wheels with attitude

SPN 13x02 coda

pairing: Destiel
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This coda includes: Dean hallucinating sheep on the road, Dean taking a walk after the bar scene, and Jack asking Sam for a new t-shirt. Everything then ends with more Scooby-Doo :)

Uncle Sam Knows Best

“Dean, the problem might be our only shot at saving mom.”

“Mom’s gone. There’s no fixing that,” Dean had said.

That was an hour ago.

They still had at least 11 hours of the road in front of them and Dean was driving with his eyes almost closed. He hasn’t had enough sleep and he refused to let Sam get behind the wheel, and that attitude was both irritating Sam and both making him feel sad. It was pretty obvious that Dean was hurting, a lot, but he just couldn’t let him drive them off the road.

“Dude,” Sam sighed. “That’s enough, just let me-”

“What did I say?” Dean rolled his eyes. “This is my car, okay?” he added, but Sam saw that he was trying hard to keep his eyes open.

“Dean, look at yourself,” Sam tried again, turning to Dean as much as he could in the car. “I know that it hurts … I know that losing Cas-”

“Why do you keep talking about him? He’s dead. And there’s no fixing that either,” Dean snapped at him. Sam quickly glanced at Jack, relieved that he was still asleep, and then he pursed his lips and looked at Dean again.

He knew exactly what was happening. He could read Dean like an open book and he knew that losing Cas was probably the hardest thing that Dean had to go through, maybe ever since losing Bobby. And Sam was really worried about him, but there had to be something to make Dean let go of the steering wheel.

“You know,” Sam kept his voice down and looked at the road in front of them. “Jack said that he chose Cas to be his father.”

“What?” Dean frowned. “Lucifer’s-”

“Yeah, I know, but Jack chose Cas. And Kelly was a good person too, you know? Maybe we could-”

“Sam, I really don’t want to talk about this right now, okay? Nothing will ever change the fact that his dad is Lucifer and that means that there’s no changing him either. Now, shut up.”



Sam pursed his lips again and looked out of the window. He could work on Dean’s opinion of Jack later. He was sure that once Dean talked to Jack more and got to know him better, he’d change his mind. At least a little bit. If Jack thought that Dean hated him, well, that meant that Sam had to try his best to let Jack know that he himself believed in him.

But what was more important right now was avoiding a car accident on an empty road. And even though Dean didn’t look as tired as he looked pissed right now, he still needed to rest at least a little bit.

“Alright, but at least let me drive. You can’t just-”

“Weren’t you supposed to shut up?”

Sam couldn’t help it, he just had to roll his eyes. Maybe he’d try again in a couple of minutes, but he could tell that Dean was getting angry and an angry Dean was not something he wanted to deal with right now. Especially with Jack in the backseat, still asleep.

A couple of miles later, Dean violently turned the steering wheel and hit the brakes.

“Son of a-”

“What the hell, man?”

“What is going on?” Jack asked from the back, now fully awake.

“Was that … a sheep?”

“A sheep?” Sam asked incredulously, his eyes just as wide as his brother’s.

Dean looked confused, but when Sam looked at the dark road and saw nothing, he couldn’t stay silent any longer.

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