I thrust upwards and to the side, dumping him off of me. The move obviously took him by surprise.

           I was just about to start wailing on him when someone picked me up around the waist and hauled me over his shoulder. I recognized those damn shoes. “Stiles!” I pounded on his back. “Put me down!”

           Stiles shook me slightly. “Um, no? Why would I do that? You guys are trying to kill each other! Again!

           “Stiles!” I thrashed against him, but nothing seemed to faze him. Suddenly tired, I let my arms hang limply, stretching towards the ground. Through Stiles’s legs, I could see Scott chewing Liam out. Kira came to his side, speaking quietly in Scott’s ear. I had a hard time hearing what they were saying because everyone was running over and yelling.

           Coach somehow overpowered them all. “Separate them! Stilinski, take Y/L/N over there! This has got to stop! McCall, you’re- taking Dunbar to the showers again. Fine. Whatever. Everyone, settle down! Take another lap to get all of that excitement out of your system.”

           Grunting, Stiles set me down. I watched Scott disappear into the school with Dunbar and Kira. I looked at Stiles, and then back at the doors. Stiles seemed to catch on. “No no no no no. Y/N, don’t you dare-”

           It was too late. I sprinted for the doors, ignoring Coach’s yells and Stiles’s promised shouts, “I’ll get her Coach! I’ve got her! You just go back to… coaching…”

           I knew that Stiles was sprinting after me- and that skinny bastard could move when he wanted to- so I pushed myself, throwing the door open and running as fast as I could for the boys’ locker room. As I pounded through the entry way, I could see shadows in the corner, and water running. Was the shower on?

           I skidded to a stop, peeking my head around the corner.

           Dunbar was puffing under a constant stream of water, back against the wall, eyes closed. Scott was squatting beside him; Kira was standing on his other side. “This has got to stop, dude.” Scott clapped him on the shoulder. “You’re putting her in danger.”

           “Don’t you think I know that?” His eyes flashed open, a furious golden tint to them. “But she’s just so… and I can’t… and it pisses me off!” Dunbar slammed his fist into the tile, completely shattering it. Bits and pieces shot up, scattering all around him. “It’s like I can’t control myself around her! I get so angry because I can’t…” His voice caught in his throat. He shook his head. “And then I do something stupid…”

           Kira stroked his hair, pushing it off his forehead. “We know, Liam. Calm down. We’re going to figure something out.”

           “You guys keep saying that.” He closed his eyes again. In that moment, I found him… very nice looking. His gray shirt was soaked, clinging to his toned chest. Droplets slid down his neck; his hair looked darker, messy. His full lips were pink and inviting.

           “Because it’s true!” Kira insisted.

           Scott sighed. “Did you talk to her?” His mocha eyes were wide and earnest.

           Tentatively, Kira nodded. “Yes… but she didn’t want me to tell you.” When Scott gave her a look, she threw her hands up. “Hey, she is my best friend!”  

           I didn’t realize that Stiles had caught up until he announced, “Yeah, your best friend that part-times as a peeping tom!”


So I got caught. Dunbar was pissed, Kira was pissed, Scott was pissed, Stiles was pissed, Coach was pissed… everyone was ticked off.

           “I don’t know what the hell you were thinking,” Coach was beet red as he ranted in my face, “but that was the stupidest thing I had ever seen. And I’ve seen a lot, thanks to Greenberg.”

           Yawning, I watched the other players pick up their stuff and head to the locker rooms. “Coach, I’m pretty much immune to scolding. I’ve been bitched out three times today now. You might as well save your breath because I’m just tuning you out.”

           Coach sputtered.

           “Not trying to be disrespectful.” I tacked on at the end, hoping it wasn’t too late.

           “Well that was a nice save.” Coach waved his clipboard behind him. “Go ahead and meet Dunbar in the weight room. I left the equipment and cleaning supplies in there. I’ll be in my office. And if you two decide to fight, I won’t break it up. I’ll let you kill each other. I’m getting too old for this.” With that, Coach stalked back into the building.  


The weight room was exactly what it sounded like- it was a square building with one room that was filled with weights. There wasn’t any air-conditioning, and it always smelled like butt.

