wheezes and rolls on the ground

imagine Flug getting sick

he doesn’t tell Black Hat, because of course not, and he’s just dragging himself through the day- keeps on nearly tripping over his own feet, or walking into the doors, or the walls, and Black Hat doesn’t pay it any mind, because why should he.

and 5.0.5 is the first one to actually notice, and they just worriedly make bear-noises at him, but Flug just pats their head like ‘no it’s fine hahaha, don’t worry.’

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Lance had no idea how it had happened. One minute he was stepping into the adoption center for cats and the next he was on the floor of the nursery room, absolutely smothered in about a thousand wriggling, mewling, purring, fuzzy kittens of varying ages while his husband was busy parking the car.

Shiro walked in and abruptly made a high pitched squeal of endearment that you wouldn’t think such a big, buff, serious and scarred man with a prosthetic arm could make. “Oh my god, Lance! I was gone for not even ten minutes!” Shiro laughed as he pulled out his phone and rapidly took photos of his husband on the floor, flat on his back, absolutely covered in multicolored fluffballs.

Lance pouted and attempted to sit up, a tiny blue gray kitten chirping at him from her perch on his shoulder. “Yeah yeah, laugh it up, I know where you sleep.” The Cuban male grumbled, though he rubbed a few kitten’s ears affectionately, eyes soft with motherly love towards the adorable squeakers.

Shiro moved forward and settled down on the floor, a few more kittens mewing and clambering into his lap. The big man cooed and picked up several at a time, nuzzling into the silky fur adoringly. Lance smiled gently at the sight. His husband had always been a sucker for cats, and after their last cat, Voltron, died a few months ago from cancer, he’d been inconsolable. So Lance had decided to get Shiro a new cat, and if he sort of missed the sound of tiny padding feet and quiet meows around the house, nobody had to know.

The blue eyed kitten on Lance’s shoulder chirped again, and he scratched her neck affectionately. “Who’s a pretty girl?” He crooned as a tiny gray head butted into his cheek. A louder mew across from him had him looking down to see another, fluffier, solid black kitten perching on his knee, rearing up to bat at the blue kitten’s tail. “It seems that Blue really likes you, sir.” The assistant nearby spoke up, smiling from her chair in the corner.

“Blue?” Shiro looked up at her, raising an eyebrow. “Yeah. Nobody here is really creative with names, so most of us just call ‘em like we see ‘em. The one on your lap is Black, she and Blue are sisters. Never seen a closer knit pair of siblings than those two. Though Black’s more Maine Coon mix and Blue’s more Russian Blue mix. Black took after their Mum, Blue after the Dad. Genetics are strange.” The brunette woman explained, pushing up her glasses and tucking a strand of red dyed hair away from the playful tuxedo kitten trying to nab it.

“She’s beautiful.” Lance muttered, now cradling the purring gray puffball in his arms and absently stroking just under Blue’s chin while Black mewled for attention too, prompting Shiro to scoop her up from Lance’s lap and lavish her in little rubs and tickles, which the kitten thoroughly enjoyed. “Lance, we absolutely have to take these two home!” Shiro declared, eyes sparkling with determination as Black attacked his face in cute kitty kisses.

“I can get their adoption forms for you whenever, just say the word.” The assistant lady smiled, tuxedo kitten now draped around her neck. The other kittens were sprawled around, tired after playtime. “Hon’, I thought we were only supposed to get one kitten?” Lance raised an eyebrow at his husband, only to get a big eyed puppy dog pout in return, quivering lip with watery eyes and all. “But Laaaance!!! You heard the lady! Black and Blue are really close sisters! We can’t just separate them!” Shiro whined pleadingly, holding up Black for emphasis.

Lance’s eye twitched, a sign he was weakening. “We’d have to get more things, you know. It’d be kind of expensive…” he tried, but faltered when Blue mewed and nuzzled at his neck adorably. Shiro dialed up the charm. “We have plenty of money! Pleeeeeaaassee dear honey darling love of my heart?” Lance snorted, laughing. “Okay okay, we’ll adopt them both, just stop with the ridiculous pet names. You’re so cheesy! I thought I was supposed to be the awful flirter in this relationship, not you!” He joked, Shiro giving him a beaming smile in return.

The assistant chuckled. “Alright, you two wait here while I go get the adoption forms.” She said, standing up and setting the tuxedo kitten down as she breezed out of the room, leaving the two men to play with the kittens a little longer.

Soon enough they were walking out of the adoption center with a carrier holding two adorable little balls of fur. By the huge, happy grin on his spouse’s face, Lance deemed this trip an overwhelming success in his book!

“Blue! No! Bad kitty, stop moving, you’ll make it worse! Shiro stop laughing and help me with her!” Lance wailed, attempting to pin down his rambunctious now-one-year-old cat with a cup of water stuck around her head.

His husband was currently laughing his ass off on the floor, red faced and wheezing while Blue stumbled and dashed around the living room, trying to whack the plastic cup off of her face. She’d just wanted a drink! Lance finally tackled the young Russian Blue mix to the ground, wresting the cup off with a ’pop!’ and a splatter of water all over the floor, which Blue promptly began to roll around in delightedly. She was one of those weird water cats, as Lance had discovered the day after they’d brought the kittens home and gave them a bath.

Black watched from her perch up high on the bookcase, purring lightly and twitching her tail in amusement. The huge Main Coon mix was a giant puddle of calm black fluff nowadays, always choosing some sort of high surface to settle on to keep watch over her territory. Like a lioness on Pride Rock, Lance had joked once.

Lance sighed in exasperation and scooped up his troublesome kitty. “Alright Beautiful, lets go get you dried off.” He muttered, Blue chirping in response and licking at his face with a rough tongue. He laughed lightly and disappeared into the kitchen for a towel.

Black mrrowed and jumped down from her high place, padding over to Shiro to check and see if her human was still alive. She patted his red face with a cool paw, batting at the white forelock until he recovered enough to sweep her up and nuzzle at her fur, and she responded with a purr and more soft kitty kisses to his face, as was their tradition nowadays. “Thanks for checking on me, Black. I’m good now.” Shiro chuckled, smiling as Lance came back into the living room with a towel wrapped bundle of damp fur.

You were no freaking help at all you jerk!” Lance declared dramatically, pointing at his husband. “I feel betrayed, will I ever recover from this tragedy?!? I trusted you to have my back, instead you laugh at my suffering! Oh the indignity!” He continued his overly dramatic spiel, leaning back and moving his hand to press the back of it against his forehead like a damsel in distress. Blue meeped softly from her cocoon prison.

Shiro released a short laugh, sitting up fully to give his spouse a cheeky smirk. “It looked like you had everything under control already, dear.” He said cheerfully, amused at Lance’s dramatic nature. Black rumbled happily from her spot in his lap. “Under control? Did that look even remotely like I had it under control?” Lance raised an eyebrow at his lover as he set Blue free and used the towel to mop up the rest of the water, though luckily the cup had only been a fourth or so full.

Shiro tilted his head and hummed thoughtfully, tickling Black’s ears. “Well, no, but it was certainly entertaining.” He burst into more laughter at his spouse’s indignant squawk and sputtered through a mouthful of wet towel as it smacked him in the face, sliding off to land on Black with a wet slopping noise, causing Black to yowl a complaint and wriggle out from under the heavy weight soaking her fur.

“You sir, are a brat. No wonder you’re like, mentally seven.” Lance stuck his tongue out at said brat, who was trying to coax Black back into his lap. “Yes, but you love me!” Shiro sang as he managed to get his giant, fluffy monster of a cat back into his arms.

Lance sighed and gave his husband a fond smile. “Yeah… I really do.”


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New Years Eve: Also Known As How Marinette Broke Chat

So, this ridiculously fluffy piece is my gift to @mr-hawkmoth, as a thank you for all the amazing pieces they right and things they post! :D You are really awesome, and I think you should get more love! Sorry for how poorly written this is, but I hope you enjoy it! ;) Pairing is MariChat, with a bit of reverse lovesquare at the end XD

“You know, you’re kinda becoming a stalker, kid.”

Adrien glared at his kwami, the tips of his ears burning red with embarrassment as he lingered in the shadows of the statue of Ladybug and Chat Noir.

It was New Years Eve, and his father had been called away on pressing business the day after Christmas, meaning Adrien had been alone for most of the week. Normally, he would have been taking advantage of this sudden freedom, but Nino, the only friend he was close enough with to actually call up at a moment’s notice, had already left town to go and visit his grandparents in the countryside. While so many of his schoolmates had shown up to celebrate Christmas with him, not once had he really spent time with any of them outside of the presence of his best friend, aside from Chloe.

At one point he almost thought about calling her, only to remember that the last time he’d spent New Years with her, he’d had to hide in the men’s restroom at the hotel when midnight struck just to avoid having to kiss her. Adrien wasn’t oblivious, he knew how she felt about him, but he also knew that while her friendship with him was genuine, her pursuit of him was shallow at best. No way was he going to encourage any misunderstandings this year just because he was lonely. Thus, he had been wandering around the city as Chat Noir, trying to distract himself from the ceaseless boredom that had been plaguing him, when he had found himself headed towards the bakery by the school.


