Welcome Mina to planet earth everyone! ! The little whelpling has been born finally, at 9.8 pounds.

Fat lil sucker. No C section, pushed her out all on my own. Contractions started 8 am Friday morning and she was born 1:10 am this morning.

Daddy and grandma were there for the whole thing and brave daddy cut the cord and held my leg for pushing.

She’s a fussy little crier.

Newest addition to our dragon flight.

Hey all!

My Patreon reward tiers just had a few changes, so here they are:

- All reward tiers now have “Process Spreads (Available Soon™)” - This will be available when I can reach my first goal milestone

- Whelpling and above now have the “Download of all illustrations" changed to “Downloads of all illustrations at 200dpi JPEG”

- Dragon Dragon and above now have an updated description of the private streams so you know what you’re buying: “Private streams where I may be working on projects not yet announced or released - Questions can and WILL be answered during this!

A new rank also has been created and will be released after the first goal milestone ($100 a month!! Whoah!):

Leviathan ($50)

~ Monthly doodle requests

~ Special Discounts on Commissions (or other products to come)

There will be another available reward at this tier, but i’ll keep that a secret for now.

I want to thank everyone again for any support on my Patreon! It means a lot to me, even if you simply spread the word. You’re all lovely people.


Was going through my older characters for the first time in ages since invasions make them viable to level. These are dudes I haven’t touched in years since I created Ghaoithe as my main. Found some fun items that are no longer in game, as well as spare Baby Blizzard Bear and Onyxian Whelpling pets. Now I’m going through my transmog stuff to find old items, as well, that maybe I didn’t realize were no longer obtainable.

So, share some of your own older items! I want to see some Ateishes, black scarab mounts, and Chromatic Swords, people!

Broken Promises

“I can’t follow you…”  Anthus stood in the rain, out in the wilderness of Loch Modan.  His arms crossed over his chest, trying to look serious and unflappable.  “…how is what you’re doing any different than what Deathwing was trying t–” His words clipped in his throat, a streak of red careening into him.  Talons ripped once at his midsection as crimson flew from his gut.  He dropped to his knees, looking down in horror at the red whelpling before him.  Her form shimmered and shifted to that of a fiery gnome, perfectly prim and proper if not for the rain ruining her hair.  Silently, she turned away from him as he fell forward, face first into the mud…

Anthus gritted his teeth as he swam, pushing himself harder and harder towards the shore.  As he drew closer and closer still, he saw the remnants of war, Alliance bodies, broken and burned scattered across the sand.  Felsteel spires lay collapsed and forgotten, along with countless demonic bodies, and even that of a massive Doomguard.  He sputtered and coughed as he continued, a hundred yards, fifty, twenty-five.

As his hands touched the wet sand, he dragged himself out onto the beach, before collapsing and rolling onto his back.  He breathed heavily, gasping for air as he stared at the sky, a rolling, whirling mixture of emerald felfire and black.  Looking down at his leg, he grimaced at the sight: a dislocated knee, but not as bad as it could have been.  He gritted his teeth and reached down with both hands, placing one on either side of his knee.  With a resounding crack and a muffled howl of pain, he righted the joint, tears welling in his eyes.  With so many dead, and definitely Alliance, he thought he’d hear the sounds of battle.  However, the night was deathly quiet, only the faint rushing of felfire and jibbering of demons.  He pulled himself to a small outcropping of rocks, tucking himself within as best he could.  Anger washed over him, as he realized the implications.  Marooned on a Legion-held island.  No rescue.  No escape.  He closed his eyes, feeling warmth flooding his body.  He pulled his knees to his chest, lost in thought…

anonymous asked:

if you're still taking OC stuff, I finally thought of one for my warlock! He's an expert Warlock, across many things, and was once a sellsword. But coming across a baby dragon being attacked by his "friends", in the Caverns of Time, he threw down his sword, rescued it, and now protects dragons. He rides on an Undead dragon (the one from ICC hehehe) and keeps his Infinite Whelpling with him at all times. (Still can't think of a name for the baby. >.<) - JG

Weehhhhh that’s adorable omg ;O; I’m proud of him :’>