           Dunbar was already seated on the side of a treadmill, furiously wiping the inside of a helmet. “Nice of you to show up.” He snickered.

           “Yeah, well, I was getting my ass chewed. Does that make you feel any better?”

           “Loads.” He threw the can of Clorox wipes at me. “I’ve already started on the helmets. You wanna do the pads?”

           “If you lace up the sticks.” I consented. With an eye roll, he nodded. We worked in silence for the longest time, cleaning and fixing the gear. It was a bit of a surprise to me. Why weren’t we bickering? How come he was so quiet? What was he thinking about?

           Coach poked his head in. “It’s too quiet.” Dunbar and I just looked at each other. “I don’t believe this. It’s too weird. A little bit of yelling never hurt anybody.”

           Once he had left, Dunbar turned to me. “How much did you hear earlier?” He looked at me with his intense blue eyes. “Back in the locker room, I mean.”

           I mulled over my options. I could either lie or tell the truth. I figured that the truth would piss him off the most, so that’s what I told him. “You were talking about how angry I make you. Scott said that you were putting me in danger, and then you said that you couldn’t do something, and that it made you lose control. It made you really angry.”

           Dunbar ran his hand over his face. “Why did you even come in there, Y/N?” He sounded tired. Not upset in the slightest. Damn.

           I shrugged. “I don’t know. I was mad after you tackled me, and wanted to see why you always escape to the locker room with Scott.”

           He let out a puff of air, laying back across the treadmill. His shirt lifted a tad to reveal his stomach. “Okay, well, don’t do it again, alright?” I didn’t say anything. Dunbar laid there for a little while longer. Then he sat up abruptly. “You done with yours?”

           Nodding, I set the last elbow pad down. “Just finished.”

           He held open one of the bags and I began to stuff equipment inside. Once we had finished with that, we stowed everything away in the storage closet, and went to tell Coach that we were done.

           “Oh, you’re still alive.” He looked us over briefly before returning to whatever he was working on. “Go change out of your clothes; you both smell. Be here tomorrow at seven thirty. You’re going to be trying out some of these military workouts I found on YouTube the other day. I suggest eating a light breakfast.”

           Dreading tomorrow, Dunbar and I went our separate ways. The janitor was mopping up the girls’ locker room when I walked inside. “Hi.” I greeted softly. She just nodded and stepped out.

           I had just slipped into my clothes- thankfully- when the door swung open. In the threshold was a red-cheeked Dunbar, gripping his change of clothes with a sour expression.

           “Um, what do you think you’re doing?” I asked. “This is the girls’ locker room.”

           “The boys’ locker room is closed. Coach just left and the janitor locked up.”

           “Really?” I crossed my arms. “How did you get your clothes then?”

           “I left them sitting out. The janitor was putting them in the lost and found when I caught up to her.”

           “Okay. Why can’t you change in the bathroom?”

           “Because they’re all locked.”

           “Just drive home in your gym clothes. It won’t kill you, I promise.”

           “No. I’m changing now.” Dunbar threw his clothes on the bench and yanked off his shirt. I quickly averted my gaze, focusing on tying my shoes.

           Alright, I couldn’t help it. I kept sneaking peeks at him, watching his arms flex as he moved, back rippling, veins standing out along his arms and hands. It was confusing. He made me so angry, but at the same time…

           “What are you looking at?” I snapped out of it instantly, blinking. Dunbar had his shirt and jeans on now. “Do you like me or something?” He teased, shifting his weight on his sock-covered feet.

           I blanched. “Oh no, sweetheart. Don’t flatter yourself. Besides, I think you like me.” I smirked, feeling quite accomplished.

           “No, I’m pretty sure that you like me.” Dunbar sneered. “Maybe that’s why you like to push my buttons so much.”

           “You definitely like me.” I stood up, edging my way towards him. “Did you like having me under you earlier?”

           Dunbar stepped up to the plate; we were almost chest to chest. “Not as much as you did. ‘Cause you like me. I drive you crazy. Your heart beats faster whenever I’m around, and you don’t even realize it.”

           I put a finger on his chest to accentuate my point. “You like me, and it pisses you off because you think that you can’t have me.”