An image of the spunky girl who sat behind him at school flashed through his mind, and Chat felt his heart lighten immediately. She had been kind enough to make him a beautiful hat for Christmas this year, and even though it hadn’t been fixed with Ladybug’s miraculous, Adrien had really been touched by the amount of time and thought she had put into it. Honestly, he had been quite disappointed when he realized that her gift to him had been destroyed entirely, and hadn’t been able to even thank her for it yet as a result. Landing in the park, strategically out of sight behind the statue dedicated to Ladybug and himself, Chat debated with himself.

I mean, I do need to thank her… plus, her family was so welcoming the last time I was over. And maybe we could play some video games! I have been practicing— maybe this time I could actually beat her!’

Mind made up, he released his transformation, and had been in the middle of explaining things to Plagg when he heard her voice from across the street.

“Don’t worry mom, I’ll be careful,” Marinette called cheerfully, a box with the bakery’s name stamped on the side carefully balanced on her hip. “It’s only a few blocks, I’ll be back before you know it!”

And so he found himself hesitating, watching as she headed off along the sidewalk to make what was probably a delivery to someone.

Leave it to Plagg to find a way to turn the innocent circumstances into opportunity to tease him. Although… maybe stalking Marinette wasn’t such a bad idea. It was already close to midnight, and the direction she was headed was not well lit at the moment, making a lone girl easy prey for unsavory individuals. Decision made, he transformed once more and chased after her, surprised to realize that while he had been debating on what to do she had managed to vanish from his sight.

By the time he did catch up to her, the direction she was headed became pretty clear, and Chat felt himself frown in confusion.

Why is she headed to my house?’

Concealing himself behind a tree, he watched as she approached the locked gates to the mansion’s compound and pressed the intercom button. He felt a little bad for not being inside to answer her, but his instincts were urging him to keep her in sight, and so he watched as she shifted nervously from foot to foot, waiting for an answer that wasn’t going to come. She tried the intercom a few more times, and as the minutes ticked by with no response, her face dropped into a frown.

Great,’ he thought with a hint of sarcasm, ‘I’ve upset her.’

Shoulders slumping, Chat watched as she pressed her face into the gaps between the bars, looking for something that she apparently didn’t find. Body drooping with apparent defeat, the girl turned to go back the way she had come, but this time her pace was much slower.

Chat waited until she’d put some distance between them before he started to follow her again, this time on foot. Ducking from shadow to shadow, his thoughts raced. Why had she come over to his place with a delivery from the bakery? Did she get the address wrong? Why had she looked so upset? Did she think he had called in a crank order and then just not answered? Anxiety bubbled around his heart at the thought of another misunderstanding coming between them, especially after she’d been nice enough to give him a Christmas gift when none of his other friends had.

So distracted was he by his own thoughts, it took him a moment to realize he could no longer see Marinette in front of him. When it finally registered, he froze, eyes darting around to try and see where she had disappeared. Unease crept over him as he vaulted up to the nearest building, head whipping back and forth trying to locate movement. Unfortunately, even with his night vision, Chat couldn’t find a trace of her. Twisting around to retrace his steps, concern turning into panic, he was almost to the next roof when he heard them.

A group of voices, distinctly male.

And one rather annoyed female voice.

It had come from the alley around the other side of the building, and he quickly made his way to the edge of the roof. Looking down, he could see Marinette blocked into the darkened breezeway by 3 men. Sharp eyes taking in every detail, he noticed the leering expressions on their faces as they looked at the girl, and could smell the liquor coming off of them from where he crouched, ready to move if need be. Disgust choking him as he practically read their intentions, Chat couldn’t help but glance back at Marinette’s face, to see how she was handling the situation. Her expression made him want to flinch back, pure fury radiating from every line of her body.

Apparently, the males below were to dense to read the situation, and Chat listened as the one directly in front of his friend rasped suggestively, “Seriously babe, it’s almost midnight- don’t you want luck in love for the new year?”

“Yeah, and with three of us…” another one slurred, eyeing her like a piece of meat.

“…we can guarantee you’ll get lucky.” The last one finished the vulgar innuendo while moving uncomfortably closer to her, hand reaching out to grab her.

Oh hell no. Chat felt time slow to a crawl as the lecherous hand drew closer to Marinette, outrage and fear suffusing every fiber of his being. Moving on pure reflex, the need to protect the girl below from harm driving him forward, the outraged super hero could only think of one thing as he landed quietly behind the drunkards.

He was going to break that hand.

Before he could follow through on that thought though, a loud crack followed by a shriek of pain echoed around them. Emerald eyes widened in surprise as the man who had been reaching for the seemingly helpless young girl dropped to his knees, his now broken hand still clenched firmly by the not-so-distressed damsel.

His friends were equally frozen, but shook it off much more quickly than Chat could. Both lunged for her at the same time, growled curses and insults spilling from their vile mouths. Marinette, still holding the injured hand of the leader, ducked a wild swing from one while simultaneously bringing her foot up to slam into the throat of the other. Off balanced, the first stumbled to the ground, his own momentum and inebriated state leaving him kissing nothing but concrete, while the second fell backwards, clutching at his throat as he gasped for breath.

Fury still spilling from every inch of her, the girl wasted no time ins turning on the hapless brute behind her, who had yet to regain his bearings and had barely managed to roll over. Finally releasing the leader from her iron grip, the deceptively petit Marinette swung her leg out once more, this time whipping in a full revolution that had her foot making contact with both men’s jaws in quick succession.

Both fell to the ground, unconscious, while the third was still wheezing for air, eyes wide and fearful as he watched how easily she dispatched his buddies. When she finally looked back in his direction, the man squeaked in terror, quickly getting to his feet and running past Chat and into the night.

For his part, Chat Noir could only stare in amazement, heart thumping in his chest. He hadn’t moved an inch, his eyes wide and jaw hanging open as she effortlessly took down her attackers. Not only had Marinette not needed him, Chat was pretty sure she hadn’t even noticed him. Even now, she had yet to look up at him, and instead had made her way over to the side of the alley bending down to collect something he hadn’t noticed when he first came upon them.

The box.

Pastries and candies spilled out in various directions on the ground from where the box looked to have been thrown against the wall. Chat watched her pick up a half-crushed macaroon, anger fading to be replaced with…

“Don’t cry, Princess,” he murmured, the sight of her tears urging him into action finally. She jumped upon hearing his voice, blue eyes flashing towards him as he knelt beside her.

“Chat Noir…?”

He ignored the question in her voice, instead asking, “What were you doing out this late?”

She had stopped crying, but at his question her expression twisted once more with sadness. Her gaze dropped back down to the ruined sweets below and she shrugged.

“I have this friend and… well, I found out earlier that he’s spending New Year’s Eve alone. So I wanted to take him some treats, and…” she replied, a light flush to her cheeks as she avoided looking at him.

“…and see if maybe he wanted some company.”

Chat felt his heart stutter within his chest even as he kept his expression neutral. That’s why she had gone to his house. Sweet, thoughtful, awkward Marinette had been thinking of him, gone through all this trouble for him, just to make sure he wasn’t lonely. His thoughts were interrupted as she continued, having taken his silence as a request for more details.

“B-but he wasn’t home, and so I was just going to take them by tomorrow. But then these,” here she gestured at the bodies still lying in the alley with them, annoyance clear in her tone. “These goons, well… they thought they were entitled to a kiss just because it was New Year’s Eve, and I tried to just leave but… I mean I shouldn’t have gotten so angry, but they ruined the treats I had made for Adrien and now, I mean…”

A sigh left her lips as she fell silent, clearly worn out by the events of the night as her gaze drifted to the hands in her lap. Chat’s brain was racing though. Because not only had she been trying to do something nice for him, she had kicked three grown men’s asses for him, for ruining the gifts she had made for him. And, oh how she had kicked their asses. Honestly, Chat didn’t know anyone besides Ladybug who could move with so much grace and strength at the same time. Yet, here was Marinette, wrecking three guys like it was nothing, all in his name. Not to protect herself, although that’s what he had initially thought, but simply because they had destroyed something that had been made for him.

That she had made for him.

He felt himself swoon a little at the thought.

Chat smiled, reaching for her hands and drawing her to her feet. She met his eyes as he winked at her, a plan having already formed in his mind.

“Well, purr-rincess, I don’t think you need to worry about your friend!”

At her puzzled expression, he adopted a stage whisper as he continued, “I’m pretty sure I saw him making his way towards your place earlier while I was on patrol.”

He felt triumphant at the look of delight she was giving him. Based on where they were, it would be easy to make it back to the bakery and de-transform before Marinette got there. Besides, that was where he had wanted to be in the first place, no harm in using his “inside knowledge” to cheer her up right now.


