• *Tokiya and Otoya sitting on a bench*
  • Otoya:What are you looking at?
  • Tokiya:…Him.
  • *Reiji bent down, struggling with his shoe laces*
  • Tokyia:He has been trying for 5 minutes.
  • Otoya:He doesn’t know how to ties his shoe laces..
  • *Reiji gross sobbing at his shoes*
  • Otoya:He is crying.

One month of milling around unfamiliar faces in an unfamiliar city had hardly earned Wren her first paycheck. Her teammates, all of them harsh faced and withdrawn after returning from a mission, seemed too busy to be interrupted by the newbie- she was hired while the rest of UCU was away. But Wren needed to know. The same questions that plagued her childhood followed her across the Atlantic, with little coming to her in the way of answers. Her journals were puzzles completed by a halfhearted Sunday newspaper reader who gave up after a coffee spill smudged away vital clues; the scraps of information left her with only a date, not even knowing if the future she’d seen was one that came to fruition.  

Wren hunched over the flashlight, kneeling on the floor of the archives room with stacks of papers sheltering her in a fortress. When she’d stepped into the room two hours before, headquarters had settled into the post-midnight haze. It felt wrong to interrupt the vibe with the grating lights of the room- the flashlight was sufficient. The disorganization of the files had Wren chained away from what she really wanted to find- Johannesburg, November, 1988. Still, the sheets of thin, gossamer papers were spread out in marching formation around her; if anything, reading over case notes provided good entertainment, in lieu of answers. Wren’s own journal- an abused thing held together by three strings and good will, was propped up on her knee, a pad of sticky notes awaiting use at any sign of a connection, a slim hope that Wren held tightly in her fist.

At the scuff of a shoe, Wren turned to the door, pulled reluctantly from her papers. She realized with a twinge what she must look like in the bouncing beam of the flashlight- a mirror of the specters that were trapped in the pages she held in her lap. Although her key card granted her access all hours of the day, Wren felt the familiar pang of being caught with her hand in the cookie jar. “Sorry,” she spilled. Lack of sleep weighed on her tongue, her Sunderland accent tumbling from her without her consent. “D’ya need summat?”

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hi unicorn :’)

la/na de/l r/ey voice god is dead i said baby that’s alright with me……….

Okay you guys I’m looking this up and I’ve only had this blog since January. And I’m already at 400 followers! This is super nuts to me, I know I’ve had more popular blogs in the past but having a canon blog that people are enjoying this much honestly means so much to me. I’m usually so insecure and anxious about canon rp blogs, I’m a little surprised at myself that I stuck with Yukiko for this long. 

But I love this blog, and I love the friends I’ve made bc of it. I’m having so much more fun than I ever imagined I would when I said “hey, so I want to make a Yukiko bc I want there to be a really good Yukiko on the dash more often.” 

I’ve never done a giveaway before,because I never had anything to offer – but I feel like my icon things are actually pretty decent, so I’ve decided maybe I can do that. Examples of icon styles I’ve made are here and here.

This giveaway is solely for the icon styles, I won’t be making the icons themselves for anyone. I’ll pick three winners, and each will get a style.


  • Must be following me! This is to thank all the people that have stuck by me for so long, and who have encouraged me.
  • Only one like and reblog per person, please!
  • If you win with one blog and would like me to make an icon style for a different blog, I can do so.
  • The giveaway ends at the end of August, that is, Wednesday, August 31.

Follow forever stuff below the cut!

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I totally agree with you regarding how Josh is being at the moment. I love him to bits and it's his life he do what ever he wants and see whoever he chooses but.....I see lots of people turning away from him on here it's so sad...You're right can we not have him working on something to cheer us all up! I'm not the biggest fan of Closh, it's a strange relationship. I'm happy that he's happy but...(again with the buts) I could do without their many pap pics, yawn. Sorry for rambling. Luv ur blog x

Lmao you’re apologizing to me for rambling? Because I’ll see your rambling and raise you aN ESSAY haha! Rambling is definitely welcome here <3

But yes good, thank you. I’ve been getting so so sad recently, just by scrolling through my dash and seeing so many unhappy bloggers. I just miss the times where we were all excited about seeing suit/premiere pictures, or getting shirtless pictures of him on vacation, or getting excited about new movies and what not, or hyping up the SBNN game…

It’s just strange to have such a dark cloud looming over the fandom. And I think I’m also upset by it because I’m having issues understanding why there’s such discord. Because this certainly the first time he’s gone around with Claudia. It’s not the first time she’s visited the states either. All of their visits seem to go down how the current one is. So I guess I’m just…disheartened by the fact that this one is oddly the tipping point for a ton of people.

Because no, he’s not always going to make choices that we agree with. No, he’s not always going to do things that we like. But we’re not in control of him, and everything he’s doing is not to appease us; it’s to appease himself. It’s his life.

Maybe he’s avoiding the limelight to enjoy his twenties more, to try and enjoy a regular life away from fame for a tad. Maybe he just wants to spend more time with family and friends. Maybe he’s just taking a breather after all the work that went into the HG franchise.