           He shook his head. “I don’t think; I know.” He looked at the ground between us. “It wouldn’t be safe for you.”

           “What, because you’ve got an I.E.D.? That’s stupid.” I cocked my head to the side as my voice took on a much softer quality. “Liam…”

           His blue eyes met mine. “You’ve never called me that before.” He whispered.

           I wrinkled my nose. “What?”

           “You’ve never called me ‘Liam’ before. I’m always ‘Dunbar’.”

           “Oh,” I watched him chew on his lip. “I never noticed that.”

           “Yeah, well, I always do.”

           We didn’t say anything for what felt like the longest time. My heart was pounding in my ears at our close proximity. I could feel every breath he took, almost. It was hot- sweltering, even. I could feel my cheeks blazing.

           “Y/N?” Liam murmured. “Be honest with me for a second. What would you do if I kissed you right now?”

           “I would kiss you back.” I answered, blatantly honest. I didn’t have it in me to put up any pretenses; I was too captivated in the way his lips moved, wondering how they would feel and taste. “I’m not rude.”

           “Okay.” He breathed, hand coming up to cup my cheek. “So, I’m going to kiss you now.”

           “Because you like me.” His tongue darted out to wet his nervous lips.

           “Only because you like me.”

           “That doesn’t make any sense.” I said, breathless. Our lips brushed each other as he spoke. “It sounded a lot better in my head.”

           That’s when I lost it. My patience, that is. My fingers knotted in his hair, pitching him forward. The second our lips met I sucked in a deep breath, molding my body to his, holding him as close to me as I could. Liam’s hands left my face to grip my hips and then slid down to my ass, squeezing, indulging in the soft supple skin. I bit down on his lower lip, earning a hiss.

           “Too soon?” He panted as his hands retreated to their position on my hips.

           “Bingo.” I wrapped my arms around his neck, planting another kiss on his rosy lips.

           “Sorry.” He chuckled. “Just had to get you back for slapping my ass earlier.”

           I giggled. “Then I better have the opportunity to pin you down sometime.”

           “I am so okay with that.” Liam grinned, giving me a softer, more sensual kiss. I cupped his jaw, stretching on my tip toes, allowing his arms to wind around me, tugging me closer.

           “What the hell?” We both jerked away to see a wide-eyed, open-mouthed, red-faced Coach Finstock.

           Blushing, I shoved Liam’s chest. He didn’t even budge. “I thought you said that he was gone!”

           “I was!” Coach held up his coffee mug. “I forgot this. Now I’m wishing I had just left it.”

           “Nothing was happening-” Liam started to protest, but Coach cut him off. “Nothing was- Dunbar, you were making out in the locker room!” He ran his fingers through his thinning hair. “Is this why you two were so quiet earlier? Were you plotting? Maybe going for it on the mats?”

           Laughing, I shook my head. “Oh my God, no, Coach. We literally just found out that we like each other like five minutes ago.”

           Liam grinned. “So you do like me! You just admitted it!”

           “Oh my God, Dunbar, you’re so dense. Obviously I like you, otherwise I wouldn’t have just let you get away with groping my ass.”

           “I think I like it better when you call me Liam.” He said as Coach covered his ears, “I don’t want to hear any more! Go home and do whatever you like, just… not in my locker room, for God’s sake!”

Tutor [JiKook]

Originally posted by lethargicmin

Summary: In which Jimin is Jungkook’s American History tutor, and Jungkook can’t help but fall for his tutor.

Word count: 2 056

Type: Angst / Fluff

Pairing: Jikook

A/N: This scenario is the first scenario posted according to our OTP Month. yay! I sincerely hope yiu baby stars do enjoy this scenario, and many others that will be coming up soon! Just a warning, I was reading The Perks Of Being A Wallflower while I was in the middle of writing this, so this scenario will be kind of triggering? depressing? I’m sorry if it is! There will be happy and fluffy scenarios posted soon, I promise! x

Happy reading! x




“Are you even listening to me?”

Jungkook was pulled out of his deep stare which was purely concentrated on the magical crafting of Jimin’s hands that delicately pushed away the sight of his phone that displayed a text from someone Jungkook saw didn’t have a name in Jimin’s phone but a red heart emoji. Jungkook frowned when he saw that. Of course, Jimin just had to be taken, he was too beautiful not to be.