“Pawsitively!” He thrilled at the light giggle she let out at his pun, feeling giddy in the face of his accomplishment. He was about to bid her a good night, so he could make his way over to the bakery when he heard muffled shouts coming from the surrounding buildings.


“You had better get home! You don’t want to bring in the Mew Year with the embodiment of bad luck!”


He turned to go, but felt a tug on his hand. Looking back, he saw Marinette smiling at him as she stepped closer.


Chat was frozen as she lifted his hand…


and soft, warm lips pressed with aching deliberateness to his knuckles, the dark sweep of her lashes standing out against her pale, freckled cheeks as her eyes closed with the action. Even through the leather of his glove, Chat could feel the heat of her mouth, the tickle of her lips as they slowly pulled away and she pinned him with her sapphire gaze once more.

“Happy New Year, minou,” she murmured, smiling at him softly.

Chat could only nod, face flushing as she released his hand after giving it a light squeeze, and made her way around him and out of the alley. He couldn’t move for several moments, mind sluggish under the engulfing realization that was Marinette.

Marinette, who just kissed his hand like he did Ladybug’s.

Marinette, who beat up three thugs because they ruined a gift she made for him.

Marinette, who had thought of him when he was all alone.

Marinette, who had made him a beautiful Christmas gift.

Marinette, who played video games with him and welcomed him into her home.


Jerking back into awareness, Chat quickly vaulted to back to the rooftops, sprinting in the direction of the bakery so as to make it there before the girl who, after what he saw tonight, clearly had a good handle on a number of things.

His heart being one of them.

DannyMay: Ice

Little children screamed in delight.  Teenagers cheered.  Adults cursed left and right. People slipped at every step.

Sam glared at Tucker, who was rolling on the ground clutching his side. “This isn’t funny.”

“No… it’s… hilarious…” Tucker wheezed from his position.

Sam again tried to walk. She slipped and fell, earning more laughter from her watcher. Said watcher earned a punch in the stomach.

Overnight the entire town had been encased in ice. Not snow which would have been somewhat bearable, plain see through, extra slippery ice.

“Where’s Dan.. ny? He must be… after the… after the ghost!” Tucker said, not wheezing from laughter anymore.

“According to Jazz, Danny caused this.” Sam grumbled, “right now he’s trying to figure out how to make it go away.”

“So he let it go?”

“Start singing and I’ll kill you.”

“Just tell him love is the answer.” Tucker said finally standing up.

“You’re pushing it.” Sam glowered.

“I’ll shut up now.” Tucker grinned. That grin soon fell as a thought entered his mind. “We should thankful its ice powers Danny has.”

“What do you mean?”Sam asked, clearly annoyed.

“Imagine if Danny had fire powers.”

anonymous asked:

Hi I saw you did a headcanon about Toshinori and how he was ticklish and I was wondering if you had a fic of Toshinori being chased by his students and tickled by them? Something like that would really make my day as I've been having a bad week

Anon, first of all - I don’t know if you will even see my answer, but let me just tell you that I’m so, so sorry for not answering this sooner. I’ve been stuck in a really bad writer’s block lately and just couldn’t come up with anything for this request. I’m so sorry for not being there to make your week a bit better! I hope you will still be able to enjoy this now, though (and also that you’re feeling much better by now):


It could have been such a nice and relaxing afternoon, Izuku mused half-heartedly as he watched the happy mess in front of him unfold. Such a nice, quiet afternoon, with Bakugou taking a nap, his classmates engrossed in different – quiet – activities and no homework to disturb them.

He had wanted to watch a bit of TV, that was all. Had wanted to catch up on a view hero talk shows he liked to watch.

Now, however, Izuku, just like the rest of his classmates, found himself captivated by the sight of Mina lurking around in the kitchen, the girl watching All Might closely as he went around the kitchen to prepare some drinks and snacks for everyone.

Based on the stiff set of Toshinori’s shoulders, Izuku could interpret that the man was on high alert, knowing what the girl behind his back was aiming for.

It had started out all too innocent. Toshinori had been rummaging through the fridge, bent over quite a bit, as Mina had squeezed herself into the little space between her teacher and the open fridge-door, darting forward to grab something from the cold depths. Completely by accident, the girl’s finger had scrambled over the man’s side all the while, digging deep into the white material of his shirt as Mina tried to gently shove him aside.

The reaction had been immediate, as Toshinori had jumped with a yelping sound, head hitting the fridge’s ceiling with a loud Thunk as he spluttered out a weird, high sound.

And if that hadn’t been enough, Mina’s horrified shriek certainly had been enough to draw everyone’s attention to the both of them.

“Sensei, are you okay?! Did I hurt you?!”

“N-No, really, I’m… I’m quite alright, my girl…”

“Did I hit your scar?! I’m so, so sorry… oh no, wait, your scar is on the left side… but still!”

“Mina!” Toshinori had tried as the girl had tried to lift his shirt to see where the damage lay, “I assure you, my girl, I’m more than al-…”

Mina’s soft touch had connected with his side and the man had let out a far too high sound, somewhere between a cut-short laugh and a yelp.

That had been the moment when it had clicked for Mina. “Sensei, are you tickli-…?”

And Toshinori, honest to a fault as he was, had probably not made the best choice by interrupting the girl, saying something about having to get started on the snacks, and turned away from her. Him making sure that he stayed out of her reach all the while had been quite suspicious, too. 

Really not the best choice, Izuku mused, attention once again drawn away from the TV and over to where Mina was sneaking up on Toshinori.

Perhaps they should have warned him – there were almost ten pairs of eyes directed to Mina and their teacher – but saying that the other children weren’t interested in the spectacle would have been a blatant lie. So it was probably no surprise that nobody, not even Izuku, called out warning as Mina used a short moment of distraction.

The girl ducked slightly, stealthily getting closer until Toshinori – still with his back to her – was in her reach.

The moment Mina’s fingers wiggled up the retired hero’s side, Toshinori all but jumped, throwing one hand up to steady himself on the kitchen counter while a sharp, surprised bout of laughter left him. It didn’t matter that he slapped his free hand over his mouth only a second later, it was already too late.

Mina was beaming, smile wide and shining and excited all at once. “You are ticklish!”

“A bit,” Toshinori relented, leaning away from her and out of her reach. “A little bit, perhaps.”

They looked at each other for a moment, Mina thoughtfully and Toshinori warily, both clearly assessing what they should do next.

Then, everything happened in the blink of an eye. Mina darted forward, expression determined and hands outstretched, aiming straight for her teacher’s sides. In the same moment, Toshinori’s hands darted upwards and caught the girl’s wrists, stopping her from touching him. Still, Mina had so much momentum that she slammed against Toshinori, making him stumble backwards.

“Nonono, we’re not doing this!”

“But, Sensei!”

“No buts, my girl…”

“I just want to hear you laugh some more!” 

“As much as I would like to indulge you, tickling is not the right wayyy…!” Toshinori’s words became rushed and drawn-out as he bend and twisted to get away from the fingers trying to poke him. He didn’t dare to use his full strength on the girl, fearing that he could hurt her, but holy, if Mina wasn’t surprisingly strong. More than once, she almost managed to slip from his grasp.

And as if that weren’t bad enough, Mina whined, “Guys! Help me!”

There was a moment were the others exchanged quick glances, a bit taken aback by the sudden request.

“Uuuuh…” Kouda mumbled, ducking his head. “Should we really…?”

“Well, it would be funny,” Kirishima’s expression turned from thoughtful to excited.

“Wouldn’t he get angry, though?”

“Nah – Sensei never gets angry with us!”

“Let’s try this, guys!”

Izuku had long since forgotten about his TV-show by now, trying his hardest not to laugh as he turned around and looked over the back of the couch.

Toshinori had almost managed to free himself of Mina when Kirishima slammed into his back, latching onto his right arm tightly.

“Young Kirishima…!” the blond warned, half-heartedly, slight panic flickering over his expression.

“Sorry, Sensei!”

“Yeah,” Kaminari chimed in, apologetic smile on his face as he grabbed his teacher’s other arm. “Please don’t get angry at us, okay?”

Mina whooped in triumph as her classmates came to her aid one after the other – holding onto Toshinori’s arms or climbing up his back – and the second she was free and there were no defensive hands in her way, she dived right in, taking great delight in poking and tickling to her heart’s content.

It didn’t take more than a few seconds for Toshinori to go down, knees buckling and not able to hold up the combined weight of him and his students. By the time he landed – or more, was let down – onto the ground, he was already howling in laughter, coughing in between as he squirmed and writhed, trying to get away from the deft fingers tormenting him.

The laughter of the children joined in as they cheered. Even Izuku was laughing at the sight of a delighted Mina, not giving up in her tickling, and flushed and laughing Toshinori, rolling over the ground in a heap.

Izuku’s smile dropped, though, when the coughing suddenly overtook the laughter.

“St-Stop…!” Toshinori wheezed out, smile suddenly turning into a grimace, “Stop, please!”

