wheezes my boyfriend

Imagine meeting Luke by him bumping into you at Starbucks and him having to look down to see who it is like always but this time he has to look really far down to see your tiny self standing there, looking wide eyed at the giant in front of you. This idiot would blush and do his foot thing before biting his lip ring and mumbling “sorry, little one” while you both blush like idiots. The barista would eventually call both of your names and instead of just grabbing his cup, he’d grab yours too, and sit down at a table, looking from you to the chair and back to you again before you bit back a smile at sat down. And as the two of you got closer, the little nickname became a staple in your relationship. You’d be standing at the oven and he’d have to walk behind you to get to the sink and you’d hear Luke mumble “behind you, little one.” Which would just make you smile and blush down at the food you were making. He’d pick up his keys on the downstairs table and call to you up the stairs. “almost ready, little one?” to which you’d respond “almost, tall one!” and you’d get to hear that giggle you love so much. And finally at the wedding your guests could go to the bar and order your signature drinks. Luke’s favorite drink being named “Little One” and yours being named “Tall One” and you would be lying in bed that night, post wedding night sex and Luke would just be holding you close to him, your legs tangled with his and his scruff tickling the side of your face as he slowly ran the tip of his nose down your nose and over your lips to your neck where he’d leave a small kiss. He’d lift his head and look you in the eyes, nothing but love showing in his blue eyes as he smiled lazily and mumbled “I love you so much, little one” against your lips. And when you finally got pregnant Luke would be down on his knees in front of you, his hands on your still flat stomach, rubbing circles through the fabric. “I’m not going to be your little one anymore.” You’d pout and Luke would just chuckle and shake his head, standing up and letting his left hand cup your cheek and his right hand intertwine with yours. He’d look you in the eye and let his thumb rub gently against the soft skin of your cheek. “You will always be my little one.”

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peri- hYPE!!! (who let this child loose in the building)