“Honestly, no.” Jungkook answered Jimin - his American History tutor - with a simple and closed mouth smile.

Jimin chuckled lightly at the younger boy’s honesty, glancing over at his phone that lit up once again, this time showing that Jimin was getting a call from this ‘heart emoji’ person. Jungkook rolled his eyes at the sight. Jimin sheepishly apologized, taking his phone as he stood up from his chair and walked away to talk to the “heart emoji person” in private. But Jungkook was the nosy type, especially when it came to Jimin, and hid behind a white painted wall and quietly listened to Jimin’s conversation.

“I’m at Jungkook’s house.”

“No, I’m not. I’m just tutoring the boy.”

“I’m really tutoring him!”

“Don’t you trust me?”

Jimin was quiet for a while and Jungkook debated whether the heart emoji person had hung up on him or just had a lot to say. Just then, he heard Jimin sniff and right at that moment, he knew Jimin had started crying.


“I love you.”

The sad thing is, the heart emoji person never said he loved Jimin back and just hung up the phone, leaving him standing there all alone in that chilly hallway with a heart that had a hole which grew bigger and bigger the longer he stayed in his current relationship. Jungkook nibbled on his bottom lip, shaking his head in disapproval as he thought of why would Jimin get into a relationship with someone who always made him cry, or always made him feel bad about himself. He really couldn’t understand why.

Jungkook quietly walked back to the room that they were both studying in, heating Jimin walk in moments afterwards, his eyes puffy and a pale red colour. Jimin plastered a smile to his face, the fake smile pulling Jungkook’s heart into two opposite directions as he heard Jimin say, “Umm, that’s all for today. I’ve got really important stuff to do right now. I’m sorry, and I hope you understand.”

Jungkook didn’t understand, but as always, whenever Jimin said this, he let him go and stayed up late that night, staring up at the dark ceiling and just thinking of why did he let Jimin go.

The next day at school, he saw Jimin with bruises that littered his precious face - a pale purple bruise around his right eye, a cut lip and bruised nose. Jungkook heavily sighed when he saw this, regretting that he let Jimin go but even if he tried to convince Jimin to stay, Jimin was loyal to his heart emoji significant other and would leave Jungkook, who actually loved him.

Jungkook stood by his rusting locker, placing his books into his locker without a thought as he stared at Jimin, who wasn’t that far away from where he stood. Jimin was frantically searching through his locker, almost looking petrified as he looked for something he had presumably lost.

Suddenly, a boy, not even remotely attractive in Jungkook’s opinion creeped up on Jimin. Jimin froze when he realized someone was behind him, his chest not moving for a long moment before he slowly turned around and smiled nervously at the boy.

Jungkook arched his eyebrow, questioning what was going on before he witnessed Jimin lean in and just about to kiss the boy on the lips, but the boy brought his book to his face which resulted in Jimin kissing the surface of the book.

Jungkook watched on in surprise as Jimin flushed a pastel pink that showed how embarrassed he sincerely was, his boyfriend talking to Jimin, the boy nodding so quickly that Jungkook thought his head might fall off before Jimm shut his locker, running after his boyfriend, bumping into Jungkook in the process.

“Sorry.” Jimin instantly apologized as he collided with Jungkook, in too much of a rush to see that it was Jungkook he bumped into and quickly ran after his abusive boyfriend, Jungkook watching the whole scene with a deep frown spread across his face.


“What was the period in American History where the Stock Market crashed and banks ran out of money, resulting in many people losing their jobs and having little money?” Jimin questioned Jungkook, who sat with his hands in lap while Jimin walked behind him, not wanting him to see the bruises on his face (even though Jungkook did see them).

“The Great Depression?” Jungkook spoke unsurely, the uncertainty in his voice bringing a smile to Jimin’s face that always made an appearance whenever he was around Jungkook.