Honestly, I think he has so much more ahead of him. He’s talented, well spoken, and almost everyone in the industry who interacts with him can say nothing but great things. So I like to believe that he’ll grow even more in his field. Maybe he’ll get more into directing! Or maybe he’ll get his well deserved Oscar.

Yeah, I’m bummed that he’s currently not working on a giant project (that we can see that is lol). Yeah, I think whatever is going on with Claudia is definitely strange, and I don’t like it either. But that’s not going to stop me from being a fan. That’s not going to detract from all the goodness I’ve seen Josh bring to the table in the past.

And of course people are allowed to tire or move on to other things if their interests change. I just wish there wasn’t such an upset. I wish everyone was happy and hopeful for new material again.

this frame of steven universe makes me feel very uncomfortable (steven) and very sad (lapis) and it’s just.. i don’t know why but i am having a very strong and very strange reaction to this image. i’m sputtering-laughing and wheezing at that steven and also i feel for lapis deeply and it’s just sorta happening at the same time

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drabbles meme: #20!!!

20. “I thought I could manage. I can’t. Not without you. Not ever, like that”

The wound was deep, blood oozing from the hole in MaCready’s side, about two fingers deep in diameter, and about a whole full finger deep- at least.

The red headed Sole Survivor felt beads of sweat drip down her chin as she struggled to keep her normal cool. Her hands quivered with each administration, her throat dry, her eyes focused… everything around her was silent- the exception being her partners wheezing breaths.

“What’s wrong? You… ahh! You look like someones just died,” he joked playfully, watching as Percy stitched up his side, and poured a generous amount of that stinging antiseptic.

Joseph winced, taking a deep breath but soon found himself staring at her.

Her eyes were slightly watering. Had she been hurt!? Why was she worrying about him!?

“H-hey why’re you-!?” he was shoved backwards, the sting in his side making him halt as he lay on the ground, his partner shoving her head into the crook of his neck and sobbing.

So many wet tears….

Wow…. Percy…. She never really….


“H-hey now, calm down I’m fine see?” Joseph tried to comfort the other.

She’d never cried in front of anyone besides her dad and her uncle.


She couldn’t talk between her sobs. She was frustrated…. Tired…. Lonely…. She lost her boy- she couldn’t lose….

“I though’ I could manage. I can’t. Not wit'out choo. Not evah, like dat” her Boston accent hung heavier than normal as she blubbered upon the man’s bandaged chest, her normally strong and callused hands weak, and vulnerable. She looked so torn and pathetic it almost pained MaCready to look at her- knowing it was his fault.

He didn’t know what to say.

So instead he let her cry, rubbing her back and humming that same little song he used to hum this son.

“When I was a young lad, I often dremt’ of trains- how far away, and dare I say– they’d take me far away…. To better lands forgotten, and treasures with legends untold- so do not fear, I’ll soon be there- with legends filled with gold- and pockets lined with gemstones just as pretty as your eyes… a fortune made- conviction swayed-” he was cut off by a brief kiss from Percy, tears long dried up ad she gave an angry half frown.

Joseph smiled as he finished the last lyric, “-conviction swayed~ It’s too soon for goodbyes,”

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that’s cause we both like dirk being horrible 8D

c’mon, you know in some world he’d enjoy being the one with the power to scare the shit out of his brothers and make them dependent on him for a feeling of safety. 8DDD


Dundee and Gizmo from Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch in Napa Valley, California

Click here for more information about adoption and other ways to help (as well as information about the other animals at Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch)!

Dundee is an 11-year-old female grey & white tabby and is a “Hemingway” cat with an extra toe on each front foot! She’s been a very healthy cat her whole life with normal annual check-ups, but does have a slight wheeze (the vet said it’s nothing to worry about — just a malformation of her nasal passage). She is playful and sweet, and loves chasing a laser pointer! She is a bit skittish around strangers, but once she warms up, she loves attention. Dundee has a fear of small children, so households with kids would not be a good fit for her. She is an indoor-only cat that is microchipped and up-to-date on shots. This is an exceptionally well-behaved cat who loves love. Dundee could be adopted alone, but would prefer to be adopted with her big brother, Gizmo (above). They clean each other and lay together like a married couple!

Gizmo is a 12-year-old black & grey male cat — he’s a gorgeous Manx breed, which means he has more of a nubbin than a tail! He is exceptionally affectionate and likes to snuggle while his human watches TV and will happily curl up in the crook of their arm for hours. He is adventurous, and not too shy of strangers. He is an indoor-only cat that is microchipped and up-to-date on shots. Gizmo is a very healthy and happy boy that deserves the best! Gizmo could be adopted alone, but would prefer to be adopted with his little sister, Dundee (below). They clean each other and lay together like a married couple!

@ the anon that sent the like. Idk what you were trying to send, like, a critical review, or whatever, but. It’s chill that you like what you like or w/e but I’m not posting it since we try to keep the blog positive. Somewhat of a response is underneath the cut, though, so I don’t seem like I’m avoiding negative opinions

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