Mina’s laughter trailed off as well and she pulled back, but too late – while the children were still retreating, helping their teacher to sit up rather than holding him down, Toshinori already doubled over, coughing hard, blood splattering over the hand he covered his mouth with.

Izuku was up from the couch and dashed over at top speed, falling onto his knees next to his mentor as everyone crowded around them. “Toshinori-san!”


“I’m sorry!” Mina’s eyes were already filling with tears as she gestured around, reaching for Toshinori and yet not daring to touch him again. “I’m sorry, I should have stopped, I should have listened…!”

She trailed off, sniffling, as Toshinori reached over with his free hand, gently ruffling her hair. The coughing lessened gradually as Toshinori shook his head, smiling slightly. “No need to apologize at all, my girl.”

“Whoa, Sensei,” Kirishima’s laugh was strained as he handed the man a tissue. “You really startled us there!”

“Are you okay?!” Kouda asked, eyes wide with concern.

“Do you want to lie down for a moment?” Uraraka offered.

“Nonsense – thank you, my boy,” Toshinori smiled at Izuku as the boy helped him to his feet. Stretching carefully, patting his chest to make sure that the coughing was over, the former hero grinned brightly. “I’m more than alright, honestly.”  

Relieved smiles were exchanged as everyone relaxed again.

“And now that that is settled…”

Sudden silence fell over the room as the children stopped mid-motion, going pale at the pure power crushing down on them.

Quirk or not, Toshinori still had the commanding aura of All Might if he wanted to.

“I dare believe,” the blond rumbled, eyes blazing with mischievousness. “It’s my turn now.” 

Mina was the first to react, squeaking loudly in a mixture of mock-angst and delight as she made for a mad dash towards the door. Kirishima followed suit, laughing and hollering for “everyone to take cover, he’s after us!”

It didn’t take too long for the others to catch on, and quickly, the living room was near empty as everyone run for it, laughing and screaming all the while.

Shouto looked from Toshinori to his fleeing classmates and back, slightly confused. “I… don’t think he would really hurt us?”

“It’s not about hurting, man,” Sero laughed, pulling the other after him out of the room. “It’s part of the game, you know?”

“Ah. I see,” nodding thoughtfully, Shouto let himself be dragged away.

Huffing in amusement, Toshinori leveled Izuku with a questioning gaze, running a hand through his ruffled hair. “You’re not going to run, my boy?“

“You have no reason to take revenge on me,” Izuku said after considering the question for a moment, lips quirking into a smile. “So, no.”

Blue eyes flashed as the man smiled widely, softly. “Fair enough.”

They shared a grin before Toshinori cocked his head, listening.

Izuku did the same. Training had honed his awareness and senses enough that he could hear the shuffling and hushed whispers in the hallway in front of the living room, the snickering and rustling of clothes.

His classmates hadn’t fled very far, obviously hoping that their teacher would chase them to continue the fun.

And if Izuku could hear them, then All Might surely could, too.

The wide grin stretching the blond’s features said that he could hear it indeed. Waving vaguely towards the hallway, the hero started, “Mind if I…?”

“No, no, go ahead,” Izuku shrugged, making his way over to the couch again. “I’m occupied anyway.”

“Right,” Toshinori didn’t sound convinced, but he didn’t protest.

Settling down again, Izuku tried to remember what had happened last in the show. And, oh dear – he couldn’t remember.

So much for watching his favorites shows this quiet afternoon. That was probably completely impossible around his classmates…

The sudden feeling of gentle and searching fingers gliding over the sensitive spots where neck met shoulders made Izuku yelp aloud, jerking forwards on the couch to escape the tickling sensation.

Chuckling resounded right behind him, making Izuku blush and splutter as he whirled around, scandalized, “Hey!”

Toshinori’s eyes were alight with amusement as he held up his hands in surrender, even though he was still laughing. “Sorry, sorry. I just had to try it.”

“You don’t look sorry at all,” Izuku mumbled, covering the sensitive spot with one hand while he scooted away from the mischievous man.

Izuku didn’t take his eyes off Toshinori again until the man had left the room, pretending to “chase” his waiting students. Only when he heard loud shouting, cheering and laughter resounded from the hallway, indicating that their teacher had joined his classmates, did Izuku dare to relax again.

For, like, two seconds. Before his fingers started drumming impatiently, and his gaze shifted more than once away from the screen and strayed over to the door.

It sounded like everyone was having fun…

Izuku was dimly aware that he had no idea what was happening on screen because he was too busy listening to his class goofing around.

With a sigh and a smile, he relented, turned off the TV and threw the remote to the side.

There were better things to do, he thought as he jumped up and rushed out of the room, running into the direction of shouts and shrieks and happy laughter, grinning widely as he noticed that Toshinori happened to stand with his back towards him. Much better things.

The moment Izuku leaped forward, landing on his mentor’s back and reaching for the sensitive sides under the loose white shirt – hearing the way Toshinori shouted in surprise and laughter and how his friends cheered for him – he was laughing aloud himself, feeling warm and happy.

This was so much better than watching TV.

amoxli  asked:

If you're still accepting prompts, can I have Matt and Lance just becoming a feedback loop of memes and bad pickup lines after everyone is reunited? And maybe some broganes at the end of their rope watching their boyfriends be idiots on every mission. This is like the most indulgent thing I have ever asked for but I am so deep in Shatt hell rn and also ur writing is incredible

Prompt fill for my Follower Celebration! Will also be posted on Ao3 under Towards the Sky.

I knew no memes, so let me thank @irishpixiewrites, @saltedsaltine​, and @starsoup14​ for spamming the @voltronbucks​ discord with memes for me.

@melonbugg is the answer to all of my prayers.

It was the truest moment of love, hope and family, as Pidge led her brother to the waiting members of team Voltron. She wiped the tears of joy from her eyes and introduced them.

“This is my team,” she said.

Matt’s ears perked up and he looked at her.

“What team?”

Keith started to answer, “Vol—” but Lance had already straightened his head, feeling his calling.

He took a deep breath as Keith tried to respond and interrupted.


Matt and Lance locked eyes and grinned ear to ear. A beautiful friendship was born that day.

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anonymous asked:

How would Ultra mags, Megatron, and tailgate react to having a human s/o that's laughing so hard they're totally losing it. Like they're on the ground wheezing and laughing and crying. Love ur blog, keep up the good job

Thank you! ^^

Ultra Magnus MTMTE

He’s concerned, because it looks like you can’t breath and your eyes are leaking??? Should he call Ratchet? Were his attempts at humor so bad that he almost killed you? Once you calm down enough to tell him that no, you were fine, he’d just be skeptical of human reactions 

Megatron MTMTE

He rolls his eyes, but deep down he’s getting a chuckle over seeing you completely lose it like that. He’ll tease you about it later 

Tailgate MTMTE

If he was the one to make you lose it, he’ll feel incredibly proud. If not, then he’s probably right there with you, laughing super hard 

The Pie...nis Game

Word Count: 579

Warnings: One swear word spoken from the lips of injustice, but other than that, none. Just all around silliness :)

“May whoever coded this book step on Legos for the rest of their stupid lives,” I muttered, slamming the dusty pages closed with an exorbitant thump and tossing the thing onto the table. I rubbed the corners of my eyes and groaned. My eyeballs were drier than Cas’ attempts at humor. 

When I peeled my eyelids open again, Sam was staring at me over the book he was holding with an amused look on his face, “So…how’s the research going?”

“Delightful,” I quipped, “In fact, I’ve vowed not to rest until I’ve read every book in the bunker.”

“That good, huh?” Sam said with a smile. He scanned the growing pile of literature in front of us, “What about this text on –”


He snorted, a sound that made me giggle before I flopped dramatically onto the table, my arms outstretched in front of me. “Reading is going to claim a life this year,” I groaned. 

“Always so melodramatic,” Sam teased.

A thought crossed my mind and my head snapped up suddenly, “Wait…where’s Dean?” He had started the tedious research with us. “Didn’t he say he was going to get a book from storage?”

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 Warnings: Smut (kind of, not really), angst (kind of, not really), language



You cackled as you drunkenly tried to hold Christian up, failing miserably, and sending the both of you staggering to the ground of the bar’s parking lot. Your body felt heavy, too heavy, as you tried to roll yourself on to your knees. “Gotdammit.” He wheezed again, laughing loudly as he too, tried to get up. “Fuck, I gotta piss.” You stated suddenly, taking off in the direction of the field next to the parking lot, “_________! For fuck’s sake, don’t pee in the grass!” Christian called after you, stumbling after you. You stopped walking when you reached the middle of the field, out far enough that no one would see you if you squat down. You hurriedly undid the button of your black jeans, shimmying them down your hips. Christian crashed into you, knocking you backward before you could get your underwear down. You laughed out loud, almost peeing on yourself as he rolled off of you. “If you….pee…then I have to pee….here too.” He cackled. There were long blades of grass sticking in places that they shouldn’t as you struggled to pull your jeans back up. 