  “Correct. You’re improving, Jungkook,” Jimin praised young Jungkook, reaching his hand out and lovingly ruffling Jungkook’s hair, the younger boy smiling a lovesick smile while he could physically feel his heart grow more and more fond of his tutor. “Okay, onto the next question. What was the 1920’s time period called? And what did people in the city do for entertainment?”

“The Roaring 20’s,” Jungkook answered diligently, nodding his head as if he was confirming to himself that he was indeed right, “And the people in the cities went to the movies for entertainment.”

“What kind of movies did they watch and why were they so popular?” Jimin further questioned, clutching the American History text book to his chest as he stared directly Jungkook, his eyes never growing tired of taking in the younger boy’s features - from his dark brown hair that gradually grew curly as time passed by to the pinkness of his small lips. Jungkook was a perfect painting of perfection, and was nice enough to Jimin that it made his heart swell with delight, knowing that there was actually someone out there who cared about him.

“They watched silent movies,” Jungkook answered, “But…I’m not sure about the other question.”

“You can try. I believe in you.” Jimin encouraged the boy, the boy turning his head and looking up at Jimin, the lighting in the room making him appear as some heavenly angel as his eyes sparkled and his white clothing just whispered heavenly over and over again. “Because there was a lot of immigrants that went to America that didn’t speak English, but could still enjoy the movie.” Jungkook answered proudly, showcasing his precious bunny smile that caused Jimin to smile as well, his eyes beginning to smile themselves.

“Correct!” Jimin cheered, the boys giving one another a high-five before Jimin said, “I told you you could do it.”

The boys just stared at each other for a long moment, taking in each other’s features and thinking how God damn beautiful and angelic the other one was and desperately wishing that somehow, someway they could be together. Even if it was for just one day. Just one day.

“Jimin? Where the fuck are you?!”

Jimin’s eyes widened, fear quickly pumping through his veins as he remained paralyzed for a split second before his hands began to shake. Jungkook raised his eyebrow, wondering who could of walked straight into his house without his permission, but didn’t have to wonder long as Jimin’s boyfriend walked into the room.

“Jimin? What the fuck? We were suppose to meet up thirty minutes ago!” Jimin’s boyfriend raised his voice, Jimin shaking at the sound of his loud voice as he looked down at the ground.

Jimin slowly turned around, holding the textbook close to his chest and hoping to God or whatever higher power that this wouldn’t always end up like it always did. He didn’t want anyone to know, especially Jungkook. He was too pure to know of such ugly things that happen to some people.

“I’m sorry,” Jimin apologized sincerely, hating that he found himself saying exactly this phrase repeatedly around his boyfriend. “I lost track of time.”

“You always lose track of time,” Jimin’s boyfriend complained with an angered expression growing on his face, “Once in a while, put me first, kay?”

“I’m so-” Jimin was just about to apologize yet again, but Jungkook interrupted him. “You’re such a dick.”

Jimin’s eyes suddenly enlarged, looking over at Jungkook and giving him a warning look that screamed don’t get involved but after seeing how mistreated Jimin was by the one person that was suppose to treat him best and how many scars and bruises his boyfriend caused, Jungkook couldn’t help but ignore Jimin’s warning gaze and finally do what he should of done a long time ago.

“What did you say?” Jimin’s boyfriend quizzed, pretending as if he didn’t hear Jungkook to make the younger boy rethink his words.

Jungkoook stood up, Jimin not taking this as a sign that something bad was to come and just watched as Jungkook stood before his boyfriend and said, “Did I stutter?”

Jimin’s boyfriend let out a snicker of amusement, looking past Jungkook, who stood before him with an intimidating look and said to Jimin, “You’ve got to be kidding me. This must be some kind of lame joke.”

“I’m afraid there’s no joke here, except you, of course.” Jungkook retorted with a teasing raised eyebrow, standing tall before a guy who was a few years older than him.

Out of nowhere, Jimin’s boyfriend had grabbed the front of Jungkook’s shirt with a tight grip, Jungkook not even shocked or surprised by the action while Jimin cried out, “Don’t hurt him! Please!”

“You’re a little punk, aren’t you?” Jimin’s boyfriend whispered, his words oozing with poison venom. “Stay out of this. It’s none of your fucking business.”

