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Sorry if this is a dumb question, but is photoshop free? Or is there a way to get it free? You make beautiful edits! :D

thank you!! it’s not…it’s actually really expensive especially if you need all the features. i pay for mine officially through a monthly subscription (whispers softly…donations to my ko-fi would be really helpful)

but the only reason why is bc download links didn’t work for my mac; there are a couple of download/torrent links up on chaoticresourcesyeahps or itsphotoshop or any other photoshop resource tumblr 


Taemin Han AU (Please do not repost anywhere)

Ahh I was supposed to upload this last week (for Father’s Day) but I procrastinated too much and now everything is a mess. Also, I’m so sorry this is text-heavy ;;o;; i kinda just threw scenarios together and mashed them into one post kkfkfgjkfgj

Anyway, I’ve received lots of questions asking about how Taemin really feels about Jumin. Taemin definitely loves Jumin, but after Jumin became busier with work (hello Mr. Chairman), he became closer to MC and doesn’t like it when Jumin ‘tries to steal’ MC’s attention away from him.

Older Taemin is basically just a quiet & petty boy who is generally salty about many things, not just Jumin :D

((This comic set takes place a few years before the Jumin + Vending Machine comic. By then, Jumin tries to give little Taemin his attention as much as he can. But the boy remains a bit salty sometimes skhgjdfg))

??? “why is Jincheol there” – to be answered someday soon :D


I’ve been itching to play around with the idea after seeing really good arts of body!swap, and the prompt was a perfect chance for me to do just that. /u\ 

For some reason, I wanted to see Sans suffer on a date with Mettaton, haha!