“C’mon, ____________. We gotta go.” He pulled you to your feet, brushing loose grass, dirt, and tiny rocks from your jeans. You stumbled towards the cab waiting in the parking lot, leaning heavily against the side as he tried to open the door. “You’re so useless!” You giggled as you pushed him aside, pulling the door open yourself. You collapsed into the backseat, Christian right behind you. You slid to the other side, allowing him to lay on your shoulder. “If you throw up on me…” You trailed off, falling into a drunken sleep as the cab sped towards Christian’s apartment building.

You giggled into the back of your hand as he leaned against you, trying to find his keys in the pockets of his leather jacket. The tips of his messily styled hair tickled your chin and you fought to keep from laughing again. You really had to pee, and laughing wasn’t helping you in the slightest.

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pt 2


“Sean, please,”

Felix needed air. The pace Sean had set was much too fast for the swedish boy’s comfort, and his lungs were on fire, his throat stinging like ice every time he gulped for air.

Sean looked back as Felix stumbled through the dense foliage, wheezing and coughing hard.

“Jesus christ,” The green haired kid rolled his eyes as he stopped altogether, letting Felix catch his breath. “You act like you’ve never ran a day in your life.”

“I..” Felix gasped, squeezing his eyes shut as he began seeing stars. “I haven’t.” He raised his arms into the air, his hands slightly shaking, fingertips freezing.

“Felix, what’re you doing?” The irish kid growled, tapping his foot on the rotting leaves on the ground.

Focus. Felix thought to himself, trying to calm his breathing. Come on, focus. Calm down. Focus on something. Felix searched the ground, for anything to distract himself with. Leaves. There were leaves. He realised there were all different colours, and shapes, and shades of greens and yellows and browns and reds. He counted each green leaf, murmuring to himself as he still wheezed slightly less hard.

“There’s one..” Felix muttered, trying his best to calm himself. He probably looked like an idiot to Sean, standing in the middle of the woods with his arms in the air, counting leaves to himself.. Felix couldn’t care at the moment though. This was what he was taught to do. Elevation of the diaphram, and grounding of surroundings. That was what he was taught in case of an attack. He had to do it.

“Two..five, six..eight..” The blond continued to murmur, passing on to the yellows next. His eyes searched the ground for a slightly deeper shade than the last. He had to go in order. It was just what he was taught. He shouldn’t be ashamed of it.


Felix ignored Sean’s voice, not even daring to look up at what he assumed was a distastfully judging peirced face. He needed to do this. Sean didn’t understand. He had to. It was what he was taught. He had to.

Felix,” Sean repeated, stepping slightly toward the blond as the kid’s body trembled out of control.

No. No, nononono. He should be fine by now. Felix knew. He should be ok. Why wasn’t he ok yet? Why wasn’t this working? He should be fine. He was doing everything. Everything his parents and his intimidatig doctors and his unhelpful school nurses told him to do. So why wasn’t it helping?

“Felix, look.”

The white haired boy looked up quickly, swallowing hard as he continued to struggle for breath. Sean was holding something small and white in his hand, extended towards Felix.

Felix scrunched his eyebrows as he put his hands down on his knees, trying his best not to fall over. What was Sean doing with this? Why would he have this with him? Sean didn’t seem like the type to be asthmatic..

“Wha..” He panted, gulping in air as forcefully slow as he could.

“It’s an inhaler. Use it.”

“I..I know…what it is..” Felix coughed, wincing as his lungs lit on fire at the contractions to his chest. “Wh..why do you have it..?”

Sean rolled his eyes and tapped his foot again. “I dunno, to breathe?? Just take the damn thing, ok?”

Felix grabbed the small container and took off the cap, shaking it hard. He stood up straight and hesitated as he brang the piece up to his mouth, glancing at Sean’s lips.

“Oh, fer fuck’s sake.” Sean grumbled, snatching the inhaler away from Fe’s grasp and shoving it into the swede’s mouth. He pressed down on the top and suddenly, Felix’s mouth was filled with cold, sharp air, and he gulped it down his throat. This wasn’t his air. This was a boy’s mouth piece. Specifically Sean’s. The punk of the school..force feeding air in to his lungs with his own inhaler..that he put his own mouth around. But Felix had his mouth around it.

Felix suddenly felt very light headed..

“Do you need another?” Sean asked.

Was that a tinge of worry in his voice?

Felix swallowed as he shook his head, putting his hand against Sean’s chest to push him away slightly. His face went hot. Sean cleared his throat as he stepped back, taking the inhaler out of the blond’s mouth and wiping it off with his shirt, snatching the cap from Fe’s hand.

Felix sighed deeply as he looked down and away, his throat finally seeming to work again.

“You’re fuckin’ welcome.” Sean muttered, grabbing Fe’s wrist again and dragging him along, this time at a slightly slower pace.

“Oh-yeah, um, th-thank you.”

“I’m kinda like..” The punk kid smirked, glancing back slightly. “Your savior now,”

Felix scrunched his eyebrows, stepping over brambles as best he could.

“I could’ve just let you suffocate ya know.” Sean looked back again, smug written all over his stupid pierced face. “But I didn’t. I saved you.”

“Why do you have an inhaler?” Felix quickly cleared his throat, looking at his feet as he shuffled through a colourful pool of crunchy leaves.

“I have asthma.” Sean stated, pushing a hanging vine from their path.


“No, I just have a fuckin’ thing for finding non-athletic boys, dragging them through the woods, and saving them from an asthma attack that I caused.”

“Sounds like a personal problem..” Felix muttered, catching himself from tripping over a slightly hidden log.

Sean glanced back with a light hearted smile, and snorted.“That was actually slightly funny.”

Felix blushed and huffed out slightly, returning the smile.

No. Felix thought to himself. Do not do that. That’s bad. This is bad.

This was all still bad. Still evil. Felix was in the woods with the- Lord forgive him- badass of his school, being taken..Lord knows where.. If his parents saw him right now, he’d be in so much trouble…but that thought made him feel something. Excited. Thrilled. Anxious. This was something new, and unknown, and interesting. But he was taught that new was bad. That unknown was evil. That this wasn’t natural. Then why did it feel so nice?

Felix took into consideration what his parents always told him. What every pastor told him, what every after-sunday-school wrinkled lady told him.

“The devil finds ways to temp the heart. Humans are weak, and flawed creatures, and the devil knows all those little openings to get into. To corrupt you. You have to stay strong. Keep faith through the Lord, and you shall be protected from evil.”

But Felix didn’t feel very protected. He felt very vulnerable when Sean’s eyes were on him. When his pale skin touched Fe’s. It felt like he was being pulled in two directions.. It felt like his belly was doing backflips inside him. That his heart was mocking him by beating so hard and loud. It felt good. But this wasn’t good.

Felix hesitantly stopped, pulling away from Sean’s grasp on him. The green haired kid stopped and turned with a questioned look.

“We just have a little bit further to go, do you need to stop?”

This was wrong. Sean’s smirk was wrong.

“Where are you taking me?” Felix asked nervously, looking down as he panted slightly.

“There’s this cool shack a little farther ahead..”

Felix shook his head, sticking out his chin. “I’m not going.”

“Why not?” Sean was searching his face now, Felix could tell. It made him feel so weak, so powerless as they roamed over him.

“Because this isn’t right..” Felix looked down at his once squeeky clean shoes, now littered with bits of rotting leaf and mud. “This isn’t right, I-I need to go..”

“Wait, what’d'you mean?”

Felix turned to go, feeling his heart start thumping, his hands growing irritated. “This is bad. This is very bad. This is not natural. It’s against God’s will, I can’t do this-I’m sorry-”

“Felix, wait-” Sean grabbed the blond’s arm firmly, his voice gruff. “What the hell are you goin’ on about?”

Felix shook his head, tapping at his thigh as he tapped his foot into the ground slightly. “No-no, please-Sean-you dont understand, I can’t be here-Lord forgive me-I can’t be here. I shouldn’t be doing this.”

He just wanted to go. Everything in his body was willing him to leave, to run away from this demon and find his way back into the sweet embrace of his mother and father’s arms. It was pure there, and holy, and good. But this was not good. This was very bad. What Felix was feeling was bad. He didn’t want to be here. Why was Sean keeping him here?

“Hey, hey calm down a sec’ man.” Sean stepped toward the blond slightly, pulling Fe toward him.

“I can’t. I don’t want to.” Felix felt himself panicking again, his breath hitching slightly. “I shouldn’t be doing this. This is against God’s will-I-I shouldn’t be here with you. I need to go pray. I’m scared and I just wanna go-” He pushed away from the senior nervously.

“Go? Go where?!” Sean threw his hands up, raising his voice. “You wanna go back to those bullshit churches being brain-washed shit you know is made up? An-and continue sitting in those boring ass pews, reciting bullshit words written in bullshit books by bullshit people? Or giving all your money to those stupid, white-washed fuckers who say it’ll get you into heaven? Looking up at the same disgusting, wrinkly fucking douchebag who probably touches half of the little boys in your sunday school?” Sean crossed his arms angrily, lowering his voice and sighing as he saw Felix flinch away from him..