“It is my business when the person I love is being abused by someone who isn’t even remotely attractive.” Jungkook answered truthfully, Jimin looking up from his gaze on the ground and batting his eyelashes, stunned that Jungkook would make such a revelation, especially at this moment in time.

That’s it.” Jimin’s boyfriend stated, all before all hell broke lose, the sound of pained groans and bodies hitting the ground echoing throughout the cold house.

Jimin rushed over as soon as he saw Jungkook dodge a punch from his boyfriend, but receive one from Jungkook. He tried to pull them away from one another, risking getting injured but he didn’t care - he just wanted everything to just stop. Eventually, the fight did come to an end, Jimin’s boyfriend standing up from the wooden floor, spitting out a mouthful of blood before he loudly said, “We’re done, Jimin.” and then left.

Jimin stared out the open door for a long moment, realizing that he was now a free man and didn’t have to attend to his needs anymore because they were no longer dating. He hadn’t felt this alive and this happy in a long time. He turned to Jungkook, a soft smile of happiness spread across his face as he held out his hand, Jungkook giving the boy that bunny smile that Jimin loved endlessly before Jimin helped him up.

“Thanks,” Jungkook thanked the boy with a bashful smile and blush tinted cheeks, “I’m just gonna go and take care of these bruises.”

Jimin only nodded, Jungkook letting out a small sigh before he turned to walk towards the bathroom, his footsteps coming to a halt when he heard Jimin ask, “Did you really mean what you said back there?”

Jungkook stared down at the ground, a fond smile gradually developing on his face as he reminisced about all the times he had spent with Jimin and realized that, oh god he was in love with him. “Yes, I did.”

Jungkook heard the sounds of Jimin’s bare feet softly scrape against the smooth wooden floor, the footsteps drawing even closer and closer before Jimin’s vanilla scent filled his nostrils as he felt Jimin wrap his arms around him from the back. They remained in this position for had seemed like eternity, but was really only a long minute. Jimin smiled, breathing in Jungkook’s scent of cheap cologne and sunshine and responded with, “I love you, too.”


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Love at first Corpse- Edward Nygma Imagine

Fandom: Gotham

Pairing: Edward Nygma x Reader

Themes: G- nothing bad, just mentions of murder because of ed’s job

Summary: Prompt by @klbwriting​ :  You’re Ed’s intern at the lab and you have secret feelings for each other that come out over a dead body one day (Except in the lab turned into at the crime scene, but the lab is apart of it ;) )

Originally posted by pintasfun


“So, I was thinking…” You trailed off as Edward continued to murmur over the body in front of you. The poor sod was flopped across the concrete, head and left arm completely detached. It was a toss up between decapitation or blood force trauma, depending on where the blood was. If he was dropped from the roof before his head came off, the fall was cause of death. If the head was cut off them dropped, then obviously decapitation. But what you couldn’t figure out was exactly which came first. The amount of blood around the body screamed it was the fall and then he was decapitated. Brains and skull bits were splattered across the ground, which was your job right now as Edward’s intern, to investigate and collect all those pesky little pieces.

“Ed?” You added again, watching his eyes trail off into the distance as he tapped his pen against his notebook. “Edward Nygma?…. Boss?…. Boss!”

“Huh?” He broke into that same childish like grin as he woke from his little day-dream of sorts.

“I was asking… for your theories on the body.” You chickened out a third time. You cursed yourself. Just fucking tell him! You look at dead bodies all day, fire guns, test chemicals, you know all the bones and chemicals in the human body… you can fucking tell a guy you like him.

But it was hard when he cocked his head at you, still brimming before looking down to the john-doe beneath both your boots. He was just so damn cute when he was clueless about things like this. Not the medicine or science part, but the human part. When you were assigned to him as his intern for your final training you thought this was where you died. He was just so damn… beautiful and easy going and funny. You took pun after riddle after joke, laughing so hard sometimes till you curled up into a ball on the floor trying not to pee your pants. Many nights of you two hunched over evidence, talking theories or ideas out. There were lunches where you two sat on the table, picking out of the other’s take-out, throwing around theoretical situations and med school stories.

