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Dusty Howling Wolf, also know as Dusty Elisabeth Blust, runs an abhorrent backyard breeding operation in the town of Prineville, Oregon. Several concerned citizens have reported signs of neglect and abuse at Dusty’s property, where she currently houses more than 18 husky-mix dogs - many of which have endured miserable lives chained to trees and overhead lines for years on end. This is a direct violation of Oregon’s updated Tethering Law, House Bill 2783, which currently states:

No dog shall be tethered for more than 10 hours in a 24-hour period if tethered to a stationary object. No dog shall be tethered for more than 15 hours in a 24-hour period if tethered to a running or “zip” line.
Additionally, House Bill 2783 prohibits use of choke and pinch collars when tethering dogs, and creates the offense of unlawful tethering, which is a Class B violation.

The law likewise creates new definitions for “adequate shelter” and “adequate bedding” to better protect animals from the elements. It now prohibits sheltering in or under the following: Cardboard boxes, in crates and carriers designed for temporary housing, in wire cages, and in areas surrounded by debris or hazards that pose a threat to the dog.

Dusty’s canines have a variance of shelters, most of which do not comply with House Bills 2783’s revised definition of adequate. Her animals are, as stated above, tethered almost indefinitely, except for females kept in a temporary whelping pen when birthing pups.

The puppies are not separated from the other dogs at the property, and are allowed to roam freely about, even at ages as young as four weeks old. During my own visit, Dusty discovered that, as a result of her negligent care, one wandering puppy had been bit through the head and spine by another adult female tethered nearby. The puppy was clearly distressed, and looked to be leaking spinal fluids from the wounds. I offered to bring the animal in for proper veterinary assistance, but Dusty stated that she “had seen far worse injuries” and that “she did all her own veterinary care.” Unlicensed Veterinary Activity is a crime that can result in animal death.

In addition to Dusty’s violation of Oregon’s tethering laws and flagrant disregard for the safety of her puppies, myself and other witnesses at her property noted that only a few of the animals were provided constant access to water. Many had water bowls, but they were entirely empty. This is a blatant form of neglect and constitutes abuse. It is not acceptable.

On the topic of abuse, myself and others who visited the property, including a Deputy on the Prineville Police Force, noted a very disturbing display of appeasement behavior from the dogs in Dusty’s care. These animals are not just under-socialized; they are outright terrified of Dusty.Video footage shows an exceptionally nervous husky-mix dog pacing and shaking in terror as Dusty approaches it. This is a behavior often seen in animals that have suffered continued aggressive assault. It is my educated opinion that Dusty actively uses intimidation and physical violence on her animals.

As if these violations are not damning enough, Dusty has also been scamming people who purchase her puppies by misrepresenting their lineage. She charges upwards of $400 - $600 per puppy and labels the animals as “purebred”, yet on my visit, it was clear that some of the animals directly related to the puppies were mixed-breed. When I asked her about it, Dusty was happy to admit that yes, some of her animals are indeed crossed with lab, malamute, unknown Nordics. She also sells what she claims to be “wolfdogs,” but a phenotype of the animals in question clearly reveals that none have anywhere near the content she claims them to have.

Misrepresenting a product, or Fraudulent Misrepresentation, is a crime that Dusty has knowingly and actively engaged in while selling her pups.

We want immediate action taken against Dusty Howling Wolf so as to prevent further suffering to her animals. Someone as irresponsible as Dusty has no business keeping, let alone breeding, so many dogs if she cannot provide them with the basic care and containment they need to survive. Attempts to report her to the Prineville PD have, in the past, fallen on deaf ears, and now, we want to speak out as a collective voice that will no longer be ignored.


This should go on my dog blog AirdrieHounds but I’ll just reblog it over there later because I wanted to share it here.  This is my Basenji girl Kiwi back in 2007 with her last litter of just two pups.  We had such a tough time after her first litter in 2002 of five getting her in whelp and maintaining a pregnancy.  Those two pups, Bindi and Peanut, we ended up keeping.  We’ve had no luck with breeding Bindi either.  Luckily I’ve been able to turn over my puppy people to another breeder.