“Get it through your fuckin’ head, Felix. Those people are morons. Gullible, idiotic, disguisting morons who want to control you. And until you learn to live a little, and realize that you’ve been living in a fucked up fantasy land your whole life, of course you’re gonna feel scared.”

“I-I’m sorry-I-” Felix began, breathing in sharply, feeling his chest tighten up. No, not again- Felix squeezed his eyes shut, covering his face with his shaking hands, trying not to focus on the tears forming under his lashes. Please, dont hyperventilate again. Please, please, please..

“Fuck man, I didn’t mean ta make you cry..”

And suddenly arms were around him, holding him firmly, gently stroking at his hair.

And suddenly again, Felix felt his legs go weak, hot tears streaming down his red and puffy cheeks as he let himself sob on the shoulder of this secular boy..who wasn’t half bad of a hugger.

This was all so strange. Felix was hugging a boy. He never hugged anyone..and definitely not a boy. Because hugging a boy was bad..

Felix pushed the thought away by burying his face into Sean’s neck. Right now, he just wanted to relax. Take a deep breath, and figure this all out later. For now, he just wanted to be in the moment. In Sean’s arms.


this is grossly cliche at the end, sorry :/ (also, yea, i know i said the next part was gonna be smutty but, it didn’t turn out how i planned)

Make Me


 Peter Parker x Reader
 I need some Spider-man X reader after seeing the Civil War Trailer! Could u please write one based on reader training Spider-man to be in the Avengers? 
Maybe a Peter Parker prompt: “Come make me” or something? I adore your writing by the way :) 
Warnings: None
Notes: Hey guys, finally here is my Peter Parker imagine that I promised! For the moment I have closed my requests, due to getting so behind with them, hopefully I can open them again soon if I get more on top of things! (The opening quote is from the Japanese writer Haruki Murakami.) I hope you enjoy it! Feedback is always appreciated…

When you come out of a storm, you won’t be the same person that walked in. That’s what the storm is all about; to change the way you see the world and others around you. The events of the last few months had shown you this, what with the team splitting in two and being forced to pick sides, but thankfully you’d all come out of it with a stronger bond than ever, not to mention a few new recruits. You’d joined the team not long after the whole Ultron thing, due to Steve’s request, so when asked to pick a side your choice was easy. And now, that the dust had settled, you could begin to become a team again, despite your rocky beginnings with some of the new members. Being a slightly more experienced member of the team, Steve had asked you to help with the training of the newbies, with one member in particular having a similar skill set to your own. 

“Come on Parker, you can do better than that!” You smirked as you landed another punch to the Web slinger’s side.  “Remember Y/N, I beat you once I can do it again.” He chuckled as he flipped over you. “I was going easy on you, you looked so breakable in your jammies.” You grinned, sweeping his legs out from under him and pinning him to the mat. “See?” You laughed, feeling him struggle slightly from beneath you. Rolling his eyes, Peter gripped your sides and quickly reversed your position. “You get too cocky.” He pointed out, a smile tugging at his lips. “Says you.” You muttered, before kneeing him in the stomach and flipping yourselves again. “Low blow.” He wheezed, slightly bent in at the stomach. “I could have aimed for lower.” You smiled, seeing the panic flash in his eyes for a moment. “Okay, okay, I give.” He sighed as you leaped off of him, a victorious grin on your face. Holding out a hand, you helped him up off of the ground. ‘Told you I was going easy on you before.” You smiled. “Who says I didn’t go easy on you this time?” He retorted, stepping closer to you. “And why would you do that?” You asked, looking up at his face. Just as Peter was about to speak, Scott came crashing into the room. “Hey kids, you got a min…” He started, before noticing how close you and Peter were stood. “I can come back…” He muttered turning to leave. “No Scott, what d’ya need?” You asked, stepping away from Peter, not noticing the flash of disappointment on his face. “Oh… right.” Scott smiled, “Uh, Steve said he needed to see you Y/N.” Scott smiled, “He said he was sending Natasha down to finish Parker’s session. “Right okay.” You smiled politely, “See you later Parker.” You grinned at the boy behind you. “You owe me a rematch.” He called after you. “Make me!” You grinned back before leaving the room.

Headcanon, scenarios and ideas I want and will use in my future fanfictions:

1. The whole class doing a pillow-fight, managing to even get the more serious people like Bakugou, Todoroki and Iida into it because they just hurl pillows in their faces and run of cackling.

Bakugou blows a few pillows up, but that was to be expected. Todoroki had never done something like this, so he’s a bit dumbfounded at first, but joins in happily once everyone scream things like “We are under fire!” and “It’s a war!” or “They got me! Oh no, I’m dying!”

2. The children straight out tickling Toshinori once they realize he is ticklish.

They only keep it up until he’s breathless, careful as not to make him spit blood or something worse. Izuku stands at the side-lines, not sure if he should go and help his mentor or just stand there and enjoy the view – a laughing Toshinori wheezing and rolling over the ground, trying to fight of the kids while they keep “attacking” him.

3. Jirou playing the guitar and singing while everyone sits in a circle around her and listens. Probably Mic will join her, while not singing, at least he will hum along.  


4. Inko and Todoroki’s mum meeting and Inko being the sunshine she is, manages to touch the other woman so deeply that she starts crying, touched by so much kindness shown towards her after what she did to her own son. Inko and the children do their best to cheer her up again.


5. The children finding the book “Even the greatest idiots can become teachers!” and being shocked about the fact that Toshinori even thinks that he needs something like that. For them, he is already the best teacher, after all. So they give it their all to show him that.

And probably try to steal the book so they don’t have to see it anymore.

6. The children going shopping with Toshinori and they keep trying out weird outfits and accessories, not only for Toshinori, but also for themselves. They make a fashion show out of it, and entertain the whole shop with it.

7. The class doing a football match or something similar and Izuku “Shoot Style”-smashes the ball far, far away accidentally.

After that, everyone wants Izuku on their team.


(Great, now I only need the time to write this and my wrist to heal, then everything will be okay. XD)

Why    /part 18/

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 , 6, 7 , 8 , 9, 10 , 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 16.5, 17

I was getting tired. Although the sound of gunshots slowly faded away, I didn’t want to take any chances. I needed to be as far away from those people as possible. I wonder if Koibito knew them. Why was she so scared of them? Oh gosh…are they after me? I don’t get it, why would they be after me? I didn’t do anything. Is…is Koibito okay? The more I thought about it, the more terrified I got. But I was losing steam, and fast. I racked my brain to try and think of what I can do when I collided with someone and fell to the ground.


Landing on my stomach, I realized I could have bumped into one of the scary men and closed my eyes, accepting my fate.


I was pleasantly surprised.




Never before in my life had I been so happy to see these two goofballs. I wheezed out their names in joy before latching myself onto Ota, seeing as he was the one on the ground with me, and started shaking.

“Hey…what’s the matter, you look exhausted?” Ota asked as he gently pet my back.

“Wouldn’t you be exhausted too after the day she’s just had?” Baba said and knelt down beside me. “I’m just glad we found you…you had us quite scared there for a while, princess…”

“Koro, have you been running? How many times have I told you that you’re not a greyhound?” Ota said, rolling his eyes. “No wonder you look like you’re about to pass out.”

“Perhaps we should bring her back to the hotel?” Baba suggested.   Remembering the words Koibito said to me, I jerked my head from side to side and started wheezing. Ota and Baba exchanged worried looks before eyeing me with concern.

“What happened?”

I could either do one of two things; wait for my voice to come back and tell them everything Soryu told me or I could lie my face off. I looked at the two men before me as they waited for me to respond. These guys have helped me so much throughout these past few days. They have been my backbone, even after every complaint by Ota, even after every inappropriate joke by Baba, they didn’t have to do everything they did, but they did it anyway. These guys…my bidders…they care about me.

“Just…lemme catch…my breath…” I nearly whispered.

Once my lungs healed I sat there on the sidewalk, the thief and the artist sitting right beside me, and told the story. Every last word I remember Soryu saying and even Koibito’s side of it. I watched as Ota’s face slowly became emotionless whereas Baba hung on every last word, expressing a rainbow of emotions.

“And…and then these two huge guys with guns came and she told me to run and to not go near the hotel. So I just keep on going…like my life depended on it…and it probably did.”

“Oh Princess…” Baba pulled me into a big hug, holding me tight and not wanting to let go. I glanced over at Ota, waiting to hear what he had to say, only to find the same wall he put up a few minutes prior. His eyes told me nothing as I stared into them and begun to worry. Suddenly, he stood up and outstretched his hand towards me.


“Where are we going?” I asked, cautiously taking his hand and removing myself from Baba.

“We’re getting you the hell outta here.”