He was just so fun to get to know and to talk to. You never wanted to stop, and when he gave you his cell-phone number you thought maybe he liked you back. Until he texted you first to ask you a riddle at 3 am. It was just another line of communication for you two, and though you appreciated being able to talk to him more often then just work, and talking over text meant more talk about anything but work.

There was a moment you thought you might confess, it was right, it was perfect. Just last week you two were pacing the lab, waiting for results, when there was a loud bang sound from something backfiring, or anything outside really, and you both jumped. Tripping, the two of you hit the ground and he landed just over you. You looked up at him, your whole body shivered underneath him as he laughed nervously. You were CERTAIN he would kiss you, the tension was so thick it was choking you as your fingers grazed his lab coat. His eyes fell to your lips, almost thinking about it.

And then the cute fucker got up, helping you up, excusing his clumsiness and went back to pacing. You went home and punched pillows and whined to your best friend over the phone with countless glasses of wine.

So now, looking at him, you decided you had enough. You would tell your clueless boss that his intern liked him. You could do this! You faced down a mobster on a job once, trying to clean up the crime. You’d gone to medical school and held the proud fact you hadn’t had a mental break down. You! COULD! DO! THIS!

“Hey… (Y/N)?” Ed asked as you finished picking up the last tid-bits of the skull.

You inhaled sharply, looking up. You could do this, you repeated in your brain over and over until you clenched your fist. He looked like he was going to speak and you needed to say it before he psyched you out with a riddle or worse.

“I like you!” You both blurted out. Edward’s eyes went wide and you nearly fell backwards.

“Wha-what?” You whimpered, looking over him. He stood, walking to where you where. Careful of the bag of skull and brains you had collected, he hoisted you back up. You were just as blindsided as he, but he was a bit more collected.

“What can you catch but not throw?” He asked, licking his lips nervously. You let you mouth hang open, beyond yourself at the moment. He was really asking you a riddle now. You stammered for a bit, blinking hard before you muttered your answer.

“Ah-uh… Ah Cold.” You stood up straight, fixing yourself. “Ed what does tha-”

“What kind of tree is carried in your hand?” He interjected. You sighed, internally cursing yourself for not being more courageous and telling him earlier. If you had, maybe he wouldn’t be covering it up with riddles. But you played along. Despite being not what you wanted to hear him talk about, you would take riddles over rejection any day.

“Palm… it’s a palm tree.” You answered, your shoulders sagging.

“Except think of your fingers as toes.”

“Wha…. I mean… Um… Feet then?”

“Put them together.” He looked like an eager child now, grinning and blushing. His whole face was lit up.

“Cold… er… Cold Feet?” You asked, then you nearly smacked yourself. What he was trying to say. “You had cold feet…Oh my goodness, you must think I’m a complete dunderhead for not catching that faster.”

You wanted to slap yourself in the head as he laughed, shaking his head. “That day, I had every chance to kiss you… and I apologize (Y/n) for the cold feet. I just couldn’t imagine you thought as anything but a mentor.”

You cocked a brow at him, looking over his face. Then you yanked your gloves off, stuffing them into the sterile pockets of the forensic suit, and cupped his face. You pulled him in close, your lips clashing happily as he nearly stumbled into you. His gloves grabbed onto your suit, steadying himself as he kissed you back happily. You were almost bouncing with glee as the kiss was heaven on your cold skin, you smiled into the kiss as he pulled you up against him.

“HEY! NO PDA AT A CRIME SCENE NYGMA…” You broke apart as Harvey shouted at the two of you from across the street. Edward chuckled to himself, breaking free and stepping back to where he was before the kiss.

“And… it he was decapitated after he was pushed… but his body was frozen, which is why there isn’t enough blood on the ground.”

anonymous asked:

how about one where you/reader just joined the team and buck has a crush and cap says for him (buck) to act on it but he's all self loathing because he doesn't want to make anyone else put up with his crap so he just admires you from afar

Word Count: 1,458 (omg what even)
Warnings: mentions of torture, brainwashing
request here

“You know,” Steve nudges his arm, “you could always just go talk to her.”

Bucky breaks himself away from looking at you across the room to sardonically look at his best friend, “You know, you could actually touch my human arm, that way I actually feel you attempting to be my wing man.”

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