True to his word, Ota made sure to get me away from the surrounding area. We ended up walking for a while until I realized that we were looping around the buildings to get to his art studio.

“Are you sure I’m safe here?” I asked as he led us up.

“Of course, she said don’t go to the hotel…she didn’t say anything about this place. Besides, you need permission to get here.” Ota confidently said.

“Like that’s ever stopped people before…” I mumbled as we made our way in. I plopped myself down on the bed and put my chin in my hands. Was this place really safe enough? I felt like I wasn’t safe anywhere.

“Hmm…that’s weird…” Baba said after a bit as he looked at his phone.

“What is?” Ota asked while moving some papers and sketchbooks away.

“Mamoru and Lulu aren’t responding to me…”

“Maybe they just…don’t wanna…?” I said, unsure.

“No…I can’t get a hold of them either…” Ota muttered with his phone now out as well.

“Come on guys…just…give it a few minutes?” I watched as Baba tried to make a call numerous times before staring at his phone in disbelief.

“Something’s up…can you get a hold of Eisuke?” Baba asked Ota. The artist had his phone to his ear and shook his head. “…we just talked to him thirty minutes ago…”

“Ah! Eisuke!” I remembered. I forgot I was supposed to go back to the hotel with him! Gosh, he’s probably worried sick. I looked up at them, planning on asking about him, when I noticed the dark and serious expressions on both of their faces. “Um…guys?”

They looked at me and then at each other. Finally, Ota sighed and walked over, knelling down in front of me. He put his hand on my shoulder and stared into my eyes.  

“…be safe.”


“Whatever you do, don’t leave this place. Stay here until we tell you otherwise.”

“Ota…you’re scaring me…” He squeezed my shoulder and looked up at Baba before nodding.

“Master’s gotta go now…okay? Behave while I’m gone.” He gave me a weak smile and got up to leave.

“Ota…” I whispered. He didn’t look back as he left the studio. I looked back at Baba. “Wha…what’s going on?”

“Don’t worry about that, Princess…” he said and sat down beside me, putting an arm around my shoulder. “Maybe you should rest your eyes for a bit…it’s been a pretty hectic day.”

I opened my mouth to protest but he put a finger to my lips. “Shh…don’t worry…”

I wanted to worry. I wanted to ask questions. I wanted to know where Mamo and Luke and Eisuke were. I wanted to know where Ota went. I wanted to know why Baba looked so…nervous. Yet instead, I rested my head against Baba and closed my eyes. I didn’t realize how exhausted I was and wondered how I could possibly fall asleep this easily.

“…Baba…” I mumbled.

“Yes, my lady?” he responded.


“Why what? Princess?”

I never heard his question, for I had already slipped into unconsciousness.


I was woken up suddenly by the sound of a phone going off.

“Who is it?” I asked, hoping it was Eisuke or another bidder.

“Sorry to wake you, pretty lady.” Baba said sheepishly.

“Who is it?” I asked again, feeling fully awake as I tried to peek at the caller ID.

“I…don’t know…” he said and answered it. “Hello?!”

“Here’s a funny joke for you, Mitsunari…”   a voice said.

“Baba…who is that?” I asked. His grip around my shoulder tightened.

“A cop, a doctor, and an artist all get to this one street see?”

“Who are you?” Baba questions but the voice ignores him.

“They don’t meet each other but they meet the same fate!” the voice seems to chuckle.

“Who-” I begin to say but Baba quickly covers my mouth.

“Who’s the first to fall into death’s cold hands?” the voice asks and waits only a few seconds before answering himself. “Surprise! It’s the billionaire!” Upon hearing him refer to Eisuke my eyes widen and I pry Baba’s hand away from my mouth. Before he has a chance to do something I shout.

“What did you do to him?!” The voice on the other side stays silent, then laughs.

“Well…hellooo Mrs. Oh…” before they say another word Baba hangs up. He looks at me and then sighs.

“I…I’m sorry…I know I should’ve stayed quiet but…I…I just couldn’t.” My brain told me to stay silent but another part of me wanted to cry out. I made a horrible decision…

He looked conflicted and rubbed his hand over his face. He stood up and took his fedora off, tapping on it while deep in thought. Finally, he sighed again, put it back on his head, and looked at me.

“I need to leave.”


“They now know I’m with you. We need to split up for your safety.”

“But Ba-”

“The quicker I leave, the better. They can probably trace phones.”

“No…no, don’t leave me here alone!” I desperately shouted. Why didn’t I just keep my damn mouth shut…

He gave me a sad look before gently grabbing my hand and squeezing it.

“…Be safe, my Princess…” and with that he quickly left, leaving me all alone in the studio.

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Pairing: Lucifer x Female Reader

Word Count: 3,179

Summary:  After a particularly trying hunt you find yourself trapped in an bearably hot warehouse. Lucifer shows up and he decides to help cool you down.

Warnings: I mean… there’s smut… And Lucifer can be persuasive in more ways than one.

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Life and Death

Angela ran as fast as her feet would carry her, sprinting down the dank alleyway in hopes of getting lost within the labyrinth. The network of back roads, abandoned driveways, and alleys was massive. Hopefully by fleeing into here, Reaper wouldn’t become tempted to hold another life in peril. Angela was fine risking her own, but she couldn’t allow an innocent life to fall into jeopardy. Curiously, the petite blonde glanced over her shoulder as she kept running. When she saw the wisps of inky blackness and how they breezed right past her, Angela had to whip her head forward and slam on her heels to prevent from toppling into Reaper.

“Y-You–!!” She gasped out through weak lungs, a trembling yelp escaping her soon after due to the vice on her throat and the weight of impact the wall carried. The hand which carried her Caduceus Staff–which she nearly forgot she had on her–feebly released the weapon, the echo reverberating as it fell to the ground and rolled a few feet away. Both hands grasped at Reaper’s offending wrist in hopes of stopping him from choking her outright. He was fueled by rage, and why wouldn’t he be? Angela could only imagine what he had endured since they last saw each other, let alone the daily pain he stomached due to his complicated condition which constantly danced between life and death.

“Please…p-please…” She wheezed gently, her sparkling blue hues flickering weakly in the choke hold but never faltering from that ivory mask. “You…you d-don’t know…the full truth of that night…let me explain it to you,” She had to pause to gasp again, face flustering as her breathing was limited. “Y-You’re to kill me…either way…I don’t expect mercy from you, b-but…you deserve to know the truth…” Angela finally gave up speaking and decided to focus on what little breathing she could do with his hand around her throat. She’d pass out at this rate if he refused to lighten his grip. It pained her to know he lived, to become this thing. In truth, she had fallen blissfully in love with him back in those days of yore. They butted heads at first–what with her being Jack’s favorite and Gabriel thinking she were some entitled snot–but their friendship thickened over the years spent in battle and on base together.

It had been unrequited as Angela never had the courage to confess to him. That, and just when she felt she was ready, the animosity between her two closest friends began to form. Even if she did love him, Angela could no sooner take Gabriel’s side than she could Jack’s. Her decision to remain neutral in their little ‘war’ might as well been a death sentence for everyone there. Perhaps if she had sided with one side or the other, then the fall out of that day would never have happened. It was this guilt and ever-present yearning which drove her to educate him on it all. Her stance, what happened following the explosion, everything which followed, all of it. Eyes still on his–though they were dangerously close to drifting off to unconsciousness–Angela rasped out a final cry, her tone in shambles as she dusted off her favorite name and used it for the first time in years. “Gabriel, p-please…”

Daddy Issues  Bucky x Reader Part One

Originally posted by maryjosez

Fandom: Marvel, Avengers

Characters: Avengers

Contains: Fight Scenes and LOTS of swearing

A/N: Just so you guys know, this is my first post on this blog and my first written fanfiction on tumblr, so I hope you guys enjoy it and stuffs. Have fun nerding out on Marvel shit!

I don’t really have a life. If you considered what I have as a “life” then it’s a pretty shitty one. There is something different about me that many people can’t and don’t know about. While this might sound like the introduction to a teenage dystopian book where the main character has some ridiculous name and is described as plain, but breathtakingly beautiful at the same time, and is involved in a ridiculous love triangle where any pairing sounds painfully awkward, it’s true. My name is Wicker Basket. Can’t you just smell the sarcasm? But in all honesty, I am very plain. Painfully average in fact. Below average. There is nothing special about me appearance-wise. I know! SHOCKER!!! A descendant of Thor and unattractive? NOOOOOOOO!


While I am a descendant of the Avenger, he has no idea that I exist and I would like to keep it that way. The only thing about me that is remotely relevant to him are my stretch marks which look like I was struck by lightning over and over again. I am not a size 0, in fact I am a size 10, I am not a gorgeous viking, but a boring flaming pile of trash, and i am not seductive in any way. That all went to my brother. Because somehow, in a lineage of gods, that look absolutely breathtaking, I end up looking like the ass of an elephant. WHERE THE FUCK DID THE BAD GENES COME FROM?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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. Between the Lines . 192

Hisui flew through the palace she’d lived in for as long as she could remember, her heart pounding in her chest. She’d entrusted her father to Arcadios, trusting that he would protect him in a way that normal guards could not. Arcadios was not a mage, but he possessed a weapon that he’d bound to himself. He was prepared to sacrifice himself for she and her father.

She grimaced, remembering their protests as she’d run off.

“Lucy,” she shouted as she burst outside. The blonde knelt on the ground, shaking, as that strange man who looked so much like Natsu yet was nothing like him cradled her head against his shoulder. Leo stood behind them, teeth bared protectively. Lucy’s head snapped around, and Hisui was stunned by the sight of tears streaming down her face.


“Hisui,” Lucy whispered in shock. She quickly wiped her cheeks free of tears. She grabbed her whip, snapping it to spark the fire in it, and then reassured the future Natsu, “I’m fine, it just…he scared me, that’s all.”

“He didn’t hurt you?” Hisui heard Leo ask. He leaned over the future Natsu’s shoulder to lightly brush his fingers over her chin. Hisui was stunned to see what looked like bruises were forming there. “Lucy, there’s bruises.”

“I’m fine,” she promised, clearing her throat. The future Natsu helped her to her feet, glaring suspiciously at Hisui. But Hisui was only looking to Lucy. “What’s up, Hisui?”

Hisui looked relieved. “The Gate. I know what we have to do to get rid of the dragons.”

The future Natsu’s eyes widened. “What?”

“We have to destroy the Gate. We have to smash it,” Hisui hastily explained.

They stared at her. Lucy snapped her head around and asked the future Natsu, “Has that been done? Has anyone ever broken the Gate?”

He shook his head. “No,” he said excitedly, turning to face the Gate. “Stand back, I want to blow this thing to-”

There was a roar as a dragon cut him off. They all looked over their shoulders, stunned, and Lucy couldn’t help but laugh as the dragon who possessed a body of fire stumbled and screamed in rage. Lucy could see a small speck in the blazing flames. At her side, Loke chuckled lowly.

And despite the roaring, Lucy thought she heard Loke murmur, “Look at your son go, Igneel.”

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For the anon that asked: For a prompt, Nico on laughing gas, Will making sure he doesn’t do anything stupid.
I hope this is what you had in mind. Enjoy! :)

Will was sitting at the Apollo table talking to one of his siblings, when Nico dropped himself on his lap and pressed their lips together forcefully. Will made a surprised noise at the back of his throat and steadied himself by putting one hand on the table and one hand on Nico’s hip, pulling him closer and holding him still.

He faintly heard campers around them laughing or whistling, but was too preoccupied by the dark-haired boy currently kissing him like there was no tomorrow. This was not a normal occurrence. It was far from normal. Nico did not do public displays of affection. The most Will ever got out of him was a peck on the lips that barely lasted long enough for them to actually feel anything. But he respected Nico’s choice and if PDA made him uncomfortable, then the last thing Will wanted to do was force him.

A little voice at the back of his mind told him he should probably pull back and find out what had gotten into his boyfriend, but for some reason the feeling of Nico made everything around him unclear. He didn’t hear his sibling make gagging noises, or the voice in his head. Just the feeling of his lips moving against Nico’s soft ones. And Nico wasn’t attempting to pull back either.

The thing that finally got Will out of his trance, was a tap on the shoulder and someone clearing their throat behind him. For some reason those two things snapped him out of it and made him pull back. Nico made a complaining noise and when Will looked at him he looked completely at ease and not at all embarrassed. His lips were swollen and his hair was a mess after Will had run his hands through it.

Will probably didn’t look as collected. He awkwardly looked around and felt his cheeks go red at the amused expression of the people around him. He smiled shyly. He suddenly remembered the tap on his shoulder and turned his head, only to find Leo standing next to him and looking down at them. For some reason he had a guilty look in his eyes. Will wasn’t sure if he wanted to find out why.

On his lap, Nico was currently touching Will’s hair and giggling like a ten-year old after rubbing it on his cheek. He was not acting like himself. At all.

Will quickly made the connection between Leo’s bashful smile and Nico’s weird behaviour and shot Leo a look arguably as scary as Nico’s could be.

‘What have you done to my boyfriend?’

Everyone around had gone quiet and was watching the show in front of them unfold attentively. Leo scratched his neck and looked at the ground before looking up at Will, avoiding his eyes.

‘Well, it’s to say I – um – the thing is —‘

‘Valdez!’, Will warned him, his voice lower than usual. Not many people got to see this side of Will as he usually was too nice, but he could be really intimidating.

Leo took a deep breath and said at incredible speed: ‘IdidanexperimentandsomelaughingasgotfreeandNicoaccidentelyinhaledsome. I’m sorry, please don’t kill me. I’m too young and awesome to die.’, and he proceeded to run away backwards to make sure Will wasn’t following him, and stumbled once or twice doing so.

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Well This Is Awkward


 Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader (platonic)
 Hi! Could you do an imagine where the reader has to share a bed with Steve and Bucky on a mission for whatever reason? :)
Warnings: Violence
Notes: Part 2 will be coming soon.

“Morning boys” You called out as you padded in to the kitchen of the Avengers tower. “What’s the schedule for today then?” You asked nodding at Steve. You had just woken up after a night tossing and turning from nightmares. Your H/C hair was in a messy bun on your head and you had yet to change out of your pajama shorts and tank top, you knew you looked anything but presentable but at this moment in time it was only Bucky and Steve in the kitchen so you didn’t really care. “Well the three of us have a mission out in Sokovia, just recon stuff, shouldn’t take too long, then the rest of the day is yours to do what you want.” Steve replied with a smirk, he knew how much you hated recon it was just so boring. Rolling your eyes you poured a cup of coffee from the readily brewed pot and took a seat next to Bucky. “How are you this morning James?” You asked with a smile aimed towards the soldier.  Shrugging his shoulders he just looked down at his hands that were clenched around his coffee cup. Frowning you turned to Steve, “What about you Capsicle?” You said with a wink, you knew how much he hated that name, yet you insisted on calling him that every chance you got, that’s what friends were for. You and the Captain had hit it of as soon as you had been recruited to be a part of the initiative, with you helping him to find Bucky and him teaching you to control your powers. Of course since Bucky had been in his life you two seemed to have less time to hang out, even your training time seemed to be regularly interrupted, not that you minded. You were glad that Steve was happy and had his friend back, and because of this you always made an effort to include Bucky whenever he was around. “Just fine my angel, shouldn’t you go and get ready?” He chuckled gesturing towards your current ensemble. Sticking your tongue out at him you muttered a goodbye to them both and headed back to your room.

 After pulling on your uniform you sat on a bench in one of the quinjets. As the two soldiers entered the jet you stood up, awaiting your brief. “Right Y/N, as soon as we get there I need you to seek high ground and be our aerial support okay?” Steve said, with his Captain persona already in place. Nodding in response you took your place back on the bench. “Bucky me and you are going to scout the area, you know for anything suspicious or any remaining Hydra activity.” Earning a nod from Bucky.

 As soon as the jet touched down Hydra soldiers swarmed you. Bucky and Cap held there own, but you were struggling on the ground. Looking to Cap for permission to fly, he gave you a small nod and a grimace. Spreading your wings you took a few Hydra soldiers out, just with the shear force of your wingspan. Pushing up into the sky, you soared over the men, shooting them with gold energy as you went. You didn’t notice Bucky looking up at you from his place on the ground, he’d never seen anything so beautiful, even amongst all this chaos you had a certain grace about you. As the three of you continued to take the soldiers out more just kept coming, it was like there was a never ending supply on them. “Cap we need an escape plan, now!” You shouted down to the boys on the ground. “Y/N, how much weight can you carry?” Steve shouted back at you. “Is this really the time to be asking that sort of thing Rogers?” You screamed back as you picked up a soldier and dropped him from the air. “Yes! Could you carry us both?” Steve yelled back, “There’s a safe house not too far from here!” Sighing you swooped down and grabbed him by the arm, hoisting him into the air. “I need you to grab James!” You grunted to Steve as you swooped down a second time. Once you had both men up in the air you looked down at Steve for direction. “Over that way!” He wheezed pointing over a forest a few miles from where you currently were.

 Nearing the small cabin your wings began to give out, causing you to spiral out of control and land on the ground in a big heap. Gasping for air, you laid your head down on the chest of whichever one of the boys you had landed on. “Well that was an experience.” You grumbled pushing yourself and looking down to see Bucky’s wide-eyed face. “Sorry.” You grumbled as you rolled off of him, retracting your wings. Taking Steve’s outstretched hand you followed him towards the cabin, getting in a fighting stance as he pushed open the door. Poking your head in you saw a double bed pushed up against the wall, a small kitchen and a door that obviously lead to the bathroom. Sighing you walked in and sat down on the bed. “Looks like we’ll be here a little while.” Steve grumbled fiddling with his now broken communicator.